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The Shotgun Start with Andy Johnson of The Fried Egg and Brendan Porath of SB Nation is a podcast waiting for you early in the morning that quickly blasts through a variety of topics (usually) related to golf and (ideally) relevant to the day. It covers news from the pro tours around the world, amusing and important topics from the amateur game the rest of us play, and some irreverent stuff in between. There will be short interviews, previews, reviews, and dives into the archives. It provides what you need to know on golf through a rapid and fun catch-up discussion.

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Recent Reviews
  • CameronPoe69
    My favorite birthday podcast
    My go to golf podcast.
  • Hefty999
    Great Pod
    Great show that one will enjoy. Educational and entertaining.
  • Jedi striker ty
    Best Golf Podcast period
    I’m a golf super fan and absorb basically every Pearce of golf content that’s on the internet. These two take smiths have the absolute best chemistry and spot on about pretty much everything. Just 2 regular guys that happen to be golf super fans. Please don’t ever change guys. Love ya.
  • PCnash
    Very funny stuff is good
    I really love this podcast when they are talking about golf and light hearted nicknames, inside type jokes, and architecture. I laugh extremely hard at a lot of what is discussed and appreciate the golf knowledge from both Andy and Brendan. Lately there has been a bit too much focus on social issues and COVID paranoia. Hopefully it can get back to the light hearted nature of the show and golf talk at all times. I’m aware of the other issues which are ongoing, but this podcast should be an escape from that...
  • the_real_drewmun247
    Best Golf Podcast
    Brendan and Andy are the best.
  • Whtsuxh8r
    Love it
    Good banter, they get serious when they need to but are mostly goofballs. They bring enjoyment and a new angle to an otherwise dull sport.
    Best golf podcast
    They keep it light and fun
  • Rodger Dodger
    Mission Statement
    I’m not entirely sure if the goal of the podcast is to get you to stop watching golf but this is exactly what it has done for me. I don’t waste my time watching commercials and just come straight here for all of my golf news. Great pod and always entertaining!!
  • uwszebars
    Best Golf Podcast Avialbale
    If you’re in to jokes and never fully remembering all of the nicknames golfers have, this is the podcast for you.
  • FrankOceans
    I listen to pretty much every golf podcast, and this is my favorite.
  • skasting
    Sometimes funny but too critical
    Need to talk more golf and less about how much they hate the tour and decision makers.
  • AltRevival
    A great podcast. Actually has overtaken NLU as the go to podcast. Love them both but really like the interaction between Andy and “Brendan!!!”
  • Bpuff15
    Hilarious golf content a few times a week!
  • Bixbyboyzzz
    The best
    Golf is filled with bought and paid opinions. Whether you agree or not with their takes and opinions, you never question if Brendan or Andy is saying something because of the influences of the powerful governing bodies, equipment companies or most importantly agents who control access to players. This is a refreshing podcast that proves not everything in golf is bought and paid.
  • Two_Down
    Are you looking for a podcast with hosts that hate professional golf? If so, this is the pod for you! I’m pretty sure only one of them actually plays golf and the other hates everything that isn’t his idea. Tune in for unrelenting nitpicking and cold takes on the current state of professional golf, I know sure won’t anymore.
  • BRENDAN! is my alarm clock
    Payne’s World (RIP)
    These guys are like listening to a golf version of Wayne’s World. Funny, interesting, knowledgeable. They really do it all. Easily the best golf pod out there. I would listen to a 2 hour deep dive into [insert random golfer here]’s career every day if it came from these too. Congrats on the upcoming fatherhood and I look forward enjoying all your content in the future.
  • greebytime
    Hilarious and addictive
    The chemistry between Porath and Andy (he’s the one whose voice you might need some time to adjust to) is so good and they are both just dripping with sarcasm, humor and a love of the game. They drop three podcasts a week and have so many running gags and nicknames that it has caused some to build a glossary to help new listeners learn who Stevie Fountains or The Anchorman are. Highly recommended for even the most casual golf fan.
  • Virginia CMB is for Lovers
    Podcast heros
    Major courier services should be looking over their should because Brendan and Andy always deliver and are coming for the mountain top. This has become my favorite podcast, making morning and afternoon routines more enjoyable and informative.
  • layingfive
    There’s a lot of setup work that goes into making a podcast work
    “And we fully admit: we’re idiots! We’re idiots. Don’t take our word for any of it.”
  • Eric Dicap
    It’s Grown on Me
    A Boomer and Roger Rabbit discuss golf. Somehow it works!
