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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, starts now! Whether you're a longtime fan of the series or a newcomer looking to join the mission, Light the Fuse is your ultimate companion to the “Mission: Impossible” movie franchise. Through exclusive interviews with cast and crew, Superfans Charles Hood (writer/director) and Drew Taylor (film journalist) take you inside the world of Ethan Hunt for an incredible look at the iconic characters, heart-stopping missions, jaw-dropping stunts, and behind-the-scenes secrets that have made this series a global phenomenon. See "Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” now playing exclusively in theaters.

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  • John’s Lark
    The living manifestation of fandom
    These dudes really go deep into almost impossible levels of granular detail. Their love for this series is dang near inspiring. By now maybe the most encyclopedic source on the 7 movies thus far. See y’all every week.
  • Fungi Bonbon
    An excellent podcast for fans of movies in general. It features hilarious anecdotes and an insightful peek into the filmaking process. The hosts are passionate and knowledgeable.
  • cinderelochka
    A MUST LISTEN for any fan!
    I’m so glad this podcast series exists! Y’all better believe I’ve accepted the mission! This franchise means so much to me, I’ve grown up alongside each chapter for all these years, and the series is unlike any other. Tom cruise is so incredible, we are all so lucky to have him and be able to watch his work onscreen. I never want this series to end! Ps. Respectfully, please bring back ILSA FAUST 💘 we love her so much.. can’t let her go!!!
  • cmswenson
    Great podcast
    I love this podcast! Great interviews. Wonderful stories and anecdotes. I hope we get more time with Tom and McQ! 😀
  • d.sni1
    It’s really good
    I accepted the mission from Light the Fuse podcast so long ago and am overdue for a review. Drew and Charles are such great hosts and have inspired so much admiration not only for the amazing MI franchise but for many many other movies as well. The episodes are full of great Mission Impossible insights and stories from an astoundingly awesome and diverse guest list. I absolutely love how they are the official MI podcast. Thank you Paramount. I’m really excited to hear what Drew and Charles think about MI:7 and 8! Thank you guys! You are the storm.
  • MjrSpork
    Great podcast but disappointing to lose the archive.
    As someone who was just getting into the podcast, I am truly not one for reviews but it really disappoints me to lose the archives of old episodes and be told that you need to go to SoundCloud to listen to those episodes.
  • Ricky Mokel
    Love this podcast
    Best to less than best: Mission Impossible Mission Impossible Fallout Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Mission Impossible Dead Retconning Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Mission Impossible 3 Mission Impossible 2
  • bcostello13
    Always a blast!
    Fantastic podcast! A must listen for Mission fans and anyone who loves movies
  • Disneyfan1974
    Fantastic podcast
    I love the history and news that they provide. If you are looking for in depth details and interesting interviews, this is the podcast for you! Congrats on being official!
  • Andbobuiop67
    Scholarly filmmaking
    Yo these guys are amazing. Unlike other deep dive film podcasts they never go off the rails, there’s a focus to their episodes and the podcast as a whole.
  • cameronklewis
    Choose to Accept
    Just a fantastic podcast if you love the Mission series or even just the process of filmmaking! Love that Charles and Drew are able to shine a spotlight on everyone up and down the crew list
  • MJay23
    Light the Fuse is incredible
    As a movie lover (and mission impossible obsessor) this is my favorite podcast. They dive into movies in a way no other podcast does. Definitely recommend to all who love movies and especially those that love mission impossible.
  • GK6422
    The best movie podcast
    This podcast is not just for fans of Tom Cruise or the Mission Impossible franchise. I have learned so much about how movies are made and the inner workings of the movie business. I’ve even been inspired to enroll in a film class! So often we are so obsessed with the actors and actresses that we don’t give enough credit to the enormous talent that is required to make big movies - from the producers and directors to the editors, camera crew, stunt crew, costume designers, makeup artists…. I don’t know any TV show or podcast or other medium that has shed a light onto this aspect of making movies the way these guys have. And the fun facts are fascinating. I’m savoring every minute. Any time I walk anywhere, I have my headphones in and am listening to the show with a smile on my face. People must think I’m nuts. :-) Thanks, Drew and Charles!! And congrats on the coconut cake!
  • George Webber
    More than just Mission
    For all film lovers! It’s a behind-the-scenes filmmaking podcast that stretches way beyond Mission: Impossible. The guests are amazing and they always end up talking about a lot of other movies too. The hosts know a lot of film history and they do a great job of keeping it relaxed and fun.
  • BlueVelvetFrank
    How could Mission: Impossible sustain an entire podcast worth of content? I dunno but it does somehow.
  • DD89052
    These dudes absolutely crush it. The Mission hive is strong and this pod feeds the beast! In all seriousness, the Mission content rules, but the discussions about filmmaking in general are outstanding.
  • Old Man Hudson
    Essential Listening
    Even if you're not a MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE fan (which is crazy, it's the best franchise), this show is essential listening for anyone who cares to learn about how movies are made.
