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The most in-depth tennis analysis on the internet. Draw previews, match breakdowns, breaking news, comment mailbags and more. Gill Gross is a broadcaster for Tennis Channel, US Open Radio, Cracked Racquets and UC San Diego. He graduated from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Support this podcast:

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  • Dueiebfurj
    Very informative
    Great podcast that taught me a lot about tennis tactics and other tennis related information. A question for the post-USO 23 mailbag: since you didnt do a video on it, any thoughts on the sinner/zverev match? A general question: whats the more important shot - the serve or the return of serve? I’ve heard people say that the serve is the most important shot in tennis. However, it feels like most of the elite/legendary players are elite returners. Thanks for reading my questions.
  • Manny CR
    So deep!
    Love it!
  • ATSimmons
    Why not more wta analysis?
    Interesting analysis but was disappointed to find that coverage is focused primarily on the atp. Please give equal coverage to the women!!
  • apurva_m
    Love the tactical breakdowns of matches.
    If you like understanding patterns of play and tactics in pro matches, this is for you. I’m a not very good amateur player, but an avid watcher, and this podcast helps me enjoy watching pro tennis more as I feel more ‘in the game’.
  • adamstanley44
    My go to tennis channel
    hey gill 5 star review as usual I appreciate all your content!! My question that I’ve been wanting to ask you, why is Borna coric so inconsistent?
  • WillM297
    Best voice in tennis! (And Mailbag)
    Gill Gross gives great coverage and insight into the top players of the ATP tour! He’s well-spoken, easy to understand, and knows a lot about the game. I always wanna know his predictions for tournaments and reactions to matches. Mailbag Question: Rewatching the highlights of Alcaraz Medvedev at Wimbledon, it was amazing to see how Alcaraz could run him around the court, especially on his serve. Because Medvedev had so much space to cover on each shot, Carlos was given every opportunity to be creative. Carlos’ willingness to be creative is crucial for this matchup. Playing Medvedev is tricky for a lot of players. Certain players like Alcaraz thrive when asked to be creative on the court, but others sort of freeze. Medvedev’s few negative head-to-heads with any player (14 over 3 matches) show how difficult he makes it to pull this off against him. Some examples to highlight this effect: Alcaraz (1-2), Kyrgios (1-4), Mannarino (3-4), Federer (0-3), *all matches before summer 2019 Sinner (6-0), Khachanov (4-1), Rublev (5-2), Zverev (9-6), *9-2 since 2019 Is one of the biggest requirements to defeat Medvedev a willingness to create? Do Mannarino, Simon (1-3), RBA (2-5) have a different effective approach? Thanks!
  • Henrytennisfan28
    New Big 3
    Hey Gill, love your commentary! I wanted to ask about the next generation of tennis. All of the Masters 1000 finals this season have included Alcaraz, Rune or Sinner. When the hype for this new Big 3 reaches its zenith, will it be warranted? Or is it destructive to the game? Looking forward to hearing your answer.
  • Squibby314
    Monday Match Analysis
    Hi Gill, Sorry in advance, as this is a bit of a long one. Thank you so much for your excellent commentary, I love listening to your tennis takes and analysis whenever you post them. You’ve helped me start to watch tennis more insightfully and analytically, and I love that. I have a few questions: 1) In your “Nadal Withdraws from Rome” video, you mentioned how many tennis players, including Federer and Đoković, have delusional confidence. Do you have any examples of delusional confidence in Federer/Đoković or other players? I’m not sure if this counts as delusional confidence, but I know recently Zverev predicted himself to win Madrid and possibly Roland Garros this year, despite having yet to beat a top 20 player this season. (From the 2023 Predictions | Clay Court Editon video). Do you have any good, possibly famous, examples of delusional confidence? 2) Lastly, do you have any favorite players? (ie. Any players you frequently root for to do well in a tournament). I know rooting for someone to do well can be tricky if you are supposed to analyze the game objectively, and it can also be for a variety of reasons, namely wanting to see a player’s game development, but are there any personalities/play styles that you find particularly drawn to? I know in your Monte Carlo video, you seemed fairly happy when Rublev won his first Masters 1000 (granted, who didn’t) and picked Sinner to beat Medvedev in Miami despite that not being the “logical” choice. Thanks for all you do!
