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This is not your stereotypical entertainment pod.
Take a dive into Hollywood unlike any you've done before. Real, raw, and uncensored. Join us as we talk to celebs living their lives in front of the cameras AND hear from the paparazzi, bodyguards, and private flight attendants that surround them. Find out what your favorite celebrities are REALLY like.
Hosted by entertainment news veteran Dax Holt and NYC photojournalist Adam Glyn.

Recent Episodes
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    Jun 2, 2023 – 39:36
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    May 17, 2023 – 01:07:28
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    May 12, 2023 – 50:25
  • King Charles' Coronation - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly w/ Royal Insider Kinsey Schofield
    May 10, 2023 – 55:52
  • Raw Rundown - Taylor Swift & Matt Healy, Jamie Foxx Health Update, Kevin Costner Divorce, and MORE!!
    May 5, 2023 – 53:53
  • Summer House's Newest Addition Samantha Feher Talks Politics Of Joining An Established Cast
    May 3, 2023 – 51:32
  • Raw Rundown - RIP Jerry Springer, Glen Powell & Sydney Sweeney, The End of The James Corden Show, and MORE!!
    Apr 28, 2023 – 47:37
  • #169 - Bachelor Nation Star - Wells Adams Talks Fame, Career, & Being Married To Sarah Hyland
    Apr 26, 2023 – 01:01:41
  • Raw Rundown - Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Back On, Jamie Foxx Hospital Update, Aaron Cause of Death, and MORE!
    Apr 21, 2023 – 59:41
  • #168 - Rachel Uchitel : What It's Like Becoming the Biggest News Story in The World
    Apr 19, 2023 – 01:25:55
  • Raw Rundown - Taylor Swift Single, Amanda Bynes Update, Kim Kardashian on AHS, and MORE!!
    Apr 14, 2023 – 52:50
  • #167 - Former Paparazzi Agency CEO Gary Morgan Tell All
    Apr 12, 2023 – 01:06:42
  • Raw Rundown - Kendall Jenner Dating Bad Bunny, Tom Schwartz on Scandoval, Sofia Richie Now Jewish, and MORE!
    Apr 7, 2023 – 57:46
  • #166 - The Evolution of Paparazzi and Media Coverage
    Apr 5, 2023 – 55:51
  • Raw Rundown - Blac Chyna's Transformation, Khloe Kardashian's New Neighbor, Gwyneth Paltrow Court Update and MORE!
    Mar 31, 2023 – 50:29
  • #165 | Wagner - Celebrity Photographer Behind The Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Infamous Beach Pix
    Mar 29, 2023 – 01:02:59
  • Raw Rundown - Scandoval Reunion Deets, Amanda Bynes 5150, Tekashi 6ix9ine Beat Down & More!
    Mar 24, 2023 – 51:14
  • #164 | Investigative Journalist Ian Halperin Talks Going Undercover To Break Some of the Biggest Stories in Entertainment News
    Mar 22, 2023 – 01:15:56
  • Raw Rundown - Lindsay Lohan Pregnant, Diplo's Sexuality, RIP to The Bella Twins & More!
