The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

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Join Matt Cardona (Former WWE Superstar Zack Ryder) and Brian Myers (Former WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins) as they talk about one of their favorite hobbies, collecting wrestling toys! Each week listen to two of the most prolific figure collectors chat about the latest news, upcoming releases, toy history, vintage collecting and much more!

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  • corndog425
    Best podcast in the world
    This podcast got me and my best friend back to talking on a regular basis and figure talking and collecting .I love this podcast and thank you guys for reigniting our friendship and fire for collecting and pro wrestling
  • Increadablebulk
    Reliving my childhood
    Thank you Matt Brian and Mark. I’ve always loved toys. When I was a child I opened with no fear played with them loved them. Even baried them in the backyard. Weird child I know. Fast forward I became a mint mint mint on box collector never ever letting them breath. Well I came across this show and since the beginning I now have a toy room in the works. And also rebuilding what I destroyed in my early days of collecting. Just saying thank you for giving me a new start. Realizing most toys are meant to breath.
  • Curtis Soileau
    A great podcast for serious collectors and nostalgia fans
    The three hosts are amazing guys who make fans feel included and welcome. For three years now the podcast has grown into an empire, but has never lost the feel of spending an hour or two with friends talking about wrestling and figures. It was great to hear Brian and Mark give Matt horrified warnings of the danger of free-balling once you have children since they have elbows and feet that always seem to strike home. They are also the reason you wake up to find your Orange Cassidy lounging in the Barbie pool or Cody Rhodes hidden in the Christmas tree. That’s the kind of connection that keeps me coming back every week.
  • Pgsteak420
    Major Pod saved me!
    Growing up as a kid I collected cards, hot wheels, and figs of all my favorite cartoons and wrestlers. As I got older and it became less cool, my passion for collecting started to die. So much so that not much remains of my childhood toy collection. That is, until The Major Pod came along and relit the flame of my collecting spirit. My new collection stated with a NECA Simpsons Bret Hart and has quickly turned into full blown obsession spanning across multiple toy lines! I can’t thank the guys enough for all they do for the community and for reigniting my passion for collecting.
  • Bassalion
    An Podcasting Empire that goes beyond figures
    When it comes to this podcast, I am both a lurker at times and a heavy participant. But that’s the beauty of it all, as there is something for everyone and fits the different needs of many. There is a ton of passion, plenty of fun banter, wrestling talk (of course), a Low key nerdy aesthetic and good vibes all around. The content will stick with you and even begin to make you a bit “itchy” as a collector in general, whether you’re typically into that kind of stuff or not. On top of that, these guys manage to fit time once a month to book a Fantasy Wrestling show called FWF (on Patreon) that will keep you on the edge of your seat. When you subscribe, it feels like you become a part of something bigger than yourself as the community surrounding the podcast acts like family. That’s why the patreon subscription on top of the regular podcast is a necessity, as you get so much more. This Includes behind the scenes goodness, top notch interactions, sales on merch before everyone else... and the holy grail known as the Facebook group. The Interactions and Friendships you’ll make in this community alone are a reason enough to engage in this podcast.. But On top of that, it is hosted by 3 gentlemen who are changing the Wrestling world around them as well as building a podcasting empire that adds to anyone who joins in a big way. I’ll end with this: A 60 year old woman, who doesn’t collect or watch wrestling, once recommended this podcast to one of my friends on Facebook because she “loved the way it was presented and enjoyed the passion filled conversations”. If that isn’t telling of something truly special, I don’t know what is. Keep up the amazing work guys!
  • LightningXmon
    Happy 3 Years Guys!
    3 years holy moly guys. You guys every week, everyday push out amazing wrestling figure content, wrestling, and so much more. You guys are a true bad influence but in a good way. You have awaken lost memory’s I didn’t even know I had from my childhood. Playing with my old Mattel wrestling figures, Ninja Turtles, and Power Rangers. Now after listening to the podcast every week has made me more itchy to buy my childhood toys or even more recently trading cards. My parents look at me crazy when I get another package in the mail but I don’t care I’m happy to relive the memory’s. I speak for everyone when we say thanks for the memory’s and thank you for opening up a new window of opportunity for us to proudly show they we are collectors. Side note I’m only 20 years old and I’m proud to say I completed Series 1 WWF Hasbro Figures. Thank you again and I’ll never stop scratching that figure itch.
