Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

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After 25 years at the Late Night desk, Conan realized that the only people at his holiday party are the men and women who work for him.

Over the years and despite thousands of interviews, Conan has never made a real and lasting friendship with any of his celebrity guests. So, he started a podcast to do just that.

Deeper, unboundedly playful, and free from FCC regulations, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend is a weekly opportunity for Conan to hang out with the people he enjoys most and perhaps find some real friendship along the way.

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  • tucsonowzb
    This is my new favorite podcast.
  • judygarlandfan16
    No More Kevin Hart!
    Just wanted to say I love the podcast in general, I've been following Conan's work my entire life, and I listen to every episode and think they are all hilarious! That said, I can't stand Kevin Hart. I've never thought he was funny and I think he's very smug. He's also made some questionable tweets, etc in the past that I won't get into. The podcast featuring him was not funny - it was just him rambling about how hard he works and how tough his life is... I listen to this podcast to laugh and I didn't laugh at Kevin Hart at all. I don't understand how people like him. He's the perfect example of lowest common denominator comedy I guess.
  • Astrocrazy
    Love the podcast, Conan. Enjoy to listen variety of guests on the show. You have a great team but Sona can tone down her laugh a bit (gets irritating) when I’m trying to listen over her laugh or sometimes it’s not even that hilarious for her to keep laughing.
  • lam-1
    Conan is the Best!
    I am so grateful for this podcast. I feel better after listening, having had a few good laughs. Thank you Conan and team. Your hard work is appreciatied. Sona and Matt are Awesome!
  • KaptainKomodia
    A yuck a minute
    Good humor as good as ice cream
  • garage logic listener
    Kevin Hart
    Sorry Conan I love your podcast, (you knew the but was coming) but it got a little long listening to you and Kevin Hart talk about how long he is gonna work and practicing his craft. The whole interview, really!!
  • Ace92789
    Fun, real, and hits close to home
    I don’t always do reviews but after the Kevin Hart episode it hit really close to home. I love the work ethic that always come up and shows that nothing just happens, but Conan and Kevin put in to words how I feel about the roller coaster called working for your self. Y’all hit so close to home that I stoped in the middle of my walk, shed a small tear, and fell relief cuz there is some out there that knows how I feel and put it into words. Makes me feel not alone. Thank you for all that you do. Keep up the good work. 10/10
  • TFriedrickson
    Strongly Recommend Kevin Hart Episode
    I’d like to thank Conan and Kevin Hart for an honest, powerful, eye-opening discussion on race in America and Kevin’s perspective. I continue to reflect on it and am a better person for hearing it. While I enjoy the humor, some of Conan’s best work is when he asks smart questions as an interviewer and engages with his guest in in-depth discussion.
  • Meredith PNW
    Wholesome and funny
    Conan is funny, but this show is also so wholesome and sweet. The vulnerable, honest conversation just make me happy. I appreciate this podcast. Thank you!
  • jc2019!
    Simply put Conan, that podcast was you (and Kev) at your best - and I’ve heard all of them. Funny, thoughtful, engaging — an eye opener on comedy, the business, what other people face in this country. Outstanding job! ...and Gourley did ok punching buttons I suppose 😉😂
  • slocrates22
    So good!
    Love the podcast! Matt and Sona are the best! Didn’t Kevin Hart cheat on his wife? Anyway, I love the podcast! I don’t agree with Kevin Hart. Sorry sona laughs at Conan’s BS too much
  • hdhdhs skdjdhdj
    I want to be Conan’s friend
    I can’t get enough of Conan’s sense of humor! His comedic genius can really shine in this platform and the guest have more longer and carefree conversations. Sona and Matt’s input is always so refreshing and hilarious as well; the three of them make such a fun, semi-dysfunctional, but lovable team.
  • Burntflowerz
    Conan you genius
    Conan. You’re a legend. You talk too much sometimes but that’s part of the charm. Sona I love you. I Stan you. Matt your voice is amazing for the podcast space. All in all 10/10
  • 853OKG
    As God made her.
  • BBall_fan_in_DC
    Annoying laughter ruins too many moments
    Conan talks about crafting and improving his comedy, so I’m really surprised by how he keeps letting his assistant Sona laugh so loudly over each podcast, even after getting repeated complaints. More than once, I’ve given up on a podcast because of the nonstop laughter, which makes it hard to follow a conversation. Or the guest is saying something thoughtful and Sona’s braying laugh comes in and ruins the moment. Trust your jokes, Conan!
  • Lorenz12
    Conan is funny as hell in a calming way! Side note: I actually even listen to the ADS that Conan does because he does it so it’s another hilarious part of podcast. I always fast-forward through ads in all other podcasts. That’s probably the biggest compliment you can get!
  • YamineePatel
    Get Pod
    I love this podcast, from the guests to the chill chumps to the ad reads. Great content and lots of laughs!
  • Mr.TriggerHappy
    Love Conan’s podcast!
