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After 25 years at the Late Night desk, Conan realized that the only people at his holiday party are the men and women who work for him. Over the years and despite thousands of interviews, Conan has never made a real and lasting friendship with any of his celebrity guests. So, he started a podcast to do just that. Deeper, unboundedly playful, and free from FCC regulations, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend is a weekly opportunity for Conan to hang out with the people he enjoys most and perhaps find some real friendship along the way.

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    Hilarious and heartwarming
    This podcast makes me laugh out loud every time I listen to it, some thing that has been in short supply for the last few years. I would really have a hard time getting through the week without this podcast to brighten my outlook on life. The friendship between Conan, Sona, and Matt is something to aspire to. The interviews are always fascinating, even when they are a bit goofy. It truly helps to hear Conan talk about his moments of doubt and insecurity, it is very relatable.
  • A73maryian
    Love Conan
    Conan always shines bright and makes me laugh but the downfall of the show is the boring assistant and the guests.
  • lezazaman
    I haven’t even heard the episode and I can barely contain my excitement. They are the funniest and cutest duo ever. Why do they not merge to become Conalyphant?
  • wlane1984
    Tim Olyphant needs to come on once a month! This latest episode was absolutely wonderful in all aspects. The dialogue/banter is so genuine and entertaining at the same time. 😊😊😊
  • hayley_b_nyc
    Conan & Tim are incredible
    I’ve listened from the very beginning and truly love Conan’s mind. Add the beautiful and sweet Timothy Olyphant and what else could you want?
  • Crimedoesntpay
    I love Conan, but…
    Conan, I’ve always watched your shows and ridiculous sketches and really think you are great and funny and have a ton of positive energy. I really like listening to your conversations here on your podcast especially when the guest is interesting, but I have to say that I don’t find it interesting to hear from your staff. The preamble conversations are ok, but also not terribly interesting and I definitely think the interview part would be much better if it were just you and the guest speaking. I don’t tune in to hear Sona and the other guy (sorry, can’t remember your name), I tune in to hear Conan and the celebrity guest. I don’t mean to offend anyone, just some constructive feedback.
  • itstimeforanap
    So now Gourley has his own assistant too?
    Five stars for there being more assistants than anybody knows what to do with. It’s as though the show has single-handedly created a cottage industry of assistant’s assistants. Kudos.
  • Ni😜⛪️🏤turkey b
    Idea for new show
    You should do a crime show parody. Crime show sketch parody
  • erdspitzer
    If Conan is going to throw off his glasses like David Causo, there needs to be a Who song blasting. I suggest Squeeze Box 😂
  • FrisbeeDave
    Conan O’Brien can’t stop!
    Just recently rewatched that doc and Conan looks so good with a beard!! Let him grow it back, Liza! Also Conan was shredded wheat by the end of the tour, holy moses. And Sona!! I didn’t know Sona back then but now that I do it was so amazing to see how much she really supports Conan in his times of need and how earnest their interactions and compliments were in that tough tough time. Oh yeah and this podcast is fan-friggin-tastic! Been here listening since episode 4 or 5 I think. If you aren’t listening to this podcast you are dumb.
  • AmandaLynn0591
    Such a great podcast
    I normally just listen to true crime podcasts but I started listening to this because Ashley Flowers mentioned it on her pod. This is fantastic. And I love hearing the Sona and Matt too. So don’t take away their mics like some idiot suggested. It’s a great balance.
  • Ouga fur
    Best podcast out there. Conan brings the humor, wit, bits, intelligence, interesting guests and fun to this podcast. He never disappoints. Sona and Matt are awesome and the chemistry between the 3 is pure entertainment. Matt and Sona’s true belly-laughter (at Conan, usually) is the best!!! Please please keep them coming. I have been listening since right after Covid and look forward to new “programs” each week.
  • rolsanch
    This Show Smells Great Too!
    This podcast always brings me joy & I look forward to the episodes. I’m definitely a cologne guy. I remember wearing Joop! in the 80’s while my friends wore DN and GF. Bravo to Conan for not only sounding great but also smelling great!
