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COMEDY PODCAST OF THE YEAR - 2019 & 2020 PODCAST AWARDSComedy podcasts are the best, but it's not easy to find clean comedy podcasts that are actually FUNNY! Welcome to the Spitballers Podcast with the award-winning trio of Andy, Mike, and Jason. These three dads will make you laugh as they discuss ridiculous topics, answer life's most difficult questions, and dish out life advice that you should never, ever take. We all need a little nonsense in our everyday lives.  Be a part of one of the best audiences around and enjoy a comedy podcast for the whole family with new episodes every Monday morning! The one comedy podcast you can't leave off your podcast roster.  Award-winning comedy every week!Learn more at http://SpitballersPod.com and become an OFFICIAL Spitwad!

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  • awsomeaj2008
    Very funny
    I’ve been looking for a very funny clean podcast and I finally found one
  • Johnknowsaboutgames
    Scat for Jason
    Eat bop oop ma wa ma llama rub belly yo
  • Claude von Stroke
    literally LOLz this pod
    this pod is so funny even their mid show ads are worth a listen.
  • Jason isnt lean
    I have a skat suggestion for Mike, do it on your guitar or bass
  • Amy @ Maker Mama
    if y’all had to add any famous youtuber or celebrity to the show who would he or she be, and why would you pick them?
  • Noodle And Grampy
    Great Pod
    This is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Every episode is full of laughs and family friendly content Keep it up guys, the show is a great way to ease into the horrible reality that is a Monday. PS: I feel like public opinion should make a few more appearances on this show. :D
  • yayeetoby
    5 STARS
  • 21$$$$$$
    Day 13 of posting this please pick me
    SITUATION ROOM: You have managed to slip into the Oval Office while it is briefly vacant. You are hiding, you here the president walk in sit down in his chair, you are stuck here and the sudden urge to drop a fartski comes over you, it’s gonna be a big loud one. What do you do? How do you go about not getting caught?
  • chainsaw cellist
    My review
    You guys are so awesome!! I always can’t wait for Mondays!! You always make me laugh so hard, I’ll listen to you guys through my AirPods and start outwardly laughing and my coworkers ask me why I’m laughing 😂😂I really love how Jason is always making a joke, it’s really relatable as well as his love for steak! Mike your laugh gets me to start laughing every time! And Andy I love how you take every advantage to laugh at Owl
  • *•* ^•^
    I love this podcasts and if they stopped this podcast I’d be dead. I started listening to podcasts because I haven’t been able to fall asleep. I wanted a family comedy podcast to listen to and I found the perfect one! This has gotten me through stressful times. And I’m currently listening to one right now:) this is the best PODCAST EVER. I showed it to my brother and he started listening to it all the time too.{^•^} I love u guys and I hate to know that when they get older they probably won’t make more episodes when they r older:( They sound like professionals. They act like crazy people(in a good way) and they have the best choice of topic :) Make sure to try this podcast out! I’ve watched more than 100 of their episodes and I know that I will keep listening until they stop posting. L Lo Lov Love Love u Love u g Love u gu Love u guy Love u guys Love u guys! Love u guys Love u guy Love u gu Love u g Love u Love Lov Lo L
    This podcast has opened up a whole new world for me. I listen to episodes with a frequency that borders on obsession! I started from the most recent episode within the last month, and I am currently in the late 40’s. I have joined the official Spitwad community with a year-long commitment, and I look forward to hearing my questions in future episodes! Andy, Mike, and Jason have brought a new level of humor into my life, and their creative show segments have bled into the ways I interact with my friends on a day to day basis. Keep up the amazing work and go Suns!
  • 💙tosing
    Really Jason? I mean.. come on
    You definitely said poop.
