The Love Hour


Kevin & Melissa are a young married couple, bringing you a fresh take on love and relationships. They're using their 15+ years of marriage experience to offer insight in a relatable way, addressing matters of the heart with plenty of candor, humor, and nuggets of wisdom. Through transparency and honesty, Melissa & Kevin let couples know they aren't alone in their trials, but that together they can make it through them all!

Hosts Instagram: @KevOnStage, @MrsKevOnStage, @TheLoveHour

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  • simplybeauiful
    Real talk! Real conversation! Real life!
    I absolutely LOVE this podcast. Melissa and Kev just it real every time, let’s not forget the never ending jokes, lol. Their guest are phenomenal and they always have conversations that will help you in various areas of your life. Keep up the great work Kevin and Melissa; you guys are an inspiration.
  • Anan O. Miss
    This podcast blesses my soul!!! My bf and I listen and watch FAITHFULLY!! Love them!!
  • Ash8.5
    Love this podcast!!!
  • Sistah Frazier
    This podcast has changed my life! Periodt! God bless y’all and please keep doing what you are doing!
  • MsMuffin2
    This podcast is ALL the things!!!
    I love this podcast! The content & guests are great, the conversation is always rich, diverse, enlightening and exciting! Love love love!!!!
  • Spelmanite2016
    Marriage + Life Mentors
    I started listening to this podcast after the Fredericks were on ‘Dead Ass’ w/ Khadeen & Devale Ellis. I loveeee the quality topics and conversation shared here! As a single young adult Christian woman, I think you guys set a great example of partnership and pursuing purpose together. I appreciate the candid dialogue around the good & challenging parts of marriage and even more so that you talk about the physical, mental, and emotional journey to and through being your best, most successful selves! Thank you to Kevin & Melissa for pushing themselves to continue to show up in the way God leads them to!
  • Mac katas
    I love this podcast!
    So down to earth and relatable while being able to think outside the box and have conversations about topics that so many find difficult. I also really enjoy how churchy the pod is w/o the judgment. As a life long church kid this speaks to me.
  • MilkaNdonga
    Thank you Melissa for believing in you
    I just started listening to this podcast recently and I’m so thrilled I did. I’ve been learning a lot from Melissa and Kevin and their expert guests about marriage and life in general. #blacklove
  • Trackguru87659
    Fertility Series
    Thank you for touching on this ! Great series. I love the show but really enjoyed listening to fertility episodes. I do wish the doctors would have mentioned issues with the pituitary gland that can also contribute to infertility issues. Perhaps I missed it but I found it interesting that both doctors talked about everything but the pituitary gland.
  • K.Springs
    Thank you, thank you, thank you
    I have to tell you and Kevin how much I appreciate you for this fertility series. Yes it triggered me but not like usual. I’m thankful for the information and seriously considering going to Vegas to see Dr. Cindy and her team.
  • Big Biz2
    Love Hour is Life
    You two have redefined how I think about marriage and family. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being transparent about your journey. The dynamic & love between y’all is amazing. I wholeheartedly appreciate Kev and everything that he does, but I’m excited to see what Melissa aka MrsKevOnStage keeps on growing into.
  • Meelafg
    Highly recommend
    Melissa is so relatable and Kev is hilarious. This couple keeps it real and makes you feel like you are besties! Highly recommend!
  • Amber Lightbourne
    Must Listen
    You all manage to be authentic, refreshing, and practical all at the same time. The work put into producing these episodes is well appreciated and noticed. Please keep coming with this amazing content!
  • LukeFlyy
    Lis, send Kev his nudes
    I just want to say that you two have restored some of my faith in marriage. It’s the communication paired with understanding that does it for me! It’s really a beautiful thing to watch how you two are so different but compliment each other so well. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I am unmarried but dating and I am gaining wisdom. Thanks for all the laughs and all the feels! Melissa you are amazing! You remind me so much of my big sis and I had her listen and she was like “omg that is so me!” 🤣 semi perfectionists, analytical, problem solvers etc the kind of people Kev & I need around as creative spontaneous individuals 🤣🤣
  • lilaclover09
    The Love Hour is the Best!
    I am a huge fan of the podcast! I love the conversations and topics discussed!! I registered for The Love Hour conference and I am so excited!! God bless and keep up the AWESOME work!