  • Marcidhjuuu
    5 star podcast: a cautionary tale
    I’ve listened to this podcast since it’s inception in 2018 but never attempted to leave a review. This review however is a cautionary tale for listeners. First of all, you should know that this podcast is addictive. You will spend money on figures every single Friday after listening to the guys discuss their weekly purchases. You may also find yourself buying other items on eBay just to be ahead of the mad rush to buy them if or when they’re mentioned. Lastly, although the hosts have several quotes that you’ll memorize, please be careful how you use them. Today, while teaching my 9 year old students at a very prestigious private school, I fumbled over my words and said, “blehlehleh take a shot.” SMH. Can’t wait to see how many emails I have waiting for me tomorrow. Sit back and enjoy a conversation with friends that make you feel like you’re right there with them. Now, you may take a shot. Class dismissed.
  • Snuggles Redondo
    Happy Anniversary, boys!
    Whenever my friends who are wrestling fans have a birthday, I post on their page “Happy Birthday to you, and this person [insert wrestler who they share a birthday with].” Unfortunately for me, my birthday, August 23rd, shares a birthday with no professional wrestler, to my knowledge. I’m right between future Hall of Famers, the Usos (August 22nd), and another future Hall of Famer, Funaki (August 24th)! But tbh, I always felt a little sad that I don’t have a wrestling birthday-twin. That was until 3 years ago, when the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast was born! Mark, Matt, & Brian perform loads of entertainment each and every week. Honestly, it’s one of the things I look forward to for my long drives to work. I can’t thank you dudes enough for the laughs, insight, and just straight up joy you have given me and thousands of other Major Marks for the last 3 years. Here’s to many, many more. Cheers, boys. - Garrett Gamarra
  • savingsongbird
    Major liveski
    If you looking to not to have bunch action fingure in room listen to something else.The way mark matt and brian talk figure make sound like almost every figure that comes out will be some holy grail figure even when not talking wreastling figures.The guys go appove and beyond on every aspect Espeicially live i had chance to go to live nine . My god the guys guve 110 percent, amazing guest with people I never though I get to see from a ecw legend to a certified G. I enjoy every miunite of it espicially listen to smart mark butchering my friend who was with me last nam when he won the signed major pod action figure belt. Being a Massachuetes boy it was nice to part smart homecoming and get fist bump from brian was highlight of my day. keep up the major work
    The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast was not the type of podcast I wanted… i
    When I got back into wrestling figure collecting in 2018 I thought any new content about 1980s and 1990s wrestling figures was bad for business. I thought weekly conversations unearthing the history and nostalgia of figures would make collecting harder and prices skyrocket… While we can’t do much about the cost of a MOC Hasbro 1-2-3 Kid, what I can say is I was incredibly mistaken about the importance and necessity the contributions of Matt, Brian, and Mark bring to the wrestling figure collecting community. Whether you collect the new stuff or the old, the boys always offer an engaging and honest take that probably leads you chasing an ECW no noose New Jack or testing the actions on your WWF Hasbros! The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast was not the type of podcast I wanted… it was THE podcast I needed. Over the last two years I’ve gone from a Friday listener to a HARD Foundation member streaming early and often! So be sure to signup for the Patreon, join the Facebook group, and give that YouTube account a subscribe before they can feature the Ringside figures on the Incarnation of Domination at 100,000 subscriptions!
  • BjjpharmD
    Thanks for the FOMO
    Every week I continue to battle fomo while listening to the pod ( I usually give in like I did with the New Generation ring). Have to listen first thing every Friday morning and then go to eBay or ringside to buy something I didn’t know I needed. Thanks for inspiring me to want to display my figure collection and continue to add to it weekly, adding a new addiction of cards
  • Disposable DoubleAUB
    Started out great but it's gone downhill.
    It's not good. It started out being a favorite podcast but now Cardona is just annoying. Also if you listen to the free version there's a really loud noise that plays before commercials that will give you a mini heart attack They'll be in the middle of a sentence and suddenly you're blasted with it, so you have no way of knowing it's coming so you can turn the volume down. . If you like barking dogs, mini heart attacks, a lot of commercials,and hearing Matt Cardona tell us how great he is or whine because something he wants isnt getting crowdfunded, you'll love this one. Otherwise, I'd pass.
