Hey Riddle Riddle

by Headgum
Leisure #24Games #3

Riddles! Puzzles! WhoDunnits! Adal Rifai, Erin Keif and John Patrick Coan, three of Chicago's most overrated improvisers, are on the case to solve every riddle, puzzle, brain-teaser, and head-scratcher known to humanity. Some riddles are almost impossible, some are absolutely improbable, and some simply have not aged well. And if you don't like riddles, don't worry! This podcast is barely about them!

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  • Chang3d L8ter
    Great content 99% of the time
    I love this show. The riddles (while having taken a back seat since the earlier episodes) are just enticing enough to keep me entertained on drives. That being said, the improv…. Is also great! Hilarious and light hearted. There have been a handful of times however where some of the hosts have made pretty bold political statements that are honestly a bit annoying in the context of a “riddle/improv podcast” that’s really the only negative though, I still love all the hosts. If I wanted generalized statements about politics, I would listen to Joe Rogan.
  • JustWantColors
    I bet you $1 that you won’t read this:
    It’s like Stockholm Syndrome, but in a fun way…………………………………………………………………………….…………………………………………………………………………….…………………………………………………………………………….…………………………………………………………………………….…………………………………………………………………………….…………………………………………………………………………….…………………………………………………………………………….…………………………………………………………………………….………………………………………………………………I hope.
  • Majora15
    Permission to use my name
    As we all know, I, JPC, am not actually a human. I am, however, a seahorse. Erin, Adal, I am very happy to announce that I am pregnant! We just got the news last week and I couldn’t wait to tell you! I am very excited for this next step in my life and wanted to take this time to warn you that my seahorse tummy will get bigger in the coming months, as it is the male seahorse’s duty to carry the babies to term! So, please be patient with me as I may have to get up more often to pee in the future, as well as beginning to eat weird foods during recordings. Thank you! I’m so excited!
  • Joe12345676543
    Permission to use my first and last name
    I’d like to share a fun drinking game that some friends and I used to play. It could be played with a group or alone. It could also be played while listening to Hey Riddle Riddle, even when commuting to work in the morning. Gather a collection of your favorite alcoholic beverages. Put on any Dane Jeffery Cook comedy special (or episode of Hey Riddle Riddle). Every time a joke is told and you do not laugh you have to drink. This continuous until you genuinely laugh at a joke. Once you laugh you are not allowed to drink anymore, walk away or turn off the special (or episode). If you are playing with a group, the special (or episode) is not allowed to be turned off until all members of the party laugh. So go and gather your best friends and surprise them with an episode of a podcast that they definitely never heard of or a Dane Jeffery Cook comedy special; I suggest “Rough Around the Edges: Live from Madison Square Garden” as that special titled Dane as the second comedian to ever sell out Madison Square Garden (you heard that correctly) and have the most unforgettable night, or commute, of your life!
  • Edger192
    Hey clue crew
    I have been listening since 2021 and I love the show I know all the lyrics for both mainstream and patreon I used to think that the “cabin of the airplane” was the cat end of a airplane
  • asafford
    I love podcasts
    Podcasts are a great form of entertainment. They are little audio stories fed directly into your ears whenever you want them. Some are funny, some are dramatic and some are neither. My favorite podcast is DrinkIN GeekOUT where four friends review craft beer and talk about the things they love.
  • RKopterix
    Hey Ridle Ri
    Hey I am learn podcast English for first time and done it from these pud. JP Riddles and a big Squirrel Lady do the first rate puzzie bonanza and a robot tries to hide inside A Doll … terrifying! All in all it’s not very good, my compliment to the Swedish cherf. Werlcerm ter berverly ! I give it two stars
  • Does not work to potential
    An amazing avant-garde post-modern absurdist work
    Think Waiting for Godot meets the movie Brazil. The hero and main character, Casey Toney is almost never heard. The podcast starts with three comedians who have been given the chance to have their own podcast. As time goes on, the comedians realize that they lack any skills to create a coherent podcast and that the premise of the podcast is thin. Every week our hero and everyman, Casey need to take piles of insane audio and try to turn it into something resembling a podcast. As time goes on the comedians start running out of ideas and the podcast keeps becoming more and more unhinged. Meanwhile Casey has to try to hold things together. The insanity goes to a whole new level when, instead of trying to improve the podcast, the comedians instead create two more premium podcasts. It is easily one of the greatest works of art of the new millennium. Also, Adal, Erin and JPC are hilarious!