    Mar 17, 2023 – 46:00
  • #163 | Exclusive Vanity Fair Oscar Party Details + Our Favorite Hollywood Party Memories
    Mar 15, 2023 – 01:02:00
  • Raw Rundown - Vanderpump Rules Cheating Drama, Tiger Woods Sued for $30 Mill and More! (03-10-23)
    Mar 10, 2023 – 48:46
  • #162 | People Magazine's Jeremy Parsons - The Reality of Covering Award Show Season
    Mar 8, 2023 – 01:08:12
  • Raw Rundown - Selena Vs. Hailey, Madonna's New Boy Toy, Travis Scott Nightclub Incident & MORE! (03-03-23)
    Mar 3, 2023 – 45:15
  • #161 | Drake and Diddy's Personal Chef Talks Cooking For Celebs - Chef Kay Kay
    Mar 1, 2023 – 51:31
  • Raw Rundown - Kelsea Ballerini Tell All, Mean Girls 2, Kendall and Bad Bunny, & MORE! (02-24-23)
    Feb 24, 2023 – 51:31
  • #160 | "I've Done Ayahuasca Over A Dozen Times" - Rising Country Star Whitney Miller
    Feb 22, 2023 – 01:10:10
  • Raw Rundown - Rihanna Breaks the Record, MGK & Megan Fox Split?, Seacrest Leaving Live w/ Kelly and MORE! (02-17-23)
    Feb 17, 2023 – 44:18
  • #159 | Sneaking Into Super Bowl Parties - Adam's Arizona Recap
    Feb 15, 2023 – 01:06:45
  • Raw Rundown - Armie Hammer Speaks, Madonna's Face, Britney Spears Intervention, & More! (2/10/23)
    Feb 10, 2023 – 54:13
  • #158 | Double Dare Host Marc Summers Gives Us Major Childhood Nostalgia
    Feb 8, 2023 – 55:48
  • Raw Rundown - Tom Brady's Retirement, Dr. Phil's Last Show, Thomas Girardi Indicted, and MORE! (02-03-23)
    Feb 3, 2023 – 49:08
  • #157 | Tara Reid - "The Media Got It Wrong with Me"
    Feb 1, 2023 – 01:00:16
  • Raw Rundown - Paris Hilton's A Mom, Pam Anderson Dropping Names, Gerard Pique's New Girlfriend
    Jan 27, 2023 – 34:30
  • #156 | Former TMZ producer, Trevor Jon Wayne is BACK for Part 2
    Jan 25, 2023 – 01:16:36
  • Raw Rundown - Alec Baldwin Charged, Selena Gomez's New Man, Madonna's Bizarre Tour Video (01-20-23)
    Jan 20, 2023 – 57:12
  • #155 | Jim and Kortnie Edmonds to Meghan King: "STOP TALKING ABOUT US!"
    Jan 18, 2023 – 01:08:23
  • Raw Rundown - Death Of Lisa Marie Presley, Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan PDA, Golden Globes Wrap-Up, Celebrity Threesome, And MORE! (01-13-23)
    Jan 13, 2023 – 53:20
  • #154 | Royal Expert Kinsey Schofield - Talks 'Spare' and Royal Scandals
    Jan 11, 2023 – 01:01:23
  • Raw Rundown - Prince Harry's Spare Book, Ashley Olsen's Wedding, Kristin Cavallari's New Man, AND MORE! (01-06-23)
    Jan 6, 2023 – 46:45
  • #153 | Part 2 - The GREATEST Moments of Hollywood Raw in 2022
    Jan 4, 2023 – 39:46
  • Raw Rundown - Tory Lanez Guilty, Kim Kardashian Crying, Paula Abdul Photoshop Fail, AND MORE! (12-30-22)
    Dec 30, 2022 – 46:39
  • #152 | The GREATEST Moments of Hollywood Raw in 2022 (Part 1)
    Dec 28, 2022 – 55:07
  • Raw Rundown - Brad Pitt's New Girl, OJ Simpson Interview, Britney Spears is Alive, AND MORE! (12-22-22)
    Dec 23, 2022 – 42:10
  • #151 | Biggest Entertainment News Stories of 2022
    Dec 21, 2022 – 58:36
  • Raw Rundown - tWitch's SHOCKING Death, Dua Lipa's New Man, Harry & Meghan's Doc, AND MORE! (12-16-22)
    Dec 16, 2022 – 51:20
  • #150 | Trevor Wayne - Former TMZ Producer Opens Up About Dating a Celebrity
    Dec 14, 2022 – 01:12:44
Recent Reviews
  • Nasus16
    Great podcast
    Interesting topics/stories. Seem like nice guys and I appreciate that there is minimal vulgar language.
  • gigi v f
    I have to tell you how much I enjoy your podcast. I heard you on Juicy Scoop and subscribed right away. You both are so good together and honest with your opinions. Good stuff
  • Yazzy91301
    You are the best!
    5 stars! You guys rock! That’s it. That’s the review! Keep up the great work… it’s truly appreciated!!
    The BEST
    I’m not big on pop culture (so I thought!) I’m not a huge tv fan or music fan. Crazy, I know. Adam and Dax give you the “behind the scenes” scoop, and have me hooked on all the details! I find the reality of behind the scenes from bodyguards, paparazzi, and others way more interesting than I would’ve ever thought. Adam is unfiltered, honest, and always forms his own opinion. Dax is always so kind and understanding approaching topics. The combo is unmatched. Thanks for everything y’all do to give us this captivating pod cast. Much love, Christy
  • Mustang SallyP
    Hollywood Raw #1 Podcast
    Adam and Dax you ROCK! Hollywood Raw is my favorite podcast of all time. I am a pop culture junkie and you guys keep me informed. Love the rundown / top 10 stories! Your chemistry and friendship shine through. Kudos for being the #1 Apple Podcast in the USA!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  • Jj jelled
    I’ve listened to this podcast for awhile now and the true “sleezy-ness” came out today. Your paparazzi and NO ONE owes you a “shot”! If M & H did not want to be photographed, move on. Why is it okay for the pap (not street journalist) to follow and not chase no matter who it is? What a disgusting job you have. Sleezeball behavior. If you need to eat and put food on your table, find a real job.
