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Expert insight on health, performance, longevity, critical thinking, and pursuing excellence. Dr. Peter Attia (Stanford/Hopkins/NIH-trained MD) talks with leaders in their fields.

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Recent Reviews
  • durbfiskalan
    Thank you very much.
    Well worth my time. I have found nothing like it.
  • Leigh-Lew
    Lance Armstrong??? Really?
    I’ll be canceling my subscription and recurring payment today.
  • Ocean City Dave
    So far beyond what can be expected.
    On a whim subscribed to the private feed for a month. On my second month and some episodes I’m on my third or fourth listen. A great investment in your health. Not sure I could figure a multiple of how much you get from the show and the show notes.
  • Nicholas book lover
    Thank you.
    Great podcast and beyond informative. As a health care worker I am thankful for people like Dr. Peter Attia and his ability and skill and craftsmanship to composing and producing this show. Words can do no justice to how this is truly educational to people everywhere. Knowledge is power, thank you for sharing. Please keep it going!
  • Schwke01
    Top Notch
    I’ve never written a review on a podcast before, but felt compelled after listening intently to the interview with Lawrence Wright. What an enthralling three hour conversation. Thank you to Dr. Attia for sharing this with the world and for his work in advancing human health.
  • Ben Connelly
    Some Episodes of The Drive Should be Required Listening
    I have learned a lot listening to Peter Attia’s show. Some of the episodes are a bit technical, but I enjoy the challenge and learn something even when much of it goes over my head. I love expanding my mind and knowledge in new areas and this show has been perfect for learning more about the human body, health, longevity, and performance. Also, it’s fun and entertaining. The vaccine episodes were very good. I was a small kid when the Wakefield stuff first came out so I did not know a lot about the origins of the anti-vax movement. I also thought the episodes with Jocko, Hugh Jackman, Richard Isaacson, Katherine Eban, Rhonda Patrick, and Jason Fung were very good. And so many others I’m forgetting. The episodes with Dr. Matthew Walker should be required listening for every human being. I have trouble summarizing everything I learned in them to all the sleep-skeptics in my life. Anyone interested in exercise, nutrition, fasting!, and the diseases of cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and diabetes, should listen to this podcast.
  • @MichaelUnbroken
    Great show 🔥🔥
    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
    Esther Perel
    Esther Perel is so brilliant and interesting. I could listen to her all day. Great episode
  • MnReview
    Katherine Eban is dishonest
    So, despot the fact her episode is pointing out how the virus origin has been systematically covered up and lied about, she shrill us the lying leftist’s usual lack of credibility to claim President Trump blaming China, which is obviously to blame, is “xenophobic” - she is just not honest enough to drop her democrat TDS. What a joke as a “journalist”. She then good on about how China is physically stopping anyone from investigating. What a liar.
  • mrskwillis!
    Enjoyed the Hugh Jackman episode. Great format - liked learning more about Peter’s personal journey and loved the personal love stories with their partners.
  • s mn
    A Master Class
    Short of going back to school, you’d be hard pressed to find a more informative medical podcast. I routinely find myself going back to reference studies and data for the topic being discussed.
  • EricaBushwell
    Awesome podcast!
    Peter, host of the Peter Attia Drive podcast, highlights all aspects of medicine, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • sol_m
    Health care isn’t free in America
    My issue with this is they have failed to mention the high cost of medical care in America as a a factor of poor health. It cost money to get properly diagnosed, to get tests, to adjust ones lifestyle when health care cost so much.
  • magentaargyle
    ❤️ Your Friendly Neighborhood Epidemiologist
    I’ve been following Dr. Attia’s work for years, ever since he was working to unravel the mystery that is obesity and its relationship to diabetes and other chronic diseases at The Eating Acadamy. I LOVE that he is open about how skeptical he is of epidemiology as a field—so is every Epi I know. We actually tend to be very fond of folks who challenge our work (on average, of course). 😉
  • sayporkypig
    Please change the music
    Podcast is great. Opening music is misery for someone with misophonia. You can do better, Peter - something new to match the seriousness of your work.
