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Manifest Daily is a lifestyle podcast that provides all the positive energy and support you need to return to your highest self and live your best life. We talk about grounded manifestation, goal-setting, discipline, self-care, self-love, navigating personal relationships, finances, dating, and much more! So, slap on your favorite face mask, grab your tea, turn up the volume, and let’s dive in! Don’t forget to share with a friend, my love; sharing is caring, after all!

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  • vic hyder
    Dheandra is absolutely amazing!!! Whenever I feel like a session of female empowerment I listen to an episode of Manifest Daily. ✨💕 thank you for all you share with us love!
  • yanban95
    So Relatable !!
    Wow I am so glad I found this podcast . You are so relatable and easy to listen to ! Thank you for your advice!!
  • Asey65
    Love listening to Manifest Daily! This is my favorite podcast somehow it always tells me what I need to hear
  • RosyMapleWitch
    She listens to Joel Osteen??
    Unfollowing immediately 🚩
  • LA01222
    Love it but not focused
    Love the meat of this podcast but there’s soooo much rambling in the beginning that has nothing to do with the podcast title. A little 5-10 min update is great, but when it’s 30-40 minutes of rambling I lose interest
  • dgudiehwg
    Hey Dheandra I literally adore you. Your vibes have made my life so much brighter and better. I recommend this podcast to everyone. Thank you !!!!!! So inspiring.
  • shellz918
    Happy I have so much to listen to! Sad I’m just finding Dheandra!
    Manifest Daily is my new morning go-to! Dheandra is super relatable and helpful! Thankful this podcast!
  • camer777
    the best way to start my morning 🤍
    love love love!!! so motivating and comforting 🤍
  • monedeja
    I love this podcast!
    I love listening to every episode. It motivates me and put just put me in a better mood.
  • Aiesha1991
    This podcast is what I’ve been searching for. I had to go way back to season one because this podcast is so relatable to where I am in my life right now. I wish I could just call her up in the phone and be like GIRL! This podcast is definitely worth your time. Keep it going mama you’re changing lives.
  • Delightjenny12
    Really great!
    Just found this podcast love that it is just the affirmations!!! ✨✨✨✨✨
  • Conscious_Marketing_&_PR
    So fun and insightful!
    So fun and insightful! I like this podcast it covers many interesting topics
  • ScarlettLiz
    I can not get past the first 1-2 mins in Any of the episodes I’ve tried. She’s like an inarticulate millennial.
  • greeneyewidow
    Girl I did shadow work two years ago & hearing this podcast reminded me of how much I uncovered & healed through it ! Giving me inspiration to go for round two !!!! Thank you
  • Jenemarie
    So amazing 💯❤️‍🔥
    She’s has such an amazing vibe and give such amazing advice!
  • NamasteEO
    Hey girl hey !
    ♉️🤗 Girl !!! I’m so proud of how far you’ve come in this podcast. And yes I went back and listened from day 1 LOL! Also, have you considered Tennessee or NC if you decide to move? I’ve been going done research and they look inviting lol. I’ve lived in Raleigh before and it’s beautiful!!
  • Jasmine Morehead
    You came for my neck “Why do you deserve these blessings, when you not working for it?” TEA
  • RagazzaDiFoto
    This show is EVERYTHING!
    Wow, if you are interested in manifestation or LOA - this is YOU show! And not only that, so much freaking fun to listen to! Thank you ladies for creating this show. It’s truly a must listen!
  • Tee boo
    Episode 194 hit home for me
    The attachment episode was such a good episode and it spoke to . I get so attach so quickly . I’m a widow . Relearning to date is so difficult at the moment . Getting over past hurt. I had to learn I’m not bad guy . The problem is not me. I too had a psychic tell me that I was too nice and why am I so hard on myself . That I such a beautiful person . Anyways sending light and love your way . I too “ still love “love” “.
  • JCasarez3
    Love it!
    Found this podcast and love the vibe and topics!! Dheandra is funny, insightful, and covers some great topics.
  • Untold Legend 117
    Great conversations and inspiration!
  • The Art of Living Well Podcast
    In love with this podcast!
    This podcast is super empowering! Each time I listen to an episode, I am able to resonate with the topic being discussed and I appreciate the wisdom and insight Dheandra provides. I highly recommend listening! -The Art of Living Well Podcast
  • KarlieBieber
    yes period
  • TLSM-k
    Such good nuggets of wisdom!
    I just discovered this podcast and I already love it! I felt like she was speaking right to me and my circumstances. So grateful and excited to dive into more!
  • abbie028
    Dheandra’s energy is MAGNETIC - literally 1 minute into listening to an episode I’m obsessed ❤️ after getting to meet via a zoom connection hour, I made sure to seek out specifically the episode on Stoicism because I knew this was a topic she was particularly passionate about..and girl it shows! Keep up the awesome work and can’t wait to listen to more!
  • Awlovespinterest
    Dheandra is the manifestation teacher I have been looking for! She’s so authentic, funny, and accessible. Also love her guests. One of my favorite shows!
  • TessaMTovar
    Such a great show!
    One listen and I am hooked! Love this podcast. Thank you Dheandra!
  • leya VD
    This podcast hypes me up!!! It makes me believe ANYTHING is possible and Dheandra approaches it in such a relatable way and has such an infectious energy that I literally can’t stop listening! Thank you for this amazing podcast!
