ADHD for Smart Ass Women with Tracy Otsuka


This podcast is for smart, high-ability ADD/ADHD (diagnosed or suspecting) women who see their symptoms as more positive than negative. I’m Tracy Otsuka your host and I’m committed to changing the conversation around ADHD. When I was diagnosed eight months after my son, my entire life suddenly made perfect sense but all I heard about was everything that my ADHD brain SHOULD be struggling with when in fact I would come to learn that my ADHD is responsible for some of my greatest superpowers. One other thing, we constantly hear about all the successful ADHD men, but no one talks about the women. This podcast is here to change that dynamic. ADHD women are my people, and I’m here to acknowledge, support and cheer them on.*THE CONTENT IN THIS PODCAST IS NOT INTENDED TO BE A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE, DIAGNOSIS OR TREATMENT AND DOES NOT CONSTITUTE MEDICAL OR PROFESSIONAL ADVICE. NEVER DISREGARD PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE OR DELAY IN SEEKING IT BECAUSE OF ANYTHING YOU HAVE SEEN OR HEARD FROM TRACY OTSUKA OR THIS PODCAST.

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  • Abi Pillsbury
    I feel seen
    This podcast has been so validating. I always felt as though I was alone on an island, but this podcast has helped me realize that I am not. I would love to hear more about ADHD and postpartum mood disorders. Thank you, Tracy!
  • Halfbaidnxj37492638
    Thank you Tracey, my ADHD queen!
    I am a college student and this past year my partner and my therapist both suggested to me that I may have ADHD. At first this didn’t make sense to me since I had always been good at school, but after finding this podcast I realized that ADHD can be so many things and I started to understand more about myself. The episodes on RSD, emotional disregulation, imposter syndrome and social anxiety especially resonated with me. My whole life people always told me I was overly sensitive and emotional and that I should just have more confidence. Now I know that there is nothing wrong with me, it is just my ADHD. This podcast has helped me to accept the parts of my ADHD that are sometimes inconvenient or challenging, find work arounds for the parts that cause me to struggle, and love the parts that make me a fun, creative, and driven person. Thank you Tracey, this podcast has truly changed my life.
  • SushiCami
    All my life, I never knew. THANK YOU.
    I never knew. All my life. I never knew I had ADHD. This is an incredibly, life-changing podcast. I want to say so much more, but I’m speechless. If you’ve been to doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist - if you can say “I’ve taken that” to every medication any friend OR stranger mentions - just listen to one episode. She knows the answers because she has the problem.
  • Luckymomo3
    I Have Found My Tribe
    I am not an anomaly! After years of “joking” that I have ADHD, I finally got a diagnosis. I am still learning all of the different components that are truly affected by being neuro divergent. Thank you Tracey and all of the FB group members for your voices! This is engaging podcast as well as FB community. I highly recommend!!!!
  • Amiraglia
    Feel so much better about my ADHD!
    This podcast has really changed how I see myself. I was diagnosed with ADHD as a young adult, as I’m finding many women were. Since stumbling upon Tracy’s podcast, I have developed an appreciation for my ADHD. Her consistent positive attitude and unapologetic confidence in both her abilities and the abilities of her guests have really helped me to see the positives in myself. I see that I accomplished so much undiagnosed. Now that I have some work-arounds in my toolbox, my students, my family and friends and my triplets boys are getting the best version of me. Tracy, I hope you plan to continue recording for a while!
  • kimberli.s.
    I’ve never felt so seen, validated, understood, and have laughed so much at all the common traits I have with other women. This has truly been a lightbulb moment finding this podcast and has encouraged me to reach out to a dr for diagnosis, figure out my workarounds, and given me hope to continue to pursue my career dreams! THANK YOU.
  • Jenna.Nimar
    Wonderful, smart podcast
    Thanks so much for this great podcast! Definitely subscribe!
  • a he fiyabjf
    Life changing, affirming, positive, powerful, potent!
    I don’t use those words lightly. When I found this podcast, I was in a dark place. I had just begun to accept my diagnosis as An adult with ADHD, and I was struggling with feeling inferior, and realizing basically all the problems I had struggled with for my entire life were part of who I am - part of my infrastructure, not something I could will away. It was hard to accept - I am a very willful, driven person, and I generally stop at nothing to transform my life, my self, my circumstances, and the world around me into my idealistic view, or at least something more like it. This podcast introduced me to the philosophy of neurodiversity in a new way, and I was finally able to understand (this is a bit embarrassing) that brains can be different and not be “wrong,” that we can simultaneously hold strengths with deficits as the other side of the coin. Because of this podcast, I have been able to take steps to make positive changes in my life, to find the support I need. And much of that support has come from the Facebook group associated with this podcast! I have finally found my tribe after a lifetime of not fitting in, of feeling like a weirdo, outcast, and dysfunctional individual filled with more quirks that I can count. Thank you Tracy!
