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Expert insight on health, performance, longevity, critical thinking, and pursuing excellence. Dr. Peter Attia (Stanford/Hopkins/NIH-trained MD) talks with leaders in their fields.

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  • kettlemann
    🤜🏿 🤛🏼
  • Rich Dolbec
    Thank you for being one of the reasons for a catalyst for change. I have heard all the terminology pertaining health and wellness before (strength, zone 2, protein, QOL) but never paired against all cause mortality. My wife and I went from being let’s wait until we have time…. to being part of our lifestyle.
  • artmompoemmaker
    Esther & David
    Great deep discussion. Learned so much I took notes: Esther: How deep can we go in the vast continent that is the human being? Why this yes? Why this no? Conditions & turn arounds? Was there a coach? A family member who saw something In environment Who connected them to something. A person who was flailing who held onto the catalyst-connection-witness vs.give up, let things fall. Maybe it was someone who gave you your job? Who changed their narrative and therefore their lives vs. or Struggle remained at center.
  • 17pbriwn
    Great info!
    Dr. Attia is so thorough. He’s my go-to source for reliable information.
  • Doodle jumplove32
    Great information
    Provides great medical information
  • meghanb303
    6/19/23 women’s health podcast gratitude
    As a woman in her 40’s who has been struggling with hormonal imbalances since the birth of my last child in 2015, I found this podcast to be extremely insightful and helpful in my perimenopause journey. HSDD, mood swings and fatigue have made my mid 40’s challenging, and many of my girlfriends in their 40’s struggle with similar sx. It seems there is an “expert” at a med-spa on every corner these days pushing HRT for struggling mid-aged women who are willing to pay cash to feel like themselves again, however I feel these pts are not being managed well. My OBGYN turned HRT physician was the one who encouraged me to start T pellets several years back and recently I was recommended Vyleesi for my sx. As a nurse I want to be an informed consumer and as an athlete, my goal is to optimize my health, including my hormonal health and the information shared on the podcast was very much appreciated and extremely helpful for my decision making. While we don’t have the evidence to support the benefits of HRT such as T therapy for women, I don’t have 20, or even 10 years to wait around for the data. Hearing insights from experts speaking to the benefits of HRT in women is very encouraging, please keep this type of content coming! I would *love* to hear Peter interview Dr Sarah Gottfried on the topic of women’s hormone health at some point as she is an expert in this field and I feel her journey in medicine parallels Peter’s to a certain degree. Cheers and thanks again for this amazing podcast, I’ve shared it with my OBGYN and many others.
  • bittybump
    Andy Galpin
    Generally an informative discussion across multiple health domains. Peter’s focus on proportional health span relative to longevity is an intelligent model for the practice of medicine; he is in the vanguard of enlightened medical advocacy… However, the conversation with Andy Galpin is a markedly sub-optimal experience; Galpin enunciates as though he’s gargling with marbles, and he further exacerbates his dialogue by rapidity of speech; apparently no one has ever informed Galpin, “slow down, speak clearly, especially if you desire to actually be informative, as opposed to displaying the breadth of your technical knowledge…”
  • Stephen Studer
    Don’t post teasers
    Got excited for a podcast topic only for it to be a teaser to the paid platform. You should disclose this better because it’s frustrating for a new listener.
  • evanseesred
    Great Information…and LOTS of it (maybe too much)
    If you’re looking for an expert to distill the best ideas of science and medicine into easily understandable format…this is not it. If on the other hand, you are looking for someone to walk you through in extreme detail everything they’ve learned and have nothing but time on your hands, this will be perfect for you. It’s like going to graduate school (but much cheaper!) I bought his book Outlive, thinking it might be a better distillation of his vast wealth of knowledge into practical steps (think David agis’s A Short Guide to a long life) but realized, this book is for the person who wants to essentially go into this as a profession. Or as a most serious hobby. I officially unsubscribed when listening to a recent episode and heard them break down the pros and cons of “rucking” and didn’t once explain what that word means. Lol. Again, if you’re like “I love rucking! And I wanna hear someone talk about it in detail and for the advanced Rucker” (whatever that is), you may have found your tribe! If, however, you’re like me and have a busy life in a different profession and you’re just trying to gain a better understanding of how to live healthier in practical ways, this is going to be a way deeper dive than you need. (*There is really such a lane open for someone that can truly make this information accessible, concise and actionable! Looking at you, Huberman!)
