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We take America's Test Kitchen's inquisitive and relentless approach to telling unexpected, funny, and thought-provoking narratives about food and drink. This is not a recipe show. And this is not a show about celebrity chefs or what they like to eat. Proof plunges into history, culture, science, and the psyche to uncover the hidden backstories that feed your food-obsessed brain. A production of America's Test Kitchen.

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  • Mr.J.Beauregard
    Bring Back Bridget
    As a chef Bridget brings something to the show that Kevin never can. Honestly I’ve lost interest in the show since Brian has started hosting. Just not the same.
  • BillyH01
    Greek salad
    Just listened to “It’s All Greek Salad To Me”. Great episode! I learned a lot, and it made me really hungry. Can’t wait to go to Greece and get some horiatiki.
  • Callahansfeedstore
    Was happy to see a new episode in my feed. And a strong one at that. Who knew you could make salad interesting for 40 minutes. ATK proved it possible. Fun and informative. Looking forward to more new eps, so keep’m coming.
  • Food admirer
    Love the new hoist, Kevin Pang
    I love his soothing voice and the storytelling. But why do the credits still say Bridget is the host when she’s been replaced by Kevin? More storytelling by Kevin Pang, please!
  • spmom103
    Go back to the original style of the podcast
    I thought it was just me but after reading the reviews it seems I’m not alone in dislike of the recent format where people are reading their essays….and reading them in a robot monotone. ATK usually does everything in a top notch way so the quality of this podcast is surprising. Sometimes I can get past the monotone if the content is interesting, but sometimes I just turn it off. I used to love listening when it first started with Bridget doing the narrative. Would love if Kevin could take this up again.
  • cloudman1
    Listening to your podcasts is so uplifting and positive. Truly inspiring and beautifully delivered.. Thank you 🙏
  • Cheya Chocolates
    😩content is interesting but
    Sounds like an AI is hosting this show. The entire thing sounds like an ad.
  • stargazexx
    Food Accidents had such poor audio and each person sounded so stilted and like they were trying WAY too hard in a community theatre production. How could an episode about accidents be so terribly scripted-sounding? Yikes. Couldn’t even finish it. Very disappointed
  • Joan B
    Love Italian Beef
    Please provide recipe!
  • LLT777
    Loved this episode, my mouth is watering! I would really appreciate a recipe for both the Giaediniera and the sandwich… pleeeeeeeze
  • E4Girl
    Poppop’s bread
    I absolutely loved this episode, just what I needed this holiday and is a beautiful tribute! Intrigued to try and make it myself🤞❤️
  • drheatr
    A Podcast about Food? Um. Yes!
    At first I had my doubts about an audio medium for such a visual content as food, but I really enjoy this podcast! Descriptions of the food, recipes, storytelling and even the ads are somehow so engaging. Maybe without the visual images, I was able to learn more about the actual audio content. I didn’t get to an annoying part where I wanted to fast-forward; I just enjoyed listening to the entire thing. No hype, no overdoing it, no ridiculous gimmicks. Just good stuff. Give it a shot, be curious. Worth the time.
  • revrobbieb
    Delightful and informative!
    I am no foodie, and came to this delightful podcast by way of the "blue raspberry/chemical flavoring" episode (because I really do love any candy or drink the color of window cleaner) and was hooked. Love the exploration of the "how" and "why" of what we eat as a nation and culture! The episode about ATK PR guy Brian and expanding his limited palate was an amazing deeper dive into this very idea. Intriguing and relatable and even fun and inspiring! Looking forward to more curiousity-enhancing stories.
  • Thosw
    Started out great, then became more about personal stories
    Was prepared to give Kevin Pang and crew the benefit of the doubt when they took over but like others, finding the one diamond in the rough became too much of a chore. The last couple of seasons sound more like college interns reading their term papers and/or blog posts about their personal experiences - complete with hackneyed jokes and overused tropes. “Webster’s defines…” anyone? I was hoping there would continue to be a conversational tone instead of rote script-reading and “Here’s what it was like for me and my family”. I don’t much get the sense that the “reporters” now actually do anything related to food besides eat. If it’s just food experiences that you’re interested in, there are plenty of other foodie podcasts for that. Listen through the Bridget years, as they actually did deep dives into niche food subjects and histories - then skip the rest.