  • mysticaltarget
    Great Podcast!
    I said-a hip, hop, the hippie, the hippie To the hip hip hop-a you don't stop the rock It to the bang-bang boogie, say up jump the boogie To the rhythm of the boogie, the beat Now what you hear is not a test: I'm rappin' to the beat And me, the groove, and my friends are gonna try to move your feet See, I am JPC, and I'd like to say hello To the black, to the white, the red And the brown, the purple and yellow But first I gotta bang bang the boogie to the boogie Say up jump the boogie to the bang bang boogie Let's rock, you don't stop Rock the riddle that will make your body rock Well, so far you've heard my voice, but I brought two friends along And next on the mic is my man Adal, come on Adal, sing that song
  • p mandy
    Great show!
    Makes my heart sing with the voices of a million songbirds.
  • Cktimson
    Anxiety provoking?
    I am writing my 5 star review to review a 1 star review. Becca Doss writes “the hosts are so rude to the listener because they never let one person speak without out one or both of the others interjecting with what they think is an important remark (not as funny as much as it is annoying). Becca also states that it triggers her anxiety. My review- you’re not wrong, Becca, but that’s what makes the strange magic of this manic menagerie so fun… also you might want to stay far, far away from improv in the future! Love your content HRR. Thanks for bringing me so much joy every week.
  • Spaghetti_The_Dog
    bark bark bark!!!
  • Tyler Schlessinger
    I love these guys!
    These guys are honestly so funny I drive for work a lot and these guys make it not only bearable, but enjoyable. (You can say my name if you want) Aaaand that’s the end of the review! that’s kinda nice there’s no weird stuff they wanted me to say. Before we end the episode actually can I just tell you guys something? Casey can you cut this please? Yeah just really quick I know it’s bad timing but I have to get this off my chest now. Adal you leave me breathless. I know this might be a lot to handle now but please don’t interrupt I just need to get this out now. You are so funny and so kind. And I know we can never be together but that makes me want you so much more. We will forever be star crossed lovers. I talk to you every day and yet you always leave me wanting more. The second this zoom call ends I miss you. Let’s start another podcast just me and you, I’ll name the things I love about you and swear we will never run out of content. But I know we can never be together… in fact just ignore this, let’s pretend this never happened it was all just a continuation of that review.
  • Gideon Ebeling
    Therapeutic for the child in us all
    This documentative masterpiece follows the weekly immersion therapy sessions of a middle-aged Adal Rifai as he re-experiences childhood trauma with his mom (played by Erin Keif) and estranged father (John Patrick Coen). Guided by the reassuring presences of a rotating cast of sibling characters, Adal delves deep into the perplexing puzzles of what it means to be a kid when everything in the world seems to be collapsing around you. Riddles and puns abound, and while the environment may be simulated, the co-hosts’ chagrin is not. With each unappreciated reference and well-timed pun, Adal creeps ever closer to the realization that regardless of what his parents may have told him, he was, in fact, responsible for their divorce.
  • JewboyDOVAHK11N
    JPC, you are an unhinged coward bastard man and I challenge you to a gentleman’s duel. It will take place at the Salt Lake City temple in Utah on the 3rd of January, 2023 no later than high noon (to allow for proper New Years celebrations, I’m not a monster). Mandatory attire will consist of tuxedos and berets. You may choose your own weapon as long as it falls under the specifications of a standard 2x4 board. In the name of fairness, I will warn you that I have chosen to fight with an industrial forklift; plan accordingly. Cigarettes and condoms will be provided by craft services. Be there or be square, nerd.
