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Welcome to Ghost of a Podcast with your host Jessica Lanyadoo. Lanyadoo is an astrologer, psychic medium, and animal communicator with more than 20 years experience. She offers guidance week after week that is practical, mystical, and that helps you help yourself. Lanyadoo answers a listener's question (maybe yours!) in the first half of each episode. In the second half, it's the horoscope corner, including best practices for your week ahead. Lanyadoo delivers tools for living your very best life, one step at a time.Visit & follow her on IG @Jessica_Lanyadoo Support this podcast:

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  • NeeLynn12
    No fluff
    I like this podcast because Jessica is down to earth and keeps it real. She isn’t the type of person to tell you each month that you’ll find your soulmate or that you should get back with your ex (like a lot of YouTube astrologists do, IMO). If you’re trying to learn more about astrology this is a good place to start. All of the episodes are very educational. I look forward to listening to her podcast every Sunday morning.
  • Shen sport
    Best Astro content EVER
    start with the amazing podcast, then follow Jessica on Insta, then buy the book! Very approachable and fun spiritual guidance :)
    Useful Advice!
    Jessica’s advice is very level- headed and practical. She uses astrology as a helpful tool for navigating life by using one’s strengths and working on one’s weaknesses, even when it’s the most difficult but best course of action. Love it! ♎️ born 9/25/87 - 11:47am - Milwaukee, WI Instagram: @senora_disenadora
  • city_loveee
    Learning Astrology
    I listen every week and greatly enjoy Jesscia's insights. She is a very inclusive and empowering astrologer. I appreciate that her reflections are on the collective and about what is happening to US. Endless gratitude to her and this podcast!
  • stephyy sunshine
    She will tell you how it is!
    And I love it!! Not only is she living in my hometown (Oakland 👐🏼!) but I feel like she’s a best friend & a teacher from a far. She cares for all us to have an appropriate understanding of what astrology has to teach us. 😻can’t ask for anything more 🙏🏼 thank you Jessica for everything you do!
  • Tokyo Pop Killer
    growing up a brown queer person I’ve always found myself gravitating to uplifting and encouraging people that are always offering perspectives on how to connect and love yourself... Jessica is a treasured jewel .... thank you so much for sharing your own personal experiences and for always guiding us back to ourselves. ❤️ I love this podcast so much
  • angellypoo
    Unbelievable Insight
    What Jessica Lanyadoo has is a GIFT! She can read a chart like she’s been reading your mind your whole life and from just one little question she can lead you to worlds of wisdom that somehow applies to you as a listener in ways you least expected!!! Woo for this woo! Thank you Jessica.
  • Isis Goddess
    Fun, informative and insightful
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for a couple months now and it’s the only podcast I ritually follow. Jessica has a great way of talking about astrology that I like and every podcast is insightful, fun and I learn more about astrology. Also I like that it’s not super long, so i look forward to it instead of wonder if I’ll have the time to fully listen.
  • magic_eye_
    Every Sunday
    I listen religiously every Sunday, is my church 🙏 Jessica is so real and gets right into it and brings me so much joy and clarity.
  • Nicoyatl
    A podcast like no other
    Ghost of a Podcast is a true gift- Jessica tells it like it is, no bs here. I benefit every week from the great depth, practical advice and meaning-making that Jessica provides. There is a wealth of information for guiding you to live your best life, be in relationship with each other, and harmonize with the ever-present energy permeating our existence. I LOVE this show, Thank YOU!!!
  • N Pants
    Greatful for this Gal
    Love to listen to Jessica every week! She is a bright light of Astro info and gives it straight without sugar coating it. Super accurate and has a great perspective.
  • TheMacNCheese
    Just got turned on to this podcast and very obsessed already. Never listened to anything like it. Ready to binge on this road trip I’m going on. Love her warm and comforting voice and the way she speaks about this stuff. Getting her book as well!
  • Ramona FC
    Just the best.
    I get so very much from the work that Jessica does. Thank you!
  • erinashleyg
    The Highlight of My Week!!!
