Comedy #170Improv #12

An improvised satire from the staff of a fictional mega church.

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  • LululilyGF
    Just found Mega…omg, are you kidding? How do you guys come up with this stuff? So clever. Over the top awesome, love it, thank you!
  • rufus rules
    My new favorite podcast
    I heard about this on “Dumb People Town”.
  • Krazmalaxx
    A mega-church you’ll *want* to listen to
    The MEGA podcast is a treat and a pleasure. Whether you come for Gray’s updates about his youth ministry, “Climax!”, Halle’s reports on trying to fend off her son, Day’s scriptural critiques, or a steady stream of church employees sharing their oddly Godly perspectives, every episode is a delight. It’s a Pod thing.
  • lakingaz
    Therapy for Recovering Evangelicals
    Mega will help you unpack and repack all the crazy stuff you were taught in church and reaffirm your faith in the actual "truth" that smart people shall inherit the earth and comedy is actually the way, the truth, and the light!
  • amjett
    A must listen for everyone!
    Love this podcast. I laugh every episode and look forward to them coming out. A MUST Listen!
  • Ralphwholikesjackets
    This is hysterical
    Listening to the Chris Gethard episode, absolutely dying right now. “I went down a dark path.” Hahahaha
  • tandeefrann
    Love this podcast so very much! My partner and I listen every single Sunday! To me nothing is better than fun, cleaver comedy. Lots of laughing. I'm an ex christian and for me, this is perfection.
  • DisSomeBS
    Dead on
    This podcast is perfect in every way! Almost too real. I grew up in the evangelical church and it brings back so many memories of living every day with cognitive dissonance. I particularly love her son Day.That was the best episode ever. I could relate to these conversations I used to have when I was a teenager with authorities in the church.Day should have his own spin off podcast.
  • Brownidgirl19
    Such an amazing, tongue in cheek, satire!!
    Not one who grew up with a lot of religion in my world (I grew up around “We’re spiritual, not religious” folks) has not slowed down my enjoyment of this podcast one bit! It’s amazingly smart, hilarious and the fact that it’s improv only leaves me that much more dumbfounded! Their guests are awesome and have never disappointed! They are so brilliant and spot on! I mean, “My son, Day” how can you not love it!
  • mmevnyc
    Truly amazing
    This is the most brilliant satire. Anyone familiar with American evangelism and critical thinking will love this podcast.
  • Safecrens
    Seriously amazing! One of my top 3 shows!
  • InstaMaryReview
    Completely hilarious
    As someone who grew up in church, this podcast is spot on every time!
  • BeefStew92
    Literally the funniest podcast I’ve ever listened to
    I only listen to two podcasts and this is one of them. Have never missed an episode and laugh out loud in almost all of them.
  • SJake057
    It’s hard to find smarter comedy than this! I’ve listened to every episode and some more than once!
  • ShoopShoopDeDoop
    Hilarious and insightful satire
    This podcast is so well done - my favorite comedy podcast! Both Holly and Greg speak the evangelical language (having grown up in it), and they use it well to create the world of Twin Hills Community Church. They don't pull any punches, but they obviously love their characters and bring knowledge and nuance to what would otherwise be just another weak take on "look how dumb christians are lol." The best part though is that it's FUNNY week in and week out. I recommend starting from the beginning to witness how the characters Halle and Gray develop. So much fun!!!
  • Dan Ryker
    Hilarious for people familiar with Christian culture
    Super funny for people who have a background in the church or are familiar with Christian church culture. Listening to this in bed with my wife is my Sunday morning routine. Also, it’s amazing to realize that it’s improvised. Highly recommended.
  • Crissyrea
    OH MY GOSH!!!! I love MEGA!
    So blessed and obsessed with MEGA!! I tell everyone about Mega when I can! I listen every Sunday morning! This. Is. My. Church!
  • Benyamín
    Sooooooooo Good
    Seriously really really funny, especially if you have a background with the evangelical Christian church. It’s not only funny, but a satirical critique of many issues within the church, giving this podcast an important dual purpose!