  • positivityis possible
    True Love
    Hello, Today was the first time I’ve heard of you two. I happened to see you on YouTube with Deonna and Greg. Such a positive show. Real talk. honesty, fun, laughs, genuine people. Thank you for showing love is real. Blessings to you and your family. I pray your continued success. Jackie L.
  • Clarisse Gomez
    Awesome Podcast!!!
    Kevin & Melissa, hosts of The Love Hour podcast, highlights all aspects of health & fitness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • Mr.JJK
    Great, great podcast!
    Just subscribed to the podcast and I love it! Keep doing y’all thang!
  • MamaCancer23
    One of my favs!
    This is one of my favorite podcasts & one of my favorite couples! I look forward to new episodes weekly.
  • RaeHug
    Must listen
    I absolutely LOVE how genuine, transparent and relatable they are! And, of course Kev is hilarious! This is now one of my favorite podcasts to listen to.
  • Kiku890
    Didn’t expect to love the podcast this much
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while and I honestly love it. The Tabitha Brown episode is by far my favorite and made me smile so much.
  • SimplyAvalon
    Genuinely Great Podcast
    I have watched KevonStage on YouTube in and off for the past few years but somehow I never knew he had a podcast with his wife! It’s so amazing. They are so genuine and the comedy doesn’t strike me as cheesy. Could listen to them speak for hours.
  • TMONEY3487
    Love and logic
    Love champions is kinda beating out therapy at this point. Y’all love is on full display so we can take notes. Funny, serious and knowledgeable. I’m currently binging the podcast starting from the beginning. Keep up the great work that is being done. God bless.
  • kerell1217
    New subscriber
    Kevonstage is a complete fool and i love it. This show gives me both education and entertainment!
  • Cruiser Taylor
    Black Love is real
    I love this example of black love. I’m young and never considered marriage due to the horrible marriages I witnessed around me. So seeing you all in your vlogs and listening to this podcast really gives young, strong black women like myself some hope.
  • Morethanstyle
    Love is blind
    I was weak from laughing hearing you guys commentate on that show and all true observations. I’m a single women but your show has enriched me and to value the intimacy of a relationship.
  • NiishaRegin
    The Love Hour
    I love this show. The latest episode about the love is blind show has me cracking up 😂😂😂😂😂 Everything they said I literally said to myself. I’m at work watching the show cracking up and my boss just gave me a look from hell. Lmaoooo love you guys❤️
  • mdeb2001
    The best podcast
    This is the best podcast out here periodt! There are no episodes that I have not learned from. Love, love, love! Michelle
  • urbanite5
    Important and Fun
    Wow. What a phenomenal series of conversations on the topic we all care about passionately, but feel shy to talk about. Kev and Melissa go deep in ways that have been revolutionary in my life and marriage, but are also fun and funny enough that it’s a really enjoyable listen. Keep up the great work!
  • M@tt W.
    Congratulations on your upcoming 100th episode!
    Congrats you all! Your podcasts are hilarious, educational, and uplifting. Thanks for doing what you do.
  • LuckiiMe
    Omg, great & hilariously informative episode!! Thnx for a MUCH needed open discussion!!
  • ZzzChellzzz
    Melissa has given me life for the last year! I found the podcast towards the end of the first season and I listen every chance I get! I have had to re-examine myself and my relationship to ensure it’s healthy and meets both of our needs. Thank you Love Hour! A forever fan ❤️
  • ToniciaWimberley
    Wow! So relatable
    I love this couple and I enjoy listening to their podcast. They are just so authentic and relatable and they keep it real! I’m late to the podcast but I’ve been listening nonstop! Keep staying true to yourselves! Much love
  • OdiMac!
    I really enjoy the podcast. You guys do a great job teaching us how to level up...I appreciate you! I especially loved your last Money Matter episode. The guest(I don’t remember her name 👀👀) did a wonderful job talking about money management without shame. The belief is that if you are aware of your money story, you can change it. Great job guys!!! I also love when you guys talk about your relationship, before this podcast, I just assumed a relationship would be easy...silly I know. 🖤🖤 Update: you just keep getting better. 4 Signs Of Divorce blew my mind and broke my heart all at once. Thanks for helping us unlearn some of those that wasn’t so helpful for our relationship.
  • PumpkinLane
    Thank you for going there!
