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Serving you the hottest reality TV and pop culture tea all week long! From the latest news on the Real Housewives, deep dives into celebrity legal scandals, and unfiltered conversations with your favorite stars - Zack Peter has you covered. And he always keeps receipts. For more, follow @nofilterwithzack @justplainzack

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  • monneezzyyy
    Monica Garcia interview
    Did you even listen to the whole thing? Because she revealed herself who her BD is at the end. AND how she told him wasn’t entirely true. Little facts were off and it’s frustrating not getting the whole thing truly as it was.
  • Rsjmn3
    Zack ⭐️⭐️
    You are the bomb! Love your podcast 💕
  • labyke
    Your mom raised a great human💗
    I just adore you. Your mom must be immensely proud of you!
  • NessaRex8092
    Not good anymore
    Used to be funny with fair takes, now it’s just a ton of snark and support of problematic behavior ie Lala. It’s the paid bonus live shows are full of creeps that just ask him about his sex life (in GRAPHIC) detail. It’s kind of gross. Unfollowing and unsubscribing.
  • JennyG5678
    I have 2 boys on the spectrum one is very high functioning and one, my youngest, is severely on the spectrum. I 100% agree with everything you said in Tuesdays episode. Thank you. 🩷 it’s so very hard.
  • shelbyhehe
    Thank you
    Thank you for bringing awareness to the autism population that can’t speak up for themselves. I hope that these people who are out there making posts and parading it around are actually helping and volunteering with organizations like you worked for.
  • Kaydeeyz
    Annoyingly obvious biases…..listen if you like hypocrisy
    I enjoy listening to Zack some of the time but he wont cover unfavorable stories about people he wants to like him such as Erika J. The information/allegations about her actions as outlined in the Marco Marco lawsuit against her are horrifying. He skims over it as though the lawsuit is frivolous (it isn’t). His head is fully in the sand about that woman and her behaviors. Won’t acknowledge any negative info about Lala that is detailed in a lawsuit because he wants to stay in her good graces. If these allegations were against someone he didn't like, he would read the allegations line-by-line and drag them for filth while fully proclaiming that they did all the things. I would listen more if not for the astounding cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy.
  • Randeescott
    Love you Zack
  • Dedramc
    Carlos & zack!!
    Such a great interview with Zack & Carlos. Z really brought out a different side of Carlos. Zack is so much more than just a spicy, messy, funny guy. He’s an excellent interviewer!
  • tiaracoral3699
    My go to listen!!
    I refresh my podcast over and over to see when the listen is available. My new favorite show!
  • Amrintxs1
    I love listening this his podcast! He cracks me up and I am here for it!
  • sshaff78
    Changed my mind
    I have changed my mind about the podcast. I used to listen all the time because it was great and now it’s mostly insulting and coming back at people in the live chat. It’s ridiculous! I want to listen to the tea, not you battling people who are ridiculous themselves in the live chat. I think I listened to a good couple of minutes of you insulting people who have a degree. What!?
  • 2vland
    Worth paying for!
    I’m not much of a watcher, so I love being able to listen. It’s so much fun to hear Zack’s takes whether or not I agree with them. I always learn something about people, pop culture, and humanity. I love the attitude and I love the sincerity that comes through the awesome snark.
  • Seslg
    Difference of Opinion
    I’m still leaving a 5-star review cause I love this pod and enjoy supporting it….BUT, I was so bummed to hear Zack siding with LaLa and Scheana when they have been in the wrong and Katie and Ariana are just living their lives free from toxic men and setting boundaries. It should be ok for everyone to have boundaries not just LaLa
  • jackcainen
    Favorite podcast. Thank you for your amazing content!
  • eileen334455
    The cheesiest thing I’ve ever heard
    Just watch the podcast I have no words
  • Kris..G
    Great show
    I’m a new listener after your appearance on Jeff Lewis Live. I’m loving listening to your show and so glad that I heard about it.
  • Loptyihgftio
    Love you Zack!
    Thank you so much for sticking to your guns! I love it that you don’t care what people say; you form an educated opinion and don’t let haters sway you. Plus it’s really funny when you get “Zacktivated.” You keep me filled in with all the pop culture news with flair. Thank you!!
  • Renee from Norther MN
    New Follower
    Hi Zack! I started following you after seeing you on Hollywood Raw. I find you very entertaining to watch with your various expressions and telling it like it is. Many of your mannerisms remind me of my son! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Rosey312
    Love Zack!
    For sass & smarts Zack Peter is my go to podcast. He’s witty, honest & opinionated. I don’t always agree with his assessments of reality characters but he’s respectful, professional & does his research which I appreciate. I don’t often watch these shows but love to be “welcomed on in” as that’s all I need sometimes. Thank you ZP!!
