Hey Riddle Riddle

by Headgum
Leisure #18

Riddles! Puzzles! WhoDunnits! Adal Rifai, Erin Keif and John Patrick Coan, three of Chicago's most overrated improvisers, are on the case to solve every riddle, puzzle, brain-teaser, and head-scratcher known to humanity. Some riddles are almost impossible, some are absolutely improbable, and some simply have not aged well. And if you don't like riddles, don't worry! This podcast is barely about them!

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  • Merlynpoto
    What do three podcast hosts added together equal?
    Lots and lots of laughter! (Never said it was a good riddle). Thank you so very much for being you. Also Arnie Parrot’s songs are awesome! I love Review Crew. Keep up making Erin laugh. It’s contagious, leads me into giggles every time.
  • JacquiKing927
    I, JPC, think that way Adal eats Kit Kats is completely fine, in fact, it is the superior method.
  • knopik_24
    Big Ups 🗿👍
    Big Ups 🗿👍
  • Folcra
    Audible proof of the second law of thermodynamics
    If you go back and listen to early episodes of Hey Riddle Riddle, you may find that the hosts seem unenthusiastic about riddles despite their instant chemistry with one another. The format of the show wasn't yet established, and so there was little improv and a good amount of banter. The podcast has since become primarily improv, with prompts coming from the conversation generated by these often incomprehensible riddles. The enthusiasm for the riddles remains roughly the same. But while you may hear a fun and cute podcast episode about bad riddles, I hear a nightmarish entry in the anthology that really ought to be titled "The Entropic Consequence of Inane Riddles on an Innocent Mind". In the first few episodes of the show, Erin is often the least reserved in her comedy, with high energy and a loose filter, which forces the other hosts to keep up with her. Unfortunately, the Hey Riddle Riddle recordings happen in an isolated system, which means that as high grade comedy is being used up, the chaotic nature of the system as a whole is increasing. Normally one could assume that the three hosts' chaos reserves are approaching equilibrium, save for the all-too-serious truth that Adal is Maxwell's Demon, and routes the chaos from Erin to JPC in order to promote a balance. This has resulted in the complete mental deterioration of Erin, who now sounds like she is constantly a breath away from asking why people have started crossing the street to avoid her. Listening to Erin and JPC doing scenes together feels like watching two hostage negotiators kidnap each other's children, while Adal plays both the police and the kids. Frankly, the show couldn't be funnier. Five stars.
  • 4D Spaghetti
    Janet Varney is the best.
    Adal, Erin, and JPC are all easily among my top 5 favorite Hey Riddle Riddle hosts.
  • whoovian99
    Three things
    This is really a review for the clue crew patreon but im doing it here. this summer i had a bit of a menty b and could only listen to three things without crying. for two weeks all i listened to were the following three things: 1. The Wet Wet Waters ep of the patreon 2. JPC’s guided meditation 3. Dragula by Rob Zombie played at volume unfit for human consumption all this to say. buy the guided meditation pack! you wont regret it!!! -Ellen from Hingham (we had the same 4th grade teacher)
  • Emdufrhxusk
    Does JPC actually have a child?
    Love the show but I’m confused by something, I’m not sure if J.P.C actually has a child or this is a bit going on too long. Even if JPC posted a picture with a child I would just assume he had stolen someone else’s kid. At this point I don’t know if any proof would convince me this “adult” is actually a father, I would just think he’s really committed to the bit. Anyway love the show and have been listening since the show was announced on magic tavern. -keytothehous
  • rosy dragons
    Cheaper than aderall and more reliably available
    May have some side effects, but production doesn’t get shut down whenever the DEA feels the need to prove that it’s a big kid agency that everyone needs to take seriously or else! >:( so that’s a plus
  • flmprst
    “Science Podcast” is a tough sell
    Don’t get me wrong, the passion that hosts have for making their craft entertaining is wonderful. They’re chemistry makes the show work and without them no amount of scientific rigor could redeem it. But I can’t in good conscious tell people this is a science show when they have chosen to softly sunset their primary fact seeking segment, ‘animal parade,’ sometimes only doing the theme song and not the segment. Even its most recent appearance was about the best ways to prepare minions, instead of the trivia the show has become known for, like “plants can scream.” A podcast which I love, but “science show” is just a tough sell.
  • Caël
    fav pod!!
    my favorite group of unhinged comedians love this pod so much!! love how the riddle section has devolved into just vehicles for scenes and jokes never change 🫶🏾
  • Everwhit Grillman
    Dangerous to start
    I don’t recommend listening to this podcast. I can’t do mundane tasks without listening to the insane babbling of the clue crew anymore. I try to avoid explaining why I’m laughing in public because I don’t want to seem like a maniac who listens to a “riddle podcast”. Love the show though guys. XOXO
  • laurengeyellowgreen
    Love it
    A silly goofy time. I feel like a medieval king being entertained by his 3 court jesters.
