Films To Be Buried With with Brett Goldstein


We are born. We die. In between we watch a lot of films. And some of these films shape the people we are. This is a podcast about those films. (And a bit about death.)
Join comedian, actor, writer and swimmer Brett Goldstein and an extra special weekly guest as they go all the way into life and death by way of movies, to ultimately pick their Films To Be Buried With!
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  • EllieHHo
    My films
    First - the podcast is a complete treat - thank you for continuing to do it! First film ever - I believe it was Babes in Toyland and my memories are generally creepy though I wasn’t sure why. I have this sing-song voice doing the theme song in my head and it’s just weird. Your podcast made me go find this and watch it again and now I know why. That is one messed up movie. Kidnappings and forced marriages and evil trees and mad scientists that are apparently making all of our toys and in the end we shrink and kill the bad guy with automaton toy soldiers. Mercy. The film that means the most to me is Chariots of Fire. It’s not that it’s a great movie (though it’s pretty good for lots of reasons) but for whatever reason my Dad and I have a joke about the other one never having seen it, so whenever it appears in whatever context we say to the other “did you ever see that?”. The film I most relate to is The Intern with Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway. As a female CEO of a not-that-big-but-often-overwhelming company, I am pretty much her character. The film I’ve watched the most is the original Star Wars because my little brother and I watched it obsessively for years as kids. Once you commit at that level it’s hard to top it, no matter how often The Hunt for Red October comes on TV (though The Martian is getting up there). The Princess Bride is obviously wonderful no matter how many times you watch it, but the numbers for me currently belong to Star Wars Episode IV. Keep up the fantastic work here and on Ted Lasso (Roy was my favorite character from day one) and all of the other places you are contributing to the world. Many thanks.
  • RoslindaleSean
    Tick Tick Boom
    “Are you being led by fear or love?” This film inspired me to really go for it and take on the artistic work that I’ve always dreamed of doing. Since watching it, I’ve taken 5 acting classes, and acted in 2 commercials, 4 short films, 1 streaming show as background, and have written my own short film! Watch it on Netflix to be inspired!
  • MrAchmedFoley
    Do you have soul? That all depends.
    My favorite movie is High Fidelity. My favorite movie podcast that’s secretly actually about so much more than movies is Films To Be Buried With. Brilliant podcast concept. There are a lot of highlights, but some of my faves include: Nish saying how crazy it would be if one of them were in a Marvel post-credit sequence (mere weeks before Brett was in a Marvel post credit sequence), Roisin Conaty’s childhood story about sneaking out to a late movie, Jamie Demetriou’s dad watching Murder on the Orient Express, and Aisling Bea’s whole thing.
  • maptrot
    I’ve never been a fan of comedians…
    …due to some uncomfortable situations in a standup setting where the body types and sexual orientations of everyone in our party were being used as hurtful comedic material. This show is slowly making me trust the art form again. Comedy doesn’t have to just be used to attack, it can be a unifying and joyous experience. I also listen every week hoping someone out there mentions, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? I know it will never come up but I think it’s a brilliant film and I wish more people would see it. Depressing art cheers me up. I can’t be the only one, can I?
  • sapna316
    a gem
    i love this podcast so much- it quite literally got me through the darkest part of the pandemic (i am a doctor who works in a hospital, so its been a rough few years). I’ve watched so many films thanks to this podcast and have also now found so many amazing comedians. the episodes with romesh ranganathan are my comfort listens - no matter how many times i hear these eps I’m literally always laughing out loud. In fact thanks to this podcast we are going to New York in January to see Romesh’s show! thanks brett for this thoughtful moving podcast, a real love letter to films and film fans.
  • Jo6378
    Please have on Joanna Robinson
    Loving the show. Please invite @jowrotethis. She has brilliant podcast coverage of Andor, Game of Thrones and more, and clearly knows her literature and film as well. Movie I’ve watched the most: (besides Home Alone and Christmas Story) “Heathers” Best action: “Matrix” Scared me the most as a kid: “Killer Clowns from Outer Space” Worst movie: “Waterworld” Best movie: “Do the Right Thing” Movie that made me cry: “Pan’s Labrinyth” Movie that and me laugh: “Idiocracy” Sexiest movie: “Drive” or “Mississippi Masala” Romantic movie: kind of “Up” Movie night in heaven: is “Defending Your Life” too on the nose?!
