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Known for their down-to-earth conversations, each week, artist Laura Horn and husband, Richie, share their experience of making art, running a business and juggling family life.

Join them as they talk about the hot topics facing artists today. From finding your style to navigating social media, this podcast is packed with relatable stories and practical strategies to help you grow as an artist.

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  • Svetlana678456326
    Very in-depth, real and fun podcast
    I just came across this podcast and I can’t stop listening. So much amazing content and so applicable to me as a creative entrepreneur. Highly recommend for anyone who is looking for inspiration, business tips and lots of fun (Laura and Richie are hilarious!)
  • Heather from Michigan
    Will make your day brighter
    Every time your podcast starts it brings a smile to my face. Laura and Richie are wonderful to listen to. Such great tips and advice for creative people.
  • williams,Oregon
    Favorite podcast
    I relate to Laura’s approach to self and life....she and Richie demonstrate working together, communicating effectively and following your dreams. Art is just the icing on the cake! Thank you and just keep sharing!
  • Zilpix
    Brilliant podcast!
    This podcast is really a must as it is so full of real world tips and motivation for any level artist. Laura and Ritchie are both thoughtful and funny. It’s the fastest hour of the week. So excited to see what comes next. Well done!
  • Ourgoodmess
    By far this is my current favorite podcast. It’s a peaceful and inspiring place to rest. Laura Horn Art classes blogs and podcast are like a little dose of therapy in an insane world. Thanks for taking the breaks to keep all of the content going and for setting good healthy rhythms as an example to the rest of the world. Grateful for you two!!
  • mboucher
    Art “music” for my Ears
    Never have I ever looked forward to a return of a podcast as I have yours! Of course I support your much deserved break but ever since I discovered your podcast I have enjoyed every minute of it and am always wanting more. So I hope you’ve enjoyed your break and congratulations on the new house....I’ll be waiting right here as patiently as I can for you to return. ❤️❤️❤️
  • PaintedLeafLandscape
    My favorite Podcast 💕
    Dear Laura & Richie, I’ve been a listener since episode 1 and have followed Laura for a long time via instagram & I remember when I first heard that Laura would be offering an online class. I was so excited to have a peek behind the scenes - and have been grateful for every insight & door that you open into your world ever since ~ especially the podcast! Your beautiful banter, accents & relationship are a joy to listen to - not to mention the usefulness of your content- in classes & on the pod! Happy for you both that you’re taking a “break” (lol - I love how laura promptly filled that time with a home purchase & move 😂) And Richie, please let Laura share as much as she’s willing about the new house ~ I love getting the full picture of your beautiful, authentic lives. Loved hearing the story of how you met & Richie’s beautiful perspective on your art business 💕. Huge fan😊 Nicole
  • MarcyCapeCod
    Smiling and teary eyed on Cape Cod
    Laura and Richie, I had tears running down my cheeks when I listened to this weeks podcast because I just heard the love as Richie described his pride for you Laura. I really appreciated the candid conversation and vulnerability and it just reenforced my respect for you two! I’ve been listening to the podcast over the summer while I work and paint and cook, just absorbing all your wonderful knowledge, encouragement and creativity! I’m in the Modern Mixed Media course right now and I’m really feeling like you’ve unlocked something for me, where previously I suffered from perfectionism, self doubt and feeling like I needed one specific style/medium to be taken seriously, you’ve shown that making good art comes from the inside first and the joy can be in the process & experimentation. Thank you so much for your amazing courses and I look forward the your laughter, wealth of knowledge and authenticity every time I tune in! Very fondly, Marcy
  • BrindleStudio
    Just discovered Laura’s art and!!! The podcast is inspiring, informative, and completely charming! A great resource on my own journey as a painter.
  • CreativeinBrownwood
    Avid Listener
    Dear Richie and Laura, I have been a listener for some time and also a class participant. You both are so lighthearted, personable, and melodic to listen to. I am not exaggerating when I say that after each and every episode I’m happier by the end as well as inspired in my own art practice. Thank you for your honesty, laughter, and creative wisdom and tips. Truly you both excel as coaches, instructors, and artists who accompany many on the joy-filled journey of art-making. Best to you and your family, and ongoing blessings on your business!! Terry Anderson
  • Kail200X
    Richie! Talk more!!!