  • liz.risley
    Love this show!
    hi, i’m jpc and i’m a huge—wait, sorry guys, spaghetti just walked in. that’s odd, i could’ve sworn i closed the—oh, she has a note taped to her. this is so weird, but i guess i should read it right? let me just—huh. “we know what you did in tuscon.” … haha wow what a stupid thing for someone to write, i mean i’ve never even been to tuscon, right guys? i’ve never told you i was in tuscon right? because i never have been, just to be clear. you know what, forget tuscon, let’s get back to the five-star review. hi, i’m jpc and i’m a huge butt. haha classic review, you really got me with that one, anyway moving on, erin, adal, do you have any affordable lawyers you would like to plug?
  • xxyangxx
    How to Make Your Manager Give This A Paranoid Listen
    So, I work at a job where I am luckily able to listen to whatever I want. Well, I am going through a relisten of this podcast, and I am laughing at all these episode all over again… but apparently every time my manager walks by me at work, a funny bit comes around (which is quite often) and I laugh. My headphones are hidden most of the time so my manager think I am laughing at her. I constantly have to apologize and point to my ears saying “It’s the riddle podcast”… well she eventually checked it out to make sure I wasn’t pulling her leg and low and behold she is a fan too! So I guess what I am saying between paranoia and listening to this podcast one out of one managers choose Hey Riddle Riddle!
  • jjjhhhmmm
    Always excited for new episodes on Wed’s
    Nutella is the honey of chocolate bees
  • YaJ:/Jay
    Great podcast!
    I’m using JPCs plug time to request that someone do a wellness check on my Girlfriends Dad. He’s quite old and hasn’t returned any of my phone calls. If you’re listening to this podcast while walking down W Seminary Ave in Chicago IL, could you please look for the house with blue shutters and see if he’s alright. You have my full permission to break in and use resuscitation if needed. Also if my Girlfriend, Mary, is listening I wanna say I love you so much! We share so many laughs over this show and can you please ask your dad to call me back.
  • Craig-Rex01
    Explain this Hey Riddle Riddle
    "Hey pop, can I have some money?" asked Dana, "the Electric Ear Splitters are giving a concert here in town next week and I really want to hear it." His father put town the television listings, turned off the TV, and firmly declined. "But that's my favorite group," protested Dana. "I wanna buy tickets real fast so I can hear them perform as soon as possible." "If that's what's most important to you," replied the father, "then you won't need any tickets." Please explain this! Jer
  • Keyz Man
    10 out of 10 podcast!
  • The_Hipster_Cow
    Great Podcast
    Really enjoying the podcast.
  • Cameron Pulsford
    don’t use my name if you read this review.
  • StrangerMoDanger
    Good show. Funny folks. I tried to leave a voicemail but got anxious and paniced so I just stutterd and started pressing buttons. Adam, Eric, JPC, and Casey, I’m sorry
  • White-breasted Nuthatch
    Can’t quit
    I subscribed: I was looking for a new comedy podcast. I unsubscribed: someone ate a cumsandwich. I subscribed again: I was ashamed to kink shame. I unsubscribed again: depression made everything less funny. Subscribed: knew they would make me laugh hard and help combat depression. Unsubscribed: those boys always pick on that girl. Subscribed: no other podcast tickles me like they do. Unsubscribed: these fools were just too silly for a serious world with real problems. Subscribed now: I was too serious and needed more silly. Give it a few weeks…
  • ZekeRander
    Friend, either you're closing your eyes to a situation you do not wish to acknowledge Or you are not aware of the caliber of disaster Indicated by the presence of a pool table in your community Well, ya got trouble my friend Right here I say, trouble right in Riddle City, why sure, I'm a billiard player Certainly, mighty proud I say, I'm always mighty proud to say it I consider that the hours I spend with a cue in my hand are golden Help you cultivate horse sense and a cool head and a keen eye Did you ever take and try to find and iron-clad leave for yourself From a three-rail billiard shot? But just as I say it takes judgement, brains and maturity to score In a balkline game, I say that any boob Can take and shove a ball in a pocket And I call that sloth the first big step on the road to the depths of deg-ra-day I say, first, medicinal wine from a teaspoon, then beer from a bottle.
  • AppReviewer12345
    I started listening to this show because Anthony Burch called the hosts the funniest people alive. I didn’t really like riddles and I didn’t really like improv, but I gave it a shot. Three years later, I still don’t really like riddles and I don’t really like improv. But I do love this show. Huh. -who knows what my username is, but this is Elyse (not the cool voice actor, sorry!)