  • qclaj
    I just found this podcast. I heard them on juicy scoop. Used to love Dax on TMZ. Listening now and love it!
  • Kcface
    Binge worthy ‼️
    Adam and Dax, I discovered you guys on beyond the blinds and quickly became hooked. Now I’m caught up and look forward to listening to your podcast as soon as it drops on my commute to work! Random but can either of you tell me what Reba is like in person, don’t recall her being mentioned on your show and I grew up watching her show with my grandma so I’ve always wanted to meet her and wondered if you had the scoop 😂 Thanks for creating fresh content, love the podcast! -Kasey from Cincinnati
  • anastesiad
    There is something about this podcast that never lets me fully enjoy and that us adam. If dax did alone would be so much more enjoyable and bonafide.
  • Dmd2780
    I love the podcast! Always my go to when I am going about my day. Dax and Adam have such a good banter that it makes it such an enjoyable listen. I especially love when they have photo journalists on and they are spilling the tea! Denise from New Jersey
  • G_k_A_z_1289
    Definitely a top celeb news podcast!
    Review from Kyra L- This is definitely a top celeb news podcast for me. I have been listening since your first guest appearance on Deux Moi and I enjoy it each week! I think what drew me in was how experienced you guys are in the industry; with personal celeb stories to throw in from time to time. Hollywood roundup at the end of the week means it’s Friday and always puts me in a good mood. Keep up the great work!
  • irislmh
    Loved hearing Kinsey told about her love experience at the coronation!!!
    May 5th Podcast
    I just choked on my tea! "Do I have to F them or do they F me?" Listened 3x. Still laughing!
  • Allison-426
    Let’s me know what to deep dive on the weekends
    LOVE the podcast, I’m apart of the Facebook group (silently haha). Adam & Dax are hilarious and I love the conversation. I feel like I’m hanging out with friends. The Friday raw rundowns (I like that they are an hour) are my favorite, as a busy mom, you guys provide me the right amount of celebrity I need in my life. Can you please possibly read my review on a Friday rundown? You guys are the best! -Allison M
  • Traceee with 3 e's
    Love LOVE LOVE!
    Two guys with a perspective of pop culture that is real and valid. They’ve been in the weeds and now share their knowledge and opinions on the subject. Really good guests and great subject matter. America IS pop culture and these guys show the behind the scenes realities in a fun and entertaining way. BRAVO!
  • AndrewRimby
    If only Adam and Dax were gay!
    All jokes aside, as one of your dedicated gay listeners, I absolutely love that two straight men are obsessed with the Hollywood gossip and inject me with their entertainment tea! You both are the best, and I am obsessed with your interviewes and weekly rundowns. Always excited to listen.
  • yyxy4eva
    Love this podcast-@JennHill
    I love this podcast. It brings me joy every Friday morning when I am getting ready for work. Just joined the Facebook group. Question…is Adam single? Love you guys.
  • Shankbrandi
    Thee best!
    10 stars! I found you guys on The Jason Show. I really enjoy your podcast, you guys are doing a community service with your pod and FB group! The chemistry between you is perfect. I love the dichotomy of celeb and paparazzi interviews. Thank you for keeping us entertained! - ❤️Brandi
  • Amy Walker52
    My favorite podcast!!
    I love listening to you both!! This is my absolute favorite podcast!! I like to put it on while I work and It makes my workday so much easier. I have joined the facebook group and love the posts and comments there too! Please keep the podcasts coming! I could listen to you every day!!! 5 stars from me! Amy Walker
  • Momof2byz
    Great Podcast
    Love the chemistry between you two.
  • Sara s h
    Love this show!