  • notworthfree
    My favorite film
    Late for Dinner—1991 Peter Berg Marcia Gay Harden It’s the only film I intentionally watch multiple times. A love story that spans generations
  • vickie11201
    Super fun convos!
    I sort of binged this (have listened to about half of all eps) this past month as I sought an escape from the political horrors of election season in the US. Brett and his guests are so much fun to listen to and it has all felt like a fun chat at a party (more fun actually bc I can hear everyone and everyone speaks respectfully and no one is drunk As far as I can tell!). Thought I’d share my answers to Brett’s questions for his entertainment: First film I remember seeing: either Sound of Music or The Rescuers Scariest: The Others Most laughs: A Fish Called Wanda Most tears: Toy Story 3 and 4 Sexiest: The Lover Troubling Boner: 50 Shades of Gray movies Seen the most: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (and both seasons of Ted Lasso which I know isn’t a film but it’s been playing constantly in my house bc it’s an election year!) Greatest: Up or Ratatouille Underrated: Spanglish Means the most: Cinema Paradiso Thanks Brett and looking forward to more episodes!
  • MamaJones79
    The Burbs
    Film that means the most to me not for once specific experience viewing it but for how much it made my dad laugh. Can’t even say how many times we watched this and quoted it frequently. “Whoa, about a 9 on the tension scale there, Rube” was a staple. Dad passed away quite suddenly 3 months ago and I haven’t brought myself to watch it again but I will again one day and remember all the laughs we shared 💔
  • Blooming Bee
    Laugh out loud funny
    I love this podcast and have been listening for about a year. It's always entertaining and thought provoking...but this week, I finally felt compelled to rate and review because the episode (which is a rewind with Jamie Demetriou) had me laughing so hard that I had tears running down my face. The story about watching Murder on the Orient Express with his dad was such a joy! Thank you!!
  • MelinDCHatesFloralCrap
    I didn’t know what I was looking for…
    Until I found your podcast, Brett. Wild, weird, wonderful, insightful, informative, twisted, and just plain fun. My new life goal is to appear as one of your guests. Since you asked, the film “Lars and the Real Girl” is the one that changed my life, though I didn’t know it at the time, though it’s a toss-up as to whether that or “The Survivors” (Robin Williams, Walter Matthau) should go in my coffin. Thank you for this madcap gift to film buffs and quirky thinkers everywhere.
  • Mdkwilson
    I’ve gone down a Brett Goldstein rabbit hole and I’m not sure I ever want to get out.
    I cannot say enough good things about this podcast. It never fails to put me in a good mood. Plus, it’s an amazing podcast for movie recommendations. The movie that means the most to me is The Wizard of Oz. My grandpa introduced me to the movie and it became our thing. He was my best friend and the greatest person I have ever known. He was an artist and he painted me portraits of all the characters and they are now my most treasured possessions. He was diagnosed with cancer when he was 47. He was put on hospice at the end and he was in a medically induced coma for the pain. On his last day, all of his family came to the house to be with him and I put on The Wizard of Oz and I sang him all the songs and made all the usual jokes. He had one wish and it was to make it to his 50th birthday and he died on his 50th birthday. That movie let me have one more memory with him and it’s a movie that I will cherish forever.
  • KiltedJediRic
    Adore this show My Pics
    A good friend turned me onto this show about two weeks ago and I’ve already listened to about 30 episodes. Cannot get enough. I am SHOCKED how many episodes it took for Harold and Maude to come up! First film: at 3 years old I saw Star Wars with my dad at the Sebastiani theatre in Sonoma CA. I can tell you where I saw almost every movie since then because of the impact it had on me. Perfect film: Harold and Maude (it so perfectly encapsulates San Francisco of my youth, the score is impeccable and the acting perfect. Sexiest film: it may be unconventional but I’m going with Enemy at the Gates. Two words Rachel Weisz. Scariest film: Miracle Mile. It may not hold up the same way post Cold War but I recall being so terrified during this that while I was in the restroom for a moment during the film, I had the thought that I had to try and run and find somewhere safe. Honorables: Manchurian candidate (original), Manhunter (the best Hannibal film IMHO). Funniest Film: This has changed multiple times for me during my life, but today, I think I would have to choose The Big Lebowski Meaningful to me: I met my wife while lined up for Prisoner of Azkaban at the Chinese Theatre. Not sure much can top that. Film to Cry to: Historical/real stories can hammer me hard. The end of Les Mis just gets me. And finally the film to be buried with: Knives Out.
