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This podcast is like the News is for current events but for the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. I report, review and analyze each episode with my good friend Todd in a 45-minute breakdown. It helps us get the most out of Joe's world-class show. This is for any Rogan fan..

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  • 80'sVillager
    Garrett’s Blues
    They really aren’t bad fellas but they just drifted so far right following Joe’s descent into asinine conspiracy theories and bitter Right Wing politics. Could use a bit of balance.
  • Brian Whitman
    Listen for Yourself, Ignore Bad Reviews
    Unless I miscounted, I found one negative review which is actually aimed at this particular show. Most of the critical pod scholars seem to think this is The Joe Rogan Experience. It is not. Anyhow, if you appreciate interesting and insightful dialogue, you are likely to enjoy this show immensely! I look forward to each episode.
  • bbxsys
    Good fodder
    Im a fan, these guys are legends. Not sure why there are so many reviews by people acting like BIG mad jelly sandwiches. Anyways, keep up the good work. 🦦
  • kronbin
    My favorite.
    My wife’s boyfriend always puts this on in the car and I adore him 🥰
  • Kyle [ROC]
    JRE = Real
    Joe’s real. Good bad and ugly. But he’s honest and his interviews are the only place you can hear a great many voices of our time speak without the corporate media filter and dishonest sound bite nabbing of most major outlets for information. I’d trust JR before just about anybody else in media. Doesn’t mean he’s never wrong. But at least you know it’s him, not some mouthpiece for the political / corporate overlords.
  • jorgeviola
    He is squrely in the misinformation game. In his recent gab with BJo Nickal (JRE MMA Show #151) he complains about Biden. BUT, he does so by showing Biden quoting Trump claiming it was Biden's words! It was TRUMP who claimed that there weren't enough airports during the Revolutionary War. If you are continuing to watch this guy, you are part of the problem. And yes, Trump channelled Hitler. What's the matter with you people?
  • hdhdhehns
    It’s meh
  • Melrose12Ohio
    Ice cream for idiots
    He should have stuck with feeding goat balls to people. He is proof that in America you can get rich if you have no moral values. His lies threaten democracy. People that listen to this garbage show how bad our education system is. Just horrible.
  • CobraKiller27
    Hard working men
    These guys are here for us and to wake us up to show us that the government and the pride stuff is all just a big pill of B.S. and we shouldn’t fall into the trap. This is the truth. And if you are to stupid, dumb, and self centered to except it then you can go and complain about how your life is so horrible and see who wins in the long run.
  • bootlickers anonymous
    Just watch the OG podcast? Y’all are some losers! This is dickriding at its finest. :)
  • hycgdydyyssuhsh
    I love this!!
    Geniusness!! I listen to this every morning on my way to school with my step dad and I have now started listening on my own!! I love the episodes with Elon and it’s just really fun! Your conversations are extremely enjoyable. And this is all very 600 IQ to use a app to spread amazing ideas!!
  • BigShirley985
    Love This Podcast!
    Keep it up Joe!!!
  • JadeFamousArtist
    Nuclear ——- is TWO Syllables 👀 💫Try saying it correctly ! HA! Makes a Great Game to break the ice 🧊 Or start an argument , your choice. Compliments of JadeFamousArtist 💥 10/14/2023
  • Jason Cole Adams
    Can’t wait for more
  • Konodokid
    Communist Propaganda!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This podcast is a tool of the USSR to mind control the world and make everyone join the woke mind virus!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe this crazy communist conspiracy of a podcast is going to turn the world into a world of evil woke stuff!
  • BunnyBacca
    This podcast is a devolve in human history.
  • Cynthia St James
    This show conforms beautifully to the movie “Idiocracy.” ZERO brain cells utilized to formulate his opinions. Just sad.
  • kathryn mother of 4
    Great show!
    Very much enjoyed!
  • deez nuta buta
    W mans
    W mans
  • very tasteful
    Nap time
    I kept hearing about this podcast, good topic etc. but when I actually got a chance to start listening to it . It was such a bore for me. people talking about boring topics just put me to sleep that’s how boring I found it I’m just one episode in. I will try again to see if I find an interest in it
  • rkrae13
    podcast host spreads lies and disinformation
  • YNWA_1892_Anfield
    Very Enjoyable
    I really enjoy listening to all of the different guests he brings on the show. People hate on Joe because they don’t like the people he brings on. To me I don’t care if I personally like the person Joe brings on as long as the person is engaging in a fun discussion with Joe. People don’t seem to understand this podcast brings in a wide array of people from all walks of life and all the negative reviews don’t even seem that substantial and just say “I don’t like him, he’s sexist” or “ew he talks about trump”. I thought we were supposed to debate and try and understand everyone, including those with differentiating views and opinions than us. This podcast is awesome 10/10 recommend.