    Dearest Laura and Richie, This latest episode was fantastic. Richie has an amazing story all his own about how he came into working creatively, but what REALLY blew me away was how he talked about you, Laura! The joy and desire to encourage you, the way he celebrates your wins, and the way seeing you pursue art inspired him to take bigger risks himself... it was all so poetic and it almost made me cry! Richie is a deep, powerful masculine soul that could teach men a lot about what it means to be good men. I appreciated so much of what he had to say about his deconstruction of masculinity and finding his value in being a good husband and father to your kids. He has so much more to say than he likely gives himself credit for. His coaching gift really comes out in this podcast episode, and I think he should use that gift more—everyone would appreciate it, I’m sure. :) I’m so taken back by the relationship between the two of you and the transparency you have about life and the creative process. Please keep this content going—it is fresh water to many a parched artistic soul. Especially to us married ones. 💖
  • A broad
    Hi I’m listening from Maui Hawai’i to your latest interview with Richie. I’ve enjoyed so many of your podcasts but this one is so moving hearing from Richies mouth his integrity and deep love for you Laura and your family. I wish you could broadcast it to the world. Balm for the times. Both of you continue to offer something real and something immensely helpful and insightful to so many. Thank you 💜 Kirsten Bunney (expat Aussie)
  • ErinnSchultzArt
    No Longer Discouraged
    The day was supposed to be perfect: the family was out of the house and I had the whole day to work in the studio. The o my problem was that I felt stuck. Uninspired. So I decide to make a sandwich and listen to episode 99, Dear Discouraged Artist. Tears rolled down my eyes as I sliced the pumpernickel bread, listening to Laura’s motherly voice encouraging me. Letting me know it’s ok to take a step back. To wait. And to let go of the fear that I’m not good enough. Thank you Laura for giving me the reassurance and encouragement to go back to my studio with confident expectations of better days.
  • JD's Abou
    Thank you
    My journey into the art world has taken several years and has introduced me to amazing, talented Artists. I think of it as 6 degrees of separation; how following one artist or taking one course has led me to finding your work and your podcast. This last weeks podcast moved me and I am taking the time to let you know this. I want to thank all of the artists for what they do and for sharing their talents with us during this unprecedented time. Art has been healing for me. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer three years ago. I am doing better than I ever thought I would. Finding art and your podcast ( and others like it) have been a big key in my successful journey. I listen to you and Richie and can’t wait to put the new episode on each Wednesday. I follow all of the artists you interview. I am becoming an artist; I hope someday to be an Artist but I’m not there yet. Thank you to you and all artists for the joy you give me on a daily basis. Your podcast has been helping me get through the pandemic and in evicting cancer from my body. I am happy artists continued to sell during this time; I have gladly supported them as they have given me so much.
  • DraAI
    Much less discouraged
    I binged most of your podcasts over the month of June and when I ran out I moved over to another well known art business / consulting podcast. The differences are striking. As much as I’ve learned I need “to do” from the other one, I realized that yours filled me up and made me calm and optimistic, while the other one made me feel like I wasn’t ever going to do enough, especially if I stubbornly persisted in wanting to create instead of “doing what (I) really want to do” (gaslight much?) by setting aside most of the creating aspect of my collage and jewelry and focusing on the business of making money. Gag. I realized when I ran out of content there I felt miserable and stressed. That’s been my last two weeks. I’ve been so close to just selling all my supplies and giving up because ALL THE STUFF I’m “supposed” to be doing (and apparently loving to do?) to be successful are things I sincerely to the bottom of my soul do NOT care about. The moodiness could have been that time, and the full moon, but from life experience I know that every time I’m encouraged to set aside what I enjoy and am good at, in favor of the grind of business and making money (at which I generally fail), I lose hope and interest. I even found myself not sleeping well, and turning back to spending too much time on social media and reading with a cup of crio instead of sitting in my space and using my hands. Then this morning I popped over to your podcast to see if there was new content and lo and behold, you’re addressing exactly what I needed at exactly when I needed it. I haven’t *made* anything in two weeks because I’ve felt so unmotivated and stressed and GUILTY that I can’t seem to do *enough* of the other stuff (SEO optimization, perfect product images, cranking out blog posts, successfully holding events on facebook)(at which I sold NOTHING) and angry that doing just a little of the other stuff takes me HOURS - that I could be spending creating something beautiful. Your podcasts always seem to speak to the reality of how artists feel and what we experience, and your tips and tricks always feel more REAL and valuable, and I so deeply appreciate you guys for being REAL and not pushy. THANK YOU for what you guys do and mostly for who you are. ~Andrea, Rubble Studio, USA