  • Haksoxoksmsbfblapapks
    They’ve taken me please help
    Adal lives in a small-but-picturesque second-floor apartment where his wife spends her days crafting ornamental cats made of tinsel. JPC was there, playing chess on the Oculus with Casey. Meanwhile Erin showed me around and comforted me while the waters below rose higher and higher to the windows. Now that I think about it, I think this was my dream from last night. Loved it like I love this show.
  • Surperb
    A curse
    Great podcast! Unfortunately, listening to it forced me to watch the horrible show Bones so I can’t recommend it to anyone I care about for fear they will meet the same fate.
  • Mye Opinionne
    Cured My Anxiety
    When I’m experiencing a bout of paranoia about something terrible like a killer in my house or an impending zombie apocalypse or a nuke being launched and setting off a chain reaction of mutual nuclear annihilation, I can trust this podcast to snap me out of it because nothing like that could happen while audio this ridiculous in blasting in my ears. Thanks for the riddles, guys <3 (the name this is under is not mine, please disregard it -Rune, they/them)
  • V the finder
    JP riddles
    JP riddles 👍 -Asher
  • Mateo_tron
    All the Drawl Things
    Storming through the party like their names were El Niño, these three nutty buddies are here to brighten your day. Listen to the podcast from the beginning to form a Stockholm syndrome type of bond with them, where all the jokes land, and it’s all in my head but she’s touching his chest now. He takes off her dress now. Let me go. Without fail they will make your day better. I plan to subscribe to the patreon to capture the feeling of starting the podcast for the first time, where the sky was gold, it was rose, I was taking sips of it through my nose. And I wish I could get back there, someplace back there, in the place we used to start.
  • Tivoty
    The podcast that shatters time
    I swear when I listen to this podcast, the three hosts have so much dumb fun it’s impossible to keep track of time. I get so lost in the jokes, japes, and jay pee sees that my time at work FLIES by. I work with dogs at a daycare and usually when I manage to settle the room to a whisper, I often rile the room back up with laughter to my dismay. This podcast is what I look forward to every week, please keep up the good work! You’ve single-handidly reinvigorated my love for riddles and puzzles! P.S. Adal, PLEASE bring back your deadpan “Creak, Slam!” joke that you made so often early on in the show. It killed me, I’m dead, the police will be at your home soon. Love you guys
  • Patrick Dawkins
    Five stars forever!
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.My favorite podcast, and the Patreon is even better!
  • Yael McCue
    I want to play a game
    Adal and Erin: after four years of questing, in which time you defeated the armies of Uncle Santa, narrowly escaped the Riddledome, and solved the deadly paradox puzzle of Little Monkeybones, you find yourselves now at the gates of the Riddle Tower, home of the greatest foe this world has ever known. Adal, you are armed with your Sword of Puns. Erin, your mighty spellbook is full of such powerful incantations as Delightful Anecdote and Surprising Non Sequitur. You must defeat the darkness inside these walls, and also make sure your impish sidekick John Patrick Kobold does not get too far off track. You have prepared your whole lives for this moment. The gates slowly swing open, and from inside you hear a voice boom: “ For thousands of years, Seen only in tale. The wind as a sail, For one thunderous gale. Shiny stores rich in lore, The burning temper, like Earth's core.” [give them a moment to figure out the riddle] You hear the roar first, and it is soon accompanied by the burning fire, and the Great Riddle Dragon emerges into view. Roll initiative!
  • FoeHammer618
    Had a dream last night
    Had a dream last night that the 3 hosts of this show invited me to be a regular cast member. They immediately started an improv scene where I was supposed to trade a bushel of tomatoes for half a sheep but just responded with “no.” Dream me is awful at improv apparently. Don’t know if I got the job but this is my very favorite podcast. I have gathered riddles for my DND games, other RPGs and I’ve used them to endlessly entertain coworkers in my office and the improv and laughs always keep me coming back for more. JPC can use my name only under the pretense that he also call me Slaggathor the Unyielding.
