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The "WHOA That's Good" podcast welcomes you into meaningful conversations with authors, athletes, musicians, speakers, and stars of film and television in search of the answer to just one question: What is the best advice you have ever been given? Hosted by Sadie Robertson, best-selling author, founder of Live Original, and star of A&E's "Duck Dynasty" & season 19 of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," this fun and lighthearted podcast is sure to leave you saying, "WHOA That's Good!"

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  • becksss🫶🏼
    Good but
    So good but I wish she would let her guest talk more!
  • Sam.tay
    Love it
  • Skillet Girl 0317
    This podcast is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. It reminds me of what God is doing in my life. I get to know different people a little more than I’ve ever known. But overall, the woah that’s good podcast is really funny and entertaining. Thanks so much for starting this podcast, Sadie. I really appreciate your love for the Lord. I hope you grow up to be very godlike! Love ya!
  • ffsxxgifdbkus
    Wow that’s good
    This is such an amazing podcast. Sadie is an amazing host and I love listening to these episodes.
  • Brooke Mihalick
    Amazing and encouraging!!
    This podcast has gotten me through a lot of rough times, I have grown as a Christian and learned so much from listening to all of these episodes. Thank you so much Sadie!!
  • Nadiaknoxnash77
    Nadia jacobs
    Hi Sadie, l am 15 and have been listening to your podcast for a while now and have really gotten to know God and love him more by listening to your podcast and was so encouraged by receiving your live on purpose book, even though I didn’t order one, I look forward to reading the book and listening to more of your future podcast. Thank you so much. Much love-Nadia jacobs from Tennessee
  • ruah💫🌟
    thank you sadie 💚 for everything your advice and bringing the new people to talk on the show has been so inspirational in a way. I love your approach on meeting new people and being so open with a Bible. It’s got me a lot closer and I whenever I have time I try to listen to your podcast and take what you said and share it out with the world you bring up a great conversation starter. Thank you for being such a great part of so many people safe and I hope you continue.
  • Sandra Alicia
    Refreshing and inspirational
    To follow Sadie and listen to her podcasts is so awesome because it gives us hope for our younger generation. We have been a fan since the TV program with Robertson family. As a grandma of 7 grandchildren and mom of 4 adults in their 40’s , listening to you , Sadie, proves to me that if you instilled early in their lives “God to be at a center of your life “ it will be what will sustain them thru anything. Sandra in Florida
  • Bigcreekangel
    Thank you Sadie for the encouragement and motivation that comes out of the vulnerability of you and your guests! It is definitely edifying to the church when we line up our study of Gods Word with life lessons shared from others. Keep on keepin on!
  • kb.jj
    thank you for making this podcast!💗
    so good and helps me grow in my relationship with God, my family, and my friends :) thx for all you share bc this podcast your conversations are very vulnerable and I'm so glad you guys are deep and real bc that's really hard so thank you guys!!💗
  • jesusfreak1235
    Love it!
    It’s so encouraging and fun!
  • Classyger
    Hey Sadie love your testimony and your preaching I share it with my kids and nieces keep doing what you are lead to do. Blessings sister
  • MJRocks654321
    inspiring 🫶🏻
    I’m only 14 but follow you on Instagram, have your books, and love to listen to your podcast!! Thank you for the truth these episodes bring to life! Your episode with KB was so powerful and inspiring! I love your work so much, thank you sadie! If you could give me a shout out as maddy that would be so cool!! 💛
  • robtdog
    Amazing names
    Amen you are so inspiring and full of love grace and joy I listen to your uncles and grandfather pod cast has brought the Bible to life like the Chosen
  • OliviaLee5
    Sadie, the intro music takes me back to when I was on maternity leave with my girl and you just had Honey. I was still learning to grow closer with God and looked to you for advice. Now you’re having another sweet girl, Haven!! My favorite podcast…. Hands down!!🫶🏻
  • helpoes
    Woah that’s good podcast
    So good love how she explains what she means and how she spreads her gospel personality around the world. I also have done her lesson plan for church and it is great the kids love it. And last I love how she includes her personal life but makes a way to join that into the lesson.
