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The mission of the Dr. Gundry Podcast is to help you live your best life — mind, body and soul — by empowering you with the tools and knowledge you need. Dr. Gundry interviews some of the world's leading health experts to glean life-changing insights and offers cutting-edge wellness advice during his topical lectures.

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  • metric1718
    Great info, jarring advertisements
    Dr. G is great, his approach to nutrition is applicable and helpful. It’s great to have him on podcast, but the advertisements on here are excessive and often jarring—mid-sentence breaks into loud “buy this” is a really huge turn-off for both Dr. G and whatever is being marketed. If you like Dr. G, buy a book of his or try him on YouTube. I’m sorry Dr. G, I’d love to have rated higher, but really want to steer people to your best resources.
  • Paulina2024
    Not so sure
    I like the content on lectins but protein information seems so wrong. You suggest little animal protein intake… and total 20-30g of protein per day? I would starve.
  • Aaaaandyyyyyy
    Thank you, Dr. Gundry!
    Thank you, Dr. Gundry. I listen to every episode. You’re speaking voices. You’re speaking, voice is amazing.
  • anubis3hunna
    Keep up the great work. This will be vital in the future.
  • stevevr61
    great pod cast
    love your podcast. so much great info.
  • AMAZingAmazing007
    Dr. Gundry saving/extending our life!
    Please talk about tumor 🆚cancer. Can tumor become cancer?
  • lester bushy
    Dr. Gundry’s Pod Casts are So Educational!
    Dear Dr. Gundry, I’m a fan! I learn so very much from you! Thank you for the millions of hours you spend researching, so that non medical people, like me, can understand what’s going on in our bodies. I have taken your Total Restore for years. I’m also taking BIO SYNC, and using MCT Wellness, and Proplant Complete Shake from Gundry, MD. I have serious acid reflux which I control with Omeprazole. I want to wean myself from this drug. Please consider doing a podcast on acid reflux, and how to stop taking Omeprazole and other drugs of this nature. Paulette J
  • Don in CT
    Steady Listener
    I love the show and its magnificent detail. However, I have not been able to download or listen to the most recent episodes via the Apple podcast venue. Is there an issue?
  • Biswabandita
    A big note of gratitude
    Dear Dr. Gundry, You opened my eyes!! Literally speaking am awakened as to what I feed my body, mind and soul. Loads of love and a note of gratitude from an ever grateful soul. Namaste !!
  • kennylawrence
    Just finding podcast
    Hi I am very excited to have found Dr, Gundry’s podcast. I will be also watching this on U Tube,🌻
  • Bscottmatt
    Love it!
    Love the wealth of information you provide. It has helped me tweak some things in my diet to lose 10 lbs and still be heart healthy. Thank you!
  • Dr. Green MD
    It’s all adds, fake news.
  • Allie*B.
    Always GREAT information!
    Growing up in a very poor rural community, no one ever knew anything about nutrition and science as it relates to overall health. As a result, my diet up until 21 was awful. I’ve spent the last 10 yrs. trying to learn all I can to become healthy. I recently learned that I have moderate plaque and am so upset that my only option (per my cardiologist) is to take a statin. I AM SO HOPING THAT DR. G will do a podcast soon on this very topic. STATINS for plaque and are there other alternatives!
  • Lindsay Jane Designs
    You’re “My Doctor”
    Dr G, you said eating lettuce from plastic bags isn’t healthy. Do you buy yours from farmers markets? Or where’s the best place to buy? (Particularly arugula & spinach) PS when I share health tips I’ve heard on your podcast with my loved ones & coworkers…I always say, “My Doctor said…” Lol Love you Dr G aka “My Doctor” Thanks for all you do!
  • DaveyL7
    B Vitamin Episode
    Dr. G you are wonderfully informative. Regarding B vitamins, when I take a multivitamin with high levels of B vitamins I get too much energy and I get irritable, not to mention anxiety. Would mentholated B give me better results.I have abused alcohol in the past and tend to be obsessive in my life. My family has a history of addiction . Thank you for your research and sharing it with us on your podcast.
  • KayVee72
    Great show and “fasting” question
    I thank you for everything you do to improve the health of the world! Knowing what you know now, do you still recommend doing a 5-day vegan 900-calorie fast for longevity and 600-calorie fast weekly for brain health? Or as long as I do other things to uncouple my mitochondria, those aren’t needed?
  • Bank of America is greedy
    Lillys chocolate and heavy metals
    Hi Dr. Recently you gave a podcast about the benefits of dark chocolate and you recommend Lilly’s extra dark Consumer Reports just reported that they have 144% lead and 42% cadmium the healthiest bar was mast please take a look at the consumer reports study and let us know what you think.
