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Welcome to the Everyday Wellness podcast with Cynthia Thurlow! Cynthia Thurlow is a nurse practitioner, author of the best selling book Intermittent Fasting Transformation: IF45,2x TEDx speaker, with her second talk having more than 10 million views, and the host of Everyday WellnessPodcast. With over 20 years experience in health and wellness, Cynthia is a globally recognized expert in intermittent fasting and women’s health, and has been featured on ABC, FOX5, KTLA, CW, Medium, Entrepreneur, and The Megyn Kelly Show. Her mission is to educate women on the benefits of intermittent fasting and overall holistichealth and wellness, so they feel empowered to live their most optimal lives.  Her goal with Everyday Wellness is to help her listeners make simple changes to their everyday lives that will result in improved overall wellness and long term health.

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  • msmaguire2
    Great Listen
    Stumbled across this podcast and have become a big fan. Very informative, expert guests, and interesting topics.
  • Asilcg
    Women helping Women!
    Do yourself a favor and listen to Cynthia Thurlow’s Everyday Wellness podcast! Great information on how to make your way to improving your metabolic health and heal your body!
  • SnivyFTW
    Geeking out on exogenous ketones!
    What a great podcast with Dr. Latt Mansor on Exogenous Ketones. How it is helpful for energy & mental focus. His knowledge is mind-blowing. Also, enjoyed the info on strength training and sarcopenia. As a 61 year old female this information was very beneficial for me and my longevity. Thanks you Cynthia for for all the guests you have on your podcast. Laurie Price Loved, loved this podcast with Margaret Floyd Barry! She shared foods that can cause inflammation, tests we can take to see if we have gut issues along with how to eliminate those foods that can disrupt our gut. Both Margaret and Cynthia are open with personal information that helped me become aware of the importance of taking care of your gut. I definitely gave this one 5 stars. One of my favorite podcasts I’ve listened to so far. Laurie Price
  • Krecik1983
    Love the information, let’s make products affordable
    I love the information Cynthia provides and the guests she invites to converse with. All her episodes have been super informative and I have applied many of the concepts presented. My one wish would be to make some of the products more affordable so we could reach a broader community. For example - I was fascinated by the most recent melatonin conversation. Yet, when I discovered that Sandman was $120 for a 15 day supply it made me wonder how many people could truly afford some these great products. We need to make functional medicine more accessible to all. Cynthia- Thank you for the work you do and information you share with us.
  • RQMGibskon
    Please let your guests speak
    I love the content but Cynthia talks way too much! It’s like a 60/40 ratio if not more of just Cynthia talking about her clients and her life. I would love to hear more from the guests... It’s a little annoying. It takes away from having these amazing experts there when they don’t get to talk. Update: I can’t listen to it anymore. I tried to listen to the one about melatonin and Cynthia went on a 3-min rant and then played a commercial. It was 3 full minutes that we didn’t get to listen to this guy. It was about her kids, her experience, and her reading the guy’s book. It just feels a little self-centered. Meanwhile some podcasters will just turn the mic over to their guests and not say a word for 30 min. Maybe people like the way they do it here. I got tired so I’m out.
  • lucylouky
    One of my favorites!
    This podcast was so beneficial regarding gut health. Excellent!
  • Meeshee69
    Thank you! You are a godsend!
    Hi there. I recently discovered your podcast and have been listening daily since! Love love love it. Listened to the episode about HRT with Dr. Bluming and Dr. Tavris and it was amazing. So much valuable information. I am 53 years old and after suffering for months and months started HRT last October. It was a life changing decision for me. I feel like I got my life back. But always in the back of my head I was worried about so many conflicting reports about the dangers of HRT. Your podcast really quelled so many of my fears. I am so grateful to have found you. Thank you thank you
  • Tgkigvac
    Gut health!
    Such a good episode today!
  • Aliceisalmostfamous
    Love This Podcast
    Listen to this weekly and learn so much I can apply to my every day life! So inspiring
  • MC in TX
    Informative podcast
    I enjoy Cynthia’s podcast. I was starting IF and found her Ted talk initially. As an Np myself I knew she had the credibility to discuss these topics. She has truly motivated me to look at my health and eating in a better way. Thank you Cynthia!!!
  • StepShoc
    I learn so much with CT. She’s educates and empowers most every episode! As a T1Diabetic in menopause I feel great with her help!! I’d give 5 stars of the podcast was shorter!!! When there are guests that have more than 30-45 minutes of content, have a couple episodes!! And most listeners know CTs career and family history, we don’t need to hear it every episode! Been listening for a long time and with all the commercials it’s getting too long!
