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After 25 years at the Late Night desk, Conan realized that the only people at his holiday party are the men and women who work for him. Over the years and despite thousands of interviews, Conan has never made a real and lasting friendship with any of his celebrity guests. So, he started a podcast to do just that. Deeper, unboundedly playful, and free from FCC regulations, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend is a weekly opportunity for Conan to hang out with the people he enjoys most and perhaps find some real friendship along the way.

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  • Katie Petrosyan
    Joy joy joy
    This podcast just brings me joy. I wake up 30-40 mins early to listen to it in bed and while getting ready for my day. The chemistry between Conan, Matt and Sona is unmatched. I’m studying to take the California bar exam for the 4th time and working part time so these moments of getting to listen to this podcast and genuinely laugh are extremely important to my sanity (and the safety of my family and coworkers). Thank you for the laughs 🥰
  • ar13171997
    Thank you so much for keeping me sane. I recently had my first child. And while I was pregnant I had severe anxiety. (About how life is fleeting and I’ll eventually die.) So, that was fun. But you guys Matt, Sona, Conan, Adam and all your friends comforted me throughout that anxiety and made me laugh throughout the early months of my baby boy being in the world. Conan I will say in the first weeks your voice actually did calm down William, my baby. He heard your voice so often I think he thought you were his dad. Haha! Love the CAKAROOOOO and MAGOOSH bits. It’s hilarious. Thank you for making my life better! Love you all! ❤️
  • Sal4416
    Sona laughing is forced and very annoying. What she is laughing at is not even funny. I can’t listen to it anymore because she’s so annoying.
  • Clyde's dollface
    Updated Review
    Ohmigod, what is happening? This Hans and Franz thing is excruciatingly bad. Might as well be Steven Wright, Kevin Nealon, or some dull shlub with a new podcast or movie to promote. And the Needs a Fan I just can’t listen to. Another piece of unsolicited and unwelcome advice — dial down the fulsome paternalistic wrap-up I’m so proud of, Mr or MS guest.
  • Terrible Tech
    There was talk of gerbils…..
    I loooove Conan. But today was off the charts. Conan and Sebastian talking about reading to their kids in class and “killing”… omg…. Tears streaming down my face!! Thank you! Thank you!!
  • Bothered1289
    Laughter is the best medicine
    No podcast makes me laugh as much as this one. If I’m having a bad day I just pick any episode and listen. Love you all!
  • Herzjogger
    Great Conan Stuff
    I never write reviews, but you deserve endless stores of validation and recognition for being such a brilliantly funny person. You make life better. I wish I were talented and funny like Conan, but I’m just a standard dude. When are you going to have Sarah Sherman on your show?
  • Frye Wolfson
    A perfect podcast
    When Conan said there are no kids listening to this, he was wrong. I’m 12, but I am a huge fan. I have listened to episodes multiple times, and they still make me laugh. Conan should visit Madison, Wisconsin, along with Matt and Sona.
  • Apg002
    Hans & Franz
    Hans & Franz needs to a full-cast Audible original with Arnold himself.
  • Serihitfenkil
    Funny!! Funny!! So fun!! ❤️
  • EddieWilson3
    Funniest Podcast Out There!!!!
    I love this podcast!!! The chemistry between Conan and Matt and Sona is unmatched!!! (Ok….the Smartless guys match…maybe surpass….it’s close) In all seriousness Conan gives me permission and validation to be silly as I grow older. Thanks for ALL the great episodes!
  • Jennifer8282
    Best hard laugh podcast
    I absolutely love love love Conan O’brian. Nobody makes me laugh harder! Sona & Gourley are a perfect addition as well.
  • miss_judy
    i've been a fan ever since i was in hs when conan first started at nbc and he has always been my favourite late night talk show host. whenever conan mentions anything from thise shows, it makes me want to watch those old shows. i wish there was a way for me to watch those full episodes in chronological order and not just small clips on youtube. i tried looking on the rest of the interwebs already and i can’t afford a samsung tv for his new channel. if there is another way-someone pls let me know! last month i started listening to all the episodes beginning with the first one ever in 2018. i’ve been nonstop binging when i’m at work and also during my daily runs. i have never looked forward to going to work and my runs so much. i have been going through a rough patch lately and listening to the chillchums everyday has really made such a difference in my life. i long for the day when i see that amazing, aerodynamic, orange pompadour in the wild so i can holler “OH COCKEROOOOOOOOOOOOOO” anyway, love to all three - sona, matt and conan 💗💗💗 oh and the rest of the team that help to make this podcast happen. 💗
  • Rdcampbell2
    My favorite podcast!
