Manifest Daily


Manifest Daily is a spiritual and lifestyle podcast that provides all the energy and support that you need to return to highest self and live your best life.

Yes, girl, (or boy!) I gotchu!

Each week, I share lessons learned from my personal experience with manifestation, the akashic records, spiritual laws, everyday life and so much more! I’m here to remind you that you’re here for a purpose and to have fun!

So, slap on ya face masks, turn up the volume and let’s dive in - and oh, and don’t forget to share with a friend bb, sharing is caring after all ( ;

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Recent Reviews
  • 希望此表达我幸福
    Babe please decenter
    I love the *IDEA* of the pod but girl there’s like 25 whole min of egocentricity at the beginning CONSISTENTLY like I don’t care about your ad deals or old vacations. Plz plz just feed us the info.
  • AlexisF22
    Finally a relatable podcast!!!
    Girl I went all the way back to number one and your podcast be so on point with what I’m going through. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life we feel isolated. But a lot of us are going through the same thing trying to figure life out as a woman. I appreciate your podcast! Makes me feel like I’m talking to my girl about real life and she’s just encouraging me to keep going!
  • hmcjwc112016
    Social anxiety
    I love podcasts like these it really helps me love myself more and learn new things about myself or other things and how to deal with it !
  • ItsNunu_sweetheart!!
    New Subbie
    I recently found the podcast! I watched Allyiahsface video and found the podcast. Funny enough I just saw the link in the comments not realizing Allyiah was the one who linked it. So sis, you made me stay for sure! I’m been so addicted that I have to pace myself and listen to ONE each morning. Keep doing what you do 💕love feeling the similar energies ❤️
  • gisselledlg
    Love this podcast
    This is great supplement for my spiritual journey. This podcast is inspiring. The host is inspiring. I love the topics and write notes as I’m listening. I also love the host’s vibe and could listen to her talk about any subject.
  • Spunki Brewster
    (Insert mind blown emoji here)
    A friend sent me this podcast she hasn’t listened but heard great things about. On the way home from taking my son to school I decided to listen (insert mind blown emoji) I was literally just talking to the same friend who sent the podcast (before it was even posted) about being in alignment. I’ll DEFINITELY be tuning in on the regular ❤️
  • B00kiiee
    Newbie Love ✨💛
    New here , I can honestly say.. I love your podcast ! I think you’ve covered all of the topics I’ve ever wondered about .. I appreciate it and your time is well spent 💛 Thank you !
  • Rebecca Capps
    Beautiful offering of a podcast
    What a lovely podcast. Dheandra is such a light in this world. I appreciate her take on manifestation and also her business savvy. Definitely tune-in… she will teach you all about how to successfully navigate the process of manifestation (in an action-oriented + heart-centered way)! ❤️
  • itssjosii
    Love your podcast! You’re so inspirational and funny 🤪✨❤️
  • theyallknowjojo
    It givesssssss !
    A really good podcast!
  • ms. C.O
    Love it here🤎
    I recently discovered this podcast and am glad I did. Such good energy.
  • brilyric
    5 stars!
    she's so transparent + very authentic. one of my favorite podcast! 🤍
  • Yannatay
    I love it here
    I’m obsessed with your podcast & mindset 🤎
  • Storytelling Secrets
    Let’s keep the manifesting real!
    While all who would be interested in listening to this podcast are wanting to raise their vibration to become manifesting queens (and kings), sometimes life dishes you up stuff and it’s hard not to get caught up in the “reality” of what is. Dheandra talks about the energetic principles as well as some practical strategies. Your reality is not a step backwards, even if it feels like it. It’s moving you in a different direction. Great listen!
  • jet13leo
    Spiritual tea ☺️
    Thank you for this podcast. The world needs you and I hope more people find you! Keep it up and keep on keeping it real 💜
  • RosZy Speaks
    Thank you!
    Just thank you for your light…it’s definitely NEEDED!
  • zaires mom
    First time listener and I’ve enjoyed the long morning car rides of getting motivated and inspired to live my best life! Truly a thoughtful and inspirational podcast! I recommend it if you wanna succeed and get out of your own way! 😊
  • Ceo Kay
    First time Listener
    This was my first time listening to her. I connected instantly with her personality. Made me feel like I was talking to one of my friends. Keep going girl !!!
  • Nluvwthjg
    Best podcast out !!
    I absolutely love D!! She def keeps it real and has great advice. I thank the Universe for leading me to her podcast and there’s nothing that I have disagreed with , she is always right on the money !!!
    Randomly found this and it’s so relatable and to the point. Love it
  • Sika D
    Inspiring, informative, & always a good vibe ⚡️
    I’m so happy my friend sent me this podcast! I love how uplifting and encouraging all the episodes are and Dheandra ALWAYS keeps it real 😂 I find myself talking to myself like her and it cracks me up ❤️❤️ keep it up!!
  • SHicks80
    5 starssss
    The host is so genuine and authentic and provides step by step ways to start calling in your manifestations. It also helps that she shares her journey. This show is a gem!
  • Carol.Ing.All.The.Way
    A new favorite!!!
    I was looking for a good podcast focused on manifestation and stumbled upon this one and I LOVE IT!! The vibes are so upbeat and positive and everything I needed. This has easily become one of my favorites and much needed. The host is fabulous and real which I love (: so glad I found this podcast
  • pino06301996
