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Take a priceless journey into your life and the life of your money with the most recognized personal finance expert in the world today.  Acclaimed for her revolutionary approach to money, Suze Orman has garnered millions of fans whose lives have been transformed by following her unique advice.  In about 30 minutes, you’ll learn how to go within yourself to see why you are doing without and that you cannot fix a financial problem with money. 

Suze brings over 40 years of experience to help you be more and therefore have more.   If you don’t have the money you want in your life, subscribe now to one of the most popular podcasts in America and find out why. The choice is up to you.

New episodes drop Thursdays and Sundays.

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    Aug 6, 2023 – 34:01
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    Aug 3, 2023 – 24:22
  • Suze School: What The New Fed Funds Rate Means for You
    Jul 30, 2023 – 24:00
  • Ask Suze & KT Anything: Do You Love What You Do?
    Jul 27, 2023 – 39:19
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    Jul 23, 2023 – 25:42
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    Jul 20, 2023 – 34:58
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    Jul 16, 2023 – 39:19
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    Jul 13, 2023 – 17:39
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    Jul 9, 2023 – 24:12
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    Jul 6, 2023 – 34:53
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    Jul 2, 2023 – 28:11
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    Jun 29, 2023 – 35:53
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    Jun 25, 2023 – 25:53
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    Jun 22, 2023 – 28:38
  • What I Learned From My Father
    Jun 18, 2023 – 29:19
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    Jun 15, 2023 – 34:12
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    Jun 11, 2023 – 23:56
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    Jun 8, 2023 – 28:49
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    Jun 4, 2023 – 28:21
  • Ask Suze & KT Anything: What is The Most Important Lesson to Teach Your Kids?
    Jun 1, 2023 – 34:15
  • Suze School: What You Need To Know About Preferred Stocks
    May 28, 2023 – 24:39
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    May 25, 2023 – 37:12
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    May 21, 2023 – 29:27
  • Ask Suze & KT Anything: Questions From The Community
    May 18, 2023 – 33:46
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    May 14, 2023 – 41:47
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    May 11, 2023 – 32:53
  • Suze Goes To School and Highlights from The Six Most Valuable Words In Life
    May 7, 2023 – 14:50
  • Ask Suze & KT Anything: I Have A Dilemma
    May 4, 2023 – 32:08
  • Suze School: What I Know For Sure
    Apr 30, 2023 – 40:01
  • Ask Suze & KT Anything: Don’t Feel Embarrassed or Scared
    Apr 27, 2023 – 39:31
  • Ask Suze & KT Anything: Why Did My Credit Score Drop?
    Apr 23, 2023 – 39:56
  • Suze School: To Buy or Not To Buy… I Bonds
    Apr 20, 2023 – 37:46
  • Suze School: Revisiting The Five Year Rule For Roth Retirement Accounts
    Apr 16, 2023 – 53:14
  • Ask Suze & KT Anything: To Remodel or Not To Remodel?
    Apr 13, 2023 – 37:21
  • Suze School: Understanding Annuities
    Apr 9, 2023 – 43:12
  • Ask Suze & KT Anything: When Are Annuities a Good Investment?
    Apr 6, 2023 – 30:44
  • Suze School: A Different Way To Think About Your Net Worth
    Apr 2, 2023 – 27:56
Recent Reviews
  • Zxcvbnlkhgfdsawrtujop
    New listener. Love these two!
    SUZE and KT are so good together. I love how their personalities compliment one another and the positive energy they display with every show.KT is so darn sweet and so obvious they have a love for each other that demonstrates how relationships can be. SUZE has changed my financial life and helped me to be more independent and also helped me feel empowered. At 64 I only wish I found her sooner. I have told my kids about her and hope they listen too.
  • doogenhound
    Great twice a week show
    Wish you were daily ha
  • aedffhni
    Single mom
    Hello, I don’t have a review yet. I saw some episodes via tv growing up with my dad. I respect your opinion and hope to change the trajectory of my future. I recently separated from my husband. I have 6 kids ages 2-17. I have no savings and will currently live off child support until I can get a job. I will be moving back to my family, in the next 9 months, who has helped me secure a place to live. Will it ever be possible to continue saving for my children? They currently have regular savings accounts with a little bit going in each month. Is there a way to save and pay back family? What should my next steps be? I’m not even sure about all I should be asking or looking in to. Thank you
  • ReviewerJS
    Practical and actionable advice explained clearly
    This is by far my favorite financial podcast. The host provides practical and actionable advice and explains concepts clearly. Each podcast is full of information and sometimes I listen twice to understand it fully. I use the search feature to listen to topics that are particularly applicable to my circumstances. I’ve implemented Suze’s advice to my benefit on many occasions. Thank you for this important content.