    This show is by far my favorite podcast that I listen to! I’m a working mom and it makes the mundane tasks of folding laundry, cleaning the house, cooking etc etc way more enjoyable! The weekly run downs are awesome! I wish these episodes were longer! The banter between the two hosts feels light and real. Just an awesome show! Keep up the good work! Sarah from Lewis Center, Ohio.
  • joneshaw
    Great pop culture podcast
    This is my absolute favorite podcast for pop culture dirt. Adam and Dax have such chemistry I am entertained my whole commute from work. Please always keep the raw rundown episodes long! It’s the only news I listen to 😁
  • AAVJ_16
    Gary Morgan Tell All - Bring him back!
    Hollywood Raw is one of my top favorite podcasts & on my weekly playlist. Adam & Dax have great chemistry & banter & make for great hosts. I’ve been listening to HR since the show rolled out & the interview with Gary Morgan was one of my favorites. You can tell he has a ton more stories to tell & hoping that he’ll be back on to share more. Keep up the light hearted, informative entertainment!! P.S. I found you guys thru the Pat & JT podcast! I remember listening to Dax on the 98.5 radio show, back when I used to listen to the radio. 🙂 -Alicia from Omaha, NE
  • superjavafreak2
    Glad I found you!
    I love entertainment podcasts! I also found you all because of Juicy Scoop and love having another option that is very different. I like all the different guests and your stories. Keep it up! Laura
  • TimothyS1982
    Love the podcast!
    Hey guys keep up the good work. Recently discovered your show a few months ago and it’s quickly become my favorite. Have been a fan of Dax since TMZ. Love the run downs and interviews but your random talks are the best. Especially when you talk about party’s you’ve been to or how celebrities really are. Thanks for always making us laugh and entertaining us!!
  • Ludumx
    Hollywood Raw: The Spicy Salsa and Cool Guac of Podcasting
    Listen, folks, if you're looking for a podcast that's more raw than a vegan diet and funnier than a clown with a chainsaw, then Hollywood Raw with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn is your jam! These two hosts are like a dynamic duo of entertainment industry insiders and irreverent jokesters, always dishing out juicy gossip and hilarious banter that will make you laugh so hard you'll forget you're stuck in traffic or doing chores. Whether they're interviewing celebrities, paparazzi or spilling the tea on their own experiences, Adam and Dax bring the heat and the wit. They're like the spicy salsa and the cool guac of podcasting, a perfect mix of flavors that will satisfy your cravings for laughter, insights, and juicy stories. So don't miss out on the fun, tune in to Hollywood Raw and join the party! Luisa Dreux (pronounced Draw) Stockton CA
  • cash1010
    Love you guys
    Love this cast! You guys make the Hollywood gossip and topics fun. Michelle in LA
  • Magers
    Fun Podcast!
    I started listening after you were on Juicy Scoop and I haven’t missed a Friday since. Love the interviews too. Your insider perspectives set this podcast apart from others in this category. Highly recommend! Maggie Vancouver, WA
  • FitAndFabRocks
    You two rock!
    Thank you for being so authentic on your podcasts. You tell it like it is. The two of you have great chemistry in your delivery of how you experience your craft. I now reside in Mexico and purposely do not listen or watch mainstream news outlets. Yet I love to listen to you to keep me updated on entertainment, celebrities and shows I used to watch. Munchas gracias , thank you.. Clara…❤️
  • daddy's girl 54
    Love you guys !
    I’m new to the podcast world. I heard you on Juicy Scoop and immediately downloaded the podcast. Your no nonsense is refreshing. Keep up the great work. DebbieD93
  • KI06081219
    Love the podcast
    Love the podcast! I was listening to an episode the other day and started laughing out loud at the gym. People were looking at me like I was nuts 😂thanks for making my workouts more enjoyable! Keely from NJ
  • Maddy Craig
    I love pop culture
    I found this podcast through Shannon’s podcast (Fluently Forward) and I really love this podcast! It’s always interesting to hear the POV of gossip from people in the industry. Keep up your hard work! It’s appreciated.
  • Berango8
    5 stars
    Dax and Adam,you make this crazy pants world almost tolerable. I appreciate the up-to-date celebrity gossip. You both are entertaining, dropping the info without extra drama, and then follow up with our FB group. I love you guys and look forward to these podcasts and our FB family then discussing it. I highly recommend this podcast for the masses. Guaranteed a great time. 5 stars guys! Jobs well done.
  • Caitlin111444
    My favorite pod!