  • sobershell
    ADHD Superwoman
    Tracy’s ability to synthesize and share so much relevant information on ADHD is incredible. She is the Cliff Notes on ADHD I’ve been needing! Tracy helped me to find my people and to start embracing my beautiful and unique brain. Such a gift! She is so personable and open to new perspectives, and I’m grateful for the world she has opened up for me.
  • LEH820
    I’ve never felt so understood after I listened to just one episode of this podcast. I’ve had a suspicion my daughter has ADHD and assumed it was from her dad but as I dug deeper, I thought I may have it too. After this podcast, I know I definitely have it and am so grateful Tracy was the one to give me revelation so I could see it as it being my greatest superpower (vs it being a disorder). I can’t recommend this show enough. Thank you Tracy!
  • Missy LaFleiche
    This woman is amazing! Her teachings are absolutely profound! I am so intrigued with every lesson she is delivering, it is difficult to put the podcasts on stop/pause. I want to dive into her next lesson. She is evolutionary to this world of ADHD! Thank you Tracy Otsuka!
  • MomnyOfThree
    I am so glad I found this podcast!! I just got done listening and crying my eyes out because of the validation she gave me. Thank you so very much! 💜
  • AustinGrl
    Clear, empowering, brilliant
    Well articulated, easy and clear to process and understand. So much information I learned in two episodes, highly recommend.
  • Naiapparel
    Brings up a lot of views in life
    I started listening to this podcast and realized that I have ADHD and my family does and a lot of my friends do who are all from the same area in Mexico. it’s really interesting to me to realize a lot of things as to why we thought people who were so odd and organized and not as laid back as us. I would love to chat about this to you about my whole family having it and friends. My brain finally makes a lot of sense. And I’ve realized a lot of things
  • Wdd320
    Wow, I feel seen.
    Recently diagnosed with ADHD as a successful, 30 year old woman... I was a bit sad and upset. This is the first research I found that is honest yet hopeful. Interesting and impactful. I can’t believe I’ve lived this long without understanding who I am...
  • tconoly
    LOVE HER!!
    I found Tracy about 2 months ago and haven’t listened to any other pod cast since!! I learn something from every single one. Except how to see the comments and info or how to leave a comment, well, my daughter just showed me how to leave a comment. Thank goodness!! So here I am and I can honestly I love listening to Tracy. Suggestion for a guest - I’m a 58 year old ADHD empty nester who doesn’t have a clue what to do with myself. I’m not very employable , I have physical limitations so that doesn’t help, but the bottom line is I’ve been mothering nonstop for 34 years and have no memory of who I am or who I was. Help❣️
  • callmom8
    Sue Ellen Call
    Love it! How do I get season one with episode 8&9! I stop at episode 12?
  • Lumlumsayz
    So fortunate to have found this podcast
    Ok, I admit it. I’ve been binge listening to this podcast. I so identify with Tracey and the crew on FB. I thought I was the sole weirdo who didn’t see life as one lane highway. Abstract, theoretical math ? Yes! Problems that activate my creative solutions? YES! Learning to love my brain?! WHAAAA? It is possible at my age? Yes! Yes ! Yes! I’ve always struggled in school where my fluffy round peg never fit in the square cog what makes academia go down. Now, I’m curious on how I can fulfill my dream of being successful in school. Thank you!
  • HawaiiNatalie
    Phenomenally Helpful
    I’m so grateful for the level of self-awareness this show has helped me attain. Simply being made aware of what’s going on for me—and recognizing these “issues” aren’t unique to me—is exceptionally empowering.
  • casalimpa
    Thank you
    Never write reviews but had to for this. This podcast is so helpful and amazing. Thank you.
  • looneymooneygal
    Fantastic and empowering podcast
    As a woman with ADHD diagnosed in adulthood, o find this podcast splendidly thorough and insightful. I am so inspired by Tracy Otsuka and the incredible guests she brings each episode. Thank you for the work you do!
  • sarahmadill
    Tracy Otsuka is terrific!
