Drag Her! A RuPaul's Drag Race Podcast

by Headgum
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Comedian and self-proclaimed Drag Race historian Mano Agapion (along with special guests) watch and review each episode of the highly anticipate Drag Race UK series, providing biting commentary, wild hot takes and deranged observations about the queens, the lip syncs, and each other.
For all the tea on previous seasons of Drag Race, take a look at our past episodes.

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  • LovelyLittleSparrow
    Can’t live without it!
    It’s preposterous that there are no other RPDR recap pods in existence so I am SOO EFFIN’ thankful for Drag Her!!! I cant live without it now. You always have wonderful guests but Mano is a kick-butt host for sure!
  • BisexualBee
    Losing Interest
    Mono is a great host when he has friends cohosting, like Nicole, Rachel and Oscar, but I find myself losing interest in the eps with any other guests. He is an okay host, but often agrees with them to the point were it feels ingenuous and doesn’t steer the convos back on topic enough. The tangents are fun, but too frequent to the point where I forget I’m listening to a pod about RPDR sometimes. This would be my fav pod if Nicole, Rachel and Oscar were all permanent rotating cohosts.
  • Nell_K_W
    Bring Nicole back
    Bring Nicole back right NOW!!!!!!! I am so over these other effn guests, over it!!!
  • gayandgreedy
    Required Listening After Drag Race
    Love Mano and Nicole. Rachel Bloom should be a permanent guest. Oscar’s opinions about Cher are VERY wrong - Strong Enough is iconic - but I suppose he can come back with Thorgy.
  • JPink197
    Thank gawd I finally found a podcast about RPDR. I’m pretty sure this is the only one. I searched for so long. Mano is always hilarious and the guests are great!
  • Jen de la Creme
    Drag Comedy Gold
    I look forward to this podcast every week abs always listen the day it drops!! Mano is hilarious! The rating cast of guests hosts is great! Love when Nicole comes back, enjoy Rachel Bloom ever time. And Oscar Montoya, I think I love him most of all! The comedy chemistry between him and Mano is phenomenal!! I crack up repeatedly every ep! Drag race is my show and this is my pod! Not just because it’s the only drag podcast 😝
  • StonerIntellect
    Love Me A Chromatica Refence
    When Mano called Kandy “Chromatica Karen” I cackled in my car. Fantastic. Also absolutely love Oscar. We are on very similar wave lengths, and I just adore both of you. Love Rachel as well! Love that you are all clearly such fans of the show.
  • wizzenedcrone
    *in mano’s skyn ad voice* I’m LIVIINGGGGG
    Mano! Hi. You’re my best parasocial friend right now. Sometimes I say out loud, “I love Mano so much.” You don’t know who I am! I hope it’s ok. Listen to you soon!
  • sicklypinkcat
    Absolutely fantastic!
    This last episode was amazing, the insightful commentary from Mano, Michael, Rachael and even Dan about the comedy challenge—speaking firsthand—was really incredible to hear. I’d honestly love to hear more episodes from yall with this many guests talking technique for more of these comedy challenges! Super engaging, funny, and I really feel like this podcast just keeps getting better and better! 💖
  • theepitomeofsass
    A PURE JOY!!
    I love how Mano recaps the episodes, he’s very articulate and pick up details I would miss from watching the episodes! Love these rapport with guests, especially with Nicole, Oscar and Rachel!! Hilarious all around
  • Askflock
    My favorite ONLY Rupaul podcast!
    Love this podcast and especially the episodes with Oscar!! Hilarious! ❤️
  • greyface72
    Rachel Bloom is a dream and a treat
    Love how often Rachel has been ok this season. Still miss Nichole Byer but hearing Rachel talk about her love of catheters and stuffed animal marriages makes it all better
  • BearBlague
    Love the pod
    Please never have Ozzy on again. She’s exhausting, and not at all in a fun way.
  • 👁💁🏽‍♂️👏🏽
    Was loving Rachel co-hosting until she defended Ethan...
