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The mission of the Dr. Gundry Podcast is to help you live your best life — mind, body and soul — by empowering you with the tools and knowledge you need. Dr. Gundry interviews some of the world's leading health experts to glean life-changing insights and offers cutting-edge wellness advice during his topical lectures.

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  • IdahoLisa
    I have no gut!
    Love love the podcast! My question is: in my early 20’s I had severe ulcerative colitis. Subsequently, I had to have the large intestine removed completely and they reconstructed my small intestines so that I don’t have to have an Ostomy bag. Can I get 3 most important tips on energy and eating with my situation. Thank You !!! Lisa from Idaho
  • Pappamurph
    Dr Mercola
    Thank you for the fine interview with the very informed Dr. Mercola.
  • Wave2Jen
    You warned that the show with Mercola would be controversial, but I’ve always appreciated his information (I have treated my MS successfully for 12 yrs with solely on a low linoleic acid diet!), so wanted to listen. I had to stop the podcast. So disappointed by his conspiracy theories on Covid-19 - they are irresponsible. 🙄
  • Mary Rose Cefalu
    Dr Mercola
    Sounds irritable angry. Out there regarding Covid. Trump voter? I have learned a ton from Dr Mercola. Not today.
  • beachbum927
    Dr. Gundry I really enjoyed your episode with Dr. Mercola. My favorite episode to date! I commend you for taking a risk and showcasing some controversial content. It was the first time I really heard an informed “other side” and it inspired me to seek out information in a more varied manner. There is a lot more to learn on this topic and I plan on doing some of my own research as a result of this episode. Thank you!
  • Bocajr5553
    Mercola - seriously?
    I cannot believe you gave Dr Mercola a platform to speak on your podcast. What a quack! He could barely speak coherently and started spewing all of his conspiracy theories. We are all tired of fake news and now you are sponsoring these people on your show. He mentioned that he had interviewed you for his show so I guess this is all part of the business. (You scratch mine, I’ll scratch yours) I am really disappointed.
    Hello!! Dr Gundry...Love all your podcasts! So good so informative! I just finished the Energy Paradox. Another great informative book! I love how the approaches shift using different focuses with each new book and life! Im having difficulty with the first mono meal.... I need more simple ideas for protein, carbohydrates and fats as they become introduced. Should the carbohydrate meal be mostly resistant starches..... can it include cruciferous veggies or salad....? If making say sweet potato hash browns are you allowed to use olive oil to prepare them even though it is a fat....? Please I need a little more direction and specifics... Thank you for changing our lifestyle for the better!
  • Kim F.S.
    Every show is motivating
    Dr. Gundry, You’re the best. I appreciate the way you choose special guests for your show. It’s really important to have updated information coming in consistently. The health world seems constantly changing, especially lately, and your quality podcasts help keep me motivated to stay lectin free! Speaking of which, is there anyway we can prepare and consume ancient Himalayan Buckwheat so it can be on the Plant Paradox Yes list? My second question is do you venture to share your opinion on the safety or potential benefits of Ozone therapy? Would love to hear from you on that topic.
  • nalea luna
    Episode about foraging please!
    Great show! Can you please talk about your opinion on foraging. I have a vast amount of dandelions in my yard. I have seen dandelion greens at in the produce isle. Are these the same? Can You eat these dandelions safely, (from the yard)? The leaves all look a little different in their point, tooth shape, and roundness, some of the stems look red at the bottom, but the yellow flowers are unmistakable. Also, I have these plants everywhere that look kind of like grass..but they smell like onion and are hollow ? Do wild chives exist too? I live in mid Atlantic region. Anything on this topic,I would really like to hear! Thank you!!!
  • Evasavy
    Best podcast to learn what is best for your body
    Im learning a lot about what to eat to feel better. I also enjoy most of the guests. Very informative and entertaining. Thank you.
