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Expert insight on health, performance, longevity, critical thinking, and pursuing excellence. Dr. Peter Attia (Stanford/Hopkins/NIH-trained MD) talks with leaders in their fields.

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  • #240 ‒ The confusion around HDL and its link to cardiovascular disease | Dan Rader, M.D.
    Jan 30, 2023 – 01:54:10
  • #239 ‒ The science of strength, muscle, and training for longevity | Andy Galpin, Ph.D. (PART I)
    Jan 23, 2023 – 02:35:25
  • #238 – AMA #43: Understanding apoB, LDL-C, Lp(a), and insulin as risk factors for cardiovascular disease
    Jan 16, 2023 – 24:23
  • #237 ‒ Optimizing life for maximum fulfillment | Bill Perkins
    Jan 9, 2023 – 01:43:41
  • #236 ‒ Neurodegenerative disease: pathology, screening, and prevention | Kellyann Niotis, M.D.
    Jan 2, 2023 – 01:56:43
  • James Clear: Building & Changing Habits (#183 rebroadcast)
    Dec 26, 2022 – 02:19:07
  • #235 ‒ Training principles for mass and strength, changing views on nutrition, creatine supplementation, and more | Layne Norton, Ph.D.
    Dec 19, 2022 – 02:48:22
  • #234 ‒ Chris Hemsworth on Limitless, longevity, and happiness
    Dec 12, 2022 – 01:11:15
  • #233 - AMA #42: Optimizing sleep - bedtime routine, molecule regimen, sleep trackers, sauna, & more
    Dec 5, 2022 – 23:53
  • #232 ‒ Shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand: diagnosis, treatment, and surgery of the upper extremities | Alton Barron, M.D.
    Nov 28, 2022 – 03:38:24
  • A masterclass on insulin resistance—mechanisms and implications | Gerald Shulman, M.D., Ph.D. (#140 rebroadcast)
    Nov 21, 2022 – 02:06:36
  • #231 - AMA #41: Medicine 3.0, developments in the field of aging, healthy habits in times of stress, and more
    Nov 14, 2022 – 16:01
  • #230 ‒ Cardiovascular disease in women: prevention, risk factors, lipids, and more | Erin Michos, M.D.
    Nov 7, 2022 – 02:15:05
  • #229 ‒ Understanding cardiovascular disease risk, cholesterol, and apoB
    Oct 31, 2022 – 01:18:54
  • #228 ‒ Improving body composition, female-specific training principles, and overcoming an eating disorder | Holly Baxter, APD
    Oct 24, 2022 – 02:15:24
  • #227 - AMA #40: Body composition, protein, time-restricted feeding, fasting, DEXA scans, and more
    Oct 17, 2022 – 16:08
  • #226 ‒ The science of happiness | Arthur Brooks, Ph.D.
    Oct 10, 2022 – 01:40:05
  • #225 ‒ The comfort crisis, doing hard things, rucking, and more | Michael Easter, MA
    Oct 3, 2022 – 01:48:49
  • #224 ‒ Dietary protein: amount needed, ideal timing, quality, and more | Don Layman, Ph.D.
    Sep 26, 2022 – 02:02:32
  • #223 - AMA #39: The Centenarian Decathlon, zone 2, VO2 max, and more
    Sep 19, 2022 – 16:51
  • #222 ‒ How nutrition impacts longevity | Matt Kaeberlein, Ph.D
    Sep 12, 2022 – 02:27:23
  • #221 ‒ Understanding sleep and how to improve it
    Sep 5, 2022 – 01:37:03
  • #220 ‒ Ketamine: Benefits, risks, and promising therapeutic potential | Celia Morgan, Ph.D.
    Aug 29, 2022 – 01:27:36
  • #219 ‒ Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT): skills for overcoming depression , emotional dysregulation, and more | Shireen Rizvi, Ph.D., ABPP
    Aug 22, 2022 – 02:16:28
  • #218 - AMA #38: Can you exercise too much?
    Aug 15, 2022 – 17:04
  • #217 ‒ Exercise, VO2 max, and longevity | Mike Joyner, M.D.
    Aug 8, 2022 – 01:52:50
  • #216 - Metabolomics, NAD+, and cancer metabolism | Josh Rabinowitz, M.D., Ph.D.