  • Mary@BCF
    A fan, until
    I have learned from Suze and her podcast, but the response to a question regarding our society's transition away from fossil fuels left me disheartened and no longer subscribed. We are in a position in our world where we cannot afford to invest in technologies and products that take the collective 'us' over a cliff. I heard a response that seemed to consider only the 'what's my short term return'. What are we doing to create a more livable world with our investments? I don't care to be a King Midas.
  • I am rich Jill
    Priceless knowledge
    Motivation, education, encouragement, and no nonsense answers. We would all be so much smarter, stronger, richer and happier if we followed her recommendations from early adulthood. However, even if you are 50, you can still use her knowledge and change your life!!
  • Barb 6799963
    I find a lot of the information valuable. The Alliant Credit Union stuff is a bit much. I will never buy anymore stock she recommends though and wish she would follow through with suggestions on what to do when it tanks. Like ARKK. The biggest mistakes I’ve made in the stock market are taking her advice on ARKK and The Motley Fool’s advice on BAND. The only two picks I didn’t make for myself. Lesson learned. She does seem genuine in her effort to help women.
  • TomTurkToledo
    I like the personal finance information. But, I’ve been turned off lately by Suze’s all too frequent passive aggressive tone and contempt in her voice. Sadly, this is too often directed at sweet KT. She plays it off as “just kidding,” but I’m not convinced. Red flag.
  • QuickCardo
    Episode 452 interview Sheila Bair FDIC best ever
    2008 my mother had 6-figure amounts under FDIC limit, thanks Susie. Bank failed FDIC swaps all $$$ to new bank in what seemed an instant. ZERO $’s lost Thanks Sheila! This interview was fantastic for those in 2008 and even better today. These types of shows are why I check out EVERY Suzie show
  • NLA_Wa
    I have been a fan of Suze for decades and have learned so much over the years! Appreciate all you do for your audience. Lately, been having a hard time listening due to all of the advertising for Alliant Credit Union. I understand they are the sponsor but it seems to be consuming a great deal of the actual show time on repetitive messaging.
  • Nanb9
    Empowernent, educational, amazing
    I thank God that I find Suze Orman podcast I had learned so much about how to manage my life my finances now I know how to direct my life prepare for my retirement, im still learning and it’s amazing thank you Suze and KT , for doing this podcast also for having your website full of helpful information
  • MrsG917
    Love your new theme song!
    It’s very motivating!
  • Tmarq14
    Unstoppable!! Episode 435
    Yes!!!! I luv that song!!! It definitely helped get me through a hard time. I blast it in the car and sing loud !!
  • Kt53L
    Valuable information
    Listen from the beginning with the understanding that things have changed a bit from the first episode.
  • amy the cat lady.
    Opened my account. I cannot wait to save and I cannot wait to win. Thank you for all of your wonderful helpful tips. Amy
  • Mommaduck16
    Continue to learn so much.
    Thankful for the time you and KT spend empowering us. Been a looong time student of SUZE and every time there’s something new. Loved the “can I afford” segment and now I participate on the quizzies. My husband has become a great learner and listens to your podcasts, takes notes and says all the time “but SUZE says” and is interested in our investments. Thank you SUZE. God bless you and KT for being a very caring team.
  • 34687534899
    I absolutely adore them!
    I’m glad I found this podcast I am 29 years old and I’m just now starting to start on my financial literacy journey. I have been searching high and low for something just like this for months and months. It’s so simplified, spiritual and pleasant. And I love tuning in to this show to hear their exchanges as well it just warms my heart. I look so forward to this podcast getting educated while listening is actually the bonus haha ! KT and SUZE never change and thank you for your time I am so grateful !
  • MKB537
    Thank you Suze! Thanks to your insights and advice during this challenging market downturn I have learned how to make shifts with my money that help me feel not just secure but empowered. So grateful for all of the information you are sharing with your listeners!
  • vms200
    Annoying to Listen to
    Suze’s advice is good but when her and KT are on the show together, it’s annoying to listen to because they talk like babies to each other.
  • ryann_ford
    Love Suze BUT …
    Been a longtime fan of Suze and have learned and grown so much from listening to her over the years. In the last couple of years, however, I do feel she’s missing the mark in a few areas. I know that Alliant is a sponsor and she probably has contractual obligations to promoting them, but enough already! I listen to many podcasts and all of them have sponsors that they promote but Suze
  • Conscious_Marketing_&_PR
    Amazing podcast!
