The Disney Dish with Jim Hill


Learn more about the latest doings at Disney with TouringPlan's Len Testa & Jim Hill of as they talk about upcoming projects as well as look back at Mouse House history.

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  • LBWicket
    All Crepe Eaters Are Welcome Here
    Dear Len, For the love of Oprah, *please* allow your invited guests to answer questions themselves. Each time you asked Christina Harrison a question, you answered it more than she did. You spoke over her almost every time. “Christina, you ordered the prix fixe as well, right?” “I did not. I ha-” “Jim, let me just say, she had two sweet crepes and…” [proceeds to man-splain for Christina what she ordered] I get it, you were excited and that’s cool, but the pattern got really annoying. You don’t strike me as the kind of boor who intentionally dominates a conversation and silences people, but boy you sure did in this episode. I turned it off before the 25 minute mark because I couldn’t take it anymore. I hope you can be more generous with your guests so we can enjoy why you invited them in the first place. Also, because crepes are awesome. Hugs, a Devoted Listener Fan-person
  • Karicouponer
    If only…
    I had a magic lamp, I would ask Genie fir a wish to be trapped in a skyliner with these two (in a totally non creepy way of course)! I would ask for all the amazing stories and hilarious tidbits! So much insider info that you don’t get anywhere else! Absolutely my favorite Disney podcast!
  • A.D. Parsons
    My weekly listen
    I love the stories that Jim and Len tell and their take on current Disney news. They are the only Disney podcast I come back to weekly.
  • 7xshadow
    Great Show!
    I love listening to the show while out on walks and runs. All the shows help make the week go by faster and always enjoy all the great information!
  • BluegoatOW
    Tom Sawyer island market data from 1970s
    All of my 4 siblings and I were kids at WDW in 1976. To this date our collective memory of what we loved and hated. These now 45 year old memories are consistent - loved and played on Tom Sawyer island for hours. Those of us returning cannot figure out why we loved it. Surprised at ourselves - hated line and wait for an show we thought was for babies. But, to be fair, my parents had us growing up on universal monsters and 1930s comedies
  • bgbear21
    that’s it exactly
  • Katkat_W
    Best Disney Fix
    If I can’t go to the WDW Parks and Resorts, the next best thing is Len and Jim’s podcast. Entertaining, informative and downright hilarious! Len’s Disney news segments and Jim’s storytelling have saved my sanity during quarantine. I don’t even fast forward through the commercials just so I can hear Jim soothingly talk about virtual counseling. Who needs counseling when we have Jim and Len! BTW, I’m in NH too, Jim. Let’s start a support group for grounded Granite Staters!!
  • Strawberry921
    The one I look forward to every week!
    Jim Hill and Len Testa make up such a perfect pair. I enjoy the news updates and bits of history that are shared every week with a realistic, lighthearted view that takes into account where we’ve been as well as where we are now as a society and Disney-loving community. Jim, I hope you never retire because I would truly miss these weekly talks. If you like this one, also check out the others Jim Hill offers, about Universal, Marvel, Star Wars, and animation.
  • 3KDaddy
    Great stuff for any Disney fan
    As a fan of the Disney parks, but also of the history of the Disney company as a whole, I look forward every week to a new installment of this podcast! (In fact, it’s one of the few things I look forward to Mondays for. It is what gets me out to run at lunch time, just so I can listen to the latest episode.) Keep up the great work!
  • DrenHopkins
    Wonderful backstories
    I love the backstories to Disney history. Great information for any Disney fan.
  • DisneyMissy
    All the Disney news full of nerd details
    I missed the original WDW today cast when they stopped making that podcast. I followed Len Testa here when he joined Jim Hill in reporting out on the latest disney news. I love their banter. The scoop. The times when Len gets into the math behind everything. I especially love when he gets into the math. This one is in my must listen to podcasts
  • Philly1024
    Best Disney Podcast!!!
    My Monday morning commute has become so much more enjoyable since I discovered Len and Jim on the Disney Dish. I listen close to a dozen Disney podcast. And while I enjoy all of them for different reason. Disney Dish is hands down by far the best. Len’s humor and current knowledge of what’s going on around DW gets me excited for upcoming trips. (Fingers crossed for Ratatouille opening before my end of January trip). And Jim’s history and inside scoop on all things Disney is amazing and informative. Keep up the amazing work guys! I wake up morning mornings excited with anticipation of a new episode.
  • Deutch Lehrerin
    The authority on Disney parks and history
    I love Len Testa's knowledge of the parks and surveys. He is able to explain what Disney is thinking and what Disney is trying to learn from their survey questions. Jim Hill has inside knowledge from his sources at Imagineering and a great history of the parks. His stories are always fun to listen to!
