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Gals on the Go is a lifestyle podcast hosted by influencers and YouTubers Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio. Starting in 2018, this weekly podcast highlights conversations about friendship, navigating your 20’s + early adulthood, social media trends, relationships, family and so much more. Gals on the Go focuses on having real, raw, and honest conversations in an effort to “pull back the curtain” on what may look like perfect and glamorous lives on social media. STAY TUNED FOR NEW EPISODES EVERY WEDNESDAY! 

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  • curly.girl95
    Starting to enjoy your pod again
    Starting to love your podcast again! And I don’t mean that in a mean way lol I’ve always loved you guys but it seemed for awhile y’all were “out of touch” and didn’t have much direction with your podcast. The last month or two I’ve really enjoyed your topics and have found them very entertaining! Keep it up!
  • sarahelovely
    Too many ads now
    TOO MANY ADS. I love this podcast, but it feels like a radio station playing ads every five mins, and there is several. I love the content but it’s not worth it with the amount of advertisements. It’s too much.
  • RileyHorton
    Get to the point
    My first main issue is how the “catch up” portion is as long or sometimes even longer than the actual main topic of the episode. If people want a look into your personal lives and favorites they can to youtube, tik Tok etc. Now, I get a sister has to make a coin, but I have yet to listen to another podcast with as many ads as what your episodes have. Lastly, I simply don’t see the value in this podcast anymore. In college I found these gals a lot more relatable when they were dealing with assignments, college responsibilities etc. but now they live a very unique lifestyle that is pretty much relatable for nobody except their friends who are also influencers. I listen to a podcast to be entertained, educated, or inspired and I feel like I get none of those here 😞
  • step395
    Giving me life while going for a walk. Thank you gals 😍
  • CITO Fan
    Notes App Episode
    Okay, I loved this episode. Literally laughing at work.
  • Addslynn
    I listen to so many podcasts and no other podcast has as many ads as gotg 😭 it’s a fun pod but the ads interrupt way too much
  • Keelyn1997
    Favorite podcast!
    I love listening every week and it truly makes my morning commute 10x better. Hoping you make it to Seattle for a live show!!
  • Aaaaaaaaarrrrrriiiiiii
    love this podcast!
    i’m not sure why there’s so many people calling them out of touch- this is the lifestyle that a lot of influencers live and i love hearing more conversation in a podcast rather that it being super structured! keep it up gals 🫶🏻
  • notinterested6969
    Not good
    I couldn’t even make it through a full episode. How are they gals on the go?
  • RayBron
    Not sure why the ratings are so low
    This is a good listen, and while ppl are calling them “out of touch” I like hearing about their upper class lifestyle. Maybe it’s not for you, but that doesn’t make it poor quality. To the 1-star reviewers talking about how low effort and brainless the content is, have you listened to hot girl talks podcast?!
  • Fiercetiger50
    Fav podcast
    This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to when I’m working out or driving. Can’t wait to listen to more episodes!
  • OG brooke & dani fan
    Unsubscribed after years :/
    Finally had to unfollow and unsubscribe after being with both gals since their OG YouTube days. Recent episodes have felt low-effort (usually some sort of favorites, hauls, products I’m loving, etc). There’s SO many ads that it’s become less enjoyable to listen. Both of them used to be great and engaging creators but since moving to NY it feels like their content is just out of touch. I wish they’d take the feedback from fans and return to the tried and true content that we all loved. I’m disappointed but I’m just no longer interested in following their work anymore
  • qwoutc
    Stopped listening and feel GREAT
    They claim this podcast is supposed to be casual girl talk, but it truly is insufferable and vapid. This is not due to jealousy or a desire to live a life like these girls (although that’s what they think), it’s due to the lack of any palpable substance or betterment from anything they are saying. To those who work everyday , are professionals, and/or have any real responsibilities, it feels pointless to listen to this and a total waste of time. I listen to other podcasts by people who don’t have relatable lifestyles either (like Meghan Trainer, for example), but it’s enjoyable because she has interesting opinions and doesn’t flaunt the materialism of her life. Having nothing to do on a Tuesday afternoon other than cycling or tanning is abnormal and nothing to brag about. I listened to this podcast since the beginning and watched their YouTube videos from the very start. As I have gotten older, I have also completely grown out of this content. I realized listening to this girls frustrated me, so I stopped listening, unsubscribed, and feel great. This podcast provides no value and is not a feel-good podcast for those who work everyday and seek entertainment with actual substance to listen to in their spare time.
