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Welcome to High Rollers, a live-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast! Join Dungeon Master Mark Hulmes and his players as they explore Altheya: The Dragon Empire on Europe's biggest independent TTRPG stream. Episodes go live Tuesdays and Thursdays, or watch live every Sunday at 5pm UK Time on twitch.tv/highrollersdnd or youtube.com/highrollersdnd!

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  • OlegC
    My Fav DnD actual-play, minus wokeness
    Top quality DM and players, but could do without the super “woke” moments. Listened to Aerois, now Altheya. I love Marks detail oriented, very involved DM style - and his creativity, world building are amazing. The players have awesome in-depth characters, that really synergize with the story and make it feel immersive. I love the RP and flavor and drawn out RP moments. Combat also very flavorful. Great to see how everyone involved really care about the characters and the story, picking up on important hints and remembering lore and backstory. This podcast inspires me to up my DND game and try to get people around me who also do.
  • sorry for downloding
    Absolutely Amazing!!!
    I’m so glad I found this podcast. The cast is so amazing! They make me feel like I’m right there with them on their journey. The way they RP their characters is perfect. I’m 100% immersed in the world they are in. Thank you so much and I wish you continued success.
  • Drenchcords
    Best for me
    The amount of time the people put into this podcast is amazing I will always love it!
  • Sorcerer Al
    Amazing story
    The dice truly do tell the tale in this podcast. I NEED an Aerois tv series!
  • valzagamer
    Wonderful folks, great stories!
    I've been listening to High Rollers for years. I love it! The GM and players are fabulous - sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, but always wonderful. Thanks for all your hard work and sharing with all of us. <3
  • ZMR_heze
    Listen to this!
    My favorite DnD podcast out of every other big TTRPG podcast. Perfect blend of humor, seriousness and general fun. Mark makes it actually feel like you're right there on the table playing with them. Don't worry about getting into altheya! It's a whole new world with different characters and you'll fit right in! Except for the occasional inside joke, you'll be able to follow right along without needing to listen to any of the previous campaigns.
  • Hottbone
    Charming and Smart
    These friends have a great time playing DnD and you can tell. It’s so fun to listen to, but there’s also poignant and genuine moments that help give weight to the ups and downs. Highly recommended
  • Benjs1
    Pretty great
    This is a pretty awesome show. It took me a little while to get into it because the cast is a little more “normal human” than the other stuff I had been listening to which was my own fault, not that of the cast. The missing star is due to some active choices with some characters and language which I find irksome but not so much that I stopped listening. I do occasionally have to take a break when the bits that bug me happen consistently, but I always come back around when my tolerance for such things has built reserves back up. End result: I highly recommend. Most listeners are not likely to find the same things irksome that I do. Give them a shot, I think you’ll find it to be a fun show!
  • @krrmcc
    Fan since the start
    Excellent TTRPG. Just the right blend of humor and emotion. No annoying voices. Great world building and homebrew elements. Hats off to Humes & the cast and crew.
  • l::;
    High Roller FTW!
    This dnd campaign show is top tier. The cast does a great job with rp, production and incorporating homebrew. The last campaign was a rollercoaster and this current one seems like it’s right on track.
  • This is my review, enjoy
    My favorite D&D podcast!
    The High Rollers crew have put together a phenomenal show! This one is my favorite because there is still a feeling of being a game of D&D like you would get at home. The players bring out so much personality that it is a true delight to listen to them again and again. I’ve found myself catching their live stream, only to listed to it again in podcast form during my daily commute! The above table jokes and pleas to the dungeon master make it feel like you are present at the game and not just seeing a studio’s edit of a session. Also some quality audio work, so many podcasts have the issue where people start talking too quietly to be heard while driving, making you turn it up and then your ears bleed when they get louder, but they manage a comfortable range on the highs and lows. All in all a must catch show, and they just started campaign 3 so there’s never been a better time to try someone new!
  • FocalGiraffe
    These people were the first dnd game I’ve watched and even now they are still just great all these years later
  • Jrk1989
    Great find!