  • Eagleview P
    Never change
    I look forward to Monday mornings knowing that I am will be medically entertained. I have no medical background but ability to bring topics to a level that I can understand is a great talent. Your authentic style combined with your intellect is unmatched. Thank you for all you do to make the world a better healthier place.
  • paulprinle
    This Joker
    This joker fails to look at the dark history of vaccines. He give a one sided view of the billion dollar industry. Grow a set... and have Del Bigtree, Sherri Tenpenny, Bobby Kennedy, on your show. Last month VAERS reported a 6000% increase in vaccine injury.
  • AP4fit
    Episode 159, Peter Hotez
    Regarding vaccines, have you considered the information in the book, Virus Mania by Torsten Engelbrecht?
  • Anthony Benjamin
    Deep, Nitty Grit Science
    So much insight with nothing skipped over in explanation. This is the podcast for scientists and those looking for the details behind health phenomena. The Wakefield vaccine episode is incredible; it captures how biased science fails step-by-step and shows what to look for in a good/bad study. So valuable 🙏🙏🙏!!! Question your own beliefs with objective outcomes!
  • fellow lucid dreaming hopeful
    This podcast saved my daughters life.
    I was able after listening to your episode number 43 with Alan Bauman to persuade my daughter to seek medical attention for her hair loss. To make a long story short, it turns out that the cause of the hair loss was a pituitary gland tumor. She is now getting appropriate medical attention and the condition is manageable. Thank you!
  • weeverrm
    Peter Hotez - #159
    Love the podcast Peter. A little to much politics on this one. Even though still interesting. The politics in the masks movement and Heath is just ignorant. It is amazing how many people are taken in to it. A point of difference with the doctor in that I don’t believe the flu increases and decreases, so-called surges are primarily caused by mask and social distancing. The increases in cases texas and the mid-west align to scientifically documented cycles of the flu. Texas has one in the summer and winter. Northern states in the winter. I think it would help if the cdc would just tell people to prepare it would help with credibility News flash the surge in texas is starting soon. Keep up the good work
  • MPEnigma
    Gone off the boil
    Used to be really interesting but now interviews too self indulgent, unchallenging and subjective.
  • Stephanie from Alabama
    Off base
    I listened to Several of Peter’s podcasts up until early in the pandemic. He is very thorough w his interviews. However, when the pandemic began I had to turn him off because he fell hook, line, and sinker into the fear mongering main stream. Over the years I’ve seen the medical industry become more and more corrupt while using very effective public relations campaigns to make the industry smell like roses.
  • morepodcast
    Great Podcast
    One of my favorites, love listening. Excellent information
  • Noodleywood
    Annoyingly, Dizzyingly high paywall
    I subscribed for 3 months..I just listened to an “AMA” about olive oil, which gives out some chemical formulas of little interest to the layperson, and then stops at the paywall before we learn anything about actual olive oils! Dr. Attia is not giving away anything. I simply can’t afford my podcast habit if a single podcast subscription is $19 / month. Surely he could manage on a lower fee. Is he paying off a private jet? The material and the docs he interviews are often of great interest. For me it would be more valuable if much of it was presented in an edited version (what I at first hoped the “Qualys” would be) that contained just the essential takeaway for the layperson, and omitted or further simplified the complexities of biochemistry which are of interest primarily to the specialist. Also the dramatics—beating the drum about how hugely significant this all is, at length—can be annoying to one who is trying to get to the heart of the matter without hours of listening. It would be helpful too if the show notes were consistently marked with their time location in the audio. That said, it is a valuable source of the latest research in vital areas, and I would subscribe again if Dr. Attia would drop the fee to a more normal podcast level, say $5 / month.
  • DanPC4
    Open minded medicine
    Peter really has a great outlook on health, wellness, and longevity. He’s always learning, which in turn, keeps his listeners always learning. He brings on great guest and I’ve had way to many takeaways to count. I learn something new EVERY time I listen to an episode. Highly recommended!
  • concerned Sci-Fri listener
    Wish He Was My Doctor!
    This podcast is the best medical podcast I’ve heard. Peter Attia knows medicine, and knows how to distill it down so the layperson understands. If I could afford him, he would be my first choice as Doctor.