  • HardyHarr
    Best Tennis Podcaster Around
    Whenever I watch a great match, one of my first thoughts is “I can’t wait to hear what Gill has to say about this.” His insight has taught me more about the nuance of the game than any other tennis pundit. Question: Hey Gill, I was thinking recently about the Next Gen Finals, and was curious about your thoughts on how successful a predictor they have been over the years for the next wave of top players. I was looking back at the crops of players for each edition, and to me the 2018 edition seems the most impressive. Excluding the Italian wildcard, 6 of the remaining 7 players from the draw are top 15 if not top 10 caliber players, and that was despite Zverev and Shapo withdrawing. Obviously it’s not an exact science— we have much more data on those players than the guys from more recent years. Still, I’m wondering there’s an edition that stands out to you as strongest, and whether you have particularly high hopes for a more recent Next Gen group (I’ll have my eyes on the 2021 group for example). Thanks as always for your great content and thoughtful analyses.
  • alexdetmering
    Review and MMA Question
    Gill is extremely smart, and his opinions are almost always built on top of rock solid thinking. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and extremely good at breaking down all things tennis. If you want to learn something about this beautiful game, you can’t go wrong with MMA. My question: If I remember correctly, you’ve stated in the past that the Fed-is-a-weak-era-champion argument doesn’t hold much weight for you. Given this, I’m curious to hear your take on many of the Fed videos on Goatkovic’s YouTube channel (@goatkovic). Although he is definitely a Djokovic fanboy, I do think he presents a compelling and data-driven case for Fed as a weak-era champion — especially compared to what Novak achieved over the past 15 years.
  • Tuck1281
    Great Content
    Really thoughtful and detailed analysis of the ATP tour and players. I’ve learned a ton. Gill is also easy and enjoyable to listen to. I honestly look forward to hear his takes and his previews for upcoming tournaments. Question for Gil: You’ve mentioned how players thrive or struggle in certain situations, even on the same surface. How does the clay season compare amongst itself? Madrid may favor big servers more than other clay courts for example. What players do you see doing well in one tournament and not in another? Are some players just great on all clay surfaces regardless? Is the short grass season similar in that aspect? That’s a lot of questions, so answer as you see fit. Thanks! -Robby
  • Shingles27
    Best Tennis Analysis Out There (and Mailbag Question)
    So for the review part: I’ve been watching Gill for a few years on and off, and his analysis is always spot-on. He makes good predictions and explains everything really clearly. After a big match, I always come here first to hear his takes on the match. As for my mailbag question, I guess it’s more of a hot take that I’m wondering if you agree with: Nadal’s backhand is top 10 of all time, at least among two-handers, and when he’s healthy, it’s easily top 5 in the current game. I think it’s criminally underrated and very rarely breaks down, plus he hits the cross court backhand really hard when he wants to.
  • MDL Bull
    Review and MMA Question
    Hi Gill, I have a question regarding Coco Gauff’s forehand. Instead of changing her extreme grip, which it feels like it is too late to do, what are other changes or tweaks she can make to her forehand wing in order to make it more reliable and potentially a strength?
  • HankJ16
    Hey Gil, love your videos, it’s helped me delve deeper into tennis and the nuance of the sport, and you are by far one of the best commentators and sources of analysis. I have a question about some things Reily Opelka has been posting on his Instagram in regards to ATP doubles. I think he posted saying that doubles should be removed from the ATP, posting about low attendance, lots of walkovers from singles players, no attention, etc. I love doubles, and I think it will always have a place in tennis because of how many people will play doubles recreationally and it is just as much a part of the sport as singles, but that doesn’t translate to the TV at all. What do you make of Opelkas comments, and is there more that could be done to help professional doubles?