    Happy Birthday to triple Capricorn Jessica! Thank you for gifting us with your Podcast, I am such a big fan! 🥳🎉In these uncertain and scary times it’s always so incredible to listen to Jessica and her ideas about how to maintain self-care while still making your voice heard in order to help change the world and make a difference no matter how small. As an HSP, listening to her Podcast is so validating and makes me feel so much less alone. Her wisdom is inspiring, she speaks from the heart so eloquently and always has wonderful advice on how to cope with change and growth. Listening to her podcast has made me a better person and she inspires so many others to do the same! Thank you so much Jessica, from this Sagittarius sun with hella Capricorn in her chart! You’re a real one!
  • Alsies
    Amazing, insightful, and a highlight of my week
    Jessica’s weekly guidance and interpretations of the the astrology and the world has been monumental influence in my life. Her passion for her work, and honesty about the current state of the world is refreshing. Thank you always for your insight and thought provoking content!
  • kira_lena
    Wholesome fun
    I love love love this compassionate, grounded, cosmic show! Jessica Lanyadoo is a treasure and we are so lucky she offers us this weekly dose of wisdom and magic straight from her big ole heart. Listen up!
  • NovelNostalgia
    Big love for Ghost of a Podcast
    This podcast regularly (and spiritually) clears my skin and cures my depression. Joking aside, listening to Jessica has helped me help myself through an incredibly tough year. Listening has helped me to prioritize my mental health, to do deep work with my therapist, and to navigate being a non-binary, gender fluid person in what can be a very unfriendly world to gender nonconforming folks. Ghost of a Podcast makes me feel valid, seen, and helps me see myself.
  • Rikiana James
    Jessica is a dream
    I love this podcast soooo much! I listen to it every Monday morning on my commute to work, it really sets me up for the new week. Her knowledge is so vast and on point. She cares so much about the world and it’s people, it’s a delight and privilege to listen to this gem of a podcast 💞💞💞
  • highstakes345
    ♑️ ✨🪐
    Happy Birthday to this Astro babe! This podcast is my weekly reminder to check-in with my heart and continue to do the work. Thank you for sharing space with so many. 🌻🌕
  • cynth-doberman mom
    She’s better than church!
    I listen to this podcast every Sunday-she’s fantastic! It’s like church for me. She’s part astrologer, therapist, and activist. Good stuff - XX - Cynth
  • ladykca
    Grateful for grounding
    Listening to Jessica’s podcast is a weekly ritual that keeps me grounded and connected to hope. She tells it like it is, kindly, and that crucial combo is hard to find these days. Thank you Jessica 💜
  • Lalaleoni
    I’m so thankful to have this podcast available to listen to. You are amazing at what you do and happy birthday.
  • bygonebyw@ys
    Weekly Touchstone
    Jessica and her wise words help me come back to center every week. So much more than an astrology podcast, it’s a torch on dark days, a cuddle, a wise mirror. Love you my dear and so glad you exist! ✨
  • stoner__spice
    I love Jessica!
    Jessica, I know you say you’re not a hopeful person, but you sure give me a reason to be hopeful. I’m so grateful to be able to access your wisdom & guidance through this podcast. Also, you’re funny as hell. Mary Poppins much?? I love you.
  • blaineyinsaney
    Go Jessica!!
    Only astrology podcast I listen to!! Jessica graces us every week with wisdom, humor, and vision. Her mediumship and animal communication episodes are also 🔥🔥 So grateful to Jessica for sharing with us through a feminist, anti-racist, queer-positive & political lens. Love this podcast!
  • janellacella
    Astro candy for your ears!!
    Like light on a Sunday morning we are so lucky Jessica takes time to guide us through the astrology of these troubled times. I appreciate her ability to encourage listeners to stay engaged using our strengths to make things right whenever and wherever we can. From matters of the heart to acknowledgment of layers of privilege this podcast that matters.
  • Dana Jesika
    Best Astrological Advice
    Jessica is so smart and poignant with her advice, horoscopes, and just has one of those awesome podcast voices.