  • iaaathena
    Sexiest Movie
    “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”. A young Daniel Day-Lewis, Juliette Binoche and - Lena Olin! Lena Olin can’t help but be sexy in everything she does - she is amazing!!
  • suziethebaer
    The Flight of the Phoenix 1965
    When I was a kid my dad work at 20th Century Fox in NYC. When Fox moved to LA he said he would NEVER raise his kids in California! So he became president of a motion picture projector company, they made 35mm projectors, but he had a 16mm projector at home. We also had a huge movie screen in the family room. In 1974 my father owned a 16mm print of The Flight of the Phoenix. My brother and sister and I would invite our friends to sleepover and we’d watch Flight of the Phoenix. We’d get a bathroom or popcorn break every time a reel had to be changed. My friends and I have seen that film many many times. My father and I didn’t have a great relationship, but our love of film and this memory is everything to me.
  • illama2010
    Brett is an overwhelming delight
    Brett loves movies. Let me rephrase that, Brett loves all movies. Let me be more specific, Brett has seen and loves EVERY movie ever made and loves talking about them with his guests. He’s a professional goofball and an intense force for good in this world. I’m so happy he exists. —— The movie that means the most to me is The Fifth Element. It’s been a family favorite my entire life and every time I watch it or just quite it, I smile thinking of my family and the many times we’ve laughed and cried watching it together. Being able to watch it in the theater with my family for its 25 year anniversary was such a treat and an all-time memory.
  • onethatisn'ttaken
    Great, positive interviews
    I love this show, and Brett is a great interviewer. Unlike how I could imagine this show might go negative or overly pretentious, his reaction towards his guests “nominations” is always that of affirmation or curiosity, never the attitude of those pretentious intellectuals you sometimes meet in the world of art. I love that this podcast reminds me of great films I’ve seen, draws my attention to ones I’ve never heard of or haven’t gotten around to watching yet, and I particularly appreciate the mix of low and highbrow films. Sometimes his guests bring up the wildest movies and it’s just funniest to listen to. One of my favorites is Emerald Fennell who brings up some of the craziest films as her favorites. Even when I haven’t heard of the movies people bring up, it’s just really interesting to hear the emotional reactions people have to movies and the lasting impact they can make over a lifetime. Long live Films to be Buried With!
  • Ejjshskwlsndg
    The Sting
    I love hearing you talk about films with your guests and you’re such a good interviewer. My favorite film is the sting. Bonded with my dad while watching it and also romcoms (?) but really used it as a way to have a cool, unknown answer in getting to you know settings as a kid. Recently rewatched and remembered I genuinely love it.
  • love jon felton
    Bringing Up Baby
    This film means the most to me: 1-My family has been watching it together since I was a kid and I have so many great memories of those times. 2- I think it is one of the greatest films of all time & certainly one of the funniest. It balances clever & foolish, slapstick & rapid fire wordplay. 3- I am a sucker for Carey Grant & Katherine Hepburn. I wish they had made so many more movies together. Love!
  • Boogie1444
    Love Brett and the Podcast!
    Walk Don’t Run is the film that means the most to me. My mom and I bonded in my teenage years over classic films. One of our favorite actors was Cary Grant. Walk Don’t Run was the last movie we watched together before she passed. It’s a kind of tragic poetry that the last film Cary Grant made was the last one we watched together. It’ll always be special to me.
  • Sue me...
  • j$weeney
    Top dollar film pod + Brett Goldstein is a fantastic interviewer
    My favorite film? Impossible. My coffin film might be The Departed or Austin Powers: Spy Who Shagged Me. Thanks for everything Brett - love you and all you do. I think you should date Sarah Marshall or me. Either way - but I feel the vibes.
  • Arsnl1
    My absolute favorite podcast
    I’ve listened to nearly episode and I always find it so comforting, such a joy. Brett is so sweet and funny and genuine and I love the range of guests episodes how some of them are about film, some are about their lives, some are funny, some are sad. Would be a dream to be a non-celebrity guest of his.
  • dohdoh89
    Live this podcast. Keep making them forever.