    Amazing podcast! Very informative, Suze has answers to many common financial questions that we might have.
  • Tkd_Gal
    I ❤️ Suze
    I love her advice. I have been following her since her CNBC days. She’s so informative. However, I am beginning to notice that a bunch of the questions can be answered by a Google search. The show is short so the time can be better spent answering more complicated lister questions.
  • Hed-Mat
    There are better options
    I watched her on Saturday nights for years. Was excited to find her podcast about a year ago. But the more I listen the more I become disillusioned with her. She’s constantly annoyed with listener questions. But what finally annoyed me enough to unsubscribe was her telling people they were wrong to include bonds in their portfolio while she was gah-gah for Crypto currency. She refuses to fess up and admit it’s not all she sold it as. At least I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for being skeptical all along.
  • better off now
    Thank you Suze
    I love Suze ! She explains everything so we can understand it. She gives great advice ! I love her info about I bonds. She offers many free things - podcasts , inexpensive books , and she sincerely cares about us - and tries her best to help us - the ordinary folks . I have listened to her for many many years !
  • Esterdotter
    Clear and useful.
    Lots of information explained clearly. Subjects both familiar and unfamiliar to those of us not financially sophisticated. The annoying thing is it has turned into The Suze and KT Show. Too cute. I know some people like a glimpse into their personal life. But it’s annoying. I stopped listening for a while, just skimming the transcripts. I must sound cranky but KT actually derails the topics too often.
  • Frustrated9876
    The extra
    I listen to a lot of podcasts and tried listening to Suze Orman’s podcast. The content is great but why the music before and after? And the lengthy disclaimer at the end that went on for a minute (at 2x)? No one else has lengthy music and beginning and end or disclaimer in spite of the sponsorship. Am I supposed to slow it down and listen to the disclaimer or it’s just legal protection? that’s why I’m rating it low and I rarely write a review but I’ve been that turned off by this extra stuff. i.e I’m listening to the podcast and suddenly the music blasts into my ear. It’s really cheesy. Come on now Suze!
  • Sad helper
    My Friend
    I listened to her since my divorced in 1993. I watched her in PBS and listen to her anytime that it was possible and learned a lot from her. She is telling it as is and not after gaining any benefits . I even share her advices with my kids
  • RosemaryS
    Love KT
    Love you both. I’m always LOL when you all disagree because it’s with so much love. Thank you so much Suze for all the information you give to all of us.
  • Dmjcmh
    I love Suze no sugar coating style and her information and advice has been spot on in my life.
  • TampaPierce
    I’m Obsessed
    I am obsessed with Suze and KT. I literally took my financial life from 0 to hero with the assistance of Suze’s books and now the podcast with Suze and KT. Also, it is SO REFRESHING to hear an LGBT couple and their banter and perspective. They warm my heart and the advice is life changing.
  • Chellie. 93
    Women women women! If you are single, if you are young, if you are married, if you’re divorced, if you have children, if you’re aging closer to retirement, if you have money to invest, if you’re inheriting money, if you want to take control of your financial life and feel powerful in it, 👏🏻 YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST 👏🏻 You will learn SOOOOOO MUCH attuned to your financial life, it’s not even funny. I’m 28 and stumbled upon this podcast by chance (seriously) and it has literally changed my life. It makes so much more sense than all the average joes and dudes on the air doing their own podcasts. The women and money podcast will set you up FOR LIFE, for you and your family. You will feel powerful, knowledgeable, unstoppable, independent, and prepared for anything financially after listening to Suze. This podcast has completely changed my financial future and I am SO SO GRATEFUL. Please just listened, you are bound to learn so much.
  • New Invest-or
    It’s too much…..
    I love the financial advice. The relationship dynamics and quizzes…it’s just too much. I’m sure they are a wonderful couple…I don’t need it with my$$ advice. I stopped listening on Thursday to avoid the conflict…but now it’s them on Sundays….it’s just too much
  • The 99%, we do exist
    Useful info for the 99%!
    Unlike other money shows- Suze provides useful info for “the rest of us”- the 99% who are just trying our best to make smart investment choices and prepare for retirement. Long time listener and I’ve learned a lot!
  • CS from Oklahoma
    Best Information Ever!
    Thank you for providing such valuable information with each and every podcast. It is by far the best available. Love you and KT!
  • chesterchet
    Condescending tone
    Good information, but tough to listen to the condescending way Suzie speaks to KT and listeners.
