Social Studies

Stand-Up #11

Comedians Joe Dombrowski (former elementary school teacher) and co-host Gaspare Randazzo (current high school teacher) discuss the chaotic life in and out of the classroom, the nuances of parenting toddlers, and pretty much all things millennial. Each episode is different. Sometimes they'll bring you a Hollywood guest such as comedian Anjelah Reyes-Johnson or renowned School Psychologist Dr.Jody Carrington. Sometimes they might read emails from fans, riffing on their unbelievable, real life, classroom stories. Other times they might argue over the most realistic conspiracy theories. You never know!

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    Mar 13, 2023 – 01:00:42
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    Feb 27, 2023 – 47:04
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    Feb 22, 2023 – 30:00
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    Feb 20, 2023 –
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    Feb 15, 2023 – 25:38
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    Dec 12, 2022 – 54:12
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    Dec 5, 2022 – 55:37
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    Nov 28, 2022 – 57:11
  • Let's Watch TV: The Masked Singer
    Nov 23, 2022 – 33:21
Recent Reviews
  • Cvw814
    Great Pod
    Warning: be careful when listening to this and driving or drinking anything. There have been so many times I’ve been laughing so hard I’m crying and have had to pull over, or nearly spit my water out! It’s like hanging out with friends listening to them.
  • HBNative
    Love it!
    Great pod!!!
  • HeatherrrrrrrrK
    The best part of my week is listening to Joe and Gaspare ramble about the randomness that is life. I’m constantly laughing and always look forward to new episodes! now make your way to Chicago!!! All the love to you both!
  • MrsKav1019
    Best Part of My Week
    I look forward to Mondays because of this podcast! Joe and Gaspare have me cackling on my way to work, and then googling very random things when I get there…I can’t wait to see Joe in Minneapolis!
  • Alycurry
    Makes me want a longer commute
    Seriously, I only commute 10 min to school. But full disclosure I put in AirPods and listen during my prep time. I would during class but that’s apparently “frowned upon.” Whatever. I’m tenured. What are they gonna do? Also, we need a Gaspare Horrible Histories special every once in a while. Double points if it’s a Drunk History/Horrible Histories hybrid. ✌🏼
  • Jayke :b
    These two 🤣💀
    Joe and Gaspare duo are HIL👏AR👏IOUS 👏!!! I saw Joe in Tampa a few years ago at Sidesplitters and got to meet him and I’m seeing him again in Tampa later this year. This podcast gets my week going and never disappoints. Love you guys and thank you for the laughs every week 😂
  • $am$mith
    Love it all!
    From Joe and Gaspare, to Joe and his Mom, this whole podcast is hilarious. It makes me smile, laugh, and easily relate to the only child relationship I have with my mom. Idea for Joe and Mama Fran- The Dombrowski’s Get It Done! Listeners assign you tasks or adventures to do/watch/try/explore etc. Leaves room for other family members to jump in too! Thanks for all the awesomeness! - Samantha C.
  • Nope2884
    Favorite Podcast
    My absolute favorite podcast. I saw Joe when he came to MN. Come back! This cracks up me.
  • EMAW!!!!!!!!!!
    Levity during tough times
    As a new and young principal who took over a school in the pandemic, Social Studies is one smile I can count on weekly on my drive to school. Joe, and now Gaspare, have been there to make me laugh until I cry even when the world seems lonely and cold. Seriously, I can’t put into words how much joy you guys bring to educators. Thanks for being a spot of levity during tough times. So exited to see you tonight in Denver. Keep doing what you do! 🤍
  • Dee from Wisconsin
    Always hilarious!
    Joe and Gaspare are the best podcast out there! Their connection is so real and their stories of every day life are beyond funny! I look forward to new episodes every week.
  • vivasober
    Love these guys
    I found this podcast by luck. I needed a laugh. The last 40 minutes hooked me and I’m a fan. Love to share my crazy teaching stories too !
  • PlantZaddy
    Love the show!
    Love the show. I am not even a teacher and you two are so relatable. Also, Joe is so unbelievably handsome I cannot get over it. His beard is so perfectly trimmed. His eye brows are, as the kids say, “on fleek.” And his voice is so soothing I could bottle it and listen whenever I take a long, hot, bubble bath.
  • teamjase
    I don’t listen to podcasts…
    You heard me, I don’t listen to podcasts! Until now! I’m a 3rd grade teacher and somehow found one of Joe’s videos on Instagram and that’s how it all began! Within a week I was watching and following Joe on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Apple Podcasts! And THEN, I found out he was performing in Salt Lake! I got tickets and took my husband. He was one of a few “people who make more money” in the audience. Omg! We had the best time! We laughed so hard our cheeks hurt when we left. Joe sure did his homework on the Mormons of Utah! Lol! And obviously becoming a Joe fan, I became a Gaspare fan as well! Gaspare’s Instagram reels about “rigoring that scaffold” learning targets & observations are so spot on and so hilarious!! All of our PD this year has been about all of it and his videos speak to me!! I love you both, I love that you make me laugh when sometimes my job as a teacher makes me wanna cry!!! Thanks!!
