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Three sewists from different backgrounds — fashion, indie sewing and theater — discuss sewing topics and chat with big names from the sewing world. Join Meg Healy, Amanda Carestio and Kate Zaynard as they share their collective knowledge, insight and inspiration, connecting the sewing community and keeping listeners up-to-date on news and trends of sewing and fashion.

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  • missliz
    Not impressive
    It’s not just that’s these women don’t know very much, it’s that they don’t even try. No research or thought goes into these pods, or even any idea that sewing and textiles are ancient crafts with long histories to draw from. It’s all Me And My Credit Card, that’s the only song they can sing. Buy this from our friends! The worst was “zero waste sewing”, a subject humans figured out as they created the first textiles. Waste and scraps are a product of the Industrial Revolution, and these women have no idea what that is, or that textiles jump started it, or that natural fibers compost but polyesters are plastic so avoid them. In a well run sewing room scraps have uses, but that’s a secret from these people as well as the facts that producing the fabric does the harms, not a few scraps. Polyesters come from the toxic sludge at oil refineries. The breaking point though? One of these girl children moaning about how her carpenter boyfriend “with wood at least he doesn’t have to worry about the grain”. Really?
  • FashionistaBetch
    Unpopular sewing opinions
    Love this episode, one for me that id love you hear an episode on is” seam allowances” I hate that most patterns have a 5/8 inch seam allowance! It’s a waste of using extra fabric, and even if you trim its bulky! I much prefer 1/4-1/2 inch . I’d love to know how to easily grade down seam allowances in standard patterns while accounting for fit.
  • Marybeth Kress
    Love this group of sewists!
    The chemistry is there, people. The sewing talk is stellar. Come on, join in the fun!
  • michaels magic threadworks
    Stop saying like in every sentence. It really is irritating. Otherwise a 5 star!
  • Sewmaulo
    Would be better if some things were changed
    First off, I like this podcast because, as of episode 38, they don’t do any interviews, which is a breath of fresh air because every other sewing podcast does this, and it’s all the same people so it gets annoying. I chose a podcast because I want to hear from the hosts, not from some stranger. Another reason is because the talk about sewing stays relatively on track and we don’t get a lot of personal discussion. What I think could be done better is the addition of an editor. In nearly every episode, Meg interrupts someone and there’s an awkward pause as they wait for one of them to continue. In one episode, all three of them talked at the same time for an uncomfortable amount of time, and it really stressed me out. Additionally, sometimes when they finish a topic, they won’t have anything to say right away and there will be a long silence. Editing these out would take care of any awkwardness and would make for a more polished product.
  • wzrdreams
    On and off again
    I would like this show more if one of the hosts didn’t have an annoying habit of not being able to finish a complete sentence. It’s frustrating to listen to at times.
  • KD8QGG
    I can relax and listen.
    Thank you for this podcast. You team inspires me to sew. I enjoy that I can just let my guard down and listen. Honestly, I think I would listen to a podcast of just Meg’s laughter.
  • Sharpknitter1
    Sew & Tell
    I could listen to a new one, or an old one, every day!!! You three are perfect and such an inspiration! I love the fashion angle so much, my fav, and then the detailed nitty gritty, and then the links with pics and then the guests and then.... I love it ALL!!!
  • 747Josie
    Meg’s Been Wearing Some Headbands...
    I’ll need to try this again sometime. Just didn’t catch me. Sewing podcasts can be difficult but sometimes they really capture you...
  • bchirpietoo
    Sewing companions
    I stumbled upon your podcast a few months ago. Sewing has always been my escape but with my lifestyle changes due to the pandemic, it’s become a regular activity. I love listening to your podcast as I sew away usually with a bunny or two at my feet. It’s like sewing with friends. I’m energized by the different topics. Your tone is lively, bubbly, informative and not judge mental. You’ve pushed me to try projects I would have shied away from in the past. Thanks for informing and inspiring. Happy sewing!
  • SewYounique
    Love this Podcast!
    These ladies have inspired me to start making clothes again. I even registered for the Burda Academy am am enjoying it very much. I’m catching up on all the past episodes while walking! They have been such great company. I enjoy getting to know them and I feel like I can now finish their sentences. Love the bowl games. I highly recommend this podcast. Keep it up ladies! P.S. I’m really surprised at some of the negative feedback. Slamming them for body shaming and publicly leaving a comment. What a hypocrite!!! It takes a lot of courage (and time) to do what these ladies are doing. It’s not as easy as it looks to put yourself out there and share your personal self (vs. a corporate image). Their diverse personalities and backgrounds make this show even more interesting!
  • bensmichellemarie
    This is a fabulous podcast with great ideas and lovable personalities leading and participating in the discussion! Wonderful work! I am so glad that I came across this! It’s is a relaxing and inspiring break from the craziness of 2020!