  • tim.2002
    Best podcast ever!!!
    This is an awesome awesome AWESOME podcast that is so much fun to listen to, and the disney knowledge you get is incredible! Listening to Jim and Len has helped me stay sane throughout the pandemic. Great work!!
  • alicht929
    Thoughtful and Engaging Disney Parks Podcast
    I’m a new listener and so far I am really digging this podcast! I’d heard Len as a guest before on other podcasts so when I found this I thought I’d give it a listen, and I’m so glad I did. Both hosts are very knowledgeable about current events at the Disney parks as well as Disney history. Their conversations are casual while still remaining on-topic, which I really appreciate.
  • DisneyFan-kmac
    Awesome podcast
    This is one of the best Disney podcasts. Great timely information and really entertaining. Thanks Len and Jim!
  • popsmommc
    Love this podcast
    You guys are so knowledgeable and provide so much information about all Disney properties. A fun listen that helps me get through my work day! Thank you!
  • TheDaysGoBy
    So much news and history!
    I listen to the Disney Dish to get the latest on what is happening in the Disney parks. Also, Jim always has a great story to tell - usually the history of some attraction or something else within the parks. So enjoyable!
  • Dan Heaton
    The Top Disney Podcast
    I'm really impressed by how the volume and quality of episodes that Len and Jim put out every month. They have a great chemistry on The Disney Dish while talking about both the latest news and Disney history. The show moves quickly and remains engaging on a wide range of topics. If you're a fan of theme parks, you should be listening to the this podcast!
  • LongLiveDisneyQuest
    My favorite podcast!
    The infamous Sunday Scaries (or is it now Shmursday Scaries?!) are much easier to manage knowing I’ll be able to escape reality with a new episode of The Disney Dish. Len and Jim are incomparable, and every episode is highly entertaining. Bravo!
  • bluecheeseismyfavorite
    Love love love your podcast
    Len and Jim, you both do a fabulous job. I have binge listening to your podcast on my staycation. It's so informative and interesting and fun. Your personalities shine through. Story ideas: I am dying to know the history about the giant ride buildings hiding in plain view at the parks. Which ride buildings are massively and sneaking disguised into the landscape? Any good stories about ride buildings that particularly challening to build or problematic? Just an idea. Keep up the great job! - Gabrielle Russon
  • Beaker's tie
    So entertaining!
    This is the Disney Podcast I never knew I needed! How awesome to find podcasters who are as geeked out by Disney magic as I am. Going back to listen to the saved episodes and enjoying each one! Thank you!
  • Bopbie
    All the Beat Information
    Great podcast! Not only is it very entertaining, but it is full of the best information. Touring Plans is also a must use website. Must listen for any Disney fan or first-time Disney visitors.
  • bearlamare
    The best
    Could literally listen to these guys read the phone book. If there were phone books anymore. Really nice to fans they meet in the parks.
  • Bog Hooter
    Disney Edutainment
    These guys know their stuff and they seem to have a lot of fun sharing it. I look forward to every episode and always walk away with new knowledge and a couple of laughs.
  • applejack5909
    Best Podcast Ever!
    This is my best source of Disney news and history. I love Jim and Len both and they are so easy to listen to. This podcast keeps me up to date and well informed on all the important news from Disney. I have learned so much about the history from Jim and the park info from Len! I look forward to the weekly episode and listen each week. Very well done!
  • PoloBoy340
    Love it! I have a suggestion....
    Great Podcast! Always look forward to the next episode! The Monster Sound attraction (which I got to do as a kid) history got me jonesing for more MGM attraction lets have a History of Superstar Television! Another attraction I got to do, my sister and I were Gilligan and the Skipper and my 80+ y/o grandma got on playing the gun-toting jealous wife on General Hospital (playing opposite a loose-English speaking bald Israeli gentleman...was hilarious). You guys rock!
  • Craigger1984
    Great podcast
    Your most recent show about the history of the Mr Toad ride was your best ever. I truly hope Jim follows through with talking about Disneyland Paris Toad Hall. Would love to hear a show on Disneyland ride vehicle collectibles and auction results, like you did with the Toad Devils props.
  • July31x
    Just the best
    I listen to a lot of podcasts— no judgment— but this is the best. A balance of humor, history and serious insight into what Disney is looking to do. Very enjoyable and just well done.
  • T_dub_Andre
    Thanks for the info...
    Len and Jim. Thank you both for the conversation. The information on possible safety precautions the Orlando theme parks might implement as they work towards opening is interesting and beneficial to my family.
