Join Abby Kinney, Chuck Marohn, and occasional surprise guests to talk in depth about just one big story from the week in the Strong Towns conversation, right when you want it: now.

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  • @kyleinphoenix
    Abby leads the show
    I really want to like this show more. Abby is a great host and has interesting guests on, but when Chuck is on the show I find it hard to listen beyond even their introductions. His vibe is just off and lacks adding substantial value to the show. He also rambles far too much about his personal life. As a result, when he’s on I almost always move on from the episode. However, when Chuck is not on the show, I always tune in to the entire episode!
  • Alessandro Rigolon
    Don’t “both sides” everything
    Give credibility to conspiracy theories about the 15-minute city. You can’t both side everything
  • SuperGlideFX-E
    Never underestimate the criminality of our local political structures. Graft is normalized and outright theft of public funds is ignored. Detroit water. Houston airport. Fiscal responsibility will never happen until we remove or redirect the incentives for local politicians to steal. Great show!
  • bellafearn
    Climate change and development patterns expert suggestion
    Hello Abby and Chuck, I’m a huge fan of the show and absolutely love Chucks book Strong Towns. At the end of your episode on climate change and development patterns, I heard the call for a suggestion of an expert on this subject. Jason Bradford, a biologist, farmer, co-host of the Crazy Town Podcast, and former board president of the Post Carbon Institute, I believe would be a phenomenal guest on the show. Primarily for his expertise on the subject of climate change and development. In 2019 he wrote a report called The Future is Rural. This report is a deep dive into what Chuck explained as the “village” model. It is an incredible read. Thanks so much for making such a wonderful podcast and for being champions of a movement I really believe in.
  • John w/ Active Towns
    Never miss an episode!
    Always a delight catching up w/ Abby and Chuck as they dive into an article each week. Keep up the great work y’all!
  • Me95691566
    One of my favs
    One of my favs
  • JimTurner
    No a fan of Chuck
    I like Abby
  • TyFo2
    Personally I think this podcast is top tier urban planning media and I can’t enough :) !
  • Kristina Ronne
    Fantastic and super informative!
    Love listening to this podcast and learning about urban planning trends and best practices from across the country. While Abby sounds pretty young she’s super knowledgeable and I’m thrilled to hear her, and her guests’, opinions.
  • cam4922
    Great conversation! Much needed.
    Abby is one of my favorites from college. Great voice & personality!
  • bkl5432
    Always welcomed insight
    Love hearing Chuck talk and go in deep on nearly any subject. Kea does a great job as co-host and always finding interesting articles or concepts to discuss.
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