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Filmmakers and entertainers discuss the movies that inspired them. Hosted by Oscar nominated screenwriter and TFH Guru Josh Olson and fearless leader himself, director Joe Dante. The Movies That Made Me is recorded live in Hollywood and engineered by film composer Don Barrett.

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  • LordNyar
    You need to get the 2 Davids!
    I love the show and it’s informative and entertaining interviews with people in all aspects of the movie industry. My only complaint is when are we getting an episode apiece with David Cronenberg and David Lynch!! Please make it happen soon.
  • gotchaknows
    Wonderful interviews & insight
    Your show is great. Thank you, Mr. Dante, for helping shape my childhood. Your style is inimitable. But..PLEASE boost his level, he’s very hard to hear without earbuds. Love your show
  • Joesharkey998
    Great show. Fix the audio
    I’ve been enjoying this pod for some time. Joe Dante offers terrific insight and knowledge. Josh Olson keeps things moving but occasionally can bring things to a halt with I’ll considered asides that fall flat. Nonetheless it’s a ton of great content that’s undermined by the production’s apparent fervent unwillingness to provide industry standard audio quality for co-host Dante. This has been going on for 5 years now and for a craftsman like Dante not to require audio quality that matches the most run of the mill pods is disappointing and detracts from the content.
  • He who shall remain nameless
    Great convos/poor audio quality
    One of the hosts sounds like he’s in a submarine. Whole sentences are unintelligible, even on headphones. Great hosts though.
  • Borscht 23
    Andra Whipple is awful
    Hearing Andra Whipple complain about standing in the sun for too long while picketing is absolutely disgusting. Hey Andra, you know who has to work 14hr days in the same hot sun? Every crew member that ever worked on a film shoot for their ENTIRE LIVES. To hear this person complain about the “suffering” wga picketers are enduring is absolutely vomit inducing. How about you watch Harlan County USA to see what sacrifice is really all about. The idea that you are heroic for standing in the sun for 4hr shifts is repulsive and undermines the wga struggle and the entire labor movement itself. Grow a backbone and you might actually inspire those around you to take your side rather than walk away in disgust. People are losing their homes and you sit there and complain about not having shade while you protest???
  • jellyntoasy
    The last 5+ guests has been a great listen
    -a 21 year old avid vhs enjoyer
  • Krypto Cookies
    God bless Joe Dante and Josh Olson. (And I’m a raging atheist.)
  • W.F. Berkeley
    Good stuff
  • disjb
    Can Josh stop taking, please?
    Josh need to stop talking and fumphering and let the guests talk. A terrible broadcaster and a big douche. Please ask Joe to move 100 yards closer to the microphone.
  • Son of the Wolf 1969
    Great show
    I love this show (working my way through all of the episodes) and was just listening to the Josh Olson’s comment about the fan asking Dan Clowes about how he feels making fun of his own fans in his comics and Dan replies, “How does that make YOU feel?”. I was that fan at the San Diego Comic Con and I admire your memory of that. I’m still a Clowes’ fan and had a nice correspondence going with him in the mid-to-late 90’s.
  • lowefidelity
    Alan Arkush!
    Hearing Joe Dante and Alan Arkush talk about coming up, editing trailers for Corman was amazing. I’ve been sharing the episode with everyone.
  • jonFrias
    Thanks for having Panos on!!! So sick.
  • Anthony Giancola
    Depends Entirely on the Guest
    If the guest is someone interesting or at the very least charismatic (William Friedkin or Alan Arkush) then the episode will be really good. If the guest is someone really boring, or a not awesome filmmaker then I usually skip. Audio varies episode to episode (we need to return to a time when Skype audio was NOT acceptable for a podcast) but the real problem is that Joe Dante barely contributes in some episodes and he’s the main reason I listen. No hate for Josh, but he has to do the thing where he LIES about the quality of a guest’s movie (Dear Evan Hansen, hello?) and play host. When Joe contributes the show really works well and I wish they’d have more classic filmmakers on. Overall an ok show, but misses more than it hits.
  • Tyberious25
    The Gold Standard
    Hands down the best movie podcast. What more is there to say. Josh Olson and Joe Dante are movie masters.
