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The Liz Moody Podcast, hosted by bestselling author and longtime journalist Liz Moody, is a research-backed wellness podcast all about helping you live your healthiest, happiest life. Each week, Liz sits down with some of the world's best functional doctors, researchers, authors, journalists and various other leaders in their field to answer all of health and wellness questions you want to know. In a world where wellness information is everywhere, this podcast aims at cutting through the noise and finding out what actually works. Come along with Liz as she uncovers the unknown hacks, tips, and tricks you need to know for making a healthier life easier—topics include what to eat to fight disease, how to take control of your finances, tips for fighting anxiety and depression, productivity and career advice, advice for making friends as an adult, the best skincare routine elements, healthy cooking secrets, and so much more. To get even more info, head to and come hang out on Instagram @lizmoody to enter giveaways!

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  • Chrisss M
    So helpful and interesting!
    Thanks Liz! It’s so refreshing and helpful to hear your openness about your own challenges and you’re a great interviewer! The IFS episode was really interesting!
  • HSReview
    Obsessed !
    Love love love this podcast. I love hearing Liz ask in depth questions and I can genuinely hear the curiosity in her voice. It feels like we’re all learning together! Liz is on point and professional, while also allowing her guests to get deep. She is a true journalist! I have not been able to stop listening since I found this podcast! Very well picked guests too. Thank you, Liz! 🤍
  • PennyBrown1
    My go-to podcast for EVERYTHING!
    This is my go-to podcast and I always look forward to the new episodes each week. Liz has such a friendly voice, is so relatable, and always has great guests and relevant topics (at least for me, an elder millennial). 10/10!
  • LSMaine
    Favorite podcast
    Highlight of my week! I love that The Liz Moody Podcast is science and evidence-based but also just so much fun!
  • colleen marie 781
    My favorite podcast!
    congratulations on the new name! Liz is such a great interviewer, and every episode has so much good info!! I love the wide variety of topics. This is the only podcast where I will listen to episodes multiple times, because they are that good. I turned my mom onto it earlier this year, and now she might be an even bigger fan than me if that’s possible! Thanks for all you do!
  • deligal302
    One of my favorite podcasts
    Liz always has really knowledgeable guests and she asks thoughtful and practical questions so that listeners can come away with real action items.
  • hdkejdn
    Thank you Liz for all the joy and knowledge you’ve brought into my world! I love learning from you and the expert guests. The info is encouraging and inspirational!
  • Carly_2293
    Such a great podcast!
    The Liz Moody Podcast always seems to have the perfect topic for an episode is it when I need it most. Truly not afraid to talk about any topics we might want to hear, Liz thoughtfully speaks on and interviews on topics that I actually want to listen to as a close to 30 year old woman. Thank you Liz!
  • Mary Z.
    My go-to podcast!
    I love this podcast for a few reasons—it’s informative, thought provoking, and covers such a wide range of topics. The variety keeps me excited for every episode. I know that I can scroll through the episodes to find one that matches my mood in the moment (whether I’m looking for a specific topic or just want a more lighthearted episode…it’s there!). It’s my go-to podcast, my favorite way to start the day, or pass time with a long car ride. I can’t recommend it enough! Not to mention, the host (Liz) asks the most thoughtful and intentional questions. I just love it and know you will too!!
  • wandaworkout
    Love Liz but some stuff is too extreme
    I first fell in love with Liz’s green smoothie recipes and tips, they have transformed my mornings and how I am able to keep a healthy balance to my diet. She does not do those recipes anymore but following her led me to the podcast. I do appreciate the effort that goes into the podcast and selecting guests but I only listen to some of them because I find some to be too extreme on what I would call health trends and for my mental health, I need a more balanced approach. I also really don’t like the super long openings, just timed one and it was almost 6 months, each ad is also like 2 minutes and there are multiple. I know she needs to get paid so I respect that, I just skip through but find them to be way longer than any other podcast I have listened to.
  • Ryannnn9
    A favorite
    The only podcast I could (and do) listen to for hours on end! I always learn something and am always interested in the perspectives and knowledge shared. I also always feel like Liz is reading my mind when I see the topics released in the weekly episodes, it’s amazing relevant always. 10/10 would recommend to a friend (and I do… frequently!!!)
