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Comedy podcasts are the best, but it's not easy to find clean comedy podcasts that are actually FUNNY! Welcome to the Spitballers Podcast with the award-winning trio of Andy, Mike, and Jason. These three dads will make you laugh as they discuss ridiculous topics, answer life's most difficult questions, and dish out life advice that you should never, ever take. We all need a little nonsense in our everyday lives.  Be a part of one of the best audiences around and enjoy a comedy podcast for the whole family with new episodes every Monday morning! The one comedy podcast you can't leave off your podcast roster.  Award-winning comedy every week!

Learn more at http://SpitballersPod.com and become an OFFICIAL Spitwad!

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  • dougnessa
    That’s a great question
    You walk into a bathroom that only has two stalls and both are occupied. One person comes out but leaves the seat covered in pee and toilet paper. How long do you wait for the other stall, and will the time change based on If it is only covered with a little pee?
  • dino1267
    be ta bo ba bo ta
  • Jason isnt lean
    I never listened to podcasts before I head this masterpiece of mankind, While listening I can’t help but think that Andy, Mike, and Jason are some of the greatest comedy minds of today. Keep up the outstanding work guys
  • ReptileGirl01
    Wow. This podcast is honestly amazing. These guys are the most hilarious guys I know. The amount of times that Mike says “oh there was a question” makes it all the better 5/5 stars.
  • Jason's Biggest fan.
    That’s a Great Question.
    What is the difference between a swamp, a marsh, and a bog.
  • imahalfblood
    This is fantastic!
    You guys should draft the best fictional characters to have with you during a zombie apocalypse.
  • Crazysabbath
    What is love? Baby don’t hurt me.
    Starting off finding these guys from their critically acclaimed Fantasy Footballers podcast, iTunes suddenly suggested the Spitballers to me. Having never seen their faces before, I was like “who are these Jerkfaces?!? Lo and behold, I apprehensively listened to an episode and was greeted by Andy’s high pitched twinge, Jason’s warm blanket hug voice, and my musical twin, Mike’s beautifully bad takes on everything, besides music. Do yourself a favor, and if you’re ever feeling like you’re not good enough, listen to this podcast, and know, you’re at least better than 3 people! Alas, I jest. These 3 guys literally take up my life between FFB, and The Spit, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. God bless your families, and you guys. You got me through 2020. Truthfully, I love you guys (but Jason the most).
  • drac0 studios
    The best
    My 3 year old sister came in and said “these guys are silly” so we all have the humor of a 3 year old.
  • JoeRod109
    Love the show
    I don’t know what is funnier, listening to you guys or watching me listen to you guys while I cry laughing at work with head phones in while everybody else wonders what’s going on with me! Dad jokes “round two” had me on the floor... Wife loves the Twitter polls. Twin girls on the way so I’m had to prepare my dad jokes. #FootclanStrong
  • link for life
    Hey listens
    10 out of 10 maybe even 11 truly amazing great fun time I am a 12-year-old and you made a great kid friendly comedian and you should try to go with dude precfect
  • caillou's dad
    That’s A Great Question
    What’s the difference between a Robber, a Burglar, and a Thief
  • Steve Signore
    Family friendly show!
    I wasn’t sure what to expect from this show, as I recently became obsessed with Fantasy Footballers, but thought this might come off as a forced concept. WRONG! These guys are brilliant together. Never disappointed with an episode. I’ve had to pull over the car to wipe away laughing tears on occasion. And it’s perfect for the fam! My daughter and I listened in the 3-hour car ride yesterday and she was locked in. Engaging with the show, laughing, which is a shock as she never likes what dad listens too. Long story short (although it’s a bit late for that), MUST LISTEN! Steve Signore
  • qweyrtisosn
    55 (Fifty-Five!!!) Out of 5 Stars
    This podcast is hilarious, intriguing, and a learning experience. I’ve listened to every episode at least once and I always talk to the guys as they answer questions. My wife always knows to expect 3-4 fantastic questions in the days following a new episode. I can’t get enough of these goofballs. Keep up the great work
  • thewizardsgizzard
    Embarrassed to love but proud to share, 5 stars!