    SHE IS AMAZING - has the best guests and episodes. I’m learning a lot :) thank you!
  • bsp1017
    One of my favs
    This has easily become one of my favorite podcasts. Dheandra keeps it real and always gives tangible tips to help you navigate to a more authentic and higher self. My partner told me about this podcast before he passed away. We would listen to Manifest Daily together on car rides and send each other episodes back and forth. After the accident I was a wreck but coming back and listening to these episodes grounded me. I highly recommend adding this to your rotation.
  • kate.lmt
    Love the practicality
    Dheandra gives practical tips that are incredibly useful for making simple yet profound changes in your life. She makes manifesting realistic and fun. Highly recommend!
  • mawsyrnm
    Please keep ur podcast going
    I just became a listener and love it here already I have u playing under my pillow at night 😇💙 asé to you queen
  • kelsie.elizabeth
    I’ve been on the journey of manifesting and positive energy/thoughts. Was just looking for something to lift me up today and this did it! Love the light heartedness, fun and sass! Such a fun way of taking manifesting.
  • hjiolkkkkookhbhjj
    It’s like I’m listening to my own thoughts..
    May 26th episode is LITERALLY -by every word- my current situation. Awareness and all. I’m tuned in forever!
  • $weetthugga
    Episode 53 🥰
    Yes this an oldie but the goodie that I needed! The amazing thing about The Manifest Daily is the way Dheandra engages her listeners can be applied right now! In this episode, she talks about signs that you’re entering a new chapter in your life and to never forget that you’re always on the right path ❤️ We’re always worth more and she encourages us to not give up and to reflect on our self worth! With the current state of the world, this helped my mind get away from the reality that we’re living and to focus on the universe’s signs that I’m ready to continue on my path and my growth!
  • Sylvia Raggs
    You helped me launch my podcast
    First I think she is so funny and real. I love her podcast. Last year I asked her about podcasting and she responded so fast and gave me good advice. This podcast is so dope and she always dropping gems
  • at759544
    I LOVE everything you share! Hearing you speak reminds me of my self and what I believe in! Keep going girl 💫
  • Jettyjenny
    Best Most Relatable Manifest Podcast Ever
    Literally so obsessed. I listen to this at pretty much every lunch break. I listen to every podcast randomly and it’s insane how it just vibrates with what ever I have going on at the time! Thanks for being such an inspiration! Listen now!
  • Ana Dagraca
    Genuine vibes
    I love listening to her because she is honest and just goes with the flow so naturally. She’s on this journey like us, so it’s motivating to hear about her taking risks and sharing the ups and downs. She’s not afraid of her authentic self and it’s refreshing. She’s good vibes🤗Thank you for sharing and keep going girl! 💜
  • KristinKruk
    seriously a hidden gem!
    i love dheandra’s episodes! she’s so fun to listen to and makes spirituality digestible for anyone.
  • mermaidmeaghan
    Dheandra is Such a Great Source
    I love this podcast and I love following along with such a human journey! Dheandra keeps it so real and shares as she learns in her life.
  • CJfromDaBronx
    Unique Journey is a MUST listen!
    In a mere 28 minutes, Dheandra illustrates our need to stop comparing our journey and successes to that of others. We are all on our own unique journey. And in a world of social media, we are only given a showcase of ones successes, never the failures and countless pivots it has taken to get there. A must listen! Great topics and her energy is contagious!
  • MRJ21
    Dheandra is the BOMB!!!
    I’ve been an avid listener since the early days, and I can honestly say that Dheandra is the Real. DEAL. She always says what I need to hear and tuning in each week is something I look forward to. This podcast has been my lifeline as I work to destroy my limiting beliefs and become who I’m meant to be. I promise, this podcast is a must listen!
  • Goddess Virtue
    Love your podcast goddess and the advice you give. Honestly I crave to hear from black woman speaking on manifestation and spirituality🔮. Thanks!!!!💜
  • Terre Y.
    Awesome Content, Worth Listening To!
    I really enjoy listening to this podcast with Dheandra. She gives off such positive energy in each episode. I think any person that is trying to better themselves and shift their mindset should listen to this, regardless of what stage you are in. Thank you for such great content!❤️
  • Svsuballer
    Powerful and inspirational
    This is a really powerful and inspirational podcast! A lot of gems are shared that can be applied right then and there regarding mindset changes since thats where it all starts! When listening, you dont feel as if Dheandra is reading some script. She's very natural and just goes with the flow. Very very conversational! Can't wait to see this podcast flourish and reach the much needed ears across the world!
  • T22464289
    Conversation with your best friend
    Absolutely love this podcast! It feels like a conversation with you best friend. It addresses so many topics and challenges that we all face in our daily lives and gives such good advice on how to “ascend”. Looking forward to more episode!
  • SulaKerr
    Amazing podcast...two thumbs up
    Interesting to listen to, I can’t wait for the others. Just subscribed!
  • Fdora94
    I loved the first few episodes. Cant wait for more episodes!
  • nicolette369
    One of my favorites already!
    Dheandra provides a raw and authentic account of her journey as an entrepreneur and it’s really refreshing to listen. I’ve really enjoyed the first few few episodes and I can’t wait to hear the upcoming ones.
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