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Welcome to High Rollers, a live-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast! Join Dungeon Master Mark Hulmes and his players as they explore the world of Aerois on Europe's biggest RPG stream!
Episodes go live Mondays and Thursdays!

Watch live every Sunday at 5pm UK Time on twitch.tv/highrollersdnd or catch up on missed episodes on youtube.com/highrollersdnd!

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Recent Reviews
  • and dtfdwjv4;&@$9(ægj
    Awesome dnd pod
    Audible hire mark he good narrator
  • Barton84
    So much potential
    I want to rate this higher but I can’t. Especially in the ending episodes, the DM acts like the players that always use the excuse “it’s what my player would do.”
  • Enzideout
    Great D&D Podcast
    I started back with the first episode and have just about caught up. I had a hard time getting into it, but got hooked and can’t stop listening. Mark’s storytelling is amazing. I love everyone’s characters. The only thing I’d change is putting the first campaign up here. Hope anyone reading this has a great day!
  • DrDarGre
    Sorry, no
    The DM dominates the players. Also, he is unable to describe a scene without littering each sentence with the word 'like': "You, like, go into the forest and, like, see in front of you, like, a thing that's like big and like staring at you, like, you've never seen before'. You think I'm making it up? Listen to any episode and try to count the number of times the word 'like' is used. Tried sooo hard to listen to it but had to abandon.
  • DemonCap
    Best d&d podcast
    Very well thought out.
  • kluc182539592620
    Fun and Easy to Listen To
    It took me a while to get into, the first couple episodes are really hard to follow. But getting past that, it’s a great podcast. This is great to listen to while working, cleaning, doing your morning routine, etc.
  • dndloved
    It’s okay
    The episodes are too short wish they would just do longer ones
  • Dave_E Jones
    Grand ol’ Time
    This is a fantastic, very genuine group. I only started listening middle of 2020 but I started from the beginning and have enjoyed every episode. They are good friends having fun and most nearly replicate the real feel of just having fun, playing D&D together. Luv you all so much and thanks for sharing this grand ol’ time with the rest of us. P.S. What happened to Smik!?
  • CByroni810
    Having a blast!
    Thank you all for being such good members of a party, I love the story, I love the characters, and I love DND! What more could I ask for in a dnd podcast! Thanks Mark for being an awesome DM!
  • the Shepster
    Strahd with a Twist
    I just listen to the Strahd portion of the podcast. Love the Curse of Strahd campaign. I’ve run it myself, I enjoy listening to others take on it. I like it when the Gothic Horror is played up.
  • tabaxiranger
    No words accurately describe how good this podcast is
    This podcast is the perfect mix of amazing storytelling, humor, good PC’s, good combat, and an amazing DM. Though the virus has made it little difficult to play, the quality has not worsened. I have been/am in 3 campaigns and all of them combined aren’t even close to the quality of this podcast! Keep it up guys!
  • Bear the king of awesome
    Pocket review before this
    Don’t know what I stared
  • Endallife
    What a wild ride
    Congrats on 100 episodes! It feels like just yesterday that we were being attacked on an airship!
  • mcphatmann
    Great performance
    Well done all around as far as actual play podcasts go.
  • igloo1317
    Mark is a superb DM. I aspire to be as good a DM as he. Lucius is my favorite character. 👌🏻This can be a bit stressful considering he almost dies every three episodes. Good luck with the PTSD, Lucius.
  • app rsishshxkxjbdxosjbdkxsn
    Love this podcast
    Seeing as I am just starting to play d&d, listening to this really helped me learn how to role play well as well as how to use my actions in the game. I highly recommend this to anyone who plays d&d!
  • LibraWyvern
    I love playing DND
    I wish I had a DM as good as Mark
  • eat$hit
    Too much combat
    Mark is a good DM, but he throws the players into combat in every episode. Most DMs that do that where I’m from don’t get to DM very long. I’ve listened to this podcast for quite awhile and I’m just not enjoying it anymore.
  • pineappleslime222
    I Love This!
    I personally don’t play DnD. I am just getting into it. This really made me get into it! I love all the characters and the story is amazing! It really helps me when I’m anxious, and usually makes me laugh!
  • Awria1029
    I love you guys!!!!
    I’m absolutely in love with you guys!!! I have to say listening to you guys, has made my work day flow by! It’s also helped me become a better role player and D&D player! Don’t stop!
  • CatherineGil
    Mark is a great DM, and I love his story, world, and characters. Most of the players are great too. But four stars because Nova and her weird noises make me want to shove a cactus into my ears repeatedly.
