Hey Riddle Riddle

by Headgum
Leisure #24Games #3

Riddles! Puzzles! WhoDunnits! Adal Rifai, Erin Keif and John Patrick Coan, three of Chicago's most overrated improvisers, are on the case to solve every riddle, puzzle, brain-teaser, and head-scratcher known to humanity. Some riddles are almost impossible, some are absolutely improbable, and some simply have not aged well. And if you don't like riddles, don't worry! This podcast is barely about them!

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  • Listless in Lake Buena Vista
    Small, Medium, Large? Large
    I would vote large on each of these hosts everyday if I could. This is the only podcast that has made me laugh so much I got worried I was unknowingly high at work. We will now each say our favorite colors so Hanna can make us friendship bracelets that we won’t see for at least a year. Side note to Little Monkey Bones: I miss you buddy, I understand that your stardom has made it impossible for Erin, Adal and JPC to be able to afford to have you on the show anymore but if you have it in your heart I’d love to hear from you again.
  • Thebriteofnite5
    *giggles uncontrollably*
    Me- *laughs inappropriately mid conversation* “Sorry, I was just thinking about how funny JPC, Erin and Adal are” Thanks for showing this awkward weirdo they aren’t alone. Looking forward to many more episodes to come!
  • moopleton
    I recently discovered this and am still in season 1, but So far this is one of my favorite podcasts. I laugh out loud multiple times per episode. And have fun trying to solve the riddies and puzzies too!
  • pod.jpg
    I don’t even leave reviews…
    …but this podcast is so funny and so enjoyable, that it instantly became my new favorite. Morbid curiosity had to skim through and see who would dare leave anything less than 5 stars, and what criticism they could possible have. Whoever has done so, I hope we never meet in real life because we will not be friends. So this review is written mostly out of spite to anyone who gives this brilliant production anything less than they deserve.
  • Shockwave527
    An Interesting Take on True Crime
    This is probably the most unusual True Crime/Murder Mystery podcast I’ve ever heard. They really like to delve into the motive - each episode seems to be building up the motive more and more, and yet I have no clue who dies, who’s the murderer, do they all die, do they all become murderers? Each episode ties so much together only getting me more invested in how this all ends. And somehow within all of this motive-building it’s hilarious as well. Keep up the great work, I’m on the edge of my seat.
  • Alex Perish
    JPC almost caused me a great personal inconvenience
    hi, love the show, I just want JPC to know that he did his very funny “hey Siri” bit while i was driving, causing Siri to block my gps which made me miss a crucial turn on my delivery route. i had to drive an extra two miles to be able to turn around. thank you for that ;) very funny show, keep up the good work.
  • ChildeRowland
    Claire Danes teen drama?
    My (so-called) Wiiife!
  • scam-likely
    More puzzle-bot
    More puzzle bot please
  • Z-Run95
    I’m so tired, and titles are hard…
    As I write this I’m sitting at O’Hare airport having just gotten off my first ever commercial flight. I’m not too proud to admit that I was deeply anxious about the entire process, so much so that I couldn’t sleep at all last night before the 5am boarding. But somehow, while waiting at my gate, laughter broke the tension when I heard a teenage JPC try to get lucky with a sexually liberated gym class rope. Thanks for all the fun you three, and thanks for helping me out today. You’re all perfect, never change. (But for real y’all get on that Patreon, it’s the best time)
  • Locoloco17
    Great show
    I hope the Howard Dean scream never stops.
  • dbk-copper80
    Five stars.
    This is a good podcast.
  • Jakeyjake6488
    My podcast player is broken
    Not sure what happened. I’ve been listening to this show forever. It’s usually a glorious combination of riddles and chaos. Lately though, it’s just been Howard Dean’s scream on a ten hour loop. I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my app but uhh… give HRR a listen because it’s great! Even when it’s just Dean’s Scream™️. Bye!