  • axess12345
    Best podcast about the best franchise
    Genuinely great!!
  • William Donloe
    Extremely well done
    This is a fantastic dive into the Mission Impossible franchise and filmmaking in general. Learning about the films from every angle (stunts, editing, make-up, music, etc) is a real treat.
  • DantesAK
    Absolutely Fantastic
    I never thought there could be an entire podcast series about the MI franchise but here we are. And we’re all better for it. Don’t miss the John Wick episodes.
  • Flako 3030
    The greatest podcast ever
    If your looking for a great amazing podcast this is the one jot only do they have the most amazing entertaining interesting guests they know what they are talking about and have extensive knowledge of the greatest action movies ever subscribe to their patreon for even more amazing content
  • CarlyeW
    my life ceased to exist before this podcast
    UPDATE: I had to come back and add that even now, as we wait sooooooo long for a new MI film, this podcast still delivers each and every week!! I spent the entire summer yelling at everyone who crossed my path — friends! family! Grocery store cashiers! — about how unfathomably good Mission Impossible: Fallout was. To discover there’s an entire podcast for wayward Ethan Hunt obsessives like myself is as delightful as Ilsa saying “oh, I like her” about Julia while looking to diffuse the two bombs in Kashmir. I can only express my emotions through Fallout references BUT THESE ARE MY PEOPLE AND THEY UNDERSTAND. Anyway it's perfect so subscribe ok?
  • asdfghjkljp
    Not worth it
  • JN 1732
    Fantastic Podcast about more than MI
    While the hook of this podcast is the Mission Impossible franchise, its appeal goes far beyond that. By focusing on the narrow topic of the MI movies, we actually learn about movie-making in general, and meet guests whose jobs are fascinating. For example, the conversation with an on-set photographer was a delight, and I would never have been exposed to that without this podcast. Keep up the good work Drew and Charles.
  • Haynes3550
    Cinema in my Ear
    This podcast is amazing. I love the energy and enthusiasm from the hosts. Every single guest is great and seem genuinely happy to be there and talk about their involvement in cinematic history. Shout it from the mountains: THIS PODCAST ROCKS!!!
  • ali_imran wain
    Amazing podcast
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for several months now and I gotta say it’s an absolute blast to listen to. While it is primarily about Mission Impossible, it gives you great insight into the film industry, as well as references to your favorite movies. The two hosts, Drew and Charles, are amazing and hilarious. Really entertaining podcast and great interviews, like with Brad Bird and Chris McQuarrie. Can’t say enough great things about this podcast. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: is to subscribe to this podcast and listen.
  • Hopester94
    Awesome Podcast!! This review will Self-Destruct in 5 Seconds! Good luck Drew & Charles
    I’ve been a Mission: Impossible fan for a very long time since I was 12 years old, and I’m so glad that I’ve found this Podcast! Very informative, fun to listen to, and they’ve got some awesome guests on the Podcast that actually worked on the Mission: Impossible films and also on the original Mission: Impossible TV series. Drew and Charles are so much fun to listen to and they have great chemistry together! They are not only two passionate M:I Fans themselves, but also great friends who have vast knowledge in the film industry and about the Mission Franchise. I love how they ask their guests at the end of each episode about which choice of Tom Cruise’s haircuts they like the best and which Mission: Impossible films are their favorites! I always look forward to every Friday listening to a new episode of Light The Fuse!! The holy grail is to get Tom Cruise on the PODCAST!!!!😎 Awesome Job, Light The Fuse Podcast!! Keep Lighting the Fuse!! - - - -💥 #LightTheFuse ~ Love Fellow M:I Fan, Hope
  • AdamG2021
    Favorite filmmaking interview podcast
    Charles and Drew get the best guests. And have the most insightful conversations on both the franchise and the industry in general.
  • Ryan Barber0721
    Such a good podcast for filmmaking
    Love this podcast.
  • aslfan27
    Insightful- a must for any film fan or anyone interested in filmmaking
    Now where’s the Joe Carnahan/MI3 podcast ?
  • B. Sheridan
    Mission Accepted
    The two hosts are so knowledgeable about the movie industry they are joys to hear. They know which questions to ask of their guests and can take the listener far beyond the rudimentary stuff. While highly informative, the pod hosts never stop being fans which makes each episode so entertaining. My only issue - which they are addressing- is lack of content about the original MI series. It is small quibble given the amount of effort that goes into each episode for just the Cruise movies.
  • NothinButDipswitches
    Lots of fun, saving me in quarantine
    Really like the guests, many from disciplines that I rarely hear interviewed
  • szrsrgn
    Great show, great guests!
    Love these podcasts!
  • winter_land
    Amazing show for Mission fans or film fans in general
    The hosts are great together and clearly such huge fans of the Mission: Impossible series and film in general. Everything is so well researched and presented in a really fun way. Really blown away by all the excellent interviews with the directors and Academy award winning filmmakers who helped bring the films to life, it's a truly fascinating peek behind the scenes. You’ll enjoy this podcast whether you’re a general film fan or the kind of Mission nerd who listened to every commentary track and the isolated film score on the Fallout blu-ray...
