Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

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After 25 years at the Late Night desk, Conan realized that the only people at his holiday party are the men and women who work for him.

Over the years and despite thousands of interviews, Conan has never made a real and lasting friendship with any of his celebrity guests. So, he started a podcast to do just that.

Deeper, unboundedly playful, and free from FCC regulations, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend is a weekly opportunity for Conan to hang out with the people he enjoys most and perhaps find some real friendship along the way.

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  • BabsCollinsATL
    Flula Borg is a Marzipan dream, Buff sugar plum, coolest candy cane
    I laughed the entire interview: took “yes and” to another level. What an agile imagination, hilarious and definitely Krampus costumed action hero material. Based on this stellar guest, I would love to know what would be the human result if Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had babies with other world leaders.
  • DoyleThePerk
    Dairy Farmer Pride
    Dear Conan - I am a soon-to-be 52 year old dairy farmer who loves to listen to your excellent podcast. Today I was listening to your great discussion with Mr Sean Penn, and I heard your banter at the beginning of the show about Bennett and his likeness to a technologically advanced Dairy Farmer…I was happy to just hear the words “dairy farmer” leap forth from your comedy hole, I was even more over the moon to experience a reference to my occupation with absolutely no hint of disdain or scrutiny. Dairy Farmers are great people (for the most part) who work really hard and love and respect the animals they are charged with taking care of from their first breath to their last. Our livelihoods have been put under an unfair microscope over the last several decades and we have become viewed as the “evil empire” of big agriculture. Small dairy farmers do not deserve to be cancelled or thrown in with the big operations that usually get highlighted with the awful atrocities that become representative of every dairy farm operation in existence. Thanks for the many years of making me smile and being kind to Dairy Farmers! Rock on.
  • hilarypj
    Flula Strong 💪
    Got every minute of that and loved it.
  • mrskwillis!
    Laughing out loud on the “L”
    Hilarious episode #flulastrong
  • Hartmeister
    Great podcast, bring SCTV/Armenian comedian Andrea Martin on
    I love the podcast. It’s the funniest podcast out there in addition to actually doing something (i.e. interviews). I have guest suggestion: Andrea Martin. She is both an SCTV alumni, Canadian/American, as well as from Armenian heritage so Sonia would be happy. She also played Apu’s mother on the Simpsons. She also one of two actors to play Quark’s mom from ST:DS9.
  • A.Irene93
    Haunted Hoochie Nazi night on Mass Shooting Anniversary
    Love the show! As someone who lives in Ohio close to the Haunted Hoochie I feel compelled to point out that the Haunted Hoochie is not a good place. They host an annual “Swastika Saturday”. In 2018 they scheduled it on the anniversary of the Tree of Life mass shooting. At first they defended it, calling people snowflakes. Then they “apologized” and claimed to have donated money but on the same next year they themed it “Snowflake Saturday” 🙄. They did a 9/11 theme recently with actual footage and touted conspiracy theories. They didn’t follow COVID guidelines. I hate to say it, but the owners truly embody the stereotype of people in that area of rural Ohio. If it was just sex positive without the Nazi and racist stuff that would be awesome, but it’s truly run by awful people who shouldn’t be supported. It is infamous here and generally disliked by people in central Ohio. For people looking for a better attraction, try the Mansfield penitentiary where they filmed Shawshank redemption instead!
  • DmitriusJr
    Great, longtime listener here. But your new mailchimp ad is nearly 5 minutes long and not as great as the others.
  • aen911
    Flula Borg
    Best episode ever!! Flula hilarious… Flula + Conan.. I WANT MORE!!
  • Slendermannn
    Deranged Hilarious Witty Riffs and Rants
    Hilarious off the cuff podcast not to be missed. Once or twice per podcast Conan will go off and I mean GO OFF in a hilarious spontaneous riff about some obscure topic that triggers him. It is something to behold. Beyond those moments is the best comedy podcast going. Highly recommended.
  • Jeet1000
    So funny!
    I have listened to every podcast and it never gets old. Even the commercials make me laugh!
  • Phil Sword
    What has two thumbs and loves Conan Needs a Friend?
    👍🏼 this guy👍🏼
  • Valsquando
    Lost a listener.
    As a person who currently is dealing with a brain tumor I don't find any of your jokes humorous about the subject. Thanks for the cringe worthy topic.