    Aug 1, 2022 – 02:11:37
  • #215 - The gut-brain connection | Michael Gershon, M.D.
    Jul 25, 2022 – 02:12:41
  • #214 - AMA #37: Bone health—everything you need to know
    Jul 18, 2022 – 17:22
  • #213 ‒ Liquid biopsies and cancer detection | Max Diehn, M.D. Ph.D.
    Jul 11, 2022 – 02:06:54
  • Earning the gift of life | Ric Elias (#79 rebroadcast)
    Jul 4, 2022 – 01:39:59
  • #212 - The neuroscience of obesity | Stephan Guyenet, Ph.D.
    Jun 27, 2022 – 02:24:59
  • #211 - AMA #36: Fruits & vegetables—everything you need to know
    Jun 20, 2022 – 20:22
  • #210 - Lp(a) and its impact on heart disease | Benoît Arsenault, Ph.D.
    Jun 13, 2022 – 02:07:18
  • #209 ‒ Medical mistakes, patient safety, and the RaDonda Vaught case | Marty Makary, M.D., M.P.H.
    Jun 6, 2022 – 01:45:27
  • The Art of Stability | Beth Lewis (Ep. #131 Rebroadcast)
    May 30, 2022 – 01:48:36
  • #208 - Tragedy, grief, healing, and finding happiness | Kelsey Chittick
    May 23, 2022 – 01:54:37
  • #207 - AMA #35: "Anti-Aging" Drugs — NAD+, metformin, & rapamycin
    May 16, 2022 – 30:32
  • #206 - Exercising for longevity: strength, stability, zone 2, zone 5, and more
    May 9, 2022 – 01:14:02
  • #205 - Energy balance, nutrition, & building muscle | Layne Norton, Ph.D. (Pt.2)
    May 2, 2022 – 02:55:43
  • #204 - Centenarians, metformin, and longevity | Nir Barzilai, M.D.
    Apr 25, 2022 – 02:29:33
  • #203 - AMA #34: What Causes Heart Disease?
    Apr 18, 2022 – 16:59
  • #202 - Peter on nutrition, disease prevention, sleep, and more — looking back on the last 100 episodes
    Apr 11, 2022 – 01:57:28
  • In remembrance of Sarah Hallberg, D.O., M.S. (Ep. #162 Rebroadcast)
    Apr 4, 2022 – 02:17:24
  • #201 - Deep dive back into Zone 2 | Iñigo San-Millán, Ph.D. (Pt. 2)
    Mar 28, 2022 – 02:45:31
  • #200 - AMA #33: Hydration—electrolytes, supplements, sports drinks, performance effects, and more
    Mar 21, 2022 – 19:23
  • #199 - Running, overcoming challenges, and finding success | Ryan Hall
    Mar 14, 2022 – 02:55:54
  • #198 - Eye health—everything you need to know | Steven Dell, M.D.
    Mar 7, 2022 – 02:43:41
  • #197 - The science of obesity & how to improve nutritional epidemiology | David Allison, Ph.D.
    Feb 28, 2022 – 02:14:14
  • #196 - AMA #32: Exercise, squats, deadlifts, BFR, and TRT
    Feb 21, 2022 – 19:12
Recent Reviews
  • Smperfi71
    Always Useful
    Always great information that is useful to everyone regardless of the fact that people live different types of lives.
  • Alexandra Paul
    Always interesting
    I really like this show, especially because Dr Attia doesn’t shy away from getting very medical, technical and sciencey. You know he is passionate about improving health and lifespan from how into Things he gets! This really makes this podcast stand apart from other health podcasts. I am a layperson, so things often go over my head, but I always learn things on each epidural. I recommend highly the most recent episide with Dr Layne Norton (# 235) - it might be the most I’ve learned on health and fitness from any one single podcast ( it was over 3 hours long too!) I also found the interview with Holly Baxter (#228) - as a woman I loved that episode. Thanks Dr Attia!
  • believeLeadInspire
    Look forward to each episode
    I am sorry that I hadn’t connected with you sooner. I learned of you from the Limitless series and searched for you. Thankfully you were easy to find. As a 64 year old that is trying to change mindset and activity to create a longer and healthier life your content is invaluable. The more I listen, the more I learn so I can take more control of how I age. I’ve shared your podcast with my circle of influence and will continue to do so as the opportunity presents itself.
