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Are you thriving or just surviving? Increase your mindfulness to shift into living a life of purpose and meaning. Mindfulness improves your health, relationships, finances and career. Tap into your full potential by learning tips, techniques and new perspectives on a wide variety of topics. The podcast host is a transformation coach, certified mindfulness meditation facilitator, an EFT practitioner, and has a masters degree in leadership coaching psychology.

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Recent Reviews
  • CrystalClear2010
    Ads Take Away From Content
    I loved this podcast for the content, soothing sounds and voice, and the overall feeling I had after listening. Unfortunately, very loud and tacky ads are now being placed at the beginning, middle and end. I understand it’s probably to keep the podcast going, but it takes away from everything I loved about it.
  • Ally-oop12
    Covid obsessed. Oh California
  • LynnMichaels14
    More Frustrating than Mindful
    The constant Covid talk. The politics. The “now exhale through your mouth for a count of…” while you’re either already exhaling, or holding your breath while she drags on… Not relaxing or interesting.
  • It's All Gooey and Sticky
    Great work
    Her voice is soothing. I appreciate the meditation at the end. Too much politics toward the end.
  • erin12338
    Too much Covid
    Love the mindfulness aspect of this podcast but way too much Covid talk. I listen to podcasts to escape the climate we live I’m not to listen to someone push Covid and their own beliefs on me.
  • VinVinLadyBug
    Very Helpful
    I’ve been listening to one every weekday morning as part of my morning routine. Everyday this podcast helps me to think and be more mindful in my daily actions.
  • katy si
    What is this woman talking about? Very unhelpful and frustrating to listen to for someone with depression.
  • MercedesAntonini
    Lost me at ‘amazing’ and ‘vaccine’
  • zendo1855
    Great show!
    I enjoy each and every one of Teresa’s episodes. Great interviews and I learn something every time. Thank you Teresa!
  • Edziainsf
    Love it
    Very soothing, great insights and reminders! Thank you!!!
  • Ed-Prof
    Keep politics out of it
    Seems like the host has a political agenda in implying who to vote for. Why not keep the blame game out of this? It definitely doesn’t set a relaxing or soothing tone.
  • Matt Zinman
    Awesome Show
    If there’s one thing I can say about Teresa, it’s that she makes the most of her time doing the short-form interview. I think every aspect of our conversation delivered value, which makes me feel great in being able to make a positive impact for her and her audience.
  • Page Larkin
    Wonderfully soothing and insightful
    Happened upon this treasure trove of great insights and life lessons. Like a sweet spoon full of mental medicine.
  • camillelamb
    A must listen
    Powerful messages and soothing voice.
  • sc00ter
    So good!
    My go to podcast for mindfulness. Very well thought out, and very well presented. Great nuggets of mindful advice on navigating through life. Thank you! * Note* I read some of the reviews that were one star, but I believe those people didn't understand that the podcast episode they were referring to, No Need To Panic, was written prior to the plethora of information that is now out about he Coronavirus.
  • EricaH3
    Comparing to the FLU!
    Don’t panic episode is just so wrong!
  • Utahjoey
    Not your source for COVID-19 Info!!!
    This review is in reference to the recent episodes on Coronavirus, especially the “No Need to Panic” episode. Maybe this has been a great podcast for mindfulness, but much of the advice she gives in these episodes is exactly the opposite of what to do. Teresa needs to stay in her lane. Of course, don’t panic. And don’t horde. And definitely don’t use the pandemic as an opportunity to make a profit at others’ expense. But other than those bits of advice, this is irresponsible in many ways. I will try not to judge you, Teresa, for your bad advice, but STAY IN YOUR LANE!!! THIS IS NOT THE FLU!! I will not be taking your advice on disaster preparedness, and no one else should either.
  • DoktorDro
    Thank you, Teresa!
    In this time of crisis and panic and uncertainty, today’s podcast “ADJUSTMENTS” really helped to center me and bring me peace. It felt good to envelop that sense of love and peace with the closing meditation. Thank you so much. It was a much needed moment to just stop and breathe. I cannot thank you enough!
  • rosallea
    Wonderfully crafted
    What a welcome blessing of well articulated and practical wisdom, a portal to healthy ways to progress mindfully and gently through life and self. A great threshold to begin the process. Many gratitudes !! Yet also slices through how easily we slide into biases and should be’s and other ideas imposed through media and even good intended teachers, we need to question the foundations of beliefs and have the courage to be skeptical and discerning
  • ahappycyclist
    I love listening to these mindful gems, because it encourages us to think about how our behaviors affect others and how our own thinking can either help or impede us. The topics presented are thought provoking and refreshing.
  • MahaIcon
    A great tool for battling life’s everyday little struggles. I’d recommend this!
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