    Tracy distinguishes her job as an attorney from being a podcaster but she is an advocate in both forums. In her podcast, she advocates on behalf of adult women with ADHD, dismantling the stigma and focusing on how to navigate in the world with a brain that is just hardwired differently and, as a result, comes with its own unique set of “superpowers.”
  • Podastslut
    Life changing podcast
    Thank for you this podcast , I am just so grateful to have so much valuable information in one place !
  • apiccone
    I was diagnosed at age 46, only 2 months ago... Still processing and overwhelmed with all of the information out there, but have been enjoying these podcast the most! I would love to hear some podcast on how husbands can help their wives/understand them better as well as heal from years of “ damage” from not knowing/ understanding..
  • Chrissy Kirkwood
    Insightful, Encouraging and Practical
    I'm very grateful to have found this podcast a few days ago. I've been diving in and listened to many episodes to help me understand my adhd brain better. I am hyper attentive on what i am interested in, musically gifted, real estate broker, but there are certain areas of my life I just feel so under developed in as well. Unmedicated, and determined to explore diet, lifestyle and holistic management tools to live my most authentic, creative and inspired life. STRUCTURE. I am hearing more and more the importance of a self imposed structure for my success. Namaste, keep doing what you're doing. kakaw! Chrissy
  • thankyouboo
    For Tracy
    You go girl!
  • hayleyryder
    I’m not crazy. Everything makes sense.
    I’m not alone. I was diagnosed with ADHD 15 years ago but all my doctors did was throw meds at me. My doctors didn’t tell me about ADHD; not RAD, depression, unorganized, executive dysfunction, ocd, etc.. it’s all related.. I thought I was just crazy. & I’m not. I just started listening but I feel so much better already. I’ve been crying for the past hour Bc I just realized I’m not crazy.
  • Mikayla Kee
    This Podcast has helped me gain confidence in my ADHD and in myself. Thank you Tracy for empowering women like myself by choosing amazing guests that help educate us more and more each podcast! I never knew there was so much to learn about myself :)
  • notanahole
    I am 45 years old and this podcast has completely blown the doors off my perception of who I am and who I have been this entire time. I have so much more to learn, but what a great start.
  • igctgth
    It all makes sense now
    Thank you so much for your podcast. Earlier this year, by way of reading a novel, I got the inkling that I may have ADD/ADHD. I started doing a little research and I identify with most if not all the symptoms. Your 100th episode was the first time listening to your podcast and was like an introduction to ADD/ADHD. I already picked out a few episodes to listen to. Yesterday I had a therapy appointment and said I think I have ADD/ADHD and after a few questions, and after I blanked on some of the symptoms, she suggested it could be anxiety. Listening to your podcast I will have the knowledge to come back and say”No!” and advocate for myself. I can’t wait to listen to your episode specifically addressing this. I feel that I am finding tools to change my life which I’ve been desperately wanting to do for so long but I could rarely accomplish my goals. And the term “positive toxicity,” OMG, rings so many bells for me. Okay, I’m going to go back and finish episode 101 now. Thank you so much!!!!!
  • Sanghoimnnl
    I’m not a woman
    But I still benefit so much from this podcast. Thanks for changing my life.
  • ADD Mom/business owner
    Best ADHD podcast
    I initially diagnosed myself 17 years ago when I read that not only kids had ADD. I finally found why my father and I were very absentminded among other curious things. Since then I have been reading books, and then listening to podcasts to learn all about it, and I have to say this podcast is the most positive and enlightening one I ever heard. Hearing from the experiences of all the people you interview has made me feel so much better than all the words of encouragement from all the books, articles and other podcasts from experts in the field. Additionally, women tend to have the bigger share of the kids and housework, so managing so much more than just our careers, makes having ADHD such a burden, and a very different experience than what men have to deal with. So, hearing from other women does make a big difference to me. I feel only other women with ADHD can understand how difficult it can be to live with it in this society. Thank you Tracy, you are changing our lives, and the live of our children who also have it. I already had been changing my views of ADHD, and was at peace with some negative Aspects of it , but now I am starting to feel more and more that it is something that I am really happy to have 👍🏻 Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
  • FlameRetardant
    Tracy Otsuka burst onto the ADHD scene and has taken it by storm. If you are a woman with ADHD who is ready to start seeing the positives in having this brain and learning to lean into your natural gifts and strengths, you should plan on spending lots of time listening to and learning from her. You can't help but be motivated to find your very own silver linings.