  • madelinejohnson
    When I was young I always wanted to met you and KB. And when I heard that you Sadie Robertson Huff has a podcast I got so excited I jumped up and down! I love this podcast because I was so afraid of everything, but then I just got out of that bubble.Also I watch when I was young I watch Duck Dynasty, and I said to the young Sadie I said,”I want to met you.” And PLEASE shout out to #MaddieRoseJohnson.THANK YOU
  • Sarah Farnham
    Just what I needed
    Sadie, It’s going to be hard to tell you just how impactful your podcast has been in my life, just in this little review, but I really want you to know that everything that you say and everything that your guests say have impacted me in some way. Even if it’s something that I can’t relate to in the season of life that I’m in at that moment, I hold onto it to help me with something that I struggled with in the past, or know that it will be helpful to remember in the future. But honestly, most of the time it’s always just what I needed to hear right in that moment. God is so incredible how He works like that, and I’m so thankful that He lead me to your podcast, because I’ve been able to personally grow in my faith and walk with God, because of seeing how God is radiating from you and working in you! It’s so encouraging and I’m very grateful for you and for what God is doing in your life. I know we may never meet, and it’s kind of funny to think that I feel so connected to you when you’ve never met me, but I want you to know that through your podcast and your love for God, you’ve gotten another friend and sister in Christ. :) Thank you for everything you’re doing, I pray that God blesses you and your beautiful family beyond measure! Love, Sarah
  • †ð†åll¥ ñð† Èlï
    11 year old
    Hey Sadie! Me and my small group love you! We love listening to you all the time! Your the coolest!
    I really like Sadie Robertson, but tbh it is hard for me to comprehend what she is saying sometimes. Not her voice or her accent, (so cute!) but what she is saying. I have been a Christian my whole life and I am only 15 so that could be part of it. I feel like I just need more solid, simple facts to understand and live by. She also always has a guest on with a “wow moment” faith story that brings them to God. Most of us haven’t had that and we need something else to help us climb. Love the episodes with Christian on it!! They are so cute together.❤️
  • 1000&Ak
    Love it
    I was looking for a good Christian teen podcast and this is a perfect podcast. Sometimes the episodes get kinda long but still a great podcast
  • yocristobal
    Whoa that is GOOD
    This podcast fills my heart up with so much love for Christ and makes me want to over flow this goodness into everyone’s live ❤️
  • ZzmanMom
    KB wow just wow
    My son has followed KB’s music for many years. What a wonderful influence to our young men and women today. His faith is beautiful and his passion for God amazing.
  • Mae redd
    Hi l am 15 and am trying to lead my group of girls in my grade but they are very cliquish. How can I be a leader to both cliques and combine the two so no more drama happens that hasn't already? Thank you for doing the podcast helps me out so much!
  • CeeCeelovesJesus
    That episode was AMAZING! Taught me things I didn’t even know. Immediately bought the book after listening!! Thank you
  • HaileyMatthew
    KB episode
    The most recent episode with KB was amazing. I just bought his book off Amazon and I am so excited about reading it!
  • justanotherposhmarker
    So good!
    This podcast is so good and gives so much glory to God! Love to listen to it!
  • #Jesuslovesu
    Love this podcast
    Wow ! I love this podcast. I watched Sadie on duck dynasty and finishing reading her book “ live “ and I am starting to read “ Live fearless “ also by Sadie. Thanks so much for all of the amazing episodes, keep up the good work and God bless you and your family !!!
  • ELISHA 89
    My cousin “GRACIE” is a huge fan .
  • ki29132
    Sadie is changing lives!
    Sadie! Girl you are such a light. The lord has gifted you so powerfully with wisdom and with a heart that desires to impact this generation. Your podcasts are always so encouraging to me and your words are always timely. I pray for God’s grace to continue to be your potion, and may your heart always remain hungry for more of the Lord. You are such a light. I pray for you to by God’s grace make it to heaven. You are a blessing!
  • EJLarson
    best podcast for advice for young people
    Thank you Sadie for sharing God’s word with us. This is my favorite podcast, I feel so seen and spoken to through Sadie and her guests. Such good advice and so uplifting and encouraging in our faith. Thank you Sadie!
  • Erica_L_T
    Such a blessing!
    Love love loved the Beth Moore interview!! Shared with my daughters(25&20) so so so good!! Had me teary the whole time!
  • sierraaa111
    So so good!
    This podcast is by far my favorite podcast! I listen every week and learn something new each time. This podcast always inspires me to be better. Thank you Sadie for all of the amazing insight!