  • Señor le poo
    Would You Rather
    Would you rather choose your house or the location
  • TexasBlizzards21
    You buffoons sent me to the ER
    Kidding (sorta). It was a Monday, so of course I had to listen to the latest episode of Spitballers. It was what I did on Monday’s at work. The previous night I started having back pain and sharp pains when breathing, coughing, laughing… now I always laugh and find your podcasts hilarious, but I didn’t think this would be a problem this day and boy was I wrong! It started with a small chuckle at Andy’s attempt at “reading” a scat, yeah it hurt a little to laugh but I couldn’t just stop listening because of it so I continued on. Laughing and groaning in pain. Later that day I checked myself into the local ER to get checked out. I’m fine, apparently I just have low potassium and back pain. What makes it even better was this was the episode with the “Legendary ways to die” draft. My tombstone would read “She died listening to a podcast” #worthit
  • BJJ king
    John can scat!!
    This podcast could be the perfect scat tutorial! I can scat now because of this podcast, thanks so much for your great advice. Keep it up.
  • MrWright323
    Mikes name
    I was listening to the show from Monday. It’s cool that mikes name is Michael Timothy Wright. My name is Timothy Michael Wright
  • Lesbian69
    How do you deploy a parachute and pls answer fast
  • not Lennon
    Skip a dip a did ya do shaman That is my skat I know you won’t use it but still it was fun also GREAT PODCAST! If I could rate it 1,000,000,000 stars I would⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ hey I told you that you wouldn’t pick it
  • jacobgallipeau
    Love the show!
    mock drafts is such a unique comedy idea, well done! Also, if you need a scat, here’s your first all-word scat (syllables in timing with the music) “This one’s from a fan, you know it’s not a flop!”
  • Constalation Lion
    My scat
    Skee badi dee dee dee bop dee bop ba ba d’à n’a ba sa baaa BAAAAAAADDDDIIIIINNNNGGGGGYYYYYYY!!!!!! Can’t wait to possibly hear this on the pod ;-) love this podcast
  • Brian the Mortgage Guy
    Liar liar
    I have played every single time, since the beginning, and have been a LOSER just like you 3 still are, but not today Owl! My logic, how could any animal fart-knock itself out!? And who would be awake to witness it. But Jason almost convinced me to go manatee! Trust your gut! Btw, love every episode, I’d love to bladeshake your hands, on a job well done! No idea what I’m talking about? You’ll just have to listen in every week and join the fun. I just won Liar Liar for the second time, and realized I never sent the first message. Mike, you should have gone CVS!
  • ph-fat
    Thank you Andy Mike and Jason
    You 3 have been making cry, smile, and laugh to the point that it hurts for 2 years strait. I have listened to every single episode at least twice. This podcast is always the highlight of my Mondays and makes otherwise boring things bearable. P.S. Can you please just win Liar Liar! There is three of you, how hard is it?
  • m£¥_
    I’m in school and I listen your guys podcast every week and it gets me through the Mondays. Keep it up!!!
  • guitarguy45wifi
    Family friendly AND great!
    This is one of my favorite podcasts hands down! I appreciate the fact that it’s family friendly and still excellent in quality. Scat submission: “a ring pop- a mic drop- I won’t stop- I can’t stop- BADINGY!” Tag: Scooby dooby doo bop!
  • 4evralistener
    This podcast is the best podcast that has every existed, and every will exist. This show is like a perfect afternoon. Lying around listing to this hilarious podcast is probably the best way to spend my days. I’m often in my room playing video games for so many hours of my day, and hearing you guys laugh and yak on and on about the most stupid things I’ve ever heard of in makes the day feel like minutes. I’ve listened to every episode about six times now, since I discovered this podcast which was about in the middle of coronavirus.These three dudes are the perfect combo, often thought of as a ying, yang, and yong. Andy, the king of one liners, (at least on this podcast) is perfect for funny, puns and oddly hilarious jokes. Mike, the beard himself, has the perfect laugh that makes my day better every time I hear it. And last but certainly not least, Jason, the story guy. Whether it’s about eating Hawaiian rolls late at night, or something else that unfortunately relates to my life, I can always count on Jason for a whole lot of laughs. Also, Al Borland is the best and is really funny! Keep this podcast running and please gimme more. Also, I want you to make an episode every three days rather than a week, because you are the three most funny people in the world, and I want you guys more and more each day. In fact, I’m listening to episode 155 right now. Keep up the good work! Also, keep being funny!
