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Take your daily hit of pod with Nikki Glaser and enjoy what she does best: oversharing about her personal life, getting and giving perspective on dating and sex, dissecting pop culture, trying to understand the news, and making fun of whatever or whoever else deserves it. New episodes every Monday-Friday.

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  • Mina978
    Great show. I love the daily check in with Nikki, it makes you feel like friends chatting about your day. Had to write a note that I love you standing up for fat people on planes! It is hard to take up space as a fat person. But overeating can be an eating disorder just like anorexia, so we should lift each other up! We shouldn’t be telling people to hate themselves or their bodies, ever! We should be accommodating all body types. To a skinny babe from a fat babe: thank you! 😘
  • vs::
    Funny and honest talk
    Tried this pod after listening to Good for You and I am hooked.
  • CRR1988
    Nikki is the best.
    She’s been one of my top 5 comedians of all time, and I really only found out about her in 2012 or so. She’s obviously hilarious, but it’s nice to hear the gamut or topics from the funny to the very vulnerable.
  • GeauxChrisGeaux
    A Awesome Daily Listen
    I like the fact she is an open book and her daily podcast are usually only around 20 mins which makes it easy to tune in daily without really having to miss any part of her episodes. It's a great podcast to listen to while commuting to work. She is funny AF.
  • Alfred Gonzales
    Her voice is a little too shrill for me
    I think she’s a great comedian and especially at roasts. I appreciate her candor about her life as well. But for me it’s just a voice. It’s not a pleasant mellifluous voice to listen to. And it detracts from her. I suppose there’s not much she can do about it
  • PalePrincessE
    ED Warning
    Nikki is awesome and super open about her life. She openly talks about dealing with her eating disorder. Unfortunately it made me restart mine after two years “clean”. Trying to get back on tract, but can’t listen to the podcast anymore:(
  • czengel
    Get some
    Nikki is awesome comedian You need to get your own comedy show you deserve it
  • Scott Frank
    Nikki is the best
    Such a beautiful soul that bares it all. Maybe the funniest stand-up out there. This is the only podcast I listen to. Squirt, squirt... Jackpot!
  • coral21987
    So many Co’uhls leaving 1 star
    Nikki is relatable yet not relatable bc let’s be serious no one can be as funny. Love her.
  • thefigy1
    Need my Nikki fix everyday! She’s been apart of my daily routine for years. When I need a laugh or a different view on current issues Nikki brings it. Love her honesty even when she’s co’uhl 😜
  • bbblahhh77
    Zero content
    She had an eating disorder, she needs to be tied up to come, she goes to the gym and looks at boobs, no one wants to date her, it’s the guests job to interview her and she was going to say everything they just said, you don’t understand why she’s funny because you’re not a comedian. There, you’re caught up.
  • PhilOssining
    Helping me through lockdown
    Nikki is a great comedian - we all know that - and she really shines on her podcast. She's funny, insightful and when she opens up, it's like being at a great 12 Step Meeting. She is working through her depression and it's been helpful during the quarantine. Give it a listen.
  • Cmanning1
    You know you’re hot!!!
    Love the podcast. It’s hard to believe someone that’s so gorgeous and talented could be so depressed. I appreciate your honesty and ability to be open about anything. Recently watched your appearance on Howard Stern. Nailed it! Funny, quick witted, open and of course smoking hot!
  • Geoff Hennessy
    Nothing starts a morning off better than A Hit of Pod with Nikki Glaser. Keep attacking the important subjects. Social injustice, body dysmorphia, and restroom etiquette.
  • Henndog89
    Nikki, I am a prisoner in my own home but you are the key to sanity. Your problems are relatable on so many levels. Thank you for being you!!!
  • Gobinman
    Thank you for saving me from my Dialysis DEPRESSION ! ! !
  • Shmalanaz
    Nikki 😍
    Very grateful for Nikki Glaser. Was gutted by the end of her SiriusXM show. 😭
  • Morgan.....!
    I have listened to every podcast since the very beginning. I have loved all the quarantine material. I listen in my car, on a jog, in the middle of a food binge, and laying in bed scrolling on my phone (just being honest). I listen on double speed always. I hope you continue podcasting. Thanks for all the shared feelings. A confused 27 year old teacher and super fan!
  • Hankmax10
    I discovered Nikki’s podcast just recently during the lock down- and while I’d seen a few of her specials, I really enjoy the free flowing dialogue of this format. She shares her thought and opinions very openly and honestly- with no apologies- which is refreshing. I look forward to the new episodes daily- and glad it’s back up after a week or more when it was off the air.
  • Sholly3022254
    Comedic therapy
    I love this podcast so much! Nikki is so aware of herself and is always trying to be a better person to those around her and society. She is so relatable and makes me laugh out loud while walking outside which probably makes me look weird but I don’t care. One thing I love about her is that she shares funny things other comedians have said/done and tells us where to follow them to spread the funny. I really feel like her friend after listening to this podcast for a year and a half and have truly LOVED the quarantine episodes. They’ve been keeping me sane. Don’t know what I’d do without Nikki, her comedian friends, and this pod
  • Paul Omey
    Super talented comedian
    Nikki is hilarious. Don’t pretend you don’t know it. Don’t pretend you are better than her. Ever. Ciao! :)
  • The goat 65
    LOVE YOU Nikki and all your friends!!
    Thank you! THANK YOU Nikki!! I am devastated about the ending of your Sirius show but happy to hear you here. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!
  • Taylorjo128
    Best running podcast!!
    Iv always been a huge fan of nikki, and watched her stand up and roasts, but just recently started listening to the hit of pods and they are perfect! Love to listen to them when I run
  • Moose street
    Did her podcast get cancelled?
    Is she done? She said her radio show got the axe and mentioned something about the podcast possibly ending as well.
