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Childhood is finite at just shy of 9.5 million minutes. We only get one shot at it. One of the biggest decisions we make is how we will use that time. Research has confirmed time and time again that what children are naturally and unabashedly drawn to, unrestricted outside play, contributes extensively to every area of childhood development. The importance here cannot be understated. Every year we aim to match nature time with the average amount of American kid screen time (which is currently 1200 hours per year). Have a goal. Track your time outside. Take back childhood. Inspire others.

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  • BrittaneyMLaPorte
    A podcast that shares the truth!
    First of all, I have been a follower of this podcast for several years, and I can only say it has gotten better and better with each new episode. I truly appreciate Ginny’s feedback and the guests she has had on her show everything you share I have listen to some episodes and yes, I agree with more than others, but I will say I am deeply pleased to see you as a woman of faith unafraid and unapologetic for sharing your Christian values, as well as many guests on the show with Christian values. Nature is God’s creation; You can’t describe one without describing the other. So thank you for being a great podcast and sharing so many thoughts and feelings on why it’s so important to get our children out in nature, and not conform to this world and what secular culture believes. I am a fan of all you do!
  • K8 world
    I’m just a mess over here 😭! This last episode is suuuuuuuuuch a great reminder of how valuable life is! Such an incredible message to mothers! I totally recommend a listen! I may listen to it once a month 😂! I just wish Ginny was my best friend i could call up to spontaneously go explore with! 😍😂😂😂
  • fix the bug pleasseee
    My most shared podcast!
    Ginny is such a joy to listen to. She is so knowledgeable and entertaining and well spoken! She asks great questions to each of her guests and is always so prepared with her content. Her concepts aren’t foreign, but for some reason society has strayed away from simplicity and time outdoors. I love that she’s bringing it back to families. Thank you Ginny!
  • Hannah 37
    I have learned so much and my book to-read list has never been longer! This is my favorite podcast, and I always enjoy the content. Thank you for what you’re doing!
  • Nikkijoy4
    Absolutely my favorite podcast
    Ginny’s interviews are consistently the most thoughtful, inspiring and ultimately uplifting (even when the subject matter is hard) of any podcast I’ve found. Especially as a parent. I have to restrain myself from sending every single one of her episodes to everyone I know!! I follow a lot of podcasts and this one is by far my favorite.
  • h2lmom
    Great outdoor podcast
    Ginny I love your podcast. So encouraging and motivating and insightful. You have had some great guests and I’ve also found some great new books from listening. Thanks!
  • sarahruth2005
    Amazing show
    I love this podcast. I am always challenged and compelled to live with intentionality and care for my family and work. Thank you for the amazing guests you bring on the show and sharing your authenticity
  • taylor-swift-fan
    This podcast has been such a source of inspiration for me! It is so well done- so dynamic, inspiring, informative, encouraging. Ginny does a really great job of picking and interviewing guests. It has really impacted my life, and I know it will do so much good for our families! Thank you, Ginny!
  • Jenna McGuire
    Such a wholesome show!
    This is one of my favorite podcasts! Ginny is such a light and she talks with wonderful people who are so insightful.
  • CeciliaRisch
    Love, love, love
    This is my favorite podcast. I love it so much. Thank you for what you do!
  • Amanda2349
    My go-to show
    I have a full list of podcasts downloaded, but I always end up listening to 1HO. This is my go-to show for inspiration as a parent, former teacher, and life long learner. There’s an episode for everyone. Ginny is an incredible host/interviewer with thoughtful questions and great sense of flow with her guests. After listening I’m left feeling inspired and my cup full. And…my Amazon cart full of new books to read!
  • Ashfrommiami
    Ginny is my long lost best friend
    I stumbled upon this podcast from a post someone shared on their Instagram and I was hooked. Besides all the wealth of knowledge that exudes from every guest on the podcast, all of which are so timely as a young mom, Ginny is such a joy to listen to. She’s such a solid podcast host, she genuinely enjoys learning and teaching others. I have found myself being a better mom, and overall just a better person from her podcast. I literally talk about her like she’s my friend. I lose count how many times in the day I tell someone, “so I was listening to Ginny and she said….” Or “I heard so and so on the 1000 hours outside podcast…” my absolute favorite!
  • Camispear
    Fun, inspiring, encouraging
    Favorite podcast! Ginny is a joy to listen to. She is a great interviewer, and sparks such amazing conversations with her guests. I learn so much, am inspired to be a better person and mother, am challenged by various topics, and just flat out enjoy this podcast! I heard her in person at Wild and Free and wow- she is absolutely hilarious and inspiring.
  • Bet @ Bet On Dinner
    So glad to be introduced to new voices!
    I love Ginny’s interview style and the way she is always so excited to converse with guests about the things they have passionately researched/written about/shared. So many times I’ve gone on to read a book or follow her guests after hearing about their work.
  • 7sarahpickle
    So applicable for all ages!
    I love this podcast because it combines my love for the outdoors, love of reading and raising kids. Ginny is so personable and always has an awesome variety of authors on the show so it never gets boring and I’m continually learning. Thank you for being a change maker!