  • bobjameshealth
    fantastic health resource
    Dr. G, you have really expanded my health knowledge. listened to all your podcasts and books. we also heavily support monthly purchases of your great line of supplements. This may not be the right venue to ask you questions but i don't see where else to do it. Dr. Mercola had a article today 4.28.2023 "longevity strategies that might be highly counterproductive", which caused some questions, heavily paraphrased, as follows. 1. he negates heated cooled heated resistant stratches as promoting endotoxin growth in the gut. i do the purple sweet potatoes that way every day. This differs from your view quite a bit? 2. he negates an eating window under 8 hours due to cortisol and related stress (after you are insulin sensitive). I know you do a 4 hour window for a season. I normally do 6 hours. Thoughts on his take? he discussed determental affects of extended autophagy...... there were some other things that you may wish to comment on but these stuck me as the biggies. thank you.
  • DebraColorado
    Great podcast
    This podcast is brief and loaded with health optimization tips you can use and afford.
  • Tinaleigh379
    If you add cinnamon to your black coffee with it break your fast? Thank you for all you do!
  • Linda'siPhone
    Saving My Mind!
    This podcast is an excellent way to learn to live healthier longer. I have read Plant Paradox and Unlocking the Keto Code and am starting on the Longevity Paradox. My siblings and I lost our mother to dementia last year. We are all in our sixties now and are frightened about our prognoses. My mother, her brother, sister, and their mother ALL had dementia. We decided we HAD to figure out how to avoid the same fate. One of my brothers discovered this podcast, and I found the Gundry Youtube channel almost simultaneously, and we shared them with each other. Now my brother and I talk at least once a week about our progress with our new lifestyle changes. (Of course, he is losing weight faster than I am). But the point is that we now have real hope that we will be healthy and clear-minded until our last days. I will NEVER be tempted to return to eating and living as I did before adopting this lifestyle change. I also took Dr. Gundry’s prescription and got two puppies, who run me around the yard daily. I began my lifestyle change in November last year, and I’ve already lost 35 lbs and feel better all the way around, including no longer wanting to sleep after eating. And I never feel deprived because so many foods on the "Yes Please List" are entirely satisfying, especially with some olive oil! Thank you, Dr. Gundry, for being so proactive in reaching the widest possible audience so my brother and I can avoid the same fate as our relatives before us. Linda L
  • BP Writer
    Great podcast, good content!
    Discovered the Dr. Gundry Podcast and am really enjoying it! Appreciated the candid conversation with Dr. Will Cole about his book, Is Shame Weighing You Down? Learned so much about the brain-gut connection and got so many helpful takeaways in this episode! Thank you!
  • Striving for better living
    Turkish coffee
    Dr. G, thank you for everything you do! Please share your thoughts on the Turkish coffee pots that are made from copper. Are they safe to use? I’ve hear copper is not the best for cookware, is it true? Another topic I’m really interested is differences in table salt. What are the best options and best sources. TIA
  • Ivette0408
    Craving carbs?
    Dr. Gundry thanks for all the good info is EXTREMELY helpful, changed my diet completely and results are EXCELLENT …thanks again 👍🏼🥇🥇…I’m your fan #1♥️
  • Sam27T
    10/10 recommend listening
    I am a patient of Dr Gundrys. I follow his podcasts, social medias, read his books, and take his products daily. He has honestly changed my life and most importantly my gut. I am the healthiest and cleanest i’ve ever been. Anything you’re struggling with or want to improve on Im sure he can help. I think it is totally worth it to look into Dr Gundry as he is a very knowledgeable man who cares about his people and wants to see them at their best.
  • irishclover573
    Dr Gundry Podcasts
    I just recently found Dr Gundry as I have been experiencing digestive issues. I purchased three bottles of the Bio Complete 3 and just began taking them a few days ago and I can already feel improvement. I plan to continue them and am looking forward to purchasing the Plant Paradox book. I also may try to go Vegan so am happy to have found Dr Gundry and appreciate all of the medical information he provides.
  • lbgracenote
    Love Gr Gundry’s podcasts
    I listen to the podcast every week! I look forward to the new ones he posts and i have been looking through past episodes and listening to one’s I’ve missed. He is easy to listen to and so informative! I have learned so much and have put his nutrition knowledge to work in my life. Listen to Dr Gundry, he will open your eyes and help change your life for the much much better. Thank you, Dr. Gundry!!
  • Blissed out in Miami
    The Real Deal
    Leave it to Dr Gundry to tell us the truth about all things nutrition and health. He does all the research so we don’t have to. He’s my most trusted online source.
  • tiffer1987
    Dr. Gundry Podcast Giveaway
    I have been following Gundry since release of plant paradox. Now, since discovering this podcast, it makes taking in his informative knowledge, more easily accessible and possible to implement in every day life. I will continue to take in his knowledge as long as available.
  • deje00
    Dr Gundry Podcasts
    Dr G’s podcasts are on the top of my listening list. His topics are always enticing and they help to tell the larger story of his ground breaking research into how plant lectins can disrupt our health. I rely on his breadth of knowledge because of his background in medicine & surgical practice. He truly is always “looking out for you”. I collect his books so I can refer back to topics but listening to his podcasts are quick and always delightful!