  • BlackChar44
    This Podcast is amazing, some how these three truly demented beings managed to make people fall in love with them. Adal is the puniest person around, Erin has the uggliest sweater around, and JPC is well JPC. Though if on the off chance this does get read i'd like to use my powers for good. " I John Patrick Coan just want to take a moment and tell our listeners, I love you, you are wonderful and whatever youre going through you will get through it, believe in yourselves and reach for the stars, because if I can be on a succseful podcast, trick a woman into loving me and can still be psychotic, you can surley be succesful"
  • YungDabDaddy
    It’s bangin
    Real good stuff
  • Xalidin8
    Thanks from Kade
    Thanks for the riddies, thanks for the puzzies. Thanks for the laughs, the warms, the fuzzies. Completely separate non-rhyming note, if I theoretically wrote up a one page RPG called Riddies & Puzzies would you guys like that or would that just feel like another thing and sometimes people do t need more things. Nevertheless, awesome podcast. Thanks. P.S. When’s Adal gonna be Uncle Santa?
  • Noritake Riddle Riddle
    Consistently makes me laugh out loud. If other humor podcasts aren't weird enough for you, try Hey Riddle Riddle.
  • Spin Flip
    Makes me laugh
    I listened to 100+ episodes of Hey Riddle Riddle at a time in my life when there weren’t a lot of laughs in my house. I really needed to laugh. This podcast gives me genuine belly laughs out loud, and I’m so grateful for that. Thank you, Adal, Erin, and JPC. I appreciate what you do and you should be proud of your comedy—you three are just fun, and you have fun together, and it’s contagious. You inspire happiness. My spouse and I live in a city where we’re new and don’t know many people. Then Covid hit, and now we work remote. So we don’t see many people. We’ve been trying for a baby for years, and we finally had one, yay! Baby is perfect and we love this kid so much. But during the first three months with baby, it was bad. The third trimester was really hard, and then there were complications with birth. Baby is okay now, but baby needed a lot of support the first three months. Neither of us slept for more than an hour or two at a time that summer. And it was so hot and disgusting outside. We were just cooped up in our house, sweating, and doing our best to help this beautiful baby. Every day we were driving baby to doctors, physical therapists, pediatricians, cerebral sacral therapists, etc. It was the hardest three months of our lives, and it nearly broke us. There were not a lot of laughs that summer for us. I’ve always listened to Critical Role, and that got me into Adventure Zone, Dimension 20, and Dungeons & Daddies. I like to listen to podcasts while I do chores, give baby a bottle, etc. I needed another podcast because I was out of content and one of the podcasters I listen to (I think it was one of the McElroy brothers?) described Hey Riddle Riddle as “the only content on the internet worth listening to.” So I started listening. And for the first time in weeks, I laughed out loud. It felt so good. Your friendship makes me smile. I like other podcasts, but Hey Riddle Riddle gives me laugh out loud joy, not just chuckles. Baby is okay now and even sleeping through the night, too. So we’re doing better and things are good again. I still listen to Hey Riddle Riddle and I so appreciate the laughs. I also really like Erin’s other show Sitcom DnD, it’s hilarious and Erin’s character is my favorite. But Erin, Sitcom DnD should really use the Dungeon World Powered by the Apocalypse system—that system just sets up narrative roleplay better than a D20 game and makes for superior audio content in the podcast format. Adal, Hello from the Magic Tavel should do some real play, too—you would be so brilliant with that type of content. JPC, I’ve never seen heard or read any other content from you, but it sounds like you’re having fun so that’s good. You would also slay in the real play podcast format, I hope you get a chance to do some of that one day. Honestly if the Hey Riddle Riddle crew did some real play podcasting, solving puzzies and riddies in a narrative real play game, you three would be so freaking amazing with that. Trade off which of you is the dungeon master each episode and pull the characters in wacky different directions connected by an overarching plot and big bad villain that you develop collaboratively. You three would be absolutely amazing at that sort of thing if it floats your boat. But I mean, do what you’re gonna do, you three rock, and so does Casey. Keep it up for us future lizards. Riddles are back on the menu. When you’re here, you’re riddles. Such beautiful chaos.