  • meshcat
    Missing ep
    Episode 35 is missing, yall probably know that but it does mean that Andy robot scatted on episode 100 😆
  • Justsims
    I may be Allergic to this Podcast!
    Every Monday morning, I wake up with an eerie feeling that my day is about to get a whole better. Thanks to Andy, Mike and Jason, this podcast will make you laugh, make you cry and make you question just how far human achievement can go. Be prepared to discover a few new allergies and a couple more best friends along the way. Scat submission: Scuba-dooba-wooba, beluga-shooba-tuba, bawooooooooogahhh!
  • caillou's dad
    Scat for Mike
    Rat-a-tat tat, skiddley bop goomba come on! GREATEST Podcast in the history of the world
  • Person11222556787458
    Here’s my Scat Andy!
    You better watch out owl, throw in the towel, badinghi! (I don’t know how to spell badinghi)
  • itllallbeok
    about the recent draft
    you should have chosen the 1776ers. It’s a year. who could beat a year in a fight?
  • AliGator597
    The best
    The best need I say more?
  • I miss Cameron Boyce so much
    This is the best 𝕡𝕠𝕕𝕔𝕒𝕤𝕥 𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣!!!!
    Question: you house was on fire but you where in the middle of going the bathroom number 2 🤭 what would you do??? what I am trying to say is this is the best podcast ever I subscribed 😃 Do you know why school is so bad for you? School stands for.. Six Cruel Hours Of Out Lives Math stands for.. Mental Abuse To Humans And homework stands for.. Half Of My Energy Wasted On Random Knowledge!
  • Nathaniel EM.
    Would you rather question
    Would you rather have best meal in the world free for your taking at anytime, or eat every meal under have something big wrong with it.
  • BILLAE242
    The best, dumb podcast
    These guys make me laugh even on days when I wasn’t in a good mood. Every episode is gold, and I often revisit episodes such as the great Jason sitting injury. Before I discovered this podcast, I hated Mondays, now I long for them to come sooner so I have a new episode to listen to. Keep up the great works and the even greater jokes. You guys rock! Also, draft idea: Items from your houses to fight off a burglar. It has to be an item that you have in your house or garage during the time of recording the episode.
  • TheFootBallersYT
    Would you rather + review
    Would you rather only be able to pee once a week or only be able to poop once a week? Here’s my review! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ It’s like listening to the random things you hear on random radio stations but even funnier. I listen to this every night in bed and I can’t sleep because I’m laughing the whole time! Also whenever the guys do the intro, I do it the slowest it goes and it’s literally making me cry laughing! Whenever I’m on a road trip, at least I have 100+ hours of a hilarious podcast that I can binge listen. Thanks for providing this banger of a podcast! I just cannot go without it! 🔥🔥🔥
  • v jx GB i
    Would you rather question
    Would you rather never be able to watch a movie again or tv show again?
  • Cupcakesprinkletoot
    Best podcast in the world!
    I’m an 11 year old girl from Texas and me and my Dad listen to this podcast almost every single day. We first listened in the car and my Dad almost had to stop driving because we were laughing so hard! I would 100% recommend this podcast to anyone brave enough to face the dad jokes, Mikes sometimes questionable draft picks, or Jason’s not so good impressions. I’m almost as obsessed with this podcast as Andy is with ice cream. Anyways this is an amazing podcast that anyone of any age could listen to and enjoy. Thanks…I love Michael Keaton! Draft Ideas: 1. Mythical creature battle royale- things like vampires, dragons, or leprechauns. 2. Build your own Nachos- everyone starts out with chips and cheese but you have to pick the best toppings for your nachos. 3. Best trends/fashions we wish would come back.
