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The "WHOA That's Good" podcast welcomes you into meaningful conversations with authors, athletes, musicians, speakers, and stars of film and television in search of the answer to just one question: What is the best advice you have ever been given? Hosted by Sadie Robertson, best-selling author, founder of Live Original, and star of A&E's "Duck Dynasty" & season 19 of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," this fun and lighthearted podcast is sure to leave you saying, "WHOA That's Good!"

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  • sadie gorin
    From Sadie Gorin 😍
    Your podcast is AMAZING 🥰 I am 11 and I listen to your podcast every day! Keep up the amazing work!!
  • dareytrue
    Stop talking about political topics
    I have been subscribed for a long time and have enjoyed listening but listening to her talk and being on people who talk about politics. That’s an immediate no from me. It also rubbed me the wrong way where they have to tell each other about talking to someone of the other sex…. Is this the 1930’s.
  • Critiquing Games34
    Thank you life changing
    I am 11 and love your podcast it is 2023 and me and my family love duck dynasty i also like you testimony just at the end of ten I got pulled out if public school I felt sad I had no friends I fought with my parents every day I just didn’t know who I was and still don’t know all of it (that could just be cause I am 11)then we started watching duck dynasty then my mom got into you then I did then i started listening to this podcast and I felt better uplifted so thank you so much really
  • god'sgirl0403
    thank you
    thank you so so much for being such an amazing God seeking woman. i’m currently in my own hard season of life and the podcasts on anxiety are soooo helpful.
  • Aj31001
    Recommend doing your research
    I regularly listen to the podcast, and for the most part it is very uplifting. However, you had a recent podcast with your husband where you mentioned people worship Mary. I’m sure this was a dig at Catholics, but that actually is completely false, and I highly recommend you do your research before speaking on such matters. Catholics don’t worship Mary. We ask for her intercession. That means we ask her to pray for us, and who better to ask to pray for us than the Mother of God herself? Anyway, I just found it a bit ignorant for a public figure to share such a common misconception.
  • Courtney Sunshine
    Thank you!
    Sadie, you rock! Thank you for your faithful commitment to the Lord and His will! I love listening to your podcast! It’s such an encouragement and challenge to me.
  • kelseyschwertner
    Life changing!
    One of my top favorite podcasts, Sadie is very committed to this podcast and you can tell by the “homework” she does before she has guests, she genuinely cares about getting to know her guests and is intentional about doing so.
  • Aubrey,I am a girl
    Aubrey Cone
    I’m 11 and listen to this podcast every night and it changes my life. Thank you Sadie. :) ;)
  • sunsetchaser07
    I love this
  • HMHuntley
    Great podcast
    I absolutely love this podcast, Sadie is so encouraging and I also love the guests that she has on. It’s such an amazing Christian podcast. I’d highly recommend this podcast to any Christian, I love Sadie and her heart for the lord. This podcast has been so encouraging in growing my faith.
  • #games forever
    Thank you
    Your podcast changed my life
  • podcast comments
    I love Sadie Robertson so much❤️🥳🤞🏾
    Sadie is one of my favorite characters ever!♥️🤩 I love her
  • S.willims
    Favorite podcast of all time
    Favorite podcast of all time
  • Keganboi
    WHOA! that’s a best podcast
    This podcast is so good. I read her Live Original Books so good. She inspired me when i read her books. I watched this Year’s K-Love Fan Awards when I saw and hear that this podcast won the award. I was like I need take a listen. That night I started to listen to the podcast and I have been taking notes on my iPad. And I was like WHOA That’s Good! Thank you Sadie for inspiring me. And thank you for the impact you have given me. This is the best podcast what a Down Syndrome to listen to. Thank you, thank you, Thank you Kegan
  • Blessed Mom4
    Finally Found What I Have Been Looking For!
    I have been searching for something that not only I can connect with but my 4 children as well. I am growing spiritually every day & seeking the lord out to show me ways to grow my faith as well as teach my children to walk with God. I have always loved the family/spiritual relationship on the show & I always thought to myself “Willie & Korey has really raised the kids to follow God. They have respect & are loving”! I so admire them❤️ Sadie, I love your spirit & want to Thank you for your teachings & sharing the word in such a fun way!