  • tragus
    If Peter would only stop interrupting…
    …the podcasts would be shorter and we could hear the guests. Interviewees are usually excellent, but Peter’s ego and need to demonstrate his superior knowledge dominate every podcast. I finally gave up with the upper extremity podcast - let the guy talk! The caloric restriction/fasting podcast was also a great example of Peter being unwilling to let actual data and information intrude on his beliefs/practices. I'm done.
  • BrewersArcade
    A poor recommendation by MMM
    I theory I should love this show but I can never get through it. I become so frustrated that the hosts talk about what they are going to talk about and 20-30 minutes in they still haven’t actually gotten into the subject matter. After three episodes I give up. GET TO THE POINT. So frustrating. You did me wrong Mr. Money Mustache.
  • TKKreview
    Who has 3 hours for a podcast?!
    Episodes are too long
  • 259East
    Morning knowledge
    I listen to this podcast before I start my day. I am thankful for you and all of the scientists who are digging deeper into our anatomy and learning the next level of health facts and sharing your findings with the world. Is there anyway to contact your team to ask specific questions? Thank you for the all the deeper science you are sharing and for the no nonsense approach in which you and your people express it.
  • golffanat
    Great podcast horrible intro
    The content is great but the intro music is horrible.
  • psem
    Opening music 0….Dr Attia 10
    The pod cast is the best. Every time I listen I learn something that is amazing and some times, life changing. However, I do turn down the sound to avoid the the guy yelling in the music intro. Love Dr. Attia, can’t stand the intro “music.”
  • cwb0000
    No more ruck
    Please stop the ruck.
  • Jacobele
    Pls change music
    Love this podcast, but the intro song is jarring. I subscribed, and it is in every single of one the qualys. It’s incredibly annoying having to listen to it over and over when I’m trying to queue multiple qualys and work hands free.
  • bellce0
    Excellent Medical and Longevity Content, But Please No Politics
    I’ve listened to this podcast for years now and have enjoyed the information and learning. I almost unsubscribed when Dr. Attia went heavy on the politics in the middle of the pandemic. I’m sure it wasn’t his intent, but his tone and approach was quite condescending in those episodes. Give him a listen for lots of good learning.
  • glimadoll
    Content is generally helpful…. and I recommend that Peter develop a bit of humility
    Yes, you are accomplished and intelligent. And you are arrogant. For example, In your interview with Andrew Huberman, you interrupted him frequently. Maybe you might consider developing some humility? You are not better than other people. You have a lot to contribute. Don’t diminish your impact by being arrogant. Humility is a strength, not a weakness.
  • Chad J Smith
    Good information with a cost
    I am thankful for the nuggets of information that come out of these discussions but sometimes the virtue signaling is a little heavy for my taste. I’ve been a subscriber for a few years and stick around to hear how I can stay as active as possible for as long as possible. I enjoy Peter’s perspective but it is hard to tell if he is elaborating on a discussion point to benefit the listener or to demonstrate the difference between himself and the “common listener”.
  • Willthethrill!!!!!
    Amazing podcast
    Truly insightful, intellectually honest content
  • Trust The Experts
    A Beautiful Blend of Knowledge and Humility
    Peter Attia has done what most health professionals think they’re doing with their podcast: create a platform for open dialogue that, as far as I can tell, is truly dedicated to being evidence-based without being dogmatic. This is one of the greatest, most in depth health podcasts I have ever listened to.
  • DHCooks
    Obsession with being muscled and finding evidence to support consumption of protein is damaging
    My own father was concerned with being muscled and consumption of protein until the day he decided to retire. He rode his bike up to the pool to swim his daily laps and lift weights on his lunch break until he had a massive heart attack and drowned in the pool. High consumption of protein did nothing for his longevity when he died at 68 from atherosclerosis eating a ketogenic style diet. There is plenty of supporting evidence that our overconsumption of protein is not benefiting us. Being muscled is absolutely important; however, going on intuition instead of current science regarding consumption protein is a damaging message to promote.
