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What will it take to defeat Donald Trump in November? In season 2 of The Wilderness, Jon Favreau looks for the path to victory in 2020 by talking to voters, strategists, organizers, and candidates in the battleground states that will decide the election.

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  • Max S CA
    It’s actually good
    I thought this podcast would be Favreau living the glory days of the Obama ‘08 primary, but this podcast is VERY good. If you listen to Pod Save America it is likely to soothe yourself in troubled times. If you listen to The Wilderness, it is to do something about.
  • iant&t
    The Wilderness podcast is a beyond brilliant analysis of the methodical, systemic and thorough process it will entail when the Dems regain all control in 2020. Much Gratitude to Jon Fav. and the entire crew that has made this genius podcast a reality 💙
  • Phillip586
    Brilliant, thank you
    Thank you for the moving and brilliant podcast. Thank you for all the work that you do and inspiring and educating others to put in the work as well.
  • goodcol74
    The clarity we need.
    I’ve listened to the original Wilderness at least 3 times all the way through. I couldn’t wait for this one and it doesn’t disappoint. Thank you, Jon, for digging deep into what needs to happen and giving us all some peace of mind that getting that monster out of office this year is actually possible! #friendofthepod
  • Maur_een
    Thank you
    Thank you for giving me some hope, that we can do this.
  • Badasskiki
    Thank you
    Somehow, at the end of every episode, I have a little hope.
  • MQJustSaying
    Part thought provoking. Larger part hate filled mud slinging.
    So self unaware. The episode on the media is laughable and frustrating. No left wing versions of Fox?! Are they for real? Not convincing this independent. Both sides are more alike than different. Both vilifying the other. I didn’t vote for Trump and never will, but I’m not buying their load of BS either!
  • Daddy Lane
    Thoroughly informative
    This is far and away the most well-written, informative and inspiring podcast in my feed. Jon Favreau is amazing and presents well reasoned, well researched and insightful narrative to speak to where we are, where we need to be and how to get there. I am truly a fan.
  • Slevinkevin
    They assume that Latinos & black will just vote for them even though they have no legit platform is beyond dumb. Democrats are split between the Bernie & Hillary voters, they have no LEGIT PLATFORM.
  • Holly-olly
    Can’t wait for the Northwest
    I feel like up here in WA we are so insulated in our western WA blue bubble and tons of people take it for granted. I want to scream into the void when white, suburban voters tell me not to worry or tell me DT will win again and nothing can be done. I’m surrounded by apathy.
  • nyjenn1983
    I can always rely on the folks at Crooked Media for insightful, well-researched content from experts.
  • dirtyblonde888
    Oddly helps me calm down
    I’ve enjoyed Jon on PSA for along while but truly appreciate the deep dive. It helps for me to put voices to the fabled “political opponents” out there. It helps me to see people with opinions I disagree with as people. I hope there’s peace in the near future for our country. Thanks for your service, Jon. You me voice has helped keep me relatively sane over the past few years. Cheers.
  • buttermybread69
    Helpful hope
    I love hearing why voters voted for Trump so we can figure out how to change minds so we can change votes. Especially when it comes to Democrats who voted for Trump. That was very hard for me to understand. I’d love to get involved in helping change the tide in 2020 but don’t really know where to start...hoping this will help me get that answer.
  • momonguam
    A POD for the people!
    Well-presented, smart and politically savvy - totally engaging and listenable. Negative comments undoubtedly come from bots/trolls. The Party failed us in 2016 but dems are scrappy folk and strategic organizing has always been our thing. It’s 2020. Time to hit the bricks!
  • aps5521
    LoveIt (Ooops Wrong Podcast)
    Really enjoy the thoughtfulness of this podcast. It’s a great roadmap for how we can make some of the important change in this country. Also, hope that we get the full recordings of the focus groups as future Bonus content!
  • Eggy143
    Thanks for giving us hope!
