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Gilbert Arenas is one of the most dynamic characters the NBA has ever seen. Agent Zero holds nothing back, puts all cards on the table and of course, has zero chill. Along with co-host Josiah Johnson, the No Chill Podcast is a healthy dose of all things Gilbert, his stories, his ideas and his unique perspective, while joined by athletes, actors and comedians.

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  • Slayvid Baechovny
    Nick Young is right! Kareem won finals MVP at 38 in 1985. He averaged 22 pts/game
    No Chill is my Jawn
    The show gives a completely different perspective and viewpoint from Agent 0. Not the PC questions and answers. I Love how visual Gill breaks it down. There’s to much fan boy reporting and homeboy coverage. K.I.M. and give the lovers of Ball the R.E.A.L. Much Love ADJNS/ from the (504)
  • supertone3000
    Agent 0 for a reason
    Has totally surface leveled opinions on basketball, when a new story breaks he usually chooses one of the two narratives presented, bitter personality, no wisdom, all biased. If you want to hear someone with good points and well thought out opinions I would listen to any other basketball podcast
  • Emperor Jurt
    Gilbert the Great
    Gilbert Arenas’ charisma and storytelling are unmatched among NBA stars. I could listen to him talk about anything, especially basketball.
  • AreteKing
    Sharp and Knowledgeable
    I’m not even a big NBA fan but their storytelling and knowledge brings me in.
  • agimjones
    The Kwame hive checking in to drop 1 star. Have a blessed day
  • chimpak!
    Amazing pod. One of my favorites.
    Title says it all. Keep up to solid work OG. !!! Us basketball junkies need it bro! You know keep it up man love your show.
  • BullDurham13
    The co host
    He is just Gil’s echo chamber/ giggle box. We could just have Gil by himself.
  • Dubs fan in the woods
    Gill gives a great player perspective but he misses some of the business side from league prep iv
    New co host is good though seems like mush lot of a “yes man” to Gill, be doesn’t challenge him much. Also the back end production is kinda lame. They just posted the same episode two weeks in a row and sometimes don’t post an episode for weeks then post 3 back to back
  • Juxfoo
    Awesome pod. I’m glad he change cohost. The other dude was trash.
  • foefoe86
    Gilbert is wild
    Gilbert can find humor in any situation and it highlights his confidence when he played in the league. Very well deserved hall of fame inductee. Find out why they call him no chill Gil for yourself and give it a try.
  • Around there
    Rachel Nichols
    It is crazy that at the start of every game, Rachel Nichols flashes the white power symbol with her left hand, for a long time during her monologue. You can go back and check. She did it from the preseason on. She obviously does not Want to be around “those” people. It devastated my children and I when we saw it. It is awful to do to the young, full of hopes and dreams. It is clear she wants to do something else. Let her do that something else away from our sons and daughters.
  • mars77.805
    All zeros
    “Agent 0 “ do all the talking . Don’t get hear enough from guests
  • CAS#1
    This show needs to be on more!!! 🙏🏾
    Gil and Mike are great... There’s so much knowledge being shared on this show it’s incredible. Thanks and I hope you can do a lot more shows. I’m starving!!! Lol Gil. When you speak about NY are you only speaking of NYC??? There’s quite a few guys there you are missing from LI and Westchester in NY. Just wonder where your boarders are???
  • GrandeIce
    Very inspirational
    Very inspirational
  • dev senerius #11
    You helped take my grind to another level.
    Appreciate you for inspiring me to be better and become a better person and perfecting my craft in a different way I never have before.
  • Taxakardyak
    The Truth!
    Gils mindset makes me better at 2K
  • Unique Identifier 13
    Who the hell are these guests?
  • This guy 1111111111
    Gil is great
    Mike is trash.
  • Dandin Canlas
    Best basketball podcast!
    Best basketball podcast from the greatest washington wizard of all time 🔥 keep up the great work
  • Losangeles_estilo
    Great content
    Love the podcast, great insight from Gil, hoopers better pull up the YouTube videos to watch also.
    Low audio !
    Turn up the audio. It’s way too low and it’ll be a 5 star. Y’all might be whispering. Speak up
  • KingNathan31
    Incredible content
    Love hearing great basketball content from a great mind.