  • LindsayMaraJ
    It’s my therapy
    Coming from a religious background, this podcast has been healing for me as I process spiritual abuse and all the unhealthy things in Christianity. That sounds way too serious, but being able to laugh has been SOOOOO healing for me.
  • Annie and Bosco
    This show is a treat and a treasure!
    Do yourself a favor a listen. I think everyone can relate, even a little. You will laugh and laugh and also challenge yourself a bit!
  • Coach Pinot
    I think you are leaving your friend alone and without the lord, sir. We both know the problem between you is climax. One of you rules climax and the other lives with it. On another subject, Reba was a great show.
  • KamilaDesiree
    I’m not too into comedy podcasts, but this one is just so incredibly well done. Do yourself a favor and check this out.
  • Hackley#2
    Even baby Jesus cried with joy and confusion
    Of course I love every single episode but your episode this Sunday just tore open my heart threw it on the floor smashed it and put it back together in a little box with a beautiful ribbon it was funny it was smart it was intense even on the third listen I still laughed and cried thank you guys thank you thank you
  • Jami362
    This is Brilliant
    Brilliant improv that satirizes the ridiculousness of American megachurch culture without mocking actual people or beliefs. Somehow they hold the line on pushing the boundaries without being cruel or divisive. It’s filled with smart nuance. I love this show so much. I think Jesus does too.
  • Pat Wroge
    So Fantastic
    Are you ready to laugh?? This podcast gives me the will to keep on keeping on!
  • caroleland
    Evangelical culture send-up!
    Did you grow up in Evangelical World like I did? Looking for a way to find some fun and laughs in it now? These are your people! This podcast makes me laugh every episode!
  • rad0713
    One of my new favs
    I’m a fairly new listener, but as someone who grew up in a church with this mentality and then moved to a mega church, this is just like looking into a mirror and I’ve gotta say it’s great to be able to laugh in retrospect. Great job guys!
  • Mama KAA
    Mega feelings about Mega
    I grew up in a Midwestern mega church, I’m still in the evangelical world I guess, even though I no longer fit in as my faith as evolved into something much more progressive. This podcast 1) rings SO F’ing TRUE and 2) gives me the perfect outlet for all of my big feelings about church. I am obsessed, and I’m only sorry it took me so long to find Mega.
  • KimCR2012
    My favorite!
    Holly and Greg (as Halle and Grey) are amazing! As a former evangelical, I can laugh at all the “inside jokes,” but it’s hilarious even if you don’t have that background. The improv is so quick and smart, and the guests are great! Highly recommend!!
  • Crative genius
    Some serious genius going on here with a show that is painfully funny while also critiquing religion with a seductively sweet tone that pulls no punches. The subtext is amazing. It’s Colbert but about faith, capitalism, Evangelicals and Americans. Congrats on this incredible work.
  • BB1994
    A++ podcast
    This is a must listen podcast. 25% of my conversations start with “have you heard this weeks mega episode.” One of the best improved podcasts I’ve ever listened to.
  • hemming and hawing
    Can’t get enough
    This show is hilarious. They make up incredible characters and bring so many nuanced details to their conversations. It’s neat!
  • Joel Hanson
    Oh my goodness!
    This is my favorite podcast of all the times! It’s quirky, smarmy, intentionally unaware and hilariously funny. Greg Hess and Holly Laurent are improv geniuses. I have been known to scream laugh while driving and listening to MEGA so be careful when listening! Do your soul a favor and give this podcast a listen!
  • kitty87228
    A treat and a treasure
    I wish my youth group experience had been like Climax!!! 🤣 But seriously, I don’t listen to podcasts, but I do listen to this one. Perfect level of laugh and cringe, and Holly and Greg have brought me some much needed comfort in the midst of COVID times.
  • JDP 1985
    5 stars is not enough...