  • ShawnLambides642
    Amazing podcast
    Its a amazing wrestling figure podcast I love the figure hunts and the whole podcast
  • Brian Chaires
    Whenever I listen to this podcast, I feel like I’ve just taken a Blue Chew because I’m H.A.R.D! Matt, Brian, and Mark are the perfect trio, and are a great representation of the community. This podcast is the highlight of my week! My wife and I love watching the YouTube channel and she particularly enjoys seeing Brian‘s daughter, Chelsea, Dude, Walt, Kylo, Draco, and Waffles make appearances. This podcast is great for the whole family. Whether you’re an adult collector like me and Matt or have kids like Brian and Mark, there is something here for everyone! Thanks guys. Absolutely love this podcast!
  • Captain Charisma26
    A Major good time
    Starting the work day listening to the major wrestling figure podcast has become a Friday morning tradition for me. Love the chemistry Mark, Matt, & Brian have developed over the last few years, discussing & reviewing all forms of action figures. They give great insight while keeping the show a ton of fun. I can’t recommend this podcast enough. Keep up the great work guys.
  • GedePrime
    This is not just a Pod, but a family
    These guys are seriously the best. Their passion for toys, entertaining and pumping out merch is awe inspiring. My fandom with the pod and The Figure Four (it’s the better name, deal with it Brian) grows with every relatable story from Mark’s quickly disappearing available time, Brian’s tales about family and being a Dad and Matt’s “that’s so Broski” moments. Thank you guys for everything you do for your fans. Happy 3 years! #majorreview
  • iKanik
    Great for any type of collector
    A great listen - Don’t let the name fool you Matt, Brian and Mark every week go over what’s new in the collecting world covering action figures of all types not just wrestling action figures. This podcast will make you feel nostalgic for your childhood figures and/or make you want to grow your current collection…OR MAYBE start a collection. This podcast removes the stigma that action figures are just for kids and not cool…if Death Match King Matt Cardona says it’s cool, it’s cool.
  • Ksp721
    This show has helped me a lot
    Every week I have a routine where I listen to the MajorWF Pod on Saturday mornings. It’s literally a highlight. I love the chemistry and banter between Matt, Brian and Mark. This show got me back into collecting, as I started collecting retro toys from the 90s, Disney Park items, and sports memorabilia. More importantly this show inspired me to start my DisneyWorldToday themed Instagram and Podcast. It’s something I do just for the fun of it and listening to you guys talk about figures a couple years ago is what inspired me to finally do it. My goal is to one day run into Broski at EPCOT and buy him a drink. Thanks for helping me scratch that Disney itch -KP
  • TheStrangeBrownie
    ‘Boys club’
    I was a member of the patreon from day 1 but after 3 years of the pod I’m tired of it. The ads are waaayyyy too much. The patreon is just a glorified ‘boys club’ of people focusing on each other and not welcoming others. No real understanding of how others feel or act. I’m always going to be a fan of Matt and Brian but mark has just brought it down with all his projects in the group. It seems like the shows become more about his collecting then the others.
  • liftingnerdy
    Best part of my week!
    This podcast has helped me reignite my fire for collecting figures. I started by buying one macho man then the snowball came. I look forward to seeing what the guys say about everything coming out and in. Keep up the good work and thank you for bringing back my childhood
  • yourgirlangelica
    Even girls can Collect!!!!
    My boyfriend got me into wrestling, and we’ll figure collecting. After all of the fig hunts he took me on I finally started buying AEW figures. Listening to this podcast is one of our favorite things to do together, and both of us hope to make it out to a live show when y’all come to Dallas!!
  • suprafolk
    Started at the top, then the bottom, but now we here!
    I found the pod in the early months of quarantine from a YouTube video the fellas did on the ECW figure line. I’ve been a collector of figs since the mid 80s but unfortunately sold the majority of my collection a few years ago (before the BOOM). MWFPod has reignited my love for the scene and I’m stoked to be back! Thanks dudes (both human and canine!)
  • Greg Grandelli
    What’s up guys my name is Greg Grandelli and I’m a brand new major mark. I’ve been listening to the show since the beginning and I finally pulled the trigger and became a major mark. I can honestly say that this show got me back into collecting and made me make some MAJOR purchases lately including a hasbro hulk hogan MOC and several other fire purchases. Thank you guys for getting me back into my passion. This podcast is phenomenal.
