Something Was Wrong


Something Was Wrong is an Iris Award-winning true-crime docuseries about the discovery, trauma, and recovery from shocking life discoveries and abusive relationships.

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  • GrendelUlf
    Fave podcast
    I had no interest in true crime, scandal etc. SWW changed all that. Love this show! So we’ll done. easy to listen to, very objective. My favorite podcast, I would listen every day if I could!
  • rosegojj
    Season 9
    I don’t understand how Danielle and her husband have no sense. I really feel like there were ample opportunities to expose Artie and have him arrested. Love it but it’s like watching a scary movie and yelling at the tv for the victim to get up but they over play the fall and forget how to think. How are people this sense in 2020
  • Redbirds4!
    Too slow
    Season 9 starts out great, but subsequent episodes are so draggy and redundant that it has completely turned me off to this podcast. Am I missing something? Too bad. Had real potential.
  • susannj
    Season 9
    What a horrific story. Frustrating to listen to so much codependency and children in danger not being fully protected. Will listen to the end but this is a difficult listen.
  • sisteramberlynne
    Lacking empathy
    I stopped listening when the hosts bragged about how they would never be in a an abusive relationship. They’re too strong, smart, etc and just don’t get it. Do I need to point out that this is unacceptable from women who make their living talking primarily about the murders of women? Apparently I do. I boycott all audiochuck podcasts. It feels like Ashly and Britt are exploiting and demeaning victims for their own fame and fortune.
  • Gsqueege
    Not worth waiting for it to get better
    People on your show aren’t always the best story tellers, and I think if you’re going to produce a podcast it’s up to you to edit everything down to make a cohesive and concise story! All the host contributes are five words and two phrases “I’m so sorry” and “next time…” unless of course it’s ten minutes of reading aloud Wikipedia pages about the mental illness of the day. Don’t get me started on how you frame everyone with a mental illness as the worst person to exist. Your podcast could benefit from experts, therapists, doctors, etc in the field.
  • kelseyfagerlin
    Amazing, Thrilling, can’t stop listening
    I listen to podcasts daily & I've listened to many !! This one is crazy & insane & keeps me wondering. It’s the kind of podcast that I just never want to stop listening to because I’m so curious about what’s going to happen next. These stories are fascinating.
  • GaGa to 7
    Love the show, a 5 but the music, a 0
    I’ve listened, love the stories and bond you make with the story tellers with that said, please change the song. I cannot skip past it fast enough. When I can’t, it distracts me from the show. I know it seems trivial but It makes me cringe.
  • Ejhwjdkelmw
    Great content mostly
    Love the podcast and the story is so interesting. However, the host speaks so slowly that I have to fast forward through ads
  • 12247po
    That voice!! Ugh!!
    Danielle’s voice and the way she slowly draws out each annoying word is painful and torture to my ears. Does she have a cold or is this her normal voice?? Awful! Not sure I can finish this.
  • RummDugger
    You don’t know me…
    I’ve learned so much from each seasons subjects. It’s amazing the things you can apply to someone you’re aquatinted with once you hear about other people’s experiences with some truly horrific details. Their stories are told in their own words and in a respectful way. This quickly became my FAVORITE podcast when I started with season 8 and went backwards. Season 9 has also been breathtaking. Thank you to all those involved in and sharing these portions of their lives with us so that someone else might learn something and be able to protect themselves. Incredible! Blessings to you all!
  • christianlenae
    Season 9 is JAW DROPPING
    All I can say is WOW about season 9. Faking a British accent for 10 years?! That’s commitment.
  • acsbca
    Season 2
    I’m enjoying this podcast so far, but I recommend waiting until the people you interview are not sick/dealing with allergies because it’s super irritating listening to someone tell a story with a stuffy nose (Tee). I saw comments about this with season 9. Otherwise, I like it!
  • Ally Cupcake
    Season 9 is fantastic but season 1. SEASON 1! It was honestly a bit triggering to listen to at times, but it also made me less alone in escaping an abusive relationship with a narcissist. I LOVE this podcast!
  • BethCindy22
    Please keep it original
    Please don’t call yourself an audio chuck original. They have made some very insensitive comments in regards to the now deceased Gabby P! You go out of your way to protect women and their families. Please continue to be a safe place and not monetizing off of a loss for entertainment purposes.