  • politic S
    The best person to listen to while taking your morning run
    Seems like I run further while I listen to and get involved in Nikki’s podcast
  • gtdriverdave
    Need more Nikki!
    Nikki Glaser is totally hilarious, and quite open about her personal life. Which makes her even funnier. Need more Nikki!
  • Gribnoir
    First Time Listener
    Is she me??? Real, funny, vulnerable. And WOW! First show and she mentions my hero!! Pass this on peeps. I was healed from Sarno 22 years ago. This after suffering from lower back pain for 20 years starting at 16. Every single modality was tried. From Chinese herbs and acupuncture, chiropractors, tenZ unit, Xrays, MRI’s, PT, shamans and fools! Heard about him from Howard Stern who I had never listened to until a new BF. And in spite of myself, I fell in love. With HS, that is. I immediately signed up for the 2 day seminar (and you’re right Nikki, it’s not necessary! But, you get the book and there’s exactly ONE paragraph that changed my life. I read it, put book down and walked away. And like magic, I have never had pain again. I’ve been promoting him since then and am always shocked more people don’t know him. Just wished she mentioned the main premise: Your pain is due to oxygen deprivation. This oxygen deprivation is cause by repressed emotions. The most common repressed emotion is anger. There is NOTHING wrong with you. Go about your normal life, exercise, etc. and literally, your unconscious mind hears this and voila!! BTW, Sarno is a well known orthopedic surgeon!!!
  • its sean
    So sexy
    Nikki, you’re so hot. Ig me @peckerwood23 I will motorcycle to you, need that!
  • brooke bofto
    Quarantine Lifesaver & new best friend
    This quarantine journey hasn’t been easy the highlight of my day is listening to this podcast. feel like I have made a friend and someone who says things I’m wondering and puts a twist of humor and truth to it. I just casually instagrammed 10 videos of me on my bike ride to her dm as though it was one of my best friends especially knowing she’s doing this for free?? Just for US? For ME? Thanks for everything Nikki.
  • Cristina H.C.
    Nikki the Great!
    Been listening to this podcast for a while. I recently got the Sirius trial just for her show. Always looked forward to this podcast and it’s especially nice now.
  • God of Morality
    She’s the big sister you never knew you needed.
  • jae-sung
    Real, raw, funny…love this!
    Love the daily quick pods! We know you’re doing it because you care about your fans, but I gotta say, these quick bites are a fantastic format! I look forward to them every morning! Thanks for sharing with us, we appreciate it Nikki!
  • Ashleyballet
    Like listening to an old friend
    Nikki’s voice is comforting. Long time listener here. I’m so grateful for this podcast right now :)
  • Sawdumie
    You want the be detached emotionally when working, but really you are looking for someone to love you no matter what.
  • Liana Ilia
    Love it!
    I have been following Nikki since @midnight. She is hilarious and everyone should listen to this podcast and her radio show by the same title on Sirius radio, which you can get free right now until May 15th. It's so funny. The little daily podcasts are entertaining to say the least. They are just her rambling, but somehow it's relatable. Enjoy!
  • e234234234
    Love it!
    Been listening for a long time, had to get Sirius to listen to full episodes! Loving the daily ‘hit of pod’ right now.
  • dizzydan11
    Love listening
    Nikki look forward to listening everyday ! Great job !
  • HugoRabson
    Candid, courageous, hilarious
    I would never want to change this woman, even if I could, because her journey is fascinating. I’m grateful to live in a world with people such as Amy Schumer, Ali Wong, Anna Faris, and Nikki Glaser.
  • brickyz
    Some of this, some of that 🤪
    10% fun, 90% crazy
  • Timaaa
    Hit of Pod.
    Please keep em coming, your daily reflections are encouraging and definitely a bright spot, no matter how mundane you might feel they are. Like a cool friend stopping by. 💦💦🎰
  • Better2Give
    Stay for the Sex, Integrity, Guests, and Honesty
    Nikki has made me a fan of several comedians and podcasts. She and her guests have entertained me for hours on end. If honest conversations about sex mixed with comedy is not something that gets your blood flowing please move along. The rest of us are here for a good time and those who stay will not be disappointed.
  • Carlz101
    Old ladies like you
    I am your moms age, prob not your demographic but really enjoy your comedy. You are the female Howard! Thanks for keeping us entertained during this crazy time!
  • Dr. Beepers
    Best thing going
    This is the podcast you listen to while you are searching for another podcast to try (jk) this has been amazing daily dose of NG kind of like shooting heroin without the penny in your mouth aftertaste, cheers !!!
  • Love you lovin me
    Nikki thanks for doing the podcast daily . Gives me something to look forward to , during this crazy time we are all going through..
  • Hotrod9757
    Mindless chatter
  • sorbdksof
    This podcast makes zero sense
    This podcast is super confusing and so incredibly jumbled. Makes no sense. You have tons of little clips of different conversations and interviews and it’s terrible. Stick to one thing and run with that. Unsubscribing.
  • tony863
    I wasn’t sure if I would like this show then I heard Andrew and I was hooked. Andrew and Nikki are a good dynamic duo, Andrew comes off as the disgusting male character and Nikki plays the more sane person, really funny.
  • Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips
    Love it!
    I could listen to Nikki all day
  • Maxcraft430
    I like your standup.
    If you have Paul and Sasha on your show from Community News podcast, I would definitely listen. That would be a hilarious combo. You’re all a little neurotic, but funny.
  • jlee8685
    Basically talks about herself the whole time
    Man, I listened to 4 episodes and had to stop bc of the amount of flaunting she does. It’s nothing huge but she throw in how awesome she is here and there and then her co-hosts will co-sign how awesome she is. Just be yourself and let us judge how great you are. So cringeworthy.
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