    I am a huge fan of the critical role franchise and I must say, this podcast is on par with them. It’s definitely not as “professional” as what critical role is but the story is just as engaging and the characters are just as relatable. I am so glad to have found this podcast. The duration of the episodes is a lot more feasible as they are only around an hour long. Great podcast! Great story telling!
  • EZDon84
    Great escape into a world full of fantasy and friendship
    Please, listen as the new campaign unfolds and will take us listeners into yet another festival of creativity and heroism. I fell in love with all the characters and the narration over Aerois, but hungered for more. Give this series a listen… and go back in the past and get obsessed as I did. Brilliant, Thank you Mark, Thank you Trott, Tom, Kim and Rhiannon!
  • Dude55689999
    One of the best D&D shows
    One of the greatest groups with phenomenal chemistry. You’ll laugh, cry, and probably yell nonsense as you follow along with this group.
  • a blazing
    This is my favorite podcast! Been listening for years better than critical role. Love the crew! Great listen. mark is best dm I wish I was a good as him.
  • (>'-')>#
    Great DnD podcast
    For anyone who enjoys DnD, the High Rollers do an excellent job in both world building, character development, and entertainment. It’s always interesting to see which new event, mechanic, or challenge Mark Hulmes throws the team’s way. Also Campaign 3 is off to a very interesting start and is a great way to dive in for someone new to High Rollers.
  • MtnManta
    So good
    Great show
  • Bob from Milwaukee
    Great Players, great DMing
    Love this show. Mark is my favorite actual play DM when it comes to encounters and boss fights. He really moves beyond the "bag of HP" fights and makes things much more objective or condition based. Makes for some amazing games. The cast holds up their end splendidly by playing compelling and interesting characters. What's not to love?
  • Kmsaum
    New Campaign Who Dis?
    We have been listening to High Rollers DnD for a couple years now and really love it. Love the character work, the digestible size of the episodes, and all the homebrew means I can’t see everything coming a mile away. Mark puts a ton of care into making his stories immersive and his NPCs memorable. We are still working our way thru Aerois and already love Altheya. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed!
  • pee in pants
    The most incredible dnd show is ever!
    Honestly, when I started watching Aerois back in 2019 I never thought that a simple role playing game could become as entrancing and emotional as High Rollers has made it. If you are interested in the highest level of creativity and incredible world building, you are in the right place! High Rollers delivers phenomenal episodes every week on twitch and YouTube, where I rewatch episodes that I already watch on twitch(they are just that good). Also, Mark, Rhiannon, Tom, Katy, Chris, and Kim are so and amazing at creating depth and relatability in the characters and story, leading to devotion and deep emotions to the characters. Thank you High Rollers for the incredible journey in Aerois and looking forward to ALTHEYA!
  • Tim was taken
    HR crew
    I’m very grateful to have found you guys on YouTube years ago, it’s helped me learn a foundation for the game and begin DMing myself and be a player. You all are amazing. I laugh when you guys do and cry as well, thank you.
  • Boozeitorloseit
    Love it, but
    Yes, I really do. The players are great, the DM is great, the story is amazing, character, development, combat puzzles, pretty much everything is amazing in this podcast… But, I’m on the episode, where Kim is trying to escape the atlas academy… And Jesus Christ I just want to scream at her, she makes some of the worst decisions I’ve seen a player make in a long time lol as a DM and player I cannot help it, I just scream at my phone. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  • rstlr
    Headphones best option!
    Excellent D&D podcast with an immersive world. just be careful who you listen to it around, Kim may let NSFW moan or squeal leaving you answering more questions then you have answers. have used many of Marks ideas for my own Campaigns.
  • Gbugy
    Awesome show started listening since Lightfall which got me into D&D. Hilarious and funny, as well as an interesting storylines. Could be better if they added light fall campaign to the podcast.
  • bowtieben7
    Bar none the best DND podcast
    Humes is just a phenomenal DM, he doesn’t bog you down in details the way a certain other DM does, and this allows the listener and player to build the world in their minds while being focused on the narrative and role play. The players are wonderful and very relatable, this is not a group of professionals (whatever that means) but a group of friends and it really feels that way. This may lead to moments of indecisiveness but anyone who has played knows that is part of the game, and Mark is a good DM so he knows when to keep things moving. Can’t recommend it enough. RIP Smeek.