  • DConly4us
    Film, Jokes and Opinions/Perspectives
    I’ve been listening to this for a while but I love more than anything the interesting reasons why someone chooses their films to be buried with or why they loved a film so much. Brett has a host of people as guest, different backgrounds, races, professions and each episode is engaging and fun. I love the funny dialogue about “how someone died”…always a cool story. This podcast keeps me going on my worst days and is a delight to giggle too and ponder. My film to be buried with is and always will be Rear Window- Alfred Hitchcock! It’s a classic, my favorite and I’ve watched it thousands of times.
  • Jen from Maine
    My Favorite Podcast
    I could listen to this podcast forever. As a film lover who has no read education around film, Brett and so many of his guests have taught me to watch films differently. I absolutely love it. Thank you for this gem ❤️
  • punchclock
    A great listen for any true film fan
    I have a handful of podcasts I listen to and this is my favorite. I am a fan of films. I watch, rewatch, study. I have had some of my favorite conversations with friends, old and new, going through Brett’s questions with them. I believe I can learn bibles of truth from any single person’s list of films that answer all of Mister Goldstein’s carefully curated list of questions. Hearing what some of my favorite celebrities (actors, writers, directors, etc) love, hate, use as inspiration, or just enjoy feels like a very personal peak behind the curtain. And I have found respect, interest, & bonding moments with new guests that I am not as familiar with. My dream is to answer all of these questions to the man himself - not that anyone would care about my answers but it is quite revealing nonetheless. I write down every film I haven’t seen or haven’t seen in awhile when they are mentioned. It really helps on those days when you’re simply scrolling and can’t decide on what to watch next. Thank you, Brett Goldstein.
  • Mls8866
    An absolute delight
    I’m still working my way through old episodes, but after listening to the Joe Cornish episode, I played “The Kid Who Would Be King” for my children and they are absolutely obsessed with it now.
  • schvitzing83
    My home away from home
    I lived in London for 7 years 2011-2018 and moved back to California 3 years ago. I’ve regretted my decision and have been grieving this loss for some time. Grief and nostalgia are a funny plague. They don’t just go away. They consume your everyday until you finally feel at peace. Anyway, I somehow stumbled upon Brett’s podcast and it was probably the only one that has really dug its claws in me. The conversations and banter brought me back to my London and the subject matter is about film which is already something I’m passionate about, not to mention with some incredible comedians with whom I’m also an aficionado of. I’ve tried to stop listening as it all comes flooding back but I can’t because it feels like I’m neglecting a dear friend. I heard you recently say you’re possibly taking a break and my heart sunk! Brett, don’t stop! Thank you for continuing this conversation with so many brilliant artists/people/comedians/thespians etc! It’s been my medicine during this time of healing. My dream would be to be interviewed on your podcast over a pint (wishful thinking!) Your forever fan -Courtney
  • Elbaman28280
    Love it, but…
    I am a 60+ Yank and I do occasionally have trouble with understanding Bret’s accent even after a couple of listens. That said, love the premise and the guests. Keep it up. Most influential film - A Good Year. I don’t speak French and don’t like wine. But that movie makes me want to move to Provence and buy a vineyard. Even went so far as reading it in book form and any of Peter M. ‘S other works. Cheers!
  • Aunt Wiz
    What do I need to do to be a guest?!
    I listened to two podcasts and this is one of them. I have always loved movies but realize I'm not nearly the aficionado I thought I was after becoming a fan of this pod! I love to have conversations in my head (and sometimes out loud) in the car with Brett and the guests about the movies and feel like if I play my cards right in life, someday I'll be on and get to discuss my favorite movie - and the way I die! 😆
  • meg.slc
    A Lovely Listen
    There are lots of things I enjoy about this podcast. One of them is when the guest is caught off guard when Brett does the “oh my god I forgot to tell you something” bit and they seem genuinely concerned for a few seconds. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does I absolutely love it and it makes me very happy. One thing I didn’t expect to like is once I caught the guest accidentally calling Brett Brad instead. Rose Johnson (ep. #154) says “I love you too Brad” at the very end of her chat. I’m not sure how often this happens, but I sure did like it when Rose did it. Probably unintentional. I may be addicted to watching movies, but often I feel guilty that I’m not being productive while I sit and watch them. This podcast allows me to multi task so I can get things accomplished while indulging in something I love hearing about. Thanks for putting this together and I admire all the hard work that goes in to this.