  • 920062
    Very educational
    Thoroughly looks at all aspects of diet & health
  • emb
    Among the most transformative health podcasts
    I first came across Dr. Gundry on other podcasts when he was promoting The Longevity Paradox. Since then it’s been a fascinating rabbit hole of science, studies and FOOD. For someone who has followed and been affected by nutrition as long as I have, shockingly nothing he says is… shocking. It all has basis in so many fads such as Atkins/keto, paleo, carnivore, vegetarian and vegan. And he goes so far to explain what those diets actually get right, what parts are non-consequential, and yes of course what parts they don’t get so right. Not only this BUT he’s also not beholden to any beliefs. If better science and studies come out contradicting or clarifying something he has said, he will revise that in a future book and make sure to let everyone know right here!! Absolutely one of the best voices in health and nutrition today.
  • hehe e nalu
    Dr. Gundry saved my body.
    My name is Tom Noone and I live in Hawaii. I was about to get hip replacement surgery when the Covid came in the hospitals got shut down my girlfriend suggested I try a new diet. The Dr. Gundry diet. It has changed me 100%. I no longer need hip replacement. I rode my bike 10 miles on Monday I walked 2 miles on Tuesday I rode my bike 10 miles on Wednesday I went swimming on Thursday this does not sound like a person who needs a hip replacement. I follow his diet pretty well. It has changed my life in many ways. Thank you Dr Gundry, keep up the good work
  • Ginia from Yale
    Daily inspiration
    Dr Gundry inspires me to eat and live life to slow the aging process! I started listening to help my husband’s GI issues. Dave feels better than he has in 6 years! We love Dr Gundry, his books, his podcast & his advice is fantastic! The MDs Dave saw, never discussed diet! Take charge of your health! Forever in your debt, Virginia Ells Occupational Therapist Yale New Haven Health
  • Dopegram
    Best medical info ever
    My entire spectrum on the medical world Has changed since discovering these podcast !!! Continue to share the truth about health !! Thank you dr gundry
    Love the wise practical advice
    I love the podcast.Big fan off Dr G. Age 59 and I’m I’m great healthy following his advice.
  • xr99f
    Suggestions from listeners
    Dr. Gundry: I heard a snippet of you talk about a study done with Autistic children and their microbiome. Please consider sharing more on this topic. Especially considering the limited verbal communication of some to be able to answer a caregivers question of "whats wrong?" Figuring out how to improve behaviors and health for a child with ASD is certainly profound, and possibly eliminating some need for powerful pharm solutions coukd be averted. (And consieration many of these kids are picky eaters.) And, oh yes...The Plant Paradox regimen works for me to all the detractors out there. Thank you.
  • yarnartiststino
    Thank you!
    Thank you Dr Gundry for your service in spreading your message about lechtins! I love your podcast and just started to listen to The Plant Paradox. I do have a question for you. I have only a 1/4 of my thyroid left and take synthroid on a daily basis. In your experience, will I ever be able to get off this synthetic hormone if I completely follow your plant paradox plan? Thank you again and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Christine
  • @WhoCares@
    Why not.
  • love2many
    Very informative
    I absolutely love listening to this podcast, it is one of my favorites. Very educational, lots of tips and topics followed by a Q&A, the Q&A are questions that a lot of us may have, so I love that. I appreciate Dr. Gundry and all work that he does for us. I am currently following the Plant Paradox 3- day cleanse! I am on day two and have totally felt the difference. Brain fog has cleared didn’t even realize I had. More energy for sure!!
  • Mr. Vegetable Eater
    Good job!!!!
    Really enjoy your podcast and your books.
  • letgo supporter
    Great information
    Dr Gundry’s podcasts are the best I watch him on YouTube and listen to him on apple podcasts. Excellent honest information about what’s going on in our body and how it all comes from our gut.
  • Mjudwfyggy
    Thank you!!
    Finding Dr. Gundry has changed my life! He is passionate about helping people, and his well-researched way of living can help you, too!!