  • The life of tacos
    Danielle is driving me insane. Yes, Artie is a horrible person. But I haven’t heard her say a thing about personal accountability. In the first several years of their relationship, before she had a child with him and the dynamic of their relationship was changed, how in the world did she fall for all his EXTREMELY OBVIOUS LIES??? Did she ever meet his “coworkers”? Did she ever visit him at “the hospital”? It’s hard to have a lot of sympathy for a person who so completely ignores what is directly in front of them. Yes, I am absolutely hooked on this story. It’s a flaming train wreck, and extremely entertaining to listen to. But it’s also pretty frustrating. No, she doesn’t deserve what happened to her, but she is partly responsible for it. By continuing to ignore red flag after red flag she ended up in a situation she was terrified to leave, and understandably so! Who wouldn’t be scared when someone is threatening to take your child?? But I would really like to hear her take responsibility for some of her decisions. I haven’t heard this yet and that makes it very hard for me to have much sympathy.
  • B. Storm
    My new favorite podcast!!!
    I’m so excited that I ran across this podcast while working from my home office. I love storytelling and learning from people’s experiences in life. Bravo!!!!
  • Ericka K-E
    I just want to say that this podcast has helped so much to validate the feelings I have about my previous abuser. I never considered myself a survivor of abuse until listening to this podcast because I grew up in a household where my mom was physically and mentally abused for a majority of my life and in my eyes, THAT was a survivor. Major epiphany.
  • Tori6060
    Season 7 was heartbreaking. I truly appreciate Amy sharing her journey with us. She is so very strong! I am rooting for her continued success and work to advocate for survivors of domestic violence, as I am one of those people too. Thank you!!!
  • Olkabiedronka
    So interesting
    I was a huge fan of season 1 but stopped listening when each episode was a new story. I like getting to know the character and all the juicy details, so I’m glad they switched the format to 1 story a season. I wish the host was a little speedier with her narration but that’s my only (tiny) complaint.
  • J9Estes
    This podcast has helped me in ways I’m pretty sure I’m not even fully aware of yet.
  • Jes IV
    I’m with Chuck, NOOOoOOoooooo!!! So bad.
  • amvpineda
    Season 6 episode 2 gave me the most horrific gut wrenching feeling I’ve ever experienced, and it didn’t even happen to me. I love something was wrong. Keep up the good work Tiffany and thank you for giving us something to listen to
  • txtingnotreal
    I have listened to this series for a while and the thing it highlights most but is not talked about on the show, is.....texting is not real communication! Like in the first season the main character believes that a person is real from texting only?!? And then later in subsequent seasons people get away with lying by doing texting only communications?!? I think it would be prudent to put out the message a tad more forcefully that texting is not real talking. Like a very common theme in all of this is that people believe that texting only relationships are real. Please really tell people over and over that texting is not real communication!
  • #ifhedieshedies
    Do not binge listen all at once
    Great season! but listening to all of them at the same time will make you sooooo angry because these events are so mind blowing. Ardie needs to crawl into a hole….
  • Bryn Hudson
    Season 8 and 9 are the best
    I haven’t listened to all the seasons yet, but so far seasons 8 and 9 are the best!!
  • Cooper1953
    Love this podcast!
    How many episodes will there be?
  • jaydaarmstrong
    Listen to season 9!!
  • LLuvCoolJane
    Great job everybody!!
    I only wish the episodes were longer.
  • NancyLa3
    Something was wrong
    AMAZING podcast! I am hooked and I am sharing with my friends!😊😊😊
  • Jltfht52
    I get it
    I have a niece that’s got so many of the same problems, total sociopath, narcissist, very sad & scary!
  • wendypeanut
    Great podcast. The upbeat intro music needs to go, though, given the depressing and sad topics.
  • Frogprince_21
    Many types of Narcissists
    This was excellent! Having been married to a Malignant Narcissist myself, I could absolutely relate to all the techniques this manipulative personality uses to continue years of abuse. I listened to the whole program in one day.
  • Valerie Steffes
    New listener - completely wrapped up in season 9
    I’m a new listener here and fairly new to podcasts in general. I started with Season 9, not knowing many things like there were so many episodes and that there are other seasons lol. I’m completely wrapped up in this story and hate that I have to wait a week for a new episode but it’s kind of exciting. I want to listen to the other seasons, but I’m afraid I’m going to forget where I left off with Danielle and Ardie/Darcy and Kenji, so I’m not so patiently waiting for new episodes. Anyway I’m completely addicted. Thank you so much and I love your voice, Tiffany.
  • LMSJsp
    Fantastic podcast
    Really great podcast! Interesting and well done.
