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Mike from BigBrotherGossip.com and Twitter (@BBGossip) talks to himself, and you, about what's going on in the current season of Big Brother.

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  • Kaiyanna Price
    Straight to the point
    I appreciate the quick but thorough recap. Thanks!
  • 78transamchic
    Great Big Brother Podcast
    Love listening to this every morning on my way to work. I don’t watch the live feed to closely bc of life and this podcast helps sooo much to keep in the loop. Love Mike’s take. Now to become a patron donor!
  • ilovereality
    TY all - I do read the reviews!!
    Thanks to all that leave reviews - the good AND the bad. I read them all an take them to heart!! Even the ones from crazy people, I'll let you sort out which ones those are. And of course I am giving myself 5 stars!!
  • mirduh80
    Name pronunciation!!!
    Fah-lish-ah, not Fah-Lee-sha. Other than the mispronunciation of several names, not a bad podcast. Short and to the point. But so annoying he can’t figure out how to pronounce the names correctly.
  • 354678945454545
    The WORST!
    Absolutely the WORST podcast I’ve ever heard! Just a guy lazily, verbally meandering from the confines of his car. Among the eternal mysteries of life are - WHO listens to this nonsense, and why does it still EXIST? 😳✌🏼👋🏼👎
  • LouSmith434
    Her name is Cer-reeeeee
    Get it right. Haven’t you ever heard of her?
  • Bee Kimura
    I don’t like to watch the show, but I do like to know what is happening so I can converse with people who do watch. Everything I need to know and more is provided here. Well presented, interesting, not over produced but still quality recording. Host is easy to listen to, I appreciate the conversational approach. Merci!
  • Rancamp
    BB 25
    Might be worth committing name pronunciations to memory. They say all of these names on the show.
  • KOJ..
    Do not support
    Do not support, I listened to him for awhile. I joined his Patreon page and there was a lack of content. As a result I left the page quickly. I got a rude, insulting message back; I have proof. This is after all comments he makes about being non-judgmental.
  • JLSpraggs
    Chaotic but short
    The whole schtick of this podcast is that he is in his car and driving, but it seems like he needs to focus on one or the other… Earlier this week, he was mixing up the names of the houseguests and then he said he almost changed lanes into a car in his blindspot… It doesn’t sound like the podcast or the driving is going very well.
  • Bagofmoney
    Short, but great. Perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time.
  • farmwife99
    Mike is The BEST
    For my BB news I always check with Mike 1st!!!!
  • bbFAN28
    Short and sweet
    It’s totally worth it to NOT have to listen to racist Colette’s long winded, unfunny pre written monologues.
  • KacieAJ
    Great for quick updates!
    Thanks for all the updates! This is an easy listen with all the important details you need on Big Brother! Keep it up!
  • Rema Vineyard
    Big Brother updates
    Love your updates Mike! They are really helpful in keeping up with what’s going on.
  • Agrippina Minor
    Much better…
    Great quick updates. I used to listen to BB Gossip but they’d been a slow train wreck over the last few years. Basically, this is a great succinct no-nonsense update without the hinderance of drunken bigots that derail the conversation and take the conversation into uninteresting (probably untrue) stories about themselves. Those two are now gone. I prefer this.
  • Andrésney
    Loving this!
    Loving your daily post! Unfortunately right now I can’t afford your other content but I still love what you provide on here! 🤘🏼
  • Tangie S.
    Glad I found you!
    What a great podcast. I love Mike’s energy, and oddly, the hum of the wind noise from his car. Cool premise, perfect length and awesome insight.
  • spade79
    Really enjoy the carcasts!
    Thanks Mike for doing these carcasts. I’ve been listening every morning in my walks and always love your updates and takeaways! Keep going!
  • kates2424
    Glad I can still hear from Mike
    I listened the the BB Gossip podcast for years. I was hanging on for Mike and Scott but I was really tired of Collette. I’m sad BB Gossip podcast is done, but glad I can still hear Mike. Mike was always been my favorite part anyway.
  • mn2azgurl
    Mike’s Carcast in my Car
    Good to hear the shorter BB recaps! I’m a long time listener to BB Gossip Show but the 2 hour podcasts always put me behind in the updates. I can listen to my fellow Minnesotan on my drive to and from work and get caught up daily. Mike’s concise and stays on topic. I’m loving it!!
  • Kristalrose29
    Love the “new” BB Gossip Format!
    Hi Mike! I’ve been a big fan of the show since BB 15! I listened every Saturday Night to hear all the insights and debates. I appreciate all the hard work you all put into the podcast. The past few years were rough for me as a listener and I was not liking the podcast as much. I typically fast forwarded through the all the patreon stuff at the beginning and again when the debates got mean (not your fault Mike! Usually you weren’t allowed to talk!). I am sorry that the 3 of you are no longer doing it together, but I am really enjoying these shorter daily “carcasts.” I get what I really wanted out of the podcast—updated live feeds insights and analysis. Sadly, I can’t afford to do patreon, I hope you’ll forgive me. But I wanted to give you a review and tell you how much I love this shorter, much quieter format. Thank you so much for sticking with us!
  • michellemyrick
    What is your twitter handle?
  • Patti Priddy
    Great its on iTunes
    I always forgot to listen to the spreaker but this is ready for me each day to get an overview of what I may have missed. He is a great bb historian. Good quick listen with lots of useful information.
  • RavensWin!
    I never miss an episode now that the car cast is on iTunes, great way to catch up on all the houseguests, thanks Mike!
  • Slapbox133
    You’re my Big Brother insider
    Mike, I truly enjoy listening to your car cast. Whether am at the gym or going to work it makes time fly by so quickly. I been listening to you (Scott and Colette) breakdown Big Brother for the 5th season now.
  • bb watcher
    We love big brother
    You are doing a great job love the car cast and love the big brother gossip show.
  • Zyngagodsdontlikeme
    Mike’s the best
    Thanks for putting this up on iTunes - Spreaker is fine but this is way easier.
  • Michelle coleman
    Yay your on iTunes
    Love listening to mike 😊
  • JPsMommie
    Yea! It's on iTunes!
    I've been listening to Mike on both the Big Brother Gossip Podcast and daily "carcasts" that he posts on Spreaker. I'm so glad that I can now easily subscribe and find him along with my other iTunes podcasts! Mike is a terrific guy, well versed in Big Brother history, and keeps up with not just the show, but the feeds, so you can get your morning updates on what happened in the house and go on with your day. I also enjoy following him on Periscope (BBGossip) because he often pops in and gives updates in the afternoon. If you love spoilers, SUBSCRIBE!
  • LeslieF82
    Good Big Brother Update
    Mike provides (almost) daily updates on the most important happenings in the Big Brother house, including live feed spoilers.
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