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Tennis Unfiltered is a weekly podcast where we try to make sense - tactical, ethical, emotional sense - of the tennis world. And we don't hold back.

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  • Honestly Ya'll
    Doubles, Doubles, and More Doubles
    While it’s good to get the behind-the-scenes coaching view, there is just too much doubles talk. I had to wade through a half hour of the commentator’s personal team’s doubles results, then how to promote doubles, then how doubles specialists would draw bigger audiences than singles players playing doubles — all before they got to the Madrid review. Guys — not all of us love doubles as much as you do or are as interested in how your clients are performing in their challengers. Your commentary is good but can we hear more about the top 100 ATP and WTA players?
  • TennisVolley
    Racists and Liars
    Typical British racist/xenophobic tennis commentary. Heavy on the Novak Djokovic bashing. Sadly it’s not even original as the “tennis podcast” has already executed this hate commentary formula.
  • FortniteCranker
    Just bloody brilliant
    You chaps have been doing a refreshingly bountiful podcast. My trousers are shaking from the sheer brilliance🥸
  • Wittelsbach
    Greatness, a must have in the queue
    What a refreshing alternative to other options. They provide great insight in a very casual manner that’s great to listen to in any environment. I do question their judgement in supporting Manchester United, but I guess they must have some flaw.
  • Ciao for now!
    Fun and enjoyable
    Interesting discussions
  • Agnes and Stanley
    Deep dig
    If you want to hear about the challenges of the tour —this is a good listen. Unvarnished —refreshing—and digging deep into the realm of the tennis sporting world!! Highly recommend if you are invested in the sport of tennis!!!
  • shannonreverett
    One of my go tos for tennis
    I have just a handful of podcasts that I listen to every episode of, and this one of them. May not agree with everything every one of them says, but they don’t agree with everything the others say either, which is part of the fun. Definitely check it out if you’re into tennis.
  • MikeR945
    Love the pod!
    Really enjoy listening to all the banter back and forth and their take on tennis. Only wish they would invest in some top quality mics, sound like they all share one mic, and it’s in another room.
  • Manny CR
    Loved the US final review!
    SO BOLD and brilliant!
  • Afolorunso
    Question for Calvin
    I have a question for Calvin since he was so adamant about it. Seeing Coco’s results since she got her new coaches, including Pera who I think Calvin was quite critical about, do you not think they have had some effect? Not saying her forehand is fixed but she definitely has a new vide on court. Thanks.
  • Dino8888888
    I can’t watch tennis unless it’s grand slam season, and this show really informed me about everything going on in the tennis world. I just started watching 2 months ago, and haven’t missed an episode since!
  • PJ2345
    If I could give it 6 stars…
    If I had the option to choose a 6 star review, I wouldn’t. 5 is about right. I love tuning in each week to get insights and updates of the tour. Most of the hosts are very clever. One of my favorite podcasts. Phil from Boston
  • @jay_lass
    Obsequious Bros
    One week after (more) allegations that a top player abused his baby mama, the hosts of this podcast toasted the same man’s many talents and spent a good 40 minutes debating his potential. This guy allegedly beat up multiple partners but he can apparently count on this crappy podcast to exonerate and to humanize his bad behavior. I was so frustrated and angry listening to this podcast I nearly threw my iPhone across the room. But I came here and delivered a one star review instead. Which is generous because they deserve zero stars.
  • Jdx2112
    Great show that includes insider perspective and technical analysis
    A lot of good/great tennis podcasts focus on the larger narratives around the tour and tournaments, and that’s great. But Tennis Unfiltered provides an insider’s perspective of the game, along with much needed technical and strategic analysis of players and why or how they win or lose.
  • minitennis
    Red white and green!
    Interesting as always! I was laughing out loud on my walk, when I heard the whole bit about the red white and green flag! Just hoping no one saw me. I have 2 contenders for you Matteo Arnaldi and Andrea Vavassori, but I’m guessing that may not jog Calvin’s memory! Enjoy the trip to Paris!
  • smurphie924
    Fast Becoming My Fave
    I wait impatiently from the end of the “just played” edition for the next one. I think Calvin IS my favorite of all podcasters. & probably bc he’s a coach & not a podcaster 😂 & can give perspective on topics in a way most can’t. His blunt honesty (& his endearing accent) is refreshing, funny & yes, unfiltered. Keep it going. I love the enhanced (long) episodes & listen to every minute. Cant wait til next week 😬
  • Amy & dude
    Insightful & entertaining tennis commentary
  • 80'sVillager
    Harry Kane
    The Harry Kane of tennis podcasts. Self-assured analysis tending to sail ten meters over the cross bar. To be fair to the lads, Nadal only holds two of the four majors and only leads Djokovic 13 to 7 in grand slams, Davis Cup, and Olympics.
  • xtraeye47
    Love the show, by the way..
    A “stan” is a fan that treats going overboard like a religion; someone who engages in idol worship rather than good-natured cheering of on their favorite player (or actor or popstar, for that matter. The term comes from the Eminem song “stan”). It’s the kind of person that will defend the player even in the face of something objectively indefensible.
  • Sachi R
    Fave tennis podcast
    Somehow over the last couple years this has become my absolute favorite tennis podcast of the many I listen to. Great humor and banter combined with expertise and informed opinions. Wish it was more than 1x/week. Also wish Calvin pronounced “Nike” correctly 😂
  • ipollak
    One of the best Tennis Podcasts around
    This is definitely one of the best Tennis podcasts around. Other than the fact they are super funny (like the TopGear guys 15 or 20 years ago before they became too full of themselves), those guys understand tennis and bring an honest and blunt view of the Tennis world. Highly recommended if you had enough of the traditional Tennis media and looking for something more meaningful.
  • GoodGollyMissPolly
    love the pod
    Great insights, analysis and news behind-the-scenes. Love your sense of humor too. Keep doing what you’re doing— thank you!
  • the_real_reviewer
    Informative and real perspectives
    I really enjoy this podcast. They have a unique perspective from being LTA insiders, with some good connections to other parts of the tennis world too, so even as someone who follows the tennis news and Twitter pretty closely, I often get some unique insights and tidbits from this pod. They also are refreshingly honest (while still generally balanced) instead of just pc/pr. I don’t agree with everything they say but can see where they’re coming from and appreciate that it feels unfiltered. I agree with another review that the sound mixing could be a little better, but an hour is a good length for me and if anything a little longer now and then is fine. Especially thanks to James for reading the email inbox !
  • willjer18
    Racist, Sexist
    March 7th episode hosts spent a considerable amount of time bashing Serena Williams. They only played a portion of an audio clip with her response to a question a reporter asked her about zverev and his abuse and violent outbursts. Host went out of their way to attack a black woman and had nothing to say for zverev’s behavior. As a black male, this podcast and hosts are not my people and this is the first and last listen.
  • ErnestY
    Great podcast for hardcore tennis fans
    I am not aware of any better podcast out there that’s better than this one for hardcore tennis fans. One small suggestion is it can use some better editing and distill it to 45 minutes per episode. Also please pay attention to the technical aspects of the recordings. A few episodes have really bad sound/background noises that render them unlistenable.
  • tezza541
    Best tennis podcast out there
    The guys know their tennis. They recap the previous weeks tennis news in a fun way. Always the first podcast I listen to on Tuesdays
  • Stason Metcalf
    Good, fun show
    These guys know a good deal about tennis and are funny. They also have some interviews with people that you won’t get anywhere else. I like listening to this show for the news, observations, and banter. Worth it for tennis fans, and maybe even people who aren’t that into the sport. Keep up the good work.
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