  • sewing friends
    Some body shaming comments, slow, kinda dull
    Disappointed to hear body shaming in today’s “fall fashions” episode. Our world doesn’t need that. Sewing should be place of positivity, not proclaiming that “you have to have a certain body type to pull off a certain look.” I have listened to a few shows of this podcast and they often talk over each other a smidge, which interrupts the natural flow of conversation. The three people have different styles and view points, which is unique. Not worth my time to hear body shaming comments about sewing certain styles of types of clothing.
  • rgm213
    Like you know kinda?
    I have tried to enjoy this podcast. I love fashion, style, sewing - all the same things these girls love. And therein lies the issue - they are young(ish) working women who sort of talk like, well you know, kind of silly with a 1980’s valley girl rhythm. You may dismiss me as old, but actually I am a newly retired professional who worked with many young people in this age range. I’m sure these three are smart, accomplished and lovely. I wish they expressed themselves that way. Robbie Mitchell @rgm21352
  • paradx17
    Inspiring For Sewists!
    New listener, and went through the whole series. Loved each episode. Meg, Kate, and Amanda have a great mix of sewing talk and tips which is not too complex for an inexpert sewist, but still accessible and inspiring. I highly, highly recommend.
  • Becka7158
    Learning about sewing
    I would like to thank you ladies for sharing your experiences and techniques about sewing. I’ve learned quite a bit. I enjoy listening to your podcast! I look forward to the next episode! Thanks, Rebecca
  • User1219
    Has potential
    I like this pod so far. I’d give it closer to a 3.5 if Apple would let me give half stars. As of the writing of this review only 4 episodes have been released, and I think it has potential to be good. But you can definitely hear some nervous energy in their voices and breathing now and then, and lots of sentences that nervously trail off into nothing. Kate’s interview with Erika Bunker was awkward because Kate kept making statements that led nowhere, she needs to learn to state her opinion then move on to a question that will continue the conversation. But hopefully they will grow more comfortable over time. I will continue to subscribe and listen. Edited to add later: For me, the awkwardness has never gone away many many episodes later. At the end of the day, I’m really not a fan of this pod. I’m unsubscribing.
  • rednersware
    Can’t see episodes
    I can’t see any of your podcasts.
  • Sew Fran
    Love Sew & Tell Pod!
    Entertaining and informative. I’m always looking forward to the next episode. Kate, Amanda and Meg rock! Thank you ladies!
  • Phepper
    Enjoyable interaction & motivation
    Love learning new techniques & products
  • flquilter
    Love the podcast
    Love this podcast, as someone new to sew garments but not to sew in general. This podcast is great! Keep up the wonderful work ladies!
  • KittenStitcher
    Honest, relatable and inspiring!
    I love this podcast and look forward to every episode. If you are looking for hard core interviews or deep dives into sewing technique, this probably isn’t for you. But if you choose to sew because you truly enjoy it, you’ll want to listen. Whether your sewing has been a huge success or an epic failure....they offer support, inspiration and honest commentary that any true maker can relate with. Keep it up ladies, you are doing a great job of keeping it real, and your efforts are inspiring.
  • ThisDamselFlies1
    So much love for this lively sewing podcast!
    I love this show! Meg, Amanda, and Kate have already talked about so many interesting sewing topics, and even when the topic doesn’t particularly interest me (like bag making), the conversation is always so lively, varied, and fun that I listen to (and immensely enjoy) every episode. I’ve been a little low on sewjo for a long time now, but this podcast is right up there with Love to Sew, and they’re both inspiring me to get back into it.
  • pattytidwell
    Sew Much Fun!
    I have followed Meg Healy for years on BurdaStyle and she is an example of “It’s not what you’re asking, it’s who’s doing the asking.” Even the opening music fits her sunny personality. Meg, Kate and Amanda bring wonderfully contrasting styles and backgrounds to this inspiring show. I love them! They remind me of my daughters. Keep up the good work, ladies! And, Meg, your DIY wedding sounds super fabulous! Your guests will feel well-loved.
  • Mitte27
    Enjoy this podcast has many tips and tricks for sewing
    Enjoy this podcast has many tips and tricks for sewing
  • Elliot Anne
    Fun podcast
    Nice to hear from the younger sewists - Keep on sewing!
  • mcstitched
    See & Tell - I love it
    Great info by knowledgeable hosts. Keep it coming.
  • emilyjean_jacket
    Great podcast
    Love this podcast! So much great content and the pacing and production are great. Nice job!
  • Rezzzzzzb
    Love these ladies. The sound quality is excellent, I cannot wait to hear what is up next. Thank you.
  • Treencat
    Love the Chemistry!
    Amanda, Meg and Kate have great chemistry and a great vibe! I loved listening to these three talk about sewing. Their approach to the organization of the podcast was refreshing and well thought out. Looking forward to the next episode.
  • KaciZee
    Fun and interesting
    Informative show with a little bit of technique and lots of philosophy and inspiration. Hosts are fun.
  • healeywear
    Great new sewing podcast!
    I was glad to listen in today to this new podcast! You ladies have a nice rapport with each other. I enjoyed learning about your sewing journeys and look forward to hearing from other sewists who are listening too! 😊 Kathy Healey
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