Not Skinny But Not Fat


Your home for everything pop culture, celebrity gossip, and reality TV. Get your weekly recap on what's happening in this crazy world of entertainment, all with a perfect dose of sarcasm, wit, and lots of LOLZ. Hosted by Amanda Hirsch, creator of the Instagram "Not Skinny But Not Fat".

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Recent Reviews
  • ccour001
    Proud member of a small following
    Kamanda forever
  • AlyssaRose924
    So happy to be a part of this small following!
  • patreon money
    Hate to do this, but…
    I really enjoy Amanda, but the podcast episodes are stale. Even when listening to them brand new on the release date (Tuesdays), the content comes across as old & regurgitated. Maybe try to mix it up to stay fresh? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Or try recording closer to the release date? Or get guests that aren’t part of the Bravo PR chain everyone else is also interviewing? Idk. The best episodes are when Amanda is by herself and recapping celebrity gossip.
  • EmBPo
    Loving it!
    Love Amanda and her takes!
  • clweger
    Relatable and so funny
    The way Amanda interviews her guests it feels like she’s reading my mind because I would want to ask the same questions. She asks them in such a way that is so funny entertaining and feels incredibly relatable. I highly recommend this podcast ! I love when she brings her sister on. Not skinny but not fat …one of my favorites, I also love her on Instagram. She’s so real and authentic and has the cutest little family. She needs her own reality show! Tots ahundo!
  • gunit1112
    Love this podcast!
    Look forward to a new episode every week!
  • Stephy7189
    Love it all
    I die out loud at work listening! This past episode can’t “1 in 1 together”
  • 28273728
    holy shiiiit take a breath girl! but love you so much
  • Soul 82
    It’s like listening to my best friend
    I listen to every episode. No matter who Amanda is interviewing or even if it’s just her and her family going back and forth but I love her. I love this podcast. I love her on Instagram. Kamanda is absolutely hilarious in the most flawless way. One of the top podcasts around. Mazzy xoxo
  • B3nnie11
    PLEASE fix the sound quality!
    I love the podcast and find Amanda hilarious, but I have to turn my volume up SO HIGH to hear and it often sounds muffled. I don’t have sound issues with any other podcast. Please, please update the sound quality! Love you, thank you!
  • mooncakeblues
    Big Gemini Energy
    I enjoy listening
  • basic chick08
    Cali is Corrupt
    Loved this podcast! Jerryd is the man on the ground doing the Lords work. It’s mine boggling how corrupt California judges can be greed greed greed. Love ya Kamanda!!
  • j.hamm
    Too much
    Was excited but idk . Not great
  • alexandraaaaaae
    5 stars
    Great pop culture pod
  • Rose-y🌹
    The best in the game
    Truly kamanda, idk how I’ve lived without you and this pod for so long but I found ya ❤️
  • Graciec22
    Kamanda forever
    Amazing podcast and great if you love pop culture. Kamanda is hilarious and I love hearing her point of view. Best follow on Instagram too
  • Melissa Murciano
    Love her
    You have to understand her humor to like her. She is really funny, found her through the morning toast and it’s the same type of humor can’t take it too seriously that’s what make it’s the best. Love Amanda, her son her vibe everything.
  • xcarolion
    Maj fan, because she tells it like it is! The love is real
  • Mbolieu91
    Love you Amanda!
    I’m obsessed with your podcast and Instagram page! Always look forward to your episodes ❤️ love you so much!!
  • One click issue
  • tiffanyawest
    Love NSBNF
    Love Amanda’s content and podcast! My go to source for all celeb news
  • ck4629
    I feel like a Hirsch sister, Amanda and Ariel are the best and I literally have never watched a single episode of reality tv in my life, their recaps are better ❤️ Amanda is a boss I love listening!!
  • Just.Taya
    Obsessed with you, you too
    I’m obsessed with this podcast. Amanda is always so genuine and relatable. She always had interesting guest and I love her solo pods too! She is sooo funny and down to earth. I even love the Bachelor content and I am not a Bachelor Nation viewer! Seriously can’t say enough good things about her!
  • Bgomn
    This podcast is the perfect amount of humor and sweetness. I always enjoy listening on my walks with my dog! Never a downer, always puts a smile on my face. Amanda is the friend we all wish we had!💗
  • Em Sprecks
    One of my fave podcasts
    I listen to a lot of crime and political podcasts, but this is the nugget of happy mindless pop culture stuff I need. Like Kamanda says, it’s like talking s#!t with your best friend.
  • Alli Martini
    Must listen
    I love for Kamanda and her silly humor!! One of my fav podcasts!