  • sdfgghjkjfddhbjjj
    Streaming sunshine, rainbows and gold!
    If I could rate this podcast with one million stars I would. This has got to be some of the most loving and helpful content out there. And Jessica publishes it faithfully every week! I would not dream of missing an episode because every weekend, without fail, this podcast has brought me the sweet, sweet soul-medicine specific to that specific place and time. Leave it to an astrologer to know exactly what we all need to hear to take sustainable, healthy, little baby steps towards actualization. I also deeply appreciate Jessica’s devotion to reminding us all that spiritual work can not be properly practiced without acknowledging that social justice is an integral part of the equation. Tune in for no-nonsense deep healing for yourself and the collective. So much love to Jessica. QUEEN ✨🌈👑🌈✨QUEEN!
  • ESosaaaa
    My favorite podcast
    I so look forward to listening to this podcast at the start of my week to help me prepare for the days ahead. Jessica’s approach to living life with integrity and with emotional intelligence is so refreshing and so kind and so so real. Thank you for taking the time to speak to our hearts & souls!
  • Stkeefer
    How to Make the Week Better--Listen to Jessica
    Thank you, Jessica, for this gift of a podcast. You have made my life better, and I am so grateful for your work.
  • cinnamonblanket
    GoaP helps you set a solid foundation every week!!
    I have been listening to Ghost of a Podcast since it launched and it is such a boon to my life. Every Sunday I make time to listen and to weave this triple-Cap's perspective into my own. Jessica is a practical dreamer with a vision of a better world and in this podcast she always shares concrete examples of how to amend our actions and thoughts to make this better world a reality. I frequently send quotes from this astro podcast to my friends and fam that are not into astro because long portions of her podcast are accessible to all, regardless of beliefs/ how much you lean into the woo. Thank you Jessica, and I'm headed to your Patreon page now! Here's to directly supporting beautiful work in 2020!!
  • rfields84
    Jessica speaks to my soul!
    I am so glad that I found her from Astrology University’s summit this last time. I am just learning so much from Jessica and she speaks in a language I can understand. Sarcasm and curse words LOL. I feel so supported and encouraged with every episode and even when she is answering listener questions, she speaks some truth that resonates with me. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone who is seeking support and guidance with astrology at any level.
  • nicole the professional music reviewer
    Like going to church but so much better.
    I’m a big fan of listening to podcasts as I’m currently traveling the world full time and love that I can pop my earbuds in and learn a thing or two on a train/plane/bus ride. But this is the only— I repeat, ONLY—podcast I listen to on a weekly basis to get a comprehensive and trustworthy scoop on what the universe is up to. It’s like a weekly weather forecast and a counseling session in one! I love fairy-god-auntie Jessica’s tough love advice, her spooky-intuitive, wise insights, her honesty, and conviction to make this world a little more bearable for all of us. And I forgive her for never featuring my inquiry on the podcast all those months ago. So much love, Nicole (@the.travelwitch) XO
  • expanded expanding
    Must Listen!
    This is a gem of a human and her work, insights and sharings are a joyous gift and a salve for the soul, truly. Sage, real, funny, really wonderful guidance and encouragement to stay present and be your best most expanded self
  • Sparkles___________
    Thank You, Jessica
    My father died in 2017 and I got serious about healing last January with daily(ish) meditation practices, full/new moon rituals, tarot, and astrology. I found Jessica early in this process and ever since, I’m always looking forward to my Sunday morning coffee and listening to Ghost of a Podcast! This podcast puts me in a mindset to reflect upon my feelings, behavior, the past, present, and future. From a cappie to another cappie, thank you for your hard work and insight every week ❤️
  • Carrmina
    Endless love for GOAP!
    A week just wouldn’t be the same without this lovely, insightful and encouraging message from JL. Deeply inspiring and grounding, Jessica’s words of astrological wisdom paired with practical action steps and spiritual advise makes for an amazing, and must must must have for the self-care Sunday feels. Much love for JL and her magic!