  • 413RBC
    Conan is boring and fake
    This is such a loser podcast. Annoyed even hearing his voice. You’re over and washed up
  • VeXMicia
    Thank You Conan & Team Coco 💚💚💚💚💚💚
    Hi my name is Tsoonklah (Tlingit for Mother of Dreams), I have a few conditions that cause severe chronic pain & insomnia, listening to the antics that you you & your guests get into & just the funniest dialogs, has really helped me when my pain’s bad- because laughing really IS GOOD FOR THE BODY AND SOUL! Seriously, you, your team & guests have really helped ease the pain when it gets bad & made me laugh when I desperately needed to. Love you Conan & Team Coco. And I want an all leather apartment with you, jk, lol. 😸
  • purseshoegirl
    Literally lol’d
    This podcast has gotten me through this pandemic with some humor and kept me from going completely bonkers. I listened to the Shaq episode while on a walk and literally laughed so hard that people were staring at me. I wish I had found this podcast sooner.
  • GeekGirl232
    Smartest and funniest man on the planet
    I said what I said :)
  • Fangirl 2187
    Greg Daniels PLEASE
    Please please please please do an episode with Greg Daniels! Even if it’s just one hour (or more, if you’re daring) of you two reminiscing, it would be fantastic!
  • Amelia Clyatt
    Conan. Thinking about Bob. I hope he is doing ok. He is a amazing person.
  • krismarlin
    John Wilson. Stop. Saying. LIKE. OMG. Couldn’t even listen.
  • sheepiemom
    Conan O’dyin
    I want to thank Conan, Sona, and Matt for producing not only a highly entertaining and quality podcast that I love dearly, but an additional way for me to embarrass my 14 year old son. I was laughing along to the Weird Al episode with my son and his friend in the car and I heard him mutter “when she plays Conan O’Brien, I’m Conan o’dyin”. Thanks for being so funny and making my day by embarrassing my son. Keep up the fabulous work! And someday you will get to embarrass double the sons Sona!!
  • nkendig
    A fun listen!
    I love hearing how his relationship is with his assistant and colleagues! I also love hearing the interviews with comedians and actors that I have grown up watching. Highly recommend!
  • Going To Guides
    You are a joy and a delight!
    Just listened to the latest episode where you ponder products to endorse like Clooney and his tequila. A wine cooler or rosé wine was mentioned. What if you created a fizzy wine cooler that was not rosé pink but “Conan-pompadour-orange”?! I for one would buy it by the case! Anyhoo, I love you Conan and I get so happy when I see there’s a new podcast episode to listen to. Let me know when the Coco-sé is ready to buy! ;) xoxo, Shannon
  • Wayne nrady111
    The more I listen to Conan the more I realize he is Mr. Burns. Ohhh Ahoy Hoy!! I’m just going to continue listening until he releases the hounds.
  • adriandonie
    Work buddies
    Conan’s podcast has been my trusty partner at work. Im a chef, currently working from home, and working mostly by myself. Sometimes when I’m really tired and can’t fathom cooking again for hours, sometimes at night, I just play a new episode or one of my favorites and I feel less alone. It makes my work that much more enjoyable and time flies by. Thanks so much for the work you guys put in this, and finding so many interesting guests. I specially love it when we get to see a more personal side of Conan with close friends (the Kevin Nealon episode is one on repeat). Also, love it when things get weird like on the Tom Hanks or Jim Gaffigan episode (sometimes I need to put my knife down or I’ll cut myself from laughing so hard), and also when Conan invites a personal hero like Robert Caro. I enjoy it the most when Conan isn’t afraid of being himself, being vulnerable, not afraid of seeming unlikeable, and when Sona and Matt let him just be. In my taste I wish I could hear more from Conan and less from someone constantly putting him down, sometimes Conan’s low self-esteem and the way he allows Sona and himself to speak about him is off putting. Wish Conan knew how awesome he is just as he is. I hope you guys see this and know you have a huge fan in Honduras who would send you some vegan cookies in a jiffy if she could. Much love,
  • Inalaf
    More entertaining guests
    Please invite more entertaining people! Ryan Reynolds, Second Gentleman, Dr. Biden, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson, Greg Daniels, Michael Schur, Nick Offerman, Megan Mullaly, John Mulaney, Steve Carrell, Scarlet Johansson, Colin, Michael Che, so many others!
  • awkward_silence039
    I have to give 5 stars because I’m a longtime fan of the show but the most recent episode I rate 0/0. This morning I visited my beloved local Starbucks, listening as I went through the drive-thru. As I pulled up to greet one of my favorite baristas, Conan (volume low, but audible) began discussing foreskin stretching and foreskin replacement. Barista looked very uncomfortable and just said “ whefw”. Ruined my morning. 0/0 stars.
