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Cody Berman and Justin Taylor believe in the concept of "Financial Independence For All". The Financial Independence Show focuses on REAL stories of individuals on their journey to financial independence. Each episode aims to include actionable insights and takeaways for listeners to implement into their own financial situation.

The podcast covers topics like building wealth, entrepreneurship, investing, money mindset, small business, frugality, geoarbitrage, side hustles, real estate, productivity, travel, and so much more.

Sit back, tune in, and join a community of like-minded people who are changing their lives through financial independence.

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  • MaryssaRae17
    Life changing
    I’ve learned so much since listening to this podcast. Literally life changing!
  • iPhoenixKami
    Great educational podcast on business
    Love their podcast, everything they mention and talk about is applicable and very easy to follow through with. IF you can take action. Love all the guest with different businesses share their ideas and how they grew it. Keep it up guys!!
  • wwuer
    Very helpful information about FIRE and personal finance.
  • Kenkwmz
    Super Fi Show
    Amazing !! You Gentlemen are doing Gods work!!
  • Khams87
    Fun hosts & always more to learn
    Always a fun listen and I appreciate how the hosts keep everything down to earth even when talking about more advanced financial concepts & strategies. As someone who already has multiple income streams and invests regularly, there’s always something new to learn and the FI show delivers!
  • rmbloss1427
    Favorite New Podcast
    Found these guys through the Mad Fientist and now I’m hooked. Love their episode on Solo 401Ks and Mega Backdoor Roths. Definitely will be following these guys!
  • hppyhappy
    Just Discovered But Such Great Content
    Started listening a few weeks ago but now I’m going through the backlog and there’s so many good episodes in here! They’ve covered just about everything when it comes to personal finance and financial independence.
  • GoodGood Investing
    Great podcast!
    The Financial Independence Show is your home base for learning the most important and helpful tips and tricks for creating the future you want (and deserve!!) entrepreneurship, wealth, investments, and inspiring stories...we love it so much!
  • CraigCurelop
    Love this Show!
    Justin and Cody are top notch. So inspiring all that they’ve accomplished at such a young age. This show is not only educational, but super fun too!
  • Financial Samurai
    Great podcast!
    I love the energy, the guests, and the questions Cody and Justin have in the show! They do their homework, which shows. Great to chat guys! - Sam
  • Let's Talk Money wJoseph Hogue
    Great Conversation!
    Loved talking I Bonds with Cody and Justin. They always bring out the best questions and info from guests. A must listen!
  • PodcastGoose
    Great Insight
    Love this show! The chemistry between the hosts is amazing and I’ve learned a lot about personal finance and FI by listening.
  • jjjaq
    Great show with actionable advice
    The FI Show is a must-listen for anyone pursuing financial independence. Cody and Justin share actionable tips from their own FI journeys and ask meaningful questions of their guests to make sure listeners can leave not only with new ideas to implement but details and tips on how to put those ideas into practice right away.
  • bophia21
    Just listened
    Loved the podcast episode where you guys give updates on your net worth!
  • Riggs Eckelberry
    Great podcast by two knowledgeable guys!
    It was my pleasure to be interviewed in depth about the new way that everyday investors can make royalty investments in hard water assets. Cody and Justin drew out every detail and I think it made for a great show. Thank you!
  • Jessicat848739924793
    A Grab Bag for FI!
    Justin and Cody introduce us all to the most varied and unique ways to achieving financial independence. They do a great job finding guests who will reveal something new to their audience each week, which I love. It’s not the same old, same old stuff everybody else preaches. If something is really complicated, they break it down to simple terms, which makes a huge difference for those of us just starting on this journey!
  • ChrisHutchins
    Amazing podcast and guest experience
    I’ve enjoyed this podcast as a listener but it was an absolute pleasure to come on as a guest. Keep up the great work!
