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How do we connect? What makes a mutually satisfying relationship? What are other people into? This is not erotica—these are real human stories. Guests share details of their personal lives and/or work to add emotional context to the confusing experience of attempting to relate to other human beings. The goal? To learn from and more deeply understand one another through exchanges of personal wisdom and experience. The focus is always connection and intimacy in our modern world: relationships, dating, friendship, cultural “norms” and taboos. Conversations explore vulnerability, shame, desire, pleasure, celebration, creative bucket lists, fantasy play spaces, irresistible invitations and so much more. Listen and share to co-create the story-based, connection-first sex ed we never got­—but will all definitely benefit from. Share a voice memo or written story, see X Story question lists and apply to be a guest or work with wyoh via Follow us on our new instagram: Created and hosted by Wyoh Lee | Edited and produced by the amazing Kimberly Loftus | email Original title: “Sex Stories” (Dec 2018-Jan 2024).

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  • drrroid
    Listening to It All
    I am working my way through all your episodes. You point of view is exciting and so excepting. Thank you!
  • GirlyPopSlay101
    To nope🤰🏻
  • comcerned parent
    Inappropriate cover
    Change the cover it’s not right I’m 25
  • DouKrem
    I love this show so much and share Wyoh’s curiosity
    I love this show so much and share Wyoh’s curiosity. Biology, bodies, and sex absolutely fascinate me. I want to know everything.
  • Smittysmoove66
    Investigative reporting
    Wyoh - does a great job of asking questions and digging a bit deeper. Great voice for the topic!
  • far away nearby
    Will slowly, quietly blow open your mind (and your loins)
    This show is a fantastic compendium of all the amazing ways human beings exist as sexual creatures. Listening to one show might not do it for you, as you may not relate, but after listening to many, many shows, I can say Wyoh has provided me a real expansiveness in understanding so many delicious things about sexuality in ways that others who merely talk ABOUT ideas don’t get to. By speaking from within each person’s experience, the show gives listeners a real life-affirming perspective on so much awesomeness that is possible. I regularly hear guests describe things that are just not my cup of tea, and yet I am so enriched by hearing their attitudes and approaches to things, their challenges and triumphs, and find inspiration for broadening my own horizons. Wyoh, I can’t thank you enough.
  • Christie SC
    Great full!
    Love this podcast! I have learned that I am not unusual in how I feel at unexpected times. I have found it is easier to drop into how I am feeling when my husband and I are intimate and be okay with what ever goes on. I am working on being a better communicator in bed. Loving the multiple and varied nature of the o’s I have! This has been a truly eye opening experience. Being married for 28 years it is awesome to feel so relaxed and free. Keep up the great work!
  • johnny whistler
    Much Needed Conversation
    This show is fun and entertaining but more than anything it demonstrates a way to have good healthy conversations around sex. Sex is a huge part of the human experience. I believe that so much of what is wrong in our society is tied to an unhealthy relationship people have sexuality. This show does an excellent job of normalizing conversation around people’s relationship to their body and their sexuality. Wyoh has an excellent vibe as host both making space for her subject to fully express their experience and is open herself to relate and explore alongside her subject. I think anyone interested in having better sex, better relationships with their partners but also themselves and their bodies, should listen to this show.
  • Sportsenthusiast35
    This is an awesome show! It’s very informative and entertaining. I’ve learned a ton. The host is extremely intelligent and funny as well! You can tell she enjoys discussing every aspect of sexuality with her guests. Please keep up the great work!!
  • nope🤰🏻
    I’m 9 years old
    I love sex so I like this also I’m 10
  • husky 202
    Love it
    Sup just want to say I love this podcast ugh I told everyone I work with to listen to it this helped my husband and me and now I think I love him even more sorry for the 9 and 10 and 11 and 12 when I was in 6th I already knew everything about you know stuff like that and also this is a podcast the one who is nine not the ones who like this podcast you guys are fine but the 9 year old who said change the cover why would you even look at the cover and listen to the podcast anyway and now I’m going to let my husband talk now. So me and my wife love it she said she loves me even more that makes me happy and everything but we did date thourgh grade school and all the way up until now ugh how I love her so much and also you’ll putting y’all’s phone number on there um not cool 9 years olds are on here they can get your phone number but you know what idc okay I’m mean like what ever so this is what I love about the podcast . Thank you BYEEEEEEE
  • JaimeK2011
    Love it!!
    Sex Stories in entertaining, sexy, informative, and amazing all in one! I love hearing different perspectives and other people’s opinions about things. I especially love hearing the stories that are shared of guests experiences. What a fabulous thing to hear! It’s extra naughty to listen at work, on my earbuds, when no one else knows what’s really playing.
  • apgmom
    bo𝚘𝚋𝚌𝚘𝚌𝚔 𝚊𝚜𝚜 𝚏𝚞𝚌𝚔 𝚠𝚘𝚘 😍🔥
  • Sleeping Tortise12
    Ur ugly
    Ur ugly
  • rabbit_lover_Moose
    Young kids may come across this picture of a naked woman! This is VERY INAPPROPRIATE!!!! I agree with the other people who say to change the cover 🤮
  • Ww44ss
    Fresh and Original
    Such a good hearted approach to exploring sexuality honestly and without shame.
  • Johnny from here to there
    Fun positive place
    I’m finding this to be a great way to decompress in traffic, I’m also finding that I smile more through out the day after listening to this podcast.
  • Nope0769
    I am so glad to have her back in the space between my ears! This is the one pod that I thrive for! I have many in my library, but when Wyohlee drops a new episode, it takes first listen! If you or want to have an open mind, and you believe in bringing sex positivity to the masses, listen to this podcast! You will not be disappointed.