  • OneMotherArtist
    I may never come up for air again
    I have been taking a few of your classes and just started to binge your podcast. I love hearing you and Richie talk! I drive about 12 hours every other weekend to bring my son to his dad for visitation. Your podcasts have been a source of comfort for me during the long rides. Just hearing you talk inspires me, hearing your guest speakers especially Inge and Phoebe really stuck a chord with me. I paint on the weekends when my son is away mostly watercolor and some mixed media. Today, 6.28.20 I did the first layer of layer by layer and I seriously had to force myself up out of the basement - that’s is the space I paint in- to force myself to let the first layer dry. I am now fully addicted to acrylic painting. Thank you so much!
  • CarolineThePeacherie
    Useful, Humorous, and Soothing
    Thank you, Laura & Richie, for providing such a wonderful podcast to the art community! I discovered your podcast a couple weeks ago and have been listening non-stop. I love Laura’s gentle, soothing voice (seriously it’s so calming!) and Richie’s quips. You guys make a great team! And of course the content is right up my ally—I love all things creative. I can’t wait to listen again on my way home from work. Thanks so much! Caroline,
  • Erin Peabody
    Peaceful Podcast!
    Hello Laura! I love listening to your podcast. I am a healthcare professional but also an artist and after a day of caring for others I look forward to unwinding to the podcast. I look forward to what you’ll be talking about and other artists you’ll have on as guests. Keep up the wonderful work. Sincerely, Erin
  • DianaMae
    Hello from NY
    Hello! Finding this podcast has totally been a “ Happy Accident “!! I’ve just start drawing again - as I’ve retired three years ago after having a 30 year career as an elementary teacher, this pandemic has kept me indoors more - with space, books and empty walls everywhere! On a podcast, I recently heard a young singer/songwriter encourage other creatives to “ especially now, make sure you “ make something “ everyday — I feel better when I do- you have such wonderful ideas - thank you for sharing your art life with me❤️❤️
  • Nyokareed
    Love your show!
    I’ve been listening for a while and just wanted to let you know how much I love the show. I feel like I have learned so much between your podcast and your online classes. I love the playful dynamic between you and Richie. I am (slowly) working to build my own art business and your podcast is such an inspiration! Thank you 💕
  • Ashley DeVrieze
    Real life art talk.
    I’ve been listening to Laura and Richie’s podcast for a few months now and it has become a favorite. Their sincerity and easygoing natures are refreshing and they’re so, so generous with practical tips and ideas, as well as with sharing their own struggles with the life/work balance. I love to listen to this in the studio as well as when I’m seeking a moment of quiet to reframe my mind after a busy day of parenting. Thank you so much! It’s a gift.
  • Mauis_mom
    So inspiring
    It’s like having tea with a friend. Laura is so inspiring! She is the reason I kept moving along with my mid-life career change toward art and design.
  • Katieriescoart
    In love
    I absolutely adore listening to Laura and her husband on this podcast. I’m usually listening at night after I’ve put my kids to bed. They are both so calm and enjoyable to listen to, it has become my favorite podcast to access info as well as to wind down to. Not many artists will share so much and I find they they are so open and willing. It’s really a breathe of fresh air for the art world. What I get from Laura is that she is very free. In many ways art school felt restrictive when I look back in the “rules” I learned. I love how Laura shares how she “plays” with art a lot- let’s her brushes get muddy to see what happens. This is the kind of stuff we learn as children and it’s so so great to be playful with art. It keeps things loose instead of getting too serious. And that’s another point. I gather that Laura doesn’t take herself so seriously, I think she is an incredible artist but I love the devilish laugh she can have while talking to her husband. This world really needs more of these two. Tune in and turn it up. Very inspiring & highly informative.