  • Maria@74
    Episode 222 with Matt Kaeberlein - dissapointment
    I have been enjoing lots of deep dive health talks and was looking forward to hear about nutrition from Matt Kaerberlein. I was dissapointed with this episode. Too much talk about mice studies with no relation to humans, and about protein consumption timing. I expected to hear about effect of nutrition and excercise on mTOR, autophagy, effect on extention of lifespan in humans.
  • MrAbominable
    Treasure Trove of Information
    I started listening to podcasts in search of information to heal myself and get on a healthier path. I started with Bulletproof Radio over 10 years ago and have listened to an assortment since then. Revolution Health Radio was the peak for me until I found this show. You have to fight your way through some egotism and privileged perspective, but if you do there is an immensely bountiful treasure of knowledge. Peter Attia has an amazing breadth of knowledge, experience, and detailed attention applied to both. I love that this show does not pander to a lack of education/training in society and focuses more on thorough discussion of the topic utilizing all the information at hand.
  • TNApple2
    Not what it really claims to be
    I think you can delete the “full stop” in the intro. I think this is a podcast dedicated to the health and well-being of white males with lifestyles like Dr. Attias. I hear very little about the impact of bias in the research, women’s hormones, menopausal impacts on diet and exercise choices. Or what are gender differences in the research in mice that is frequently discussed. What applies or doesn’t apply to populations raised in poverty or who have inherited hypo pressure? Certainly there a ton of great topics but this is not meant for all of us. Full stop.
  • t-town popo
    I didn’t think I’d be interested in this topic
    This episode floored me in so many ways. I found myself riveted listening to it, Shireen clearly explains DBT and it’s benefits in a way that prompted me to get online to learn more. And I couldn’t stop thinking about in the subsequent days. I was surprised at how open and vulnerable Peter was about his own experience with this type of therapy. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to be a better human. Thank you for this episode!!
  • listentoepisode71
    Episode 71 is perhaps the best and most shocking podcast episode I have ever listened to. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Many other episodes are excellent as well, but start with 71.
  • NotYourMamasMidlifeCoach
    Love the Centenarian Olympics!
    New to the show - love Peter’s concept of the Centenarian Olympics. It’s helped me to put language around what I want for the second half of my life. I’m also putting the Zone2 suggestions into practice immediately.
  • gsax1949
    A wonderful podcast
    I feel I should be getting CMEs after listening to Peter’s podcasts! The podcasts and show notes are fantastic! 5 stars.
  • redlulu
    Stroke fest
    I can’t tell if any of the info in this podcast relates to women. Or if the host has even considered this question with sincerity. There is a lot of off-topic banter that usually strokes the host. He is certainly smart and athletic. Just ask him. But I struggle to figure out what are real takeaways I can use.
  • wendy.bikes.byrne
    An all-around winner of a podcast
    I'm very thankful that an MD friend of mine clued me into The Drive podcast. The information is useful and the presentation gives me plenty to think about. I see many, many episodes in the library that I need to hear. Dr Attia is easy to listen to, asks great questions and provides excellent information on a range of health-related topics. In just a few weeks, this has become one of my very favorite podcasts. If you have some basic understanding of health and medicine, give this a listen and soon your knowledge will be expanded! If you or a loved one has cancer, don't miss all the information in the library about cancer treatment.
  • Marilyn Grant
    Ric Elias Interview
    One of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Master interview skills combined with the sharing of life lessons/stories that will stay with me for a long time. Thank you!
  • Kali Kat W
    Excellent content
    Two excellent speakers who do the deep dive into medical mistakes and patient safety. This is a “must listen” for medical treatment professionals and those interested in safe medical practices as well as legal implications.
  • blue62fish
    Moving the needle in healthcare
    Dr. Attia continues to highlight the most important aspects of healthcare that are ignored by science institutions (CDC, NIH, FDA). Preventative health, patient safety, and clinician support should trump politics and financials. Keep up the strong work!
  • locarbo
    Most Trusted host
    Absolute smartest most trustworthy podcast host out there. The honest Conversations he has are refreshing and reaffirming that accurate information is available out there.
