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A monthly podcast where two true crime YouTubers, Danelle Hallan and John Lordan, challenge each other to tell the best story about a true crime related topic. Listeners voting online will determine the winner. New episodes premiere on the first of each month.

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  • sheaeaston
    I want to like it
    It’s okay…the stories are great but something about their dialogue or maybe it’s the laughing and it doesn’t sound like genuine laughter so then instead you are just left wishing they would make their jokes without all the laughing…idk. Something about it just feels too slow pace and disingenuous in the dialogue. I’ll occasionally tune back in to see if they have gotten any better because I really do want to enjoy it and it’s such a great idea and name for a podcast.
  • LongTimeListener2022
    Gotten me through lockdown
    I am so excited to see you guys have a podcast from your you tube channel. This is the perfect mixture of Intrige and humor and has gotten me through some rough days being isolated from the world.
  • Omengaa
    Love Love Love
    Good things come in 3’s and this is that! Danelle, John and the competition mug! I love the competitive and the lighter side of true crime element that this podcast brings. They are such heavy hitters on their own YouTube channels that this is an awesome side to see from an unlikely but dynamic duo (or trio in my eyes if you count our favorite passing mug torch lol). I love them and the monthly episodes are the perfect start to a new month from my heavy month of true crime consumption the month prior!! I hope they are just getting started and stick around for years to come because they are much needed!! Love y’all!!!
  • Rockfan1
    So glad I stumbled across this one! Love that we get 2 stories per episode and we get to vote on who does it better. I’ll be binging this one! Keep the episodes coming! -Kelli in IL
  • jennie531
    Must listen
    I love them both but together they are amazing !!! As soon as I realize it’s the first of the month I immediately hop on and listen!!
  • hydajo
    Funny, Informative True Crime
    These two are so funny, heartfelt and intelligent all wrapped together. Their podcast is truly one of a kind and totally binge worthy!!
  • myuncutworld
    You will laugh, and you will want to leave a review
    I found this podcast, and I cannot express how much I love these two. They are funny, their stories will make your jaw drop and they have a chemistry that is simbiotic, I really recommend watching it on YouTube!
  • kimbsy
    Loved this!
    Great podcast! I wish there were more true crime stories like this with no victim & no real harm done, but a great story nonetheless. Thank you, loved every minute! Side note: both of my kids are on the spectrum, & I could totally see them doing something like sneaking onto a Disney island. I’m betting money that the guy that did this is on the spectrum even if he never received a diagnosis!
  • 2Love4TruCrime
    Team Danelle
  • velezxc
    so good
    i came here from danelles channel and then saw john on the cecil hotel series on netflix!! i loveee the episodes and it’s such a cool concept. it’s probably my favorite podcast atm!
  • mdlyn97
    One of my fave podcasts!
    I’ve been watching them both for years individually on their youtube channels, but I’m so glad I found their podcast. Now I can listen anytime!
  • Mariaelena macias
    Must Listen!
    I just love these two! They are both such amazing podcasters. They both have their own YouTube channel and I am subscribed to both. Very amazing people truly doing what they are meant to do. On YouTube they are respectful and caring, this podcast shines the light to their personality which I love! Thank you for all the hard work!
  • Pennygirl1234
    Different but a good different
    Interesting stories. I like that both of them came from YouTube. Only criticism I have is they laugh too much, it’s distracting. When going to a comedy show, the comedian doesn’t laugh at his own jokes, that’s the job of the audience. And don’t care for the competition element, the stories don’t need to be a competition.
  • TDJdolphin
    Enjoying show!
    Some how y’all make crime interesting and sometimes hilarious!! Would love to see photos or sourced information attached to the pod cast for reference, but voting is a great way to interact too! Looking forward to more stories!
  • MHConant
    Crime after crime
    I absolutely love Danille & John in this podcast. Crime with a light hearted side to it. I started watching John in 2015 & Danielle when they both went Crimecon. Both of their weekly shows are serious subjects that include missing persons, unsolved murders & some cracked cases. So, that’s why it’s so wonderful to see a brighter side if these 2 people that cover the darker side of crimes against humanity.
  • g-town groove
    My favorite
    I love these two. I enjoy the competition. My only complaint is that it is once a month!!
  • ldsshark626
    I love it!
    I don’t watch much YouTube, so I don’t watch their channels. But I love this podcast so much! I wish they put out more episodes, but I understand why they don’t.
  • Bumkinpumkin
    Such a good podcast
    I look forward to it every month. It’s stories I have never heard before so i know it’ll always be interesting
  • tdunk62
    Intro too long
    I tried, I really did but 11 minutes in to the podcast they still hadn’t started on the episode. Too many podcasts out there to waste on this one. Sorry!
  • BethPTL
    My favorite!
    Y’all are my favorite true crime podcast! It seems like forever between episodes... wish y’all could do something in the middle to hold us over! 😬 Can’t wait for the next one.
  • HazelGrace11
    Great Podcast!
    So happy I found this podcast! I love both of the hosts. Great podcasting voices and cadence. Cases are well researched and I always look forward to the next episode!
  • Alkami18
    Would recommend!
    one of my fav podcasts ever, i've seen every single episode
  • ShimmerShaelee
    Never Too Morbid
    I love love LOVE Crime After Crime! I originally came from Danelle’s channel where she covers cases that don’t usually get their time to shine. She’s the Queen of true crime but after watching the podcast I have a major soft spot for John! He is such a sweet guy. They always tell the best stories with just enough comedy mixed in, plus you get to vote who had the better story every month. Silly, serious, and they get along so well! If you don’t already know what crime con is, they will have you wanting to go every year! (I need to order my own mug!)