  • Raija M
    Listened for 15 hours straight
    My husband and I gave this podcast a try after starting our road trip from Chicago to Colorado and we were CRYING laughing. Such a good show that is funny for so many different listeners.
  • mandyLouLo
    In love!
    These two are a Riot. Such a chaotic yet lively journey through their collective brains. Great perspective and such good laughs.
  • ibrokethelaminator
    The good kind of chaos
    Them: "What kind of podcasts do you listen to?" Me: "Educational ones. Teacher podcasts" Them: "That's great! You must learn so much and get so many great strategies out of them!" *this is the educational teacher podcast*
  • jen bachm.
    The best.
    Not a teacher , but a parent and I can’t get enough of this podcast . Gaspare is an amazing co host- you guys are amazing together. Love . Love . Love . Look forward to Mondays for new episodes.
  • j_2300
    Thank you for the laughs
    Just listen already!! These are soooo funny and real! I save these for when I need a laugh and pick me up. It’s helped me deal with some anxiety and take an hour to myself to laugh. Joe adding Gasper was the best. He adds that little extra hellllll yeah to the podcast. These 2 together are on 🔥. Thank you for all the laughs and stories. Keep it up.
  • Amy Renea
    Bad Language
    I don't even care that I have to continue to tell my 4 year not to repeat ANY words she hears while you guys are playing. I NEED your laughs on our 60 minute commute before I spend my day teaching Algebra 1 to 8th graders. I refuse to let a bad word or two keep me from serotonin. One day she'll understand.
  • ZombieGirl1984
    Laugh out loud funny
    Thank you Joe and Gaspare. This podcast gets me through my 40 minute morning commute. I love laughing along with you guys; I teach middle school so I need this dose of funny before I have to wade through all of the hormones and axe body spray that permeate every hallway. I saw Joe several years ago and hope you come back to Virginia Beach soon! Thanks again, you guys are the best.
  • alicja24
    Absolutely hilarious
    I am a paraprofessional in Atlanta(originally from Seattle) and this podcast is amazing! The letters are relatable(I should know mine have been read twice) and I still laugh! This is my podcast is my listening too post work at a middle school with EBD kids! Thanks Gasper and Joe (plus Joe’s mom, Fran) for the great entertainment
  • 100 tries for a nickname
    Best part of Monday
    I came across you both on Instagram & have been hooked since then! Being a retired teacher, I relate to so many of your teaching traumas but also LOVE to hear about your every day life! Come do a show in Alabama soon! Keep on keeping it real!
  • Jessica_M_NJ
    Amazing and Hilarious!
    I absolutely love listening to this podcast each week and always look forward to the new episodes. Being a mom and elementary school teacher from New Jersey has me cracking up at both Joe and Gaspare’s stories. And I can’t forget Mama Fran! LWTV is also hilarious! This isn’t just a show for teachers, but everyone. I don’t think I’ve ever missed an episode, and can always count on these guys to brighten my week. Never stop doing what you do guys!
  • NY Girl 11204
    Amazing and Entertaining!
    I’m an 11th year HS teacher. I started listening bc I was introduced to Gaspare through IG. I connected to his reels and he always blew my mind bc he was DEAD ON!! Also being a Bklyn Italian girl, I too can relate to a lot of what he says. But even if you cannot Gaspare and Joe are amazing! Their stories and REAL and relatable. It’s my new #1 podcast. I spend my time catching up on old episodes and you two have become family to me … as I constantly listen while cleaning, cooking and lesson planning. Even if you are not a teacher, these two guys are amazing. They’ll make you laugh until you pee yourself (I’m sorry, I had two children) and don’t even regret it. Thank you for helping me get through the days bc I LIVE for your episodes.
  • MicahSophia
    One of my favorites!
    I started listening because my best friend sent me an episode. I didn’t start listening until Gaspere joined but I’ve started going through the backlog. I’m obsessed with both of them and they are the perfect pair. My husband loves listening with me too. Continue the great work. Mama Fran is the best too!
  • Teacher in NC
    Original and hilarious show!!
    Love listening to Mr D and Gaspare as well as LWTV with Mama Fran! All episodes are hysterical and I can’t wait for each new episode! You won’t stop laughing!
  • Minkatron
    I don’t miss and episode!
    Joe and Gaspare - I love you! Thank you for the laughs, the stories, the epic chaos that is this show. Come to Dallas/Ft. Worth soon!
  • KellyTeacherCoach
    Favorite Podcast!!
    A colleague recommended this podcast to me. It is my new favorite! I only wish I could listen more than once a week. I laugh through the entire episode. It's so real and relatable and just funny!! I need more funny in my life. THANK YOU! You guys are awesome!!
  • VinnieA81
    Absolutely fantastic show
    This is the only non-wrestling and non-soap opera podcast I listen to. Whether it is Let’s Watch TV or the main Social Studies podcast, it’s absolutely hilarious. Joe is very personable and down to earth.
  • __hlee
    1,2 👀 on you!
