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Amanda Hirsch, @notskinnybutnotfat on Instagram, shares her hot takes on entertainment news, celebrities & pop culture, and interviews your faves!

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  • Lizduf12345
    Don’t be mad at me but
    Love the pod but it feels like every time she scores a big job, half the episode is her congratulating herself on everything she’s accomplished. We appreciate you sis and know how hard you work, please just give us the goods!!
  • Jessica pekson
    My favorite most entertaining podcaster!!!
    She has all the Tea and does amazing cameos btw
  • ashleyj1311
    Binged like every episode- obsessed with her takes and honesty. Also love her voice.
  • RIP OG Daddy Gang
    You do realize you’re not Barbara Walters right ?
    This girl is insufferable with an ego that came out of nowhere once she got the kardashians on… she undermines other less famous people which is hilarious because not many people actually know her name. Judging someone for “needing a lot of help” like she did with Remi after how much she complains is also hilarious. The end.
  • citybroad
    Love you, thank you for the laughs
  • Mag xyz
    Fabulous! Feel like I’m listening to celebs spill secrets with my BFF!
  • Just_bookin_around
    Great listen!!
    Amanda is a fun, laid back interviewer!
  • Coralala21
    I normally don’t listen to many podcasts but…
    I follow Amanda on IG and have loved her sense of humor. I listen to maybe 2 podcasts and they are TV show rewatches. Well, I am so happy I gave this pod a try. Amanda is a talented interviewer and she is a storyteller which makes her podcasts really different than others I’ve tried to listen to.
  • ALCVC91
    Stay humble
    Now that she’s interviewed the Kardashians and high ranking people I’ve noticed she’s not very genuine or nice to people on her level.
  • EllenHaven
    The best
    Listening to Amanda’s podcast at work has made me laugh out loud, shed tears, and made the days go by so much faster. She really feels like a friend and I love that she seems to make everyone comfortable and holds space for her guests to talk about some heavy things while also making you crack up at some point each episode. Love her!
  • momomoollly
    Just listened to the Simon Huck episode, she’s super condescending and sounds generally not nice to him. Good for him to throwing her a bone and being on her podcast. She screams insecurity. Unfollowing.
  • jilly t
    Great Podcast!
    I love following Amanda on instagram so had to listen to the podcast. She has great guests from a variety of backgrounds and occupations. Always an entertaining listen!
  • Jenn Van Steenburg
    Pee my pants funny
    I followed Amanda on IG first and I'm embarrassed to say it took me way too long to start listening to her podcast. Every episode is so so good and legit like 2 besties talking. The latest one with Simon had me dying! I've never laughed so hard. This is the only podcast I wait for each week.
  • Lizeville
    Kamanda Forever
    I can’t adequately express how much I love following Amanda. She asks super insightful questions but in a very friendly way so her whole interviewing process feels extremely organic and just warm overall. Long-time listener and follower, just heard the Simon Huck interview and it was delightful- definitely one of my top 3 faves. Thank you for all of the amazing content and making my train rides enjoyable!!!
  • dani1892992
    Great interviews!
    Love getting to know guests more from this show! The Simon Huck Interview was just great, I learned so much about him!! Also love all Kardashian’s interviews as well ❤️
  • creepy older sister :)
    Everyone’s best friend
    Honestly the best pod & most entertaining and authentic host. It always feels like you are hanging out with your best friend, Amanda shares so much of her life and is so authentically herself, it’s as if you are listening to your best friend. Seeing someone know what they want, go after it, succeed, and gore every year is absolutely amazing and inspiring. Love to see it! Also, if you haven’t already, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING and listen to the Simon Huck episode. You won’t want it to end, the chemistry is amazing, I truly would love to see him as a guest frequently. I’ve never loved a guest more! The entertainment and authenticity they both bring is effortless. You know how you have a fave movie or tv show you like to rewatch for the feel good vibes and entertainment? This pod episode is it for me, as someone who listens to music/podcasts all day while working, I know this episode will be replayed multiple times. A million stars for our fave authentic virtual bestie, AMANDA MF HIRSCH! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • cconley91792
    Amanda is a STAR
  • Bernis_fia
    Listening to your friend
    Amanda is awesome! Because she is genuine and comfortable, she brings out the best in her guests. My favorite interview is with Simon Huck. She should have him on another 5x because they flow together. I could listen to these two for hours. It’s funny, inspiring and real. Listening to Amanda is just like hanging out with one of your girlfriends at your home. If you don’t already follow her on instagram I’d highly recommend it!
