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Something Was Wrong is an Iris Award-winning true-crime docuseries about the discovery, trauma, and recovery from shocking life events and abusive relationships.

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  • Librarian 101
    Oy these women
    My frustration isn’t really about the podcast so I should probably give a higher star-rating. My frustration is with this group of women in the podcast. They have to be the single largest group of dumb dumbs I have ever heard of. Oh we broke up because he was awful, then we talked on the phone and of course we got back together and of course I paid for everything and of course he was talking to someone else while he was with me because OF COURSE I AM THE STUPIDEST WOMAN ON THE PLANET! Are these people in their teens or early 20’s because they sure sound like it. Don’t come at me about narcissism- I was married to the king of narcissism for 24 years. This guy just got away with what he was allowed to because these women had no boundaries and no self-esteem. I’m glad (hope) this season is winding down because I am over it. Stupid I tell you. Stupid. YOU HAVE THE WORST SHOW SONG!!! More episodes- more stupid women! Who is raising these females?!?!! If this particular woman says “he made” me one more time I’m going to scream. Did he have a gun to your head?
  • TMaLee
    Season 15 episode 7.
    I think this girl is lying. Did she take handfuls of benedryl or a bottle? Why did her friend not know what was wrong with her if she had cut her wrist? What happened to the house he bought for them? Why do I keep listening to this podcast??
  • SeanShesh
    I’m so terribly sorry
    “I’m so terribly sorry” that your podcast has been going downhill. I get that it’s tough to hit the nail on the head every episode, but you have completely missed the board this season. Every single person you have had on the show has severe character flaws. From the gold digger who somehow didn’t realize what she was to the man she was with you thr trio of therapist who judged a woman who has real mental issues and you allowed them to bash her for it but never once asked how they could have help her with the resources they use on everyone else who comes asking for help. Or better yet how you call the FBI on Jake but you let a drunk doctor go around and see patients and all you have to say is “I’m sorry”. You are a joke at this point and I really hope you do better vetting process for further episodes cause all the online communities I’ve seen also agree with this. Do better if you are going to post how much you want to help victims.
  • Markus Bryan m
    Lex Fitzgerald episode
    This women is insufferable, very self involved
  • JChrismond
    You gave him more than 5 minutes of your time
    Your are your problem. You are creating all this crazy Get serious help. Keep your own company. Why did you do all this crazy. I’m so sad for you. You must not be well for participating in any of this anything - conversation behavior anything. Just stop it. Only get help and be peaceful. STOP THE CRAZY YOU ARE DOING IT. IM SO SAD FOR YOU. YOU ARE REALLY BAD OFF. PLEASE GET HELP YOU ARE WORTH IT
  • Nallysa
    First off thank you Tiffany for your platform, time and energy. Secondly, Ill try my best not to spoil it too much but my thoughts are with Lex. I work as a CPS worker who specifically aims towards supporting families and promoting safety. I am sending her positive vibes in hopes that she eventually heals from the experience. She didn't deserve the pain and torment she received.
  • Maddie Stutzman
    My Favorite Podcast
    This is 1000% my favorite podcast! I always have it on in the car and I love that it keeps my interest but isn’t as spooky & scary as a true crime podcast!!
  • Greta Reed
    Emilia made me break up with this podcast for good
    Her story was just so…annoying. Yes, the guy is a bad guy. And yes, she is super young, and she clearly has a lot of problems. But the story itself was so repetitive and grating. I hope she realizes she needs to do a LOT of work on herself and not just blame this guy for her repeated decisions to go back, and back, and back… to him. Geez.
  • Simone réal sweet
    Free vs subscriber
    So I have learned in the last couple seasons done episodes are subscription only which sucked , but since I learned it’s on Amazon music which I already had I won’t be listening on this app , shouldn’t have to pay for what was once free but I guess this is the new world we live in …
  • ERJP0
    I lost brain cells from listening to Emilia and her unbearable story. This podcast has gone downhill significantly these last few seasons, and I can no longer stick it out. It’s turned into a bunch of women who are only “survivors” by choice. They need to do a lot of self-reflection about why they ignore such major red flags. Tiffany, how desperate are you?? Please start vetting your interviewees, and find real survivors to give a platform to.
  • uhhhlicia
    Not impressed
    The Jake season was probably the worst. Now this new episode with Emilia is so stupid!
  • Vargasgn
    Love it!!
    This is an amazing podcast giving an important space for survivors to tell their stories.