  • LKatA22
    Thank You!
    Thank you for validating the things I have been feeling and thinking for years. I’m not lazy. I’m not crazy. I DO care, and you’ve opened up a whole world of tools and tips that I know will help me. I feel seen. Thank you ❤️
  • PNWArkansan
    Facebook group rocks too!!
    So I came here because I’ve been meaning to review and give the whole, I don’t feel alone, thanks for helping me Ted talk. I want to also mention the community you’ve built inside of Facebook! It is just as helpful and your responses to people in there help us remember you’re just like us!
  • Adri_SF
    ADHD Guru
    Tracy, I want to thank you for creating this wonderful podcast. ADHD, as I’m sure everyone here knows, can be exhausting. Especially as women with ADHD, we are reminded constantly of our “limitations”. This is the first resource I have found that celebrates the ADHD brain! I was diagnosed 16 years ago, and over that time, in relation to my ADHD, I have felt trapped, in control, out of control, angry, ashamed.... the list goes on. Listening to your podcast, I am learning to feel PROUD of my ADHD brain for the first time, and to recognize that some of my favorite things about myself are thanks to my ADHD brain! Thank you!
  • -runjennyrun----
    Love this!!!
    This podcast is amazing!!! I am learning the tools to Navigate this world successfully amongst the linear thinkers! If you have ADHD or think you may have it, this podcast is a MUST LISTEN! Tracy’s voice is always fun to listen to as well!
  • Jani's Inspired
    Truth that ADHD Women Can Appreciate
    I recently discoved Tracy's podcast and all I can say is WOW! She's engaging, funny, vulnerable and real. If you identify with being an ADHD woman, than this is the podcast for you. Thank you Tracy for your following your heart and providing the gift of your insight to the world.
  • People empowering People
    Connecting the dots
    Wow! Awareness is so helpful🤯 I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 35 years old, and I’ve spent my whole life thinking something was terribly wrong with me. (I mean- that’s still debatable). 🤪 All joking aside, learning about how this brain of mine works is a wild ride and I’m so thankful to enjoy the journey 🙏🏼 No more shame💛 Can’t stop- won’t stop! Listening to this podcast helps bring the clarity I need in the what, why, and how! #bethechange #Integrity #Ownership #Awareness #brilliantbrains #diversityandinclusion
  • Bring back urbanspoon
    Thank You!
    So informative and helpful!
  • daniellastellab
    A Must-Listen For Women With ADHD
    For all the girls with ADHD who have ever felt they are lazy, broken or unworthy, this podcast is for you. This podcast is a therapeutic dose of wisdom, compelling conversation, and reminders that you - yes, you - are perfect just the way you are. I was diagnosed with ADHD recently, and have been listening to this podcast for around a year now. It has been a roadmap to solutions and living my life fully and joyfully. She even has a Facebook group! I didn’t even have Facebook, but I made a profile just to gain access to this wonderful community of other likeminded, smart-ass women. Tracy is a class act. She is clever, witty, and 100% unapologetically herself. As a 26 year old who’s just starting to figure herself out, Tracy gives me the archetype of the woman I want to be. From Tracy’s influence, I have: 1) Sought out and found an excellent therapist 2) Hired an ADHD coach 3) Bought myself an Apple Watch (my faithful digital baby-sitter) 4) Shed the notion that I must aspire to less because of my ADHD 5) Realized that I will achieve anything I set my mind to, with my ADHD, not in spite of it. It’s undeniable that Tracy puts her heart into every episode. You will not be disappointed. Thank you for making this, Tracy 💜
  • The Feath
    Helps me cope!
    I am a huge fan of Tracy Otsuka’s podcast- I feel so fortunate to have found it and find that almost ALWAYS can relate to both Tracy and who she’s interviewing. I love that Tracy always finds a way to stay positive about ADHD and is so open about it as well. I wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until I was 26 (I know, I know, that’s not considered old!) and I truly had no idea how I didn’t know for all those years, but listening to this podcast has helped me better understand myself as well as find work arounds for certain behaviors or lack there of! Also, I really want to say, after listening to the last podcast about the reddit reviews- Tracy do NOT let other people make you feel any negativity, because what you do is extremely impactful for ADHD women!!! (Oh and I don’t do well with medication either, it makes my heart race and gets me all up in my feelings so I use as many other workarounds as possible- including Brain Training which I think you’ve talked about before but is a major help! #neuroplasticity Rant done. Thank you, Tracy and everyone LISTEN to this podcast, you will not regret it!
