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SciShow Tangents is the lightly competitive knowledge showcase from the geniuses behind the YouTube series SciShow. Every Tuesday, join Hank Green, Ceri Riley, and Sam Schultz as they try to one-up and amaze each other with weird and funny scientific research... while not getting distracted. There will be tangents about video games, music, weird smells, surprisingly deep insights about life, and of course, poop, but it always comes back to the science.

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Recent Reviews
  • Pcvdkc
    Kudos to Sam
    On a recent episode, the producer (Sam) was called out by the host (Hank) for being a Halloween fiend... and thus writing the intro to the episode in a complete appropriate Halloween-spooky-themed manner... which Hank performed extremely well even while mocking his own performance. I LOVED IT! Halloween is the best holiday, especially for those with imagination and an appreciation of the absurd. I am guessing that many of the audience are more scientifically bent, as am I, but that should not inhibit the more friviloud, fun aspects of our culture from being indulged on occasion. Since this is a, ahem, HOLIDAY, it is the perfect time (and most acceptible time) to loosen your perpetual restrictions and HAVE A LITTLE FUN. Kudos, Sam! I loved the bits even more than the episode, which was just as standardly engaging as every scishow tangets episode. Kudos. And HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
  • pickjo02
    Role models!!
    An excellent example on how teach and learn.
  • Samxye
    Love the playful format and topics!
    Podcasts usually make me fall asleep but I’m glad my carpool buddy introduced me to this one because it’s a lot of fun and very educational. The game format is always interesting and I love how many random facts I’ve learned in just the few hours I’ve listened.
  • Monika Źabćik
    Science Fun
    I love this podcast. I learn things and laugh every episode. I even occasionally get my questions answered by the Science Couch! It’s great.
  • Zig zag 89
    Amazing and entertaining but maybe not for young kids
    I Love this show. It is beyond entertaining and has become my go to when I’m in the car or cleaning up around the house. But if you have young kids and care about this kind of thing it is worth noting that while the subject material is appropriate for all audiences there is usually about one curse word in each episode. Nothing crazy or obscene, you may not even notice it, but worth noting If that is something you care about. Overall amazing podcast but I can’t recommend it for small children without a disclaimer for parental discernment on the matter.
  • Isthil
    Where are the Chin Coins?
    Stephan won season 2 and renamed the currency Chin Coin. Why did you stop calling them Chin Coins?
  • A random person #4 :D
    Only recently started listening and now I listen to at least 2 episodes a day… hopefully I won’t run out soon!
  • Doc Knox
    Keep bringin the hype
    Y’all get me excited to learn new weird random facts about the world. I appreciate all of you
  • Rosemary_Listens
    Science…for “normal” adults.
    Real science and potty humor. All one needs. (:
  • appython
    Perfect if you want to laugh or learn
    This is a fantastic podcast that makes me laugh and I always learn something new. It is delightful to listen to and I always leave each episode even more curious than I started. This is the perfect podcast if you ever ask why or how, or if you just want to smile instead of panic as you learn about the world around you. I will end this review with a science poem: Whether looking to laugh or to learn, This is the podcast you yearn To listen and to love And to subscribe above! Ceri, Hank, and Sam will make you smile, And light the fire of your mind as you run a mile (If you listen while you workout, that is) If only I’d listened to this podcast in high school, It would have quelled my fears that adult life would be uncool, Because these ones are curious, funny, and quirky, (You expect me to rhyme with that? This is beserk-y!) The best podcast in the world to me, Have your doubts? Just listen! It’s free.
  • VDayBaby
    Darn you all!
    This made me re-download both Twitter and Apple Podcasts AND Patreon because I’m obsessed… please listen and give these people all your money on Patreon because they use it for good things like knowledge
  • KineticArcadia
    Love it!
    I listen to the show every morning on the way to work and every afternoon on the way home. The facts are interesting and the banter is hilarious.
  • Petrshar
    Very entertaining. The crew works well together.
  • fallpartykate
    Love it
    It's entertainng and informative. I love SciShow on Youtube and I love the podcast
  • CatsSchrodinger
    Poo Prints Shout out
    I just listened to the most recent podcast and was so surprised when yall talked about BioPet and Poo Prints. That’s my place of employment!! I’m so happy to see others out there able to appreciate what we do here because it really is such a cool process!