  • Ghhghhhhhhhhhgggggh
    I’m your daddy send them pics
  • dogs fun
    You are ALOUD to show this to Peaple😡😡😡😡😡 WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ARE YOU why just why??????????!!!!!you can show this to kids I am 10 THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!and change the cover.
  • miamifrog
    Wonderful honest sexual interviews
    Wyoh Lee is a passionate, empathetic and fun interviewer. She is honest, smart and engaging
  • Siverado Queen since 2018
    Genuine, Respectful,informative and hot
    10/10 recommend you listen. It’s an interesting and informative podcast. If you’ve been thinking about trying some new things in the bedroom I highly highly recommend you check it out. I still giggle about some of the stuff but I get more comfortable with the ideas and conversations the more I listen. Love the host’s openness and actual interest in each guest’s story.
  • kyle de horrer man im 11
    The cover I’m 11 bro
    I’m 11 dude change the cover pls🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
  • hank mandarin
    Have sex with me. You are so sexy please please please if you can’t please send nude pictures or videos of you
  • daisyduck0316♡
  • Xavier@0
    Boobs and vagina send pic plz
  • PlaysDaily1234567
    The giggles
    I am so glad I found this podcast! So intriguing and keeps me listening. I really enjoy the depth it reaches and how respectful of all people/ interests the host is. The enthusiasm for learning about people is clear and I love it.
  • --(==-
    Sexy boobs
    I NEED to see those nips you are sexy sexy Sexy sexy Please answer I even have a picture of you on My phone cover
  • gffdgjdtdgdfutdgdtydhtdtdyur
    Delicious 🤤
    👏🏿 get nakider
  • MichaelBrigade
    Honest and real convos
    Love this podcast and all of the real and honest stories. Love hearing folks live the life they love, NO SHAME!!!!
  • gingerlarue
    Curious? Listen up!
    Eavesdrop on a conversation about people & how they sex. The host’s enthusiasm & curiosity are sincere and the seemingly simple format just work! The same questions are asked of each guest, but answers vary wildly. It will get you reminiscing and analyzing your past or inspire the future you, as well as open your eyes to other ways of being.
  • ReligiousMan
    Really great content!!!!!
  • Sorrellslt
    I absolutely love this podcast! Wyoh has the most wonderful interviewing style and I love how completely open and accepting she is of all her guests and their lifestyles. Her open, honest, and loving approach is so refreshing. I strive to be as open-minded and inclusive as she is. Thanks for each and every episode!
  • ghsjsnr g
    She has helped my wife and I grow
    She has helped my wife and I.
  • Matthewclites
    A must listen!
    I absolutely love how she has the ability to ask the right questions to get so much useful details out of her guests. I share this podcast with friends and tell all of my new play partners. Especially partners that are new to the lifestyle this is a must listen to! I think it’s very good for people to hear other people talk about their sex lives. so they know it’s OK to feel that way and OK to like what you like. Hey
  • Pauljk2
    Listen Up
    This is a podcast that should be required listening for everyone. It is amazing to listen to people talk frankly about sex and their sex lives. Everyone has a sexual story and history and no one should be embarrassed about it. But great sex is out there and to find it you have to TALK! That is the message here and I love it.
  • bekcrna
    We need more shows like this!
    The honesty and openness is 10/10. We need more of this in the world!
  • Evelyn the otter
    Worst pod ever
    Soooo bad
  • Dmzzlee
    Such intelligent and delicious content! Yassss!!!!
    This is a solid gold podcast. Wyoh asks each guests a series of questions that explores their “shame-o-meter”, their early understandings and explorations of sex, their understanding of consent, and their sexual lives over time. I love it. It is so clear, comfy and enlightening.She is fabulous at helping guests to comfortably share of themselves, and she shares a bit of herself as well.The content is varied, intriguing and fun. It is delicious. Much more so than some of the story-driven stories that make up much of the sexual podcasts I’ve seen here. Goooo, Wyoh! You are fab.
  • ConcreteLion
    Delightful, inspirational. Helpful. AND sexy!
  • Akrgal
    Im only 9!!!!
    This pod is way too sexy for a grown woman!!!! By the way its ok to poop in your pants and I don't do it but it's ok
  • greek hera
    i agree with YODA LETS GO i’m like only nine
  • dolphin girl 13
    COVER 🤢
  • whoooooowhoooooowhooooo
    Need to change the podcast cover
    I think you should show the boob and the niples if you really want to grab peoples attention
  • MamatotheMax
    Ooooooh. Didn’t know I needed this 🌶🔥
    I just started listening to this AMAZING find yesterday, and I am so in love!!! As a very closeted queer vagina owner in a hetero marriage, I appreciate so much everyone sharing their life, love, and sex with Wyoh! Such an eye-opening and exciting episode every single time—-I’ve already had outstanding sex inspired by what I’ve heard, and have already recommended this cast to a bunch of friends. Keep up the HOT, consensual work!
  • Hate Alexa Forever
    You are not the only one
    If you feel shamed about your sexual life, desires or fantasies and you think that you are irregular person from that aspect, you gotta listen to this podcast and change your mind.
  • troy10000
    Love love love
    So good to hear others stories
  • tanker590
    *intense squirting *
  • kl5527
    Fave Pod
    Wyoh has a way of making every interview feel fun, I feel like she’s always genuinely excited to talk to the guest and speaks so eloquently.
  • Ash14xox
    Wyoh is truly engaging
    Wonderful podcast that helps getting people to share their experiences and talk about real issues. Allows for people to explain their side of things and spread awareness of issues we may be unaware of. Love this!
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