  • alisanicoleharrington
    No thanks
    I feel like this is just another way to scare you from food. I feel so gullible that I bought his books. They had no substance and I’m so confused as to how he got so big. Also the products he recommends are full of bad oils and chemicals
  • jlk-irca
    A brilliant man and plan! An exceptional communicator as well.I learn something new every week.
  • growingsustainablewellness
    Thank you!
    I have listened to every podcast episode (and read all of your books)! I always look forward to new episodes! I have learned so much from you and the people you have interviewed. I really appreciate how you stay updated on research and continuously provide new information and recommendations. As a home gardener and blogger interested in personal and environmental health and sustainability, I especially enjoyed your interviews with Charles Malki and Dan Walter. Please keep sharing your knowledge and passion! -Rachel
  • jtalley72
    Thank you, Dr. Gundry!
    I love the books and the show. I also have healthy, beautiful six-month old boy transitioning from a pure breast-milk diet. I need some guidelines for his diet. Please help.
  • BowmanStar
    Thank you!!
    I’ve always been very interested in food and nutrition. But listening to your podcast has changed my life. I wanted to say thank you!!! Kaia Bowman
  • chouquettekitchen
    Alternative sweetness
    I’d really like to see a discussion of Allulose (D-Psiscoe) and whether it behaves like fructose i.e. coverts to triglycerides and uric avid? A podcast on sugar alternatives would be helpful. Allulose is great for baking so I like using it, also has almost no aftertaste.
  • midnightgypsy6
    Please please please do a podcast on cholesterol! My husband and I have been on your PP plan for 4 months. Our cholesterol levels were just checked and higher than when we were eating a typical American diet. Yikes! I know we are on the right path but would appreciate you talking about why are levels might be high and what to tell our “regular” doctor when they want to put us on medication. Thank you so much. We appreciate you and all you’ve done! We both have lost weight, sleep better, erased chronic stomach issues, and are excited to die young at an old age. 😊
  • lqd1234
    Dr. Gundry, could you talk about ADHD because there are so many kids who were diagnosed with that? I bet by changing diet, it will help and cure that. Thanks for all the great work. Thanks.
  • maestrin74
    I am so happy
    Thank you so much for the effort and great information you give every potcast, I Enjoy every episode all the data is so interesting and educational.😁
  • Amy Spur
    Great guests!
    I have been following the Plant Paradox way of eating for 7 months now and many things have improved for me. I am catching up on the podcasts which are so interesting with the variety of guests. I would like to suggest a podcast on hair - having a healthier head of hair; and also one on the Plant Paradox working with Ayurvedic plans for improving health. Maybe having Suhas G. Kshirsegar, author of Change Your Schedule: Change Your Life as a guest? Thank you.
  • Derek Stutz
    Life Changing!
    Dr. Gundry has completely changed my outlook on what I considered “healthy” eating. After reading a few of his books I can’t help but share his information with my family and friends. I highly recommend listening to each of his podcasts. For the Gundry Team: I would love for Dr. Gundry to host a podcast regarding craft beer, consumption amounts and how it effects the gut biome 🙏🏻
  • Heather Carlsberg
    Life changing and impact so grateful to Dr. Steven Gundry
    I love Dr. Steven Gundry I am so grateful for your knowledge and wisdom!!! Your generosity of sharing information your valuable and highly intelligence of how to cure, prevention, disease and autoimmune diseases and all diseases within in the body is the most important work for humanity. Such a true blessing the impact Dr. Steven Gundry has had on me personally in my path to healing autoimmune diseases and given the stragies for optimum health directly from Dr. Gundry through The Plant Paradox and The Dr. Gundrys Podcast!!! I am following The Plant Paradox!! It’s a must read and has changed my life forever!!! I and follow Dr. Gundry his guidance and advice and await for his every word, Dr. Gundry Podcast is so valuable!!!