  • ConcernedChameleon
    Deducted one star for the intro music
    Working in academic medicine, I very much appreciate Dr. Attia’s quest to provide the public access to up-to-date and solid, evidence-based health education. I even downloaded the Zero app and have watched Dr. Attia’s I excellent videos there. But please please please could you recruit a talented (and likely already underemployed) composer to create more fitting intro music? It’s only about 10 seconds of misery but every time I hear the intro it’s such a turnoff. It brings to mind an annoying cartoon of Tarzan swinging from the trees, yelling like an ape. Or some douchey Joe Rogan fan on steroids (and I love Joe Rogan, I’m a big fan of his). Please get some intelligent (as in, good and well-thought-out) intro music!! It’ll likely encourage a broader listener base and be better for everyone.
  • sgb1764
    New Listener
    I’m new to the podcast and throughly enjoyed episode 206. It was a great intro to a variety of topics. Can’t wait to go back now and listen to the full episodes!
  • comouter
    listener beware of MDs making money on social media
    This Emergency Medicine trained physician thinks he knows about everything health. He has good ideas, but keep in mind that he routinely spouts advice outside of his specialty. He relies heavily on anecdotes and personal experience, and is willing to consume medications longterm without data existing on longterm outcomes of such excessive medication use at his relatively young age. He has many ideas that are not supported by longterm evidence. “Buyer beware” as with all self proclaimed health experts with an MD degree, trying to make a buck on social media.
  • BrevityRules
    More of Episode 26
    It was very helpful refresher in bite size nuggets. Great work and pease do more. An episode on nutrition will be great in the future. Thanks for doing this work.
  • Sluff_A7D
    Episode 206
    Listened to latest episode. Great show full of practical advice, especially the back casting application to play with great grand kids. Mashup idea worth the effort!
  • tao1023
    Clip compilation
    Loved episode 206. Great tips on quick fashion for those who don't have the 2-3 hours to dive deep
  • Giraffecolor
    Like it so far
    I wanted to pay for subscription just to show support for the value I get from the great content and maybe get some extra from the AMAs (no high hopes though). Before I do that I went through all negative reviews and found that those are mostly related to the subscription model, then some Covid controversy, then maybe some particular guests. Although I am not rich and cheap out on lots of stuff, I think the model is fine. To me, the show itself is gold and I learnt a lot without subscription; the AMAs and show notes are just extra, and are mostly summaries / clarifications of what already mentioned in previous episodes, thus the subscription model. May update after subscription.
  • AngelaPolly
    Such a gift!
    In a world where there are endless avenues of media that make us dumber, this podcast continually educates and inspires. Dr. Attia has a gift for making complicated subjects easy to understand. Every time I listen to the podcast or read the newsletters, I learn so much. It’s addictive. I wish every teacher had this gift. People often overuse the term “life-changing” to describe the mediocre. But this podcast has truly been life-changing for me. Dr. Attia gives his listeners a deep understanding for the why’s behind his practical advice on ways to increase health span and hopefully, lifespan.
  • suzjazz
    Thought provoking and educational
    Peter: I am a musician and music professor. I wish I had had the math and chemistry skills to study medicine, because it is fascinating in all of its aspects. You and your guests make the medical world more comprehensible to people like me. I love the works of Atul Gawande and Oliver Sacks. Sadly, Dr. Sacks has passed away (I would love a show on the topics in "Musicophilia," for example) Dr. Gawande is a brilliant and inspirational writer. Could you interview him? I am very interested in longevity health issues. Before COVID I worked out at a CrossFit gym (I will be returning when I feel it's safe-- I am 69 and I find running to be a good exercise for me now!) I think most of us don't think about how compassionate many doctors are. You and your guests are truly motivated to help and heal people. Keep the podcasts coming!
  • BobD123456
    Most content is behind his paywall
    Great topics but lots of self promotion and relatively little content unless you are a $150/year Member. I'd rather have ads and full episodes.