  • rabbitAG
    Looking for more from the test kitchen
    Was hoping for more food and cooking science here. The podcast really lost me when it turned to a history of food feuds, and while the stories were somewhat interesting, I just wasn’t wanting to hear about more feuds during the pandemic. I hope this podcast gets back to its test kitchen roots. There’s not a lot of good food science podcasts out there.
  • stef.incognito
    A once great podcast
    Since the new host has taken over, sorry Kevin, but it’s terrible. The stories about food history used to be fascinating and informative; and I always looked forward to a new proof episode. Now, it’s a podcast where simply the mention of food (see the episode on the Beetles toast) is good enough for a poorly executed narrative about something completely inane. There are a few good episodes released anymore, and it’s now finding a diamond in the rough rather than a five star well-curated show where each episode is a gem. It’s sad to see Bridget’s work squandered so frivolously. I hope they’ll find a way to turn it around, but until then ATK’s brand is being tarnished.
  • TuanCanCook
    Not for me
    I want a food podcast with information about food. Stories about food if the forefront, not the background.
  • Wings-As-Eagles
    Enjoyed the show when it was about food
    More food, fewer politics. I’m out
  • Mythoughts55
    Went downhill
    I loved this podcast at first, it was what it said it was, really interesting topics across the food arena. Now, as of the last dozen or so episodes it’s nothing but political agenda with a food spin. If that’s your thing, than cool, but I just wanted an escape into great food related content. Finally had enough and just unfollowed.
  • Gigi DC
    Ants! Con Camilo Garzón
    I absolutely loved the recent episode with Camilo Garzón on the ants as a traditional indigenous treat eaten by the Guanes of Colombia. I really appreciate the parallels he draws between sustaining Indigenous food sources and sustaining the ecosystems for the ants to thrive. My favorite is hearing the voices of his family and the accents. I couldn’t stop laughing though every time he said hormigas culonas! Great episode!
    Food is secondary
    This used to be a podcast about food. Now it is a show about racial identity, with food as an underlying theme. In recent seasons, a few episodes are heartwarming tributes to family and tradition, but more often they feature sad stories with a seasoning of moral outrage. These stories have their place, but when I’m in the mind space for something heavy I would rather listen to Code Switch. Additionally, the current reporting style frequently brings to mind a high school student reading their term paper aloud.
  • 13Jim69
    I miss the ATK show
    This new format reminds me of college book reports with its woke topics and trivial social studies agenda shoved down your throat 80% of the time rather than educating on cooking.
  • Mkat27
    Thank you
    This is a super educational and fun podcast.
  • figaro1284
    This show tanked
    This podcast was such a pleasure with Bridget Lancaster hosting, and it’s tone and production completely changed for the worse with a new host. It’s gotten, I’d say, very irritating to listen to. Kind of a heartbreaker for a once-loyal listener.
  • SmallNova236
    Was great and now leaves something to be desired.
    I loved this podcast when it started and I loved Bridget as the original host. The episodes were interesting and drew me in every time. I always learned something new. The show got a new host a while back, Kevin, and then really changed the overall topics to be much more political and social justice driven with food as a side topic. I liked this podcast because it focused on interesting stories about food or the history of certain food related topics. Now the topics are uninteresting. I’ve tried to listen multiple times and I can’t finish them. Also, the host speaks as if he is reading everything off a sheet of paper and it is very boring and hard to listen to. He sounds very bored and I’m just not sure he’s the right choice for this type of project. I still love ATK and I’ll continue to watch the show and use the recipes but probably not listen to this podcast anymore.
  • neller nelly
    Love the new host
    It’s definitely more inclusive storytelling. Kevin Pang has a soothing voice that just draws me in. His guests tell emotional and beautiful stories. I can get enough.
  • bruskik
    Love love love
    This is my favorite podcast and I’ve been marathoning episodes since I discovered it. Bridget is wonderful. Episodes are loaded with interesting, informative, and fun info presented with knowledgeable guests by a delightful and skilled hostess. If you like Bridget on ATK, you’re gonna love this.
  • Rafidali
    Why the politics?
    Been listening since the beginning. Its clearly shifting away from food science/history to racial politics. I have NPR for that, unsubscribed.
  • The AA Show
    A bit scripted yet interesting.