  • Robodude69
    Single best source of science based health advice
    The most logical, educated and constantly updated health and nutrition advice. I love that Dr. Gundry updates his thinking when he gets new research.
  • lorlh
    Energy Paradox
    Please release The Energy Paradox book sooner! I really need it! I even quit my part- time job because my mental and physical energy has greatly decreased over the last 6-7 months. My doctor said my blood work looks good but I was low on Vitamin D. I have been doing the PP plan for about 6 weeks. We did the cleanse as a family and then I picked recipes from your other books because everyone was losing momentum. Thankfully my brain fog and my almost daily headaches/migraines have cleared up! Thank you for all you are doing to make a healthy lifestyle more doable! Any tips on increasing energy and making this eating plan sustainable for families? For people on a limited budget, what supplements do we really need? I have heard you mention supplements on your podcast but aren’t mentioned in your books. Example: mushroom supplements.
  • JoshCrist
    Empowering, insightful and actionable! 🙌
    Whether you’re already deep into your journey of authentic health and wellness, or just getting started organizing your lifestyle around what matters most - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Dr. Gundry does an incredible job leading conversations that cover the entire range of mental, emotional, cultural and physical challenges we all face learning to navigate the transition to our optimal state of health. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
  • pacmanwellness
    You reached me right where I was and helped provide clarity in how to better the gut microbiome and prevent leaky gut. Dealing with chronic gi disease it has helped me understand the way our body functions and I can readily apply the principals and information you provide to my daily lifestyle. I’m excited to read your paradox books.
  • Airwrecka96
    To save the world, plant a garden (even if you don’t have a yard)
    Love listening to Dr. Gundry. He’s so helpful and I’ve honestly felt a difference in my body. Thank you, Dr. Gundry!
  • Nourish + Feast
    Always learning something new
    Love all the information Dr. Gundry has put out. It’s really improved my life by making all this information straightforward and digestible.
  • whitneydeee
    The best doctor I have ever met!!
    The best doctor I have met to cure my lupus & RA yet!!! I live by the plant paradox & look forward to listening new episodes! Thank you for everything you do!
  • Chanel Cbad
    Insane not to listen
    I enjoy all the information I’ve learned and implementing it easy to do. This is a must for anyone!!!
  • NinaNava
    The Greatest!
    Dr. Gundry has a very unique way of educating us on topics that can at times seem too complex or overwhelming. He keeps you entertained with his wit, making the information memorable. If you haven’t listened to his podcast you are missing out. Your gut will thank you! 😉
  • Atrianata
    Health revolution
    After I treated my 20 years suffer from duodenal ulcer with plant paradox, I started becoming addicted to Dr.Gundry podcast and purchased every single book of the authors he interviewed . Longevity paradox was the ultimate summarizing the ticket to age backward. As a primary care provider and family medicine Nurse Practitioner I started implementing plant paradox to all my patients. I started receiving thank you text from them for this new path and lifestyle and I am forwarding of these appreciation to you Dr.Gundry. Thank you so much for being the leader in this health revolution
  • lostlittlesis
    Great podcast! I have been PP for a while but I always learn something new with Gundry’s podcast. Great diet!
  • Dmariecal
    Always be learning
    I learn something new every time I listen to Dr. Gundry. Thank you, keep doing what you do. I’ve never felt better than I do now because of you.
  • Casey Iadresin
    Reliable & Informative Information !!!
    Thank you Dr. Gundry for all the helpful and inspiring information! Health is Wealth
  • Boo NC
    Thank you from a lifelong learner!
    I learn so much from your podcast...literally something (if not several things) from each episode. Thank you for explaining things so thoroughly and in a manner very easy to understand...even the very complex subjects. So appreciate the in-depth research you do and your down to earth delivery!
    Thank you!
    You make complex health issues so easy to understand AND you explain how we can apply them to our lives. It’s refreshing and inspirational and I no longer feel helpless in my own body.
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