    When I first stumbled upon this podcast of buffoons the clean humor and poop jokes made me keep this to myself because I thought I was way too cool. I’ve since shared it with some of my closest friends in confidence that they wouldn’t make fun of me and now I’m proud to say that they are embarrassed to love it too. From Andy’s responsible hosting, Jason’s natural ridiculousness, Mike’s hilarious laugh that makes me smile, all the way to Owl Borlands plagiarizing scats you guys make my day every day on this and the FF podcast (shameless plug). Can’t get give this enough stars. Love you guys!
  • LandoLarsen
    I have a 2 year old son and he listens to the Spitballs with me and he makes me replay the Scat multiple times and he laughs endlessly! Thanks for the good times and even better laughs!
  • elliegrl246
    Draft idea:
    Best breakfast cereal!
  • spazattack3k
    Depression has set in.
    After listening to these experts give the best fantasy football analysis, I started the Spitballers Podcast and realized that expertise come in many forms. I breezed through these episodes and now I sit in despair waiting for new episode to come out. The Spit Hits each week have helped quell the craving, but they aren’t enough. I wish my local wizard would grant me the ability to have an endless supply to listen to, so I could hear more absurdity from these three buffoons: Jason, a horse-meat eating, spear wielder, Mike, a mouth breathing, Thanksgiving Grinch, and Andy, an ice cream connoisseur and default voice of reason. I listen to other podcasts on 3x speed, but I have to slow the Spitballers down to 2x because I was missing things as I laughed. I’ve learned so much, all of which was ridiculous and hilarious. This is podcast is by far the best podcast in existence; past, present, and future.
  • carpycrabs
    You all should draft the best states, unless you already have. Then draft the worst states.
  • charleston steve
    Best Pod ever
    As a Dad of 5, it’s rare that I can find a podcast that I absolutely love, makes me laugh outloud, AND I can share with my kids. Absolutely love these guys. Andy, Mike , and Jason are the best in the industry.
  • ichoosenottorun
    Proud Boys in sheep’s clothing
    Unapologetically homophobic
  • kbug1800
    I’ve been a listener for awhile and this my favorite podcast. It makes me laugh and I look forward to it every Monday. My little baby loves it as well. I will use this to help get her to participate in her physical therapy it’s a good distraction for her. Thanks again for a great podcast.
  • gyvyvyfnocnsuccu
    A tale of poison and poop
    My friend hooked me on too this podcast, and now I am so happy he did! The best part about this pod is that it is just completely improv and thats why I love it. Keep up the good work and always remember…… we are all have allergies. Just ones you might not expect or want.
  • bobdawierdo
    What is the difference between crying, bawling, wailing, and whining
  • Nate.the.Great!
    Best podcast ever!
    I am twelve years old, and call me sophisticated for listening to a podcast, until you see which podcast I am listening to (my 11 year old brother also listens to the podcast. I really enjoy this podcast and I think I listened to every single episode at least once. (P.S. Jason’s scat on episode 165 was AWESOME!)
  • 8poolforme
    Faceless Whales
    I was looking for a clean comedy podcast but I found so much more. You guys have made me happier and “laughier” person not only is this a place where poop jokes are a formality and horror is turned into humor but there are also many useful debates such as “do whales have faces?“ and “why Jason doesn’t run.” So thank you guys for making my weeks a whole lot better. Ps. Would you rather have to use a paraglide to go everywhere or have to walk the long way to the grocery store every time you need groceries
  • 14mudkip14
    “So that’s why you’re so weird!”