  • ShortPantsRomance
    Alone With The Majors Tonight
    (To the tune of ol’ Double J’s lost classic “With My Baby Tonight”) ‘Spend my day huntin’ figs on the ‘bay Smart Mark’s WiFi uploads might take all day But I can’t wait to hear another Major Pod tonight You know Matt & Brian got the knowledge that you’re all needin’ And they know if a stitch is wrong just call D. Freedom! Oh I can’t wait for the most expensive free pod to-NIIIIIIGGGHHT!
  • Zamboni4015
    Awesome WRESTLING Podcast
    Thank you guys for an informative and fun stories from your current Wrestling indie shows. I will be their Matt on July 24th to either see you lift the gcw championship or get carved up by that drunk natty light bank robbing old man Nick Gage. You guys also do great info wrestling merch and apparel. Thank you your fan Taxi(nickname)
  • E Bovee
    Great podcast and I really enjoy all the YouTube behind the scenes videos and toy hunts. Very underrated content!!
  • heel9783
    Love the show.
    I’m a lifelong wrestling fan and figure collector and absolutely love this show. This show has done so much for the fans of wrestling and collectors by making the Facebook community. Also think about what it has done for the business of wrestling. 3 years ago I didn’t know what a micro brawler was or a SDCC exclusive was. The three of you have really changed the business of collectibles in my eyes with this podcast. Thanks for everything Daniel
  • Djdunst
    Life changing thanks to men made of plastic
    I found this podcast in one of the hardest times in my life. My Ex Fiancé called off the engagement. I was asked by my job to work over nights, I truly felt alone at that point. I found this podcast one night after I saw a tweet from Cardona. Next thing you know, My collection was started after I started listening. Fast forward two years my collection has grown, and I have a girlfriend not only that supports my collection but has started her own collection. The boys really do change peoples lives, and I’m thankful to have this show in my life.
  • jo3yhuds
    (To the tune of Toxic by Britney)
    Baby can't you see, Pods downloading A show like this, should wear a warning They say it's free. Expensive. There's Major cards. VHS Tape. Learn 'bout a fig, eBay and make a bid Love let em breathe unboxing vids They're no Doink The Clown Searching pegs, going town to town Best wishes, Take a shot! Am I making a bid or want to buy? They talk sick figs, Major Brothers With a splash of a STOMP in Paradise I'm scratchin to you Don't you know you're my fig itch And I'm gonna tote two So you know that I bought six
  • ichucky97
    Finally a Major Mark
    I started listening to the Major Pod last year around June. I’ve been hooked ever since. Listening to the Pod obviously made me itchy. So I started collecting too. Matt, Brian, and Mark are so genuine in every show. You can tell they are passionate about figures and wrestling in general. This month I finally joined the H.A.R.D. Foundation on Patreon and my experience has been even better. The pod is one of the highlights of my week and for those 2 or 3 hours I forget about the constant stresses of the work week. Definitely take a listen to this Pod if you enjoy collectibles, figures, or even if you don’t this pod is for everyone! You’ll start getting itchy soon enough. Thanks Matt, Brian, and Mark for putting out the best pod out there today. Stay true. MDK! MAJOR DETOLF KOLLECTORS!
  • Gambit 115
    Love this podcast
    I’ve been listening to this podcast since day 1. The Major wrestling figure podcast is honestly the best wrestling figure podcast to listen to. Not to mention be a part of! For anyone in the Patreon group you know what I mean! It’s always a great listen and great entertainment! When I almost gave up on collecting the podcast helps me remember why I started in the first place! And even when my wife gets frustrated about the cost, Thanks to Matt, Brian, and mark my collection keeps growing and will continue to do so! Oh and don’t forget to use code MAJOR at checkout for 10% off your order on thanks for that too!
  • scorpiomastermind16
    Freebird Rule
    The Major Wrestling Figure podcast is a very entertaining podcast. The team of Matt, Brian and Mark compliment each other very well. Just like the Freebirds either of the guys can jump in where the other leads off (although we all know Smart Mark is hiding a foreign object in his tights by the silver balls). I had contemplated starting a wrestling figure collection and listening to the pod was the final nudge I needed to start collecting. Keep up the awesome work gentlemen.