  • swimmingtenniscats
    Bay Area listener
    I thoroughly enjoy ADHD for Smart Ass Women and have found Tracy’s research on ADHD related topics and her interviews with guests dealing with ADHD extremely helpful and inspirational. The podcasts are always interesting and fun to listen to and I always learn something new. Each segment is well researched but also lively and I appreciate how Tracy sometimes goes on a brief tangent regarding another topic as my brain does the same frequently! Regarding workarounds, I agree with Tracy that exercising is one of the best workarounds, especially if you can find a sport or activity that you thoroughly enjoy. I have found swimming and tennis incredibly helpful and great cross training sports. The endorphins always kick in after a swimming workout (you can always break up your workout into smaller sets and do not have to swim thirty or sixty minutes straight without resting) and team tennis is not only a great way of making new friends, but also improving team player skills, and strengthening concentration and focus as tennis is very much a mental game, not just physically challenging. Swimming and tennis are also relatively safer sports during the coronavirus pandemic. Thank you for your podcast and keep up the fantastic work!
  • Amanda Borden
    Favorite ADHD podcast!
    Tracy is fun and engaging, which is what my ADHD brain needs. I love how she finds the positive and the interviews she does are always interesting and inspiring. She breaks the science down in ways that don’t bore me, which is not an easy thing to do. I’ve laughed out loud, cried, and felt empowered often all in one episode. Thank you so much for the work you do!!! ❤️
  • Maggie (Mumbles & Things)
    ADHD is a gift
    There is a lot that I have learned about my ADHD that makes me bummed. I feel that my potential productivity has been diminished. But listening to Tracy has shown me that there is so much good that comes from the way my brain works. That I may not be good with the follow through but my brain is incredibly creative. Thank you for this show, you’ve brought back my optimistic spirit.
  • Allie Brendel
    Life changing!
    I discovered Tracy’s Facebook group a couple of months ago, and my mind was subsequently blown by the wealth of information, and community she created. Then I started listening to the podcast. I have NEVER felt so SEEN! I was diagnosed at 12 years old, but just now at 31 started understanding my ADHD brain, and I cannot tell you how reassuring it has all been! I feel like I can tap into my ADHD superpowers, and really become the best version of myself! So many amazing hacks, and stories, I cannot say enough good things. Changed my life, literally.
  • Lynn Belles
    Great Info 😍
    Tracy’s Podcast is always positive and inspiring! A great place for anyone with ADHD to really discover their gifts, strengths and value with more than a touch of HUMOR!
  • SN2020MD
    Phenomenal podcast
    I LOVE this podcast. It’s the first truly strength based ADHD podcast I’ve ever heard. Others offer tips and tricks and hacks to help overcome the executive dysfunction that comes with ADHD, and so does this one... but what this one does that others DONT is celebrate ADHD! Because of the podcast, Facebook group, and Tracy’s help, I’ve come to an appreciation of the ways my ADHD is responsible for some of my biggest achievements in life - and also how my “failures” are actually a result of trying to force a divergent brain into a neurotypicals environment. I’ve learned to focus on the gifts and strengths that come with ADHD, rather than lament the extra work that comes with trying to make myself into a “normal” person. What’s fun about normal, anyway? This is a fantastic, life changing podcast. Give it a listen and I’m sure you will agree!
  • JamiB.
    I have gained so much self-awareness!
    I am a college student in my late 20s that went back college after working for 6 years. Returning to school was such a struggle because, not only was I older than everyone, but my ADHD was more prevalent in the day to day within the classroom environment. This podcast has helped me learn so much about my ADHD. I now know why I am so different and why things can be so much harder for me. More importantly, I have learned to embrace my ADHD and see the positives within it. I love the discussions about ADHD work arounds or “life hacks.”
  • Curlydaze
    The positivity I needed!
    Thank you for bringing me more peace of mind, acceptance, and positivity about my ADHD! Your practical advice, confident attitude, and research have helped me to learn to embrace my strengths! You have also helped me to learn strategies to reign in my thoughts when I start to feel overwhelmed by my ADHD weaknesses. While listening to your recent podcast about ADHD in women, my husband said, “You have everything this is talking about. I get it now”. He has always accepted me as I am but now he is even more understanding of why I do some of the things I do. I’m inspired by your confident and positive outlook! Thank you for bringing me joy on my car rides!
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