  • cant always get what you wany
    Love it
    I am an teenager and I love listening to her podcast as well as reading her books!!! Thank you Sadie!!💚💚💚💚
  • isabella mang
    im always listening on my way home from school. love this podcast :)
  • MJRocks654321
    I’m only 13 but follow you on Instagram, have your books, and love to listen to your podcast!! Thank you for the truth these episodes bring to life! 💛
  • Naomi Sullivan
    LOVE THIS PODCAST!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    No joke the best Christian podcast in the world!!!!! Sadie you are so inspiring. Love you sister🤗❤️
  • trev-doggo
    This podcast is the best.
  • kimber 123
    God send
    I love Sadie so much
  • Lanisha Stoltzfus
    Another subject to talk about
    I enjoy listening to you, and your takes on things, even though I may not agree with a lot of your opinions. For another podcast, I would love to hear what you have to say about the headship order, head covering, and the cutting of women’s hair. Please consider it!!
  • McKitit
    do you comment? I wanna comment!
  • PicAshP
    What a gift
    Sadie, what a gift you have to reach so many! God has spoken to me through your podcast so many times. Every one of your episodes are just filled with sweet Truths from the Lord as we navigate in this messy world. Thank you for all you and your LO team brings each episode!
  • RShaver
    Grateful for this podcast
    I just want to say a huge thank you for this ministry. I have been listening for well over a year now and have been so inspired by your show. There have been multiple times that I’ve cried because the message was exactly what I needed to hear. I listened to the episode with Lisa Bevere 3 or 4 times and I never listen to anything more than once. I was deeply moved by her words. That is just one of the many, many episodes that have changed my life. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me.❤️
  • SpaMusicLover
    Sadie is wise beyond her years. I’m 50 yo and just love the wisdom she has and it encourages me to learn scriptures better. Great podcast.
  • defnotvivianb
    Thankful for this podcast!
    I am very thankful for this podcast! It has helped me grow in my walk with Jesus and I appreciate how you always back up what you say with the Word. I am so glad to hear God using a righteous voice like yours for the sake of a generation. Love you, this podcast, and your ministry!
  • Maseav
    I’m a 50year old man who has a 17 year old daughter I love the topics Sadie talks about.Helps me understand my daughter better and know what she might be going through.So thankful for this ministry
  • kdy52497
    Whoa that was a GOD SENT podcast
    The tattoo discussion was always one where I was a little bit confused .. but not anymore after listening to this podcast. And it doesn’t even just apply to tattoos it applies to a lot of other rules and culture things in life as well.! I come from a religious background and so I grew up thinking tattoos are wrong . But I knew people are still gonna get to heaven with tattoos. So yeah thanks Sadie and korie. All the glory to God!
  • Angrybirdslive
    Kingdom work right here!
    I have been listening for a while, and have shared many episodes with others because - wow. Praise the Lord for Sadie. This podcast is life changing! So many episodes I go back to because there is so much biblical wisdom and truth, so many things I want to write down so I can share them with my students, and with others. The recent episode with Chad Veach I listened to 3+ times because it is that good! 🙌🏻
  • CuriousThinkerGirl
    Sadie podcast
    I love that Sadie devotes her work to spreading the word of God - I also love all the interesting and inspiring guests she has on
  • Hailbopflys
    I love Mary Kate and Miss Bella!!
    I love Mary Kate and Bella Mayo!! ❤️
  • SamanthE.G
    God bless!
    Thank you so much! This podcast has helped me, and listening to this in the morning while getting ready keeps me in a much better mood. Thanks again! God bless
  • Victoria Bea Photography
    Woah, that’s Good!
    Literally…woah! I love everything in this podcast. You really have made such a wonderful platform to preach the word and encouragement! It is so comforting to hear stories about things we all go through and don’t always get to talk about. I have been praying for clarity and struggling with perfect and comparison; today I couldn’t fight the negative thoughts in my head, so I played your podcast all day long at work and I feel so much better! I am so thankful for your podcast and the wisdom God has given you. I’ve known of you for a long time from Duck Dynasty but only recently started to follow you and it couldn’t have started at a better time! You are a great example of a wife, mother, sister, and woman in a world that is being stripped of family values. I never leave reviews for anything, but I feel so compelled to thank you. Sadie, I know you have thousands of photographers out there to choose from, but if you’re ever in the blue ridge mountains area and want some family portraits I would love, love, love to get to capture your beautiful family! Just in case…it’s Victoria Bea Photography🌸💕
  • Annalise W.