  • GracieGirl2020
    Encouraging and moving
    I was listening to Wednesdays episode on my way to work, (and this is my first experience with the podcast) and the guest was sharing a story of brushing this old man’s hair, and it moved me to tears. God was already talking to me about having a servants heart and I felt like this was right in line with that. So encouraging and I absolutely loved the whole episode. I will be listening again and again to this podcast! Sadie you do an amazing job!!
  • fdgxhchccj
    My family and I love to watch duck dynasty it’s so fun and entertaining.I love to listen to your podcast at night it helps me fall asleep🌝
  • Jlbolen
    Great podcast!
    Sadie, her friends, family and guests on the show share so much wisdom and great advice!!
  • 1woman!!
    Hi Can you provide the resources you mentioned in this podcast?
  • #games forever
    Thank you
    your podcast has impacted my life so much and I just want to thank you for all of your podcasts I am just a 11 years old but I have heard my sister listening to your podcasts and I don’t have any friends at school but your podcasts help me get through my day and remember everything God has done in my life.🙏🏻
  • Alls12000
    Waiting Since 2020: Adopting From China
    Hi I’m Ava Love! We were 3 days away in 2020 traveling to China at the same time as David and are still waiting to adopt my sister. She’s ten now!
  • BrennaMarissaHilton
    I love love love listening to Sadie talk and all of the participants on her show. I feel like I usually learn something every time that I listen to her show. Mornings with Sadie are awesome!! Sometimes I listen throughout the day, especially if I’m having a rough day. God makes everything better!! & Sadie helps!
  • oliviaaaao
    I’ve never listened to a podcast that gives me so much moments of woah God is so good, every time I listen to it. So fun that God gets the glory every episode. Very encouraging for my spirit to live more for him and less for me.
  • Kuromipoop
    God sent me your latest episode
    I usually don’t do reviews too often but I swear God is so good even at the most suffering times. Last night I was reminiscing a heartbreak of a relationship that wasn’t helping me nor serving God. I was crying my eyes out to the Lord, giving up on life itself. Today I checked this episode and simply seeing the title of Red Flags gave me a reminder why God pulled him away from me. God is so good and blessing me, reminding me I am always loved. I felt so lost last night and now I am found once again
  • sadie gorin
    From Sadie Gorin 😍
    Your podcast is AMAZING 🥰 I am 11 and I listen to your podcast every day! Keep up the amazing work!!
  • dareytrue
    Stop talking about political topics
    I have been subscribed for a long time and have enjoyed listening but listening to her talk and being on people who talk about politics. That’s an immediate no from me. It also rubbed me the wrong way where they have to tell each other about talking to someone of the other sex…. Is this the 1930’s.
  • Critiquing Games34
    Thank you life changing
    I am 11 and love your podcast it is 2023 and me and my family love duck dynasty i also like you testimony just at the end of ten I got pulled out if public school I felt sad I had no friends I fought with my parents every day I just didn’t know who I was and still don’t know all of it (that could just be cause I am 11)then we started watching duck dynasty then my mom got into you then I did then i started listening to this podcast and I felt better uplifted so thank you so much really
  • god'sgirl0403
    thank you
    thank you so so much for being such an amazing God seeking woman. i’m currently in my own hard season of life and the podcasts on anxiety are soooo helpful.
  • Aj31001
    Recommend doing your research
    I regularly listen to the podcast, and for the most part it is very uplifting. However, you had a recent podcast with your husband where you mentioned people worship Mary. I’m sure this was a dig at Catholics, but that actually is completely false, and I highly recommend you do your research before speaking on such matters. Catholics don’t worship Mary. We ask for her intercession. That means we ask her to pray for us, and who better to ask to pray for us than the Mother of God herself? Anyway, I just found it a bit ignorant for a public figure to share such a common misconception.
  • Courtney Sunshine
    Thank you!
    Sadie, you rock! Thank you for your faithful commitment to the Lord and His will! I love listening to your podcast! It’s such an encouragement and challenge to me.
  • kelseyschwertner
    Life changing!
    One of my top favorite podcasts, Sadie is very committed to this podcast and you can tell by the “homework” she does before she has guests, she genuinely cares about getting to know her guests and is intentional about doing so.
  • Aubrey,I am a girl
    Aubrey Cone
    I’m 11 and listen to this podcast every night and it changes my life. Thank you Sadie. :) ;)
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