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Are you ready to be inspired? Tune in each week to hear real-world stories from successful intermittent fasters, including their best tips to help you find success. Intermittent Fasting Stories is hosted by Gin Stephens, author of the New York Times bestseller Fast Feast Repeat, as well as her other books: Cleanish, Delay, Don't Deny, and Feast Without Fear. Looking for a community of like-minded intermittent fasters? Go to for more information and to join.

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  • maxxum1
    The best podcast for Intermittent Fasting
    Gin is a godsend!!! I came across this podcast already in intermittent fast, or I thought. However, I was doing it so incorrectly black coffee really made the difference in my fasting window. I was having cream with my coffee and a sugar-free sweetener every morning, not realizing why it wasn’t working as well as it should’ve been. The guest on the show our every day people and are so inspiring. Thank you again Gon for this amazing and informative podcast.
  • sillysdc
    What a great show!!!!
    I just heard about your podcast while listening to the intermittent fasting stories podcast. The guest stated she loved your podcast. I was looking for a new podcast. Wow! I am hooked I just binged 7 episodes. I love this show! Shelly
  • pchiodo
    Episode 332
    I used to love this podcast -listened to every show. But in the last few months to a year it feels to me it is turning into a chatty infomercial. I was going to leave it alone, but this latest episode changed that. In talking about body image the guest refers to Lizzo whose concert she went to see and says “she was so inspirational in the self love and body love”. I get it, fat shaming should be a thing of the past. But at the end of the day, science doesn’t care what you believe. Being morbidly obese is an early death sentence. Your risk of cancer, stroke, hypertension, and diabetes increases drastically as you age, if you are lucky enough to age. Young age forgives many unhealthy lifestyle sins, but youth does not last forever and biology will prove that over and over again.
  • Baby Spinach
    Absolute best podcast!
    Gin Stephens was born for this. She makes everything so clear and understandable. For those who complain about her talking too much, I believe she is so interested in educating people that she can’t contain herself at times! I would gladly listen to Gin alone for the entire podcast.
  • Grwsflwrs
    Love this podcast
    Love to hear other people’s journeys and how they came to IF and what it has done for them. It’s amazing the connections around the globe IF has brought, highlighting how we are more alike than different. I do agree with the other reviewers about letting the guests talk and less review of Gin’s story, although it does reaffirm the idea that we are similar in our struggles. Great job Gin.
  • kgris5600
    She talks and talks and talks
    Gin…are you not reading these? Your content is good…but good golly be quiet! Ask questions and let us listen! You don’t have to one up each and every Gol darn statement with a story.
  • Chill in FL
    Too much interviewer, not enough guest
    Love hearing the guests speak. Too bad it’s only about 40% guest voice. Between interviewer extended stories and ads I end up fast forwarding through half of the show. Makes it lot less fun.
  • danniiii d
    Interruption galore
    I wish the host didn’t constantly interrupt the guests. Constantly talking over them and not let them finish their sentences is very rude
  • solo seeking higher ground
    I love this podcast
    Episode 323. Perhaps the best episode ever. Thank you girls so much. Normalize conversations about menstruatio! We need it and we owe it to the next generation. Big shout out to the random man who stopped and shared IF with a stranger. I think we owe it to people to share it everywhere gently. Gently is important. Super inspired today. Thanks Gin!
  • unhappy$$$
    To the Men out there. This podcast seems like a women’s podcast but I keep getting awesome take aways. Listen with a open mind.
  • Panamum
    Useful and inspiring
    A lot of good success stories, I think it would be beneficial to have a brief note on the episode before needing to press play as I am specifically looking for people I can relate to, and I have to listen and skip which wastes a lot of time. Also, Gin looooooves to interrupt and hear herself talk, she will interject to share her similar experience with anything the guest says. Gin… shhhhhhh! Listen, don’t just think about what to say next, just listen.
  • Chickamauw
    Motivating yet frustrating
    I would have to agree with previous reviews, I love the motivation I get from this podcast but it gets really old listening to Gin interrupting the guest to tell her same stories over and over again. I am a long time listener so I don’t want to hear Gin’s same experiences every single podcast (such as her whole food diet experiment and how her husband eats).
  • Jbob198762
    Neat theme, poorly planned lineup
    I was super excited to find this podcast. I am trying intermittent fasting currently. I live in the suburbs, I’m a public school teacher, and I’m an obese man. I had to scroll for over a minute before I found at least one episode with a man in it and it was because he was married to who was being interviewed. I’ll happily edit this review if at least 1/3 of guests over the next 3 months are men. Our hormones are different. Being inclusive enough to add men to your lineup would be a nice change.
  • jz19942019
    Like listening to your favorite aunts gab in the kitchen
    Gin is so warm and friendly to all guests. I listen because it’s comforting and supportive.
  • Jen Oliva
    Constructive Criticism
    I really do like to listen to the stories but it gets a bit annoying when Gin interrupts the guests constantly and we don’t need to hear about your Whole Foods plant based experiment over and over or any other story that’s been heard many times. Please stop giggling at every little thing, let the guest speak and tell their story.