  • AudreyTheCrayon
    Happy addiction
    I spent a lot of time looking for podcasts that I enjoyed. Stumbled upon this on a blog post about funny podcasts and it did not disappoint. It’s the only one I’ve stuck to and I’m 40 episodes in and still running through
  • YoullThankMeLater
    Canonically, this is the best riddle/improv podcast ever. Canonically, Erin is the perfect amount feminist. Canonically, crocs are never ok. NEVER!
  • coffin grind
    Petition (final draft)
    I, John Patrick Coan, being of sound mind and legal capacity, do hereby petition the state of Illinois to change my full legal name to JOHN PISSTRICK COAN. Any future uses of the name "Patrick", including but not limited to on excellent comedy podcasts or in excellent theme songs to said podcasts, shall be met with no less than four (4) seconds of silence and one (1) blank stare. Should any authorities of the state of Illinois object to the name JOHN PISSTRICK COAN, I shall gladly demonstrate in a court of law that at any given moment, my body weight is no less than thirty (30) percent piss, and I have, by all accounts, earned it.
  • Rem Maryam
    No more hey riddle riddle in public or the car
    I was laughing so hard I started crying in an empty study room. Class ended in the classroom right next to me and like 20 people saw as I tried to switch to music while not being able to see through tears. This podcast has become a household activity only.
  • S6379
    Like going to the theatre
    Hey Riddle Riddle is like going to the theatre. Like if Long Day’s Journey Into Night never ended or you finally meet Godot and are profoundly disappointed or Willy Loman never dies, shambling along as a saleszombie. One of my favorite podcasts!!
  • Spiderfunkey
    100 eps in
    good soup
  • Pppuuubbbssshhjfghxj
    Janet Varney makes this podcast
    I was cursed by a 40 foot spooky sleepy witch to listen to this podcast till my ears bleed. That happened after the first episode but the 4 hosts keep me coming back for more. Most episodes Janet doesn’t say much if anything but you just know she’s there in the background waiting for the right time to enter. Sometimes she does a voice and acts like another guest or guests. Her “Sandy” character is phenomenal. If you want a podcast to fulfill your riddle craving and this doesn’t cut it, take a deep look inwards and ask why do you need to listen to people solve so many riddles. The hosts are the funniest people I have never met, so yeah, you should listen to it.
  • Articunozard
    First and last thing I hear every day
    When I wake up in the morning I put my AirPods in and start listening to Hey Riddle Riddle. When I shower I have to take my AirPods out, so I turn the volume all the way up on my phone and set it in my sink to amplify the sound. I usually can’t make out what the hosts are saying over the sound of the water but as long as I’m not being left alone with my own thoughts it’s fine. When I go to bed at night I put the podcast on a timer and let Adal, Erin, and JPC lull me to sleep. Although I’ve listened to almost every episode at this point, I reckon I’ve only actually heard about half of the content of each episode, which only means I have the other half to look forward to when I start to relisten. It doesn’t really matter though as I know the hosts’ dulcet tones will always be there for me when the terrible silence starts creeping in. 5 stars PS: the recent live show in NYC was the funniest two hours of comedy I’ve experienced in my years living here, can’t wait for y’all to come back.