  • Kmulhollem
    One of my favorite podcasts!
    I absolutely love that Ginny is spreading the message of getting outside! Each one of her guests is always so interesting. She is a great interviewer and I am always picking up new books to help guide our family. Truly has been life changing!!! Thank you for all you do!
  • ASpieh
    A must-listen for all parents
    Ginny’s podcast is one of the top three resources I’ve used to guide and develop my parenting style. I’m not a homeschool mom, but I consistently listen and always pick up something to apply to my family situation. She is hands down the best interviewer I’ve ever heard- keeps it entertaining and light even through tough topics! Thank you, Ginny!
  • Katie Norton
    Amazing podcast episode full of helpful resources + advice
    Ginny is so gifted in the way she connects, draws out, and encourages her interviewers to share their gifts, talents, books, and resources. I was so blessed by the episode with Ken Coleman. I can't wait to dig into his resources and book. And just think... I could've missed out on this!
  • Ryker’s mom
    Eye opening
    I’ve been obsessed since finding your podcast about 6 months ago now. I feel like I’m learning something new every time and you’re just an overall inspiration. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve tried new things. I can’t say enough about how this podcast has actually changed my life. Thank you Ginny for all that you do, can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future!
  • if!if!
    1000 Hours Outside is a MUST LISTEN!
    If you only choose one parenting podcast to listen to.. this is the 1! She interviews a plethora of top notch guests and Ginny herself is a gem to the world for starting 1000 hours outside 🥰As a kid who didn’t grow up this way.. I’m retraining myself and her resources are invaluable! Thank you Ginny for starting a revolution changing countless lives for the better💜
  • Annamarieokie
    Favorite podcast
    This is my absolute favorite podcast. I enjoy the different speakers that are on the show. This podcast has made a big impact on my family by helping us be more intentional with getting outside to play. Thank you Ginny for enriching our lives!
  • KB in Tx
    My absolute favorite
    Finding Ginny’s voice in the midst of homeschooling and raising babies and trying to be a more intentional parent has been such a God-send. I love all her episodes and always walk away with such wisdom to carry with me. I recommend her podcast to everyone I know, young and old, parents and grandparents. It’s like having a friend with me during the long days of momma-hood. Love you, Ginny!
  • Homeschool Jodie
    The best!
    This is such a wonderful podcast! Ginny does a great job interviewing interesting people. I learn so much each week. It is truly an enjoyable listen!!
  • Mich8321
    Best podcast
    I love this podcast so much - so many fabulous authors are interviewed - it’s a wealth of information and my booklist just grows with every episode. I haven’t heard a bad one yet.
  • ChHuerta
    I learn so much and enjoy this podcast
    This podcast is inspiring, helps me be a better person and mother. Is educational and fun to listen to. Thank you Ginny for all you do.
  • Femininelily
    My favorite podcast
    As a stay at home mom with two under two, I am always listening to podcasts as I run around the house, and this one is hands down my favorite. I’ve been a listener for close to a year now, and I have gained so much wisdom, inspiration, ideas, and joy from this podcast. I want Ginny to be my best friend. Recommend for any mother and especially new, stay at home or homeschool mothers!
  • bestokayerever
    I love it!!!
    I just love everything about this podcast! It encourages me, inspires me, and I am beyond grateful to listen in! Ginny you are an incredible communicator and full of compassion and humor! Thank you for all that you do!
  • RhodaDob
    Best podcast ever
    Ginny finds the most interesting and knowledgeable authors and innovators to interview! She approaches each interview with such depth and really digs into the info that is helpful for parents and anyone!!
  • snunkeypierce
    So Enjoying!
    So enjoying this podcast and appreciate the encouragement given here from Ginny and others joining her!
  • Jeluckystar
    Life Giving!
    I thoroughly enjoy every thing that Genny puts out into the world! I’ve been following her for years and trying to reach our 1000 hours outside goal. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person at a homeschooling conference and she is such a kind and compassionate human. I listen to every podcast episode and it gets dangerous because I’m a book junkie and I have purchased many books I’ve learned about from her podcast. 🤣 I love so many of the guests and their books. Thank you for everything you do Genny and providing so much guidance and eye opening information on this parenting journey.
  • Amaymadee10
    Favorite Podcast of all time!
    I have been a fan of Ginny Yurich for the last 5 years ever since I discovered her while in the trenches of parenting. Ginny you are my hero! I relate to you in so many ways, I had four children back to back so when you mentioned in your book that the first good day was when you spent 4 hrs outside with your kids and a mom friend with her kids, that was music to my ears and I felt so seen! Since then I have purchased the books, and i don’t go a week without turning on an episode while washing dishes or doing laundry. There are always amazing nuggets to learn and apply. My motherhood journey has revived, I’m so thankful for your ministry and all the work you’re doing! We are going outside for more than 1000 hours a year thanks to your app too! All parents should listen to her podcast!