    On a long ride back from vacation, I decided to play the spitballers podcast to occupy my family and get them to stop yelling. After a few minutes, my family told me they now why I’m so weird. Great stuff. Stay weird 🤟
  • awsomeaj2008
    Very funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    I’ve been looking for a very funny clean podcast and I finally found one. I’m always listening to it in class and my family always have to tell me to turn it down because they can hear it. One time I was waiting for a doctors appointment and I was listening and I laughed out loud and everyone started staring at me when u guys started talking about Yoda pooping
  • 21$$$$$$
    Day 59 of posting this please pick me
    I love this podcast so much, I’ve listened to every episode at least four times. I love it to the point my fam hates it. I even watch, baking it! Jason and Caleb’s YouTube channel as mentioned on episode 129. I love it please keep making earth better!
  • DJR3van
    I was just browsing for podcasts on Overcast, then I stumbled across you guys! Lucky for me that I didn’t break my toe on this, but seriously, this is such a funny podcast. I wish that you guys could keep putting out new episodes, but I understand the need for the Spit Hits. Overall, keep up the great work!
  • Batsy37
    Spit Hits are great for latecomers!
    As someone who just started listening in the last year or so, these spit hits are great! For example, I’m a nerd. So I’ve just accepted local wizards as a thing. However, the opportunity you just gave me to listen to the original local wizard episode was awesome! Especially the guy’s reactions to something I just accepted as fact. These are delightful. Keep them coming as long as you can!
  • KickCass2
    Best Concussion Recovery Pod
    When I got a concussion after falling on the ice last winter and was told to avoid screens and strenuous or deep thinking - the more frivolous the better - I knew exactly what to do. I downloaded every episode I’d already heard, put it on half speed and went to town. Thanks for helping me recover and keeping me smiling through the pain!
  • Little_miss_indy
    Pickles and Bananas
    My five year old daughter sings “Scooby-dooby-do, there’s a pickle in my shoe, BANANAS!” Every. Single. Day. I want to say thank you so much for this, especially when she trades the word bananas for something else of her choosing, so far ice cream seems to be a popular option. Thank you for making an entertaining podcast I can listen to in the car with the family. And Owl, you’re still the favorite, keep hootin’ 🦉.
  • eggseact game soporter
    I need this. it’s so good
    This is just the best podcast ever!!! i listen ever time they come on. i love them! you guys are so funny and make the best podcasts ever! keep making episodes!
  • podcasts#1
    Dudes, used to love your show but you guys seriously take every other day off. It’s annoying. Why not get your act together and pre record some for the ample days your on vacation. Instead of re uploading old ones that we could just scroll down and listen to if we wanted to. Cuz it really ticks everyone off.
  • BIG_T2016
    Fantastic Podcast
    This has been a great discovery. I have gone back and started listening from episode 1 to current (ps please ready this in a whisper for Mike since he loves ASMR so much.) I instantly related to everyone especially Jason. Sometimes I consider it dangerous to listen to this while driving because I laugh too hard. There hasn’t been a single person I have not shared this podcast with. Basically if I have an opportunity to listen to this podcast I take it. If you’re looking for a hour of laughter this is the podcast for you.
  • ldkejrnodsjneijfnd
    You should definitely do it more than once I week! I’ll give you $20 😏.
  • TankGore
    This podcast is the dumbest, most immature podcast podcast I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. Over the summer I listened through episodes 1-Now and I enjoyed every minute of it. You guys are hilarious and Owl is also there. This is the best podcast of all time. 5 stars.
  • Scogs_1984
    The perfect complement to my workday
    I have been listening to the other podcast these fine gentlemen have been creating for the past few years, when I discovered the Spitballers podcast. I wasted no time in joining the Spitwad community and have been listening to the old podcasts in order to catch up. I’m currently on episode 40, but have been listening at a 3-4 episode per day pace over the past few work weeks. I have even gotten my fiancée to listen and we spent an hour going over our own Disney character battle Royale draft. Keep up the hilarity and hijinks! John Scognamiglio St Charles Missouri
  • Mr Oddshoe
    Trickle down haironomics
    Great podcast that has changed my every day life, I can no longer shower without now washing my hair before my body due to trickle down haironomics. Who even knew it was a thing until the spitballers brought it to light. I now also eat sweet tart ropes on a far too regular basis. Everybody dies but only spitwads truly live.