  • Jina Schaefer
    Deeper than typical manifestation insights and I’m in love!
    Thanks Dheandra for these conversations and all of your wisdom. A true gift!
  • Spirit_Sis
    Like hitting the jackpot!
    Ok, Dheandra is such a good host and her energy is infectious. The episodes fly by and truly she is a ball of talent, joy, light & love. Great podcast and content and beyond thankful for this show.
  • SydneyAW
    For so long manifestation has felt like a far distant concept (like, can I really manifest?!) but Dheandra breaks it down and I so enjoy hearing her personal experiences and the lessons she’s learned.
  • Mrs.stew
    Love this podcast
    Literally my most favorite!!! Listen to this daily !!
  • MOKell
    Soooo good!!
    I love this show! Dheandra provides so much value in each episode and has a beautiful energy! Thank you for creating this
  • WellnessGal85
    love love love
    really enjoy this show and the episodes I’ve listened to. Excited to listen to more!
  • Sierragabriella1
    Awesome & intentional insight from a fresh new voice
    So awesome to hear and learn from someone I resonate with, love the female energy and soothing tone of voice and especially love the obviously thoughtful work that went into compiling the content for each episode. Love.
  • Chanel94bby
    Girl you are Awesome
    I just came across your podcast last month. I been meaning to listen to but never got the chance until today. And OMG it’s is amazing. I went to your YouTube as well and followed you. Everything you speak on and say is exactly what I need in my life. Also side note: We are birthday twins 🥰. Everything you said in your latest podcast was my same ideas and plans for my birthday 🤯. I am so happy I found your podcast and I am sending it to all my friends and family. I am very much inspired and motivated listening to you. Lastly, you are so relatable and organic. Black woman keep doing your thang!
  • bbbrrrzzz333
    I am so happy I found d and her podcast. I wish I would I have found her sooner! Mornings for me feel so much more productive and positive, her personality legit feels like I’m catching up with a long time friend and everything from her humor, to the topics she speaks on are so spiritually enlightening and refreshing. Keep on radiating girl!
  • Hasanna Suhir
    I love hearing Dheandra’s exuberant, bright, energy in the mornings! Her podcast is so uplifting, relatable, and honest. She is all about empowerment, good vibes, and really encouraging you to build the life that you want. Her go- getter energy and vulnerability is so inspirational and this show has quickly become one of my favorites. She even has content just for daily affirmations/ meditation. If you want a laugh, dating advice, health advice, career advice— you name it she has it all. This show is the best— give it a shot, you won’t regret it!
  • Ashlynd Tuffentsamer
    YASSS girl 💅🏽
    I love Dheandra’s energy and so resonate with her nuggets of wisdom. Thank you for showing up and helping to expand the collective, you’re doing an amazing job 🙏🏽✨
  • audreythomae
    LOVE this podcast!
    Dheandra came into my life at exactly the right time. She helped me realize my own worth and helped me believe I really deserve those things I want — and now I’m able to achieve them!! Thank you ❤️
  • MadiaSoumane
    Oh because I’m coming back!
    Hey boo! Just wanted to give you some positive feedback, I love love LOVE it here! Thank you so much for these podcasts!
  • blpinto
    Great Podcast
    I just found this. I especially love doing the affirmations. They really help me feel so good.
  • EmefaAwo
    Absolutely LOVE this podcast
    The manifest daily has helped my 2022 start off on the best foot possible, I’ve incorporated this podcast into my morning routine and as a full-time business owner with ADHD, structure has been everything! I love this podcast so much I put it on my website where I sell skincare, waist beads & wash nets. I definitely feel like every woman aspiring to be the best version of herself should listen to the Manifest Daily
  • MyDeiti
    P O W E R F U L
    I love this podcast! Dheandra has an amazing personality and is amazing at story telling. I can feel the dedication, love, and energy that is pored into this podcat. You drop the best manifestation bombs, the guests are amazing so great job- it's not easy interviewing people! Sending blessings your way ❤️
  • 👐👐👐👐👐
    Literally the best podcast EVER! Love her energy and how she always keeps it real
  • Rachngbrix
    new obsession
    how to be that girl but relatable
  • jag822
    Chatting with a friend
    I LOVE this podcast! It just feels like chatting with one of my close girl friends. I love how it is spiritual but mostly just self care and advice in getting through life. She doesn’t push any beliefs on you, it’s just a really great feel good podcast.
  • NayOhmeee
    I love you
    These podcasts have helped me realize so much. They get me through hard times and provide exactly what I need to overcome situations otherwise un-overcome-able. If that makes sense. Thank you so much for your words, for sharing your mind and experience with us. Always looking forward to your podcast. They ALL contain worthy gems for anyone in their 20s and 30s and I’m sure ages above those too. Thanks again. Love.
  • Tru_T
    Love this podcast
    I love the energy you bring to the table. Whenever I’m feeling like I need to reset, I’ll listen to an episode and I always find it so helpful. I’m always able to learn something new and I always feel better! Keep it up 💜
  • GermanAshley05
    Apart of my self care
    I lost my way once the pandemic hit and this year im really trying to make sure I don’t just focus on my family but also myself and so in doing that I found your podcast. I started on episode 165 and it hit me so hard I was meant to hear it when I did so thank you for that. I can’t wait to continue to work on myself while having your insight apart of my arsenal to loving myself. ❤️🥰
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