  • JCot2
    Great basketball player, poor Podcaster
    If you want in-depth basketball perspectives and high quality opinions this isn’t the podcast. As much as I respect Agent Zero this podcast isn’t engaging, organized, or thought-provoking. It lacks pace, tone, and rarely provides research or facts behind most statements. Gilbert doesn’t do much research on what he’s engaging in and usually sticks to the “I was in the NBA so believe me” mentality. He gets current NBA players names wrong often: John Morant, Chris Anthony Towns? It’s bizarre. Either he doesn’t do the research or he simply doesn’t care. His basketball views are probably meant to invoke a reaction but saying things like “Kawhi isn’t a hall of fame player” is absolutely insane, and I’m no Kawhi fan! I need a higher quality of content and this isn’t the place to get it.
  • tylermiami
    Listening to Gil talk about fair play act is literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard
  • ScrappleApple
    Been a Hibachi fan since day 1 in DC
    Love the unique and candid content ! Gil you always been ahead of your time as a trendsetter , keep it going
  • High3rth4nU
    Straight fire 🔥 Tho the sound is kinda wonky but overall 209
  • Providencesurf
    Celtics fan but Gil was my guy. Have been waiting for a long form story about his path to the L. Only a few episodes in. Sidekick doesn’t add much if anything.
  • kevlyte
    Great podcast love it! But something is off w/ the sound/ recording on the right ear. Not sure of podcast logistics but it’s w/ every pair of headphones I try. The max volume is super super low. I can only listen while in the office because if I’m outside I can’t hear you guys
  • Rick Wolter
    I want to like this
    Can you please get someone in there that will disagree with Agent 0? Dude this is embarrassing. The guy will make a statement, Gilbert will contradict him, and the guy totally acts like that’s what he was saying. Can we get someone with a spine?
  • Tariqqq
    It’s a BS cast, light on insight
    Gil is smarter than everyone and if you have anything to say he’ll talk over you
  • pat broderick
    No chill podcast
  • ivythepimp
    Podcast is authentic!! Wish the volume was louder
  • Sophisticated Savage
    I fwu
    U the only famous person that gives str8 off the hip analysis. Salute💪🏾
  • Kjkkkmvvvvjm
    Podcast is great, glad to hear from one of my favorite players growing up.
    Mic sounds a little low. Not sure if it’s just me
  • lilbodean
    Yo cohost gotta go he cuts off guests & he always giving out miss information.
  • Momen_35
    Fix your sound systems.. at times we can’t hear anything u say and then boom it’ll just get loud.. fix ur sound systems
  • dg08089
    New mic
    Love the podcast just speak up more. I have my earbuds blasting but you guys still whisper into the mic.
  • Horn607
    Keep it up!
    Loved the shoot around convos and in locker room talk.
  • 81thirdkid
    Entertaining listen, but a lot of off base takes. Particularly, by Gilbert.
  • Mr. Taylor329
    Great Show
    I Listen to this podcast religiously, Gil is always raw uncut and straight to the point. Funny informative, just a great show all the way around 💯💯💯
  • aaronmasonanthony
    Gil is the man
    Love the show I make I listen to every episode. Refreshing to hear about basketball from someone who studied the game and played it at a high level and keep it real while doing it much love
  • Skillz vs Skillz
    Great depth basketball analysis
    Live this podcast and the perspective. Gilbert should either consult for a team or be working in an official capacity in some team’s front office
  • jmar206
    Definitely need to balance the volume a little better, quite stuff is too quite and then Gil gets hype and blows out the speakers. Love the perspective though!
  • stretch729
    Do y’all not understand how to talk into the mics? Great content but we can’t hear everything. Speak up or learn to talk into the mic the ENTIRE show.
  • ADmN1980
    Great content poor audio quality
    See title
  • Phone Game Geek
    Okay podcast
    Why y’all mics be so low??? U can’t never really hear what conversation be about...
  • justafan200
    Great podcast
    Look forward every single week... Gil drops alot of jewels. Also you have the best guests to interview
  • B.Book
    Great content but Sound quality gotta be consistent!
    Gilbert is great; very insightful with his views and how he breaks things down. Only know is that some episodes the sound quality is trash (April 15 for example). That’s the only negative though.
  • tactac41
    Disappointed AF
    Sound quality was all-time whack. It seems like , i don’t know , folks got together and put a cellphone on the table and said “let’s talk”. The subject matter was/is somewhat interesting but I couldn’t get past the dead spots. It needs a lot of work. Would not recommend.
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