  • Jahboobie
    Dumb it down a little please
    I love Dr Attia’s book Outlive and the podcast is full of useful info. As a lay person, I find the abundance of medical acronyms in the podcast confusing. Maybe it is meant for medical professionals?
  • Oat678912345
    Get to the point
    I appreciate the information but sometimes feel he has gone off on a tangent and still waiting to hear how I can implement or use the information.
  • Al Slzr
    Making it up as he goes
    Peter’s focus on maintaining great health while extending lifespan sounds like an attractive Unfortunately, he doesn’t really seem to know what he is talking about much on the time. I noticed this when he changed his tune on fasting. He used to pedal the benefits of fasting all the time. This might have been his claim to fame. He stopped recording podcasts on fasting in about 2020 and in early 2023 suddenly he updated his audience on a new less frequent protocol that works better for him. That’s fine and all, but nearly 3 years of silence on the topic seems pretty irresponsible. What sealed the nail on the coffin for me is a recent video where pokes fun of the catholic religion. There’s plenty other places I can consume bigoted propaganda. I dont need it from someone Im paying money to. As the saying goes, it takes respect to earn respect.
  • brod4242
    Perfect podcast for lifers!
    I’m always excited to listen to the next episode, I just want to be the healthiest/longest living version of me and Dr. Attias podcast is a nice balance of in depth science and practical health advice. (Ok… maybe a LITTLE heavy on the science..) he’s shaped my understanding of life for the better. (Medicine 3.0!!)
  • Leigh-Lew
    Update Dutch test really????
    I tried again after the recent menopause show but then today with the DUTch test. It’s a scam and a waste of money. Bye.
  • JJjsjsjsjshs
    Have been a long time listener and usually very pleased with the detailed stimulating conversations. But recently I was very disappointed with the disinformation, or perhaps just narrow-sighted and one-sided information, about protein in an episode with Don Layman. So disappointed it prompted me to write this review, my first ever. Equating higher protein bioavailability (i.e. animal protein) with better health is irresponsible and I expect better of Peter Attia after listening to him for a while. Americans as a population are deficient in fiber, not protein. I understand we live in a protein-obsessed modern society but I expected Peter to see the forest here rather than getting lost in the trees. Sure if you zoom in on the trees and hear the phrase increased bioavailability, it sounds great. But zoom out to the forest, and don’t think the scientific literature backs up increased protein bioavailability increasing lifespan, health span, QoL, etc. Encouraging his listeners to consume more bioavailable proteins (aka meat) to improve health is disappointing to say the least. However, maybe takeaway message/summary is too narrowly-focused and incorrect. I hope so.
  • lszachary
    Peter has give me the tools to help me maximize my daily routines. I now monitor my sleep patterns, my glucose levels and my exercise routines. There is science behind everything I do and he has given me the tools to make the necessary changes.
  • Paxy948
    Knowledge is power
    Peter has the most interesting topics on his show. Some of the material is very technical but there are summaries and show notes that can help with that. I’ve learned a lot from him and his guests. In some cases I’ve learned more from him than from my own Dr. I think his vision of how medicine should be practiced in the future should be mandatory learning in medical schools. He is brilliant. Thank you Peter!
  • piosop
    Just finished the audio book
    Thank you for all the work that went into this great book!! I am not a big fan of audio but I played the book on a recent road trip and loved it. You did a great job with recording. It was as if I had a long podcast! Excellent. So much info I had to buy the hard copy to now go back and review more detail after taking notes on audio.
  • glimadoll
    Interview with Andy Galpin….please spend more time on centarian athlete
    Some of the exercises Andy recommended for the last decade were very unrealistic. CrossFit for an 80 year old? Really?? Please provide more realistic and practical options for the older person who wants to stay in shape. And much less technical, please. He spent maybe 10 minutes out of the 2 1/2 hour podcast. Needs more time for this topic.
