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Wrestling #35

The Chewjitsu Podcast features your host BJJ Black Belt Nick "Chewy" Albin of and his co-host BJJ Black Belt and Physical Therapist Dr. Eugene Tsozik.
The show covers topics such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, training, diet, health and injury-prevention, Q&A sessions, and interviews.

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  • Billblink
    Chewy rocks !
  • hoppersucksthelifeoutofme
    It’s the little things
    Im a pet white belt with my first competition this summer. I’m so glad I found this podcast to help me train and develop consistency in thinking through this art. I definitely have natural athletics but want to learn technique for my take downs. I’ve learned a lot about being patient and hope to learn more!
    Great Podcast
    Started Jiu-Jitsu a few years ago and got interrupted by the pandemic and injury. Finally back training and this podcast is part of the reason why. Listening to a down-to-earth guy with his guests motivates me to get right back to training. Thank You! Keep getting after it!!
  • MMcDowell23
    Great content for us BJJ lovers
    Love the content on both the podcast and YouTube. Always a good listen and never feel like you’re dumb or inferior for being a lower belt.
  • Dogs are the best! Agree?
    Bjj is fun
    Been training over a year and a half. Still a white belt but I love the podcast and especially with guest on for interviews. Keep it up!
  • TheRonaconda
    In my Bearded opinion…
    This is a great podcast. Good for the training mindset. Talks about principles and my favorite is “the rules for jiu jitsu” which is great info(rules with a little R”.)
    Love it
    Great podcast guys. Very positive with actionable advice. 5 stars
  • P58 Director
    Great find!
    Asked on our BJJ group for best Podcast out there and you guys came up multiple times. Just listened to two episodes back to back and I’m hooked!
  • S’ mor
    Lucky charms always a good podcast
    It was great
  • mayes.austin1121
    Love the podcast
    Enjoy listening and hearing the theory’s and what works and don’t works and any knowledge to keep me going I’ve recently moved and don’t have a gym close to home yet so it’s like listening to friends talk about techniques and ideas in a class
  • Frank NC
    Great show and great content!
    Been listening for a while now and every episode has something I can take away from it. I have applied many things I’ve heard chewy talk about and recommend over time and every single one has helped my game out in some way. Will be a listener for life now!!! Always listening til the end! Hah
  • ethos87
    Always giving out great tips
    As a blue belt, I never thought of how simple jiujitsu can be, yet complicated. You guys are always great to listen to while I’m at work. Looking for every tip I can get to try and stay in this jiujitsu journey. Plus, I love how the advertising turns into stories.
  • i no mad, i disapointed
    Great podcast!!
    By far the best BJJ podcast out there.
  • Colinator2142
    Old man Jiu Jitsu
    These guys are dropping solid knowledge on training techniques and concepts. They add in recovery and longevity tips too. If you are training BJJ and not listening to this podcast you’re doing yourself a disservice!
  • MinionRangler
    Great Show!
    I’ve listened for a over a year and the boys always talk about things I’ve found helpful for my Jiu Jitsu training and study
  • Kadell84
    One of my favorites
    Chewy and Eugene keep it interesting. Always have great points of view and top tier guests.
  • Jaylan Johnson
    Great podcast
    Always great information and very entertaining!
  • bbbbbassas
    Thank you!
    Fun and informative
  • Pulaskidawg
    Great Show
    I enjoy listening to Chewy. Good info and good interviews.
  • skul ops
    Content is ok but….
    12 min of advertisement. Every podcast
  • Neanderthal Nathan
    A very entertaining and comprehensive look at BJJ
    If you’re like me and you like to “nerd out” about Jiu Jitsu, you should check Chewy out. They really talk about Jiu Jitsu from every angle. I personally don’t really watch Jiu Jitsu videos or listen to podcasts for technical stuff. I go to the gym for that. I just like to get into the Jiu Jutsu headspace, and I find this podcast to be perfect for that.
  • magitoc
    Great podcast
    I love this podcast. Great tips for Jiu Jitsu and everyday life. Very interesting topics on every episode. I would recommend this podcast to anyone.
  • samdhhfjfhfhf
    Great podcast
    Awesome podcast and great guests. Must listen for anyone training jiu jitsu. Good mix of content of technique, gym culture/etiquette, training tips and awesome guests.
  • wayne baybear
    Keep up the good work
    Really enjoy the podcast. Thanks for keeping it up to date with new content always!
  • Ashley mak
    Love the podcast!
    The two hosts are amazing! I’ve been practicing jiujitsu for about 3 years, and so excited to listen to each weekly episode. These guys rock!!!!
  • French Douglas
    Favorite part of my Monday
    I finally started Jiujitsu six months ago because of one of Chewy’s videos, and I continue to follow his advice from the podcast. I never miss an episode.
  • 2/:433/
    Great advice
    Good stuff to keep you motivated. Chewy has over 10 years as a black belt and is an awesome guy. Eugene is very knowledgeable and it’s not as big as chewy . so it is a nice combination as to technique
  • JBomb_826
    Great Show if You’re Interested in Jiu-Jitsu
    I can’t remember how I initially found this podcast, but I was excited to find it because I was already a big fan of the Chewjitsu YouTube channel. I have listened to a ton of episodes now, and I enjoy them both as a main focus and to have on in the background while I’m working. I like a lot of the interviews, but my favorite episodes are just Chewy and Eugene riffing about Jiu Jitsu, competitions, and training mindset. Give them a try!
  • khizzle_99
    Great podcast about BJJ and life hack tips.
    You came for BJJ, you get BJJ. You also get advice and thoughts on setting and achieving goals and overall life improvement.