  • InfiniteBlowback
    Worth a Listen
    Briefly: An excellent campaign that is saddled with extrodinarily timid players. Mark's campaign was designed on a grand scale and you can appreciate the thought he has put into his universe. Unfortunately, this type of campaign requires players the will occasionally stick out their necks and take a chance. While Mark will give every opportunity for the players to respond in any given scenario there are moments where they faff around so much that he has to let the story proceed and let the consequences of inaction happen. Most of the time the consequences are eventually overcome by the players but they are seriously their own worst enemies. For those of you who would say playing a character who is timid or unsure of their abilities is a valid role-play choice, I completely agree. That said, when four of your five main characters are continually paralyzed with fear it really drags down the campaign. It also make you wonder why after so many challenging encounters no one evolves, or at least gows a slightly thicker skin. In summary, this is a podcast worth following. These moments of timidity can be frustrating but I use them to ask what I would do as a player.
  • sf&64739&74*5)()
    Two over powerd
    Ayla is too strong everyone in the party has too many magic items
  • RavenBlkRose13
    Absolutely breathtaking!
    I’ve been a DM for about 25yrs, and have found a new redound love for the game once again. Listening to this group play, and a captivating storyline and telling… has made me want to expand my horizons more!
  • Nolan Herring
    This is the best dnd show ever!
    High Rollers is the best dnd show I have ever heard. The incredible storytelling and epic fantasy moments are TO DIE FOR. If you are looking for an intricately crafted story where the players and the DM sing in harmony this is your show. The world is so imaginative. The amazing descriptions, depth of lore, and masterfully crafted NPCs make the world of Aerois come to life. Mark’s sudden plot twist and grand reveals keep me at the edge of my seat anytime I listen. The combat scenarios that Mark whips up are a mosaic of stats and character. He plays villains to their own intelligence and goals, something that I am always striving to achieve. The entire group are incredible role players. Chris Trot has a truly wonderful mind. His ability to keep the RP flowing even in the middle of a life and death combat, where most players would be racking their brain on how to max out every mechanic, is truly fantastic. I can not believe that Rhiannon Gower had her first time playing in high rollers. Even from the start I was captivated by the story of a forgotten construct waking up after the destruction of her homeland. She plays better than many dnd vets I know and always brings that sprinkle of color to the already amazing party. Tom Hazel, man what a guy! Quil is one of my over all favorite characters ever. Tom’s humor and on the move thinking always keeps me listening. Aila brings the brawn to the rest of the parties brains and combat prowess and Katie plays her perfectly. Even the short snippets from Aila’s lips are worth a million from the common barbarian’s. The pure depth of Kims characters brings so much joy to my heart. Her complex backstory is something that would make any DM jump up and down in their seat. Her precise note taking would make her a person I would love to have guest on my show. This cast of endearing adventurers and their brilliant DM forge High Rollers into the best podcast I have listened to. 5 stars can’t express the level these guys are on.
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  • Foxgal79
    It’s a great escape to daily life!
    I think y’all are amazing. I wouldn’t be watching on twitch and listening to the podcast if I felt any different. I love everyone’s sense of humor and reactions. The vulnerability, creativity, and energy the group brings makes it so fantastic.
  • Eric.DC
    14,000,605 timelines… only one answer.
    When Dr. Strange was analyzing potential futures to discover how to defeat Thanos. He checked 14,000,605 timelines (he counted!) and found only one where the result is to his liking… My observation is that Mark sets his players up for these kinds of situations throughout the Aerois podcast. Endless ways to fail. One way to succeed. This is hard mode, the DND equivalent of dark souls. Know that going in because it can be a shock, and frankly hard to listen to at points. But you do want to listen, because Mark is a fantastic DM in so many ways, but truly sets himself apart with his world building. (Endlessly detailed and imaginative.) And you get so frustrated when things go horribly wrong (or exactly to the Thanos’s plan) because you care about the characters and you want them to succeed. The players do a great job of role playing, they play the game very well, and it is clear that they are having a good time. Very much worth a listen.