  • LouLouBeae
    Life changing
    I cannot emphasize how much I appreciate Dr Gundry providing such pearls of wisdom at no cost and with my best interests at heart. Implementing his advice, albeit very difficult at times, has really transformed my life and made me a much happier, healthier, and productive person. As a 25 year old with no background in true health and wellness, I feel really lucky to have found and learned from Dr Gundry at a relatively young ago so that I can avoid much bigger issues down the road. Thank you so much Dr Gundry and please never stop providing such impactful content!!!
  • JessieJames815
    Thank you Dr. G!
    After having my two kids I really struggled getting back to my pre baby weight. It’s hard to find time to go to the gym, eat right and take care of myself. I saw one of Dr. G’s videos and drastically changed my diet and the times I eat. Immediately saw the weight falling off and I had more energy. All my life I have suffered from debilitating menstrual cramps, bloating and back pain. For the first time in my life, I didn’t even know I got my period! I had zero bloating, cramps and pain. I never want to eat any other way now cause I just feel like I have a food hangover the minute I do. Thanks for giving me back my energy, time and happiness with my family! 💕💕
  • Tigerkat33
    Very insightful health podcast!
    Love and appreciate the knowledge Dr. Gundry shares! The information is very insightful and has helped me very much with various health issues. Keep up the great work and thank you for all that you do!
  • alexuntied
    Health King!
    Dr Gundry your information and teachings on lectins has truly changed my life, health, and happiness. Keep sharing your through provoking information - you are helping millions!!!
  • Tina Des
    kETO and intermittent fasting
    Great information for better fasting and clean Keto eating. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge.
  • Jbr1111
    Scam artist
    Listening to his podcasts that are scattered with half truths is one thing. But ultimately he is a snake oil salesman. Not honest at all.
  • conteslv
    Loving this Podcast
    Love listening to this podcast. Great knowledge brings great results. Keep up the good work!
  • kikiraz708
    Great doctor
    Ever since following Dr. Gundry’s advise, I’ve never had any stomach problems at all. Also, I haven’t had any aches and pains that I used to occasionally have. He’s a very knowledgeable man and I’m glad he’s getting his information out to help people world wide.
  • Novilicious
    Love Doc G
    This man has changed my life, and I have all of his books, and I listen to his podcasts and YouTube channel! Cheers to uncoupling mitochondria ❤️
  • DatSquad4
    Dr Gundry Podcast Giveaway
    I have been following Dr Gundry since the release of Plant Paradox. I’ve shared the book with family and friends. It’s an eye opener about issues with gut health! It has helped my gut in so many ways. Waiting to read his third book hopefully soon. Thank you Dr Gundry for sharing the knowledge!
  • cyclist5000
    I love his nutritional approach, always learning new things!
  • ange_ann
    Very helpful tips!
    Very informative and love all your tips on diets!! Also have been drinking a shot of your oil everyday for 2 years now and I love!! Have been sharing with friends and family and will keep doing that!!
  • B87731m
    One of the best health podcasts out there! Highly recommend!!
  • Stephenay25
    Dr. Gundry is very knowledgeable
    I listen to many Dr. Gundry’s podcast and believe he is a very knowledgeable doctor. He knows a lot about lectin and vegetables can cause gut issue. He helped many people to restore their health. I always read the reviews from his viewers. I personally have not tried any products from Dr. Gundry yet. I hope I can try them someday soon.
  • Emily yumyum
    Best health podcast!
    Dr Gundry has the best guests and asks questions regular people want to know. I learn so much from him and his podcasts are a nice complement to his books.
  • Jagski007
    Eye opening!
    My husband started listening to Dr. Gundry’s podcasts recently and suggested I give them a listen too. All this information is eye opening and I am already feeling better. Dr. Gundry explains everything in a way that I can understand, and it’s so interesting!
  • Alpeve
    Informative and life-changing
    I’ve been following Dr. Gundry since reading his book, The Plant Paradox, in 2017. The book and his teachings have changed my life and the way I think about health and wellness. I follow a handful of doctors with varying POV’s and Dr. G is definitely one of my faves. I love the different guests he has on and all the impactful info presented in each episode. And he’s hilarious =D
  • Pilates Happiness
    Life changing info !!
    Dr G is a bright light of info vital to maintaining a healthy life and health span !!! Listen for amazing information and insights to improve your gut health and nutrition !!!!
  • clairebear1230
    Healthy Habits
    I read Dr. Gundry’s book after my boyfriend recommended it to me. I absolutely devoured it and then decided that I wanted to learn more about the subject. His podcast doubles the information of his book and he brings plenty of different kinds of material and guests to his show to entertain various kinds of wellness interests! 10/10 would share with my family and friends for healthier habits $ interesting lore!
  • Guts by Erika
    Always Learning
    This podcast is such a source of information. It’s a gateway to learning and healing. 5 years of following Dr. Gundry and his teachings and feeling healthier than 20 years ago.
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