  • Starphish188382
    Craziest person on NY Subways
    It turns out you don’t need drugs or alcohol to be the craziest on NY subways. Just listen to Conans podcast and you’ll be laughing like a hyena. Jokes on you NYC. I love the extra leg room.
  • LeDiMonriva
    Conan’s Drag Name
    Mary Kaye Trainwreck
  • PdxLongShoremen
    Conan show in shackles
    Conan talking with other comedians and celebrities is so great because Conan is a pro. But, The assistants drag the show down in the muck with their laughing and poor attempts at humor with their boss. Keep it Pro and take away their mics.
  • KBMeyer
    I feel captivated to be listening Conan and his friends!!
    Okay, as someone who does not go to the gym, I’m thankful for this podcast because I get quite the ab workout from laughing so much!! Definitely burning calories listening to these hilarious episodes! I often listen while I’m in the car vs. listening in my office and I must say that I can’t think of another podcast I’d be willing to listen to while driving that makes me look like a completely psycho buffoon from laughing so hard. Other drivers must seriously wonder what is happening to me and why I’m driving with a such a huge cheesy smile on my face 😂😂 I’ve enjoyed Conan ever since his late night show and listening to him, Matt and Sona is such a great experience. The banter between these 3 is so effortless and comical! In this podcast, you get it all: funny voices, accents, funny jokes, not-so-funny because they’re corny but still funny jokes, surprisingly good singing from Conan, dark humor, wildly out there ideas, factual points in history…. And so on. Conan, if you read this, just want to say that I would be enraptured to be your friend! 😀 Keep up the great work, team! I look forward to many, many more episodes and intense ab workouts 😆😊
  • JennaS1734
    Conan’s Drag Name
    Coco Rouge, you’re welcome😃
  • Mr Dogbites
    I’ve been entertained by Conan since I was 13 and caught the first episode of his talk show. Always cutting edge, absurd, hilarious…. And now I have an extension of that with this podcast. Conan, please don’t ever die. 😘
  • krismarlin
    Guys, it’s pronounced “yo-p.” Like “yo.” Not joo-p.
  • Gnomes from Maine.
    Who we think Matt loves
    Now we only just started listening and we started at the very first episode and we’re working my way through all of them and we believe that Matt is in love with Sona. I mean dude you say the sweetest things about her and when she’s not there you feel like something’s not right. Wake up and confess she probably loves you too. Love Persephone and Katie Ps we love the podcast!!!! Conan you have a weird mind…. Just beyond weird. And we appreciate that.
  • bmalicoat
    Fowl Play Unrecognized
    Great show. However, in an episode discussing the tragic murder of a turkey, Matt Gourley asks the guest if they suspect fowl play and his joke is not acknowledged by the guest nor by the other two “hosts”. Frankly this behavior should result in the loss of a star, but due to the sheer quantity (not quality) of episodes, I’ve granted the star back.
  • cmdm
    i love this podcast…
    that’s it…
  • Ari B
    Just a quick share
    I was listening to the "Undercover Rabbi" episode this morning. Had many a giggle. A wonderful time. I sent the following text to my brothers whist getting some breakfast: "I love Conan O' Brien. He said his favorite joke at a bris is 'Wow! This calamari is amazing!' " After some laughing responses. I copied and pasted the same text to my mother. Within 30 seconds I get a call from her and her first words were "What's the joke?" Maybe Matt Gourly should've been there because I had to tell the rest of the setup. At the very least he would've been able to do it without busting a gut laughing. The call ended after the setup with my Mom going, "Oh. I'm going to go get a shingles shot." Shoutout to Sona and the rest of the team! Carry on!