  • 𝛑
    4.8 stars??!?! 🤯
    This is a travesty. Anyone with a username like “Blowhard” should not be able to weigh in on the star-rating scale. This past year I haven’t been current with Conan’s podcast so seeing that .2 star drop is making my blood boil. You are a comedy legend, Mr. O’brien, and your humor has been a huge staple in my life. It was always a dream of mine to attend a live taping of your talk show. Even though I kick myself for never seeing you live, I am eternally grateful you decided to go forward with this podcast. This is such comedy good I don’t even skip through the ads. Whether it be with potential coworkers or social acquaintances, stating that I am a Conan O’Brien fan has always been apart of my introduction process: “Hi, my name is Ashley, I am 32 years old, my favorite color is green, I am a Gemini, and I am an avid Conan O’Brien fan.” Just the important stuff… Thank you for continuing to do what you do best and allowing the public to listen. 🙏 Should this podcast be holding a 5-star rating?- Yes. Do I want to eliminate those two or three people that left bad reviews?- Of course. Does this podcast need a string-dance visual aide?- No, but that would probably boost you to a rating of 10+ stars ⭐️ Keep cool my babies! . XOXOXOXO -Ashley A.
  • kryxmal
    Gave up
    I love listening to Conan and his crew. I finally had to give up on the podcast because Conan stopped letting his guests speak! He goes off on funny crazy riffs and he is funny but I wanted to hear the guest. The bourbon show was the last straw. Conan is so amazing; maybe something weird was happening-I know he’s doing a lot of different things.
  • NickTheGreekCO
    The Reluctant Outdoorsman = Gourley??
    In the most recent episode of “Conan needs a fan” there was a fella from Alaska who seemed to be one of the best accidental bear hunters in North America, perhaps the world!! While his interview and stories were enjoyable, it was mildly distracting that his voice bore a striking resemblance to that of Mr. Matt Gourley. Was Matt pranking Conan? Did he disguise his face and spin a crazy tale of grizzly hunting and moose debacles?? In the words of Shaquille O’Neal ….(deep voice) “we’ll never know”. Gourley’s voice was suspiciously absent from commentary during the episode…….. Love every minute of every episode, thank you guys for being a continuous light in my life!! My wife and I talk about your podcast each week like most couples used to talk about the nightly news :) PS- “Accidental Bear Hunter” is a sweet name for a Canadian metal band. Dibs!!! -Nick from Arvada, Colorado
  • dutch965
    I’ll listen for the guest. Not the host
    Conan has always been about him getting the laugh I’ve anything anyone else and his knack of holding until his staff has to laugh ereguradless of actual comedy nuggets is mostly painful to listen to. You did ask
  • Leslie SZ
    A five star podcast.
    Conan makes me laugh! He makes everyone he interviews interesting and personable. One of my favorite podcasts. I, also, enjoy the banter with Sona and Matt!
  • Creel38
    Matt and Sonya make the show
    I absolutely love the podcast. Conan is one of the few comedians that actually make me belly laugh and not just smile or chuckle. I have to say though that the podcast is as great as it is due to the wit and perfect comebacks from Matt and the brutal honesty that Sonya hurls at Conan and her incredibly infectious laugh. I don’t know if you guys are aware but Conan’s name is almost a perfect acronym for the podcast except for the last N. So since Conan has mentioned on several episodes that he needs a good “beef” with another celebrity, I think this would be a great opportunity for another podcast that would also allow Conan to take advantage of the use of his name as an acronym. Conan O’Brien Needs A Nemesis. Have celebrities and even non celebrities come on to make their pitch as to why they should be his #1 Nemesis for that week. Anyway keep up the great job and you guys are definitely my favorite podcast and I tell everyone to listen to you guys.
  • team Lolo
    Lunch break
    Conan and the chill chums never disappoint when I need a good laugh. I listen to this podcast on my lunch break and always return to work in a good mood and feeling a little lighter. I highly recommend this… just be ready to look like a fool laughing out loud by yourself in public. I think Conan would embrace that which makes it acceptable.
  • Sintric
    Pure gold
    Definitely biased as a Conan fanboy since I can remember but honestly there’s just an amazing chemistry and Conan really is one of the greatest interviewers, up there with Howard Stern, Letterman, etc. If you like comedy which you should you must give a try.
  • whatwhat45
    Love it!
    I try to save these episodes for when I’m on long drives to help me stay awake and focused. It’s all so funny and I won’t fall asleep at the wheel when listening !