  • megasnorkel
    The Major Advertisement Podcast
    I'm a day one listener and a day one supporter on Patreon. Once upon a time this was my favorite show to listen to week in and week out. Now I find myself wading through a ton of frustrating stuff to get to the actual content. The content to advertisement ratio has definitely taken a turn for the worse, especially since PBR came on as a sponsor. The cracking open hard seltzers into the microphone...the discussing how many they drank over the weekend with the boys...what's that, we're three minutes into the show and we haven't talked about anything but how great PBR is? Oh, and also we're sponsored by Ringside. And please buy our merch and support us on Patreon. Good Housekeeping has gone from a fun follow up to last week's show to a 45 minute ad break. I totally understand that this is the podcast business, not the podcast friendship. But at times the way the guys handle their sponsors is incredibly cringeworthy. Between all the ads at the beginning of the show and the long talks about this week's Eat Right's all just a bit much. Especially considering the fact that I'm supporting them on Patreon so that I don't have to listen to ads. I want to say that this is a great pod with really fun and entertaining content. And sometimes it is! But it's just not the same as it used to be.
  • Chortypants
    Figures can’t be topped
    I started watching wrestling the day I was born as my dad always says he had Monday Night Nitro on in the hospital room I was born in. Unfortunately like a lot as a pre teen I fell out of wrestling and didn’t return until I was an adult. My now wife saw some old wrestling games I owned and long story short we both became mega fans once again. I started listening to this pod probably 3 weeks after it started and it made me from a wrestling fan to a figure collector once again. Not only Mattels, but Neca Turtles, Star Wars Black Series, and slowly going to collect MCU Legends. All of these were peaked by the great reviews of these brands from Brian, Matt, and Mark. This podcast is the best thing to listen to on my 45 minute drive to my job every day and it’s gave me motivation not to call off certain days, just to have my guaranteed pod time in the road trip to and from work. Thank you guys for all you do and the generous community you have created. I am strapped tight as a new young family with a 7 month old, but God willing, I will be a patron one day! Keep growing the toy business!
  • Jt_Swift
    If you listen to this pod you need to become Major Mark and join the Major Group on FB! Why you ask..? Because this group is more than a group of collectors, this group is more than a community, it’s a family! A family that takes care of one another in the good times and the bad. I have watched the group come together to help one another out, not just the “cool kids” Plus Sunil is epic!
  • Pimp Cup Letter V
    Best podcast to listen to while getting a vasectomy
    The MWFP has been one of my favorite podcasts since it started, but it was really there for me today when I needed it the most before and after a surgical procedure procedure I have been nervous about for months. I decided to have a vasectomy after the birth of our second child. I was really nervous about, but almost had a full blown panic attack the day-of, and thought about walking out more than a few times before it got started. I decided to listen to the most recent podcast to calm my nerves beforehand it listening to Matt, Brian, and Mark talk about the latest fig news helped to calm my nerves and distract me from the upcoming procedure. Since I had to have general anesthesia , the nurse took my phone and gave it back to me after the surgery was done. Much to my surprise, when I came to, it looks like I ordered a few MicroBrawlers while I was still loopy from the medicine, probably because you guys were the last thing I heard before going under. Thanks guys for making what was a scary day a little more bareable! Twitter handle- @mv536675
  • bkajaud
    Great show
    Makes working all week worth it just knowing Friday I’ll get to hear the guys talking about figs. Most expensive free podcast week 3 listener. Went from 10 figs to over 500 in the time the shows been on
  • FapDragon69
    The passion is infectious
    These guys are so passionate about figures and wrestling, it’s a joy for anyone to listen too. Subscribe here and subscribe the YouTube that has awesome content!
  • Mad tester
    Major entertainment
    The major wrestling figure podcast truly is a major entertainment. I have been a listener for years finally leaving a review. Join Matt Bryan and Smart Mark as they take us through a journey of our childhood and also the modern day figures that make us H.A.R.D ! The podcast got me through a rough time in my life and gave me a smile at times I found it hard to smile. It’s hard to put into words how amazing this three are at what they do. The best I can think of to describe this amazing quality podcast is MAJOR ENTERTAINMENT!!
  • Tdunc1994
    More than just a great podcast!!