  • bnc620
    Even the Ads Are Funny
    If you were born in the 70s, you have to listen. Paul Rubens, Dana Carvey, Lisa Kudrow, Paul Rudd, Jeff Goldblum, Julia Louis Dreyfus are some of my favorite episodes. I cry laugh listening to the first Jeff Goldblum episode. I have such love and nostalgia for Paul Rubens, and I love listening to him and he and Conan seem like some of the nicest celebrities. If only Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, and Betty White we’re here to record an episode. Sonia has the best laugh (and job!) and Matt is an amazing “straight man” to Conan’s funny, self-deprecating humor.
  • jbird16
    it’s Conan what more do you need?!
    Great guests! Sona, Matt and Conan are the perfect trio!! Listened since the beginning and don’t miss an episode!
  • Capton potato
    I’m watching you….
    Conan has so many tactics to harangue Sona and Matt….I am listening to this podcast from the beginning- binging for the last two months and I think I just found a new one….on the Ted Danson one someone (I know who) cut off the end of the podcast because Sona was talking about the difference between Conan and Mr. Danson with respect to patience during tech setup….hint, Ted was kind and patient. Anyway, putting you on notice to stop keeping Sona down! We may need to start a revolution. Matt will be a great consultant with all his knowledge of battles and war strategy…..and he’ll make sure we all observe proper dress manners. Really love all three of you….you’ve completely changed my misguided opinion of Mr. O’Brien.
  • Draw champion
    Amazing Podcast
    Been listening since the beginning but your discussion about AI at the end of the Ed Helms episode had me in stitches. Please discuss Rocco’s Basilica more.
  • rand0
    After all those years conducting interviews on TV, I am surprised what an incompetent interviewer Conan is. He routinely talks over his guests, interrupts guest’s stories to talk about himself and often seems unprepared. This is coming from a fan! The Sarah Silverman episode is a great example of lack of preparation. Here you have one of the funniest women of her generation and Conan struggles to ask one knowledgeable question. His other incompetencies are exhibited every episode. It’s just so hard to understand. All-in the podcast is enjoyable, but it could be so much better.
  • CCCR
    Consistently funny- and I’m picky
    I liked Conan before, but now he’s my favorite. Consistently funny, love the back and forth between the 3 of them and adore getting a truer picture of Conan’s ‘real’ personality behind his persona. This is my go-to podcast.
  • RereRinda
    The soothing white version of Obama’s voice
    Zaddy voice. Hey Sona.
  • funky funk 1961
    I love listening to this podcast. It got me through the pandemic. Sona cracks me up and I like the she takes no crap from Conan. Matt and Sona ganging up on Conan is always hilarious. Conan is also a good sport through all of it! LOL!
  • tenthousandlakers
    Please let the guest talk
    I wish Conan wouldn’t interrupt and interject so much but just allow his guests to talk. Sometimes it feels more like a one man show than an interview. It would be nice if he would just let his guests answer the questions and take their time and go at their pace.
  • Frustratedwithcribq
    Stahe is a small town in Germany
    Love this podcast.
  • Slauncher
    Historically accurate
    If John Wilkes Booth was still alive today, this would be his favorite podcast
  • c surfer
    Dance dancer evens riff goo do goo go Ubers until hip FCC to Ingrid I’ll to just fight
  • Jwttomlin123!
    Sona! Check it out! Retired Armenian Swimmer turns hero
    A trolleybus had lost control and had fallen into a reservoir. It was 25 meters (82 ft) off-shore and had sunk to a depth of 10 meters (33 ft).⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Karapetyan immediately dived into the sewage-infested waters and managed to kick the back window of the trolleybus with his legs, despite zero visibility from the silt that had risen from the bottom. Of the 92 passengers onboard, Karapetyan pulled out 46 people. 20 of whom survived.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ The combination of cold water and the multiple lacerations from glass shards led him to be hospitalized for 45 days. He developed pneumonia and sepsis. While he was able to recover, damage to his lungs prevented him from continuing his career as a swimmer
  • RichSavel
    Super awesome podcast
    Thank you for making this podcast. Conan, Sona, and Matt are terrific!!! I listen every week and am grateful for all this wonderful content.