  • shfjkshhriwbzbdk
    I completely understand because I married mine, a month after he beat me. I was married for 10 years because he made me feel like there was something wrong with me and my character. As I tried to better myself and work on my bachelors then masters degree he tried to break me down. It is so subtle in the beginning and I fear my son is going through this exact thing with lie upon lie and unfortunately he married her and I am very concerned and would like him to listen to this to open his eyes!!!! 15 years later and a restraining order I am still dealing with his behaviors. I hope my son does not go through the same. thank you for this!! I hope women listen and learn!! and men!!
  • zluv2u-shawnee
    Just listen to Season 9 on my comments today! Hooked!!! Wow! Is all I can say! So glad Daniel is away. I know what a relief it is to find the way out.
  • Dolly's Jolene
    Almost Great
    I wish there was a little bit more nuance to the victims besides being portrayed as new born baby innocents. Obsidian in season 8 was cringey. Everyone has a degree of naïveté but hers seemed exaggerated. The explanation about the emoji just sounded ridiculous. By the end of the season Obsidian was so unlikable that Crystal didn’t seem that bad.
  • SummerCut
    S9 E7
    OMG I had to turn it off in less than halfway through because I cannot deal with Danielle’s voice. Is she always so nasally or was she sick? Unbearable. I’m sorry.
  • geequie
    Too long!
    The story is definitely fascinating but jfc please edit these episodes down, there just doesn’t need to be so many chapters to the story. Having the actual participants tell their own stories is nice but letting them drone on and on repeating themselves is making me crazy! I keep tuning in thinking ok today’s the day they wrap it up—when will that day come?
  • M49erfan
    Name the Judge!
    Good podcast. Love the compassion and empathy of the host. But Danielle should have been allowed to name the judge in the most recent season. Season 9 I think. The judge is a public official! And Danielle’s case is open to the public. It wasn’t a cps case where case records are sealed. We need to hold judges accountable for their outrageous decisions. It’s our right to know what they do. That judge is not a private person. This is one reason why our justice system is broken. Judges are completely insulated from and unaccountable for their decisions and that’s not something that’s written in any rules or laws. It’s just good people being scared to say that someone as “respected” as a judge made a grievous mistake. And let me tell you, this happens all the time. Most state court judges are quite flawed, very lazy, have tons of implicit biases and they’re never held to account. Danielle wanted to name the judge and she wasn’t allowed and that’s a shame on the part of something was wrong. Be brave. It’s completely legal. Oh and by the way, it was easy to find out who her judge was on the DVRO because IT WAS PUBLIC INFORMATION. Be better, something was wrong. Be better.
  • S4r4J
    Well Done Storytelling!
    First time listener Season 9. Really compelling stories and well produced. Grateful for the people willing to share their stories. Thanks! Healing, insightful, relatable, and outrageous.
  • Mj2018Mj
    Season 9 so good!!
    Season 9 is absolutely amazing! It’s so good and I can’t wait for the next episodes! The other seasons are a decent listen, but this story is making me obsessed.
  • team CourtNate and Anna Banana
    Love this podcast!
    I heard this podcast a good minute ago and binged. I’m all caught up now and I just have to give a few bits of very positive feedback. Of the many podcasts I listen to, this one keeps me super engaged. Tiffany is one of the few hosts in podcasting that actually will interact with her fans and she ALWAYS says “thank you” which I fine to be super refreshing. She also is very victim centric and can see things from all perspectives before jumping ship and pinpointing blame. I love this podcast and always look forward to new episodes.
  • kimmie1104
    I just want to say these stories are so darn good i hate when it ends because waiting until the next week causes my anxiety to go into overdrive… i can’t waittttt i wanna know nowwwww. But these are so good
  • Day aware
    The last few seasons have been horrible for me. After today’s episode I have decided that I’m done with this podcast. I feel like they’re dragging the episode on longer than it needs to be dragged on. Danielle upset me most in the whole season and I honestly can’t believe this is the same podcast it was in the first couple of seasons… Just check out the reddit for this podcast.
  • yudithk
    I love this podcast
    Thank you for doing this amazing approach to emotional abuse, wishing you guys success!!
  • JenMarEn
    Can’t stop listening
    Ok. This current season is nuts.
  • Amoursvie07
    This is insane
    Best podcast I’ve listened to for a while. Well done !
  • Schoolwork
    Jerry Springer Pod Cast
    Too much drama and far fetched to be believable. All that is left out is a paternity test and chairs flying onto the stage.
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