  • DB$$$$$
    Better Options
    She’s more concerned with ratings than giving sound advice. Stay away.
  • Quit deleting my narrative
    Too Silly
    I really enjoy the content when it stays on topic. The banter is just too much and too silly to wade through anymore. Sorry, “girlfriend”.
  • Happystart
    I learn so much from Suzie
    I learn so much from Suzie. I remember when she said to save your change and it will help you save and it does and I love the Alliant Bank savings account for a year and get $100. I really just like listen to her she makes me happy
  • ZoeMC
    Advice for the A+ investor
    This podcast is for women that have their finances mostly figured out, have had few setbacks and just need the icing on the cake to further secure their confidence in different investment choices. I have really enjoyed her episodes on general topics (like student loans), which give an update on current events and strategies. For me it has been difficult to find an episode that regularly applies to someone like me, that maybe didn’t have the best financial start and have had a few restarts over time.
  • Secretlytxtn
    Glad I started to listen to Suze
    Suze has spoke from her own experiences and I’m so happy to start my newest financial independence with Suze smack downs. Her knowledge is so immensely incredible. Love you Suze and KT too
  • jaymarcnorthamerica
    For the rich
    Sounds like suzie is addressing the top 5-10 percent in this episode. Just sayin
  • dbbo14
    Great information
    It’s hard to sifting through all the information you can get on just about anything these days… I believe that the information to be truly helpful for everyone trying to get ahead financially and in life. I would recommend this show to everyone from grand parents to so important youth.
  • HikinKim
    Great Show
    Years ago I used to watch Suze show. I ran across her podcast and I am enjoying her show again. She provides practical money advice for anyone it doesn’t have to be just women by the way! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and information with us!
  • Taraaaa2233
    Thank you!
    Thanks for sharing the podcast!
  • Lovetnt
    Suze has taught me so much and not just about money
    Years ago I started watching Suze on TV and was fascinated by her but I wasn’t yet ready to take control of my financial situation. Fast forward to this podcast. They are the perfect bite-size morsels packed with information that can really help… Today… For all the years to come. Then, aside from money, she has KT on the episodes. I adore KT. She is totally the heart of the show and their love for each other is an inspiration. I enjoy the tangents as much as I do the information.
  • Live up!
    Thank you!
    I moved to a new town two weeks ago after 30 years of being almost completely bedridden with multiple chronic illnesses and my financial life far better in my early 20’s than now in my early 50’s. I walked into a thrift store yesterday and of all the books on the shelf, The Courage to be Rich sang out to me. I mean that almost literally—energetically it gave me a big shout. I snapped it up for $1. That led me to this podcast. The two together sort of marry those two stages of my life. It’s so nice to hear Suze then and contemporaneously. I loved her then and I love her now. I am still going to nurture my money. I talked to a graduate program the other day—I’ve been honing skills while I’ve been sick. I’m still going to make it. I just had a hiccup. Suze helps give me the strength and wisdom to nurture my money wisely into a good situation for myself and someday I know I will be able to afford nice things and retire comfortably. Thank you Suze and KT for all your continued passion and caring 💜
  • tennisfreak99
    I’m a man smart enough to listen.
    Make sure you listen to each and every single podcast episode. Suze Orman gives the best advice, not only for your finances, but empowerment to take control of your destinies. It has truly changed my life around. Love you Suze, KT, and Sarah for all you do for everyone! This series is definitely for everyone.
  • Kim F.S.
    Susan Orman cares
    Dear Susie, I absolutely love listening to your podcast. Your compassion and excitement are conveyed every single time! You are a very inspirational woman and challenge me to think more clearly and securely about my finances. I want you to also know I appreciate your honestly sharing about your health challenges. This is very important because we are all human and we must prepare for physical challenges. I don’t know if you ever read these, but on the chance you do, please, please, please read the book The Plant Paradox and change your eating routines. It is everything and I know it will aid your recovery much faster. I did and it drastically improved my quality of life. Please try it and trust in Dr. Steven Gundry. Blessings.
  • Tkarratti
    A Must Listen
    Suze Orman is a master at personal finance. It truly matters to her that you do well with your money. The purpose of money is to be secure. Listen to this podcast, follow the advice and be in full control of your money. Suze will tell you how to get it done. There are plenty of real life examples. Thursday’s podcast deals with questions from listeners; so you get a diverse range of information. I’ve been following Suze for years and it has made all the difference in my finances.
  • caregiver times two
    5 stars!!
    This is a great podcast and must listen to learn about financial matters. Thanks Suze and KT. You make learning about money easy, fun and educational. Love the quizzes!!
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