  • mudnbiscuits
    The dreaded color wheel!
    Laura, your feelings regarding the color wheel are shared by many artists. Me included! I am really enjoying your podcast. I gave up painting about 5 years ago for pottery. With that said, your podcast covers so many aspects of living a creative life that I really relate to. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. Linda Peterson Scotch Plains, NJ
  • justinemiller
    Inspiring my creative life!!
    I am a budding/aspiring artist and I found Laura’s podcast about this time last year. I associate so much of my journey as an artist with Laura and her journey/watching her creative business grow! Through the podcast and her online classes she has been the voice in my ear urging me on when I feel crazy for thinking I can turn my creativity into a career! She is honest, genuine, and most importantly extremely inclusive and encouraging of all levels of artists and/or creatives! Thank you so much for all you do Laura and Richie. I hope you find comfort and fulfillment in that your work has inspired and changed my creative life and I’m sure many many others all over the world! Sending peace and love from Boston, MA! Justine Miller
  • leaca_travels
    From Alaska with LOVE
    This podcast has been my “go to” for about a year. I personally crave authenticity. That’s what I love about this podcast. Whether you’re talking art, marriage, or home life. It’s always authentic. I really appreciate that. I recently started taking your on line classes and I really enjoy your humble approach to art. You are someone I would enjoy having a conversation over a cup of tea with. Thank you for your humility and authenticity.
  • Sporty spice99
    Great podcast
    Just found this podcast today. I am an addict in recovery and have recently found art (within the last 6 months) in my continued journey in recovery. This is a great podcast with valuable information that I can definitely use in my daily life as well as my continued art journey. Thank you!
  • Big Doe Fresh MC Funk
    I can’t get enough!!
    I started listening to Laura’s podcast last year and I binged and listened to ALL of the podcasts within a few months. I just love it! She is so real, relatable, and provides applicable information for creatives. She and Ritchie have a beautiful thing going and inspire me with every episode. I’m so grateful that I found this podcast. I look forward to new episodes every Wednesday. ❤️
  • Kathy Saigon
    Inspiring no matter where you are on your journey
    This is a gentle, welcoming podcast that provides inspiration and food for thought for both emerging and professional artists. Laura is a thoughtful host and she has terrific guests.
  • Pamela J. Black
    This podcast has been so helpful and inspiring to me. I love listening to Laura’s helpful tips, business advice and ways to lead a creative life. Her interviews with other working artists are also extremely valuable and provide a way for other artists to feel this sort of connection to each other. Thank you, Laura, for all of your hard work and for giving me something great to listen to while I work in my studio!
  • writer chic 19
    Invaluable Art and Creative Business information
    It’s hard to find quality podcasts for artists with a creative business that offers valuable and relevant information. Lauren is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom with great tips and advice. I find myself taking notes while listening because there’s so much good material. Listening to Lauren’s podcast has renewed my passion for painting and made me believe I can do this too. Her podcasts have lit a fire for me to get my own business off the ground. (Especially after hearing Betty Krause podcast about starting an art business at 50 years old!) thank you! Keep the podcasts coming!
  • Karen Mead
    Always inspiring
    I’m on my second online class with Laura and feel like she is just such a good friend as well as a wonderful teacher. These podcasts introduce me to amazing work and tell the best stories about getting there. One of my very favorite podcasts.
  • ljjacobsen
    My Favorite Podcast
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for at least six months, faithfully - every week waiting for it to come out and I’m not that way about any other podcast. Laura and her husband have put together a show that is at once, serious and lighthearted, smart and engaging and creatively so helpful. I am so grateful for Laura showing up and being so honest and transparent about her life as an artist owning a creative business. And don’t even get me started on her artist interviews!!! Every new one becomes my favorite! Keep up the good work, Laura!
    Refreshing Inspiring Encouraging
    Laura showed up on my Instagram as a sponsor account? I usually ignore them but I’m so so glad I checked her out. I have taken a couple of her online classes and now found her podcasts. I am a self taught artist. Only a few months in and I am so encouraged by her work and her podcasts. Thank you so much for sharing your time and talent Laura.