  • Slug Dinkleman
    Love it, best show to listen to especially if you’re looking to get your weekly dose of the Howard Dean scream
  • Mgeezerrrrr
    Alright so,
    This is the only podcast I listen to now. I started a few months ago and have worked my way back to episode 39. This is the funniest trio and I am so glad to have something that consistently makes me laugh out loud especially while I’m working. I know many people who put on podcasts they’ve heard before to help them fall asleep so I tried that with HRR. My god it did not work, I couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t know any better way to express how funny something is than the ability to experience it twice and laugh just as hard both times. Anyways, I’m insane and these are my puppets
  • Grumpy Ol Doc
    Great podcast but…
    It’s a really funny podcast but I still can’t find my socks.
  • acab🤪🤪
    Recommended From The Youth!
    I started listening to this show at the end of eighth grade and now I am a senior in high school! Erin, Adal, and JPC have affected my personality and sense of humor in neither a positive or negative, but definitely irreparable, way, and it is interesting to examine this show next to other media I find funny, because it is unbearably cringey comparatively! I feel a deep parasocial connection to the hosts, although I would rather die than meet Adal or JPC in real life! Erin is the only tolerable one and I like her funky energy! I keep trying to get my friends to listen but they think podcasts are stupid and weird and are also high schoolers with better things to do! I will keep recommending anyway though so five stars!
  • Spencer Doane
    This show makes me violently sob tears of laughter
    I started this silly little riddle podcast because i ran out of things to do and it was weirdly the best thing to happen to me back in 2019. I’ve listened to every main feed episode and patreon episode and have loved every second of it, even when Adal and JPC take turns burning Erin’s mental state to the ground. I also listen while trying to sleep and that usually just keeps me up an extra hour because i can’t stop laughing. literally my favorite podcast literally ever. -Spencer (She/her)
  • Alex D Araiza
    I Feel Hopeless
    In that same old way where it’s hard to enjoy anything I can’t seem to listen to or watch any show new or old. Somehow Hey Riddle Riddle is reaching me here in this depression hole. I think this is the third relisten and it’s making me feel a bit better. Three friends who sometimes are really good at annoying each other, but also are really good at doing improv, being funny, and showing how it is to have a good time with people you love (even if it’s with riddles you sometimes hate.) Grateful for the show, and I hope more and more folks find it and all the other shows these podcasters are apart of.
  • bxp7690
    Hey Riddle Riddle Saved My Life
    I vowed to my wife on her death bed that I would solve her murder. I was about to start gathering the evidence and piecing the clues together but instead I listened to an episode of “Hey Riddle Riddle.” For the next hour I heard three people driven insane by attempting to solve riddles for children. These three people seemed friendly in the beginning but after 45 minutes they were still on the first riddle, had begun yelling and threatening to take people to “Riddle Court.” I took my headphones out, slumped my head and realized that if these people couldn’t solve a children’s riddle without going insane, I would never survive solving my wife’s murder without losing my sanity also. FIVE STARS.
  • Pohn Catrick Joen
    Five Stars
    This is A podcast, and is that not enough for you?
  • th0r0din50n
    Almost broke my ribcage
    I know very well by this point that I shouldn’t listen to this while at the gym, laughing in the middle of doing bench press is dangerous, but ohhhhh BABY I’m just too horny for riddies and puzzies to turn this show off once it comes on.
  • Vendettafi
    Great ambience and scenery, almost no smell!
    The cabin is barely even still on fire and the heat from the remaining fuel kept my family warm for most of our stay. Neighbors were quiet as a graveyard! The views and local wildlife made the whole trip worth it. One detractor, however, was the incident where the wild man appeared from deep in the woods and chucked my flashlight into the brush. Before stealing only my shoelaces, he did hand me what he called his “business card license” which seems to be the remains of a skunk with a phone number written on it in what may or may not be owl feces. I’ll give 1-805-RIDDLE1 a call and see what the buzz is about. But hey, don’t let my one minor strange experience keep you from this one of a kind destination!
  • Dongzo
    Love it all so much
    I love these three. The long form episodes are my favorite. More D&D!!!