    Every episode is hillarious! I love Conan, Sona and Matt.
  • d2402
    My happy place
    I crack up multiple times during every episode. Conan, Sona and Matt are rocking the podcast world and bringing us their comic A-game. The guests are great, the hilarity ensues and my spirits are higher and my blood pressure is lower every time I listen. Thanks so much!!! 🥰💕🥰💕 Additional note: I want to start my own business just so I can pay Conan to read my business ad copy.
  • Upneet1207
    We are best friends
    I can’t wait for Monday mornings!! Conan is so dang funny and makes me laugh out loud all the time. His chemistry w Matt and Sona is delightful. I’ve started the podcast over because I don’t want to listen to anything else. Kedakai! As God made her!!
  • ceeceebee2
    Thoughtful and responsible comedy
    As a sexual assault survivor with chronic PTSD, an anxiety disorder and several other issues, it’s hard to find content that is not triggering. I frequently listen to podcasts and constantly have to stop them and find another one due to problematic content. I’ve never done that with Conan. Especially during Quarantine, this podcast has been a very important and uplifting part of each week. Thanks to all who make this possible! I never miss an episode.
  • Shasta1973
    I can’t believe you referenced Bad Ronald!
    I thought I was the only person in the world to watch that movie. I was 9 or 10 when I saw it and it absolutely terrified me. I’ve brought it up hundreds of times over my 51 years and am yet to meet someone who’s heard of it. I began to think it was an implanted memory. I can’t believe you’ve seen it, Gourley, and referenced it. You’re the best. Oh, also, the podcast is awesome. You and Sona are terrific and Conan keeps with you both.
  • Kickin It Live
    Non-stop hilarity
    Conan, you make me laugh out loud non-stop every time I listen to one of your podcast episodes. I often listen to you as I am walking my dog and I know others who see me chuckling must be thinking they want some of what I am having! Seriously, the levity you add to my day is priceless. Why isn’t your podcast rated #1???
  • Kelseyh22
    Kedakai As God Made Her!!! LOVE this podcast
    I have fallen in LOVE with Conan O’Brien and this podcast. I could honestly use a new episode every day. Conan jokes that he over talks to fans when they approach him & now that’s all I want to have happen in my life. I also vow to scream Kedakai if I ever see him.
  • Hannah_Joy__
    Five Stars
    I love this podcast, And have to say it is the ONLY podcast I do not skip through the ads. They are just as entertaining as the rest of the podcast. I work in marketing and have to say this would be a good podcast for advertisers as long as they are okay with Conan getting most of the information wrong about the products he’s advertising.
  • hwoll
    Best part of Monday
    This show makes me look forward to Monday mornings & is my favorite way to start the week. I don’t even skip through the ads, they’re good too!
  • LisJoKiHa
    Thank you for getting me through the pandemic
    This is my favorite podcast and I listen to many. I need to take my mind off 2020 troubles and this always makes me feel better. Conan and his pals are good people! Thank you
  • cfcrobby
    It's Conan need I say more??
    The best hands down people...
  • Osuraj
    Love it!
    One of my favorite podcasts, always makes me laugh.
  • Ceasar65
    Hard times
    During very sad times, Conan’s energy and comedy have given me a push persist. Love Conan sooooooo much!
  • Slam wolfmanns
    Best Ever
    I used to have a 1 hour CTA commute to and from school and I actually looked forward to MONDAY MORNINGS(!) when I had a new episode. And I relistened on weekdays. Since I graduated this year, I‘ve been listening to new and old episodes while marathon training, looking forward now to my 2 hour Sunday long runs. A few weeks before the virtual race I saved up 4 new episodes and listened the whole way. The Rashida Jones episode had me laughing and gasping for air at mile 22 and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you for always providing light even during our and your dark times. 🙏
  • CamiSantand
    Yelling Kedakai as God made her to ginger strangers
    Incredibly fun and happy podcast. Great job team coco and Matt!(assuming Sona is part of team Coco). I wait patiently for Monday morning to come just to be able to enjoy an hour or so of fun. I pray that Conan is good to Sona backstage. Thank you for the great effort at making a happy scape for a lot of us. Ever since the episode in which Conan told the story about the “Kedacai as God made her”, me and my boyfriend yell to every single ginger that cross our paths KEDACAI AS GOD MADE HER, expecting either a question-mark-get-away-from-me face, a I-know-what-you-are-talking-about face with a “not all gingers know each other” response, or a laugh and a “yes, Conan” response. We have gotten several of all the above, but about a week ago we saw a talk ginger man walking in a crowded area without a mask, so we yelled “Kedacai as God made her want you to wear a mask”, the guy laughed and answered “the masks from team Coco’s merch haven’t arrived”. Let me tell you, it was a great experience! Thank you again.
  • notnarcs
    I can’t tell if Conan is actually funny or I’m only laughing because Sona is????
  • Joelycana
    Too Hot!