  • CEO Choice
    Why isn’t no stars a rating
    This guy doesn’t deserve 1 star
  • BiggieBry
    The Show About Nothing
    How is JR popular? I kept hearing how interesting and funny this show was and I gave it a listen. I had trouble plodding through the first episode: dumb jokes, nutty conspiracy theories, and the most unlikable host I’d ever heard. On the chance it was just a stupid episode I tried another. Nope, this is lowest common denominator, fart-joke stupid podcasting. PLEASE do your brain a favor and listen to literally anything else.
  • rat-kisser
    Fun fact
    Everyone on there is wearing a diaper
  • The Little Musian
    Lot of nothing
    I checked out this podcast because it was “popular.” All I heard was bad language, sophomoric joking and immature commentary. This show lacks any intellectual curiosity.
  • layden🫡
    My shoes are size 14
    I don’t listen to the podcasts but I listen to a bunch of the YouTube shorts. They are amazing.
  • daphneblue0414
    Loser wannabe
    F’n loser wannabe. Not funny. Not entertaining & tragically stupid. Sorry you’re so not aware of actual life in the real world. Privileged a**hole.
  • Driven Landscapes
    He's the best
  • Mari Justine
    Why does he even have a podcast? Zero stars if I could. Is he bloated from booze? Cheers 🍻 🥂 🙄
  • Brisden84
    A podcast brought to by the never-was (because you have to have “been there” to be a has-been) who is famous for making people eat bugs and animal parts, and being a Trumpanzee… such amazing accolades 🤣😂🤣😂
  • Im DA PUrPLe GuY
    Seems homophobic idk wasn’t he in mad magazine idk?
  • RunJerk
    Painful on the ears.
    STOP! Go to Spotify and listen to the real JRE! For a “review” podcast, they have vague knowledge of what they’re talking about, mostly regurgitating JRE’s talking point and can’t even be accurate. Don’t waste your time with these two.
  • KillerChicken023
  • BeeVeeNH
    Joe is curious and not afraid
    I don’t agree with all of Joe’s positions but I like that he is curious and willing to listen to opposing views and even explore quirky subjects like UFOs. The consistent thread of his lowest reviews are clearly from POAKs - PEOPLE OF ALL KNOWLEDGE, I.e. people with outrageously high opinions of themselves and sure they know all.
  • Marcus517
    A mistake all around
    Was looking to finally listen to Rogan and got this by accident. I don't get why anyone would ever listen to this. Stupid conversation by a couple guys who really don't care but like hearing themselves talk.
  • kaylaj137
    One of my top favorite podcasts!! Definitely one of the best podcasts out there!
  • tdog124467
    Don't listen
    Worst podcast ever
  • Anonymous92863
    Im gay
    Im gay
  • devil0k
    Pseudo intellectual garbage
    No ethics. No critical thought. Just trash.
  • masculinity lives on
    Just go listen to the actual JRE podcast. I like Joe but this podcast is horrible and seems to piggyback and does not add value of what was said just rehashing the same thing and sometimes uses the same wording as Joe and his guests. I encourage you to listen to the actual JRE podcast instead of this mess.
  • philthyglass
    I love this show !!
    Joe Rogan is possibly one of the best interviewers in the industry!! Keep up the great work!! Your podcast are always informative and full of good humor!!
  • Danno696969
    Piggy backing on someone famous. I don’t need a review I can just listen.
  • meschoux
    Bad content about bad content
    This should be called the squirt boy podcast.
  • JJBB4444
    Toxic masculinity
    Don’t expect any female guests. White and male only.
  • Non Yelper, Yelping
    These reviews are so confusing 😂
    Half of these reviews are written as if they’re reviewing the actual JRE podcast, not the one they’re literally leaving a review for. Of those, a portion think they’re writing directly to Joe Rogan himself, which I find hilarious. But I noticed the reviews were mostly 1 star or 5 star, and vast majority of them are misguided and misplaced. JRE is one of many podcasts I have in a rotation, constantly listening to things while at work. Not a diehard fan, but I still manage to listen to the vast majority. Came across this, seemed interesting concept, but since I listen to the episodes myself, I don’t really need a recap. But figured I’d drop a 5star review to help out, to balance out some of these 1star reviews that are being aimed at Joe Rogan himself, because people are oblivious. Best of luck fellas!
  • Friedel-leedle-lee
    Spews misinformation
    That’s all
  • ingaflo
    Jordan Peterson 309
    Love Jordan the two of you made the conversation move quickly and it was timely and interesting.
  • Teon77
    Joe has lost his luster
    And he needs to let his guests talk.
  • Heather nicole eaton
    Name the shows
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