  • Donsterr
    Stupendous Improv/Banter
    The stupid jokes in the review section tell you really well what you’ll be getting. They have some of the funniest running characters and bits I’ve ever listened to!
  • alexduane
    Pretty okay
    Long time listener, first time commenter. Though I’d take some time here to mention that there are lots of other podcasts you could more responsibly listen to, but if you insist on this one it’s not bad. One of my go-to “inane chatter” casts that I listen to while doing chores.
  • dana.scully
    Always making me laugh
    I love this podcast and these hosts! I’ve never laughed out loud more while alone than I have while listening to Hey Riddle Riddle. And so many lines will *always* make me laugh when I need it most- “how far up the egg do the pants go? 😏👀”
  • Agitated Salamander
    Hey riddle riddle is a pod cask
    Addle refried, Jay pea see and Eren Keef are possibly some of the funny est people I’ve herd. This pod cask is the highlighter of my day and I wish I could leaf six star. Siri send review.
  • theBuffybot
    Jack Gogh
    I hooked up with a guy once whose name was Jack Gogh, last name pronounced “Goff”
  • k8efa
    one of my favorite podcasts!!
    the title is 100% true and you should listen to this podcast, but I really just wanted to usurp the current top review because I didn’t like its vibes. while I’m here though I’ll add that the hosts are unbelievably funny and you will have a Fun Time listening!
  • Kaimoore400
    Disinterested in quality
    This podcast is perfect for someone who couldn’t care less one way or another about riddles and hates improv so meticulously they can point out every way they are doing it poorly.
  • PenelopePD
    Please listen to this podcast!
    Adal is an encyclopedia of puns, weird laughs and genius game making. Erin is a fashionable queen who deserves the world and more, her singing cures illness and you should always tell her how awesome she is. JPC is a random generator of the most hilarious words spoken by a person on purpose and maybe by accident. All together they form the most chaotic, wonderful, belly laugh inducing podcast. If I need a laugh, I always know where to go. Also works if I need to be confused. Please come to Kansas City, you’re all such wonderful people!
  • Askewed One
    Every time I hit play expecting a father and son exploring in the world of imrpov, I'm met by these three attempting to answer impossible questions while a silent host keeps watch in the background. Characters such as Maria CVS, Little Monkey Bones, and Puzzbot manage to keep me choking back laughter while I'm at work. As such, I can't ding the interruption of riddle-solving by calling for scenes, as the latter keeps me coming back more than this podcast's namesake.
  • bas8014
    Improv for All!
    In this hilarious improv podcast, father/son duo of Tim and Dan, along with their hilarious neighbor/boss/landlord/therapist Damian, capture the feeling of stage improv in podcast form. Weekly, a diverse array of special guests bring their comedic chops for a chat and ‘prov. This show proves that Improv is NOT Dead!
  • xXxGinger_SpiceXxX
    This is a Podcast
    My favourite person on this podcast is Casey, who I do love. I listen to every podcast he edits and he is *chef's kiss* p.s. *chef's French kiss*?
  • jaugustmeyer
    So funny!
    This show is so funny and actually teaches you things too! Like the life lesson I missed in grade school, it’s better to be funny than have the right answer.
  • Ice-Town
    I'm a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and my butt smells and I like to kiss my own butt
  • bubblegumbackfat
    Casey start the outro music,
    Jupiter. Goodbye forever!
  • Tonloc888
    It’s WYDER!
    Pretty great podcast, pretty great bathroom tissue brand, pre-tty great can still get you pregnant.
  • dellingerj
    Salt, Lime, Tequila
    Sometimes a group comes along that manages to make something greater than the sum of its parts. Every so often, while awaiting new episodes, I pull up a random one. Invariably, I think to myself, “this is the best—the bits are on fire this episode!” Only to realize, three random episodes later, that every episode is as good—as funny—as enjoyable—as the last. If I could only listen to one podcast, it would be Hey, Riddle, Riddle.
