American Scandal

by Wondery
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Every scandal begins with a lie. But the truth will come out. And then comes the fallout and the outrage.
Scandals have shaped America since its founding. From business and politics to sports and society, we look on aghast as corruption, deceit and ambition bring down heroes and celebrities, politicians and moguls. And when the dust finally settles, we’re left to wonder: how did this happen? Where did they trip up, and who is to blame? From the creators of American History Tellers, Business Wars and Tides of History comes American Scandal, where we take you deep into the heart of America’s dark side to look at what drives someone to break the rules and what happens when they’re caught. Hosted by Lindsay Graham.
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  • GregorTheDude50
    Man, it would have been great except…
    I have listened for a long time, and normally enjoy the show. This last season could have been one of the best yet, until the last episode. That last episode with one of the most left leaning “authors” completely obliterated any good I could say about the previous four episodes. Stop bringing full left or liberal people to interview or comment. Try to be more moderate, and have people with a more balanced approach to commentary. It is so odd that a season about the divisiveness in the country, was followed up by an interview with someone that fuels that division by trade. If not, you will soon be alienating long time listeners.
  • Chemmmmmy
    First Review Ever
    I have never written a review on a podcast, but this one I just have to. Lindsay puts in an incredible amount of effort into it and I so appreciate it!! It’s a highly entertaining podcast. Thank you!
  • senior patricio
    Great story telling, but always leaning politically left in his story telling and guests. Leave out the propaganda and they are great stories
  • Imprudents
    Season 47
    “Every Scandal begins with a lie.” This is the start of the tease for this program. The Oklahoma Bombing was a horrific tragedy. This series is quite good at telling the story but slides into the narrative the government has pushed. Then interviews “experts” with farther left leaning views. I challenge the producers to do series’s on the Waco Texas standoff, and the Ruby Ridge standoff.
  • Ann.rn
    Long time listener
    Sadly I’ve decided to move on to something less polarizing. Didn’t expect to see that here. Your last interview was just another excuse to blame half the country for the acts of one evil minded criminal. We go from the bombing of the Murrow Federal building to vaccine and mask skeptics. Keep it up, as my mother would say. Alienate more of your listeners. Certainly you are free to do that just as I am free to stop listening.
  • Wendell12
    Some good stuff mixed with woke agendas
    A lot of the episodes bring some good information, but usually always ends up as excusing criminals, blaming society, etc. Perfect for people looking for an excuse for their problems in life. Found it hard to listen to the more I listened.
  • Yeastycheese
    Entertaining, Great Time Passer
    This podcast is very entertaining. It includes theatrical representations throughout the podcast, and includes great music as well. I listen to this when doing chores, or whenever I have time on my plate. I would definitely recommend this podcast to anyone who is fascinated by American history.
  • AJ Nevada
    Favorite podcast
    This is such a fantastic podcast! It’s well written, entertaining and informative. I thought I knew a lot about some of these events but I learn something new every time, and sometimes I listen to the same season twice because I know I missed stuff. It’s excellent!
  • Stevenkrosario10
    I love this
    I have been binge listening to this podcast for the last 2 weeks while at work! I’m now on season 7 and I have to say Graham is amazing at narrating! It’s like listening to a movie and watching it in my mind!
  • Well,hello lol
    I love the narrator!
    I enjoy this series, and I especially love the way each podcast episode is narrated. It’s professional, and entertaining! Thank you Lindsey Graham and the Wondery team :)
  • Generalk7599
    White racism isn’t the answer for everything. No matter how much you want it to be.
    I’ve listened to this show since it started. About a year ago every episode started to be typical of every other woke podcast. It used to be a good show before the host would go out of his way to try to shove white racism into every episode. Im done with this podcast and all the other podcasts affiliated with wondery. I’d give zero stars if possible.
  • Okayishly
    No more encores please
    Most of the scandals covered are informative and interesting, but there are far too many encore episodes that I have to click ‘mark as played’ so they don’t show up on my ‘unplayed’ section. I’ve been waiting for new episodes for over a month now, it’s getting pretty old to have to wait and then see that it’s yet another encore episode. I listen to a lot of podcasts that have a new episode every week, and have not had a repeat episode yet, so it’s not a difficult thing to accomplish in getting a new episode out each week. I’m getting pretty close to deleting this podcast from my library.
  • Babyb0310
    Well done!
    I subscribed to wondery plus just to listen to the okc series. I love the way these are narrated and the story is presented in a way that is more than just the usual style of podcasting which is hosts reading off the facts and no attention to the lives involved.
