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The Atlanta Braves Radio Network, Broadcasting from "The Battery Atlanta at Truist Park." Home of the Atlanta Braves

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Recent Reviews
  • Tessa-Savannah
    Braves Pod
    Can’t call yourself a Braves fan without listening to this podcast. Great team interviews and honest assessments of the team. I also like Talking Chop. Sometimes I prefer shorter podcasts.
  • OnlyNeed100
    Enjoying the podcast with one bit of criticism
    This a very informative podcast but please stop replaying interviews during the main podcast that were already posted individually on the feed. Clearing my feed of 10 minute interview episodes is already exhausting enough without finding the same interviews replayed during the main show.
  • TNBravesFan
    Great, entertaining content.
    Kevin does fantastic work!
  • kdaddy95
    Kevin is the best. Knows baseball inside and out. I would prefer the show to be an hour of just Kevin talking about the Braves and baseball in general. I don’t love the all the audio clips, but I understand it. A great podcast.
  • Buffalo Ed
    Fact Filled and Consistent
    I like that this is a daily show. Always interesting, always fast paced and fact filled, and Kevin doesn’t drift off into side discussions about the podcaster like some other podcasts. This is the BEST Braves podcast.
  • dankahle
    Good info/strange presentation.
    I love the content, but it’s really strange to hear a professional reporter swallow & smack as loud as Kevin does. It’s really distracting.
  • gobravesboy
    I love this station
    I love the braves and listen to the podcast everyday. Coronavirus is messing up so much stuff😰 GNO is awesome but do more rapid fire questions.
  • Acuña Jr.
    Great show, love the quick weekly updates, but there is an issue with new episodes showing up. I have to unsubscribe to see recent episodes. Otherwise I keep getting an episode from March 2019.
  • Zebedee- father of sons
    New listener. Like what I hear as always looking for good Braves feedback and discussion.
  • KC23457
    The daily Braves talk I’ve been looking for!
    My new favorite podcast. Living outside of Atlanta, I miss out on daily Braves talk or so I thought. I tried using apps to listen to Atlanta sports radio but there just wasn’t really any Braves talk. This podcast fit the bill and they do a good job. Not too long episodes but in depth enough to be valuable. Thanks!
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