  • Genny_Claire
    Amazing People
    I’ve been watching this group for years now but ever since I’ve started getting more busy listening to the podcast has been a great alternative! The podcast is entertaining and engaging, as well as having some real emotional moments with fantastic storytelling. The group is funny and they have some amazing characters. I would highly recommend this to anyone, even if they don’t play D&D themselves. Awesome Show!
  • Fieldy Znuts
    Kind of frustrating
    I enjoy the characters, especially Lucius and Nova, but I feel bad for the players. It seems like the DM wants to win every encounter and is constantly punishing the players. If you’re gonna be that strict, at least get combat mechanics correct. I’m still giving it a shot, but geez.
  • ashleybray
    I’ve been listening for 10+ hours a day
    I’m about to begin my own campaign for DND and was seeking out podcasts to get a feel for the game before I started - I found this one and have been hooked ever since. I listen for 10+ hours nearly every day. Luscius (?) is the best character and keeps me coming back. Love you guys, thanks for continuing to churn out content!
  • jasonabdonel
    Honestly the funniest
    I may have binged the series and I do not regret that possible decision
  • 😎🤗🤗🤗🤗
    Um ok
    I didnt know at first ,but my sister suggested it and I like it
  • Vaughan855
    I love this series !!!
    When I first started this series I was like okay, but once I got to episode 2 I absolutely loved it. Lucius and Nova are my favorites but I also like the other ones, The narration is good and the story is fantastic. All in all this podcast is great and I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for something to listen to.
  • phantomized mirror
    Love it
    I have tried watching other dnd shows but I can’t because I always find myself relistening to the podcast. Their is almost nothing I can find to nit pick; I love the rules and encounters, the story is intriguing, the world is great. The players are funny and good at role playing, all characters have great stories so far. I really like how mark has made the world in such a familiar but different way where everything is similar to your normal game of dnd but still brings you out of your comfort zone with the way he has made Calus and the Valkyrian empire and the recent episodes in where he has took regular aspects of dnd games the the astral plane and turning it into spaaaaceeee and the magitech is great.
  • poplio1001
    I love it
    I just love all of the characters and how they describe the environment around them. The villain is an amazing villain
  • dmanley45
    Great Curse of Strahd Campaign
    I just discovered the pod and am loving the Curse of Strahd campaign. Great DM, Roleplayingmand characters! Give it a try.
  • Arcturus72
    One of the Best
    This is the best dnd game I’ve ever listened too. The world is intricate and masterfully designed by the brilliant Mark Hulmes. The players are amazing in their role play and character decisions. It’s really inspired me to become a dm and strive to do as well as Mark Hulmes. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who loves the world’s greatest role playing game!
  • Honestly Optimistic
    Mixed opinion
    I really like the story thus far at episode 15. I like most of the characters so far, accept for a few bad tendencies from Quill and Aiela. I like Lucius and Nova so far, and absolutely love the world and Mark’s storytelling ability, however I don’t care for the way combat is done or the way the encounters are “generated” so to speak. I feel Mark is very punishing in the frequency and difficulty of his encounters, and why in the world does he always go after Lucius?!?!? So far, there has maybe been ONE overall fight where Lucius has either not been severely hurt or knocked out. Honestly only suffering the broken leg as his only injury thus far is extraordinary. I feel like Mark has it out for Lucius and the others don’t really see his kind actions when they happen, or they are just overlooked and dismissed. So far it’s a so so podcast, but I’m going to keep listening so I can make sure to get a good solid opinion.
  • good+great=AMAZING
    Inspiration check!
    I think this podcast is great for future DM’s and current dm’s! The only thing I would change is less swearing. Great overall!😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍
  • Caebea
    Best DM ever
    Everything about this podcast is top notch, the players are all experienced now and are able to keep meta gaming to a minimum. You get to witness a new player blossom into an avid role player, in far less than an average time frame. Everyone has a dynamic background which is played out with exceptional role playing, with the exception of Aela. They are role playing their class and race to the worlds lore however just slower buildup due to natural hang ups of the class. Mark, the dungeon master is by far the best DM I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Epic lore, amazing story telling and quick wit (not to mention markisms) that leave a listener enthralled and waiting week to week. My only issue with this podcast is that I can’t join the team on an adventure. I love you all and hope you continue to make such an ordinary life, nothing less than magical.
  • bzhhdhdjisjwkpapqljsii
    Great characters amazing story line
  • Sujan Prabhakarna
    Absolutely incredible!