  • VegasVixen #99
    Truth and hope
    I have been listening to these early episodes, having only recently discovered the link between metabolic health and diet. It is so helpful… I have an adult friend being treated for epilepsy and receives the standard of care but has never had Ketogenic diets discussed but all kinds of crazy treatments have been attempted…with very little results. I have reversed type 2 diabetes by changing to a low carb lifestyle but have had so much resistance from my doctor. For me, the possibility of a metabolic treatment for cancer is an obvious connection. Thank you for the alternative viewpoint… As soon as I heard President Biden talk about curing cancer as a new moonshot I immediately felt that more money will be wasted following dead ends, and we will not see any progress toward what I now believe are root causes. The resistance for alternative approaches by the medical community disturbs me, and I absolutely believe medicine is dominated by a belief system that increasingly is hard to accept. Individuals need this information to be able to make essential choices in their own care And treatment. Thank you! This is so helpful and hopeful. Keep it up.
  • NVDoll
    Subscribed a few days ago and still can’t get signed in for subscribers special pods. Very frustrating. Got fast response when emailed but instructions were same steps I had been trying. Will try a few more time but may have to unsubscribe. Sigh.
  • DSEichinger
    Not for me. Several times the host were saying people were treating science like a religion and vaccine mandates were like sharia law. Ok...calm down guys. The Lance Armstrong episode was good, though. He's also a good interviewer. I'll stick to This Week in Virology, This Week in Science, and This Podcast Will Kill You for my life science news & info.
  • Electra13580
    I love the podcast. I am a member. But I can’t figure out how to get the content?????? Very frustrating! I can only get snippets of the ama’s How do i get thes?
  • ersmed
    Amazing, phenomenal, spectacularly educational medical healthy living podcast,
    If you have time for 1 podcast in your life, this is the podcast you should be listening to. I am a medical professional (not an MD) and this podcast has made me a much better clinician. It has dramatically improved my own health and that of those who listen to and implement what I’ve learned and confirmed from this podcast. Dr Peter Attica is among the most well educated medical professionals I’ve ever heard speak, and I’ve heard thousands. He associated with the best and brightest across a huge array of specialties then he and his team condense the information down to in-depth, insightful, meaningful podcasts. If you consider yourself determined and hard-working, start at episode 1 and learn, learn, learn. Take notes, better yet, pay the annual subscription fee, and start really helping your patients live better lives with the most cutting edge information out there.
  • USC DR
    Bad karma-steer clear!
    Arrogant Egyptian from Canada. An apologist for young privileged elite. Smart, but self absorbed and uncaring about any others less fortunate than his Stanford brethren. A drop out from an elite surgical residency, he has no interest in serving the sick and needy. Listen and you will learn how to live longer if you are rich in the same manner as he and his self- centered friends. It is bad karma to spend time in the company of those who are so selfish and uncaring. Stay away!
  • Biggiebeans
    Doctors with a voice
    I came here to help me live a healthy life style and learn from health experts. I was happy to hear the podcast on Covid and hear some great opinions from other doctors who haven’t been smeared because they went on JRE. It’s obvious that it’s not about what doctors say but where they say it. Thanks for bringing honesty to that trending bias. Let’s be better when we need to discus complex issues like Covid and stop taking one side believing we are on the side that’s right and trying to bring down the other side.
  • Up North Mariska
    Fact based information, well presented
    I am grateful to Peter Attia and his team for providing such good information and interesting topics. Science has never come easy to me, yet this podcast has provided me with in depth information that even I (a finance expert) can understand and apply to my life. I especially am grateful for the recent two podcasts that provided good information on the evolution of the COVID Virus. Thank you for providing much needed, science based data that is presented by credible experts in their respective fields. I actually look forward to long drives - which is the best time for me to listen uninterrupted to these informational gems.
  • Dengl44
    This really is an extraordinary podcast, Dr Attia’s approach is a gift and the information is amazing. I can’t recommend this podcast enough.
  • Schmohawk111
    Bad medical takes
    Attia is a smooth talker, but podcast is full of logical fallacies. It’s amazing that in a 2.5 hr long episode, he couldn’t be bothered to talk specific science about why he doesn’t mask (he vaguely tells listeners to check out some other dude’s work). Cames off as a big echo chamber where he trash talks California for masks mandates, refers to being on Joe Rogan as if that’s a legit place to debate. I’m a nurse born and raised in TX, and this podcast is truly awful and not scientific even though he whines about others not understanding his warped version of stats. Just because kids die more frequently in car wrecks doesn’t tell the story of how many kids have actually died of Covid (yes, this is the argument this is presented as to why he doesn’t mask). This podcast is not science based.
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