  • Ceaser's cat
    Such a fun time!
    I love this podcast! I learn about many different things I have been curious about and I’m very entertained. I listen to this podcast while I run and it keeps me distracted from the monotonous pounding of the pavement. I would love to hear an episode about Veterinary Science :)
  • Swangal
    One of my favorite shows
    I can’t believe they talked about desert of maine! I’m so happy!
  • Cjblues112
    Really good show
    Love it
  • TorturedWit
    Great show
    I’m always excited to listen to a new episode. Maybe they can do a show about thermal coefficients or an electrical topic.
  • Sexy and know it
    Good mix of science and comedy
    This podcast teaches me cool things about science I never would’ve considered before, while actually laughing out loud. I have a place in my heart for ‘the fact off’ and rhyme time makes me laugh every time
  • hilzy24
    Love the show, miss the old format
    I love the show, but I do miss the old format of having four people all competing! I miss Stefan and the old dynamic of equals competing. I love the show either way, thank you for making it 😁
  • technetiumai
    Best comedy science podcast!
    Are there a lot of comedy science podcasts? Maybe not. But this one is the best! If you like SciShow or Crash Course you’ll love this podcast.
  • Everyday Mae
    More “Everyday” people!
    Can you bring in another non-science person? It would bring balance and new perspective to the show!
  • currently procrastinating
    I love it!
    It’s wait-wait-don’t-tell me if it were 20 years younger and about obscure science facts
  • gubblebumper
    My fav podcast
    Sam and Ceri are my unexpected favorites. I came in already know and loving Hank and Stefan, and thought I’d just have to tolerate their cohosts, but I was shocked to find that Sam and Ceri are hilarious and charming. I hope to see them in more things!!!
  • 879432794
    Funny and educational
    It’s a great podcast! I always learn something new, and the hosts are engaging with great chemistry. What happened to the ChinCoin though?
  • realShannaMae
    So fun!
    Don’t forget to listen all the way to the end for “butt facts”!
  • bobb661
    yay science! ceri for president!
    love this show! what happened to Chin Coins though?!
  • destielshouldnecanon
    So good
    I love this pod so much! They make learning interesting compared to other pods who take themselves too seriously. Sam is my favorite! Recommend to all my friends
  • Ms Chris Frank
    Miss the old format
    I love the fun learning in this podcast, but I do miss the previous game format. Still listen every week though.
  • 529603
    It's good!
    I love learning new things about the world in a fun and conversational way instead of going hard NPR serious voice. The topics are fun, the hosts have good chemistry (even the non-chemists) and the butt facts are worth sticking around for.
  • SeeAPriest
    This podcast is so good I figured out how to rate podcasts just for it.
    Listen to SciShow Tangents! It’s informative, funny, and a nice break in my week to learn about something new. The lightly competitive nature of the show gives you something to root for from week to week. It’s fun to play along with all their wacky games. It’s a good time. Listen to this pod! Episode recommendation! Underwater Weather.
  • HelloKDot
    Ceri deserves 5/5 ⭐️
    Extra gold star points to Ceri for singing a sea shanty. I always look forward to new episodes, but THIS truly made my day.
  • i'mtootired
    A Favorite
    One of my absolute favorite podcasts. Love the dynamic of the hosts and the cool science I learn about. Would absolutely love it if Deboki became a permanent host!!
  • hnb0810
    My favorite weirdos who make science and life just that much better
    Honestly this show has been the absolute highlight of 2020 and 2021. I am a junior in college and this podcast has honestly been the equivalent of having 10 cups of coffee, a warm blanket, and library study buddies all wrapped in to one if that even makes sense. I cannot emphasize how much joy this podcast brings me and my friends. I accidentally stumbled upon this and thank god I did. I have always been a huge fan of sci show but somehow I just never knew about the podcast. The moment I found it however I couldn’t stop listening to it. I sent it to all of my friends who are also in STEM and it has acted as the very glue that has gotten us through zoom university. Ceri, Stefan, Sam, and Hank, I cannot thank each of you enough for the effort and time you all put in to this podcast and how much it has helped me and my fellow college buds get through this really weird and isolating time. You have made me remember why I love science and when I was debating if it was all worth it and have totally roped me back in (a special shoutout to Ceri for representing what it means to be a cool chic in stem). As I continue to push through the long and arduous journey of pursuing an MD/PhD I find comfort in knowing that I will never be alone as I will always have you guys as my weird little internet buddies to remind me of how strange, magical, and interesting science is. I wish you all the very best and once again thank you for all that you guys do.