    Thank you❤️
    I love this podcast because it helps me get through the day and I love how it inspires me to continue my walk with god ❤️Thank you!
  • robtdog
    Amen God bless
  • RealJesusFreak
    Sadie is amazing. Her wisdom changed my life. I have read all her books. Her books and podcasts are so inspirational and she truly affects many people. Sadie, you are a life changer and a true gift from heaven. Thank you! Never stop shining the light of Jesus!
  • life like like jesus
    Live life like Jesus!
    I have been listening for about 2 years and have learned so much! I can't wait for the next one to come out every week!! I love how the sponsors help with her ministry and somethings I want to support! I was sexually assaulted by a very close family friend of ours who we went to church with. It was a really hard dark time for me in my life. The state pressed charges against him because I was a minor when it happened. Nothing has happened 2 years later. I have shown up to every court date and he hadn't or court will be postponed. I am fighting this because I know I wasn't the first he did this to but I want to be the last. It is a topic that effects so many people yet no one talks about. Y'all talk about the hard and good things in life. And I have truly learned so much, this is such a blessing and Sadie is so talented and has a God given gift! I am so amazed at her and glad to have someone this day in age to look up to who wants to walk with God who is around my age. I can't think you enough!! It has saved and changed my life. This is truly an amazing podcast!!
  • avielovesmacrameandchurch❤️!
    I love this pod! ❤️
    I’m 13 but I love to listen to your pods! You make me laugh and I LOVE the way you talk! It’s so cute! Thank you for inspiring me and my generation to live and push through hard things! Love ya!
  • King of Angels ✨👑
    Soul Toucher
    Deep 💯
  • sda2208
    It’s okay
    If she says: “wow” “that’s so cool” 100 times is an understatement. The content is fun but the host needs not to interrupt the people she interviews
  • hugefanofsadie
    No Doubt 5 Stars!!
    Hi Sadie I am a huge fan of you in Duck Dynasty your family is awesome, your back story is so satisfying and I love that you tells us how to stay positive with the world and to other people keep teaching people about how God can change you!
  • Linds89Barrett
    So good!
    Love love love this podcast!
  • ToriL99
    100% Would Recommend
    I love all the topics that are talked about and I love all the guest speakers!! She sounds super fun and I love how much she loves God and talks about him!! Keep rocking it and speaking the truth! ❤️
  • Ella Figueroa
    The best podcast for girls!!♥️
    Sadie and her team at LO have a great ministry!! This podcast has pored so much wisdom into my life and has really blessed me as a young woman! Thanks to everyone on the LO team for being on fire 🔥 for the Lord!
  • just a another review :/
    :) good that it’s not homophobic
    I’ve been listening for a while and this is actually good! Sadie is so funny. and this podcast is inspirational keep up the great work! :)
  • Doggggielooooover
    Whoa, it’s ACTUALLY good!
    I have only been listening for a short amount of time and already I am impressed. Both Sadie and her guests speak truth that is much needed. I love how every single one-star review is complaining about your view on abortion! Whether they are born or unborn, children are made in the image of God and we need more people like you who are unafraid to speak the truth! Thank you, Sadie!
  • :))💕💕
    Love her inspirational words
    She is so real and one of my favorites ever!!!
  • mary-k-g
    Favorite Podcast
    Sadie has a way with words and is so encouraging! I’ve grown so much from listening to these podcasts and I love learning about the guests that she invites. Thank you for sharing God’s word and being a light for our generation, Sadie!
  • hey shgsdg J stmshgfhzzck
    Keep rocking it girl!!!
    I’ve only listened to a couple episodes and I already love it. Me and my family have watched Duck Dynasty and other shows about the Robertsons, these guys are hilarious. Keep going guys. You’re doing great. ps: Jase is my favorite ❤️😏
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