    I love this pod! This is the one podcast I never miss, every Friday I listen with my boyfriend. I love pop culture and always have and it isn’t his thing, but you guys keep it real and make it fun enough that he enjoys it too. Every Friday it gives us time to spend time on chat about something I really enjoy together. You guys are always so real about celebrities and always make us laugh. Thanks guys for all the best updates!
  • KathleenFischer
    New fav!
    I am so intrigued by all things behind the scenes of Hollywood. Love to hear from the people we wouldn’t hear from otherwise! You ask all the questions I’ve always wanted answers to! Thanks for the awesome content 😁 -Kathleen
  • StopBeingGullible
    Say no to cocaine beards
    I don’t care about pop culture but I love this podcast
  • Gemma's gma
    Prince Harry and Megan
    Great podcast.. But Dax your wrong Harry and Megan aren’t good ppl.. caught in too many lies.. And very mean.. I give them 3 years..
  • shenkelman20
    Great Podcast!
    I look forward to listening every week!
  • MissKarelia
    New to this podcast but
    Absolutely love it, can’t stop listening and can’t wait till the next episode. Wonderful, thank you! Edurne
  • Rkennedy137
    Can’t Get Enough!
    I’m not a huge pop culture or “gossip” fan but I do like peaking behind the curtain of all things celebrity. It’s a huge help come the weekend and everyone starts gushing I’m able to hold my own in the convo! Dax and Adam have such great banter and I love their episodes- sometimes the most random guests! Questions are thoughtful and insightful. Friday’s Raw Rundown is by far my fav (it’s okay if you guys run over 30 minutes you don’t ramble!!) great listen thank you both!! -Rachael ♥️
  • littlebitofall
    Great Interviews
    I never really got into watching TMZ but I’d love to get the inside information from you two… Like many of your listeners I first heard you on Juicy Scoop. You were fantastic on there. But I love listening to your podcast, also! The interview you just did with Ian was amazing!!!
  • bobbie 302
    Senior fan
    Love this podcast , never miss your podcast , I am 70 year old fan , keeps me up to date on what happening , you are the best First podcast I go to , always interesting, I am a 70 year old fan ., I love all the insider knowledge, who does not like gossip!!!! This is my second review.keep up the great interviews . Bobbie
  • michellwmc
    New listener
    Heard you both on Ryan Baileys podcast and really enjoy you guys !!!!at least I’ll Have your podcast to listen to if Howard stern retires❤️❤️
  • cherizzzzle
    Since you have been asking for reviews I thought I would write one since I listen to you guys every week 😊 your podcast is one of the best out there and I love your laugh Dax . You guys keep me up to date on all the news out there . You guys need to go on juicy scoop again loved that episode too .
  • emmallette219
    the only straight male podcasters I will ever actually enjoy listening to lol
  • ccsuncat
    The best Pop Culture Podcast
    I found this podcast randomly and it’s become one of my favs! Love Dax and Adams stories, and they have the best guests spilling the tea!
  • LMSMK25
    A New Fan
    This isn’t my normal genre for podcasts because I really don’t follow Hollywood gossip. BUT I need some light-hearted listening sometimes where I don’t have to think too hard and also can stay up to date so I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what’s happening. The podcast is really fun to listen to and also gives me the current social news. Very enjoyable!
  • lcswmeg
    Always entertaining
    I am a therapist who always has paperwork to do lol. You all are always in my ear on Wednesdays and Fridays when I’m doing my mundane tasks. Always light and entertaining. As someone who has loved pop culture and celebrity gossip for years (and use the excuse that it’s to keep up with the teens I work with lol), I look forward to your weekly roundup.
  • Random4ever
    One of my fave podcasts
    Found them on Deux Moi and have been obsessed ever since. I listen to a lot of celeb/entertainment news podcasts but I love how this one shows the behind the scenes you can’t find anywhere else. They have entertainment journalism experience so they always have the best guests and ask the best questions! Plus they have great personalities and are so funny! It feels like talking about pop culture with your brothers or best guy friends The Facebook group is fun too! Keep up the great work Dax and Adam! - Maria
  • Borgmom
    Miss Wanda, Redondo Beach, California
    I have always had an interest in Pop Culture. Your pod cast is packed with content I like. You also have an easy replies with each other. It’s fun to listen. I even got my husband listening! Keep up the good work and keep your fans informed. I’m in the FB group too and you are right! It’s fun to read and ask questions. Thanks
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