  • ktezcan
    I clearly remember the podcast I heard Dr Attia was the guest of and said “ who is this brilliant mind ? ” , since then “ drive” “ qualys” are not to be missed . Amazing how deeply informed of a physician he is and how well prepared he is. Hope I was able to express how grateful I am
  • CincyRN36
    Informative- loved Drs. Prasad
    I started listening to Dr. Attia’s podcast about a year ago, particularly to hear from Matthew Walker, as I’m very interested in sleep medicine. While some of his interviews are very technical, I feel like he does a good job of breaking it down so that I (a nurse) can understand. His calm, logical manner and eagerness to learn from other scientists make it a fascinating podcast. My favorite episodes (other than Matthew Walker) have been Paul Offit, David Sinclair and Vinay Prasad.
  • Lofotan
    One becomes part of the most interesting worldly conversations
    My favorite non-fiction podcast. In fact, this is the main podcast I now listen too with the addition of Sam Harris’, and the fiction podcast The Magnus Archives. Granted, I’m a nurse so the deep dives into the technical are fascinating and I thrashing but they’ve definitely changed my behavior. Had previously transitioned to zero drop shoes (Altras) but after hearing the interview with Irene Davis made the transition to minimalists (Vivobarefoot and VFF). Also, between his comments on sugar and half the office quitting I’ve cut back but am really thinking a CGS would be the wake to make the largest improvements in eating habits. I’ve also increased my exercise to 5-6 days a week. It’s hard not to listen to someone with fascinating interviews and who lives a healthy lifestyle and not be nudged into that way of life. The only recommendation is when Peter says to the guest that we’ve been talking g for a couple hours already and could talk for a couple more but want to be respective of their time I really wish he’d keep going as another two hours would be exhilarating (especially being each hour feels like 5 mi utes). Very nicely done!!! Thanks for sharing this wealth of knowledge that used to be behind closed doors and unavailable to most of us!
  • The True Wild Thing
    This podcast is amazing!
    I’m a psychiatrist and always feel I learn so much from Peter. Keep up the good work!
  • Starbaby Cat
    Costs too much
    Great podcast in general, but the ones I’m interested in are always “members only”. I get it that you want to avoid ads. But realize that not all of us have the time nor resources to listen to all of them with a subscription. To withhold certain episodes for members only deprive some of us from getting the much needed educational information. An example would be the episodes about sugars. If you truly want to help and educate, make it available to everyone. We will deal with the ads. It’s like telling low income families to avoid processed fast foods but not make healthy foods accessible and affordable to them. Seriously? There are some of us who want to learn but simply cannot afford the subscription. We are senior citizens living on low fixed income. This podcast is information for the “privileged”.
  • Concernicus
    Absolutely listen to this
    This podcast is always a great listen. The main theme of it is medical in nature but there are a few that go beyond physical medicine. The one I just finished listening to was with Terry Real. I didn’t intend to listen to it but on my long road trip it came up. I’ll tell you what. It’s the interviews that get away from medicine that surprise me the most. This service that Peter provides is invaluable and I can’t recommend it enough.
  • CMB8978
    A not to miss podcast!
    This has easily become the podcast I look forward to listening to most. The Alzheimers listen with Lauren Miller Rogen hit so close to home and was by far one of the best podcasts I have ever listened to. Peter, thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world and introducing your audience to these brilliant guests, their stories, and their wisdom.
  • Priss RN
    Paul soffit Md
    What a excellent amount of great information on covid and a great understanding of vaccines. This is a must for especially doctors and anyone giving vaccine. I just subscribed and am looking forward to enlightening my mind and learning and to be challenged. Thank you for this.
  • R and P's mum
    Great info, but frustratingly poor (or no) editing
    I was very motivated to listen to the Alzheimer’s episode, based on my family history and my sister’s recommendation. Unfortunately this wayyy overlong episode lacked the focus and structure that makes for great listening. It’s more like a private conversation with two docs geeking out by slinging medical lingo to impress each other rather than trying to share incredibly important research findings regarding Alzheimer’s. Please hire an editor who can help you craft a story for a much wider audience.