  • jessrly
    My favorite podcast
    Yes I’m a mom, yes, we hybrid homeschool, and yes, I like the concept of being outside as much as we can. But I think I would love this podcast even if none of that were true. It’s such an informative and motivating listen. The content sticks with me and has helped me grow as a person. I’ve found myself sharing many things I’ve picked up here. Thank you, Ginny!
  • Ivey mom
    Favorite Podcaster
    I’m a reader so I love hearing Ginny’s thoughts about all the interesting books she reads, but also her insightful questions to the authors, shine even more light on their subjects. She’s funny, down to earth, compassionate and driven to save childhood, encourage parents and help all of us live our best lives. Also a great listen - every episode. (My friends get sick of me sharing so many links to different episodes!)
  • Seking918
    Wow, such a truly amazing listen
    The first show that I listened to was the episode with Ken Coleman. I was beyond amazed, and could not stop listening until it was finished. Never have I ever cried, laughed, and felt so uplifted from a single podcast episode. Ginny, thank you for all that you do and bringing your own experiences and these amazing resources to us as parents!
  • Cara.D123
    Encouraging and Thought Provoking!
    I love to me and to hear what Ginny has to say. I have been introduced to so many new authors and speakers that I wasn’t familiar with before because of her podcast. This is a great podcast to encourage and inspire parents! I send it to all my friends. ❤️
  • KellyScholl
    Always learning something new!
    One of the only podcasts I listen to regularly! There is always something interesting popping up and Ginny is so encouraging. From podiatry to technology to mental health to travel… the list is vast and there is so much to learn. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!
  • JWun
    Preparing your kid for what they are wired to do
    This was an awesome podcast! I learned so much. I am definitely going to get his book. I am a teacher and see the importance of these kids being outside to rewire their brains and spark some creativity. I would love to win his curriculum for kids.
  • Ginaberrypie
    So encouraging
    Ginny! Your show has been uplifting and encouraging, the topics and the speakers you invite are so relevant to me and my community (I spread them like wild fire!). Thank you for being authentically you and also…for the laughs. Your recent wild and free speaking engagement had me feeling like I was at comedy show in the best of ways. Thank you!
  • Amber from Oregon
    My favorite podcast
    I absolutely love this podcast! I’m always excited when a new episode comes out and try to listen to all of them. Ginny is the best interviewer I have ever heard. She reads all the books ahead of time and is prepared with thoughtful questions. I learn so much from every episode but most of all I come away feeling uplifted and encouraged.
  • Superca13
    Smart & Fun
    My new favorite podcast. I thought I was just going to hear more mommy-blogger stuff and the same content repeating over and over again (and honestly I was here for it). BUT she brings on SUCH interesting guests and asks such great questions that is feels more like, “How to Stay Sharp as a Parent and also a Human” should be the podcast title! Pick 2 episodes that sound interesting, and I promise by the middle of the 2nd one you’ll be hooked.
  • Serena L Martinez
    Inspiring podcast!!
    I’ve recently found your podcast and I’ve been obsessed. With 2 kids ages 10 & 13, I’ve found every episode so intriguing, helpful and inspiring. Thank you for the work you do!
  • NikkiMom6
    A breath of fresh air!!
    This is my new favorite podcast! I’ve heard Ginny speak at a conference before and she’s the real deal! This podcast has helped me picked out books to read that are relevant to raising children today.
  • Lizzie R.L.
    Informative and Inspiring!
    It is always a joy to listen to Ginny and her guests!! So far I have finished every episode inspired and armed with so much quality, eye-opening information and advice. It will help in making big AND small, life changing decisions for my family. So so glad to have found this podcast!!
  • Fairygodmotherextraordinare
    Life changing
    Ginny’s podcast has introduced our homeschooling family to a realm of things I never thought possible. Nearly all of the guests have offered some kind of insight to our daily navigation of life and brought a new brightness to our every day. Keep it up.
  • LEHHayes
    Ginny, your passion is contagious! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to encourage us parents along this journey. I am always left amazed after every episode! Keep it up!
  • shoppingwithoutthekids
    Breath of fresh air!!
    This podcast has been a breath of fresh air in my headphones! I’ve enjoyed all of the topics and interviews I’ve listened to so far. Looking forward to further episodes!
  • Manderzzzzz8
    The best!
    I try to listen to every episode and learn something new every time. Changing the world for better parents!
  • luisajune
    Life Changing
    My all-time favorite podcast! Ginny is a bright light. I’ve learned so much about so many different topics. Amazing guests and authors, I’ve found many new books through 1000 Hours Outside that I’ve loved. I always look forward to new episodes!
  • Mom in NC, USA
    Homeschoolers and Fringe Thinkers
    I love the 1k Hours Outside idea! But as a non-homeschooler, many of the podcast discussions are not relevant to me. Spending more time outside is for EVERYONE, and I’m grateful to Ginny for her role in encouraging it on a huge scale! But the podcast specifically is often not a great use of listening time if public school is the choice you’ve made for your family. There is a lot of anti-school sentiment. Her recent guests are getting further away from outside-related themes.
  • HannahFint
    So good for intentional parenting!
    This podcast combines all my favorites: books and constant learning, outdoors, and intentional parenting!
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