  • cocomarie95
    Caviar of podcasts
    I listen to over 15 podcasts weekly and Kamanda is the absolute BEST. She flips 🥩, but never flops!!!! Tuesday mornings are the best mornings
  • itsbritney96
    Insta fan
    Obsessed with Amanda’s Instagram like she is with Addi and Kourt. But the podcast is just ok. Often feels like she’s super unprepared with the guests and talks about the same things over and over.
  • caitiemax
    This podcast is for idiots
    I am now less intelligent for having listened. Yikes.
  • dougtheo11
    The voice 😩
    I can’t with the voice or the way she talks, content isn’t great either
  • Bballsis
    Lost brain cells
    Heard “like” about 10,000 times and nothing that increased my life value, education/awareness, or was even entertaining. Feel like I need to go read a dictionary and the teachings of Socrates to replenish those brain cells I just lost.
  • lavenderlove5
    I listened the this podcast because I love Mystic Michaela but I won’t be listening again: The host of this is pretty insufferable… how anyone can listen to her regularly is beyond me and her voice ugh. Also the way she talks about celebrities and obviously obsesses over them is just creepy to me. Like you don’t know these people. I don’t understand celebrity worship. It’s pathetic.
  • BreezyJune
    Kamadas aura 💛💜
    Love following you and I live for this podcast! It’s like talking to my best gf. Loved mystic Michaela
  • byersk
    Kamanda gives me lyfe
    Love all the chats. It feels like I’m talking to my best friend.
  • Andréa Elizabeth
    Love Amanda, Skip the Corny Guests
    Amanda is so likable and relatable. Listening to the pod puts me in a good mood .. would give five stars if she ditches the corny guests. A mystic that sees color auras? Come on—you’re better than that!
  • Alethiaellen
    Fav pop culture pod
    I love that Amanda flips between talking about celebs and then talks TO celebs. Never a dull moment - on the not skinny but not fat pod or her amaze Instagram.
  • Leslie101abc
    Old Navy advert
    First time I have been duped by a podcast and the full episode was a commercial. Heads’ up for the Aug 27 episode.
  • akc____
    Not for me
    I decided to give her pod a try after following her on Instagram for a while. At first I thought she was being sarcastic but she is completely obsessed with celebrities. I could hardly get through an episode. I had second hand embarrassment on her level of obsession with Kim Kardashian following her on Instagram. So I guess if that’s your thing go for it but this lead me to unfollow her on Instagram.
  • 12vibes
    More Arielle LESS Amanda
    The only redeeming quality about this podcast is Arielle she’s logically and actually thinks before she speaks. Amanda is rude cuts her off everytime she attempts to share a different opinion and is all around obnoxious. SHUT UP AMANDA with that whiny draining voice. Let Arielle speak weirdo
  • Lexmart
    My fav influencer
  • heyojenn
    I LOVE. Stopped getting ready to leave this review. Middle school art can wait. “Things not to say in an interview”
  • TriangleLauren
    Favorite podcast 💙
    Love this podcast! It’s always at the top of my playlist. Amanda is highly entertaining and super relatable.
  • rred5
    Always love Arielle
  • Kim220
    Loved this show!
    First time listener, long time fan of Amanda! I’m looking forward to Tuesdays now!!!
  • reality tv junky all day
    Love this podcast!
    I look forward to Tuesday’s to hear the latest podcast. Amanda is so real and is a straight shooter- she also has the best guests!
  • Katrina (nickname taken?)
    Unconventional LUV-AH
    Okay, I don’t know how to explain my love for NSBNF pods or insta stories. This is how I explain it to people/men/women/my cat before they get obsessed, “Like couldn't give a crap about stuff. But if it's on Amanda’s stories I do like Kravis and MGK + Megan Fox”. Never been a reality tv fan. But NSBNF got me through this pandemic and made me a smudge in love w Kourtney. Lol. Words no one would expect from me. Amanda you’re the best. Glad you make me lol so hard, and just do like all this stuff! Lol! Xoxo
  • aliiicon
    Obsessed with Amanda
    She is hilarious, and I love the content she puts out. I don’t follow many reality tv shows but I feel like you don’t have to, to still be interested in her guests!
  • Johnna_G
    Love her!
    Love this podcast. It’s nice to have something to listen to that is light hearted and funny. ❤️
  • ggracehines
    LOVE, she has it all
    Informative, laugh out loud funny, real, touching, awesome guests <3
  • kateee C
    Amanda’s unreal
    My favorite thing about this girl is her sense of humor. she can have a huge star on her podcast and she just casually asks hard hitting questions like they are best friends. If they don’t wanna answer she just laughs it off and brings everyone back down to earth. She’s my top tier source for celeb tea and the best place to learn way too much information about Kravis
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