  • j.kkamp
    My BFF - She just doesn’t know
    I love listening to Amanda! It feels like listening to an old friend- who just doesn’t know we’re friends 😂. She is great at interviewing and is hilarious as well. Her interview with Simon had me cracking up along with her. I can’t wait for him to be on again. She is the best!!!!
  • elanadb
    201. Everyone’s Fave BFF w/ Simon Huck
    I can’t remember the last time I laughed this hard. This was one of the best episodes to date and we need more of this!!
  • lissabeff
    Favorite. Podcast. Ever.
    Amanda keeps it fresh, she keeps it real. She is able to create a safe, fun space to manifest the most authentic interviews with the most interesting people in pop culture. I look forward to every Tuesday and plan my mornings around it!!!! Without question this is my favorite podcast!!!
  • remingtonk
    We need more of Simon and Amanda. NEED IT! 2023 is Amanda’s year. 🥳
  • overit20241
    Terrible Host - Dumb
    She’s awful and entitled - I tried BUT no thanks. She has a cringe voice and is so vapid. She’s a sinking ship desperate to be famous but she never EVER will
  • maweenie
    Juicy. Interesting. Entertaining.
    I started following Amanda on Insta…which led to here. Which leads me to here. Amanda is a great interviewer. I am entertained, I learn things and of course…the juicy bits. Love!
  • rmrmr.rmrmr
    fun listen
    she says it herself – it kind of feels like you are talking with one of your girlfriends for an hour. We have never met, but I feel like Amanda is my pal. Love her opinions, interesting guests, she is a very good interviewer and keeps things fun. This is definitely on my list, I never miss an episode!
  • antgeapena
    5 stars ONLY!
    Amanda brings us such great guests, asks surprising and unexpected questions which helps the guests open up to us and maintains her sense of humour and realness throughout 200 eps and more to come! We’re lucky to have LAmanda 💗
  • kdrino
    Best interviews!
    The guest interviews are amazing, everyone seems to feel so comfortable with her!! Like a phone call with a pal!
  • becs529
    My fave
    I love this podcast because it’s like Amanda is our BFF asking our fave celebs and reality stars all the questions we want to hear the answers to. These fun conversations often contain info you won’t hear anywhere else and she needs a talk show. ❤️
  • mcstrick09
    Fantastic Podcast!
    This podcast has really blown me away. Amanda knows how to ask the right questions and gets the scoop from some amazing guests. It’s always fresh and funny!
  • RachelGreeny
    Love NSBNF!!!
    I love this podcast and I love following Amanda on IG! She’s a great interviewer and I appreciate her hot takes on all things pop culture
  • kmary3
    The best!!
    Love your podcast - love your wit, kindness and honesty. Thanks for bringing laughter and joy!
  • nan231nan
    Like a conversation with your non-annoying BFF
    Amanda is thoughtful, funny, and never annoying! I feel like she gets better and better with every interview. So fun seeing who she’s getting on the pod - PLUS she always manages to ask the questions I would love to ask! I can’t resist listening every week.
  • Allie Grice
    Virtual BFF
    I am a proud member of the small following since under 100k followers! I am so proud of Amanda & everything she has done! Her insta stories have always cracked me up & kept me updated on all things celeb. I look forward to her podcast every week. She has such a down to earth way of interviewing that the guests feel so comfortable. It’s entertaining even on the rare occasion that I have never head of the guest before. 5/5 recommend!
  • Cindy 0519
    The podcast you should be listening to!!
    Amanda Hirsch has a way with each and every guest on her podcast! Unlike other interviewers, she is so natural and literally talks to her guests as if they were friends just hanging out and having a conversation. That is such a refreshing way to get to know her guests better versus other podcasts that tend to try to be to news-ish and ask obvious questions that we’ve all already read so many times. Amanda is so good because she’s just being real and herself so!
  • Melanieb92
    Amanda’s podcast
    All I can say is wow! Love them all! I wish she would interview more celebrities because I can listen all day! Very entertaining and informative! Thanks Amanda!
  • How could you!
    Kardashian Brown noser
    This racist assh0le deletes reviews
  • KSanchez844 🤍
    Only Podcast I Listen to!!!!
    A world of all Tuesdays is what I want! So I can listed to Amber! Legit the BEST podcast EVER! I am not a podcast listener but NotSkinnybutNotFat has me HOOKED!!!! Huge Kardashian fan so, love all that content!!! And really, all her guests are bomb. Plus, I just find her entertaining. She’s just a vibe. If you haven’t listened, you SHOULD!