  • Erika BW
    Someday, Someway Song Request
    Conan has such a beautiful tone to his voice when he sings. I recently reheard Marshall Crenshaw’s song Someday, Someway and thought this song is perfect for his voice. If Matt and Conan do ever decide to turn this into a music show, this is my first request and then Sona can nod in the corner as they play.
  • tamara1978
    Love this!!
    Oh my gosh, I just love your podcast. My favorite show ever. Literally cracks me up, laugh out loud continuously. Please consider making it a daily show!!!
  • Ohiolovesu
    My kind of comedy— smart, hilarious and relatable
    Been a fan of Conan from the beginning.. this podcast is fresh and funny… great story telling and interviews and banter from the chill chums…I enjoy hearing the stories from around the world just as much as celebrity interviews… anytime I’m having a blue day they cheer me up and make me laugh like I was there in the room 😊
  • communitynewspodcast
    I have always loved Conan.
    Please have "Paul and Sasha" from the podcast "Community News with Paul and Sasha" on your show. They are so funny and they need a friend too. Who knows? You might even change their lives? A Christmas miracle.
  • jb8722
    Wish it was a visual podcast
    I’m not someone that listens to podcasts. I came across this through the YouTube clips and cannot stop watching them and I’m almost running out! I wish they would upload the full visual episodes. I’m a Patreon subscriber of Office Hours with Tim Heidecker and they are a visual podcast weekly. I love being able to watch it. I just have no patience to listen to something. But other than that maybe suggestion, I LOVE the clips I’ve watched and even my mum who I’ve forced to watch all these clips with me almost daily, bought me Sona’s book for my birthday last week! I legit cannot stop watching clips everyday. Love you guys! Keep posting clips to YouTube! Thank you!
  • Donna123&
    Conan O’Brien needs a friend
    The best podcast of all. Always makes me laugh out loud. I love Conan’s stories and exaggerations. Mayay
  • NevrFail
    Conan, about the JonBenét Ramsey case...
    You said the JBR case is the one you'd most want resolved. Marcel Elfers has a YouTube series and a book that includes even more detail, both called JonBenét; the final chapter. (It's a bit of a confusing title bc there are several videos and several chapters in the book.) His bio says he is a Dutch/American 'master profiler' using his expertise in written, statement and behavioral analyses. I've not heard of him in any part of the American true crime sphere in the decades I've been devouring true crime cases, so I've no confirmation of his reliability or reputation. However, I find his analysis and conclusion of the JBR case to be quite convincing. At the very least he is extremely interesting. You may find so to, Conan. Either way, he's worth looking in to. Your complete stranger friend, Julie
  • Ashley9307512943381048
    Funny but stop the perv bits!
    This is a funny podcast. I used to listen to every episode multiple times but over the last year the sex talk has gotten so gross I’ve had to skip multiple episodes.
  • diarhea jones
    Funny and entertaining. May vary by guest
    Conan along with Matt and Sona are all funny and do a good job holding it together with just the 3 of them. If anyone wanted a recommendation with episodes to start on, the ones that made me laugh out loud the most was the first Jeff goldblum ep, Kevin Nealon, Paul Reubens. Those ones are my top 3 that I listened to more than once , also shout out one to Andy richter guest episode.
    What a waste bring Ashley Flowers on
    I got into this podcast to GET AWAY from her and her horrible podcast. Then you bring her on as a FAN?! Disgusting. Do not listen to this show.
  • conqueringhorde
    Yeah, But Matt and Sona
    Having listened to all three Michele Obama episodes, this one was equally enjoyable. Even so, it lacked a certain ease and familiarity - a je ne sais quoi, if you will - without Matt and Sona. Definitely not the same show without them.
  • eman3135
    Amazing show !
    Conan, enjoyed you since your late night show; even lucky enough to be in your studio audience. Now loving this podcast! You are so funny and find the banter between you and your co hosts just great ! Thanks for making me laugh on my commute to and from work! You are a terrific interviewer too !!
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