  • mimigypsy
    Time to end the show
    Nothing about listening to these two girls is relatable, inspiring, or enjoyable. They are just two more vapid, materialistic people who perpetuate consumerism and D+ advice
  • Sabrina_bixby
    Waste of time
    I am genuinely wondering who can sit through this podcast. These girls are so out of touch with reality.
  • Sam Mistere
    Gals on the go no mo
    I’ve been an OG listener since the day this podcast was created because as a college student, I was a true Gal on the Go too. Now, this content is so unrelatable and low key insulting to us people who actually work long days at jobs that benefit society. This content is so mindless it’s painful to listen to. After 4 years, I will be tuning out ✌🏼
  • courtneynch
    The girl talk is everything
    My favorite podcast to turn on in the morning and honestly make my week! Love the convos makes me feel like i’m hanging with my friends 😊 Also all the people hating get a life and just stop listening then…there is absolutely no need for negativity there are hundred of podcasts out there go find another one somewhere else if you don’t like it…SICK OF THE HATE
  • angeld032
    This podcast needs to change and listen to their audience. The have literally said they wont read their reviews yet plead for us to rate them 5 stars at the end of the pod? The materialism and over consumption is exhausting. These girls are making six figures for what? To over use word lovely and film vlogs in their apartments? I used to be a loyal listener and viewer but these girls just arent adapting to what their listeners. They delete comments and block you when you try to speak up. They wont even allow comments on the GOTG youtube. 19 ads in one episode? Give me a break.
  • JDBsoccer22!!⚽
    Read the reviews gals!
    I watch danielle’s vlogs every week but I really can’t do these podcast episodes :( I feel like they don’t listen and learn from their reviews! You guys could improve so much if you take in some of the criticism🧡
  • catie1692
    Not like it used to be!
    The last few months this podcast has been nothing but ads. Not enjoyable listen anymore.
  • Mzhappy223
    Out of touch
    How is it possible these ladies have absolutely no black or brown friends? It’s disgusting smh🤮🤮🤮
  • kate vog
    Going where?
    How do they do it all? Between bimonthly vacations, salon appointments, pr unboxing and brunch with their friends, these gals are truly on the go! Thank God we have two more influencers out there making this type of content that we can all relate to!
  • Manny_Ramirez
    A whole lot of nothing
    These two are not “on the go” and couldn’t be more un-relatable. A busy day is going to dry bar and getting a spray tan… they play a TON of ads which is unbearable and the conversation is truly not worthy of a podcast. Not to mention they’re constantly trying to mention brands and begging for sponsorships which is so tone def for all of $ they make to always want to be “sponsored” aka given everything for free. Don’t waste your time one.
  • jules161600
    Stop with the weird voices
    For the love of god please stop talking in your weird voices. And grow out of the “I’m in my ___ era” it’s insufferable.
  • toaakr
    Ads on the Go
    My first time listening and I stopped about 60% of the way through. This pod should be called ads on the go because I clicked through the ads…. Then keep clicking… then three more clicks… it never ended!
  • Figureskatingchick
    end the podcast era
    It’s honestly hilarious how these hosts are not even remotely close to real “gals on the go”. They barely understand the concept of being a women juggling real work life balance with a social life. They beg for free sponsorships and talk about how rough their influencer lives are. Their concept of a busy day is a drybar appointment and meeting a friend for lunch. Intellectually they’re both vapid and only do this for the money from sponsorships and their ugly merch. So many better influencers and lifestyle podcasts out there than these two.