  • Bmo822
    Seriously love listening every day! Always up to date with all the reality drama. Perfect mix of info and shade! The live aspect is so funny with the singing, responding to crazy comments and random topics.
  • seasuzie
    Great show
    Great show. Very informative. Love this host and his content
  • Tamfrommurrieta
    U speak what i think always!!
    Love u Zack My fellow doodle parent!! Loved your recent pod!!! Totally agree with all u said!!!! U r the best!!!!!
  • DaishaOlmeda
    I am watching the latest live stream/podcast and I am silent laughing at my desk. It’s THE BEST! Deep dives and commentary on point!
  • Jennifer0175
    Love this😍
    Thanks to Jeff Lewis, I found this gem. ABSOLUTELY love this podcast. He is factual, well informed and entertaining.
  • Kbs7601
    Great podcast
    I was SO impressed by his outlook on ozempic + the self-indulgence movement. Very well spoken, intelligent, and thoughtful podcaster.
  • nanawholaughs
    Self love
    Loved what you had to say about self love. ❤️
  • Mrdrchmannwidntwrk
    I love that Zach isn’t afraid to upset people by not having the exact same opinion as them. Do I agree with everything? No.. but I’m rational enough to accept that others can have their own opinions. Love someone not having to tip toe around what they want to say.
  • pint12
    Everyone knows Ariana sent that video to herself and others that night. The digital footprint will prove it. She will have to pay. Stop trying to sway us, your listeners are not stupid!!!
  • Woburn 101
    You e lost me
    Your smart, funny and well informed but you are are awful to victims. You have lost touch and your edge. Your just mean now. Stay the course. There is always two sides. Sorry I’m out.
  • Ilocita
    Never mind
    He needs to grow up. Tries to sound analytical but come on…the content is realty t.v. Entertaining but can be condescending and insulting. Stop with the singing!
  • Nursemegandenise
    Calls it as it is !!
    Delivery’s the tea accurately !!
  • Bobbiekane
    Great job!!
    Really appreciate all your hot takes on Andy, brandy & leah!! I’m on Andy’s side too!! I think it’s an obvious money grab by all the ladies starting with a bitter bethanny…. Keep up the good work
  • brockali5
    Smart and well spoken
    Love your podcast!
  • Nicnic1999
    Guilty Pleasure
    You’re the first podcaster I search for every day! I love how you are unapologetically honest, even when I don’t agree with you 😂 Don’t ever change because I’m loving it!
  • Jess617green
    Love this pod Love a REAL SPACE to Kiki!!!!!
  • Nikki Paris George
    Love the podcast and except for
    Love this podcast. The Tea and Shade on point…except for you bringing up U&A so much. Let it go and I’ll update to 5 stars.
  • Marcievoo
    Ruthless and Toothless 😆
    Love the podcast! I enjoy listening to the tea but also love that Zack shares his personal life and journey with us!
  • TanyaB.
    Love everything about him
    Love his take and perspective. It's a very honestly and fun show!
  • kendyjoy2488
    Favorite podcast!!!
    This podcast is so entertaining and I love how unapologetic Zack is when he gives his opinion. He is absolutely hilarious!
  • RosinaBall
    Love every episode
    So easy to listen too And so informative Thank u!
  • HJ 2023
    Love Zack!
    I love Zack and his show!! Honest, relatable and so funny ❤️
  • Spanning Time
    The one and only!
    Love all that you do Zack Peters!
  • Kathryn Floyd
    Love your pop culture take!
    Great job, I love it!
  • disneyjakey
    Informative n funny
    As a single momma who works full time I don’t always have time to watch or stay on top of the drama but I can get all the bravo tea n have a few laughs along the way love when he breaks out in song in middle of a story 😆. Thank you for your time n love that you cover the classic tv stars n shows like charmed n 90210 ect
  • IMGchi
    Love Zach and his pod! Great content and fabulous!
  • laur147
    Love but editing issues
    Love but please fix the editing issues!! It's so bad
  • I*said*that
    Breakout song
    The breaking out into song and having to get his doggies out of mischief is everything! I die laughing every time. He covers great topics and always spills the tea! Zach is my fav!
  • PNWBravogirl
    A Must Listen
    I discovered No Filter with Zack Peter recently through his you tube show, and have added his podcast to my queue. You can tell he cares about doing his research and putting together a top notch show. I appreciate him for putting out good content, and for supporting other you tube and podcast creators along the way. It is refreshing to see collaboration at its best.
  • Browneyedbeauty2024
    Amazing podcast
    I love your podcast so much ❤️🔥 I love the energy. I love your topics. I love your personality. Keep doing amazing. I listen to you every night before bed and the haters are always going to hate about something. Just keep doing you. You are doing a great job. I’m so proud of you.
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