  • T.H.E. Pope
    100% tennis expertise, 0% filler
    Gill is a fountain of tennis knowledge. Those of us in his loyal audience are very fortunate that he shares it so generously and with such great enthusiasm. A question: could you please share with us what you know about string tension used by the pros? Is it true that Mannarino has his racquets strung somewhere in the mid-20s?
  • Ms. Coach Taylor
    This is the best tennis content out there
    Gil, what are the 10 best forehand, 10 best backhands, and 10 best movement guys in the top 50 Mine are FH: 1 Rafa, 2 Stefanos, 3 Djoker, 4, Ruud, 5 Alcaraz, 6 Rublev, 7 Matteo, 8 Norrie, 9 Sinner and 10 FAA BH: 1 Djoker, 2 Zverev, 3 Danill, 4 Kygrios, 5 Sinner, 6 Rafa, 7 Rune, 8 Fritz, 9 Hurkacz, 10 Rune I’ll spare you my own movement list as this is getting on Thanks for giving us must listen content
  • Howell (aka donut mcmuffin)
    Review (also trynna get into mailbag lol)
    Love the pod, I like your rational and analytical approach to tennis instead of getting swept up into narratives and such. My question is not tennis-related: Which major american sports pundits do you enjoy listening to and why(stephen a, cowherd, skip, nick wright)? Maybe also tell us which ones you don’t like as much if you’re feeling spicy Thanks!
    Great podcast
    This podcast has great reviews of matches and I like the interactions with viewers. Gil clearly knows his stuff and provides great insights in every video I watch. I’m a Djokovic fan but I think his backhand is no longer the best, or even top 3, in the world. He seems to be second-best in backhand rallies vs Medvedev and Zverev. His backhand now also struggles vs Nadal on clay (just like everyone else). My question is, do you agree with this analysis and if so, what can Djokovic do to counteract this?
  • I have to have a name?
    Fantastic analysis
    This is by far my favorite tennis podcast! Gill is so good at breaking down players’ choices in a technical but accessible way — far from the meaningless pop psychology approach of other commentators. This show is smart, informative, and always a pleasure to listen to.
  • scollinsam
    The best!
    Gill is in a class of his own as a tennis analyst. I listen to the show religiously as he is provides the deep, original, and sober minded commentary that you can’t find anywhere else.
  • smurphie924
    Makes me look forward to Mondays (or anytime Gil releases a show)
    I listen to many tennis podcasts but what I luv about Gil’s analysis is his ability to make them interesting, insightful, & easy to understand. I share shows w/tennis fans in other countries & it makes ME feel smart when I can reference something “Gil said” 😁 Keep it up Gil. I also like hearing you on Tennis Channel & your banter w/Gruskin. I’m all-in on tennis. Thank you.
  • JayBaz3
    Amazing analysis
    I have been listening to Gill for years on YouTube. While I prefer YouTube to see those brows, happy to have podcast format for the road. In terms of Tennis, Gill knows his stuff! He is fair and unbiased for the most part. I think someone of his knowledge should recognize the greatness of Djokovic already but he tries to keep it neutral/muted to not polarize his viewers. (The Slice and CoffeeBreakTennis shows have been more easily ready to pundit on Novak’s class - but Gill is more of a match by match analyst anyways). Gill has done well to use his platform to get coveted TV spots and draw his fan base to that medium. I look forward to Gill being the voice of tennis in a later generation. He has already put in the hard work and is now just biding his time. He has great connections with other analysts that he brings on his show which is a treat for listeners. I wish he was able to have more interactions with players or their coaches though. I think players would enjoy talking the Xs and Os with him and growing their reach with Gill’s tens of thousands of fans. If you are looking to enjoy watching tennis matches more, listen to Monday Match Analysis so you can view the match like a pro!