    Matt Gourley is hot! I had no idea. He’s funny and good looking. Too bad he’s taken :(
  • Baklava22
    Funny! Love it
    Love Conan and love his podcast. Great interviews but also a great laugh. Fun! Úpdate: just gets funnier! Update: haunted Victorian doll is rubbish... you’re handsome and your hair is the best
  • Foz the Con
    Leaving the tv show?
    Monday on the podcast, Conan talks about how he no longer loves his TV show, and prefers his spicy lover the podcast. Then on Tuesday, there are news stories about Conan ending his TV show. Concidence?
  • Aaron (a girl
    A ray of sunshine
    On days when I need a pick me up, I like to imagine Conan in his Uncle Sam Halloween costume, Matt talking on his Eisenhower phone and Sona chilling in the magical land of Altadena. Thanks for keeping me company through the pandemic.
  • reachingforareference
    Sona’s too loud
    She laughs at everything and it distracts from Conan and the interviewee. It’s getting to the point that it’s unbearable and taking a break from this podcast would be good.
  • Uclabru1
    Conan O’Brien is a National Treasure
    How can one man maintain the incredible amount of energy every time you see or hear him? Conan is hilarious, brilliant, witty, charming...okay, Conan I can’t make out your handwriting.. in all non seriousness if you haven’t listened to him yet or seen Conan without borders or his tv show, you are missing out on life! With all the darkness in the world God bless Conan, and thank you for making everyone’s life better! You are a treasure Conan! I hope one day to meet this funny looking man, if only to laugh at his weirdness in person, but if not listening to the podcast is the next best thing. Enjoy! -Andrew V
  • Jojo Humperdinck
    I’m in love with the Coco
    It’s nice taking a deeper dive into the mind of Conan after being a fan of his previous work which is less personal and can be appreciated in more of a sampling size. Scarily his mind seems to function close to mine and his humor too. Another real bonus is getting to lear about Sona and heat Matt in a format that include less Star Wars references. Keep up the good work and thanks for the pandemic disruptions.
  • Jomacm04
    I don’t even skip the ads
    It’s weird, in a great way, to watch Conan for so many years and then get to hear such personal stories from him. This podcast is one of the best out there. Conan is at heart a sour patch kid. He is constantly torturing his cohosts Sona and Matt but that is often followed by genuine compliments and then thaws rinse and repeat. The show is hilarious and so much so that I honestly enjoy listening to the ad reads as they three of them always seem to have a great time. MAGOOSH!
  • matt from trader bobs tattoo
    The best!
    Such a great show, a highlight for me in these dark times
  • thefreeto
    Conan needs a friend not in the industry
    Sure, celebs patting each other on the back and blowing wild fire amounts of smoke up each other is interesting and hilarious! How about picking a rando reviewer for an episode? It would an honest conversation or a hilarious fail. Try it! I mean Gethard does it best but Conan taught him well. pick a stranger as a single serving friend. It’s a great show. Listen and delete the evidence. Hey Matt. Hey Sona! 11/16/2021 update...I think the golden ticket is a great concept...see above.
  • BigBobber69
    Celeb crush
    I’ve been watching Conan from a young age - did he awaken something in me? Who’s to say. Point is, the more Conan the better. I don’t know how Sona and Matt contain themselves in his presence. I once told my coworker that Conan is my celebrity crush and she looked at me like I was crazy. Don’t ever stop, Conan. I love you.
  • MDearing
    My favorite part.....
    I love the before and after banter between Conan and Sona and Matt! I always listen to the bitter end and I dig the commercials Conan does, very entertaining!
  • Stoggs
    Love it!
    Always entertaining
  • Andante'
    Awesome Awesomely Awesomeness
    Conan O’Brien is that type person who’s good at everything. and he’s extremely funny. Thank You Wish you could make a surprise phone call to my son. His name: Colin Make the Call on one of your live podcasts or shows. Text me with the contact information. Douglas BEWARE OF MR. SLUGWORTH
  • cataki
    Dear CoNan
    If I were a guest on your show... my opening line would be “ I feel obligated “ to be Conan O’Briens friend. Thank you for your Humor! Jamie
  • bgj cc'd gh Dr hbvfbbds
    Turn the mic off!
    I would have given 5 stars, but I can not stand the lady laughing uncontrollably throughout. Do you ever listen to your own podcast? You can’t possibly think this is pleasant for the ear.
  • Ikimasho!
    An Endorphins Boost in Podcast Form
    I’ve been a fan of Conan since I was a teenager in the mid-90s and this podcast is his best work in years. It’s honestly one of the few bright spots of this terrible year and something I eagerly look forward to every week. Matt Gourley and Sona Movsesian complete the show with their affable personalities, witty comebacks, and Sona’s infectious laughter. I highly recommend this podcast if you are a fan of Conan, comedy, and need a mood booster. That being said, I’m watching the last season of Veep right now and Conan ruined the ending in his recent episode. Thanks a lot, d*ckhead.
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