    Every week, Matt,Brian, and Mark host THE BEST wrestling figure podcast around. They’ve also build a community I’m extremely glad to be apart of. Their knowledge for figures, both new and vintage, have educated me and inspired a passion to collect these figures I used to have as a kid. I also want to thank Mark and Matt for getting me back into collecting Star Wars Black Series figures. Keep it up!
  • MaxSexPow
    Bare Minimum Review
    Kinda just hoping nobody else left a review this week and I get the grand prize and giant novelty check. And maybe that big horseshoe of flowers that they give the horses for winning races. I’d make that look good.
  • The First Mimzy84
    What up Dead?
    If you would have told me 3 years ago that I would be someday buying foam fingers, bats, title belts, microphones, and guitars I would have laughed. Well, guess what I have them all. This pod is more than just a show, it’s a life style us Major Marks have adopted. I’ve been listening since day 1, and have no plans to stop! Matt, Brian and Mark spill their guts each week, and we the fans share ours right back! Thank you guys, keep up the amazing work (Brian record more footage would ya!)
  • TomfloydSM
    Day one listener
    I’ve been listening to this pod from day one and I can say it has become a staple of my everyday life. As a day one listener I feel like a jobber for finally leaving a review now but I guess better late than never. This pod checks all the boxes from nostalgia, current events, what’s hot & not while hitting everything in between. The pod has reignited my childhood passion of collecting, while also adding my items and ways to collect. I 100% recommend this to any fans of wrestling, toys, collecting or any combination of the 3.
  • DoakBoyFresh
    5 Stars
    Sit back, relax and crack open an ice cold PBR Stronger Seltzer to get your courage up before making a big boy purchase! The MAJOR WRESTLING FIGURE PODCAST is by far THE BEST pod on the planet! Each week Matt, Brian and Mark take you through the best (and worst) this hobby has to offer! Thanks for sports entertaining me each and every week!
    Podcast for all!
    Listening The Major Wrestling Figure podcast is one of the best choices you can make! I’m not even capable of getting HARD myself, but trust me, even a lesbian can get down with this podcast! My girlfriend has gotten into this pod and started collecting vintage toys aswell. She is all about Maximum Effort Myers, but I’m more of a Broski. We love listening to you guys and are always scratching that figure itch! And remember NOBODY can have a bigger hog than Hogan, brother!
  • MrWafflez99
    It’s Pod-day, Pod-day... gotta get H-A-R-D on Pod-day!!
    Proud member of the HARD Foundation. The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast is truly a revolutionary force in the Podcast community. They continue to reach reMARKable heights, while staying grounded with all they do. Do the right thing and sign up today, The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast…. ‘nuff said!!!
  • goatfan22
    Alwayz Poddin!
    As the Kobe Bryant of Hardy Boyz figure collecting and a long time Broski fan from Long Island, this Podcast gets me threw the long days each and every week. First getting hooked on YouTube, I transitioned into the podcast and soon became a Major Mark. My collection grew in order to be a part of the community, I joined the Patreon, I made some friends, I was gifted the FWF and even got the OK from Matt to use his Radio Silence move in my Indy matches! If you love collecting, if you love hilarious stories, or you just wanna hear three middle aged men talk about toys for 2 hours, this is the pod for you! No matter how many times the question changes, there’s only ONE ANSWER. And that is to listen to the Major WF Pod!
  • ghdhsjajaj
    First podcast review
    Up until last year, my collection was very small (like Dylan Postl) -minus the doodoo and chocolate stains. But these guys absolutely made me love action figures again. They know their stuff. Very good listen! You won’t be disappointed. Oh and by the way, Mark has become my favorite part of the show, DEFINATELY deserves a back rub Broski.
  • Nitro Jason
    One of My Favorite Pods
    Makes every Friday go much faster when checkin in with Matt, Brian, and Mark.
  • Wyatt Adam
    This pod will get you Hog bigger then Hogans DUDE!
    This pod is fantastic! I honestly did not like Hawkins and Ryder when they wrestled in the E. But after listing to their podcast for over a year now, these guys are good brothers for sure! Funny, Intelligent, and informative! Signing up for the H.A.R.D. Foundation on Patreon was one of the best decisions I could have made. SO MUCH CONTENT!!!!!! Thank you guys for all the work you put into this wonderful podcast! NOW PLAY MY F’ING MUSIC!
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