  • Bucksheep
    Wearing gloves is NOT recommended
    While listening to the April 26, 2020 episode I was cringing. As an RN on the frontlines I can assure you Len that you do not understand what cross contamination is. Proper and frequent hand hygiene would be infinitely more sanitary than wearing the same pair of gloves or even “changing them three times a day.” Every healthcare professional would lose their mind and would never recommend that for preventing infection in public. Please reconsider suggesting such a recommendation and leave that for professionals. Notice the survey you were discussing did not mention gloves because they seem to be aware that does not make sense. No CDC or public health official has recommended this or will. I already cannot believe my eyes at stores when people are wearing them. Hand hygiene (hand washing or sanitizer) and do not touch your face, that is the recommendation in regards to what you should be doing with your hands. Imagine wearing your gloves but touching raw chicken. You then go on to touch anything else and the salmonella has been spread. Same idea. The solution would have been after touching the chicken (or in this scenario any surface potentially infected with covid) washing your hands or using sanitizer. That’s it. There is not enough gloves to change them after touching every surface nor would it make sense in any capacity. Save the gloves for us on the frontlines so we don’t run out of those too and can properly protect ourselves and our patients.
  • Bill in Sidney
    One of the best podcasts out there!
    Two of the greats in Disney knowledge. You can’t not learn something every time!
  • Peg teal
    One of the best Disney podcasts!
    I always enjoy each episode of this podcast! I love the inside scoop and the news and discussions of all things Disney. Len and Jim have a great style to tell stories and news and the insider information. I’m always happy when there is a new episode!
  • Walkgal1
    Good Disney news
    Enjoy hearing the info on Disney. I would like to hear more specifically about Disneyland and not Disneyworld, but still enjoy most episodes.
  • Mick in Iowa
    Fun listen with great info
    Look forward to Len and Jim each week-great insider info, honest opinions, excellent topics. Keep it up fellas
  • Cooper Wendling
    One of my favorite Disney Podcasts
    I look forward to each new episode!
  • Disneyfan1974
    Great informative podcast!!! I wish it was weekly.
  • Price4snow
    Both hosts are so knowledgeable and give great and accurate information consistently and in an entertaining way!
  • misspiggylove
    Love this show
    Lots of info and it’s very interesting
  • Nrobbins216
    Used to listen to this every time it came out. But this week it mentions political views. I dont listen to Disney podcasts for political views. I’ve unsubscribed.
  • Shelly48111
    Disney Fun
    Witty and fun. I look forward to listening each week!
  • gauss88
    Absolutely Great!
    If you are a Disney fan (especially a Disney World fan) this is one of the best podcasts out there. Both Len and Jim know are tremendous amount of information (current and historical, and future!). On top of that they work really well together. Even though their interplay is seamless and fantastic, each one is comfortable enough to let the other lead for a bit. I find their jokes hilarious; they always brighten my day. I was lucky enough to meet Jim in person and he is just as engaging in person as on the podcast. And from what I have heard Len is the same. This is THE podcast I listen to the most!
  • neurolexa
    A must-listen!
    If you are a Disney fan and want to stay in the loop, Jim and Len are a must-listen every Monday. I love their report and all the insider knowledge they have on events both current and historic. I hope they keep releasing episodes for years to come!
  • MacDaddy1069
    John Knowles
    Love this show. I’m a DisNerd and the behind the scenes stuff and predictions keep me going between visits. Thanks fellas!
  • Gesland
    Two entertaining guys
    Enjoyable and entertaining Disney news and bits of history plus their personal experiences.
  • Dave D in Houston
    A must listen!!
    I’ve listened to many podcasts and this is the best. I used to like WDW Today when Len was part of that cast, but they all transitions off that show (don’t bother with that new crew of that podcast). If you liked WDW today, you’ll love this show. I’m partial to Len and love his data driven thinking along with his passion that is at times 100% emotional! They are honest with their reviews and don’t pander to Disney, which I love. And Jim Hill must be Mensa too, to keep up with Len’s very quick tongue. Simply the best!!
  • SuzViola
    A fun listen
    Nice blend of current news and history.
  • margaritavillefan20
    Informative and exciting!
    I love this podcast so much. Both hosts are really informed on the subject and their passion brings so much joy to the topics.
  • kimokao
    So good!
    Gossiping with Disney insiders and digging into hard numbers, this podcast is amazing. Jim and Len are fun to listen to, entertaining, and trustworthy. A must listen for any Disney fan.
  • Claen
    So much news!
    Great stories and enjoyable banter.
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