    Seriously so hilarious and on POINT! Feel so seen as a teacher with all the struggles and all the inside jokes are a plus. I’m even going to Joe’s live taping and cannot wait!!
  • PARK12345678
    Hilarious duo!
    Whether it’s Joe & Gasper or Joe & Mama Fran I always find myself laughing out loud listening to this podcast! Good for the soul!
  • CrazyMagellan
    Fabulous Podcast
    If you are a teacher or if you’re not you need to listen because it is hilarious. They make my desk job more tolerable (and make me miss being in the school but we all know that unfortunately doesn’t pay the bills). They stories they tell keep me laughing and they are exactly what we need to keep Mondays going.
  • kksmallz
    I’m obsessed
    I’m not a teacher but I have five kids so I love hearing about some of the crazy things that kids do in the classroom. Plus Mr. D is just absolutely hysterical. I am also obsessed with his sweet mother! I am subscribed and I listen to every single episode and can’t get enough of the Instagram content also! So hilarious!! @karissakay
  • Seasoned reader.
    So real!
    Love the podcast! Look forward to it every week.
  • LetsthinkharderShan824
    Social Studies podcast
    This podcast has been one of my favs for a while. I was always amazed that Joe could make this awesomeness ALL alone. That takes talent, my friends! (I also love his Let’s Watch TV with his mom. Absolutely great!) Then, in 2022, he got Gasper as his co-host. Just wow! It has moved from being a fav to being my number one. And I listen to a lot of podcasts! It is not just for teachers. I am not a teacher! I call it my comfort food podcast. Why? Because, no matter how bad of a mood I might have, it makes it disappear. ✨Magic!!! The stories! The talk. The funny! It’s perfect. Perfect. Hilarious and feeling heard at the same time. I save these episodes like special treats for myself. I need a pick me up, oh yeah. I saved it. Special happy nuggets. Do yourself a favor, if you’re a mom or dad and need to laugh and need to feel happy. Give it a listen. It takes a weight off. I don’t know why, but it does. Thank you Joe and Gasper! I love it so much.
  • ILTeach4U
    Teachers Lounge
    I happened upon this podcast and have fallen in love. It is like being in a teacher’s lounge where there is a tiny bit of teacher talk but lots of random topics and tons of laughter! I wish I worked with them. A great listen, I laugh every time! A great pick me up and helps me tackles the Mondays.
  • Kfizzle5301
    Such a fun listen!
    I’m so glad I stumbled upon this podcast. As a teacher, I find so much joy in listening to these two. They’re so funny and it makes those hard days seem a bit easier.
  • JessPenn87
    A must listen
    You will laugh. You don’t know what it will be about until the most random story is told… but you. Will. Laugh!!!
  • Hallllllllllllaaaa
    Makes my day
    This is a fun duo and the podcast is wonderful. The off topic stories are incredibly funny and worth every second of listening. This is currently my favorite podcast and I can’t wait to listen every Monday.
  • Frankie12167
    Haven’t stopped laughing since I found you on TikTok
    This podcast has real and relatable content. Joe and Gaspare and all of the guests will keep you listening and laughing. I highly recommend. I’ve gone back and listened to every episode which has helped keep my spirits up during many difficult months. Whether you’re a teacher or not, a parent or not, you’ll be entertained by their stories about their students and enjoy all of the guests. I never miss an episode. Joe and Gaspare, you keep me laughing and it’s hard to wait a whole week to hear what you two talk about next. Thank you!
  • Ktbird38
    Love you Joe and Gaspar!!! Your show makes my drive to work less painful. Can’t wait for you to get to LA!!
  • motherdaughterduo
    My daughter and I absolutely love listening to the Social Studies pod cast! The off topic stories are hilarious and make you forget about all the stress of your day. Mama Fran is an absolute sweet heart and brings so much to let’s watch tv!
  • Caity519
    Brightens My Day
    I love listening to this podcast on my commute after a long day at school. Joe just gets it. Love Mama Fran and Gaspare too. Take a listen, you’ll laugh your butt off.
  • AlyssaB90
    A must listen!!!
    As a school psychologist I absolutely love this podcast! From the educator humor to Gaspare’s impromptu therapy sessions I am constantly laughing! I listen to the podcasts as I get ready for work and it always makes my day!!
  • brightlandmark
    This registered nurse loves this podcast
    Being a registered nurse and being a teacher at times are very similar stories. Haha. So I can’t stop laughing This is a great pod cast.
  • drumzin
    Loving it
    You want some nice words ? Well , to be honest, Loving it! Thank you 😊
  • loveteaching2
    Technical Difficulties
    Absolutely love your podcast and Live show! I listen everyday during my workout. I catch myself laughing out loud every time🤣 I thank you for all the tv recommendations too.
  • Dom Gonsalves
    THE. BEST.
    By far my favorite podcast !!! I literally laugh out loud every single episode
  • ElizAWC
    Great banter!
    Love listening to all the random stories they tell, 5 stars!
  • Injyxfsfjkj
    Makes me smile every time!
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