  • MultiplesOf3
    an absolute joy
    this podcast never fails to make me laugh, and i genuinely mean that. on my lowest days i like to listen to a few episodes to distract myself, and by the time i put the headphones down i have a big smile on my face again. it is such a refreshing reset for my brain. one that has been sorely needed in the covid times. if laughter truly is the best medicine, then hey riddle riddle is some of the highest quality drugs you’ll ever take. 9/10 doctors agree (the tenth one is JP Riddles disguising himself as a doctor to get free access to morphine)
  • Astroknight91
    A Year in the Cold
    It is with a heavy heart that I have to put this amazing podcast on the shelf for a year. I moved to Germany with the Air Force in oct 2020, mid Covid and found this PodCast. It’s saved me during lock downs and always leaves me cracking up and questioning life, plus my taste in sweaters is sus now. I’m off on my next adventure to the North Pole, in November, for a year for work and sadly won’t have enough internet to download the latest episodes. So I’m going to download all previous ones and the HILARIOUS! Patreons. Don’t skip on this show and seriously support them on Patreon, it’s a funny, fun, quirky show. Love you guys! Looking forward to the new content of 2023.
  • Listless in Lake Buena Vista
    Small, Medium, Large? Large
    I would vote large on each of these hosts everyday if I could. This is the only podcast that has made me laugh so much I got worried I was unknowingly high at work. We will now each say our favorite colors so Hanna can make us friendship bracelets that we won’t see for at least a year. Side note to Little Monkey Bones: I miss you buddy, I understand that your stardom has made it impossible for Erin, Adal and JPC to be able to afford to have you on the show anymore but if you have it in your heart I’d love to hear from you again.
  • Thebriteofnite5
    *giggles uncontrollably*
    Me- *laughs inappropriately mid conversation* “Sorry, I was just thinking about how funny JPC, Erin and Adal are” Thanks for showing this awkward weirdo they aren’t alone. Looking forward to many more episodes to come!
  • moopleton
    I recently discovered this and am still in season 1, but So far this is one of my favorite podcasts. I laugh out loud multiple times per episode. And have fun trying to solve the riddies and puzzies too!
  • pod.jpg
    I don’t even leave reviews…
    …but this podcast is so funny and so enjoyable, that it instantly became my new favorite. Morbid curiosity had to skim through and see who would dare leave anything less than 5 stars, and what criticism they could possible have. Whoever has done so, I hope we never meet in real life because we will not be friends. So this review is written mostly out of spite to anyone who gives this brilliant production anything less than they deserve.
  • Shockwave527
    An Interesting Take on True Crime
    This is probably the most unusual True Crime/Murder Mystery podcast I’ve ever heard. They really like to delve into the motive - each episode seems to be building up the motive more and more, and yet I have no clue who dies, who’s the murderer, do they all die, do they all become murderers? Each episode ties so much together only getting me more invested in how this all ends. And somehow within all of this motive-building it’s hilarious as well. Keep up the great work, I’m on the edge of my seat.
  • Alex Perish
    JPC almost caused me a great personal inconvenience
    hi, love the show, I just want JPC to know that he did his very funny “hey Siri” bit while i was driving, causing Siri to block my gps which made me miss a crucial turn on my delivery route. i had to drive an extra two miles to be able to turn around. thank you for that ;) very funny show, keep up the good work.
  • ChildeRowland
    Claire Danes teen drama?
    My (so-called) Wiiife!
  • scam-likely
    More puzzle-bot
    More puzzle bot please
  • Z-Run95
    I’m so tired, and titles are hard…
    As I write this I’m sitting at O’Hare airport having just gotten off my first ever commercial flight. I’m not too proud to admit that I was deeply anxious about the entire process, so much so that I couldn’t sleep at all last night before the 5am boarding. But somehow, while waiting at my gate, laughter broke the tension when I heard a teenage JPC try to get lucky with a sexually liberated gym class rope. Thanks for all the fun you three, and thanks for helping me out today. You’re all perfect, never change. (But for real y’all get on that Patreon, it’s the best time)
  • Locoloco17
    Great show
    I hope the Howard Dean scream never stops.
  • dbk-copper80
    Five stars.
    This is a good podcast.
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