  • Katjo57
    Season 15 Episode 8
    Love the theme song. Most of the women telling their stories need serious self reflection as to why they continue positioning themselves in a harmful situation. I just listened to this episode and it was beyond my ability to comprehend WHY anyone that found themselves in that potentially, dangerous situation would continue any activity on any social media? Please, don’t anyone say it is her right to live her life and raise her children as she wants. No one needs social media to survive and when it becomes an issue for the safety of your family, why would anyone continue? Walking into a poisonous snake pit is anyone’s right to do, but WHY would anyone continue walking into that pit especially with their children? No one of forcing this woman to do what she is doing. She needs to Take responsibility for bad choices and learn from them and change behavior. Find a job that contributes to society and stop deliberately putting your family in this type of danger to make money. Your story is infuriating.
  • Samthae
    Something was wrong
    Sometimes I really enjoy this show, sometimes I do not. I thought John and Naomi was the worst so far this season, the first part was terrible so I hoped the second part would be good, but no just more terrible :/ However, lex Fitzgerald takes the cake. No one cares about internet trolls. Officially unfollowing this podcast.
  • lolalolabear
    Subscriber getting ads
    Love this but why am I getting ads I paid for a subscription
  • TayThorCo
    Season 15, episode 5
    I never do this but I’m really so disgusted by the mother in this episode. She’s very selfish. Very self absorbed, all of her grief is for herself. She even mentions herself first when listing her evil husband’s victims, her niece was like 3rd. Hopefully she doesn’t bring another man around her children because I fear her judgment is still trash.
  • 09polkmn
    13min if reading definitions from the dsm. 10 min of ads. 7 min hearing the stories of the survivors. Maybe if it was a conversation with a professional and then hearing the stories we could get some more insight, but when it’s just hearing someone’s article or an expert from the DSM it loses merit and engagement I think. The theme song is also getting played more and more and it’s getting more and more terrible. So many ads. The more I listen the lower the rating.
  • Vna247
    Obsessed with this podcast!
    The host is so professional and treats every story with the sensitivity it deserves. I’ve learned so much listening to these stories and the information that is shared before some of the episodes. Of course I know people who’ve gone through DV and this podcast helps bring some of these issues to light. Cannot emphasize enough how much I love this podcast and how fast I digested all the seasons once I found it! Keep up the amazing work!
  • StillAngry Customer
    I think this podcast is an odd, guilty pleasure for a guy. It’s well-produced and the stories are inviting and entertaining. No question, there are some seriously bad dudes out there. With that said, most of these women are nothing short of pathetic. They don’t know how to let an idiot go - someone who they shouldn’t have been dating in the first place. Or, they expect to find the love of their lives from Tinder or Hinge. Really? Then, once the tragedy of a relationship with a reject of a man is over, they devote a substantial portion of their living energy to following, wasting, and nearly stalking the stupid man-child over whom they spun this sordid and ridiculous fantasy. Get a better vetting process and don’t fall for a love-bomber. Also, get used to the phrase, “I’m so incredibly sorry…”
  • KingTyra
    It’s becoming Hard to Follow
    I wish there was something like part 2 part 3 and it would be nice If the stories didn’t have all those parts too. Like make it one long podcast. This was my favorite podcast.
  • CBDoris
    So happy I found this podcast
    I am thankful for the brave victims that have contributed their stories to this podcast. My twenties were filled with emotionally abusive men and it took me a long time to recover and love myself more and start to realize how to avoid that type of man. Listening to this podcast has helped me to continue to work through my past experiences and know it wasn’t okay to let myself be treated that way. To the people leaving mean and non constructive reviews, what is going on with you? This is a podcast, don’t like it, move on. Please keep up the incredible job of providing a platform for victims to share their stories and for listeners like me to learn and grow from.
  • kblast11
    Knowing someone who is an addict with a disease, doesn’t make you a survivor.
    Omg that last episode was so sad. This girl suffers from addiction and mental illness. She had a disease and you think her friends are survivors ?! This is terrible and I’m extremely disappointed you would even consider this story when that women suffered from addiction. Absolutely terrible. There has been bad episodes, but this.. this is disgusting…. Edit: This is the very last episode I’m listening too. Unsubscribing. Boo hoo tik tok users were mean to you? You get your information from tik Tok? That’s dangerous to share with people, thinking it’s ok to get valid information from tik tok. And also even if this guy was lying or not, you don’t ask people who served about death or killing people. That is extremely triggering and tragic. There are real survivors out there. Not dumb girls who get lied too. Ok so this guy is a weirdo creep, did he actually do anything other then being liar? This is so bizarre. Goodbye for good something was wrong. So bad.