  • Justjoshf
    Very good but quality varies
    Sound quality varies episode to episode but I like the hosts and the guests usually have something fascinating to say about film and filmmaking, so thumbs up but with a couple of reservations.
  • BnBTerry
    Grab a pen
    Great podcast,makes me smile.I have pen and paper by my side when I listen.So many great leads,I’m having a renaissance of watching good movies because of the great info/movies discussed on this show.Sure beats the styrofoam bland choices of Netflix.Buy the physical movie.
  • Bunny Cub
    No more Bobcat but love the pod
    I cannot follow the episodes with Bobcat they’re way too “inside” I have no idea what anyone is talking about especially him as he mumbles. Also what’s up with all the self promotion for their new movie which I can’t watch. This podcast is supposed to be diametrically opposed to that. Thumbs down!!!
  • ericten2
    Great podcast
    Great guests and Dante is encyclopedic in his film knowledge, Olson needs to stop interrupting guests with his opinions. I find that rude. Let the guests finish a thought man.
  • Blachefan
    I love this podcast!
    It is great to hear Joe Dante and Josh Olson interact with their guests about the movies that influenced their work.
  • josieh
    Joe Dante and the West Wing Thing guy?!? YES!!!
    Can’t believe this podcast exists!! Turns out we CAN have good things!!
  • FilmPodcastLove
    Cream o’ the crop
    Everyone praises Dante’s encyclopedic film knowledge but Olson is at the least wikipedic. We’re treated to a wide range of film industry guests, each revealing the surprising choices of films that inspired them. And I love that the show (mostly) avoids talking about whatever current production the guest has been publicizing in other venues. The hosts’ anecdotes about troubled productions or trouble actors are quite entertaining, as is hearing about deep cuts that inevitably pop up in every show. I wish they’d do more segments devoted to listeners’ questions. I have no idea how to submit some.
  • Ragman300
    Very enjoyable but uneven
    Needs more Joe Dante and a little less Josh Olson. One of the few movie podcasts where the hosts have a real sense of film history and recognize that movies didn’t start with ‘The Goonies’
  • manayunk wall
    I am listening, keep them coming!
    Loved the banter with Robert Picardo on East Falls, Allens Lane, Powelton Village. The cheesesteak talk about Dellissandros and Steve's steaks. It's the little things like this I like to hear. Especially since I'm listening from the North Shore of Massachusetts now longing for a little taste of Phila.
  • ChristophersRants
    Meh politics
    I will keep listening but meh liberal Hollywood hypocrisy at it’s truest. Yeah New Year I’m honestly done with these people. The rest of the listeners have fun with your echo chamber.
  • joboyt
    Geez with the elitist politics
    Here lately the hosts feel it necessary to talk politics. Today they spoke about actors with conservative views as being on the “dark side”. What happened to being able to have your own independent views and being able to get along and agree to disagree with those who hold opposing views? I used to tune into this podcast to hear great conversations about movies from interesting and talented people not to get more of the same political talk I see and hear everywhere else.
  • M_Tak
    Excellent, fun, and engaging
    I discovered this podcast after watching Clancy Brown in The Mortuary Collection. The perfect episode for the Halloween season. I loved Joe Dante’s insights and film history knowledge intertwined with the discussion of films that influenced the guest. I look forward to listening to the other episodes as well.
  • ElZombo
    A trifecta of riches for me! I just finished the Clancy Brown episode; awesome! Clancy is amazing! I’ve been a fan going all the way back to Bad Boys. He brings so much to each project and he’s so much fun on screen. I had the pleasure of doing his make up once and he’s a truly wonderful person. I was thrilled to work for Joe on Osiris Chronicles (XFX, inc.) and had a wonderful time. I’m also very sure that I met Josh at MastersFX when I was cleaning up Harlan Ellison after a lifecasting session. Wonderful podcast guys! Thank you so much for all the information and entertainment ! J #thegreenslime!!!
  • andwhi
    My favorite movie podcast. Great interviews!
  • Howling_Gremlin
    My favorite podcast (full stop)
    What a fantastic podcast, the banter between Josh and Joe is funny and informative and the guests seemingly always have a vested interest in the films they discuss. Also, just for Mr. Dante: Blow Out is an incredible film!