  • rashley314
    Shotgun Start
    Andy & Brendan are awesome... it’ll take a bit to figure out the inside jokes (Boy from Bratislava, Big Ern, Westy, Kelly Kraft) but well worth it... I never miss an episode
  • living under bogey
    My favorite podcast
    You guys never fail to bring a smile to my face.
  • long ball murta
    Best golf pod
    I’ve been listening religiously M,W,F for a year now! Best golf pod on the market
  • Kpeezy102
    The Best
    My favorite golf podcast. Andy and Brendan are the best!
  • chrismarz18
    .... Just keeps getting better...
    The Valentines episode of 2020 might be the best to date!
  • Dglauds
    Please turn up volume on mics!
    This is the best golf pod out there. But PLEASE turn up the volume on the mics - it’s impossible to hear. The audio quality is fine it’s just too soft.
  • dirtyg18
    This podcast lives under par
  • CP1415926
    Funniest and Most Insightful Golf Podcsast
    This is the best golf podcast out there and it isn't close. My favorite podcast overall, too. Andy & Brendan perfectly combine detailed analysis and insight into the golf world that is not found elsewhere with hilarious banter and inside jokes. The more you listen, the more you pick up on the subtle jokes, and the better it gets. I watch and follow golf differently because of this podcast.
  • jpg5152
    Fun Listen
    Hard not to laugh when listening to these guys. They do such a good job of steering through the B.S. that surrounds the professional golf world.
  • Ginger Hammer Hater
    Love the pod!!
    The best podcast going! I never miss it.
  • bdegagne
    Best Golf Pod
    I listen to a lot of golf pods and look forward to the release of these by far the most of any. Andy and Brendan are hilarious, and topics are current and takes are hot. Everything anybody would ever want in a podcast!
  • Dercksy06
    Great for the commute
    Entertaining, enjoyable, doesn’t take itself too seriously. Great for listening to in the morning. If you love golf this is for you!
  • Default_User_092
    My favorite golf podcast
    The first thing I download and listen to every MWF. Intelligent and hilarious content.
  • rz11rz
    Golf Medicine
  • zweb13
    Number 1 in the FedEx Cup
    Amazing content. By far the best Pod out there. BfB, Gainz, Prince of Ponte Vedra, the Mattress King.... come for the golf, stay for the nicknames.
  • Cannonball#9
    It works if you work it
    I use this podcast as therapy. It’s a year in and I’m a better person for it
  • Mullaves
    The Best
    It’s like Pinky and the Brain except you don’t know who is who.
  • GoldenLikeRyan
    It’s A Great Golf Pod
    Just helping the algorithm
  • Jakejfowler
    The Duck’s Nuts of Podcasts
  • rebortz
    Favorite podcast
    My favorite podcast. Hilarious and informative.
  • WhatsHisNuts
    Love this one
    Great discussion 3x a week
  • boy from bham
    Really, really good
    Fantastic pod, all your nerdy golf content wrapped into one podcast and best of all, they give you basically an hour 3 times a week. Nlu and things like that are great but this is just two guys talking golf, so good
  • goforegolf
    Andy’s Rants
    Just an addictive pod and perfect medicine for those of us in the 4th Q with no timeouts…i.e., aging players. Love the slow play, cheating, ball/club out of control, Flashback, Bryson, Pat R, the Boy from, up
  • portnose2.0
    Great 3x/wk Golf Content
    Great golf content for the diehard fan. Keep it up.
  • Lawyer Tom
    Every episode the boys do better and better work. Andy and the USGA ProV rants are priceless!
  • Evanwhatevs
    The best golf pod out there. Only complaint is the conforming driver talk. It’s too much of it, give me Fan Vote Friday Jr. and Flashback Friday with hilarious content and I’m sold for life. Shouts to the balloon boy and Casino Tom(working nickname)
  • mtseegmc
    Andy is a national treasure
    Awesome pod. Love Flashback Friday.
    They Sound Drunk
    Andy sounds like the crazy high voiced drunk in the bar who walked in slurring his words bc he lives life on a bender. Porath sounds like he can barely breathe due to lack of exercise and too many slices of pizza.
  • Luggage hhkkg
    So freaking good
  • juplife
    A must listene is a goodnight to you Equifaxs
    I Really the best, funniest recap of what is going on in golf w eeeany given week.eww and I think the e weathers going to is we rerew is rthe eee33252332 was awesome for eye
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