  • Havxusbsgaiendhcnapa
    Great content
    I’m new to bjj but not new to martial arts. I am a 3rd don black belt in taekwondo. Since I’ve been training taekwondo so long, I really see bjj as a way to start fresh and learn something new. With that being said I am hungry for knowledge. This podcast, along with Chewy’s YouTube channel have helped fill that hunger! I always have something to “chew on” whenever I listen to his content. Five stars from me, thank you and your speakers for spreading your knowledge!
  • Ryan5280
    Great Podcast
    I love this podcast! Chewy and Eugene provide excellent content. You’ll learn, you’ll laugh and you’ll have a good time.
  • MercYakwik
    Great podcast
    I’ve been listening to chewjitsu and Andy Frisella podcast lately, working on personal growth, changing out purposeless hobbies for enriching ones. Recently started jiu jitsu via the joe Rogan/ jocko willink path, love me some chewjitsu podcast! These have been my go to on my morning and afternoon commutes.
  • SeanDonachy
    Great podcast!
    Have followed Chewjitsu on YouTube for a while and recently started listening to the podcast. Love it!
  • javaZip
    New to this
    Been bingeing this show the past two weeks and love this show. Just started on my jujitsu path and loving it. This show is great feels like I am just chatting with some of me friends from the gym. Thank you so much for this show chewy and Eugene.
  • LB Brian
    Great podcast! Terrible sponsor
    Podcast is awesome, and it consumes most of my running/driving time. However, I placed an order with expedited shipping from Charlotte’s Web (one of the podcast’s sponsors) and after a month of not receiving my products, I followed up with Charlotte’s Web via phone and email, and was told by a customer service representative through email that my order will get taken care of. It should also be noted that several calls were neither answered nor voicemails returned. A month post-email response, still no products and then my order was cancelled with no explanation. I hate to review the podcast less than 5 stars because it’s very entertaining and informative, but in one of the episodes, the podcast hosts encourages honest reviews in order to know areas in which they should improve. Thus, the moral of this review is to encourage the podcasters to continue doing what they are doing, just with better sponsors. Or at least awareness to a company they speak about at the beginning of every podcast.
  • schroedzmkenzie
    Thankful to everything you both do all the free content and also replying to questions fans dm to you. Favorite podcast out there.
  • TTLfkngDstruction
    Solid, down to earth, and practical information
    As a new bjj white belt, this podcasts has been an amazing tool in my mental tool box. I appreciate the time and effort put into this, and the content given. I’m constantly finding myself thinking “how did Chewie know I needed to hear that?” Thanks chewie!
  • 1 fan broncos
    Chewy I am a big I have been training about 3 years I am an older student definitely enjoy your guts show
  • Kisland27
    Great podcast!
  • forward2255
    Great listen
    I constantly look forward to the next episode
  • sweep, pass, submit
    Fun and informative conversations
    Ok chewy, you’ve finally guilted me into my first podcast review ever. I always enjoy your show and I even sit through and listen to the wandering nonsense that takes place when the “formal” podcast ends. I’ve been a black belt for 8 years and am lucky enough to have a BJJ program of my own. You guys represent Jiu Jitsu in a very positive manner. I think I’ve listened to every episode. Keep up the solid work. Also, I guess I have to check out this email list now. Brian in California
  • Tyler Hartman
    ChewJitsu changed my life.
    I’m a 23 year old 1 stripe white belt. I started training about 3 months ago, with the intent to better myself. Around the same time I heard of chewy. I stumbled upon a few videos and fell in love with the art, specifically the way chewy described it. I’ve lost almost 100 pounds in total from changing my life, about 50 since training. This podcast gets me through slumps where I don’t want to train. I took my first medal at my very first competition last month, silver in a Fuji Gi division, and I credit most of my attitude and drive to ChewJitsu. I can’t wait to drop into derby city sometime soon and train with the guys.
  • nando915
    Chewy does the right thing for BJJ
    Chewy basically is a podcast addressing all of the concerns BJJ practitioners care about it’s a great show!
  • BrianC1981
    Chew Crew👊
    Love this podcast! I’m 40 and have been doing Jiu Jitsu for 9 months. I listen to this podcast at work, during workouts, runs, on my way to the gym, after class, before competitions, before bed, whenever’s clever! Great content! Informative and entertaining!
  • javierbjj
    Great podcast
    Listen to while driving to the gym, great insights and overall great information
  • Dcoy1620
    Hey Chewy and Eugene! I’ve been training for almost 6 months now and your content has helped me so much. The benefit surpasses training as well. You guys are helping people grow in the gym and in life. Much love to you both.
  • ATLWhiteBelt
    Great for all levels
    Chewy’s podcast is in my must listen rotation of shows. As a newer bjj practitioner and also someone starting in their late 30s, I find his advice on the mental aspects of bjj highly motivating and encouraging. He has me believing that if I just stick this out, I’ll get what I need out of bjj. Hope to one day drop in on his school. Thanks, Chewy!
  • brennanbjj
    Best bjj podcast
    This is my favorite jiu jitsu podcast by far, chewy is very relatable and down to earth, covers great topics!!! I never miss it
  • GUMBEL86
    Great show
    These guys sound very grounded and are always sharing great advice and great perspectives on a wide variety of situations that are very relatable for any jiu jitsu practitioner. Never miss an episode. 👍🏻👍🏻
  • slimgirth
    Man Chewy is such an awesome addition to the jiujistu community and I love that he’s doing a podcast that shows you his genuine nature and knowledge in and out of the sport. Recommend to anyone who is in the jiujistu community!!
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