  • steveosan
    It really suffers without Nicole
    Mano seems like a nice and fun guy but his relentless manic energy becomes tiresome quickly, he often talks over guests, and he agrees with literally everything they say in a way that comes off as phony and sycophantic. There’s lots of random tangents that are more often boring and self-involved rather than funny or interesting. Actually reviewing the episode seems to be an afterthought. It’s too bad this is the only podcast about RuPaul’s Drag Race. :/
  • fewest812
    LOVE this podcast!!!
    this is my favorite podcast to listen to—they go IN on the girls and their looks and I love hearing all the shade! I guess this might not be an unpopular opinion, but I love Utica Queen sooo much and I’d love to hear her talk about her religion and being Adventist, because I think it would help explain her background and help the girls to accept her (this is coming from someone who grew up in adventism too) We are all ROOTING for her! and i love how much y’all drag Tina Burner because someone needed to do it oh my god
  • _zingzing_
    I’m a fashion major senior working on my final collection, and with good ol’ Pandy Patinkin, it’s been a struggle to stay motivated and cheerful! Drag Her has truly been my lifeline. I sit at my sewing machine and just teeheehee away to you all, and I cannot thank you enough for bringing drag race joy to this crazy time! Your giggles and goonery are much appreciated, love you Mano, Nicole and Oscar! xox Nzingha
  • tentennow
    Love love love!
    This is my favorite show and my mood instantly lifts every Monday and Saturday when new episodes come up! Thanks for putting it out! One note, can you please remember to say “Black queens” when you know that’s who you’re talking about or referencing? Black queens being generalized into “POC queens” does a disservice to their specific experiences
  • Austinrspence
    The only drag podcast???
    Somehow it’s the only drag podcast but even so it is amazing! Mano is the best and such a good interviewer! Thanks for a great show every week:)!
  • generic nickname3
    Lacks Focus without Nicole
    The episodes feel inconsistent and a bit all over the place without her. I understand why she wouldn’t want to give her input when she knows the outcome of the season, but I miss her behind-the-scenes stories as well.
  • Mutt860
    So fun!
    This is so fun. If you watch the show and follow you will absolutely enjoy this podcast! Just listened to your most recent episode about UK S2 snatch game. My theory on the covid special episode in the middle of US S13 is that they want to extend the season and push back the finale so that it doesn’t have to be over Zoom again 🤫
  • r0ckmypants
    Such a mess
    I've listened to this pod on and off for a few seasons now, and every time I decide to come back to it, Nicole leaves. Mano is an absolute mess of a host. He's not as funny as he seems to think he is, and he loves dropping in woke topics that are just silly. Like in the most recent UK episode he said something about viewers not understanding Kandy is coded racism, when Kandy herself said people wouldn't understand her and she'd need to be subtitled. With so many Drag Race recap podcasts out there (Race Chaser, The Chop, Sibling Rivalry, The Pit Stop, and more), you can skip this one.
  • Jahdbakabdhsna
    5 ⭐️s but we miss Nicole
    I miss Nicole(‘s drag race takes cause I know she has twelve other pods)!!! I hope she’s not off the pod permanently now that she’s team Cucu!!!! Love Mano & all the guests though they’ve been slaying lately. Mano sit on my face or vise versa idk which you prefer!!!!
  • Mickey_Michaels
    Your Podcast Husband
    Hey Mano it’s me your Podcast Husband lol. I had to come back since we’ve been Podcast married almost a year in March and say Happy early Anniversary 😂. Also I’m just as much in love with this podcast as I was from day one. Last week with Thorgy is now in my top 3 FOR SURE, that episode was hilarious. Much love Signed Your Podcast Husband 💍 P.s I really don’t think Tia Kofi dated Graham, I’m almost positive Thorgy was jk. But I would check Thorgy to be sure
  • AnOriginalTheory
    Too much personal talk not enough review
    I’m just getting into the podcast and it’s so hard to listen to. This isn’t a review but unhinged conversation of people who love their own jokes and don’t know a thing about an outline. You have to fast forward 20 minutes before they even talk about the episode but the tangents they go on will leave you confused if this is about the show or about them. I love Rachel Bloom but the latest episode was chaotic. They were talking about Symone and then they went on a tangent about UK. UGH. Bring Nicole back because she at least knows how to structure a podcast. I only listen because i love drag race and haven’t found more podcasts to replace my political.
  • Tronald P.