  • DebbiePotts
    Life is not a race but a Journey
    I always learn something new from Cynthia or get reminded or re-inspired to continue following my passion, purpose and mission. Cynthia always inspires me - as well as her amazing guests. Any tips to help the aging female athlete who struggles with chronic stress but on a mission to thrive in their future life is a win for me.
  • DjaeS
    Listen & Learn!
    Cynthia is a wealth of knowledge and delivers said knowledge in the most pragmatic, clear way. My new favorite hands down!
  • Adarcus
    Such GREAT information!
    I love Cynthia’s commitment to informing us about all things health and wellness. She has some of the best guests and I can’t wait for each episode!
  • Deanna - Well and Worthy Life
    One of the MOST informative podcast!!
    I love this podcast. Cynthia is always so informing and has some of the best guests in her show. Thank you!!!
  • jes🥰
    Ads are horribly placed
    Love the podcast but it seems like she puts no effort into editing the episodes correctly. Putting an ad in mid sentence is super tacky and unprofessional. Also, PLEASE if you’re going to have an accredited health podcast, please put time stamps, so we can all not have to waste our time listening to wasteful conversation. Some of us are here for answers to help our health
  • zinc Lozenges
    Cynthia makes every subject interesting, relatable, and actionable. Cynthia expertly conducts in-depth discussions with world renowned expert guests. She naturally translate these topic’s ,and provides solutions and real life actions you can take. She explores wide array of health and wellness related topics across spirit mind and body. I eagerly await each new podcast! Thank you Cynthia. ScottE
  • M-and-P
    Emmerich interview 5⭐️
    The Maria Emmerich interview was my favorite! That was a 5 star learning experience for sure.
  • farnazal
    Its a eye opener
    One of the best podcasts
  • FitnessAng
    Should he taught in every sex Ed classs
    Cynthia Thurlow’s podcasts are a must listen and her books are a must read for every female. I’m 50 and learning things about my hormones and body that I wish I would have known when I was 13 Episode 206 with the Gutsy Gynecologist is fabulous and so informative that I would love the two of them to create the curriculum for all sex education classes in schools and colleges If you’re a woman or if you have women in your life, these podcasts will change your life for the better
  • _jenny_17
    Great info! But not great audio
    LOVE Cynthia and everything she is teaching. My only critique would be the audio- there seems to be an echo, and it’s not clear.
  • BuddyFriend2365
    Brought to tears
    Episode 205 with Dr. Richard Johnson was such a compassionate, level-headed and data-driven episode on the functional aspect of what is driving obesity, the key factor (fructose, both endogenous and exogenous) and what to do about it. His information filled in these micro gaps I had, as someone who has lost a substantial amount of weight and who coaches women to do so lovingly, about why certain dietary and lifestyle choices move beyond the CICO *and* insulin models. Incredible!!!!
  • Cher Hale
    Feeling so much more empowered
    I listened to Cynthia’s conversation with Lara Adler and feel so much more empowered to make healthier choices around how I filter my water for my family moving forward. The episode had so much important nuance and gave equal weight to the macro and micro perspectives.
  • Ambra Nida FNP
    I enjoy Cynthia’s podcast because I learn information that can improve my health and well-being each time I listen.
  • CcarolynH
    Terrible Audio! Great content!
    Please please please fix your audio. I love podcasts and listen every day. Just discovered yours. I love your content but I’m about to give up on the podcast because your audio sounds so horrible. Cynthia sounds like she is down in a well. The breaks for the ads are awkward. The ads are so much louder than the body of the podcast.
  • NMP19722001
    After listening to Cynthia’s podcasts, you come away with so much knowledge. I love the way she interviews guests and her soothing style. I take pages of notes and get something that I can incorporate in my life from each podcast. Keep up the fantastic work you do for women's health!
  • kimmilove74
    Just listened to your episode with Teri C. and I’m feeling overwhelmed with information. Also listened to an episode a couple of weeks ago about hormones and those guests seem to contradict what Teri is saying. For someone like me who is trying to educate herself this is confusing. Normally im a huge fan of Cynthia’s, but lately I’m not getting what she’s trying to accomplish.
  • ZarcaRosario
    So blessed to find Cynthia Thurlow!!!
    What an amazing human being. She really inspires me to seek more deeply into my health. God bless her and her family. Highly recommend her. ❤️
  • KKL1971
    Love this podcast!
    Every episode is like drinking water through a fire hose! So much great educational content!
  • hot1ee
    deep thinking
    Cynthia has on great, thought-provoking guests. I’ve learned so much! thank you for caring about our health.
  • Buffyruf
    Great information
    And lots of reference material
  • Merry4chris
    Good interviews
    Very informative
  • Mayonnaise, Pickles, Monty
    Great Podcast
    Cynthia…I love your podcast! I really appreciate your science based approach to food as medicine. As a 42 year old Woman, I know that my body is changing in ways that I’ve never experienced. I wanted to seek out a more natural approach to helping with these changes. And I’m so thankful that I discovered your podcast! Great information that’s enjoyable to listen to!