  • TheByroms
    Great Content and Moderation
    The stories are captivating and well moderated, even when I get upset at how clueless some of these women seem to be.
  • gildedlilynash
    Super Important
    This pod is doing great, healing work!! Thank you!
  • Bolgy
    More info on what each season is about
    It would be nice if there was a description of what each season is about.
  • adelaski
    Not as good as it used to be
    I was attracted to this podcast because it really delved into the emotional traps that people can fall into and I really sensed it was a safe place for people to discuss their experiences and add to the survivor energy. But lately, it feels more like a gossip session. Something is missing.
  • miel*
    this podcast has gone downhill…
    despite my previous complaints (see original review below), i was still a fan of SWW because the stories were so interesting. season 14 is where things took a turn for me, even though it was still overall interesting. season 15 sounds like a bunch of dumb tiktokers sharing cringey stories that are hard to empathize with. i appreciate that tiffany has edited herself out more, and stopped with the constant “i’m so sorry” responses. but the stories this season are garbage 🗑️ (previous review) the host comes off as try-hard and fake-sympathetic with all the “thank you so much” and “i’m so sorry” that she spits out after every narrated segment. i understand the intent, but saying “i’m so sorry” to preface every single question comes off as disingenuous. is that a weird thing to base a review on? maybe. it’s become really distracting to me and makes me enjoy the podcast a bit less now.
  • Corinnek117
    Great pod
    I appreciate the thought and care that goes into telling these stories. They’re interesting, cautionary tales. I read some reviews and people are brutal so I just wanted to add a positive one. Editing and compiling stories like these is no small feat and Tiffany should be commended for doing it. Thank you Tiffany!
  • DGCovert
    Season 15 Episode 6
    This girl can not pronounce words correctly. She thinks her own story is fun by laughing at herself. This is not believable. You should have Vetted this person before giving her a platform. 🤬
  • Meeshelle0428
    Season 15 ep 6
    Is this girl 21? She sounds very naive and uneducated 🙄
  • 𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐬
    So much respect
    I have so much respect for all of the people that come on here to tell their stories, it takes a lot of courage to be so open and vulnerable about trauma in such a public setting. Also, just a reminder, mental health issues isn’t an excuse to be a bad person, and if that person emotionally abused and manipulated other people, they still reserve the right to talk about their experiences and how it’s affected them.
  • broke graduate student
    Jenna Jean’s episode made me give up on this show
    Really feels like Something Was Wrong is starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel. This was the bottom line. Jenna Jean’s episode was inane and devoid of any insight. Just a girl whose TikTok went viral spending an hour talking about the details behind her TikTok, other people on TikTok, what she’s learned about TikTok…. I miss the days that this show had smart, self-aware guests
  • mbczzzzzzz
    Please get rid of the theme song
    Besides that it’s alright and I listen when I don’t have anything to listen to.
  • staceyyyyn
    Something IS wrong
    With this podcast that is. It started off great but the last couple of seasons have taken a weird turn. I find myself getting frustrated with people ignoring red flags very early on, not taking responsibility for their own bad decisions, & then calling it abuse. At what point do we need to be held accountable for our own lives?
  • Snsosoqpndrkro
    Commenters are mean
    I love this podcast, but i love it for the reasons people hate it. It shows how many people have not been in abusive situations, and thats great i wouldnt want them to. But also, to sit there and say “there were so many flags and you women are just stupid” is so hurtful. I believed too that i would never be in a situation like this cause i was to smart to be tricked into it, but once your in it and there is emotions involved its hard. Kind of like “would you jump in front of a bullet for someone” a lot of us want to believe we would but no one can say for sure unless theyre there. And making people feel stupid for being tricked is horrible. Abusers are VERY good at what they do, the abuse is tailored to people. This podcast is a community for people who have gone through this so we know that were not as stupid as we feel, cause we 100% feel stupid. You dont need to say it. We know. But we didnt at the time cause it was a simple “i dont like when you wear croptops much, i just dont like the look of them” to “why are you wearing a crop top? Cause you want to look like a sl*t in front of my friends?” Keeping in mind there are months between that. We are getting all the bad parts of the story and were getting it in an hour. These women had wonderful times with these men and it was over months even years. You dont see the flags as easy when they’re buried under time and good memories. Then its a matter of “really? I do one thing wrong you hold it over my head but were not going to acknowledge the 10 good things ive done? I can never win” the horrible thing is, the people that meed to be reading this will never read it. The only people still reading are the people that understand what is so upsetting about all this.
