American Scandal

by Wondery
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Every scandal begins with a lie. But the truth will come out. And then comes the fallout and the outrage.

Scandals have shaped America since its founding. From business and politics to sports and society, we look on aghast as corruption, deceit and ambition bring down heroes and celebrities, politicians and moguls. And when the dust finally settles, we’re left to wonder: how did this happen? Where did they trip up, and who is to blame? From the creators of American History Tellers, Business Wars and Tides of History comes American Scandal, where we take you deep into the heart of America’s dark side to look at what drives someone to break the rules and what happens when they’re caught. Hosted by Lindsay Graham.

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  • lynnedoodles
    Very professional. I like the dramatized details - makes it a more interesting story.
  • Quintz Clortho
    Top Tier Podcasting
    This is one of my favorite shows. Topped only by Mr. Graham’s other podcast; American History Tellers. Now Lindsey, it’s the perfect time to do a season on OJ Simpson!
  • I ❤️ podcasts 1558
    Only one problem
    As with every one of Lindsay Graham’s podcasts, this one is excellent. So well researched and the delivery is outstanding. However, he refers to this awful person as a “devout Christian.” I think he should have said, “While Hanssen was still pretending to be a devout Christian…..”
  • Justicemama
    I want to love this but….
    If this podcast would actually talk about the corruption on both sides of the aisle, I would love it. They get close, then say, “he was right leaning”. Let’s be honest, both sides are corrupt. The narrator is such a fantastic storyteller. I just prefer not to hear what I can only imagine must be propaganda. Because again, all sides are corrupt.
  • Fergie V.
    Much love
    One of my favourite podcasts, well paced and written. I think it’s much better than its counterpart, British Scandals, in terms of presentation style, this one is more natural and no-cringey attempts at humour. I also enjoy this podcast more than other similar America-centric podcasts, hope this keeps going on and on, i can’t wait for every drop, seems to take too long.
  • Mary6218
    Not a fan of the season about John Burge
    In one of the episodes the narrator talks about how a man, Andrew Wilson killed 2 cops “but only because he was scared”. Then he mentions that Chicago PD tortured him (very wrong in my eyes and those police offices need to held accountable), but then he says something to the effect that Wilson’s crimes don’t matter because he was tortured by these crooked police officers. WHAT?!?! This whole season about the John Burge scandal, all you hear is crooked white cops are bad (I agree) and black criminals are good. They even paint officer Parker (the black officer that tried to get Burge in trouble first) in the same light as the black criminals. Officer Parker should have been awarded for his bravery to speak up, but this whole season only focuses on honoring murderers because something bad happened to them. John Burge deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail, but so does Andrew Wilson. Stop honoring criminals! Yes they have rights, and they should not be taken away. But don’t honor them. What about the 2 officers they killed? You glance over their story. Usually I love this podcast, but I HATE when criminals that have wronged so many get glorified because someone wronged them!
  • Marlanation
    Love this show!
    Love this show and all the many seasons. The host LG has a great voice!
  • Corv_Mackensen
    Oh my gosh this podcast is insane!!!!!
    This podcast is amazing for long days, car rides and any time I’m bored. This podcast is like a Time Machine!
  • Taz’sMom
    Such a great podcast. From the narration to covering a subject in a manner that even appeals to people who have different tastes in podcasts. 5 stars!
  • Wild Humor
    To much power!
    Men in power don’t think before they do disgraceful things in political positions. They all go down eventually corruption is the worst thing politicians can do to the people they’re supposed to be working for the American people.
  • HeatherCBR
    These podcasts are amazing! I love learning about scandals, especially those I didn’t know much detail about it. These are well written, researched, and easy to follow.
  • J Clam
    Krishna Krishna
    I really enjoyed the podcast and learned a variety of things about a religion that was just as bizarre as Jim and Tammy, Jimmy Swaggart, and Jerry Faldwel. However, there is just one thing I’m dying to know. While committing all the murders, pedophilia, and subsequent interrogations; were the Krishna sporting their orange robes, painted foreheads and shaved heads along with a tap knot? That would certainly add a touch more “strange but true”! You did a lot of work and it really shows. A+!
  • Applereviewsm
    The reason I subscribe to wondery +
    One of the best podcasts out there.
  • mulderorscully
    Why listen to anything else
    Hands down the best podcast out there. I only wish there were more.
  • Mrs Skinny Skip
    The name Junipero is pronounced “who-nip-er-oh”. Love the presentation.
  • MMBuga
    I’ve listened to almost every season and they’re all worth recommending. This podcast makes chore time sail by!
  • Guest1285
    Great podcast definitely recommend
    I don’t have much to say this is my favorite podcast
  • Hiomb
    Favorite Podcast
    This and British Scandal are my top two favorite podcasts. The narration and detail are excellent and really set the scene for these historic events.