  • Arbiriojmhbg
    Brilliant and informative.
    Wouldn’t miss an episode. These inspiring stories show how everyone has their own fasting journey, but we can all relate. Weekly motivation with tips and tricks.
  • A.rem
    Addicted to this podcast
    I've listened to every one, some multiple times- so helpful on this IF journey!
  • jes🥰
    Host interrupts constantly- for the love of god please let your guests speak
    I’ve listened to many of these episodes and as much as it’s inspiring, Gin interrupts her guests constantly. Gin loves to talk about her kids and her husband, and she is very repetitive. She repeats the SAME STORIES TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HER GUESTS. A lot of the stuff she shares isn’t helpful and it takes the light away from her guests stories. Please let your guests share their stories, we don’t care how your husband or your kids eat
  • MamaKahrs
    Thanks Gin!
    Please don’t change a thing about this podcast! I love everything about it. It is so encouraging to listen to you and others share their stories and journey with IF. IF has been life changing and this podcast has given me the inspiration to keep going with IF even when others think your crazy. Thank you!
  • Samantha20496
    Listen and ask questions
    The show can be generally encouraging to start / continue with IF. As others have mentioned though, we don’t get to hear as much about the guests stories because the host frequently interrupts and turns the spotlight on her experiences. It derails the conversation and the guests often lose their train of thought. From my understanding, this podcast is supposed to be about others sharing their stories — not the host sharing hers. Her story can be read throughout her books, website and other podcasts where she is the guest. The role of the host is to listen and ask thoughtful questions. Hopefully the host takes this feedback and makes some tweaks because it’s getting exhausting to listen to the show how it currently is.
  • Beka89
    Great listen!
    Exactly what it promises to be and does it well! I like Gin, like fasting and like hearing others talk about it! Ads are skippable, as are the few episodes where the guest just doesn’t resonate with me personally. Grateful to have this each week.
  • Sabs D
    Motivating yet redundant at times
    I really appreciated this podcast at the beginning of my IF journey. However, it gets pretty redundant after a while with the host repeatedly interjecting with her personal stories. Would love to here more from the guests and less about the host since I’ve already read the books and listened to so many of these episodes.
  • Schatzie44
    Delay Don’t Deny…but yeah, you gotta deny
    I’ve tried this show so many times but I get so tired of it being yeah you really need to give up carbs or dairy or wine in the end to really get an effect. Each episode is Gin Stephens bemoaning that she can’t have wine every night. Doesn’t sound so simple anymore so maybe it’s not really working. I love fasting and will continue to do it, but I won’t pretend anymore that EVERYONE, regardless, has to track what they eat land not over consume. Let’s call it what it is…fasting with moderation.
  • hbinkley6
    I’m 5’4” and weighed 144 December 2020. Something had to give. I started I.F. Jan. 1 2021 and began seeking resources for support. Gin’s podcast became an essential download for me to maintain motivation and remember I’m not alone in the mid-life weight struggle. After reading her books and listening regularly, I lost 17 lbs EFFORTLESSLY!! I’m telling you, I will never “diet” again! I’m writing this review 1/15/2023 and can easily maintain my weight +/- 3-5 lbs (which is normal!). This is a lifestyle that gives you freedom and too many health benefits to count! Thank you Gin for sharing your story and research with us. You are changing so many lives!
  • Atheist Jen
    Great podcast but no bible thumping guests please!
    Great podcast but please leave religion and bible thumpers out of your guest list.
  • tiffy spiffy
    Good! But...
    I love this podcast and find it encouraging and helpful....but....sometimes when the guest shares something, instead of digging into what they just said, Gin will often use it as a spring board to share her own experience - and that's not always a bad thing as Gin's stories are very much needed. But when it happens over and over, it can be a bit jarring. Especially when you want to hear the guest elaborate more on whatever it was they just spoke about.
  • ze.ap
    Intermittent fasting stories
    Omgosh I have been listening for almost 2 years.Thank Gin🥰💕😊🥳
  • justmel4now
    Nice experiences but
    I would like to hear more from women who lost 100 lbs or more doing clean fasting! While the other experiences are encouraging, I am looking for stories of women who have substantial weight to lose with co-existing conditions. I know there are a few here but would like Gin to focus on those who have overcome many obstacles to encourage women like me.
  • Longhorngent
    Loved your book now I look forward to these podcast shows!! Really inspiring!
  • kuziekins
    Great info - Interviewer should try not to get triggered
    The information is so great, Gin is a wonderful teacher and the stories are inspiring. I’ve learned so much and I’m so grateful. In the spirit of being helpful, it can seem that Gin sometimes gets “triggered” when interviewing, often interrupting the person be interviewed going off on a personal tangent. Better to digs deeper and asks more questions. Talk less about yourself and find out more about the person who is telling their story.
  • tecireed
    I love this podcast
    I love listening to this podcast. I learn so much with each episode. The content is varied and I find things that I never knew would be interesting to me. I love the true connection of friendship you can hear between Sherri and Gin. Thanks for the great research you do for each show! Theresa Reed.