  • acmcc13
    this podcast is SO. GOOD. granted, i'm a big fan of all the pod save podcasts, but this one is easily the best. so well done and so incredibly interesting. definitely worth listening to!! you’ll learn a TON and feel motivated and empowered to help make an impact in this political environment
  • Bus nasty 12345999
    What a joke of a podcast!
  • Lewis57855
    Call to action
    This is the most thorough and unique political podcast!
  • Freezzzzzzzing
    So much free mongering!
    Season 1 was fantastic. Season 2 might as well of been produced by Fox News. So depressing and full of free mongering.
  • Packerfreak
    How to GOTV
    We need something EXACTLY like this to drop a week before the election
  • CatherineKC
    A must listen!
    Everyone needs to listen to the Wilderness! We all need a reminder that small efforts can make huge impacts. This is especially important as we head into the 2020 elections.
  • DiscDude08
    Jumped in at the start of season 2. I couldn't make it through the first five minutes. It starts out with doom and gloom - a bunch of Henny Pennies predicting the end of the world if Trump is elected again. "Millions of people without healthcare. Many of them bankrupt... or DEAD!" "Our ability to save climage change is OVER." "This isn't another election, it could DESTROY OUR REPUBLIC." "I have a pit in my stomache too... AND WE SHOULD." "A second term ... would be even MORE DANGEROUS AND DEVASTATING THAN THE FIRST." Then the narrator then says of Trump, "Already he's using (various kinds of media) to keep his base ANGRY AND AFRAID AND WILLING TO CRAWL THROUGH GLASS TO VOTE FOR HIM." The irony of this opening is astouding. You spend several minutes fearmongering, claiming people are going to die and that the world is going to end.... and then call out trump for wanting to keep his base "angry and afraid." I couldn't go on. I don't want Trump in office, but this is clearly propaganda. The narrator has become the very thing he accuses Trump of. Find a different way to beat Trump. Jesus Christ.
  • Ohio Occupant
    New listener
    I just started listening with Season 2 and really enjoyed the first two episodes. I'm 65, white, retired, live in Ohio, switched to the Democratic Party in 1992, and I'm constantly struggling to understand how any sane, decent human being can be a Trump Republican. I found this podcast very insightful and helpful to me in grasping what has happened to my country.
  • coachmarka
    Brilliant Podcast
    This is a roadmap to success in 2020. Well written and brilliantly narrated
  • JennAutry68
    Crooked Media is top tier (#1)!!!!
    Wilderness II-I’m so excited!!!!! This series is what turned me on to Crooked Media. Favs did an excellent job and I ADORE these guys. They give me hope.
  • Liuhfjxykchhcdwqyp
    Simultaneously hopeful and full of despair
    I love this podcast because of the insights it provides that are difficult to find anywhere else. But, within the span of one episode, my emotions range from feeling very hopeful hearing about all the hard work people on the ground are doing to help elect Democrats in 2020, to feeling despondent hearing a focus group participant say she’s thinking about voting for Trump again because she’s been making a ton of money from the stock market. It’s unpleasant to be reminded how myopic and self centered some voters are. Other than that, I really do enjoy listening and look forward to each new episode.
  • Kbc610
    S2,E1&2 will put you in a positive mindset, if you’re progressive, or even open minded, in 2020. Thank you Jon for telling these stories and introducing me to these fellow Americans.
  • tkkny1
    Thoughtful and inspiring political podcast
    How to reclaim the moral arc of the United States - to bend it back toward justice and hope for all people. It certainly starts by winning in 2020 - and empowering the voices majority of our citizens - season 1 gave me hope for 2018 and reclaiming the House - but that was just the warm up - the real challenge is to win the Presidency - the Senate - and maybe, not to sound too dramatic - the future of our Country.
  • Adam_Denver
    So Good!
    The first episode of Season 2 is So Good. I built this season up in my head and it delivers. Thank you, John and Team, so much for the perspective, information, and hope.
  • JAU1958
    The Wilderness Rocks
    Excellent! Your reporting gives me hope and motivates me to help & get out the vote. Thanks Jon Favreau & Crooked Media for all you do. You’ve kept me sane these past 3+ years.