  • mollykate2388
    The first few seasons were so good, but now it’s either political garbage or just a boring story of a girl who ignored red flags because the dude was rich.
  • Ophelianna_Sky
    My gateway podcast
    I think this was one of my very first podcasts I listened to and got immediately addicted from the very first season. What was used as something to listen to on a long car ride became and absolute obsession of waiting for each new season. This podcast has opened my eyes to so many moments within my personal relationships; realizing ways I’ve been abused, gaslit and mistreated. It’s my therapy away from therapy! I love what Tiffany and all those who have spoken out have done to reveal what these awful people can do and how easily they do it. I mention this podcast to absolutely everyone in hopes that they get what I’ve gained from listening. ❤️
  • breezy95b
    Good stories ruined by political input
    It’s interesting that at the start of every episode the host states something along the lines of “stories do not reflect the views of myself, broken cycle media or wondery” but each guest clearly only has a specific political position. Can no longer overlook the intentional political input. Nice knowin ya!
  • Hanna U.
    I am currently listening to season 13 episode 2. I cannot describe the anxiousness I got in this episode. The survivor of this episode is so strong in the way she pushes through and tell her story. The way Tiffany allows them to tell their own story but helps facilitate is soul-opening to me, honestly. This podcast is more than just something to listen to while not paying attention. I look forward to sitting down and listening to Something Was Wrong, so I can work through my own issues while listening to other people work through their lives in their own ways. I am grateful for the SWW Team! ♥️
  • KJMestas
    Season 15, episodes 3 & 4, the storyteller is a jerk. She could have walked away from the friends ship. She needs some help.... and is just as codependent and sick
  • long ducka donger
    Good content and intentions
    Good content and intentions. I have used this podcast to educate my daughter on the dangers of relationships. Wish the creator would educate on how law and criminal procedure works. She gives victims false hope that she can 3rd party report crime. No criminal agency accepts 3rd party complaints. There is sound reasoning behind it which protects victims. Its a simple concept that if not followed could lead to people filing false 3rd party reports to victimize individuals. Enjoy the content, just don't take any opinions of the criminal justice system as correct.
  • j.fineline
    Theme song controversy
    Sure I have things to say about the podcast, but instead I feel a need to react to all the negativity toward the theme song: Is it bad? Sure, in a way, but it’s funny! And it’s perfect for what “Something was Wrong” started out being about. Speaking of which, I wish the podcast would get back on that track — about people —in both romantic and platonic relationships — who turn out to be duplicitous, fraudulent, living a double life, scammers, etc. and not just at the extremes of abuse. The most interesting episodes to me have been the ones aimed at trying to understand the personality and the dynamic. As for editing, I agree that most of the episodes could use more.
  • WaltzingMatilda1952
    Top notch pod catch
    So glad I found this. I was getting tired of true crime killer version. Your kindness and interview skills draw your listeners in. I can’t sleep because I love your podcast like a baby loves bedtime stories. Good job!
  • 1108thequeen1108
    Started strong … now it’s just meh
    This podcast started so strong. With stories that had many people involved and a story line that needed untangling. Now , many of the stories have a political agenda or are lacking content .
  • lya304
    The amount of outright stupidity some of these women exhibit is mind blowing. All of the red flags and signs they are shown and they still stay in these situations and subject their children to… smh. How naive and clueless can you be??? Diana thinking that just because a man was in the military and a police officer that he can’t possibly be a bad person… what??? How incredibly ignorant. I can’t listen anymore. All these stories do is piss me off and make me realize how much common sense people lack. Smh
  • MissLovesol
    Zayla episode?
    It is just me, or was the Zayla episode part 1 removed? I can’t find part 2 either.
  • jacquie_blu92
    It’s a good podcast most of the time!
  • nitrotitan2008
    So hard to listen to. This podcast is SO bad. It use to be so much better. The Corinna episode was horrible. Obviously there was addiction and mental health in play and none of these “mental health professionals” cared. They weren’t victims. Just stop.
  • PadookieBanks1
    Literally wake up happy on release date
    Love love love this podcast. Been listening since season 1. Love the story telling and variety of speakers. I wake up all excited on Thursdays and can’t wait to dive in.
  • Ya.ok.
    Not into it anymore
    So it seems like every other episode now is a person that recognized all the red flags, but stayed with the abuser because they were being wined and dined. I’m not here to judge that. If you hate the guy but want to date him because he buys you nice things and takes you on trips... You do you. Really if that’s the exchange you want, go for it. But I don’t want to hear about it anymore.
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