    I have played a lot of dnd and this podcast absolutely immerses you into the adventure. It feels like you are part of the adventure and in my opinion beats critical role.
  • Mandowookie
    Immersive, Intriguing, and Highly Entertaining!
    This. Is. The. Show! If you like immersive story telling, this show is for you. If you like collaborative stories that players and the GM are invested in and adhere to, this show is for you! All the cast have written and play out beautiful stories of people that find themselves in a much larger world than they expected to be a part of. You get the plucky adventurers along with moving stories If you love D&D, this show is for you. Like some new home brew? Mark has you covered. Like to have an expert GM lead players through a world of their creation and help them learn and grow as players? Again, Mark’s your man. Want fluent story that still manages to teach you mechanics? The cast have got your back! This game, story, and production are top notch entertainment. I love how deep we can dive into this world as viewers and listeners, right along side those at the table. Mark has so many wonderful story threads that draw you in, while the players’ characters make the journey memorable and enjoyable the whole way. Mark also beautifully melds high fantasy with loads of magi-tech/sci-fi that we rarely see. Great show that I highly recommend. It is one of those shows you will wish had new content every day instead of every week.
  • Maddster127
    CR to HR
    I first heard of our lovely DM on Critical Role so I was excited to follow him into this new adventure. It’s a well written story with a variety of characters and player types. If you like Critical Role, D&D, or a good story you should listen!
  • dndnerdzzz
    It makes me feel
    It makes me feel if I have my dnd group with me everywhere I go, this podcast is so fun and entertaining to listen to.
  • Duhdf
    Love the world building. Don’t like Mark.
    The world building is simply great, I love the world, it’s very fun. I would hate to play with mark as a DM though. His rulings are asinine at best. His insistence on not undoing actions and having “gotcha!” Moments on his players for anything they forget is ridiculous. I am considering quitting the podcast just because of that alone.
  • mudkip king gaming
    Love it
    I have a dnd group w my friends and we have 15 people who go to it almost every Tuesday. We recently caught a baby boar and named him Boris. This podcast reminds me of my sessions, and you make me love dnd soo much my brains feel like they r going to explode. Amazing gameplay, voices(super funny too), great because it’s a podcast, and good lore(it makes me crazy to watch it even more. Plz stop before I get addicted to dnd even more)(jk)
  • electronicloverr
    Solid classic gameplay. Very good accents and RP voices. Not a super riveting story but solid gameplay.
  • kenna_b_simpson
    I’ve always wanted to be a part of a podcast like this one; I’m really into acting and going to college for theatre. Not only is this podcast amazing and so exciting to listen to, but it also helps with learning how to do different accents and adding emotion and life to characters. It’s everything great about DnD rolled up into one!
  • Nsjebvsgajn
    I’m ashamed of myself
    This is a great DnD podcast, if I had known sooner, the cast is great the story is amazing and this world is just opening up my mind and fueling me with ideas for my own DnD campaigns truly I enjoy every episode and I’ve only just reached ep24 can’t wait to be caught up.
  • krazykat099
    Amazing podcast!!!!
    I am on ep 8. The DM is great and the story awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • CommissionerCourtney
    Lucius Is The Reason to Watch
    I absolutely LOVE listening to this! I've been dreading my drives recently and when I found this podcast it really helped me with my drives. I've watched Critical Role and I would definitely rate it next to Critical Role. Also, what really drew me in was Lucius lol He is literally such a great character to listen to! But the DM is phenomenal and the other characters are wonderful to listen to. I love it <3
  • DarKnyht
    Four stars for four of the players
    After 25 episodes, I have enjoyed the story, character growth and personalities with the exception of Nova. While the others have grown and developed extra complexity, Nova seems stuck hitting the same bad note over and over again. Whining, complaining and sulking is what my toddler does, and not really what I want to endure while listening to an otherwise enjoyable podcast.
  • walker boi the dm
    High rollers dnd is just a fun group of people to listen to, let alone play dnd. They sparked my interest in the game and now I Dm 3 groups and play in 2, thank you. Especially birdie boi.
  • DalesEyebrows
    Fantastic Role Play, exciting stories.
    I adore this group. Keep up the good work guys!
  • rlame
    This is podcast is amazing
    So far my favorite character is lucious his character is funny and he has some good character building moments also I feel like lucios is that guy that things keep happening to and has to keep going also I would love to see him lead the group even for a episode it sounds like a fun and an interesting thing to do is change the leader from time to time
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