  • catchristmas
    Pentagon Papers
    I lived through this time, finishing college, a newly wed, worried about my husband’s raft status. Perhaps this is why I only knew the ‘Pentagon Papers” by name. As a political junkie it has been a pleasure to listen to Lindsay Graham read this story. The writing is superb and Mr Graham is truly an actor who allows one to return to the Vietnam era. Thank you!!
  • LaurieV13
    Smart podcast
    All of the series of AS that I’ve listened to have been well written, well researched and delivered by an articulate narrator. Every episode paints a clear picture of the setting, historical context and characters for the listener to become immersed in the story. Great podcast.
  • TigerJon
    Opioid Crisis Series
    I have never been addicted to a drug, legal or illegal. I can’t speak from experience, but it always blows my mind that so many people across the U.S. never hold the abusers to any kind of responsibility. Maybe it’s because the big money is an easy target.
  • sunshine meadows
    Excellent !!!
    I've so enjoyed all of the American Scandal series that I have listened to. And I love the dramatic music !!! :) The Enron series, did not think I could listen to anything more about Enron, as I remember it well, I live in Houston and know some former Enron employees who lived through the downfall. But in spite of that I loved this presentation! It was done in such a suspenseful way! Listened with rapt attention to every word, even though I am already familiar with the saga. So well captured the greed and predatory dynamics of Enron.
  • Rob Frazier
    I haven’t noticed anything but true commentary on any subject. If it exploits wrongs done by law enforcement I tend to believe it to be true.
  • PodcastListener-2020
    Unbiased and factual.
  • Jill Zie
    Law enforcement segments
    I wanted to enjoy these episodes on this particular police department but I can’t take the constant pile on off law enforcement. A lot of time Police are trying to work in high crime areas and deal with suspects fleeing, attacking them and actually murdering them but when the Police have a response they are examined under a microscope why they defended themselves. Honestly I don’t know why any decent person would go into law enforcement especially if they’re white. A few corrupt members of law enforcement of every color shouldn’t demonize the rest of law enforcement. I’m tired of the Woke, biased non-sense.
  • anthonyGEE11
    Wondery plus??
    I’m only getting 3 episodes of the last two seasons, 57 and 58 as a subscriber to wondery plus. Is that correct or am I missing something?
  • c mosby
    Thank you sir!
    I just love learning history and scandals I’m in nursing home right now I prop up my legs and sit back too just listen to you and The topics! Thank you again !
  • Jehovaskid
    American Scandal’s storing telling of historical events keeps me engaged and wanting more. The narrator is excellent! Comments about some story telling leaning on the liberal side is annoying because the content is based on facts and or witnesses testimony. The truth is sometimes shocking and hard to digest when your beliefs or reality is challenged by facts but don't label it as liberal thinking! Keep ‘em coming American Scandal!
  • Albionmtb
    Great series
    Enjoy the series immensely and the wide ranging topics but I agree more bias is creeping in, don’t need that.
  • Donnertal
    Liked, but biased
    I’ve only listened to 6-7 of the 58 episodes. But each one I’ve listened to have bias. I like the skill set of the orator. The delivery is excellent. But each episode has an enemy. Which is the opposition of each episode has truth.
  • Ke123!
    Love this but…..
    I have listened to every season and love this podcast. However the last few new seasons are more and more leaning toward supporting the liberal agenda. I’m a centrist (if that exists anymore) but it is clearly framing drug dealers and criminals as victims and the cops as the criminal. Clearly the cops overstep and should be held accountable but when we use the framing of “had no choice but to deal drugs” when his pay was cut… or “had to deal drugs to pay his mortgage and support his kids” paints this drug dealer as the victim. My pay has been cut and millions of people get laid off or fired and find a way to make money and not deal drugs.
  • DayDay19!
    It’s just hard for me to stay engaged with this host.
  • City of Cville
    American Scandal review
    Once I discovered American Scandal, I was hooked. I’ve listened to every season, some of them multiple times. The quality and narration is the best I have found. I realize there are hundreds of scandals that could be covered; however, I would like to see Lindsay Graham and the crew cover scandals more evenly across political party lines; we need to hear more scandals that are related to the Democratic Party or with liberal ties. Ideas such as the Whitewater controversy, Eric Holder’s fast and furious scandal, and Dr Fauci and the Covid scandal. Learning about these scandals would certainly be educational; maybe even clarify some misinformation. Thank you, Zane Boyd.
  • Thank you RunKeeper!
    Bias getting worse and worse
    I enjoy most of the content of this podcast, but its bias erodes some of its intellectual sway. Gaping holes are left addressed in the commentary to avoid deviating from the expected talking points.