  • vobbyscc
    The FI Show is the absolute best podcast when it comes to different strategies to pursuing early financial independence! There is something for everybody and Cody and Justin are absolutely fantastic host. A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF VALUE is packed in every single episode! -Jabbar
  • ATL02
    Definitely Listen!
    Awesome podcast! Easy to listen to format, hosts are fun and engaging and great guests! Definitely recommend to anyone looking to learn more about FI.
  • Dan Sheeks
    Worth a listen!!
    Justin and Cody had me on as a guest for their podcast, and I have to say it was a blast! They treat their guests with respect and do their research ahead of time. This allows them to get the best interview with their guest and the most value for their listeners. I highly recommend The FI Show podcast to all who wish to make better money decisions!
  • MikeVacca95
    Fantastic show!
    Cody and Justin are fantastic hosts and bring on incredible guests! I really loved the recent interview with Dan Sheeks about his book. These guys are always interviewing top of the line individuals that deliver valuable information.
  • jeremyschneiderdotcom
    Great FI Show!
    I loved appearing on The FI Show with Cody and Justin! It’s great to talk to young, ambitious wealth builders who aren’t signing up for slogging through 50 year careers only to retire at traditional age.
  • Jen from Fort Worth
    Loving the Podcast!
    I met Justin at the camp in TX a couple weekends ago and the whole FI community has been a blessing. I love the podcast and how chill it is while giving great advice on ways to hack travel and save/make $$. Thanks so much and kudos to Justin for a great presentation at camp. See ya’ll soon! Jen
  • LucyT180
    These guys are a great inspirition
    Love the combination of the show being down to earth, chocked full of great content, and hilarious. Great job
  • Fun hosts and good insights!
    Tactical Wealth-building Strategies
    I’ve only been a listener for about a week but have listened to 5-6 episodes. They do a great job keeping things simple and giving tactical advice. I’d definitely say it’s worth a listen 👊🏼
  • ohdag19
    New favorite show
    Discovered these guys by accident and got hooked. Great listening. Thank you for a great show.
  • Allegra P.
    Love listening to this podcast on long drives, Cody & Justin are awesome!
  • Jeannette's Itunes
    Financial independence dumby ➡️ genius
    When I initially started listening, I didn’t know the first thing about investing or financial freedom! Now I’m a borderline jeannnnius! I suggest giving a few episodes a shot because each one is very different depending on who they interview! They have a wide variety of guests. My personal favorite was when they interviewed the white coat investor, because I’m in medical school. I learned a lot. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work ;)
  • seb2385
    Hey Bro
    Hey ‘Bro’, Women also listen to this podcast, are financially savvy and invest in real estate. Maybe drop the ‘bro’ language and bring on guests that don’t only assume that bros are in this world. The his/him references whenever real estate deals or investors are referenced is getting so old.
  • Rick A Martin
    These guys have great rapport and variety
    I like the energy of this show, and the way the two hosts play off one another. There many ways to skin a cat when it comes to Financial Independence, so I appreciate the variety.
  • malfoxley
    Great show!
    Cody and Justin, hosts of the FI Show podcast, highlight all aspects of financial independence and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • FrantzisDope
    So Much Information
    Cody and Justin are so good at breaking down personal finance concepts. Can’t believe I didn’t discover this earlier!
  • ^^^butters39*******
    Love the content it’s motivating and great to hear the same journey I’m looking forward to keep up the great work Aaron S Thank you
  • oliviabaker13
    Hit the subscribe button! 🔥
    If you’re looking for tips on how to handle your money, aspiring toward financial independence, or simply looking to reframe your perspective on wealth building - hit the subscribe button! The FI Show has a great lineup of guests and each episode features actionable tips and invaluable insights. Cody and Justin are excellent hosts whose passion for FI really shines through their interviews. Definitely recommend listening and subscribing!
  • kgolden1221
    Awesome Show
    I found this show in December and I have listened to nearly every episode. When they ask questions I feel myself nodding along. I love the range of guests from all backgrounds and all ages. It really makes it feel like there can be financial independence for all.
