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Charlie Sykes and guests discuss the latest news from inside Washington and around the world. No shouting, grandstanding, or sloganeering. Conservative, conscientious, and civil.
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  • Mr.Clark's
    Thank You
    Charlie speaks The Truth. Period.
  • Ckjrsw
    Liberal snowflake loves this podcast !!!
    I’m forced to hear hard truths and I laugh a lot at the snarkiness 👍🏻 Immediately bought Myth America after yesterday’s podcast Great host, great guests, great topics!
  • great publication
    Myth America
    Excellent, sober discussion of risks of cherry-picking which parts of American history we teach and emphasize, and the opportunity to come closer to the ideals on which the country was founded.
  • Mick-sleuth
    Straight shooter
    Enjoyed the guest and topic and the lack of ‘fluff’
  • LDYinNH
    Love this podcast.
    And I have never been a Republican. Interesting conversation, gentle wit, civil and thoughtful. Not over-produced. A real gem.
  • 90abcghi
    Daily Beans
    I am writing to answer Charlie’s call for a source to explain the larger story of McGonigal and Deripaska .. check out Jan 27 the episode of the Daily Beans with Allison Gill. She is brilliant !
  • Connie RR
    Many great interviews
    Highly recommend. Esp great for those who were Republicans.
  • Luv Jesus.
    Great Podcast!
    I loved the talk with Michael Weiss today. It really helped me understand the politics of arming the Ukrainians and the big picture of European and world politics moving forward. Slava Ukraini!
  • Crprtr
    Hate speech
    This woman is a bigot
  • tammany hall
    5 stars.
    I’m going to have to knock some heads together, if we don’t get these numbers up! Don’t make me go feral. The Great Gazoo has Spoken.
  • THF Seattle
    Jonathan Atler
    He nailed that the press still has not learned its lesson on Trump, and the MAGA extremists. Calling Marjorie Taylor Green as anything but a conspiracist and extremist is major malpractice.
  • ElizaCost
    Biden too old, but Trump isn’t?
    Three years older seems to make Biden too old to run, but I have yet to hear even one pundit say the same for Trump.
  • pylohsnt
    Love the podcast, but puleeeze . . .
    Stop calling the GOP that wants to harm women “pro-life.” They want white babies and it’s really time to say that as everything they propose harms women and set rights back to the 1950s. They are “anti-abortion” at best, and even that is a cover to let men reign supreme. #WordsMatter
  • JLC5270
    Charlie and Tim
    My favorite duo is Charlie and Tim. The things that come out of their mouths make me laugh out loud. Insight is incredible. My two favorite conservatives but not MAGGOTS! Will Salentans laugh cracks me up! Great team!
  • golf4alan
    Exceptional Rampell
    Informative and valued economic feedback.
  • AZ VJ
    Bill Kristol
    Mr. Kristol should stick to writing and just stop talking because listening to him mumble in a monotone is unbearable.
  • DaKine REB
    I’m a Progressive Centrist DRAWN to Charlie
    Love to listen to Charlie’s daily podcast. Great guests! I find my progressive centrist’s self always siding with Charlie’s take!! Keep up the great work, Charlie!!!
  • Cosi-Candel
    You guys cannot measure
    I hear you treat Trump as if he is a normal person—still. He has bribed, lied, cheated our country into dysfunction. And yet you believe all this document crap is just bumbling. It’s not. Trump planted the documents. You have been smokescreened into pushing back on conspiracies. But Trump conspires. He will do any dirty dog thing to ruin our country. Quit with your bumbling old white guy conversations. You make things worse.
  • VietSchlong
    Partisan Hackery
    Just a copy paste of NPR and CNN
  • kennyp1874
    Informative podcast
  • EmilyEPK
    Love that Charlie Sykes
  • a9house
    A.B. Stoddard— the best!
    I do love most of your guests but I Never miss an A.B. Stoddard episode. She is knowledgeable, balanced with information, and she speaks with fairness and intelligence.
  • Nat2773
    Excellent informative podcast
    I listen regularly. This is an excellent political podcast. Great highly informed guests. Great yo keep up and understand what is going on politically.
  • NYTreview
    Charlie Sykes is the Rush Limbaugh of Wisconsin
    Following the money no matter what because that is what being a conservative is all about. Republicans twisting themselves in knots to distance themselves from the most extreme right while maintaining contact with the republican financial gravy train. Corporate, patriarchal power forever!