    And I listen to lots of podcasts. Conan is a delight.
  • X-wing@ aliciousness
    Lost Hanz and Franz movie episode
    I LOVED this! Would really enjoy seeing this episode animated. Is that possible?
  • Sparklemonkeys
    Kevin Nealon
    I’ve never laughed so hard that I’m double over with pain as I did with the second Kevin Nealon episode lol the comedy chemistry between Kevin and Conan is just magic…pls have him back!!
  • SoCalGooner
    I can’t begin to tell you how many times while at the gym I have been in the middle of a lift and started to laugh uncontrollably while listening to this podcast. Conan is a dangerous, dangerous man to any exercise enthusiast and I am petitioning my gym to put up warning signs around the facility.
  • cevmartinez
    Conan w/ Bill Hader
    What a great episode! I may listen to this everyday this week. Smart, funny, honest and interesting.
  • MajinOkie
    Chill Chums for Life
    I love this podcast. Has made sitting in Los Angeles traffic enjoyable. So much laughter, and love everyone involved. Great interviews with awesome guests. Matt and Sona make the pod so great. Only downside is I listened to them all already.
  • N&C&A
    Awesome show
    Funniest podcast out there in my book. Some of the best interviews you’ll find
  • Tumblruser1245678556
    The only way you could one up the scintillation of Mallwalkin’ is if you were to mic a wall and record the sound of paint drying.
  • Quinn-1
    Bring in Flula Borg!
    Conan and Flula have such great chemistry together- I would love to see Flula get a Team Coco podcast or start up his podcast “Boom Time” again with Team Coco.
  • muyricosuave
    He doesn’t miss
    I discovered this podcast recently and binged the episodes until I caught it. Conan and crew are hilarious. I work 5am shifts and am always sleepy I listen to this and I laugh so much I no longer sleep on the job!
  • alexcaudill
    Love the show
    Please don’t take advertising from company’s like Domino's who are still operating in Russia. I love the show and will still listen but it was disappointing to hear an ad from a company with such little moral fiber. Slava Ukraini.
  • Evildead1986
    LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!
    So I absolutely love this show. A day does not go by that I don’t listen to at least one episode of Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend. I’ve got dozens of episodes saved, and I’ve listen to dozens of episodes 100 times. I can’t get enough of the show. I’m a huge fan of Conan’s. I’ve been watching him probably since 1995. I love his episodes of Simpsons that he wrote. I love when he was on SNL and was trying to put the smoking jacket on Tom Hanks, and it kept on getting stuck.😂😂😂 I love the relationship between Conan, Sona, and Matt. You guys are hilarious! You guys make me laugh so much!!!
  • ChrisM1162
    Hilarious and Sincere
    I used to find Conan annoying, but I started to think he was funny when he and Jordan went to Italy. When I found Team Coco on SXM I decided to give it a try. I LOVE Conan needs a friend. It’s sincere and honest; he does bits but the interviews allow him and his guests to drop their characters and be themselves. I’ve learned so much about Conan, Sona, and Matt and his guests. It’s nice to hear people having honest and heartfelt conversations about all sorts of topics. It’s very real, and it seems like the whole crew is having a great time. The rapport between Conan and the team is terrific.
  • cardinalcommando
    Steven Wright
    Conan’s jealousy/desperation is palpable. Let Steven speak. Wonderful interview overall. Wright is a legend.
  • Animal494
    Steven Wright
    The sound of Steven Wright laughing uncontrollably is a sound I did not know existed in this world. Now thanks to Conan, I can say I have heard the sound of true joy.
  • AlsFixed
    Conan + Steven
    My word what an absolutely great episode. Having someone Conan obviously totally respects but gets to have fun and make them laugh and even crap on them and enjoy it was just such a good change of pace.
  • sleepfit
    Steven Wright episode
    Great interview! I’ve never heard Steven Wright laugh because he always plays the straight guy. That was delightful.
  • PamTNC
    Please let your guest finish their thoughts!
    Both celebrity and fan guests - before they can finish what they are saying… Conan has to grab the ball and run away talking about himself, his experiences, and what he thinks.
  • MuchHate4Apple
    The Best Podcast Out There…
    I love the chemistry between Conan, Sona, and Matt. The platform is a refreshing, relaxed look at Conan at his best, in my opinion. For someone who knows his industry, he’s a master at chucking aside the parts he doesn’t care for, and enhancing the best parts of it. Conan is a genius at his craft and the effortlessness he projects in his art only speaks to his mastery of it as well as his love and passion for what he’s doing. I find it refreshing, interesting, hilarious, and inspiring. I hope to see this podcast continue for several episodes.