  • SamRogers23
    Bonus episode was no bonus
    Surprised you had Amanda Nighbert on. She does not align with you in many respects- ie all the calorie counting. Gave it a listen but could not finish as was not worth my time.
  • jenniferaxe
    Informative and actionable podcast!
    Love your podcast, the health information is actionable and motivating! Would love if you would address The sound quality to be more clear and possibly have an intro to advertisements so they are not so blended with your interviews. Just some constructive criticism that would help the listener absorb your excellent information better! Thank you for all of your hard work all geared to help others in our quest for better health!
  • wine4fun
    Uric Acid - Metabolic Health
    Wow Cynthia! If this episode isn’t an eye opener to all of us, I am not sure what is to them. Great show. Checking uric acid level next. Keep up the great work for all of your listeners.
  • buckeyelisa
    Audio quality
    Love the content, the audio quality? Not so much. It sounds like she’s sitting in the bathtub. And please tweak the commercial breaks. It seems like they’re come right in the middle of a sentence…and then jump right back in. It’s distracting. Please address this.
  • redlulu
    Great pod
    This podcast is informative and well done. The topics are germane and useful. I learn something every time. The editing of the ads is poorly done and need improvement. Also, I mean this kindly, the word “misnomer” does not mean what Cynthia thinks it means. She uses it incorrectly in many episodes.
  • Brc2765
    Fave Health Info
    Informative, healthy, motivational yet not forceful. the tone of this podcast is just right - has the blend of balance and health info. Everyday Wellness is a must listen to if you want to improve your health and educate yourself.
  • HealthyInHouston
    “You know”
    I really enjoy your podcasts and have incorporated intermittent fasting into my lifestyle. Your last two guests have been very interesting, but the constant use of “you know” is more than annoying you know. I didn’t think anybody could say it more than Dr. Gapin, but Dr. Ovadia may prove me wrong. I’ll never know. I had to you know turn it off.
  • jess_0707
    Dr Ro
    Please continue to have Dr Ro in the show. She is one of my favorite guests. Dr Ro provides so much hope for parents of children with mental health challenges. It’s going to be okay and her book with the same name is on the way.
  • DebGBliss
    Value, Knowledge and anHonest Approach
    Cynthia’s Everyday Wellness Podcast is at the top of the weekly podcasts I listen to. She has a variety of guests with tremendous knowledge and value to improve our everyday health. The last podcast with Dr. Eric Balcavage was beyond informative concerning thyroid health and other conditions related to thyroid health. I will be listening again when I can take notes.
  • DanielaBarton
    So happy to finally find this podcast
    I have been listening to a lot of health podcast but Cynthia’s is truly special. The level of knowledge le guests she has is incredible. Especially enjoying the depth of her thyroid podcast, the latest one with Dr. Eric Balcavage was mind blowing, I love to get this deep into topics! Well done and thank you very much!
  • boysrun5
    Learn more about blood sugar and intermittent fasting
    Lots of great information. I’m loving my discovery of this podcast. I am recently 50 yrs old. I love this episode with Debra Atkinson. Such great information! I need to listen to it again and again!
  • ibemom
    Best of both worlds
    I am always so delighted when two folks I follow join together in a podcast. Cynthia is so knowledgeable and she had Debra Atkinson as a guest (I follow her Stronger program at Flipping 50). Having them both together discussing “my” issues made my day!
  • JT Podcast lover
    Amazing Podcast and Superb Content
    This has become one of my favorite podcasts and I listen to a bunch! I love the way Cynthia interacts with her guests and asks the most insightful questions. She also does a great job of going deeper when the listener wants and needs her to. I’ve just discovered this podcast but I’m going to download all the episodes and start binging it:) Thanks for the great content!!
  • Colby perry
    Episode 167-he is not factual on
    I have enjoyed the podcasts that I have listened to until 167. The gentleman is not factual when it comes to beef and nutrient content on how animal was raised. Ranchers in the US do an amazing job raising and producing high quality meat for our families in the US. He needs to do more factual research before stating some of his claims!!
  • @MichaelUnbroken
    Great podcast!✨✨
    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
  • tal104
    Great episode!
    I was so excited to hear another podcast with Cynthia and Melanie! Cynthia always asks great questions and helps us walk away from her show with steps to take today to live healthier lives. Thank you!
  • DoctorCara
    Love Everyday Wellness!
    The episode: “Nutritional Battlefield” with Dr. Robert Lustig was so helpful to know how to eat healthy, and avoid addictive foods and added sugars. His research was very informative. Thanks for having him on, Cynthia!!
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