  • BenW63
    Some of the best film history online
    Always entertaining. Terrific guests. Wonderful behind the scenes stories.
  • elud44
    Awesome podcast
    This is such a great podcast. Not only is it a great reference if you’re looking for movies you’ve never seen, but the conversations between the hosts and the guests are always fascinating. I love the idea of talking about the films that influenced an artist as opposed to conversations about that particular artist’s work. It’s just a great way to learn about different movies.
  • Alisontd
    Tell me all the stories
    Love this show!! Great guests with great interviews. It helps to be more familiar with the film industry. But the history of film and the personal stories coming from Joe Dante & Josh Olson are a delight 🤘🏼
    The best podcast of 2020!
    It’s true! It’s truuuueeee!!
  • derwoodspinks
    My favorite podcast
    One of the only podcasts that I actually look forward to each week. A true bright light in these trying times.
  • Bustindrowning
    The Movies That Made Me
    It’s the best. Makes writing reviews easy.
  • Bill Muhlstein
    Awesome movie podcast!
    Digs deep down into the passion centers of their great filmmaker guests. Love the show, guys. Big fan of Josh and Joe’s work as well! Fabulous stories and insights. Thanks for all your work!
  • PKest1916
    Great podcast
    The quality of the episodes differ depending on how much the guest embraces the format but even a ‘bad’ episode tends to be highly entertaining thanks to Josh Olson keeping the train running and Joe Dante proving he knows more about movies than anyone else alive... and I’ve spent a lifetime trying to figure out who to give that title to. Martin Scorsese likes to pretend but not even he has the Dante Deep Cuts.
  • Larles Chongo
    Get QT, Eastwood, Bigelow, Murray,
    I want Joe and Josh’s own episodes of the movies that made them, Clooney, Pitt, Soderbergh, Rubinek, Elric Kane, Brian Saur, Gibson, Peele, Love you guys, invite them all!
  • KnowNick name
    great conversations with intriguing people
    Stream of conscience conversations for the digital streaming era. Kudos to Mssrs. Olson and Dante!
  • 16-0
    Best podcast out there
    Amazing guests, passionate hosts, and a unique format.
  • S.E. Cramer
    I don’t often review podcasts but I will here because I find this show so unassumingly charming. It is a relief these days to just listen to people talk about what they love. But if you’re more into people talking about what they hate, Olson has you covered with a different podcast (libs be warned).
  • John E Light
    Unsubscribe after #BLM was used
    If any podcast wants to promote a gang like BLM, that’s the last time I’ll support that podcast. This is supposed to be a movie related show not bs politics! People in some parts of California are truly demented. Unfortunately Joe and his nobody cohost are part of that community of individuals with Trump derangement syndrome!
  • Tony the tiger x1 94
    Love it
    best movie podcast, bar none. So many great reccommendations come out of every show.
  • Dmguajar
    One of my Favorite Podcast
    Lot of great insight into movies i’ve seen and some i’ve never heard of. I always leave with a massive list of must-see movies that I'll probably never get to, but I have a goal to shoot for.
  • KentB
    The Best
    Truly the best movie podcast
  • JLU4Life
    Joe Bob...
    If Joe is going to be condescending toward a guest, just don't have them. It's not a good look. Otherwise, it's a great podcast.
  • Peter N Hillman
    Have Really Hit Strides with Pandemic Episodes
    Long-time follower who finds some episodes complete hit-or-miss depending on guest, and extent of Josh’s filibusters. Their current series of Pandemic recommendations in meal-shaped portions from former guests consistently is outstanding. Vote that they continue!
  • I haven't any nickname.
    The Movie Podcast I didn’t know I needed
    Josh Olsen and Joe Dante, between the two of ‘em, know just about everything in terms of movie history. The show is not pretentious, funny, and gives the listener a lot of solid “homework” to look up. The free form nature of the conversation makes it feel like you’re sitting amongst friends. Best movie Podcast out there!
  • TheLastofSheila
    My favorite podcast right now
    Great to hear people talk about the obscure movies they love.
  • WyattMazetis
    Great Podcast!
    I love the candid & informal conversations are so much fun to any movie nerd. There are a large variety of different artists all throughout the industry. The Jesse V. Johnson one is a treat.
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