  • Rileytolson
    I love y’all 🤍 Riley
  • meetat02?
    “You girls keep me young” -mean girls
    I’m a very young gal but I also got married young and I’m pregnant now (which sometimes I feel like things they say offend me LOL bc of that) but ANYWAYS overall I do enjoy the pod it’s a good background pod and keeps me feeling like a girlie in this season of life. I am super thankful for this pod because of that :)
  • JulezRomeo123
    Comfort Podcast
    I love this podcast so much. Always a feel good.
  • Lysshamp
    More guests please and less ads
    This is honestly the only podcast I listen to regularly, good background noise when driving or on a walk. I do wish there was more guests on the podcast because those are the most interesting - especially since I follow along with YouTube/IG so the 45 minute weekly recaps are a little much…bring us the meat of the episode!!! Too many adds also.
  • SabrinaMD04
    Let her speak
    I listen to this podcast and watch their videos religiously… but this week they hardly let Margo speak. I feel like she said 10 words, and every other word was “like” which always drives me nuts. The podcast has been alive for too long to have an episode this quality 💔 sorry gals, still love you.
  • Millennial Kitchen
    This is one of my favorite podcasts & I look forward to it coming out every week! Anytime I can watch the YouTube I love to stream it because I feel like I’m just hanging out with friends. The conversations are interesting & I love when they have guests because it’s always someone I’m excited to hear from & always learn something! Definitely give this pod a listen! Brooke & Danielle are such great friends, it’s really fun to listen to them.
  • Gymcheergal
    Amount of ads is ridiculous
    Omg… please don’t have guests on the podcast if you can’t afford to pay them for their time without having to put 19 ads in the podcast. It’s ridiculous… we know the gals use non of these products. I’m tired of this money hungry group of girls
  • Jay-Mae
    It has gotten to the point where the sound of Danielle’s voice alone makes my blood boil. Brooke may be close-minded and opinionated but at least she has an opinion. Danielle gets all of her thoughts directly from tik tok and simply re-phrases everything Brooke says to try and make it sound like an original thought. It’s infuriating. Also I counted 7 ads in the most recent episode, and I didn’t even finish it. If you want to listen to two conceited “influencers” talk about how stressed they are about their week of blowouts and party’s and give the same life advice that can be heard on a Hannah Montana re-run, this is the podcast for you. News flash ladies, beginning your rant about how hard your privileged life is with “disclaimer I’m so grateful for my job.. but”, does not make it less out of touch. If the hardest thing you do in a day is get up at 9 am to go to a spin class, your life is not hard. And for that reason, I’m out.
  • elk736337
    Half the video is an ad
    In the most recent podcast I bet there were almost 20 different ads. Truly a horrible listening experience, got lost throughout the episode as it was all cut off with ads. Not to mention the ads were companies they don’t use nor align with their brand :) big yikes
  • just an annoyed fan
    So many ads and just awful content if you can even call it that. This episode was terrible. Talked over each other and was pointless. It’s sad what had become of this podcast. Done with it
  • L8392571
    19 ads, 1 episode
    It was the 19 ads in 1 episode for me
  • danapurcell
    Out of touch beyond belief
    In the most recent episode, there were 19 ads. Let that sink in, 19 ads in a podcast that was an hour and a half long. I used to enjoy these girls back in college when they were also in school and doing somewhat relatable things. As they have gotten older and lived in nyc they have gotten so out of touch it is painful to watch/listen to them. They have actively said they don’t read the podcast reviews because of negativity, but if they actually spent time to take a look they would get constructive criticism and improve. They are very clearly money hungry and incredibly materialistic. They consume, consume, consume and lack much self awareness. I don’t know if their managers read reviews but they better because turning a blind eye is causing them more problems. This podcast and these girls social media careers won’t last forever and I think they’re going to have a very hard time adjusting to “the real world”
  • Ko0500
    The last brain cell
    I wonder what this podcast could be if Danielle could put that last brain cell to work and actually have a conversation and not just agreee with Brooke. Like have your own opinion and jesus it is ok if you girls dont have the same opinion as others.