    I absolutely LOVE Mega. I recommend it to everyone and have all of my co-workers hooked on it too! To quote Halle, Mega is a “true treat and a treasure!”
  • loubabyyoda
    Every once in a while, you come across something Original, which is nice and then you also come across something really, really Funny, which is exciting! Thats what “MEGA” is, it’s Original and Very, Very Funny, also, at first I wasn’t sure if it’s real or satire? I’m pretty sure it’s Satire, although sometimes it feels so Real, I fell in-love with it! I didn’t even know you could fall in love with a Podcast!!! In fact I’ve gotta go back to it and listen to more episodes so I can figure it out. Real? Or Satire? Let me know what you think, after you check it out. Please...
  • LollyPod13
    Praise the Lord
    This is such a fantastic podcast! Every Sunday, it lifts my spirits and fills my heart. I can’t physically attend Twin Hills, but this podcast makes me feel like I’m part of the congregation nonetheless.
  • BuyDanno
    Five Star Hotel
    He builds hotels, you know it’s gotta be nice.
  • Lindsay Rar
    Thank The Lord for MEGA
    I patiently await Sunday’s not for church, but for Halle and Grey to release their weekly podcast from Twin Hills. I imagine this podcast would be funny to anyone, but for someone who was raised in an evangelical church, it really strikes a chord! Thank you for making me laugh every week and for helping turn my religious trauma into comedy.
  • bugsmom93
    Everyone in the church world needs to listen
    Laugh out loud funny! I suggest this podcast all of the time.
  • Jennifer-Emma Nicolas Cage
    Jesus CHRIST Mega is the best thing.
    Mega is the perfect PTSD treatment for those of us that have deconverted from toxic American Christianity. Go tell it on the mountain! Spread the good news! Come all ye Exvies. Ye deconstructing! Ye unholy & sinful pastoral rejects! REJOICE ALL YE HEATHENS! For the time of mocktrine doctrine has arrived and It. Is. Good.
  • csavoy74
    Laughing until I cried
    $5 sniff your panties, episode had me laughing so hard I actually had to get up from my desk at work and go into the bathroom to wipe the tears that were streaming down my face. You guys are great!
  • M4c4yr3
    Gray keeps it relevant
    So thankful I tuned into episode 100! When my 14 year old daughter asked if I knew what WAP meant, I could answer with confidence. So glad she is interested in such religious themed music #WeArePraying 😂
  • Hdeetv
    Spot On
    This show is perfect. The tones of voice, expressions, and language perfectly mimic American evangelical culture and the improv keeps it fresh!
  • Davidlifespan
    Hilarious in a mega-church kind of way
    Some will find it irreverent and some wil find it Wittenberg Door-ish, but most will find it hilarious. You don't have to have been part of a mega church to get the humor, though it helps. Some of it is really off-the-wall improvised humor, and some of it is quite insightful. You never know what's coming.
  • AliGrant
    So delightful!
    Holly is perfect! She’s perky without being overwhelming, and I love her references to her son, Day. The male host(s) are wonderful as well, but I don’t remember their names, sorry. You deserve to have your names remembered, but I lack the ambition to go back and listen to the last 30 seconds of an episode. Anyway, this is a very funny podcast that is a light easy listen, perfect for the weird times we’re living in.
  • katie66306
    We Are Praying that this podcast never ends and only grows in listeners. Spread the good word.
  • ekirks
    This pod is an awesome pod
    Perfectly outrageous satire and necessary commentary on church culture for those of us dechurching and recovering from American Christianity.
  • xtinemaria
    My favorites 🥰
    Love these folks, one of the few podcasts that has me laughing out loud every single week. Do yourself a favor and check them out.
  • chadpenning10
    a true treat and a true traysure
    Do yourselves a favor and listen to this podcast. The guests are always top notch, but Holly and Greg in particular make every moment come alive. It's funny, timely, and flat-out entertaining. Not sure which Gray I most look forward to: super excited giddy Gray or depressed and downtrodden Gray. Both are a delight to listen to.
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