  • mojocapelli
    I mean… how do I say it. I love the content, but…the voice is so annoying 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  • gen0928
    I’m a better person because of this pod
    This podcast helps bring me out of depressive episodes and inspires me take care of myself again, and I can’t thank Liz Moody enough for that! I love that she’s so candid with her listeners, and asks very thoughtful questions to every guest!!! Thanks Liz!!!
  • ajdb56
    Time stamps
    Can you please include time stamps in your descriptions like most podcasts. Especially for episodes with multiple topics or subtopics.
  • Best thank yous
    Fantastic information!
    Great conversations and useful information on such a variety of topics. I’m probably older than the intended audience (middle aged) and have learned so much. My daughter recommended it to me. Wish it existed when I was younger!
  • Freeandgoodasvice
    Great interviews
    Liz asks the best questions and has fascinating guests on. I often read their books after the interviews. Lots of great, free advice.
  • Listening and Living
    Thank you!
    THIS!!!!! Thank you for sharing healthy options/choices in the least judgmental way! I have recently unfollowed a huge wave of “healthier” people bc at the end of the day, their posts were just making me feel like crap despite being so conscious of a huge majority of what I do. Your IG and Podcasts are a breath of fresh air in the most positive way in multiple facets. Thank you so much! I just sent this message to you on IG and felt it necessary to rate and review here. Thank you!
  • Ughlou
    Love and Trust Liz
    I relate a lot to Liz. So many times when she speaks on anxiety and health, I say okay it’s not just me! What a great feeling to know you’re not alone. This is also one of the few podcasts I TRUST the information of. Liz cares about health to the core - not just the quick fix, which I truly appreciate.
  • Girlboss21x
    Love Liz!
    This podcast is the best! Liz asks the best question and puts the advice into practical useful life tips. Prefer guests with qualifications and education behind their practices- for example tinx wasn’t my fave.
  • Shakdhhhh
    My weekly fave
    I’ve been a weekly listener for YEARS and recommend to everyone who asks. The wellness world can be overwhelming and Liz makes goals reachable, and allows me to feel comfortable in this space, while also being vulnerable herself. I also appreciate greatly that she isn’t afraid to speak out for what’s right politically and doesn’t care about losing listeners over posting about it. My top 3 forever. And the ads are ads no one likes them but they are necessary and at least it’s stuff I’m actually interested in!
  • mtoo25
    Best podcast
    This podcast is so informative and has exposed me to new ideas. I love that it is all research based and with experts in their field. Liz has an episode for everyone!
  • megghy
    Great Longform interviews with actionable advice
    The thing I love about this podcast is that it has actionable advice I can apply to my every day life. She deep dives on topics that I have wondered about but not done any research of my own. Now when I have a question about something wellness related Liz’s back catalog is my first stop. I don’t understand the complaints about ad length - total content to ad ratio is on par with similar podcasts. Would love a subscription option so I can skip them all together.
  • ala06003
    Life Changing After 1 Episode—Seriously!!
    I am not a big podcast listener. I’ve tried but I either get bored, distracted, or find the host difficult to connect with or listen to. The Healthier Together podcast is the exception. I love the host Liz Moody. Her personality and demeanor are so authentic and likable, when she speaks you feel like you’re talking to a friend. But even more than that, the content of these podcasts are excellent. I love Liz’s approach to wellness—so holistic and goes beyond healthy eating/exercise-it covers every aspect of wellness—happiness, mental health, confidence, relationships, sex, finances, hair/skin, career, family, even neuroscience—I could go on and on. Liz brings on incredible guests—experts in their field, and she is incredible at interviewing them. What I love most is within each subject which can be incredibly nuanced and with lots of opportunities, she adds a layer of simplicity and accessibility by giving tangible action steps that listeners can take today. Every episode I’ve listened to I’ve walked away with at least a handful of things I can easily start implementing AND a new perspective that benefits my life in some way. The episodes may be longer than some are used to with podcasts but it’s because they’re chockfull of interesting facts, knowledge and tidbits. Sometimes I’ll break up my listening, but I always come back to finish the episode because I don’t want to miss a thing. Liz also does a great job with translating this content to her social channels in really digestible bites that I love to save as great summaries of the episode. And yes—there are ads. And sometimes for the same brands across multiple episodes. But I appreciate the care that Liz puts into crafting those ads to really explain why she’s recommending a product—it let’s me know she’s serious about the product/service/benefit she’s sharing. Plus—she’s doing a TON of work to bring this podcast to life—girl deserves to be paid! And honestly I’ve purchased something from almost every ad I’ve heard her do because she highlights the benefits so well and I trust her!! So if you’ve made it this far, you’ve got to give this podcast a listen. You could literally come in at any episode and walk away a committed listener. It will truly change your life. Thanks for the amazing content Liz and all the effort and care you put into bringing this to all of us! You’re truly making a difference.