  • AmyMaricle
    Authentic and helpful art chats!
    I love how authentic and down to earth Laura is, and how she chooses people like that to come on. She lets people really narrate their stories in a way that you feel like you are a part of the conversation. Thank you! Xo - Amy from Mindful Art Studio
  • Meganwithoutanh67
    Love, love LOVE!
    Laura provides such helpful insight into the practice of creating, as do her lovely guest artists. Thank you for putting together such a helpful (and down to earth!) podcast!
  • sofiaingram
    Always on point !!
    Love this podcast, I look forward every week to listen what are Richie and Laura up to this time. I love how practical and instructive this podcast is.
  • Llmears
    Great information AND Soothing to the Soul!!
    I LOOOOVVEEE this podcast! It is jammed-FULL of great information and inspiration for any level of artist, from curious dabbler to entrepreneur! Laura and her hubby give so many great ideas, tips, resources and information, AND they are relatable, warm, and inviting. And they have awesome accents (sorry, had to say that!!!) Its always a treat to see a new episode posted, and now there is a VLOG too!! Love it!!
  • Laura Horn Art Podcast
    Love this so much!
    I absolutely love this podcast and find everything you share so refreshing, honest, real, generous and inspiring. I have found so many moments of resonance as a fellow artist and appreciate that your approach is to be open about your process as an artist, a business owner, a collaborator with your husband, and embracing it all as a work in progress. Thank you for sharing your heart and insights with us!
  • 88572
    One of the best
    Laura Horns podcast on making art is one of the best out there. She offers practical tips and advice and interviews interesting artists. These episodes have definitely broaden my horizons and led me to her website. I have taken several of her e courses which provide solid instruction at a very reasonable price. Thank you Laura for doing what you do so well!!! Kathy
  • lozza_marie
    The podcast I’ve been looking for!
    I’ve been searching for an art related podcast for quite some time now and this one touches upon so many of the questions I’ve had as an artist and more!
  • Nancy Ide Bradham
    Soooooo helpful and informative!!!
    These podcast are a game changer for any artist who wants tips, tricks and inspiration. LOVE LOVE LOVE the interview with Andrea Soos : )
  • cdfromDC
    Art studio episode
    Really enjoyed hearing your adventures in organizing your art studio. Very helpful!
  • Kiki_SF
    So inspiring!
    Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge I love listening to your voice and feel inspired after every podcast episode I can’t wait to start taking your classes!!!
  • Kanjin25
    You’re an inspiration!
    Thank you so much for sharing your honest experience in building a creative business. You and your hubby are endearing. And I’m also very much enjoying your interviews with other artists. Please keep creating this valuable content.
    Very inspiring and encouraging
    I’ve listened to probably 50% of the podcasts in about a week. I’m very inspired by the amount of humility and generosity of the artist and her husband. I like the candid conversation and honest confessions talked about here. What a blessing to be working so closely and together at your passion. Great job guys!
  • Lynmc13
    10 tips
    This podcast has answered many of my questions I wanted to ask about. So happy I took the time to listen and take in so much needed information, thank you!!!!
  • boneygirl
    Awesome Podcast for Artists
    I have appreciated the help I’ve received already from this podcast. I have searched for an artist podcast that would actually help me grow as an artist, and this one certainly fills that need. Steps and tips are provided that are easy to follow!
  • Jsloane
    Wonderful, rich podcast!
    I so enjoy listening to Laura talk about her art process and all aspects of her business. I have learned so much and have gained confidence in my own art journey from her advice and experience. The podcast episode where Laura interviews Andreas Soos is an especially good one. Thank you, Laura, for putting your art and your podcast out into the world!
  • Taperox467
    So worth your time!
    I absolutely love listening to Laura and her husband talk about art and business. I love that Laura is so open about sharing her process and helpful tips and resources. As a newbie to the art world, it has helped me to know what to do first, and to not feel alone. Laura is so down to earth, and fun to listen to. It feels like sitting down and chatting with a friend. I haven’t missed an episode yet, and I don’t plan to.
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