  • z3bos
    Awesome 100th Episode!
    You pulled it off and got some amazing guests for your 100th episode. This is such a great podcast. The in-depth info about Mission Impossible and film making in general is wonderful. The interviews are so well done, and the guests are very interesting. I love how so many of the show guests are part of other movies and franchises that I love too. The behind the scenes info is so surprising. Here’s to 100 more.
  • hope8472947
    Highly recommend :)
    Fantastic podcast—the hosts are fun and knowledgeable, and excellent interviewers. Those interviews are my favorite part—the endless in-depth interviews with crew members bring unique perspectives on the films and set stories that are hard to find anywhere else. I also love the ‘behind the scenes’ episodes thanks to their impressively thorough and deep research. If you’re looking for true deep dives on how these movies come together, this is the place to find it!
  • BrianSStew
    Endlessly listenable
    One of my favorite podcasts consistently. As a fan of the MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE series I find these deep dives into each film completely fascinating. In a time when candid behind-the-scenes accounts of moviemaking are increasingly rare, the guys continue to get awesome information and interviews.
  • Gee i.e.
    Awesome Deep Dives
    These guys have accepted their own mission impossible to uncover as many facts as possible about this everlasting film franchise. Stellar interviews with the people who make the films, library archives to dust off never-before-read scripts of lost missions - thank you for the amazing, entertaining discussion! Highly recommended for film buffs, as you get a great look at what it takes to produce a big Hollywood action film.
  • meredithallen
    So awesome
    This podcast gives great insight to an iconic series, but also goes way beyond it. They get amazing guests and ask them about other parts of their career, not just Mission: Impossible. It’s a fantastic behind the scenes filmmaking podcast.
  • Jeff Burnett
    Pretty good!
    I get it's probably to give themseves more episodes, but I'd rather they not split interviews into 2 and 3 parters. Also, it was a real bummer to learn in the latest episode that at least Charles defends EPISODE IX and JJ's choices.
  • Kty_Lorr
    Your mission should you choose to accept it....
    Definitely give this podcast a listen even if you are just a casual fan of mission impossible. These guys make the discussions approachable and understandable for even for a novice. They have wonderful guests that have unique insights into the behind the scenes of this action packed film franchise. Podcast is well produced and hosts definitely do their research prior to each episode! This review will now self-destruct.......
  • Salad2121
    Don’t be fooled!
    Even though this is listed as a Mission Impossible podcast, it is so much more. The interviews dive deep into film making in general and give fantastic insight into many other genres. The witty repartee is so fun, and I’m often smiling along in my car. Also I’m usually startled by the close but not too close transition music. 😊
  • Vito Selvaggi
    So much fun and so informative
    I am so impressed with the amount of work that goes into this show. The research and the interviews are very in-depth. Our two hosts, Charles and Drew, are obviously great friends and that chemistry shines through. As a lifelong MI nut, I feel like I have found my people with this podcast. Keep it up, guys.
  • JacMohnson
    Congrats on 100 Ratings!
    Please accept this vintage Scuba Luther™ action figure as reward.
  • MIfan99
    Love this!
    A great listen for any MI fans out there.
  • Grand Scheme
    The Mission You should Accept
    Man. I looooooove the Mission Imposible movies.But who knew you could make an amazing weekly podcast like this? These guys are interviewing huge Oscar winning names who worked on these movies like Brad Bird and Chrisotpher McQuarrie. But they are also interviewing other crew memebers like cinematographers, production designers, visual effects artists, etc. And they go deep, asking not just about MI series but about other movies they worked on as well. If you are a film fan or a filmmaker, this is essential stuff. What's also cool is the epsidoes on things like Mondo's vinyl release of the soundtrack. But my fave is the incredibly well researched making of MI episodes or the ones on MI versions that were never made. Charles and Drew are great hosts. Funny, quick witted and well informed. They really use the podcast to discuss so much cool stuff. Plus the best is where they make their guests rank Cruise's haircuts in the 6 films. Love this show so much. Accept this mission. Plus they make cool swag!
  • CrabSP
    Thank you for explaining Ghost Protocol
    Since 2011, Hendricks' mask reveal in Ghost Protocol had bothered me. Cleary, the story had been retooled mid-production, but what was the explanation behind this plot point? Finally, one night on a whim, I looked up the movie on Wikipedia and saw a link to this podcast for an explanation. I immediately subscribed. What a long 8 years it was, but my mind is now at peace. There's plenty of other good content, too.
  • Hjtpk
    Great podcast!!!!
    Keep up the great content! Thanks
  • Brian Alex Clark
    I love this podcast - so much stuff I didn't know I wanted to know about the Mission Impossible Franchise - hope it continues through 7 &8!
  • LiamB1982
    Great listen
    I could listen to this show all day. Relaxed, good banter, and lots of great MI chat. What’s not to love?
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