    While the topics can be engaging, the copy and dialogue seem a bit rehearsed and disingenuous at times. I know writing and producing a podcast needs to walk a fine line between being too off the cuff and too regimented, but it seems that these guys could loosen up a tad and go a bit more off script while maintaining the overall form. All in all not a dealbreaker. Give a listen.
  • Heavysigh
    Thought this was going to be about food. They never miss the opportunity to inject their political ideology into the mix. Too much commentary and it takes away from the food dialogue. Goodbye.
  • podcast escape traveler
    Family and Food culture
    What a wonderful show about family heritage and father son relationships.. The mix of descriptive food that made me want to learn more , and Chinese culture mixed with father son history over the years was a delightful and interesting hour . As I listened , it took me back to my teenage yrs with my Father and the struggle to find common ground to Develope a relationship .Male or female, the mother is the bond that helps us understand our fathers. I love America’s Test Kitchen and this added a window in to how every every culture is different but the the same when it comes to Food and our Fathers ..
  • Bittah
    Gone down hill
    I found this relatively late. Glad there are older episodes to listen to because the new “direction” is terrible. Uninteresting topics, hardly any new episodes. I have literally skipped 6 out for the 7 new episodes. Disappointing. I will finish listening to the earlier episodes and then unfollow.
  • thisisthebestgg
    The theme song is nice 😊
    Love your theme song and very interesting topics
  • hstreaks00
    It’s different but is it better?
    I’ve been listening to this podcast since the day it aired. I do not mind the new hosts and I am glad that you guys are talking about interesting topics that are more fun and entertaining. I do miss Bridget’s voice. However, I am going to keep listening!
  • salimahfm
    Listening to this episode of Ahmed Ali Akbar’s was so sweet and tender and relatable. Felt all the feels listening to it
  • CharryChar
    Food scientist heaven!!!
    I listen while I prepare samples at my food science job
  • E Simps
    Lovingly made
    I get such joy listening to this podcast. It is clearly lovingly made by those who are passionate about food and people who make and eat it. I love learning from the podcast and I look forward to whatever new episodes you all put out into the world. Thank you for all of your time and energy! <3
  • EasternOregon
    Yes there is blue food!
    Native Americans grew blue corn. This is contrary to your claim there is no naturally blue food. Not true!
  • LT351
    Nice to visit with familiar ATK people!
    I was prepared not to like this podcast, but it has grown on me. Most episodes are very interesting although some feel a bit padded to fill the time allotment. Still, I recommend it.
  • Moonwatcher the ditto
    Love what you guys do!
    When people think of food they don’t think of how much effort was put in food’s history. I read a review say think wasn’t really about food but more about people. I don’t think they’re wrong because food is about people. The history, the culture, and the people who made it. Thank you for uncovering the history behind the history of food and people.
  • JJKL4
    Comparing people’s discomfort listening to others eat to “white supremacy” Absolutely disgusting. Disturbing. This pod was suggested to me. I was really looking forward to it and within minutes an entitled whiny voice does the above? I’ve never written a bad review for anyone or anything, but that was pretty shameful.
  • mibii
    Always interesting
    The best episodes explore food history as it intersects with American culture.
  • pajama_mode
    Interesting topics and potential, boring execution and host
    Host is super boring and monotone. She adds nothing to the show. No humor or interesting insights. Episodes are all over the place and not very well put together.
  • whyisbeinghappytaken
    The episode about last meals left me hanging. Was the olive green or black?
  • Bunnynunn
    More episodes please! :)
    I love this podcast! This past one about ice cream truck music was a home run. Who knew I would tear up listening to a food podcast!
  • Poppoppop12234&
    Such a great podcast
    This is such a great podcast - I love how they’re interweaving social justice with food this last season. Absolutely appropriate and welcome in the food space.
  • AlaskaNow
    An Agenda
    It seems like the host always has some type of an agenda instead of good stories regarding food and drink.
  • shturgeonpa
    My new favorite!
    Such weird interesting topics. Even when the title suggests I might not like it or care, those are the most appealing ones!! I feel like a learn something when I listen to these: a bit of trivia, a new fact, a different perspective. I’m hooked now!
  • 8223DL
    Enjoyable listen
    Proof is an enjoyable listen and some of the subjects are fascinating - who new a 2 part podcast on jelly bean flavors could be so interesting? Just discovered Proof this week and am working my way up from season 1. Nice job.
  • barnapkins
    France’s Forbidden Wine
    This is basically the same story as Dallas Buyers Club.
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