  • Dhope321
    This is hands down my favorite wellness podcast and I enjoy every single episode. Liz is the best interviewer, and her guests and topics are all so relatable and needed. I’m so grateful for everything I learn and it’s truly so enjoyable to listen to!
  • Vballgirl101
    Favorite podcast
    I love Liz’s pod so much. The episodes are so informative, include a wide variety of topics, and have attainable action steps in them that aren’t just buying a product. I have adopted so many new life changing habits through her episodes by adding something small in each day. My top favs are sky before screen and 1 min cold in the shower. I love how there are so many episodes to choose from and even on topics I have never heard of, the information is easily digestible. This is the only podcast I listen to weekly, you will see why after listening to an episode!!
  • SamBec4884
    Love This Podcast
    I love the topics and guests that Liz brings - it’s made such a huge impact on my life and many ways!
  • Kim Troms
    Excellent content!
    Love this podcast so much! Such a great variety of guests who give the best tips for incorporating the wellness activities discussed into our daily lives. I regularly share episodes with my friends & family members.
  • cocohaness
    Love this podcast for health and wellness
    Liz’s podcast is hands down my favorite! I can’t recommend it enough! I’ve learned so many tips for improving my overall health and wellness. I’ve shared episodes with family and friends that have helped them. I appreciate Liz’s ability to provide doable/small changes we can all incorporate into our lives.
  • ZoeG4
    Listening to this podcast is a form of self care for me. It always makes me happier and more motivated to tackle the hard things in life.
  • jessicajournals
    the perfect health podcast
    I love this podcast so much! I listen when I’m going on walks or cooking dinner and then make my boyfriend relisten to them with me. The tips are amazing and I love just hearing different perspectives on health and wellness and live. Liz is also an amazing interviewer for her guests. Love the inspiration
  • Jenny_MH
    One of my go-to podcasts!
    I’ve been listening to Liz for well over a year and really appreciate the amazing guests and thoughtful questions she asks. There is a great breadth of types of guests, topics, and I find most of them wildly interesting and enriching! There’s always great nuggets to take away and I love the actionable “homework” at the end of each episode. Highly recommended!
  • Carly leaves a review
    My favorite podcast
    I love love love this podcast & look forward to the new episode that comes out every week. The diversity of topics that make a healthier life — that go far beyond the age old advice of just diet & exercise — keeps things interesting & always gives me something to think about. I even have a new group of friends in my city that connected through our love of this podcast, which I think is the coolest thing ever. If you want realistic, evidence based health & wellness advice, give it a listen!
  • annajcarey
    Favorite podcast
    I’ve listen to this podcast for years and love it! I’ve tried many times to find new wellness podcasts to add to my rotation, and have literally never found one I like even close to as much as I like Healthier Together. Liz’s vibe is so down to earth, curious, and her values are always so aligned with mine. I always look forward to Wednesdays.
    My top 5!!! You must listen
    I absolutley love Liz Moody! This podcast is one of my top 5 ever and I encourage everyone to listen! Liz is a wonderful researcher, writer, interviewer and podcaster. I love her choice of topics and guests and the longer format is what i prefer. I always learn something and come away inspired and uplifted! Love, love, Love it!
  • 1111starz
  • Aleyabre
    Great podcast- insightful questions
    I’ve listened to this podcast for several months now and I love the breadth and depth of content Liz brings. Her podcast has an episode on pretty much any health topic you can imagine and I love that she always pairs it with a subject matter expert and has great dialogue.
  • olgs123
    Great podcast
    Liz is a great interviewer, nice calm voice, asks straight forward questions. Most importantly she encourages me to live a healthier and happier life. Thank you!