  • Sam.firekill
    Love it so far, great world building, characters are funny, just overall good podcast😊 (Quills Spell-Clash name should have been The Fallen Angel)
  • Lotloxa
    It’s a wild ride~
    Okay, gosh, this week’s Rosemeadow scene is going to go down in infamy like the cow scene. XD This show is great. The players and DM are all very respectful of each other. The players have a lot of agency and the DM still has them bearing out the consequences, good and bad, of their early levels. Character growth is slow, but the pacing feels realistic, and there are some really beautiful earnest displays of emotion here. It’s super long and you’ll also find some one-shots and off-campaigns they’ve done here too. Unfortunately, it seems like their previous mega campaign Lightfall is only on Youtube. (If I am wrong, someone please correct me oxo)
  • hsfilms
    The story.
    What a podcast!
  • NyxSilvertongue
    Best dnd post cast, and I’ve listened to a LOT
    Love you guys. Your humor and the fun of playing is the best and really shines. I listen to it so much people have gotten used to having to get me to take my earbuds off… pretty much all of time. Oops. Anyway, cheers, and keep going!
  • FaccShooty06
    Uploading needs to change
    First off the content is amazing 5 stars no question but the way they have chosen to update the episodes is horrendous 1 star first they split the episodes in half which I have no problem with but then upload first half Monday second on Thursday it’s ridiculous especially when they started the strahd campaign and would upload those in the middle of the 2 half’s from the main campaign
  • GrimmWilder
    Best dnd group yet!!!
    I love this group so much and they are way on par with CR and other podcasts out there.
  • The Mysterious Benedictian
    Great Podcast
    Originally I was watching this on YouTube, but I’ve started listening to it in podcast form :) some of the combat is definitely difficult to listen to but the RP and world building are great :D also, for those of you who find the battles difficult, you can watch these on YouTube and even download them
  • claire.pahl
    Quite Nice
    I really enjoy listening to this campaign. The role play is really fun, but the battles can be frustrating to listen to. Overall, I really liked the story even if it is hard to listen to sometimes.
  • hot single owls in your area
    Literally my favorite thing to listen to
    Shdbdjdbsbs I love this campaign so much words cannot express how much I enjoy it. Thanks from Wisconsin for helping me through lots of anxiety!
  • and dtfdwjv4;&@$9(ægj
    Awesome dnd pod
    Audible hire mark he good narrator
  • Barton84
    So much potential
    I want to rate this higher but I can’t. Especially in the ending episodes, the DM acts like the players that always use the excuse “it’s what my player would do.”
  • Enzideout
    Great D&D Podcast
    I started back with the first episode and have just about caught up. I had a hard time getting into it, but got hooked and can’t stop listening. Mark’s storytelling is amazing. I love everyone’s characters. The only thing I’d change is putting the first campaign up here. Hope anyone reading this has a great day!
  • DrDarGre
    Sorry, no
    The DM dominates the players. Also, he is unable to describe a scene without littering each sentence with the word 'like': "You, like, go into the forest and, like, see in front of you, like, a thing that's like big and like staring at you, like, you've never seen before'. You think I'm making it up? Listen to any episode and try to count the number of times the word 'like' is used. Tried sooo hard to listen to it but had to abandon.
  • DemonCap
    Best d&d podcast
    Very well thought out.
  • kluc182539592620
    Fun and Easy to Listen To
    It took me a while to get into, the first couple episodes are really hard to follow. But getting past that, it’s a great podcast. This is great to listen to while working, cleaning, doing your morning routine, etc.
  • dndloved
    It’s okay
    The episodes are too short wish they would just do longer ones
  • Dave_E Jones
    Grand ol’ Time
    This is a fantastic, very genuine group. I only started listening middle of 2020 but I started from the beginning and have enjoyed every episode. They are good friends having fun and most nearly replicate the real feel of just having fun, playing D&D together. Luv you all so much and thanks for sharing this grand ol’ time with the rest of us. P.S. What happened to Smik!?
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