  • chessiemama
    Very informative -great host
    I learn something every single episode! He has interesting and engaging guests and I find Peter to be a warm and engaging host. Keep up the good work! I will be listening
  • Zach.EMT
    As an EMT
    Even as a worker in emergency medicine this podcast gives insight into so many pathologies which end up emergent without treatment/intervention by many experts on this podcast.
  • JCVStackofDimes
    This info will save your life
    This is the first time I have left a review for anything, ever. I subscribed to Peter's premium membership because I wanted the show notes. Worth every penny. I had a doctors appointment and left with "all good, see you next year..." But after requesting tests recommended by Peter I found lots of issues that needed to be addressed. Only from the show notes was I able to have the info to ask the right questions. So $38 out of pocket to be able to course correct the healthspan of my life. Thank you Peter! I wish I could find a doc like you.
  • DBS_97
    Sweet boy Pete
    Every week I don’t think the podcast can get l any better and every week I am proven wrong! Quite literally the best podcast out there. As far video... yes.
  • mastergordon
    Snooze fest
    While 80% of the topics he discusses interest me his voice just put me to sleep, very hard to stay engaged.
  • TJ0722246
    Good except for the host.
    I find Attia condescending at times. He loves to mansplain things his guests have already said and he appears to love to hear himself talk. His guests are great, but he just needs to be quiet and let them talk. We don’t need him to dumb down the content or to act like he’s an expert on everything. He’s not.
  • kettlemann
    Personally, this just me though, 20 yr cnc machinist? I never watched the video’s. Ever. Haven’t seen a single one. Haven’t seen a single JRE for that matter. But I’ve listened to them. I think u do a fine job with narration. My advice? If u need a video to convey it? Get better at narrating it lol...-Regards John.
  • wab41
    A really tough subject made as understandable as could be. From two giants in the field.
  • caseyjayner
    An Author of Words & a Lover of Science
    Peter Attia is absolutely committed to excellence and his podcast shows it. He is not only always striving to better himself but bringing us along for the ride. Please put away your bro doctors and learn truly high quality, nuanced, ethical, and thoughtful medical science with Dr. Attia. He has become a personal hero of mine, from the days of Nerd Safari until today, his thoughts and efforts expand my mind. Further, he is a huge part of the reason I am so proud to go to Hopkins & that I fell in love with mathematics as a field. I hope one day to meet this brilliant human and I will not hold back thanking him for his impact on my life.
  • RTC-Edmond
    Excellent show Peter.
    Excellent interview, with explaining how to put into effect immediately. Thanks.
  • pattywithawhy
    Five Star+ Gratitude
    I’m a second (or third, fourth?) career ICU nurse with multiple other interests and lifelong side projects and ideas. I have to say, the show is a key part of what’s getting me through Covid-19 times. I was already doing fasting and listening to Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Tim Ferriss regularly prior to all this, but Peter’s (Dr. Attia’s?) stuff really spoke to me at the beginning of this time when so much was uncertain and so terrifying. I remember back in March or April 2020 listening to the conversation with the stoic guy, I’d be out on a run listening, feeling empowered, thinking about how Winston Churchill and Anne Frank (and Peter) managed to get through each day. Anyway, I’m finally getting around to paying for my subscription so that my husband can listen to the complete version of the Matthew Walker sleep episode. Incidentally he’s also a huge Ayrton Senna fan. Not trying to sound like too much of a fangirl, but five stars feels like not enough for me. Highly recommended.
  • hkfhkvjf
    Grateful doc.
    Wish I had this in med school or residency. Peter has really changed how view health and disease.
  • trmanning21
    Worth every dollar
    To get the full podcast value, I've been subscribed for nearly two years. I can't even begin to describe how much good it's done me in both my professional and personal life. I went from barely knowing about myriad concepts to knowing them deeply and even more importantly, having an intense curiosity. There are so many good episodes. Start with the one that appears most interesting and bounce around from there 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • X1JDV
    Fabulous interview with John Arnold
    Dr. Attia, I found your interview with John Arnold to be so interesting, informative and entertaining. What an intelligent, successful, yet grounded man. I had never heard of him before this but am so thankful for people like he and his wife.
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