  • 😡😔😩🤬🤯😳
    Danelle Hallan
    I love the podcast!!! I personally love Danelle’s YouTube videos and I just wish she kind of did podcasts with just her and not the whole concept with another person and the whole competition thing. I would really love if Danelle did her own personal podcasts on true crime videos.❤️😁
  • Japser146
    Love this
    I love this podcast! We get two cases in one podcast. I think it’s awesome! I also like that they get straight to the point when they cover the cases!
  • Blobbitynga
    So many stories!!!
    I really enjoy these true crime stories and this is a great podcast for true crime that isn’t SUPER heavy. I love the themes, hosts, and the extra mini stories they add to each episode so you get more than just the two main cases! I really like that touch. Came for the hallan fam, stayed for the content ❤️
  • awesomeman345
    I enjoy listening to this podcast! I love that is clean! Love these these together!
  • Abbeyhcychcjvjcdus
    Great combo
    Love John and Danielle together. They make a great podcast team! You won’t regret listening but don’t forget to check there channels out on you tube. 😉
  • AwesomeQueenMC4Life
    Love it.
    I’m a big fan of Danelle already and this podcast is the thing. ❤️
  • Takeoutblonde
    I just love the format of this show. It makes my miles of walking go by quickly. Thanks guys.
  • LitebriteLeo
    Y’all to much
    I like the crimes they show case... they just talk too much- it takes too long to get to the story.
  • agt1965
    A Lighter Side of True Crime (in a good way)
    Two great YouTube content creators come together for a little breather, some levity, and they do a great job as always!
  • Nirrti Walker
    Two amazing people and Careers to bring respectful, well researched and more light hearted content to the true crime community. They need more exposure and positive feedback!!!
  • kygirlramblings
    Great podcast
    I found this podcast through danielle’s YouTube channel. It’s nice to have some comic relief when it comes to crime, and these two work well together. They clearly enjoy doing this. Love the amount of research and effort they put in. Highly recommend!
  • LacyKatheryn
    Entertaining Crime Pod
    These two are great story tellers on YT glad I stumbled upon their podcast. You won’t regret binging 🤩
  • Letasha 🔷
    you guys rock
    you guys F**KIN ROOOCCKK
  • tayswo
    Intros are too long
    I enjoy the show and the way the stories are told, I just hate that I have to skip 15 minutes to hear the stories. Other than that, love it!
  • Bunny.bee
    Came here cause I watch Danelle all the time, everyday. But now I like them both.
  • BrittAnn24
    I’ve been a fan of Danelle for some time now. I love watching her YouTube channels. I’ve never been to into podcasts, but I finally decided to give it a try. I’m absolutely hooked. I love the stories, and now becoming a John Lordan fan. ❤️. They definitely keep me entertained on my way to work.
  • coloradonative1876
    Colorado Girl
    Your most recent episode (November 2019) finally made me get my butt in here to review because I’m a Colorado native and love hearing my state on podcasts. 😂 Great job guys, keep it up!
  • laveda r
    Enjoy this podcast they are intelligent and act like it. They are respectful of the material and don’t use curse words thanks
  • ImclearlyPaul
    My birthday Florida Man got shouted out. February 28, Florida man holds stand-off with Coldplay lyrics for pizza. Love that and love this show so much
  • Jcarson218
    I have been following John Lordan on youtube for a while. He is so detail oriented, professional and entertaining. Truly a talented duo, you can tell there is so much time put into research. Keep up the great work!
  • ddj1222
    Great podcast!!
    Awesome podcast! I’ve listened to tons of true crime podcasts and this one is one of the most entertaining yet! Wish it was more than once a month!!
  • Mekailahh
    Great Podcast
    I love Danelle and have been keeping up with her on YouTube for a long time now, so glad she decided to pursue this podcast with John! Great podcast, can’t wait for more of it!
  • emp1130
    Too Selfish 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Takes 20 minutes for them to actually start talking about the actual story. They make it too much about themselves and just use the podcast to promote their YouTube channels. Which would be fine if they actually seemed to put effort in their main topic....just disappointing.
  • Pac Z
    On Criminal Doctors
    Thank you for an excellent and heartfelt 12th podcast. These appallingly cringeworthy Criminal Doctors stories were well researched and presented with passion. It is hard to believe that those things went on for as long as they did, and the fact that they happened relatively recently is particularly shocking. Somehow it would have been easier to downplay the evil acts and the system failures if these things had happened in a past century, but they all occurred in living memory, with victims still suffering. As a physician I'm surprised that I hadn't heard of these cases, but that may reflect the fact that when horrific medical mishaps hit close to home the medical community often chooses not to talk or hear about them. An important point to add is that in the case of the Texas neurosurgeon a serious substance abuse problem appears to have been involved, and there was a suggestion that an impaired physicians program dropped the ball in the years leading up to Dr. C's crimes. That may well be the case, but it seems to me that a sociopathic personality running wild was the central issue. Most states have impaired physician programs (more often they are titled physician health programs) and they do a lot of good for the public and for medical professionals with problems. These programs are not perfect, but overall they do a very good job of weeding out sociopaths and getting docs and nurses with substance use disorders into treatment while protecting the public. Thanks again for the interesting and downright shocking episode. Keep up the good work guys ! Best Regards, Dr. P in Pennsylvania
  • LANiebul
    One of the Best!
    2 of my favorite hosts combined what more could I ask for?! Awesome podcast guys! Love it!!
  • Emily_23_99
    Great Podcast!
    Such an informative and fun podcast! I wish that they’d upload more than once a month!
  • dnile50
    Loved this podcast. Very interesting and informative.
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