  • suzjazz
    Thought provoking and educational
    Peter: I am a musician and music professor. I wish I had had the math and chemistry skills to study medicine, because it is fascinating in all of its aspects. You and your guests make the medical world more comprehensible to people like me. I love the works of Atul Gawande and Oliver Sacks. Sadly, Dr. Sacks has passed away (I would love a show on the topics in "Musicophilia," for example) Dr. Gawande is a brilliant and inspirational writer. Could you interview him? I am very interested in longevity health issues. Before COVID I worked out at a CrossFit gym (I will be returning when I feel it's safe-- I am 69 and I find running to be a good exercise for me now!) I think most of us don't think about how compassionate many doctors are. You and your guests are truly motivated to help and heal people. Keep the podcasts coming! Update: I am now more than six months into my re-strength training after a COVID hiatus. I'm bench pressing 25 lbs (which for a 70 year old grandma isn't bad) and have noticed a real increase in my overall strength. My trainer doesn't have me doing deadlifts yet (my former best was 125) but I really love my workouts and I'm going 4 X a week. I'm aiming at a shot at seeing my two grandchildren reach the age of 20. Today I'm listening to your friend the kinesiology expert on your show. You probably won't see this review but if you do: right on! Keep the fascinating and helpful shows coming!
  • 65!!
    Dynamic Duo
    Peter and Andrew. Wow. Such a great team. Thanks for all the helpful information. So interesting.
  • BP Writer
    Great host, Fantastic content and guests!
    Came across the The Drive podcast and am loving it! Especially appreciated the candid and sometimes moving conversation with Lewis Howes discussing his childhood trauma and journey to healing. This show was amazing. Thank you for so many important takeaways! Can’t wait to listen to more episodes!
  • ToniCCTC
    Outstanding share! Thank you both for your contributions to science and humankind- Enjoy this podcast tremendously, learn so much.
  • RoxNP
    Peter is awesome!
    We have been listening to The Drive for about 6 months, I’m A Nurse Practitioner and my husband is a carpenter. Both of us find Peter equally engaging with a unique ability to cross all knowledge barriers to improving everyone’s understanding of how we can optimize health! Thank you for your hard work in creating and maintaining the best health and wellness podcast out there! We often say at the dinner table, “oh Peter said this” as if he was our bestfriend giving advice on a daily basis! Thank you again!
  • FAB1895
    Dr. Huberman episode
    The most recent episode was awesome! I’ve listened to every one of Dr. Huberman’s podcast episodes (and also Dr. Attia’s) and I never knew Andrew’s back story. I’m a neuropsychologist in NY but I went to UC Berkeley and was at my postdoc at Stanford in 2005. I also completed Hoffman and Q2 sessions in 2005 and 2010. Keep up the great work and please keep sharing this amazing information to the general public. We appreciate both of you tremendously.
  • AddictedToPodcastsAnyone?
    Thanks for mental and emotional health focus
    I love Peter’s wholistic take on health, that it also involves your mental, emotional, and relational well-being. And while the long episodes seem daunting at first, they really allow for thoughtful conversations, not just sound bites
  • kitties&birds
    Longevity and health information superstar!
    I have been listening to Peter Attia’s podcast for years now. You, Dr Attia have an amazing style and voice for so many interesting health topics. I look forward to checking a few times a week to see what has downloaded for my listening experience. I just heard you speak with Dr Huberman about emotional health and a glimpse of your own struggles and experiences. It was so moving. Thank you for showing that side of life with such honesty and heart.
  • Biltred
    Very good
    Love Peter’s mission and dedication and intellect and drive.
  • IPA4Q
    Thank you!! Thank you!!
    I really appreciate the recent episode on our fentanyl crisis. This is a frightening issue right now and I’m sharing this episode with parents and teachers.
  • Birdie-Diana
    Awesome & Informative
    As a non-medical professional, I’ve learned so much from this podcast. Dr. Attia provides you the tools needed to be your own advocate regarding your health. He has wonderful guests and a great personality. I really enjoy listening and can’t wait for new episodes. Thank you for sharing what you know with the public and keeping us informed of our rights and crucial info so that we can be up-to-date on Healthcare news.
  • agetennis
    Amazing information
    All the episodes are great. The fentanyl podcast changed my perception about victims. Great job
  • Any rand fan
    Episode 243 The Fentanyl Crisis - Targeting Non Addicts
    This 35 minute episode is a “Public Service Announcement” made by Dr. Attia and broadcasted immediately after the interview. Please take the time to listen to the first 5 minutes. That’s all that you’ll need to understand how important this episode is to you, your friends and family and this country.
  • Ram23234
    Excellent host
    Peter is genuine and curious about his domain of expertise. While there are many out there who seem to fake it. Peter really lives it and that’s refreshing.