  • Roderigas
    History Buff
    I am a huge history buff. So I enjoy every episode. I learn a lot of what was never taught in the classroom. Thank you.
  • JLgrace&gratutude
    A little balance would be helpful.
    I enjoyed the series. I thought it was well written. I found it very informative. However, your last episode was very frustrating to listen to. Every example of groups that were deemed as “polarizing” were those who are politically conservative. There were no examples of polarizing belief or actions that would have come from a more liberal viewpoints (riots, looting, overthrowing police authority, vaccination mandates). That is unfair. It would have been more genuine to say that there may be polarizing points on both sides of the political spectrum. Today, I believe that we struggle with disagreeing with each other in disrespectful ways. We do not listen to one another. We put each other into camps. We demonize each other, and as a result, we do not learn from each other. Once again, I enjoyed your series, but I felt that your last episode was unfair and disappointing.
  • USA Mknitter
    Season 56 Aaron Hernandez
    A very sad ending of life for a talented, but troubled person. It’s very difficult to believe Aaron’s brain on death (27 years) was like a 66-67 year old’s brain due to CTE. As we now prepare to watch Super Bowl 2024 in a month, and having watched the league games up to now and seeing all of the tackles, helmet butting, etc, will any of these NFL players look beyond $ and current fandom to visualize how life in their 30s-40s and beyond might actually have more value to themselves personally—and regrets? My spouse had a full knee replacement a year ago and most likely regrets some of the activities participated in youth (invincible?) which let up to that painful/enduring event. As young people it hard “to see life beyond our nose,” and the consequences.
  • AliFinnPat
    American Scandal
    I absolutely love this podcasts! ! BUT they need regular content updates. They play old seasons fairly frequently. I would rather they tell listeners hey we are doing 1 new season a month then keep us hanging! The show is absolutely top quality. I listened to all the drains some 80 of them in two month!
  • pullthelever13
    American Scandal is my favorite podcast of all time
    My only issue is that I wish new seasons and episodes came out faster! I can’t get enough of this show. Lindsay Graham is an amazing storyteller and keeps me hooked. His voice is very soothing.
  • Ian Trombley
    Unbiased, informative, and interesting You can’t get more from a podcast
  • Dino Leiker
    Love it
    This show lets me learn a lot about American past scandals and I love turning it on and listening to it then just nothing but it let’s me learn
  • Cluck21
    This is a great thing to listen to while in a car ride or other things like that It is especially fun to see my kids reaction to all the action
  • Taylor Olijar
    Great podcast!
    He’s a great story teller! I love turning this podcast one and zoning out doing projects.
  • Wqewqeqe123213
    I’m just going through my car right here and
    The only way I could do it was if you had to do the whole day with the girls at your
  • htxborn
    I second FYRE Festival!
    This would be great to hear especially since he said he’s doing it again!
  • sick my toes
    Series idea
    You should do a season on fyre festival and also I absolutely love the podcast 5-5
  • Queenbeeotch272
    I'm truly enjoying this podcast
    I'm loving the topics!! Thanks for shining a light on topics that shouldn't be forgotten.
  • klroberts09
    Should have seen this coming.
    Listened to the OKC bombing season as I spent part of my childhood in a suburb of Oklahoma City and have always been drawn to it. Did a great job of walking through this heartbreaking tragedy and detailing McVeigh’s background and movements leading up to the bombing. BUT. I had major issues with the last episode essentially blaming all polarization and misinformation on conservative media. You say that people become polarized when the “out group” is presented as the ultimate enemy whose very existence is a threat and yet fail to mention that so much of this rhetoric also comes from mainstream (liberal) media. Do you know how many times I’ve heard reporters on MSNBC and ABC and CBS say that anyone who voted for Trump is a threat to democracy? Have you ever watched Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, or that crazy racist Joy lady? Have you heard them say that I should be jailed and/or excluded from society because I didn’t get vaccinated? (Which my goodness, how funny that more knowledge has magically come out that those things really don’t prevent the spread of Covid…but who cares right?! Those people that lost their jobs and felt like pariahs for two years don’t really matter anyways!) Do you not remember that Stacy Abrams and Hilary Clinton spent years arguing that their elections were rigged? You spout all of this without realizing your very words are creating this problem. Tell me, which party was most represented on those judiciary committees regarding social media?? Which one? Was it the sane and just democrats or those crazy conspiracy theorist republicans?? Hm. How convenient to leave that part out.
  • kay8675
    My small part of my family history in a podcast!
    The opening sequence in episode 2 mentioned my great grandfather George Erlich. I remember visiting the homestead in Shattock when I was a little girl to decorate the graves of my Nanny’s family.
  • Teon77
    Love Linsey Graham
    Always excellent content, professional delivery, great podcast. Its worth buying the commercial free plan. Wondery has many good podcasts.
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