  • أرمياء
    Hardworking Analyst, spot on analysis
    This brother Gill pinpoints, breakdown, disintegrate.. not enough words on how I enjoy this podcast. This might sound funny but I usually listen to this podcast when I’m in the gym.
  • 80'sVillager
    Better Together
    Tennis pundits release too many solo shows but are better together. A conversation is more interesting than a soliloquy. You think you’re Hamlet or Macbeth but you’re more like Laurel and Hardy.
  • Yorbo456
    Best Tennis Podcast Out there
    Gil gives the best analysis I’ve heard. His analsyis on players strengths and weaknesses as well as matches is always spot on. He doesn’t do schtick, and though he talks about issues in tennis when they arise, he isn’t biased or political, unlike another popular tennis podcast where one of the hosts is far too “woke” and political. His other podcast “Three” is also brilliant with Joel Drucker and Amy Lundy. Keep up the awesome work!
  • balvaheath
    Djoko -Nadal Rome
    As a tennis fan but non-tennis player, I learned a lot from this analysis. I also appreciated how you asked Amy to explain the tennis court zones (a,b,c) on 3. Anyway, I noticed that the 2nd serve point % won was lower than normal for Rafa. Isn’t that normally a key stat to win for Rafa? Or is it because Djoko return is too good? Maybe you all could explain on 3 some time. Thanks.
  • Royan_l
    Must listen if you are a tennis fan
    Best tennis podcast out there. From being able to pronounce players’ names right, to the hardcore, tactical dissection of matches, it’s been very enjoyable listening to Gill. Wish he updates more often!
  • fazlijoski
    Awesome podcast, easy to listen!
    Just a great analyst, understands the tennis game very well and always manages to find the peculiar details in his comprehensive reviews... great job Gill, keep it up
  • Will Casale
    Best tennis analyst by some distance
    Gill asks and answers all the right questions, and is the only man I’ve seen who’s able to break down matches as well as he does.
  • Morton Feldman
    Incredibly informative & smart tennis analysis
    Monday Match Analysis has deepened my understanding and love of tennis. Gil Gross provides frequent and comprehensive analysis of all things ATP: matches, tournaments, players, and trends. His views and insights are smart, thoughtful, and creative, and often convincingly weave together intuition with supportive data. Regular interviews with other tennis writers & players provide additional perspectives. In short, it’s fantastic!
  • Sach436
    Easily the highlight of my Mondays
    Gill’s Monday Match Analysis is super entertaining and informative for any tennis fan. He breaks down classic matches and finals and analyzes the tactics and flow of each match, while discussing the importance of the matches. Gill also manages to remain unbiased, something that is very rare on any tennis channel as certain players have a cult-like following. For any fan of pro men’s tennis or any player looking to get better by seeing what the best do, this podcast is great. It helps you see matches from a new perspective and enjoy the tactical warfare all the more.
  • Djcksn Trezjks
    Extremely Entertaining Tennis Analysis
    Gill Gross provides entertaining, informative, in-depth, and unbiased tennis analysis. This includes analysis of both the technical and the psychological aspects of tennis. He regularly reads comments from viewers on the show, and has guests such as Steve Flink. He is funny and personable. Always a very satisfying watch.
  • JillyJoeGeorge
    Great Analysis
    No one does it like Gill!
  • PassersRemorse
    Rising star
    Gill Gross is a rising star in the sports media world. Monday Match analysis is the best Tennis pod out and it's not even close.
  • zeebz112
    Best Tennis Analysis
    Gil provides in-depth and spot-on analysis in a way that is digestible for a tennis fan of any level. He knows how to keep it interesting the whole time. Couldn’t recommend it any more!!!
  • Sid1790
    Perfectionists at work !!
    Great work !! An impeccable analysis that just adds to the interest in the game ..
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