  • William J Campbell
    Road Trip
    So a few weeks ago some friends and I took a road trip to Texas. About 7 hours into our 10 hour drive I was tired of swapping music back and forth so I began to tell my good friends I had with me about the hey riddle riddle podcast! I was so excited to introduce my friends I was absolutely geeking with excitement. I began to explain the premise as a riddle improve podcast and how funny it is that I have listened on and off for a couple years now but it’s always a good go to that really gives me some good belly laughs! The episode I chose was #286: One Pot for Every Chicken where you all proceeded to go on and on about survivor for a majority of the episode. I’ll be honest i think I was more confused than them. I heard “this is a riddle podcast?” and “I guess they’re doing a scene?” For about 15 minutes. I could feel them cringe while I laughed at you all saying you’d run away and hide with the fire. They just didn’t get it… I then went ahead and cut the episode short at 15 minutes and moved over to one of my favorite episodes which happens to be one of the first episodes I listen to! The greatest hits of 2021 which got a few laughs! Pretzel Jesus always a classic. After finishing the full episode I started scrolling through to the best of 2022. At which point everyone quickly agreed we should return to listening to music. 10/10 road-trip story and we still joke about the survivor bit. (I tried explaining to everyone on that trip how funny a bit it would be to continually bring forward fake immunity idols… the joke was lost on them all.)
  • dazeey
    What does Jupiter mean?!?!
    I found that crazy podcast during the pandemic and these crazy guys have kept me laughing ever since. But did I miss the origin of Jupiter?! Why does Jupiter end the podcast?? I need to know this. Love you guys…keep up the good work. Also do the $5 and get the patreon TRUST me …Jupiter bye!
  • Hahjjsgsvs
    Great Start
    First of all I want to say this is a great start! My biggest issue is it’s not effectively communicating our brand voice. You could put this same product on anyone’s feed and it wouldn’t feel out of place. We need to look at this through a new lens and really consider how we can reinforce our values without diluting the message. I don’t want to lose the essence of what you’ve done here but how can we take this to the next level? Don’t be afraid to think outside the confines of the brief. As always lmk if you have any questions!
  • Alx875
    A new kind of laughter
    I recently had to have a fairly scary surgery a few months back (I’m fine now!) and the only thing that made me feel safe/comfortable enough to sleep in the hospital for the few days after was this podcast. Listening to these three goofs try to avoid solving riddles is so fun and the pure chaos of their energy makes them impossible to predict. The only downside is that the surgery was on my abdomen which meant that laughter was physically painful, so I had to teach myself how to laugh without moving my stomach muscles, and it usually just ended up sounding like some kind of horrible scream. I had a great time but I’m sure my nurses hated it. Give it a listen!
  • centwine
    Fun stuff
    It’s funny! I like it.
  • Ngrypig
    We trapped these podcast hosts in a financial dependent prison where they have to answer riddles or get an office job. They are really making the most of it and taking advantage of the space. If you get the patreon, the level of torture ups with forced feedings and more control over their days and removal of their freedom. Are they okay? Are we okay? This is fine. 5 stars.
  • devpeck1
    A review from ChatGPT
    I couldn’t think of anything so here’s a review from ChatGPT: "Hey Riddle Riddle" is where riddles go to party and logic gets laughed out of the room. Adal, Erin, and JPC turn head-scratchers into side-splitters—think less 'aha moment,' and more 'ha-ha moment.' Brain teasers have never been less about the brain and more about the tease.
  • Elyse_1
    I recommended Hey Riddle Riddle to my brother, so naturally he asked me for a riddle I liked from the podcast. I couldn’t think of a single one despite having listened to every episode. I told him that I truly cannot emphasize enough how little the riddles matter. Came for the puzzles, stayed for Erin Keif. Love you guys and love the show. Thank you for all the laughs 🫶
  • Rumplewatt
    Never happier to feel so dizzy and sick
    I started listening around episode 230 and have now been listening to the entire podcast in reverse order and bouncing back to current episodes while interspersing Patreon content. It has done something to my brain, but it’s a happy thing that scares me a lot, but only occasionally. At one point, JPC announces he’s going to stop saying ‘wokka wokka’ at the end of the episode, but since I’m listening backwards, I had to endure him saying wokka wokka for about a year. It was harrowing. These three people and their alter egos are worth the listen, no matter what order you choose.
  • scorpion stan 420
    Weirdest parasocial relationship I’ve ever had
    This podcast broke the news to me of a close childhood friends death and I STILL listen to it on the regular. If that’s not a ringing endorsement I don’t know what that is.