    Unpopular Opinion submission
    I’m here to pay my five stars to gripe about politics on RuPaul’s Drag Race as a transgressive act of internet crankery. Now, I don’t need my personal political views validated by RDR; I am relatively unbothered by RuPaul’s consistent and conspicuous embodiment of neoliberalism because I accept that about her lived experience, despite being several many degrees to the left of her. With that said, I want to address the baffling appropriation of Soviet iconography during this week’s all-time stinker of a Rusical from the writers. The hammer & sickle is a very potent symbol regardless of how you feel about it, and seeing it deployed in such an incoherent way literally made my jaw drop and fully distracted me from Mik & Denali’s performance. It feels like when it comes to writing these Rusicals, production has seen the queens turn their uh, increasingly ill-advised premises into watchable, often golden TV, but mama... give these queens something to work with. Upon revisiting the Russian bot moment (for my sanity?) I noticed that the Soviet flag was just one of a dozen things about the whole bit that were meant to be inflammatory, so surely the writers would defend it all as part of the bit, but it’s still basically incoherent as commentary and distractingly unfunny. So maybe we just refrain from attempting political satire on this show before we get Hitler: The Rusical and have to cancel a whole season’s worth of queens at the same time.
  • Ramadana123
    Annoying male host
    Mano does not have an original thought, he speaks over his guesta when he asks a question (which can result in hard-to-hear Zo recordings). If you’re gonna have a quest on, let them speak and shine - not everything needs a “right,” “yeah,” “uh-huh”... Just let the other person speak. When Nicole is not on the podcast, it’s unbearable.
  • 클핏아구몬
    With love
    Hi—I love this podcast and have been listening to this podcast since it first started when it was truly the only rpdr podcast. I especially love that you provide commentary about race dynamics and other important social issues that you notice on the show and POVs as racial minorities. That said, I wanted to provide what I hope you think is constructive criticism out of love because the podcast now doesn’t feel like an rpdr podcast but just chitchatting with guests most of the time and rush through the rpdr episode. The last two season 13 podcast episodes were so disappointing because nearly a half of the episode was spent just on chitchatting with former ru girls and not on anything about the drag race episode. I stopped listening midway because I wasn’t hearing anything about the drag race episode itself. The last few episodes felt like they had little direction or structure, and I kept waiting when will they talk about the actual TV show? I think it is admirable that you are trying to provide a forum for them to market themselves especially in these challenging times, but they could do so within the context of the episode. Like they can mention what their experience was like for a similar challenge. Their views from former contestants. There are other ways to stay true to the podcast description but also supporting the queens, and I think you are losing the sight of what this podcast is about in the first place. Thank you very much for all your hard work and passion that go into making this wonderful podcast.
  • eb is my name
    Bossy Rossy episode
    Went yikes when Your guest said if Denali is a Pokémon trainer La La Ri is a Pokémon. (I understood what he meant I just didn’t like how it sounded.)Then came Olivia as Punky Blackster. I listen every week at work. I can't say I’ve heard these types of comments before, maybe because I’m multitasking. Tonight I was shoveling snow so you had my full attention. It really caught me off guard. I’m dissapointed. I will continue to listen, especially since this is the only Drag Race review podcast 😉. I just hope as Kandy Muse said you and your guests read the room.
  • mykou-
    chirp for nicole
    5 stars for the occasional nicole pop up but y’all thought you’d be cute and delete the elliott episode and not acknowledge her racist and alleged transphobic comments? that’s a burp for me.
  • Joemania
    I've been scouring the internet for months, nay, years, searching for a podcast that recaps drag race. A message a bottle one day on the beach led me to Drag Her! And the fact that they take each individual look and analyze it, bestowing upon it a chirp or a burp- GROUNDBREAKING! NO ONE ELSE IS DOING THIS.
  • Wikinomad
    5 stars, but SHAVE huh.
  • lalimasverde
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Finally found a podcast that talks about Drag Race. I live in a town where drag is basically non existent, New York City, so listening to this makes me feel less alone, like I finally have friends that share my very niche pastime. Also, Nicole is great. She should think about getting into hosting, maybe a Netflix competition show or something like that. Love to all!
  • Mary Anna Trench
    Love the show, but....
    I’m listening to your most recent episode with Honey (who I love!) and I’m 25 minutes in and y’all still haven’t started talking about the episode. I didn’t have any issue with what you all were talking about, and I’m fine with tangents, but I think it’d work better (or at least, I’d prefer it) if you peppered them in instead of spending the first half hour of the recap show not recapping the episode. Still love you and I hope we get more Nicole and Rachel Bloom!!