  • DebinIndiana
    Great information, obviously very knowledgeable doctor
    Very clear and informative, enjoyed learning things I didn’t know. Will be listening to more!
  • Optimus Prime/ Pot Roast
  • Smperfi71
    Always Useful
    Always great information that is useful to everyone regardless of the fact that people live different types of lives.
  • Alexandra Paul
    Always interesting
    I really like this show, especially because Dr Attia doesn’t shy away from getting very medical, technical and sciencey. You know he is passionate about improving health and lifespan from how into Things he gets! This really makes this podcast stand apart from other health podcasts. I am a layperson, so things often go over my head, but I always learn things on each epidural. I recommend highly the most recent episide with Dr Layne Norton (# 235) - it might be the most I’ve learned on health and fitness from any one single podcast ( it was over 3 hours long too!) I also found the interview with Holly Baxter (#228) - as a woman I loved that episode. Thanks Dr Attia!
  • believeLeadInspire
    Look forward to each episode
    I am sorry that I hadn’t connected with you sooner. I learned of you from the Limitless series and searched for you. Thankfully you were easy to find. As a 64 year old that is trying to change mindset and activity to create a longer and healthier life your content is invaluable. The more I listen, the more I learn so I can take more control of how I age. I’ve shared your podcast with my circle of influence and will continue to do so as the opportunity presents itself.
  • tragus
    If Peter would only stop interrupting…
    …the podcasts would be shorter and we could hear the guests. Interviewees are usually excellent, but Peter’s ego and need to demonstrate his superior knowledge dominate every podcast. I finally gave up with the upper extremity podcast - let the guy talk! The caloric restriction/fasting podcast was also a great example of Peter being unwilling to let actual data and information intrude on his beliefs/practices. I'm done.
  • BrewersArcade
    A poor recommendation by MMM
    I theory I should love this show but I can never get through it. I become so frustrated that the hosts talk about what they are going to talk about and 20-30 minutes in they still haven’t actually gotten into the subject matter. After three episodes I give up. GET TO THE POINT. So frustrating. You did me wrong Mr. Money Mustache.
  • TKKreview
    Who has 3 hours for a podcast?!
    Episodes are too long
  • 259East
    Morning knowledge
    I listen to this podcast before I start my day. I am thankful for you and all of the scientists who are digging deeper into our anatomy and learning the next level of health facts and sharing your findings with the world. Is there anyway to contact your team to ask specific questions? Thank you for the all the deeper science you are sharing and for the no nonsense approach in which you and your people express it.
  • golffanat
    Great podcast horrible intro
    The content is great but the intro music is horrible.
  • psem
    Opening music 0….Dr Attia 10
    The pod cast is the best. Every time I listen I learn something that is amazing and some times, life changing. However, I do turn down the sound to avoid the the guy yelling in the music intro. Love Dr. Attia, can’t stand the intro “music.”
  • cwb0000
    No more ruck
    Please stop the ruck.
  • Jacobele
    Pls change music
    Love this podcast, but the intro song is jarring. I subscribed, and it is in every single of one the qualys. It’s incredibly annoying having to listen to it over and over when I’m trying to queue multiple qualys and work hands free.
  • bellce0
    Excellent Medical and Longevity Content, But Please No Politics
    I’ve listened to this podcast for years now and have enjoyed the information and learning. I almost unsubscribed when Dr. Attia went heavy on the politics in the middle of the pandemic. I’m sure it wasn’t his intent, but his tone and approach was quite condescending in those episodes. Give him a listen for lots of good learning.
  • Chad J Smith
    Good information with a cost
    I am thankful for the nuggets of information that come out of these discussions but sometimes the virtue signaling is a little heavy for my taste. I’ve been a subscriber for a few years and stick around to hear how I can stay as active as possible for as long as possible. I enjoy Peter’s perspective but it is hard to tell if he is elaborating on a discussion point to benefit the listener or to demonstrate the difference between himself and the “common listener”.
  • Willthethrill!!!!!
    Amazing podcast
    Truly insightful, intellectually honest content
  • Trust The Experts
    A Beautiful Blend of Knowledge and Humility
    Peter Attia has done what most health professionals think they’re doing with their podcast: create a platform for open dialogue that, as far as I can tell, is truly dedicated to being evidence-based without being dogmatic. This is one of the greatest, most in depth health podcasts I have ever listened to.
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