  • ScooterStan
    Insightful and inspiring
    Honestly, Jessica Lanyadoo might be wiser than the therapist I pay each week. Even if you're skeptical on astrology, her advice and intuitions about the human condition are invaluable and keep me coming back each week. Best of all, she's committed to using her voice to speak up against injustices in today's political environment, and she empowers her listeners to take small yet meaningful actions.
  • Anielle Reid
    Learning Astrology
    This is one of the BEST astrology podcasts!
  • oliviablanche
    My new joy
    I love this real talk astrology podcast. Every time Jessica says “ok kittens and cupcakes” to the listeners she has your attention. Do like to feel REAL feelings and also really want to not feel so heavy about it? This podcast empowers, amuses and makes me smile every time I listen.
  • CarnelianFlame
    Jessica Lanyadoo’s podcast is everything that gives me life- astrology, relationships, feminism, mediumship and sex- presented with well articulated wisdom, fresh insights, and inspiring bravery and confidence. She is my absolute hero and the world really benefits from her perspective.
  • Student Star Gazer
    You are the best!
    Thank you for your incredible astrological insights that are so supportive and helpful!
  • BlueAqua
    The Astrology Therapy You Didn’t Know You Needed
    I’ve been listening to Ghost of a Podcast for faarr less than a year, but I can say with utmost confidence that Jessica’s insightful approach to astrology in how it neatly lays out our inner psyches and that of humanity at large has completely changed my life—for the better, I should add. We have the choice to vibe high or low and the choice on how we want to deal with the tensions in the stars by showing up for ourselves. Listening to Ghost of a Podcast has given me the tools to transform my own relationship with myself, as well given me the vocabulary to help other people with the same self-work struggles. I love Ghost of a Podcast and am v v grateful for Jessica’s work. Thank you, Jessica.
  • MayaNovaAstrology
    Love it!
    Dear Jessica, you rule!!! I learn so so much about astrology from you! And also, I completely subscribe to your life views, the way you "unpack" charts and relate to your clients / audience! Thank you! Thank you! I never miss an episode and I have preordered your book, so I am looking forward to reading it! Best!
  • theladybre
    Insightful and Healing
    I am usually motivated to listen by the astrological readings for the week but always walk away feeling like I got so much more out of the podcast. I appreciate how Jessica is able to utilize one person’s experience and birth chart to bring insightful thoughts and practices to all her listeners. This podcast is self-care, mindfulness, and community all in one 45 minute package!
  • Ohmyitskai
    Love it!
    Love the podcast so much!!! Only complaint is that on Apple Podcasts the newest episode isn’t categorized into a “season” so it’s not the first one that pops up on the feed.
  • Meeshellen
    A must listen
    If you’re not listening to your weekly astro forecast from this Cap sun and planning accordingly, I HIGHLY suggest getting on it quick, bud. Jessica’s expertise on the practicalities of healing and how to always come back to our agency in any cosmic kerfuffle is a treasure that she offers up freely. Take advantage of this gift, loves! Our world needs us to do the work, and she’s showing us how, every week.
  • 911troll
    Love ❤️
    Thank you so much for your shared wisdom. I look forward to your guidance each week @911troll (on instagram and Twitter)
  • GMcCarrell
    From a lethargic Taurus
    Jessica is such a lovely astrology aunt figure to me- I just adore her and her down to earth sweet wisdom. I listened to last week’s podcast and my jaw dropped at the predictions of everything that ended up playing out in my life. Love love love the powerful Jessica Lanyadoo- both on this podcast and of course on the socials. 🖤 We’ll get through this Scorpio Mercury retrograde together!
  • emilybrucesky
    Love Jessica & the healing she provides us
    Jessica’s podcast is my go to for all astrology and entry level woo information. She gave me my introduction to the witchy world and I am forever grateful!!
  • dsudancer
    I love GOAP! Hands down it is the best astrology podcast out there. I love Jessica’s take on the world and how she promotes thinking for yourself and taking action to make change.
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