  • eVV--123
    Super interesting and informative
    I love how this show brings on a variety of guests and covers a wide range of topics! Some of them are topics I never even would have thought about but have really made a difference in my life. Liz asks great questions and encourages guests to share small actionable advice which makes a huge difference for me!
  • ADALeone
    Very thoughtful and insightful!
    Liz is a wonderful researcher and interviewer. Her questions are thought provoking and thorough. I enjoy the guests she chooses and the tooocs she pics. The podcasts are always relevant to the collective health needs and extremely insightful! Thanks Liz!
  • Sghgshshsvfahh
    Inspiring and refreshing
    Listening to this podcast is like talking to a friend. I love Liz’s attitude and how she interviews her guests. She always has such an interesting range of guests and she is able to connect with each. All the hard work Liz and her team put into each episode is apparent and so appreciated! Can’t wait to see what is to come ❤️
  • Sarahhardin
    The BEST
    This is the podcast that got me actually into podcasts. Liz always has a wide variety of guests and they’re all so interesting. She’s introduced me to so many professionals and influencers through these episodes that have really made an impact on my overall health, mentally and physically. Could not recommend enough. So thankful I found healthier together 😊
  • Coffeewrecks
    Every episode packed full of info
    I’ve always thought Liz asks the best questions! And asks quite a lot of them! No stone unturned. V unique and thoughtful questions. I’d enjoy a ad free version on Patreon or something, so I know I’m not missing something as I speed thru them. Look fwd to her book release!
  • Megamil88
    My go-to podcast
    I throughly enjoy Liz’s content as I find her to be very relatable and she’s helped me with exploring the wellness topics I want to understand but don’t know where to start. The podcast topics are often on pace with the latest wellness topics and are explained in a very digestible way. Liz asks thoughtful questions that yield great answers from her guests. I’ve learned so much and can’t thank her enough!
  • Kpthorn
    Great podcast
    I love Liz’s podcast. I feel like I always come away with some new knowledge or something to think about! I’m quite a bit older than Liz and in a different season of my life, but she has so many interesting people on and she’s so down to earth that I still get so much out of it. I don’t really understand all of the recent complaints about ads. Every podcast I listen to has ads and I rarely listen to any of them-I just skip ahead. It’s not that hard.
  • Holly124788
    Liz is so real, funny and has meaningful topics with great guests! I love following her on IG and now listening to her podcast.
  • LauraAdeleB3
    The best interviewer
    Liz is beyond gifted when it comes to starting and continuing deep conversations. She is the most thoughtful podcast host in the game. I learn something every time I listen to healthier together. And I love her cook book!
  • Jourdan0826
    One of my faves!
    I honestly never leave reviews but I just have to say that this podcast is absolutely amazing!!! I love everything about it and every episode. I recommend it to everyone I know and I can continue to gain so much value from listening. Thanks, Liz!
  • Lrotto
    My favorite podcast!
    It is a joy to listen to Liz every week. I personally love how candid she is about everything, but specifically relationships and anxiety. She is also an incredible interviewer and frankly, I try to emulate it in my own interviewing I do for work. Her questions are engaging, the flow of conversation is natural and all the information she (and guests) share is so insightful. Lots of episodes are also convos that need to be had/topics that are not talked about enough (re: a woman’s decision to be childless, etc.) and I immensely appreciate Liz bringing it all to light. This podcast isn’t just great, it is important!
  • kbanders08
    My Favorite Podcast!
    Healthier Together is my most favorite podcast (and I listen to a lot of podcasts)! Liz hosts great guests and always asks the best questions. I’ve recommended this podcast to so many of my friends and family and can’t recommend it enough!
  • scsc445
    Love Liz!
    I love Liz! She’s authentic and a great interviewer. She asks so many insightful questions and each episode is jam packed with information. I like her podcast because I feel like she gets right to the point with her questions, there’s not a lot of “fluff.” If I drift off while cooking or driving I find myself going back and rewinding because it’s packed with useful information. I see a lot of comments about ads but I’ve never noticed it being an issue and it’s only fair that a great podcast host should make some money while doing a podcast (IMO). Keep doing what you’re doing Liz and thank you for being you!
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