  • bootygod666
    The hosts are amazing.... BUT
    The episode with Nicole Paige Brooks was literally so hard to get through that I had to stop listening. Her audio was so bad and her commentary was some of the worst I’ve heard for the drag race podcasts. I’m so sorry
  • RPDR11
    Makes Mondays Easier
    Mano is so likable and charismatic! This podcast is definitely something I look forward to every week. Also, I LOVE when Nicole is able to join. Overall such a fun and light listen!
  • Sjay622
    The only drag race podcast
    It’s such a good idea! I love this place! Also te: Black Lives Matter on the show, they could have sent a much better message if the queen was allowed to hold a Kim Chi mirror instead of one x Jeff**y Sta**
  • Eric without a k
    Rachel Bloom’s draft
    After 13 seasons and 5 all stars seasons, I can’t believe no one else has a podcast like ruviewing this show! As a long time fan of the pod, I can’t believe Rachel Bloom is the first person to have a RuPaul’s Drag Race draft list. My only critique of the podcast is no one went home, RU-INING Rachel’s draft list before it started. Appreciation for Mano’s creativity and bringing some phenomenal guests to the pod, and Nicole will hopefully become a permanent extra special guest judge on Drag Race, sliding the tip of behind the scenes goss-ip.
  • AMuchinG
    THE ONLY ONE??!!! WHY???
    It’s been said before, but believe this is the only podcast that discusses such an important show. Certainly a great discussion, but it’s shocking that this is the only podcast about drag race.
  • Aaustin23
    . Hmm ❓
    ... 🤔💞😉
  • M878M
    No more NPB PLEASE
    Every other host is amazing and funny, but the episode with Nicole page Brooks was like dragging a square wheel across a cobblestone street… Rough, grating, and slow
  • youmybitchnow
    Im so happy to know that this is the only drag race podcast! Always have a great time listening to you guys, definitely puts me in a great mood. 💙 much love .
  • Josezpd
    Comedy Smart
    This podcast IS the essential Ru-cappery. While the opinions and gag worthy banter Nicole and Mano kiki about are hilarious, the most sickening takeaways are their critical eye on breaking down the performances and challenges from each week. I live to hear how these two comedians would have approached the competition’s challenges themselves AND their offerings of how the queen’s could have done better each week.
  • Reviewers Are Lame
    Really Do Love The Show
    I love this podcast a lot and, though I miss Nicole being there for every episode, I still love hearing Mano hold it down. That being said, season 13 has been rough so far. I haven’t been able to finish either episode with Rachel Bloom. Her and Mano hold onto jokes long after their dead and it’s hard to listen to. It’s like I’m watching a bad improve performance and we all know how painful that can be. Mano has much better chemistry with Joel, Betsy, Matt, Bowen, or anyone really.
  • kjmau123
    No more Rachel bloom please !
    Cannot tolerate Rachel bloom!!! Please no more ! She is so annoying - Otherwise Love it , you guys can throw shade and make fun while still being lighthearted and not taking it too seriously like some of the other podcasts do ! Love you !
  • nsell96
    I dont have an iphone so i borrowed my bfs phone FIVE STARS
    I finally can write a FIVE STAR RUVIEW OF THE ONLY RUPAULS DRAG RACE PODCAST via my boyfriends phone. Got his permission, what an ally. This is my favorite podcast of all time. Mano, Nicole, and occasional guests hosts such as Oscar Montoya and Rachel Bloom “chirp and burp” weekly eps of RPDR. I love their perspective, jokes, and overall appreciation for all things drag. They will make you “te-he-he” as Nicole says. So happy to have these wonderful folx and their guests recapping a wonderful show. Representation matters, thank you for bringing us fabulous guests, opinions, and drag! -Erin
  • idkconner
    Nicole is good.
    This podcast is at it’s best with Nicole there. The episodes without Nicole are hard to listen to. Mano spends too much of his energy trying to make the guest laugh, but should use some of this energy to structure the podcast. The jokes have become extremely stale and I’m tired of cringing.
  • uhhlyssuh
    Mano is just the man.
    You are an amazing host, all the new guests are amazing! But no one beats Betsy bear. Love you guys 🙏🏼💞
  • Lono13
    Literally the only one
    I love BOTH Nicole and Mano on this one and only Drag Race pod!
  • Gerbil101
    Big fan
    I’m a 68 year old fan of drag race and your podcast! I’m also the mom of a trans son. Please refer to Gottmik by his preferred pronouns that he stated in episode two. Out of drag- he him. In drag- she /her. Just like most drag queens.
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