  • Hrupp
    Thanks for the entertainment and knowledge
    I look forward to the pod ever week. I’d love to learn more about human stem cell transplant. ie for cancer treatment. My mom had cancer, her sister was a closest possible match w/o being a twin. Now my mom is cancer free. She also has eczema and craves fruit, like her sister. Do they have the same DNA? The big question being if one commits murder can the other be convicted? 😜 This was a review for a year ago I guess I never sent. I got on to applaud Ciri for her kick a** sea shanty!! 👏👏👏
  • 待会设计师
    Great one
    Keep it up man, great science education videos you made on YouTube is great!
  • eranomical
    smart funnyyy
    it’s smart! it’s funny! i want to be smart! i want to be funny! i’m learning!
  • Jaya Nagarajan
    One of my favorites
    I love hearing familiar voices having fun and telling me about cool things! I'm studying astrohpysics and biology and I often have to pause the episode and text my friends some buckwild fact that y'all said (most recently it was about C Elegans intestines making poop signals with protons). The recent black hole episode was an absolute riot and I am currently reading the dark matter paper from the subatomic episode! Would love to hear an episode about aliens, from the Actual theories around them right now to the miscellaneous things that people have said were aliens throughout history to your own ideas about them. ****I am editing this review to say that I would LOVE a marsupial episode. Those dudes are WEIRD.
  • Emily N.S.
    guest suggestions!!
    love the show!! heard they were considering bringing more guests on this season and i’d love to see (or hear, i guess) brit garner — the episodes of hfs she was on were always some of my favorites — and emily graslie! also sydnee mcelroy!
  • @andyhanguyen
    My FAVORITE podcast of all time!
    I listen to a bunch of science communication podcasts, and when HFS ended, I was really sad to see it go, but now that Tangents has taken it’s place, I couldn’t be happier. I think Hank is such a great and fun host across all of his media and Sam, Ceri, and Stefan are so funny to listen to. The game show structure is brilliant. I literally love this podcast so much. Don’t know what it would listen to on my way to school without it. I would also LOVE to hear an episode on sexuality (in humans or animals) or gender.
  • kupomiaow
    Bring back the poem point(s)!
    That is all. And Ceri retroactively gets like 5 for her shanty cuz it was AMAZING. <3
  • cblase6
    Season three opening
    I miss the old format. I know this isn’t cemented, but I didn’t really care for the rhyming game. It belonged on Ask Me Another but for this pod I want to learn science!
  • SuefromCalifornia
    Season 3 Bonus
    I never laughed and learned so much than on this episode LOL I’m still laughing at the comment about Hank and his old underwear and geocache in same conversation LOL YOU ALL MUST LISTEN LOL
  • jammie mcjammerson
    excellence in podcasting
    aw Stefan! bye fellow stick shift enthusiast, we'll miss you. come see us every now and then!
  • ]e23DHM
    Helps my anxiety
    I love this! Very funny and informative! I have listened to all the episodes 2-3 times but remember the right answer 25% of the time so it’s fun to listen again and again! Having something to do helps a lot during these boring and lonely covid times. I can’t recommend this enough
  • WhichIsViciousSquishesWitches
    Joyful listen
    This pod is fun and funny, and makes me laugh out loud while also learning things. Completely recommend!
  • Nilqac
    What a great series, these people can be talking about any subject and you will walk away with lots of knowledge that is easy to take in because it’s interesting. Almost done with the whole thing!
  • BanDaniel23
    Experts are cool
    I loved the episode on birds with Jason Ward! It’d be great to hear from more experts who love their respective topics!
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