  • schmuybgrrhb#47643
    Would you rather
    Would you rather talk like a really dumb person (messing up and forgetting simple words) or every time someone else says something wrong you have to correct them (sounding like a know it all)
  • Subtlecow
    Always remember the best
    My friends and I have a group chat set up to talk about the topics on this podcast, debating their would you rather questions, as if these three guys were friends of ours. We even run our own fun drafts when we get together, inspired by these guys! Can’t thank this podcast enough for endless entertainment, and on long road trips, when my friends and I have a moment of pause, we always remember to put on the best episode of all time: the infamous ice cream draft :). Thanks for all the fun guys!
    Boodoo bop bop smoo poo clip clop Willy wop wop
  • imahalfblood
    This is fantastic!
    Skeeba zooba skataw badibbeley- DOWWWWW (skeebidebop o bowwwwwwwwww!)
  • bball_dogg_1999
    15 STARS (Literally)
    I’m giving this show 15 stars and I mean that literally. I gave it 5 stars on my gf’s phone and 5 stars on my dads phone and now mine. I was originally just a fantasy footballer but one day I decided to try this podcast out. I tried an episode and wasn’t really big into it but then I listened to 2-3 more and was hooked. I’ve been binging every episode for the past few weeks and can’t stop. The laughs hurt me sometimes. From mike not knowing the rules of a free throw until 5th grade, to Jason (who is my favorite) being horrified as much as I am of spiders, or Andy making some awful and cringey scats most of the time. The ba-dingi is always just a safety net. These 3 bafoons are everything you could ask for in a comedy podcast and I’d love to meet each of them one day! Incredibly funny show #ba-dingi #2XComedypodcastchamps #CHAMPCHAMP
  • gooseflerken
    Whoop a doop a filly ha beeeew!
  • Ballin33
    Not enough Andy mike and Jason
    The footballers pod wasn’t enough so I started listening to the absolute ridiculous antics of you guys on this pod and I’m constantly dying. Listening to these episodes over and over is not enough! It’s helped me through a rough breakup so thanks for keeping life hilarious!
  • Second and Goal Fantasy
    Results-oriented multitaskers
    This show demonstrates truth to power and humorous initiative in places not yet entirely and thoroughly confronted by the societal population. These three results-oriented multitaskers develop acceptable and humorous statements that enhance the enjoyment of this singularly impressive broadcast. In other words, best podcast ever. Keep up the great work!
  • Utah Jazz Die-Hard Fan!
    5 Farts Review
    This Podcast can not possibly be rated by stars but only by farts. This is all the potty humor you could ever ask for and deserves all 5 farts. Finally finding other guys who enjoy there own farts.
  • Zickd
    Another Gem
    Everything Andy, Mike, and Jason create turns to gold. I added this podcast from being a listener of The Fantasy Footballers, and The Spitballers continued to be more of the wonderful listening experience I got from their football podcast. Extremely entertaining, hilarious, and family-friendly enough to listen to at work. A+ all around.
  • Jerryjakers0721
    Love the spitballers
    Myself and my family loves the show!!We also have a couple draft ideas for y’all Colors Places to visit Things you need to survive A SCAT FOR ANDY Wait one second after it starts then “boop it ie de dee dot dat beep bap boop”. #spitballersforthewin
  • h5👍
    Scat for Andy
  • Ashlyn_Spitwad
    I’m finally an official Spitwad!
    I have been a listener from episode one and have always wanted to leave a review for my guys here. Today, approximately 7 minutes ago, I officially become a Spitwad and thought I today was the day to finally leave a 10/5 star review! Andy, Mike and Jason make life worth living, the hyena laughs get me through the toughest of Monday’s, I can’t wait to see where the show goes. Stay awesomely hilarious!
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