  • TheEnglishTeacher
    Too wonderful for words
    I love Brett Goldstein and films… what could be better? I’ve spent much of this weekend listening to the podcast (having just found out about it). After listening to the Brendan Hunt Resurrected episode and wiping my tears away, I’ve realized that Brendan and Brett are genuinely glorious humans. Though the podcast isn’t “serious”- Brett doesn’t shy away from the serious when it comes up— and it’s brilliant.
  • p2so
    Basically a film class
    When you get past the low hanging fruit answers (I’m looking at you The Godfather) it is fascinating to hear insights into films and perspectives you’ve never considered. I enjoy learning about films I don’t know or have not wanted to watch and getting compelled to see them. I’ve also really liked thinking through my own answers if Brett Goldstein were to have me on :)
  • DPS3283
    Not Bad
    Don’t love some of the background noise and some interviews it sounds like the guest are eating or drinking right in my ear.
  • Maria Prew 22
    GO ON
    I haven’t listed to the latest episode yet (Mark Kermode: Resurrection) because I don’t want it to end. I have learned of so many new and entertaining people from this podcast. Some episodes changed the way I think about movies (Dane Baptiste, Deborah Frances-White). Some have given me a new way to think about life (Patton Oswalt). Some guests are not as good as others. People who are very mainstream famous or commercially successful don’t seem to really get the point. It’s about personal revelations, not listing their credits that could easily be found on their IMDb page. I do have some lingering questions that I hope get addressed one day. For example, Brett is very sensitive to the treatment of women in cinema. HOWEVER, Singin’ in the Rain is apparently perfect. Doesn’t Gene Kelly start groping a random teenager while she’s trying to drive? And there are so many amazing guests he hasn’t had yet. He should try to make his way through all of the Taskmaster contestants. Finally, because I follow directions: The movie that meant the most to me is The Exorcist. Not for any heartwarming reason, but because I grew up in Mt. Rainier, Maryland (the site of the original story). I walked by the empty lot every day on my way to school. I finally saw the movie when I was 11 and it was every bit as traumatic as I expected.
  • JPeriodPPeriod
    People talking about what they love is my love language
    Brett is a great interviewer, basically “yes and” in human form. It’s been such fun learning about all these nifty people and coming up with my own post-mortem film festival. I’m ready to talk about Strictly Ballroom and the Three Colors trilogy anytime you need me! Any. Time.
  • floodthesun
    Finally, I feel seen.
    I caught wind of FTBBW a year ago or so, and it quickly became my all-time favorite podcast. I’m very grateful that this exists, what a wonderful concept. It’s always so fascinating to hear how guests answer these questions and a great joy to contemplate them myself. The film that means the most to me has always been, and I’d wager will always be, A Muppet’s Christmas Carol. I was born in ‘91, and I have watched the film every Christmas Eve since I was just a year of age. I’m so grateful for the timing of this film as it unlocks the deepest memories of my childhood. The buzzing speck of light that introduces ‘Jim Henson Productions’ caused me to laugh uncontrollably as a toddler. This was not just because it was a silly sound (though that aspect was definitely hilarious,) but that particular sound also meant that I was about to enter the greatest world in the name of Christmas spirit. It became our first family tradition to watch it every sleep before Christmas. As an only child in a rural area, the Muppets felt like my best friends, and to this day, spending every Christmas with them is one of my greatest comforts. When I got to be around 7 or 8, my parents and I would always groan and laugh when “The Love is Gone” would come on. We’d always poke fun at how long and boring it was, but always in a loving sort of way. I remember when we upgraded our VHS to a DVD and how SHOCKED we were when they had removed the song from the film! I still think that’s quite a blunder, despite the slog. Also, Michael Caine is the greatest Scrooge that ever was and ever will be. I’d never heard anyone else talk about this film until this podcast, and it has brought me unbelievable happiness to hear discussion on the single most meaningful and joyous film in my life. Thanks Brett for doing this show, each episode is such a joy. I look forward to the show’s return.
  • DefFyF1
    Great podcast
    The Kevin Pollak episode is what I live for.
  • DanielleDeebs
    I don’t usually leave reviews
    I just needed to say, how lovely, and wonderful it is to have Brett Goldstein in this world. However (said with Brett’s voice), he genuinely is a formidable podcast host as he is so sweet, enthusiastic, and hilarious. Your film knowledge will deepen, and you will google things that will make you cry with laughter (I’m talking about Emerald Fennell’s episode regarding “Topsy Kretts”). Thank you, Brett, for making my week always a bit sunnier, and I too, love the muppets.