  • Pineapplegate
    So worth the laugh crying while driving… thank you for the gift of laughter. Maybe add a warning before the episodes to avoid accidents… On the road and in my pants. :D
  • sunlvr73!
    I love Conan, Sona, & Matt!!
    I love this podcast & Conan is the celebrity I want to meet the most! Genuinely seems like he likes meeting fans.
  • double-Dee
    Conan death metal
    Thank you so much Matt G. For using the appropriate post production attributes to Conan’s Death metal voice. (Orthopedic surgeon: Frank N. Stine lives!!!) Keep up the great work Matt & Sona!
  • SallyJillJohnson
    Got me through marathon training
    Sounds insane, but this kept me entertained during my long runs. And listened to the first John Mulaney for the hundredth time on race day (plus another episode or two… didn’t say I was a fast runner lol). I think we all qualify as a friend of Conan at this point. Can I add that to my resume??
  • -A-W-
    This show makes me laugh every time! Thanks Conan!
  • Shafted Chicagoan
    This is a great podcast
    Such an amazing podcast. I’m always laughing. There are so many reviews on podcasts that say “I LOVED IT. WONDERFUL STUFF,” and then they give you 3 stars, and don’t tell you why they only gave you three stars… this is not one of those. FIVE STARS AND IT WAS GREAT 👍
  • AdamBenson
    Bringing the first guest, Will Ferrell, Back
    Hello! Obviously, love the podcast. I noticed y’all have had many return guests, but you still haven’t brought back your very first guest: Mr. Will Ferrell. Any chance?
  • IllJellyYouYouJelousjellyfish
    The blazing wit, technical know how, and untraditional looks of of Sona, gourley, and Conan, respectively, leaves a putrescent taste in my all to well brushed pearlies! A big thank you to some of you
  • chuckygreyboy
    Conan Team is amazing
    I can’t tell you how happy I am to listen to Conan. Lifts my day. Team Coco is great.
  • Apple card
    Awesomely Fun Podcast!
    I first started listening to this trio when my wife and I were stuck in Arizona because of the Southwest Airlines debacle over the Christmas holiday. After we were notified that they wouldn’t have a flight out for another week, we rented a car and drove home (12 hour trip). On the drive home we discovered the pod. I listened to episode after episode on my drive - I was hooked! So instead of just listening to podcasts from that point forward, like a normal person, I went back to the first episode ever and have proceeded to listen to ALL OF THEM (just finished the last past episode in April 2023). Keep up the great work! I can always count on you guys to bring happiness to my day!
  • bwbrooklyn
    Love this podcast so much
    I wish I could give this podcast 10 stars. Conan is fantastic in this format. The conversations are smart, interesting, fun, and so funny. And it was pure genius to include Sona and Matt, who are hilarious. It’s like listening to a warm, funny hug.
  • Yo! Adrian
    Banana Ball
    Conan and friends- I listened to the Lars Ulrich episode today. You must look up ‘Banana Ball’ and the Savannah Bananas team. This may be the baseball changes Conan is looking for! 😂 Greetings from Anchorage, Alaska.
  • bmklhkdnldg
    I’m 13
    "No kid listens to this!" -Conan O’Brien
  • Schmooppiee
    Ink a dink- Matt’s totally on point!
    Matt is RIGHT! We did this every time we played Hide and Seek, or Ghost in the Graveyard to see who was “it”. We actually had more verses to it as well! Ink a dink a bottle of ink the cork fell out and you stink. Not because you’re dirty, not because you’re clean just because you kissed a girl/boy behind a magazine! Love your podcast, love the chill chums and Conan is ok too!
  • Trashook
    Great interview with Lars!
    Love the podcast. I often review as such each time I hear an episode I really like such as the one with Lars today. Thank you 👍
  • Sharpslide
    Pure Joy
    Recently discovered this podcast and I’m having a grand old time listening to past episodes. It’s pure joy in podcast form. YOU MUST have Jeff Goldblum and Flula Borg on at the same time to do a joint podcast episode. It would be pure podcast gold! Make it happen.
  • Terry Bagels
    Team Matt—We’ve got your back
    I know exactly what Matt’s ink-a-dink comment refers to! It’s right up there with one-potato-two-potato and “My mother and your mother were hanging out the clothes.” Haha! A girl who grew up in New Jersey in the 70s
  • J. Tweedy
    One star for now, but…
    five stars as soon as Jeff Tweedy is a guest.
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