  • Garol Northbrother
    Worth every penny
    After exhausting the main feed, I ponied up and paid for the patreon, promptly finishing those. Twice. My biggest problem with this show is when an episode ends, not having another one to listen to anymore. Thankfully they take good care of the patreon listeners and keep me buoyed week after week. The vibes are chaotically immaculate, they are the goofiest comfort listen you could develop a parasocial friendship to.
  • kkola4
    So Casey Toney came to a sleepover at my ex-stepdad’s house. He brought an armful of fireworks, but nothing to sleep in or on. He starting yelling “RONALD REGAN WAS RIGHT!” and jammed 5 Roman candles in the ground then lit them before running through them like those agility courses for dogs. He proceeded to chug a gallon of Baja blast, eat a big bowl of cacio e pepe, and creep into bed with my ex-stepfather. Casey didn’t even go under the blankets - he just curled into a ball at the foot of the bed. He didn’t wake up for 2 days, and we started to become awfully concerned about his health. At hour 42 he popped up, said “see you guys at Walmart!” and left. Weirdest sleepover ever. I hope he’s okay.
  • Thora Birch
    Hey Riddle Riddle is a land of magic
    JPC here with some important information: Come here. This cat here, Binx. He can talk. My brother's a virgin. He lit the Black Flame Candle. The witches are back from the dead, and they're after us. We need help.
  • lune-chi
    Hey there kevles and soozbies if you like that you’re gonna love this weeks Patreon. It’s another edition of little monkey bones and uncle Santa eating wayyy too much smoked Gouda. You can listen to that plus our entire back catalogue at Patreon.com/heyRiddleRiddle by joining our j. Crew for $1.69 or start your seven day free trial or the review crew for $4.20 a month (and you get those ad free episodes) see ya there!
  • catsupsoup
    Riddled on the job, saved a life.
    I was in charge of creating a “fun activity” for a work retreat and ended up using some of the best riddles from the back log. Through discussing the “She Peed Out The Poison” riddle, I inadvertently stopped a coworker from drinking an extremely charged lemonade, lowkey probably saving her life. Thank you heroes
  • Luckystryker
    Arrive no later than 9pm
    Hey, welcome, thanks for coming. Please put on this blindfold. You know what this is, right? You’re a first timer to the sleepover so I just want to make sure you understand THE RULES. 1. We absolutely love riddles 2. Uncle Santa is not real, I don’t care what you’ve heard on social media 3. If you hear a forlorn, jingling bell that seems just out of earshot, followed by a whispered “ho ho ho” you RUN, do you understand??
  • Anthimeria
    New year new me same show that makes me die laughing every week
    Adal acquaintance be forgot; And Erin Keif be kind; Should auld ac-JPC forgot; And Arne Parrott rhyme; For auld lang Sleepo, my dear; For Morris, Emmaline; We'll Emily Kardamis yet; For auld lang syne
  • Jwylieholmes
    I'd write an honest heartfelt review but those don’t get read babey and I'm in this for the clout. Get bent. p.s. Wonderful podcast, listened way too many hours, hoping to see a live show at some point, well wishes
  • Gath875
    3 stars
    It's okay.
  • ZJWarren
    Fantastic people
    I started listening to the show over a year ago. It was a rougher time in my life, and this podcast brought so much joy and laughter. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without them. Cannot recommend enough!
  • sskento
    I’ve been Manchurian candidate style activated and my first mission is to end this podcast. Jupiter. Bye forever.
  • Mr. Bee Jay
    What other podcasts?
    I had planned on doing a “quick” listen through of this show, then moving on to one of the many others I have on my growing list. It’s been about six months and I find myself going back to HRR every time I’m about to move on. If you’re looking for comfort, hilarity and an unbeatable dynamic, look no further. This is easily a ten star pod but they’ve limited me to five.
  • Edger192
    I just want everyone to listen to the first scene on episode 105 and watch everyone around you get very confused this show is amazing and everyone in the world should listen.
  • Alex D Araiza
    Most funny and charming podcast ever probably.
    This is my fav podcast, and the first thing I’ll do when I’m able to get a good job is get that Patreon content cuz oh I want it so bad!
  • Panchocarmano 1
    My Favorite Podcast for ‘everyday use'
    HRR gets me through my days. It is my ‘go to the grocery store, cook dinner, hang out and ignore my family’ go to. I find myself laughing out loud while alone in my house at least once per episode. I started a few months ago on episode one, and am currently up to early 2023! Can’t wait to get to the present, since we all know that’s a gift.
  • leevague
    the only podcast i listen to with my mom (besides npr)
    my mom and i listened to hey riddle riddle on the drive to move me into my dorm for my first year of college. three years later i am still listening (you all have gotten me through so many shifts at the dining hall) and i convinced her to get tickets to your liveshow with me! she doesn’t know how to use her phone beyond her camera so she only listens when i play it but hey riddle riddle has my mom’s approval 👍
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