  • joeshii
    The inspiration you need for 2020
    with a healthy dose of fear and reality to reallz add zing you need for the inspiration to do anything
  • Izzy3204
    Must. Listen.
    Season 2 is the most important podcast you can listen to in 2020.
  • aliga75
    They’re still missing the point!
    I am very much in the middle politically. I think they’re trying to steer away from vilifying anyone who has ever voted for a republican, but they’re failing. Those who already agree with you will love this podcast, those on the fence will be annoyed.
  • Critical Narrativist
    Season 2 is even more critical!
    Season 2 of the Wilderness is a must listen if you care about our Republic. If you are scared, worried and anxious that the Republicans and their movement represents a threat to American values you must listen and act!
  • beesanddogs
    Bursting my buttons!!
    Simply cannot wait for the next season to start! To the Crooked Media team: you are like a North Star in this time of darkness. You remind us all how high the stakes are. You brilliantly educate the public on how to think about politics and the role voters and citizens play. And you consistently provide recommendations on easy, achievable, and/or effective ways for each of us to make a difference. Please keep up the good work!
  • ___toast
    Binge this
    Just re-listened to all of season 1 to get excited for season 2! Such an amazing pod.
  • Al Ciccarelli
    Looking Foward
    I just subscribed for season 2. Looking forwarding to each episode. 2020 is going to a historic election!!
  • NYCviewer
    Smart - so smart
    Educational, enjoyable. Another five-star production of Crooked Media.
  • bigbeaut97
    I can’t wait!!!!
  • BrenElice
    B. H. N
    Both instructional and inspiring. Thank you Jon Favreau for deciding we needed such a podcast and for making it happen.
  • rae says
    I love it!
    Thank you! Excited for the new season!
  • That Guy With Opinions
    Transcendent. Amazing.
    Want to know how we got here and how we can move forward to victory as progressives? This series gives the context and the inspiration and cuts through the noise to remind any listener what we are fighting for. Can’t wait for the upcoming season! Crooked Media is the best!
  • johny dingle
    TRUMP 2020!!
    Trump 2020 baby
  • Entropycat
    Can’t wait for season 2
    Just heard there will be a season 2 coming out in 2020!
  • Meez10
    I can’t wait for season 2!
  • Juicer137
    A Work Of Art
    Currently on my second listen through this pod! It’s so powerful! Well done, Favs!
  • 😑😐😴🙄
    Thanks, but Climate Change
    Thanks Jon for embarking on a meaningful project that has, among other things, sparked a lot of dialogue between me and my wife. We listened to nine episodes on long car rides to and from the beach this week. We are both Democrats and live just outside the DC line, but not in political jobs. The series is overall excellent and covers so many issues so well. I don’t ever comment on podcasts, but I wanted to do it here for two reasons: to commend the contribution and also raise the gap in coverage on climate change. In episode 9, there is a great opportunity for you to raise the idea of a stimulus package involving green industry as a way to address myriad issues covered in the Pod: income inequality, transition to new economy, job creation, national security, even racial justice. It can be used to engage Silicon Valley and American innovation in a positive way. I’m surprised at the absence of this in your otherwise good whiteboard of ideas in that episode and more generally. I am at a loss to understand the lack of focus and the lost opportunity in the party right now on this topic. There is a moment for Dems to seize here to address so many interrelated issues. I hope you and PSA will continue to push on that issue as you move ahead. PS - I like the ads, and already have Quip - now looking into Swell
  • Joey Mims
    2 stars: 1 star because it’s entirely one sided for Democrat candidates as people - not as policy. But the 2nd star is deserved because it’s brilliant and comical at the same time. Listening to it you get a deep sense of such heartbreak with the loss of the 2016 election. It reminds me of when we were attacked in 9/11 and the country was in great remorse - but this wasn’t a terrorist attack. This was a Democrat LOSS of presidential election.
  • eward0507
    Great work, Jon! Just finished the series and I’ve learned some and have some newfound hope for the Democratic Party.
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