  • Ssingh525
    So inspiring!
    Love his podcast! I’ve been binge listening and just find so much inspiration with all the stories. I’ve tried eveything to lose weight I have 10 lbs to lose.. but I’m struggling, however the tips that folks have used are so helpful!! Love it all🙌🏼 Thank you Gin!
  • Riverbuny
    Love this
    One of my Top 5 favorite podcasts Gin is a great host! I am listening to everyone and I just Ilove it. Great job Gin thank you for drilling into me (way back on FB )to get rid of the creamer and stevia what a difference it has made.
  • bkd65
    Keeps me motivated!
    There is such a variety of experiences in the IF community. Hearing the different journeys is encouraging & informative. Thank you Gin for continuing this life changing podcast. Your genuine heart & sincere care shines through.
  • LuluReview
    Great podcast/down a star because of Ads
    Love Gin and IF. I need these stories for support and they’re perfect during my commute from work—my last hour before I open my window! Taking a star off for the needless anti-Trump ad for another podcast that plays before the podcast:/
  • nana'stinyfarm
    SIMPLY THE BEST in healthy, clear, totally do-able TIMED EATING as a lifestyle.
    Easy to follow, a match with our natural body’s ways, a true FREE health choice, a routine to try that - well, you’ll never want to go back!!!! Every human can benefit. Gin’s style is inviting and genuine. She is committed and living her best life and she cannot NOT SHARE THIS WITH everyone!!! Love her authentic passion. My life is forever blessedly changed - healthy easy and free. No counting. Tracking. Weighing. Free. Free at last. Thin and healthy, lean with no laser focus. Thank you Gin!!!!
  • Bambootim
    Listen everyday to Gin's show and to fasting highway. these two are on a whole new level to show the correct path for I.F. I would never have got this far by myself. Thank you ever so much.
  • Sassy422
    Love This Podcast!
    I listen to Gin every day on my walks. I love IF and love this podcast!!
  • Weathergal 2012
    Best Podcast Ever!
    This is hands down my absolute favorite podcast. Each story is so motivating and inspiring. Gin is such a pleasure to listen to and is a beautiful human being. Thank you Gin for sharing your journey and leading others on this journey.
  • 3rd try
    Living my best life!
    I can’t even begin to tell your how important this podcast has been to my IF journey. I have pulled at least one gem of information/inspiration from each & every podcast. I look forward to every episode each week. Thanks Gin for helping us live our best & healthiest self!
  • attiur46
    Too Much Interrupting
    Gin needs to stop telling her own story over and over again and let the guests tell their own story without continuous interruptions. There is a lot of good information in these podcasts, but I think we all know Gin’s story.
  • Grandma0987
    So Encouraging
    This Podcast of IF Stories is a tremendous tool for me as I begin my journey. I am in my car a lot so listen to these instead of books for now. I will succeed with the help of these women and the DDD Community. Thank you Gin for showing me/all of us a new and freeing way!
  • Nicananan
    Keeps me focused
    This podcast is part of my daily life. I listen as I do chores or mow or walk in my neighborhood. Gin’s interviewees are genuine people who have experienced real results with IF. Listening helps to keep me focused and on track and encouraged. Thank you, Gin, for sharing your knowledge and experience with us!
  • Susie Schnible
    Helpful stories- hate the liberal ad!!!
    I so enjoy listening to the success stories about intermittent fasting and find it very inspiring. I want to keep listening because it helps me to stay on track. I DON’T like the liberal ad about the station that is doing another negative program about Trumps 4 years!!! Please take that ad off or I can’t support listening to this podcast if they are sponsors ‼️
  • bailey1267
    Life changing
    This pod cast has changed my life, literally. I am super grateful!
  • Mike Hawk 83
    Love the encouragement!! YouTube?
    Absolutely love this podcast, wonderful for regular uplifting success stories to stay motivated! Are the interviews on video or just the audio via podcast?
  • egg casserole
    Thank you
    Today’s episode is just what I’ve been waiting to hear. My mother and now my brother have Alzheimers, so I recently started a journey down the “How to not get Alzheimers” road. I knew IF had to be beneficial, but I couldn’t explain it. Now, thanks to today’s episode, I understand it better.
  • Greenthumb205
    Guests need more vetting
    Gin is a good interviewer and good listener with a great personality. Each show takes the direction of the person being interviewed, and this is where things can go either way. Some of the people who come on the show are just insufferable-didactic, no sense of humor, promoting their own podcast or life coaching supplements. Some of the people are funny and genuine and others are...not! So I’d say I feel like listening to the show guests a little over half the time. The others? Delete!
  • merta82
    Inspiring but..,
    I really enjoy listening to this podcast for inspiration, but I wish the host would not interrupt the guests so many times while they are trying to tell their story.
  • Lolli_Rose
    Love the interviews!
    It seems like we can now enjoy them two times a week instead of one time! :)
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