  • Veronica Julia
    Not Amanda Kloots
    This review is for the podcast episode featuring Amanda Kloots. Featuring Amanda was poor judgement and tone deaf. This woman is a fraud. She used her husband’s tragic death to garner sympathy and played the perfect widow to get her way on to a talk show and DWTS. Trying so hard to be relevant. Her book was a slap in the face to people who truly suffered during the pandemic, she twisted the arms of hospital staff and her minimal status to get her way and override the rules that applied to other grieving relatives who were losing someone to COVID. She disrespected hospital protocols, lied about how often she was visiting Nick in the hospital, lied about getting her sister in to the hospital, lied about how Nick’s family was able to cross the Canadian border when the borders were closed, it’s maddening! Also, her book is garbage. It is poorly written, extremely repetitive, and should not have given the acknowledgement as a “best seller”. She never addressed the bad reviews of the book because she didn’t want to face being called out for her abuse of her privilege. Bad guest, Amanda.
  • Leg4369
    The simping of the Kardashians is so intense with this one that I have to wonder if she’s on their payroll… don’t waste your time listening to this garbage.
  • Lizz9999
    Did you ever talk about the balenciaga scandal? Or you can’t because of the Kardashian’s?
  • Dylannraee
    the only podcast I come to weekly
    So I’m not gonna lie to y’all, but heard about Amanda via Kim Kardashians story when Amanda interviewed her. And the little snippet I did see I was like waittt, this gal isn’t like your basic interviewer.. like she got some personality and was asking rlly fun questions. I have never listen to a podcast so I didn’t even know where to begin or how I can listen to the full episode ( realized press the link duh ) and listen to the whole episode on apple podcast. When I say I feel in love with Amanda I mean like her husb needs to step to the curb cuz I FELL HEAD OVER HEELS (jk he’s just fine lol) So followed her on instagram right afterwards and was like oh this got BETTER??? How?? She talks about everything, like there’s something you’ll always enjoy on her insta.. don’t even get me started on her ADORABLE kid, he gives me baby fever to the MAX lol. Love her insta but after following and stalking her, I then was like well I got ALOT of episodes to listen to, so I started listening to so many of her previous episodes and was like falling more into her.. so so so so glad I was able to find her I look forward to every Tuesday to listen to her and her ads lol like idc she’s so funny and fun to listen to, like I said FULL OF PERSONALITY. I look forward to her posting on her story’s just to see what’s going on in her day to day. She’s an amazing human, is so in touch with her listeners (which I love) like she does NOT have to do so and yet she makes time to talk to us, it’s rlly rlly nice and makes my day anytime she replies to anything I say. Ps. I’m such a hardcore fan like I watch the podcasts that she will make a guest appearance on and it’s like the same vibe as her show, it’s amazing! She rlly knows what she’s doing and is so good at doing it!!!
  • Mishy0821
    Super entertaining
    Only podcast i listen to. Love her
  • Kirasmom74
    Disgusted that you would have Cole on the pod. He’s abusive and misogynistic. Stop giving awful man babies a platform.
  • ggjjhtwZcvbbkk
    My fav
    No matter who Amanda brings on the podcast you know it’s going to make you learn something, love something and laugh! She has this natural way of making people feel comfortable and it always feels like she’s just chatting with someone she’s known for years! My fav podcast.
  • StacyMarie726
    Sliving, laughing, loving with Kamanda
    It’s like listening to your bestie, but with access to magical celeb interviews. There is nothing Amanda can’t achieve 💙🎧
  • 12vibes
    Only a mother could love her
    The only redeeming quality about this podcast were the episodes with her sister in the beginning, nothing about Amanda is likable from voice to opinions to interviewing style, the definition of cringe and bad jokes, barstool mom club vibes.
  • farmsybrown2
    It makes sense
    The conversations flow with her guests so smoothly. You can tell she actually listens to what they have to say, repeats it back, and then when she goes on a tangent if needed, she easily comes right back!
  • Trader1850
    Based on one episode. The guest kept saying “that’s how women are” and the host was agreeing. No, we are not all narcissists that need to be constantly reassured about our looks.
  • Tadade1
    Always a great listen!
    No matter the topic or guest Amanda is such an honest but kind interviewer, asking the questions we all have! 😊
  • sutherlinsweets
    Makes Tuesdays Better
    Love listening and knowing she’s going to ask the questions we want answers to! Also thank you for feeding my kardashian obsessed soul.
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