  • wannabenyc
    Out of touch
    Listening to them honestly gives me a migraine they are so out of touch and problematic I had to unfollow/unsubscribe
  • ARL810
    Oh god I love you ladies so much but you guys don’t even recognize how beyond privileged you sound in this episodes. The “family shared hotel room” the horror!!!!
  • 500daysof_nina
    It’s Giving ‘Unrelatable’
    I used to consume a lot of content from Brooke and Danielle, but over time I have gradually stopped watching their content on a regular basis. The main reason is the lack of relatability, the consumerism, and as many other reviews have indicated, their content being focused around nail appointments, blow outs, infrared sauna appointments, and other basic influencer things. It’s a very privileged lifestyle and it’s hard for me to willingly take in. Yes, it’s an enviable lifestyle, but I don’t want to support it by listening to their podcast. Please consider adding into your lives more philanthropy, volunteering, other activities (not a book club) that benefit others and ultimately yourself as opposed to product pushing.
  • bvygtebklnn
    I love Gals on The Go! It is literally the only podcast I enjoy listening to.
  • Akusters
    Product platform?
    Super excited since I love Match Made in Manhattan and was looking for another carefree podcast. As a nurse it’s nice to listen to something light, up beat or relatable outside of hard days. Well, 12 mins in its all about products? I was hoping for Gals On the Go… I am confused 12 mins in what I’ve listened to... Maybe I just picked a wrong episode?
  • Danidayday
    Out of touch
    I’ll be honest, listening to this podcast makes me feel bad about myself. Not just from a “I’m not in this tax bracket” way, but in a way that there is so much going on in the world and I’m spending my time listening to these girls talk about spending hundreds of dollars in a day and getting their news from Snapchat 😭. I’m a young career woman who tries to balance a full time job, graduate school, self care on a budget and think critically about my consumption and community involvement. I used to enjoy listening to have this time to unplug but it has gotten so narcissistic and into a bubble of white womanhood that I just can’t anymore. Safe to say I’ve outgrown it - which is a good thing 💪
  • yoitsjennnniferr
    If you plan on listening to this podcast, be sure to fast forward to about an hour in because that’s when they stop rambling about random things and actually get into the topic. Would be a decent show if they could focus.
  • EGS62
    Unfunny, lazy, etc.
  • Karladougan
    Undecided: it’s a bit problematic but it’s fun, you can learn somethings
    I like this podcast because it’s a fun/care free/kinda mindless podcast which is nice! It’s like a break from reality which i need on a weekly basis lol. They also share advice on beauty, fashion and social relationships which I’ve enjoyed listening to & trying to implement into my life. Overall, if you’re looking for intelligent conversation, this podcast is probably not for you. They promote consumerism which is not great but their conversations remind me to take things less seriously, inform me about products i might like, clothing/fashion i might want to look into, or fun things to do for my mental health. I think it’s a good podcast and serves a purpose in our over saturated world of social media. As a fellow UGA alumni, I enjoy the podcast and enjoy being a part of their journeys as influencers 💖
  • mashyb
    Gals on the go?
    Gals on the go to dry bar/nail salon? What do they actually do? Would be interesting to have guests who contribute to society like nurses, lawyers, doctors, etc… Conversations on the pod are shallow & hosts don’t seem to like each other. Switch brooke out for Delaney pls.
  • toast review
    FashionPass Collab
    I can't behind the girls doing this fashionpass collab when Danielle legit made of Brooke for renting clothes?? Like what? Seems so fake to me. Can we discuss these reviews?? Nothing is changing! Bring on REAL guests!!!
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