  • no slapping the tabe jason
    Greatest show ever in the history of the universe. Very funny and I love to listen to the show wow I work every day and my coworkers comment on me laughing hysterically Thanks Neal
  • Unpaid ambassador
    Life stolen
    After going back and relistening to all 9,920 minutes (165.33 hours or 6.88 days) I have discovered that I have no life. I also found out that you guys are amazing at talking for an hour about absolutely nothing and making me enjoy it. I hope that you guys keep up the nonsense and occupying my work hours. P.S. After reading this, you will gain the power to defeat owl in lair lair.... hahaha just kidding, he’s a psychopath that will never be beaten
  • Second and Goal Fantasy
    This podcast is hilarious in every way. Every Monday morning, I wake up, do clumsy math in my head to see if the owl scat is today, realize it’s not, and laugh anyway. If this show is a speedboat (or maybe a dinghy) Andy is the anchor, in the sense that he is pitched into the drink to bolster to the other two. Jason is the engine, as he’s a fiery spirit that drives something that’s ultimately pretty pointless around. Mike is the guy who laughs beautifully at Andy lying on the ocean floor and Jason on fire. Love you guys, keep up the good work.
  • Krisluvjet
    5 Stars from my 5 year old (and the rest of the family too!
    A few months ago I started playing this podcast with my son (then 4 years old) in the car. I noticed that within a couple of weeks he started asking for “the funny guys” any time we got in to the car. It then evolved to requesting “the podcast” and now he asks for all of you by name. We turn on the car and immediately he asks “Have Andy, Mike, and Jason made a new show yet?” The scat is of course his favorite segment, and we end up playing it 4 or 5 times before we move on to the rest of the episode. We literally walk around our house signing “scoobie doobie doo there’s a pickle in my shoe. BANANAS!” Each episode leads to important family discussions, ranging from what we would fill our pool with if not water, and what really is the best fro yo topping. You three make our car rides so much fun and fill them with laughter. Spitballer time is family bonding time. Keep up the good work. p.s Harlan (my son) looks forward to each new episode with great anticipation and he would LOVE it if you would read our review on the show and maybe say a quick “hello Harlan!” He is practicing making his own scats and hopes to share one of them with you in a YouTube comment.
  • spitwit
    Best podcast ever
    Bestest thing in the world to listen to when you are sad and cheers me up no matter the episode. Definitely the best podcast. That’s why it deserves a whole 1 star. I don’t just throw stars around too.
  • Pandajdjdjjdkkk
    Gildan Warning
    I went to the store to get some new underpants. I was listening to the latest episode of Spitballers in my AirPods and was too busy laughing at the fact that Jason was flexing about growing up in a house, to realize I made the biggest mistake of my life. I accidentally bought some Gildan underpants. I didn’t realize until I was at checkout, but I thought how bad can they be. Well, I want everyone to know they are as bad as you’d think they’d be. It’s like sandpaper rubbing against your nether regions. Please use my story as a warning. Do not listen to this podcast while underpants shopping or you may may end up with the Caillou of underpants.
  • NexoNinja10
    Great podcast 😃
    Hello I found this podcast from the Multiplayer Gaming Podcast. And this is great keep up the good work. And I know Andy from the outriders episode.
  • zanders zandy
    I haven't even finished the first episode but I love it
  • I miss Cameron Boyce so much
    This is the best 𝕡𝕠𝕕𝕔𝕒𝕤𝕥 𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣!!!!
    Question: you house was on fire but you where in the middle of going the bathroom number 2 🤭 what would you do? When I am writing this review My dad just yelled at me for no reason and I started crying and right when I started crying I knew I had to listen to this podcast because every single sentence brings me joy these guys are the most amazing people they bring joy in everybody’s life I recommend them right when I started listening to them when I cried I smiled and I think that these guys are amazing
  • cudnejd
    Ep. 160
    No Friends!?!😱
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