  • mackapl
    Michael Fanone
    Always a great show and interviews!! Listen to every broadcast because of the quality. My only negative was playing the call message from Fanone’s phone from the ignorant person, with a very limited vocabulary. Was it really necessary? Keep up your great Show, Thank You and, Happy New Year!
  • mayakittiekat
    Bill Kristol and JVL.
    Wonderful show today. I’m a lifelong progressive Democrat. I enjoy lots of podcasts —-but overall, Bulwark remains my favorite. Outstanding show today.
  • Pa$:63dhi
    Favorite Podcast
    Of the many political news podcasts, the Bulwark is my favorite. Always find myself disappointed when I’m caught up. Keep up the great work!
  • JD_FK
    Least interesting show
    Got through two episodes and realized this show is made for a specific type of person that habitates in DC. Unless your IQ hovers around room temp and you can't find more entertaining rage bait, this show will make you feel like you've wasted your time.
  • jmdawson la
    This liberal really appreciates the discourse
    It’s so refreshing but also essential to hear from the “other side” and as we all know we’ve largely lost that capacity as a nation. I’m here to appreciate disagreement and having my views challenged!
  • Classicrocklover238
    Kori Schake
    Have her or people like her on the show! The Bulwark should protect democracy on an intellectual level everywhere!
  • Nutty mom
    AB Stoddard
    This podcast is always excellent. Love, love A. B. stoddard
  • SharksFan1947
    My Favorite
    This is the first podcast I listen to every day.
    My favorite podcast
    Love this show! Tim Miller and Will Saletan are👌🏽👌🏽Sometimes editing is lacking but… Love Morning Joe when Charlie’s on too!
  • "Guys, guys, guys!"
    My Favorite Pod Combo
    I already tune in daily, but can we get a weekly podcast with Charlie and Mark Leibovich?! If not, can we get a two hour pod when he’s on?!? Maybe start a YouTube channel? Come on fellas, throw me a bone, I can’t get enough of this duo.
  • kajeh
    Kore Shaki
    Loved this discussion of international policy and security, more of this please. Let’s talk policy not politics!
  • DaniYogaTT
    So glad I’m here for this
    What toook me do long?!?!? Very fun
  • the great shovel
    The Bulwark is Rad
    Charlie & Co crush rinos or whatever these people are. Thanks Heros
  • gybuse
    Thank you Tim….for being Tim. B NC
  • jlm188
    I’ve warmed to this show
    Every weekday Sykes produces a podcast that is better than most anything out there - I particularly like the shows with Tim Miller. I can do without Mona Charen and Amanda Carpenter, but given the frequency of this show, you cannot expect every drop to be stellar. The show has inspired me to be a Bulwark member because even though I disagree occasionally, the analysis is sound - and there are varying viewpoints. Joe Trippi is still my favorite political analyst, but Sykes is in the top 5.
  • NoBSthx
    Great Guest
  • Lickshotta
    If Charlie says the phrase, “buttery soft sheets” one more time. I will shoot myself!
    Festivus all year-round
    A Festivus for the rest of us all year-long. I am a huge fan and a daily listener. Nowhere else can I find rational, non(ish)-ideological discussion that doesn’t make me angry after listening…from either the left or the right. Charlie balances the discussion well…often with never-Trump Republicans. To me, it is perfect for anyone who falls between never-Bernie and never-Trump well.
  • Im 60, 60, 60 years old!!
    Use with caution
    I listen to many of these, but it’s hard to stomach Republicans (or former) discussing what’s Dems are doing wrong when they were completely blind to what was happening to their own party and people on the left had seen it decades ago and tried to warn them.
  • LB the wise
    Civil discussion at its best!
    Awesome, fair, balance, educational, informative, and stimulating. I wish and do you guys every week.
  • huron94
    Love it
    Great insight. More Tim Miller please!
  • Michael from Raleigh
    On Point and Entertaining
    Never miss an episode.
  • Big House Boy
    Real conservatives!!
  • KateJessie
    Life long Dem
    Okay. I have to say, I’ve enjoy both Charlie and Tim on this podcast and prior to that on MSNBC, but I am a forever Bulwarker after the filter convo. I’ll be watching, Tim. I want to see that gauzy filter this Thanksgiving!! Still laughing!
  • Burdyblue
    Love to hear Tim!
    Always look to him for what’s going on. Thanks!
  • 853ojh
    Agree with Charlie in many respects but
    I want to enjoy this podcast but the low-brow remarks about politicians with different view points are mean-spirited and don’t turn down the level of vitriol. It is possible to point out an individuals lack of moral conviction without remarking on the soundness of certain of his bodily functions.
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