  • jlcmd
    Exxon Valdez
    This event occurred on my birthday in 1989, so I remember it well. I was 34 years old. I think of it every year on my birthday sadly. Thank you for updating what really happened. Jeff Curtis, Hays, KS In episode 1 of the Tim McVae OKC story, you mentioned that the FBI was in Junction City, KS searching all the motels along the I-40 corridor. Junction City is on I-70.
  • ricmorgan81
    I challenge you
    Great show, really! I was young or not even born for most of the stories and I’ve learned a lot. You clearly lean one way though, so I offer you this challenge: Do a season on the attack of our Diplomatic Compound on 9-11-12. Tell the story of the failure of the State and Defense department, how help was not sent, how 4 Americans died and how the Obama Administration lied about it being about a “video” and the atrocious job and attempted cover up by your blessed Clintons. I challenge you………..
  • Travelbit
    A Mixed Review
    I like this format of important events in history being told in story form. However, having just binged the British Scandal podcasts it’s impossible not to compare. The British one is far better even though they are both produced by Wondery and use the same format. The British one has a male and female host and they take turns on the stories but check in with each other in an entertaining way during the show. They are funny but not giggling and they don't have too much banter. They do a stellar job with the multiple voices for the different characters.And the music is easier for my ears. Great format for both though.
  • raven1537
    You’ve got to be kidding....
    Now one of the most unique events of US history is racist and homophobic?? Lol This would be something someone would make up and sell as satire yet this is how dumbed down our society has become. This type of ridiculous race-baiting would be hilarious if it wasn’t so detrimental to the lives of so many minorities in this country who can no longer do anything for themselves because they are so convinced that every aspect of society is stacked against them and without massa Schumer, massa Pelosi, and massa Biden they are helpless. Slavery absolutely exists in this country only now the slave owners are politicians and charlatans that profit off the racial grievance industry.
  • BBaggins82
    So good!
    One thing I appreciate most about this podcast is that the storyteller doesn’t “do” voices based on race. May seem silly to some but it’s not unnoticed by me!
  • Srakow
    I recently started listening to the episode on the riot at Comiskey Park. It was filled with so many untruths that I stopped listening after a few minutes. It leads me to wonder how many other episodes are riddled with untruths.
  • Pokerandguns
    Not a fan
    Not sure if they’re all the same, however the one I listened to had an obvious left leaning slant, so no more for me.
  • heyitsme87
    S46 E4
    Whats going on here? This was supposed to be available for download 3 days ago.
  • lewis400
    Love It!
    I like how it’s like an audio book. Makes it very interesting!
  • KarlaRuth
    Captivating podcast, wonderful host
    This show is excellent across the board; from the research and writing to host and audio editing. I learn so much and find myself captivated by each episode. Lindsay Graham is a delight to listen to. His narration is perfect and engaging, I love listening to all the podcasts he hosts. Thank you to all the team for producing this top quality show!
  • aloud1214
    Love all your podcasts!!
  • Lizzierd91
    favorite podcast!
    this is my favorite podcast! i love listening to it while I train for a marathon. thank you for making it all exciting! i like the music, too!
  • cowsdontfart
    One sided (way left)
    Race baiting and full of lies. Does a great job of making murderous criminals sound like victims in the midnight crew episode. What a joke of a podcast.
  • jficjdjxidnduxnd
    Over the top prose
    Very informative and well explained but the descriptive aspect is over the top
  • perezistas
    You’re podcasts are the best. No one out there like you
    Thank you again. I could re listen to all your podcasts and always pick up something new. If you have a pattern account I will follow you. You’re the best
  • PorkRibs
    Back to back encores?
    I don’t pay for encores. Definitely not two in a row.
  • chrisroble
    2 encores in a row. What is going on? Running out of ideas? I could think of 100 different topics you could talk about!
  • Bschora
    Solid, educational, great storytelling.
    One criticism, I really dislike the Encores. If you need to skip a season, skip a season, or just tell me to go re-listen to the old season…. But to make me Mark every episode “Played” just to get it off my Unplayed list when I don’t want to replay it is ridiculous. It’s already hard enough to organize 167 podcasts. Yours isn’t the only one on the block.
  • csmith686
    No longer a fan
    The last episode of the standard oil scandal requires a paid subscription. What a rip off. I will be unsubscribing.
  • BaconzBitz
    Filling in the Blanks
    I lived through many of these events but failed to follow the stories to their final conclusions. This podcast fills in the blanks, deepens my understanding of our national history, and sometimes reveals that we repeatedly fail to learn our lessons!