  • Alalalalaofjrbro
    Music Therapy
    Interesting listen! My young daughter seems to focus more when music is in the background. She also sleeps better. Never thought of music as actual therapy but it makes sense. Going to try and implement some of the things Marlys talked about. Thanks!
  • Pastina Gina
    Incredible! Music therapy!
    Music is the language that speaks like no other language can. This Podcast episode is awesome discussing music therapy and it is beautiful that music breaks through barriers and can help bring healing and resolution to so many issues. Thanks for sharing this episode.
  • ss53618
    Very Insightful
    This is such a great and informative podcast! I learned a significant amount about music therapy and found it very helpful and interesting.
  • JAS Family
    Music Therapy
    Thank you for having Marlys on and opening my eyes to music therapy. Marlys was an awesome guest and it was so great to hear her journey with FI, her business and how she helps others while doing what she loves. Thank you for all the great information!
  • maddie02moore
    Music therapy episode
    Wow! Absolutely loved listening about music therapy! This was super helpful. I hope that more people continue to learn about this amazing way of therapy to continue to help more people along the way! Absolutely amazing! Thanks Cody and Justin for having such a unique guest!
  • Antonia Piño
    Inspirational and educational
    Cody and Justin have inspired me to take so much action in my financial life. I went from -50K in student loans to over 50k in my investment accounts in just two years since discovering the podcast!
  • varghess89
    Awesome treasure
    The FI show is one of my favorite FI podcasts. I am always waiting for the next release and digging through the archives. More people need to know about this show because they would love it! I don’t remember how I had heard about this podcast but I had heard Cody on other shows and he is such an inspiration.
  • tmflag
    Don’t miss a show!
    Justin and Cody’s podcast are in my regular rotation that I listen to. I appreciate the different types of topics they have been bringing to the FI scene. They bring on intelligent guests which offer some substantial knowledge and advice- not just for those looking for financial independence but good solid investing advice as well like the most recent guest discussing dividend investing. Keep up the good work!
  • J-atx
    Casual chat, serious value
    Justin and Cody have a casual style that may sound at first as if they’re just shooting the breeze, but they are very smart, practical guys who ask amazing questions of their wonderful, diverse guests. The show is a nice balance of story (I love that they highlight how one’s financial identity is affected by how one grows up) and serious financial knowledge. The “call to action” is a nice bonus. Thanks for a great show!
  • knstrt
    Fantastic Financial Independence Podcast
    Love this show! Cody and Justin make FI very approachable and understandable. Their episodes cover such a wide variety of topics, and I believe it helps make this show accessible for everyone, and in turn helps to make FI accessible for everyone! They are a joy to listen to.
  • thelostdutchman
    Well worth the listen
    Cody and Justin make learning about Financial Independence an enjoyable process. Each episode they share what they are currently doing on their FI journey and bring in guests to talk about a wide range of financial topics. Definitely worth your time!
  • TrustyMariner
    Learning so much
    Love how relatable Cody and Justin make these topics and can’t wait to start my own journey to financial independence!
  • Alexmangs8001
    Excellent podcast
    Love listening to this podcast. It encourages me to reach FI as soon as I can which I’m looking forward to.
  • cda2016
    Lifelong learner
    I’m a Simply Investing fan and am so happy to have found another great podcast dedicated to financial freedom. The episodes break down financial concepts into vernacular that the ordinary person can comprehend, which helps so much in deciding the wise way to proceed. Thank you for this podcast!
  • Noah Shepp
    Helpful, Honest, Genuine
    Cody and Justin, bring interestering and helpful guests on their show. They bring out real life stories showing everyday peoples journey to FI. They ask tough questing to bring out all the facts. They also share wonderful tips and actions steps to help others on their journey. A must listen for anyone on their journey to FI. I recently reached my FI number myself but keep listening just for the entertainment value as well as to stay current for the best FI tips and hacks. I can honestly say actions steps in this podcast help me realize and reach my number faster. Keep up the great work!
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