  • Little Nugget 52
    Little voice, Big hair
    I hear Conan likes to be the little spoon
  • Mst3kevin
    This guy gets it
    I’ve never heard of this Conan O’Brien fellow but when I heard he was being produced by podcast superstar Matt Gourley I had to listen! Seriously though Conan O’Brien is a comedy legend and belongs on the mount Rushmore of comedy. I pay for stitcher premium to hear my podcasts ad free, but I listen to Conan O’Brien Needs Friend on Apple podcast because his ad reads are hilarious. It’s the only podcast I listen to the ads for.Keep up the good work team Coco!
  • Not Bobby (that's not my name)
    My Wife - You Owe Me, Coney.
    Here’s a review for ya, Conan; you slept with my wife. In response I knew I had to tell you of my rage…I googled your name and ended up on one of those sites you find amidst the dark corners of the internet. You know the ones I’m talking about. They offer sweet promises of access to phone numbers a-plenty. Alas, the only “service” I received was a stolen identity. I can’t help but hold you ultimately responsible for my current predicament (you know, ‘cause of the whole sleeping-with-my-wife thing), and thus I kindly demand that you purchase me a new identity. Oh also i like your pod.
  • Crunkljack
    That Bill Burr episode!!
    One of the funniest things i’ve ever heard.
  • Jenny Pooh 06130327
    Never a disappointment
    I’ve been a fan of Conan’s since early on in his career and his brand of comedy never disappoints me. Love the interaction between Sona and Matt too.
  • a141P242!?
    Dusty Slay !!!
    Conan and friends are great and this is my favorite podcast, but I’m using this review primarily to promote Dusty Slay, he is hilarious and you should have him on the podcast as an up and coming comedian to give his innovative talent a boost. I apologize for such a boring review compared to everyone hoping to get featured in the podcast for a quirky 5 star review
  • KM1027
    I love you guys, but…
    A 23 minute commercial for makers mark disguised as an episode of Conan needs a Fan is pretty gross. Is the whole Conan Needs a Fan concept a Trojan Horse to set up this commercial? I feel like Ralphie when he uses his Little Orphan Annie decoder pin for the first time. You’re better than this. Love the actual podcast though. Everything else, great job.
  • MaxsMom2015
    So funny!
    I love this podcast! Every episode is a good laugh and I love the guess. My only thing is… the ads are just too much! I mean, I podcast myself, so I understand the need for it, but please, at least cut back on the mid roll ads.
  • Vennyhandsome
    Sona doesn’t need a mic all the time, she laughs to much.
    It’s so annoying. The second bill burr episode all she did was laugh obnoxiously through the whole thing. Give her a mic when they bring her in and ask her questions, that’s fine, but other than that take it away from her.
  • EV Squared
    Puerto Rican’s Love Conan ;)
    I’ve watched you since high school and I haven’t stopped! Your podcast is amazing. Love all the episodes, especially Desus and Mero. Looking forward to your move to HBO Max. Thanks for all the laughs since 93! You got me thru some tough times!
  • Dater 101
    Conan O’Brien needs an ego boost.
    The way Conan is able to have a guest on the show to interview yet somehow manages to make every episode about himself is quite masterful.
  • Raydiated
    Still going strong!
    Thank you, Conan and team Coco, for the delightful silliness that has entertained me since the 90s. Will miss seeing you on late night, but feels like the podcast is just getting started! Whether you need a Friend, a Fan, or a Fix (hey everyone has a vice), I’ll be listening in. Best podcast out there.
  • RuonanYan
    So last week I told my friend I have been binge listening to your podcast. I opened the app and tried to show her the podcast. Under the cover and title, it says “newest episode: pre bottled urine.“ She looked at me and said: “that’s what they talk about?” I said “no, no, this is, no, they also talk about……….yea, this is what they talk about.” Love ya!
  • Canon O'Brian
    Conan please adopt me for a day
    Hi Conan, I am obviously a big fan, and I have a legitimate proposition for you. To preface, I am 22 years old and my name is literally Canon… (just move a couple letters and you have Conan); I am also 6’3 with red hair and freckles of Irish descent, and I think it would be in your best interest to adopt me for a day. We could play catch, drink some Guinness, and maybe you could coach me on how to cope with our eye veins as we age. This adoption would benefit you as you will be able to train a young Conan prodigy that will be able to carry on the O’brian name for years to come. Sincerely, Canon
  • ᵀᴵᴳᴱᴿᶜᴬᵀ
    please have bo on the podcast conan please i beg you. KEDAKAI AS GOD MADE HER!!!
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