  • history qwerty
    Greatest history podcast EVER
    The podcast is well written, has a great host and each podcast is well studied. It is a great source for school and personal learning.
  • Jagerer
    Best Podcast Host in The World
    Lindsey Graham is my favorite podcast host. I’m a Wondery+ member because of him. The writers of each episode are fantastic. The story telling keeps me engaged and I am always excited for new episodes. The formula at Wonderly with this host is perfect.
  • MsSanders10
    Great Storytelling!
    I am so glad I found this podcast! It was advertised in another pod I was listening to and I am hooked. Lindsay is a great storyteller and these stories are so important to our history! There’s no slant or lean. The story is told and the listener can form their own opinions. Love it!
  • paperclippp
    Love this show!
    The show is great, highly recommend! Also, a couple of show ideas, MK-Ultra and Project Paperclip.
  • Fitter After 50
    Can’t Take More
    The topics are excellent and interesting. But after listening to several scandals, the repetition and overdramatizing are driving me nuts. (We spent a fair amount of time on the physical collapse of the lawyer in the DuPont series and the strain to his family, and then simply dropped it to repeat how much was riding on each court hearing.) It really is a promising subject matter, but I’m done. 🥲
  • Patels71
    Story telling at its best!
    I am hooked to this podcast! Not only have I learned a great deal about some of the greatest American scandals of all time, but I’ve enjoyed the story telling. It’s so addicting that I can’t stop listening. I find myself binge listening to see what happens next. I highly recommend this podcast!
  • Sleep489415
    Excellent, informative, and always interesting US History podcast with stellar narration
    I can’t say enough about Graham and his cadence. This has been my go to bedtime/wind down podcast for over a year now. No hyperbole or host-inserted political opinions. Just straight up fascinating, detailed real stories. I have yet to find one comparable, aside from his other shows. Thank you sir!
  • kraykrayiskray
    narration is on point, just enough detail but moves along at a good pace. thanks for the history!
  • pez1413
    American scandal
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. Stories are compelling, well researched, and well narrated. in addition, it is educational and informative. This is storytelling at its best!
  • FlaNative3
    Learned sooooo much …
    I have learned a lot listening to all seasons of this podcast. The reenactments are fun. Looking forward to more episodes but I can’t subscribe right now due to a tight budget!
  • NwAdventures
    Hearst whitewash
    Though this podcast is generally good, the Patty Hearst series felt like a bit of a whitewash, fully in the camp that Patty was a a poor innocent victim. I’d have appreciated less bias in the storytelling.
  • Zeegha
    Cuban Missile Crisis: a Nail Biter
    Great episode of the Cuban Missile Crisis. In 1962, I was 9 years old living in a small Seattle suburb and very close to one of the main Boeing plants. Because of Boeing, Seattle was on the Soviet Union’s hit list. Many of our neighbors built bomb shelters. At school, we had duck and cover drills, but also had to practice running home as fast as possible before the “bombs dropped.” The older kids had to stop and pick up their younger siblings meaning I had to collect my 7 year old sister and run home. She didn’t understand completely what was happening and I envied her ignorance. My parents talked in whispers a lot. What an absolutely scary time. Lindsay’s telling of this historical crisis is superb and full of suspense. Thank-you.
  • Cheney 63
    Best podcast
    This podcast is one of the best from Wondery next to Business War, business movers and others. It part of history and the host did a great job in presenting each topic. I enjoyed listening to it and look forward to the next one. Highly recommended to everyone.
  • GuisellReal
    Thank you
    I recommend everyone, I mean everyone, from people looking to become citizens to every citizen. It’s time to lear history the way it happened, the way it was felt while it happened. Thank you for bringing me closer to the mother country that adopted me and helped me to succeed. Our youth should be exposed to this podcast.
  • dwhkxdi27359
    Phenominal and captivating
    Lindsay, you have the gift of storytelling, educating and acting all rolled into one. Well done to you and your staff! Keep it coming!!
  • Teerochelle
    You are far and away the best storyteller I have personally ever listened to. I can see the story clear as day in my mind. And your voice is one of my favorite to listen to as well. You deserve an award
  • zxxcb.
    Lindsay what an incredible presentation about the intrigue of Edward Snowdons NSA leak and all the behind the scenes maneuvering getting the truth and himself out. I’d be curious in November 2022, that Mr. Putins Russia has granted him full Russian Citizenship “if” he is now working for them. What a story! Thank you Lindsay for one of THE BEST Podcasts available. KF- Albuquerque, NM
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