  • Uvygu
    The Best (Movie) Podcast Out There
    Been listening for a couple years now, and FTBBW has remained one of my all-time favorite podcasts. It’s the perfect feel-good podcast for anyone who loves movies (and also an excellent resource for expanding your watchlist). Huge fan! Also to Brett, I met you this past year in LA and you were super kind and gracious with your time! Just wanted to say I appreciated it. And one more thing, in case you are ever looking to add another category to the podcast, I think “Best Theater Experience Ever” would be an interesting one! It seems that most people’s favorite theater experience differs from their favorite movie or their pick for objectively best film, so it could be neat. Alright, that’s enough from me. All the best!
  • KatWey4444
    I don’t particularly love movies
    However, I love the conversation and personal stories that come out of this podcast. There is a special kind of heart balm that comes from witnessing genuine humans interact.
  • DaniYogaTT
    Brett is a lovely boy and Buddy Peace Rules!!!
    Larry Crowne 2011. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts is as perfect a movie as you can get. Optimism. Diversity. The American Dream. Education. Reinventing yourself. College. Veterans. Small Business. Positive Masculine role models. Omg. Please see this! I’m obsessed with Films to be Buried with! Thank you Buddy Peace for the Xmas Mix. It’s so lovely and transforming. I’m obsessed!!! My film to be buried with is “What’s Up Doc?” Peter Bogdanovich through (Barbara Streisand) truly taught me what kind of lady I wanted to be when I grew up (Judy. Not Eunice) and what kind of man I wanted. Howard (as in, Sliding Down The) Bannister!
  • philly856
    You’ll get hit on listening to this in public
    I was walking down the street listening to this podcast and smiling. A stranger thought I was smiling at him and hit on me. Worth a shot to try it out. Too many favorite movies. Most memorable was Gremlins 2. I was fortunate to have a movie theater within walking distance from my childhood home. We would watch movies with the babysitter in the summer time after swim team practice. Well, as our feet were sticking to the dirty floor, the film actually caught fire and was burning across the screen just as the gremlins were multiplying. It was pure terror because I thought all the gremlins were going to jump through the screen. The end.
  • H.R. ⭐️
    Love, love, love! (With one weird note)
    This podcast is what I put on when I am in a bad mood and it always makes me laugh. Love film, love the perspectives. My film that I love that no one else even likes or has seen is Hamlet 2 (I have a full Ted Talk explaining, please follow up if you would like to hear). One note: in the end of year 2021 review they talk about the film OLD, and that it was a great weird idea by M. Night, it is not. It is actually based on a French graphic novel called Sandcastle, it was not his idea :) (sorry to be a comic book hipster. Really sorry.) But HIGH RECOMMEND THIS PODCAST. It is EXCELLENT!
  • pmcwriter
    Film That Means The Most To Me
    Babe. 1995. Because I took my two young nephews - ages 7 and 5 - to see it. It became their favorite film. They are in their 30s now. To make me laugh, they quote lines from the film. “Christmas is carnage.’ “Pork is a very sweet meat.” “That’ll do, pig.” PS - Speaking of Babe, thank you for putting the Nic Cage movie Pig on your ten best list for 2021!
  • Sw1zzles
    Films of the year
    Thanks goodness the Films of the Year 2021 has come out. I had just last week googled “Did Brett Goldstein and Nish Kumar have a falling out?” And all the results were just old Films of the Year episodes and I cried myself to sleep.
  • Itsmemagsb
    Everything everywhere all at once
    Love the podcast and the roster of guests. Thanks, Brett. A complete package new film that means so much to me: Everything Everywhere all at Once. It’s such a refreshing, authentic, amusing, and loving offering for filmgoers. Easily the best new film in years.
  • Me234578655
    Favorite and perfect film is Lonesome Dove with Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall. Favorite horror films are the Insidious movies…you should get Lin Shaye as a guest. She is amazing!!
  • Jan Donley
    Love this podcast!
    Brett Goldstein is so full of kindness and humor. I love how he creates conversation within his love of movies and how he is so accepting and thoughtful no matter what movies people choose. And he knows film! And he’s not a snob. He’s so open and smart and funny. He’s a delight. And the podcast is brilliantly conceived. Also, it gives me ideas for movies to watch. There are two movies I remember as my first: Sound of Music (I was 9) and Funny Girl (I was 12). Im not a big musical person now, but those films really affected me—went right to my heart and soul.
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