    I’m not broken sexually is hands down my favorite episode and the most important for me. As a sexual abuse survivor, I needed to hear that I’m not broken and there is healing. The journey is hard and learning that my body isn’t a weapon to be used against me but something I can reclaim is tough. This conversation was validating on so many levels. Just ordered her book to keep the learning going!!
  • mrs kennedy32418
    New subscriber ❤️
    New to podcast and I found you guys from watching “deadass”. Now I’m a subscriber. I usually watched kevs videos anyone. I love this. I felt like I was there laughing and all.
  • Olliesmommy16
    All the things!
    This podcast is so healing. Liss comes for your emotions and then Kev makes you laugh so you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. Very relatable couple. I’ve been able to do so much self work by listening. Love. Love. Love!
  • Dltscott
    My New Therapists!!!!!!!
    Love this show and the content. First of all it is so inspiring to see a husband and wife team talk about all the things we think in our heads...The laugher and the tears! The guest on the show are great and share incredible knowledge that’s helpful in our everyday lives. I’m literally LOL sometimes when listening to this podcast. Keep up the good work our village needs this. Thank you. Please share more content about single parenting, life after divorce, over 40 and single, raising black boys, dating over 40, always can use more about love and marriage, spiritual growth and something pertaining to finance and building credit. Thank you!!
  • corneliushill1506
    The Yolanda and Cornelius Show
    Great show next to time y’all come to Nashville I would like to have y’all on my show.
  • Manny86000
    This hit home
    Hello Love Hour Team! This episode hit home for me especially being an adult child of divorce. My parents went through a nasty divorce when I was 14 & holidays were tough. Always a fight on who gets who for the holidays. It’s been 20 years since they’ve divorce and everything y’all mentioned today hit home. I literally cried listening to the podcast especially when Melissa was fighting not to cry. Side note: I live in NYC and was riding the L train crying lol. Anyways I never realized how much I’ve not healed from the trauma of their divorce. I also feel doomed to never have a successful relationship as I never grew up around a healthy marriage. Most of my family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) are all either divorced or on the way to divorce including myself. I’ve been divorced nearly 8 years now & still find myself incredibly unsuccessful in finding/meeting the right guy. I’m just in prayer for some guidance and healing in my life.
  • Mr. Nurri-Deen
    You guys fuggin ROCK!!!
    My wife and I have been married for 7 years and together for 11. My wife put me on to you guys and we look forward to listening to and discussing the episodes!!! We have a pretty dope relationship considering we actually like each other lol and these episodes have been taking our marriage to an even higher level of understanding and intimacy! Thank you guys for being transparent and so friggin relatable. Keep the heat coming!!
  • Bbq23556
    Love the show
    I think you can be a creative person without being “A Creative”. You can be creative without having to be deemed or considering yourself “A Creative”. I think that’s what Malissa means when she says she’s not a creative even though she is creative.
  • review123xoxo
    Would love for y’all to interview Mel and Greg
    Would love for y’all to interview Mel and Greg about their love story and how they met
  • 122song
    Laughing since Sunday
    Laughing since Sunday my first podcast. I downloaded wanted to listen to something other than music while washing clothes. Great choice thank you for opening my door into the podcast world!
  • Kyeiwaaglover
    Never miss an episode!
    So grateful for such great marriage content! God bless y’all!
  • Takethelead
    Enjoying ya’ll to the fullest
    The show is like sweet and salty proteins bars. You get some funny, fulfilling content and raw energy to highlight you day. 💕💕
  • Channel Ten Zen
    Thank you Kev and Liz
    Saw the two of them on stage last year. If you get the chance to catch a live show with them, do it :)
  • Daynean
    Chile the love
    Listen the love I have for the love hour is like no other. I want to be Melissa PERIODTTTTT. Kev u a real 1 too. No but seriously y’all are helping me get thru so many different things in my life personally and in my relationship. Keep it coming cuz I’m here for it all. Love y’all ❤️
  • Smurfette1969
    I love your show!!!
    Awesome show. Please keep me in your prayers I am going through a divorce. I didn’t ask God about getting in this relationship so I just did it so I wouldn’t be in SIN. I do love him but he doesn’t love me as much. Continue doing what you are doing God is truly using you guys! Juanita
  • Share_33
    Love, Love, Love
    I really love this podcast, even as a single woman. Since your intro song is by Tobe Nwigwe have y’all ever thought about having he and Fat as guest on the podcast?!
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