  • WhoMe92
    {Insert Catchy Title Here}
    Hello JPC if you are reading this I’ve successfully lured you into my trap… To escape you must answer my riddle that is actually more of a joke. Are you ready? How do you get an Elephant out of Safeway? -once you figure it out you are free to go!- Yours Truly Emily!! 🥸
  • Rhannahcp
    Cured my alopecia!
  • Benyamín
    This show saved my marriage
    Hanging on by a thread Our love was all but left for dead Til Adal, John, and Erin Keif Performed improv to our relief The riddles flew, bad and good To talks of our sweet childhood Finally this union has a chance At life’s greatest riddle: true romance. ———————————————————————— This is obviously fake (the 5 stars are definitely real though). How the heck could improv comedy fix this smoldering hospital fire? Just hoping JPC is still contractually obligated to read 5 star reviews. Love the show. P.S. My wife and I are fine. Can’t have a bad marriage if you don’t have one. (JK though, I’m happily married)
  • BuzzBudz
    Came for the riddles, Stayed for the lack of riddles
    Season 2 was the reboot needed to jumpstart this podcast. I already forgot the names of the new hosts, but at least you hit all the key demographics. I knew that marketing degree would come in handy, JPC. (But seriously, I love you guys. Keep the great work, greater improv, and so-so riddle solving!)
  • kwinchester7
    Best show for the average unhinged person
    This is the best show to listen to if you want people to think you’re a crazy person chuckling to yourself. Or a show that you show your friends while cracking up only to look over and see how terrified and worried they look. JPC, Erin, and Adal are some of the funniest people to listen to and I look forward to hey riddle riddle every week.
  • gremlin420
    oh boy
    I started one month ago. and I got through all 200 or so episodes. the emotional journey? insane and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I've laughed, I've cried, I've screamed, I've reinvented myself, all because of this podcast. all my friends think I'm crazy because all I talk about is riddles now. 10/10 can't wait for more
  • Calc you later
    Hey Riddle Fiddle-de-Diddle
    Bibbity boppity boppity bimminy wiggly diggly duga luga huga puga ruga jiggly wiggly hominy huminy hey! Gigga ligga luggage tonage timmy tammy toomy tummy roomy rummy mimmy mommy daddy paddy puddle scrimmage muggle puggle hi hey hee hoo! Slippy slappy sloppy puppy pappy poppy papaya jambalaya hi how are ya Grenada sonata biscotti! Once my friends agreed to play animal parade with me, I owe a golden shining moment to the chaotic silliness that is this trio. Get hooked on the main stream then subscribe to their Patreon for more!
  • Chuck M Is Shaking
    Surf’s up my guy, 100%
    HRR is definitely my comfort podcast. I always have a great time listening and Adal, Erin, and Japes have made a lonely few years way more bearable. The main feed is hilarious, but their Patreon is next level. Worth every penny. Also JPC drinks piss. …that felt cheap. Jupiter! Bye Forever! And sometimes Wakka Wakka!
  • Spiritpotato
    JPC, per your contract, please read the following:
    Hey Adal, hey Erin I got BONE to pick with the two of you. Remember last week when I told you I was having trouble finding a funny podcast to listen to and you told me to go try Neigh Spittle Spittle? I don’t know WHAT you were thinking! I spent an hour listening to wet smacking sounds and what I think was horses eating peanut butter! I said I wanted funny, not sexy! Anyway, my name is John Patrick Cohen and I was not contractually obligated to say any of what I just said! (Seriously though, y’ll, this has become my all time favorite podcast and everyone NEEDS to listen to it.)
  • Lorelei Faye
    I do have something I’d like to plug.
    My butt.
  • katie_2shoes
    Kevins & Susies
    My favorite podcast! I‘ve been listening started 2019. The hosts are endlessly funny, kind, seem to genuinely like & care about each other, and the Patreon content is top notch. The sound design is stellar. Have developed a crush on Arne Parrott, his song contributions over the years have all been 10/10 (Related - I realized embarrassing late that Arne Parrott is *not* Arnie Niekamp from Magic Tavern - for awhile I thought he was just secretly a talented musician, but in hindsight it makes sense they’re different people.) Do yourself a favor and listen!
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